Matt Baier’s Web of Lies


This week’s episode of Teen Mom OG gave us the official TV reveal about Matt Baier’s child support cases. More information about Matt’s past has surfaced this week that have raised a lot of questions about his character, and his motivations to be with fiance Amber Portwood.

Kelly’s Story:

On Monday, a sixth woman came forward with claims that Matt is the father of her child, bringing the alleged total count of his kids to 8. Her name is Kelly and she’s from Matt’s home state of Massachusetts. Kelly says she met Matt in 2007 and her early experiences with him are very similar to Amber’s. She shared a LOT of info in an interview with The Ashley. Check out the full article here if you haven’t yet. I’ll share some of Kelly’s highlights:

  • Matt moved into her house within a month of dating and they quickly got engaged
  • She became pregnant and Matt disappeared
  • He came back to meet his baby daughter and called himself “her sperm donor”
  • Kelly and Matt briefly rekindled things when their daughter turned two
  • Things ended for good when they took a trip to a casino resort where Matt told her that he didn’t feel anything for their child

Like the women in the court case, Kelly is also owed child support by Matt, but she isn’t pursuing it legally. She had moved on and was shocked to see him on Teen Mom OG with Amber Portwood. Here’s what Kelly said about Matt’s ability to charm and deceive:

“He has this way of making you feel like he’s legit and everyone else is lying. He gets into your head, he’s a good con-man, I thought he was the one for me, that we belonged together. He has this way of making you think that everyone else is crazy, and that you belong with him.”

Judy’s Story:

A former friend of Matt’s has also spoken up about her experience with him in 2008. Judy has shared a lot on Twitter this week, including some throwback photos of her and Matt. She gave an interview with Radar Online giving more details about Matt’s involvement with her victims advocacy organization Predator Patrol, and allegedly stealing $1500 from her.

Judy also exclusively talked to TMJ to share more details about her story. She says Matt got in touch with her through MySpace when Predator Patrol was gaining some publicity. Judy feels that was a motivator for him to contact her, saying “He saw that I was on all of these talk shows. He saw that I had a movie in the making. He saw that I was working on a book. For him to come into the picture, he wanted to have that opportunity to be successful with me. Kind of like what he’s doing with Amber.”


Matt expressed deep interest in helping with Predator Patrol, and told Judy that he was writing his own book about child abuse. She says “I didn’t know anything about him, other than he wanted to help me with the organization.” Judy viewed their relationship as professional, and Matt flew out to Tampa, FL to stay at her home. In hindsight, she wonders if Matt may have wanted to stay for longer than agreed upon, saying “He didn’t have a ticket home. I didn’t know he only had a one way ticket, I thought he had a round trip ticket.” Judy further explains, “He was very comfortable at my house. In my office I had two desks set up and he stayed at one of them quite a bit of the time.”


Shortly into his stay, Predator Patrol was asked to attend a rally in Mobile, AL, so Judy and Matt went together. During this trip, they visited a casino in nearby Louisiana to do a podcast radio interview. “It was something Matt hooked up for us, so I was thinking that he had some legitimacy” Judy said. Believing Matt’s facade, Judy agreed to loan him money. “I gave Matt a couple hundred dollars to gamble because he told me he was going to pay me back. I didn’t know he didn’t have money. He did tell me he had some bonds to cash out and he was waiting on that” she explains.

Matt also went on to allegedly steal $1500 from Judy’s suitcase while on the trip, but paid her back once she confronted him. Judy said “I told him ‘I’m calling the cops, I’m having you arrested.‘ I think he was afraid of going to jail.” Judy kicked Matt out of her house once she got her money back, and says she has moved on from her experience with Matt.

When Judy heard he is now on TMOG, she realized he was up to his old fame-seeking tricks and says “Matt has been following this type of a lifestyle even from the time I met him.” Judy wants to give a message to Amber from one mother to another. “I just hope that for her best interests, and for the best interests of her child, that she makes an adult decision. Sometimes these kind of decisions aren’t easy, especially when you fall in love with somebody. It’s hard to sever that,” explains Judy. She hopes Amber will look at the common denominator. “This has been going on for too long. This isn’t just one isolated incident with one person” said Judy.

Fighting predators, hanging with news reporters, and other legitimate activities.

Further Down the Rabbit Hole

Inconsistency #1:

All this new information has gotten even MORE people to speak up about their experience with Matt and his apparent inconsistencies. One Twitter user named Lindsay (who is a Certified Public Accountant) was contacted by Matt in 2014, shortly before he met Amber. Lindsay shared a number of screen captures from their conversation, and made note of these ones in particular:



Since that message was from 2014, that means he would have been a professional poker player since 2000. Judy from our previous story said that Matt never told her this in 2008. Plus, (correct me if I’m mistaken) I don’t believe he has ever mentioned this type of career during his time on Teen Mom OG. Just last week, Amber and Matt avoided answering their realtor’s question about what he did for work.

Inconsistency #2

This week we learned that Matt’s book was released under the alias “Grey Baker,” and he once worked a brief stint as a radio DJ in Montana. But people online are finding another inconsistency in this area.

Matt’s old author bio popped up this week (seen below). He describes himself as working in radio for “many years.” According to the only official source on the topic, he was fired after six months. You can read the 2004 news story surrounding his termination here.



Inconsistency #3

Ever since Matt started dating Amber, he’s denied accusations that he is a Teen Mom “super fan” who actively pursued dating a star from the show. However, there have been a LOT of screen captures of Matt’s old tweets circling around which suggest otherwise. I’ll share the most relevant ones where he not only flirts with Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans, but he also shows his affection for two well known porn stars!



Matt and Amber’s Response

Matt and Amber participated in a video interview after this week’s TMOG episode aired. Amber has forgiven him, and Matt has admitted to having five children, but not eight. They insist that much of these new accusations are lies, and anything else is forgivable because it occurred during his addiction in the past.


What do you think? Has Matt changed, or should Amber still be worried?

Teen Mom OG: Season 2 Episode 6


Hello! Long time no see. I’ve been completely M.I.A. for the last two weeks thanks to being insanely sick. But I’m feeling good tonight and ready for some TMOG live blogging! Shout out to Tomlin for doing an amazing job keeping the site up to date recently. I’m sure I speak on behalf of all of TMJ when I say “we love you!”

The description for tonight’s episode is: “Farrah leaves for a month-long business trip and has a last minute change of heart on who can watch Sophia while she is away. Maci and Ryan celebrate Bentley’s seventh birthday together, while Catelynn has post-wedding blues.” I love how this description leaves out the most important part – Gary is going to drop the bombshell about Matt’s seven kids tonight!

There will be an “After Show” on tonight too, so make sure to check it out if you’re in the U.S. It’s not airing in Canada so I won’t be able to watch or recap. However, I’m looking forward to reading about it in the comments from those who are blessed with the MTV freedoms and liberties to watch!

As per usual, I’ll update this post with the main episode recap as it airs. Have fun everybody!


Catelynn is at home with Nova, and she calls up her mom to discuss having her help watch the baby. Catelynn explains that she’s been having a hard time settling into married life, and has been needing a lot more childcare help than she expected. Later on, Tyler’s mom comes over to visit. Kim asks to see Nova and Catelynn says that she isn’t home right now. Kim is disappointed and says that she’s noticed the last few times she’s come over, Nova hasn’t been there. Kim then starts hounding Tyler about getting a real job to help support his family and begin a career. She says that he seems to have no motivation and he isn’t making any progress towards his goals. Tyler doesn’t have much to say other than he is hesitant about working a job everyday and he doesn’t want to give in to an “endless cycle of conformity.”

Back in Catelynn’s world, she explains in her voice over that she didn’t think Tyler’s mom was being understanding about her needing help with Nova. She says she’s worried about Tyler too since his mom was also hounding him about his career. Tyler and his mom go out to eat and talk about it all again. Tyler says that he would like to pursue a career in writing, and Kim encourages him to start writing and make it happen. Kim once again says that she’s concerned with how frequently Nova is in the care of someone else. She wonders if Catelynn is struggling with post-partum depression. She tells Tyler that he should be doing more as a husband to support Catelynn and be more involved with Nova too.

Nova is back at home with her parents. Catelynn and Tyler talk about everything that his mom has been saying. Catelynn says that she doesn’t like how people are judging her parenting because she doesn’t judge anyone else. She disagrees with Kim’s suspicions that she may be going through post-partum depression. Cate says she’s been through depression before, and this is not it, especially since she’s on anti-depressants. Tyler says his mom told him that he could be doing more to help Cate with Nova, and that he’d like for them both to go to counselling to talk through these issues. Catelynn agrees because she doesn’t want this all to get blown more out of proportion than she already feels it has.

They go to their counselling appointment and share their concerns and frustrations about the feedback their family has been giving them. Tyler says again that he thinks he should be doing more to help Cate with childcare. Their therapist agrees. Catelynn wonders if they have been asking for an unreasonable amount of help from family so far. The therapist says that asking for help two times a week is reasonable, but anything more may be a sign of a bigger problem.

Back at home, Cate & Tyler debrief from the therapy session. Catelynn says that she feels even more strongly now that she doesn’t have post-partum depression, but she’s just feeling overwhelmed by the general demands of caring for a baby. Tyler says that they have fallen into a routine where Catelynn does everything for Nova while he sits back. He asks Catelynn to make it clear when she needs help by asking for it, because he feels hesitant about stepping in while she’s doing things.


Farrah is at home with Michael and Sophia. She leaves for the UK in four days. Michael is still going to watch Sophia while she’s gone, and Debra is going to come and visit everyone before Farrah leaves. Farrah chats with Michael about the plans, and decides to call Debra to talk about it too. Debra says she doesn’t have a return trip booked because she wants to be there and help out after Farrah is gone. Farrah reiterates that this is not allowed, and her wishes need to be respected. They start arguing and Sophia comes over and tells them she’s sick of them fighting every time they talk. Farrah tells Sophia to “shh” and tells Debra that she is welcome to come visit, but she will have to leave on Saturday when she does.

Later on, Farrah is still not convinced that her parents aren’t planning to have Debra help watch Sophia. She confronts her dad in the backyard to reiterate her demands, and accuses Michael & Debra of plotting behind her back. Michael insists that this is not the case, and tells Farrah that he does not appreciate the way she is talking to him right now. He admits that it would be nice to have Debra help out while Farrah is gone, but he still respects her wishes and won’t allow that to happen. Farrah seems to be reluctantly accepting of this, but still makes sure to mention that she will hire a babysitter and leave Michael and Debra out of it all if she doesn’t feel she can trust them.

Debra has arrived in town, and Farrah has arranged a session with her therapist Dina and her parents so they can discuss their childcare issues. During the session, Dina gets real and basically tells Farrah that she’s being too controlling and is making things difficult by having such high expectations about who will care for Sophia. Dina says that her parents clearly love her and have moved mountains in an attempt to try and help her, and that she obviously trusts her mom even if she says she doesn’t. Dina then tells Farrah that she should be willing to allow her mom to be involved in caring for Sophia while she’s away. Michael even chimes in and says he agrees and thinks they should all be able to make these plans without such hostility from Farrah. I am in shock because not only does Farrah stay calm after her therapist says these things, but she even smiles and AGREES WITH DINA. Farrah has now decided that she’s going to let her mom help watch Sophia and she’s happy with the decision. WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH?!

They all head home from the therapy session, and Farrah tells Sophia the news that both of her grandparents will be watching her while she’s away. Debra, Michael, and Sophia all help Farrah pack up and leave for her trip. Farrah’s ride to the airport arrives and they all hug and say “I love you” as Farrah leaves for the UK.


Amber and Matt are still pursuing their house flipping endeavor. She says in her voice over that things with Gary have still been tense but she’s excited to have her weekend with Leah tomorrow. In the meantime, Amber decides to go and relax and get her nails done with Kousin Krystal. The salon employee comments on Amber’s ring, and she takes the opportunity to talk about her relationship and engagement with Matt. She says that they are doing well, but she was very unsure about him at first because of their age difference (she’s 25 and he’s 44) and fears that he only wanted to date her because she was on TV. Amber says her fears are calmed now and she is happy with the way things are going. Amber also mentions that she met his children who are “older”, and one of them even just started college.

Meanwhile over at Gary’s house, he and Kristina are doing some research about Matt. They discover that he has 7 child support cases against him. Gary doesn’t like that Matt left all these kids to be with Amber, but is teaming up with her to file for custody of Leah.

Amber and Matt go to check out a potential wedding venue and they bring Leah along. The venue looks nice and they all seem to like it. Amber says that she is worried because people say everything goes down hill once you get married, but the venue employee tells them that if you marry your best friend, there’s nothing to worry about. Amber smiles at Matt and says “he’s my best friend.”

Gary and Kristina decide to go talk to their lawyer about the custody battle. The lawyer asks if Leah is enjoying her visits with Amber, and Gary says “I’m sure she is” and the lawyer asks “So you aren’t worried about Leah being in Amber’s care?” Gary responds that his only worry is what he found out about Matt and his alleged 7 children from five different mothers. Gary shares the court documents with his lawyer and says he thinks that Matt is lying to Amber, and he wonders what else he is lying about. He doesn’t want to judge Matt outright or write him off as a bad person, but he wants to talk to Amber about it. The lawyer says he should, because it’s relevant to their custody case, and he needs to hear if Amber is aware of and/or has a reason for not sharing this info.

Amber and Matt bring Leah back to Gary’s house after their visit. When they arrive, Gary comes outside to greet them and asks to talk to Amber outside of the car. She goes and meets him on the porch and Gary hands her some paperwork and tells her that Matt allegedly has 7 children that he owes child support for, and the papers prove it. Amber insists that Matt only has 2 kids and that she would know, since she’s been with Matt for over a year. Amber says she is pissed off at Gary and storms back to the car and hands Matt the papers. She turns back to yell at Gary and tells him she’s upset that he chose to share this with her in front of the cameras, and now she is going to have to deal with more negative feedback from the public about her relationship. Amber goes back to the car to get Leah out and tells her not to worry about what just happened. Leah says that she doesn’t even really know what they are talking about.

Amber and Matt drive away and Matt says that he doesn’t know anything about “half” of what’s on the paperwork. Amber continues expressing her frustrations about having to deal with public backlash over this. Matt just says “mhm” and doesn’t really have anything else to say, which Amber calls him out on. She doesn’t look happy. They arrive at home and Amber says she’s “done” and starts pulling down the cameras in the car. Matt gets out of the car and Heather approaches him. Matt tells her to go away and never come back. He says that Amber has been through enough with the court of public opinion and he’s mad at Heather for letting Amber get “ambushed” by Gary like that. Matt is furious and cussing a lot during this exchange. He insists that he’s not angry about Gary coming after him with these accusations, but he’s mad that Amber has been hurt. Hmm… I guess all the other times that Gary upset Amber, Matt’s rage must have ended up on the cutting room floor.

Amber and Matt head inside without the MTV crew or cameras, but their audio is still recorded. Amber starts grilling Matt about the court paperwork and warns him that he better not be lying to her and messing with her life, or else “watch what happens.” Matt says it’s all bullshit and it will go away. Amber says that if he has that many kids, then he is a deadbeat dad. She says she thought she knew everything about him, but she doesn’t recognize most of those names on the paperwork. Matt says she’s being crazy and unfair.

The next day, producers Heather and Larry talk to Amber at Matt at their house about everything that went down yesterday. Amber reiterates her frustration that Gary waited until the cameras were around to break the news about Matt. Matt says that Gary only did that because he’s insecure about the custody battle and doesn’t have any dirt on Amber to dig up, so Gary went after him instead. Amber says she really wants to believe Matt because she loves him, but if the allegations are true, then she’s just going to look like a naive little girl and that breaks her heart. She says she doesn’t love a lot of people, but she loves Matt, and if these allegations are true she is going to feel really stupid. Amber starts crying and says she can only be so strong until she breaks. She says she’s been through prison, an addiction, a custody battle, and now this. She just wants to be happy with Leah and she doesn’t care about anything else.


Maci, Taylor, Bentley, and Jayde are all hanging out at home getting ready/excited for Bentley’s birthday party. Maci says that she isn’t sure if Ryan will come or not, but says he usually does even if he’s an hour late. She is grateful however that Ryan doesn’t have a girlfriend right now because that usually makes Bentley’s birthday parties awkward.

Later on, Ryan and his mom are at home discussing last episode’s events surrounding Maci not letting Ryan have Bentley on a school night. Maci then comes over to drop off Bentley for the weekend, and awkwardly asks/expects Jen to watch Jayde right then and there so she can go attend a friend’s wedding. After she leaves, Ryan calls out Maci for the way she asked for that favor. He and his mom laugh at the scenario as Ryan jokingly mocks/recaps it, but Jen says it’s not a big deal since she likes watching Jayde.

It’s Bentley’s birthday party at the bowling alley! Ryan shows up and greets Maci, Bentley, and Jayde. Ryan asks to hold Jayde and Maci is shocked by this request. He nonchalantly explains “Yeah, I held her last time I saw her, she was pretty cool.” Maci hands Jayde to Ryan and he sits down and they all make chit-chat before the party gets into full swing. Everybody is getting along and seems to be enjoying themselves. Bentley opens Ryan’s gift and is VERY happy with it, so he runs and gives his dad a hug. Bentley then asks Maci if he can stay over at his dad’s place tonight, even though it’s a school night. Maci says yes but only because it’s Bentley’s birthday. Ryan seems way more lively and cheery than usual in this scene. He even cracked a bunch of “dad jokes” to Bentley throughout the party.

Maci and her friend step aside from the party to talk about how it’s going. Maci says it’s going well and that it’s so much nicer having Ryan at the party when he doesn’t have a girlfriend. She says that every year she, Ryan and Bentley do a “family photo” but last year they didn’t get to do one because his ex-girlfriend Shelby wouldn’t allow it. Maci says Ryan needs help picking better girlfriends. Jen then calls Maci over so they can continue their tradition of taking a “family photo.”

Ryan and a friend are out to play darts and have a drink. They discuss Bentley’s birthday party and Ryan says it went really well. He’s also happy that Maci let Bentley stay over at his house on a school night. His friend asks how Ryan feels about Taylor, and he says that he is a good guy and he likes that Taylor is good to Bentley. Ryan mentions that he’s been talking to his ex-girlfriend Shelby again, and he hopes to get back together with her, but he’s keeping that information on the down-low for now. Ryan is really lively and cheery again, and actually he’s been like that in every scene this episode. That’s different, and it’s nice. If this is the um, natural Ryan, with no outside substances/influences, I like him and I’d like to see him some more.

Teen Mom OG Sneak Peeks and Open Discussion


The sneak peeks for the upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG are out and this episode looks like it will be a juicy one! I thought this would be a good place to discuss what’s coming up on the show. My apologies to my international peeps who can’t watch the clips on MTV’s website. I tried to find them on YouTube, but they haven’t been uploaded yet. I’ll include video links if they become available soon!


In this sneak peek, Farrah sends Sophia inside to play while she has a tense conversation with her father. She thinks that although Michael has promised to care for Sophia while Farrah is in London, he plans on secretly having Debra stay at Farrah’s house to watch their granddaughter when he’s otherwise occupied. Farrah is extremely displeased with this. Farrah is leaving for London in four days and is anxious about being away from Sophia. Being Farrah, she expresses it in the most detestable way possible as she talks over and berates Michael. Unlike Debra, Michael does not back down or cry, but instead tries to put Farrah in her place, before eventually giving into her nastiness and agreeing that it’s her way or the highway.


It’s Bentley’s birthday in this sneak peek and Ryan has showed up to Bentley’s party. A surprisingly awake Ryan is even more surprisingly pleasant. He immediately goes over to dote on baby Jayde and makes playful conversation with the newborn as he holds her. He continues to joke around while Bentley opens his present from Ryan and it’s the robot he has been wanting and asking for forever. Maci makes googly eyes at him while Bentley then whispers to Mimi Jen that he’s going to ask Maci if he can spend the night at their house. Bentley asks Maci and she says that as long as they take him to school, it’s fine. But only because it’s Benny’s birthday! Ryan asks Maci if she’s sure about it and she says yes. Then Bentley has a ball trying to blow our some trick candles.


This clip features Catelynn and Tyler heading to therapy. Catelynn claims she doesn’t feel like she needs to, but agreed to because Tyler is worried about her. They talk about Nova and how their families are concerned about her. Apparently, Catelynn has been relying on family members two to three times a week to care for Nova because she’s overwhelmed.Tyler admits that Catelynn being overwhelmed could be his fault for not doing enough and agrees he should start pitching in more. Catelynn and the counselor agree that two to three times a week can be a very normal arrangement for some families, but if it becomes more than that, it’s problematic.


This clip opens with Gary coming outside wanting to talk to Amber, legal papers in hand. Amber says that Gary never comes outside during drop offs and wants no part of what he’s doing. Eventually he convinces her to come out of the car and onto the porch, showing her the documents he has for her. When he asks how many kids that Matt has, Amber says two. But Gary shows her evidence he has pointing to Matt having 7 children and several open child support cases. Amber doesn’t believe the other five individuals listed are actually his children and claims he would have been in jail long ago if that was the case. Amber totally loses it (with Leah in the back seat) and claims Gary is only doing this for the cameras. She continues to rave about how she’s extremely upset that now her relationship with Matt and his past will be under even more scrutiny in front of millions of Americans.

Fun facts: On a recent Q&A on the Teen Mom OG Facebook page, Tyler told fans that he has a full time job outside of MTV, but didn’t reveal what he does. Does anyone know? Maci also has a full time job outside of Teen Mom OG, working as the social media marketing specialist for Check Into Cash. It has also been stated, but never officially confirmed that Ryan now works and lives in Nashville, TN. He apparently only comes to Chattanooga on weekends to see Bentley at his parents’ home, which is a constant and comfortable place for Bentley. Does anyone know this to be true?


  • Amber’s latest lawsuit. According to Radar Online, a collections agency, Med 1 Solutions, is suing Amber for the “”$1,463.57, plus interest and court fees, stemming from a visit to St. Vincent Fishers Hospital in the nearby town of Fishers.” Naturally, it cannot be revealed what the hospital visit was for, but the suit was filed less than a month ago in December 2015. This was the second lawsuit filed against Amber for non-payment in 2015. The first was the eviction lawsuit that was quickly resolved when Amber paid the back rent she owe
  • Briana pulled a tweet and delete. On Thursday she tweeted, “Least I get paid to get plastic surgery.” She then deleted all of the tweets on her account. This sent a lot of folks into a tizzy about how she’ll surely be doing porn after getting her labiaplasty and BBL done. This blogger thinks that’s a stretch, but what do you think?
  • Leah wins shared custody of the twins. Or so it seems. There’s disagreement as to whether she and Corey are sharing custody or if they are sharing parenting time, with Corey still being the primary caregiver. Either way, Leah now has the girls Thursday through Sunday, while Corey has them the rest of the week. Corey also has one weekend a month with the girls and the parents are reportedly splitting bills 50/50. It was reportedly Corey who came up with this agreement. No word on what the child support arrangement is. A source told Us Weekly, ““[Leah] proved in court that the kids were not tardy to school, so the judge said there was no reason the kids shouldn’t be with their mom predominantly.” This is allegedly the reason for the change in the custody arraignment. Thoughts?
  • Butch’s recent Facebook Q&A or his Butch Breaks It Down segment. In these clips, Butch talks man buns, cornrows on white people, what is was like meeting Carly and some other things too.
  • Jenelle’s arrest and upcoming assault trial. Jenelle was Jenelle’s lawyer, Amy Loving, surprised us all by asking for a jury trial in this case brought against Jenelle by Nathan’s girlfriend, Jessica Henry, which is scheduled for February 16, 2016.
    • Loving recently told Radar Online, “We feel confident that this will be settled before any court date. She will not have to go in front of a jury when we settle the case.”
    • Nelly was also allegedly seen a a facility where drug tests are administered, meaning Jenelle may be undergoing a drug test before court. Do you think Jenelle will do any time for chucking a mason jar at Jessica? If she’s being drug tested, do you think she’ll pass?
    • A source told Radar Online that Jenelle has also been suffering medical issues and has been hospitalized, stating, “Her nerves are all messed up in her body and she has restless leg syndrome and can hardly walk. She has shortness of breath and loss of coordination and balancing when walking. She’s having hot flashes like insane and overload in every sense of her body. She feels like she has arthritis in her knees.” The source added that Jenelle doesn’t know the cause of all her symptoms, even though she was reportedly told that it was stress-related. They continue, “The other hospital said it was anxiety, but they ran simple blood tests and Jenelle told them they were wrong, and to take a thyroid test on her. They refused and discharged her and sent her home.” That’s all very convenient for Jenelle, right?
  • The larceny charges Jenelle filed against Nathan. As usual, Jenelle and Nathan are using the legal system to fight petty battle with each other. This time it’s over a car. There is currently a warrant out for Nathan’s arrest.
  • Jenelle’s recent visit from Barbara and the police. Apparently, Babs showed to Jenelle’s house up to confront David, and ended up causing a big commotion. The police were eventually called and Barbara left with the child who were at Jenelle’s house. Jenelle claims it was Jace and Gabriel that Babs took, but some have speculated that she actually took Jace and Kaiser.
  • Adam Lind’s racist/homophobic rant that has caused fans to once again speculate about steroid use. Adam continues to be Adam, but is this recent nastiness the result of juicing? Chelsea has not commented on what Adam said, but Randy predictably took to twitter to add his two cents. Adam has been denying being a racist or homophobe on Instagram ever since, claiming that he has a close gay friend whom he loves. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Taylor Halbur have been spotted tweeting each other and will both be attending the Jason Aldean concert next week. No word if they’ll be going together, but it seems that they’ve buried the hatchet.

Now I’m going to let you guys do some of the leg work! Is there any Teen Mom news you’ve been dying to discuss? Heard any good gossip lately? Sound off in the comments!

16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Jenelle Evans

Hey Junkies! It’s a slow day at work today, so I’m bringing you guys a long promised post. Jenelle Evans was the first girl featured on the second season of 16 & Pregnant, which makes her the young woman who got the ball rolling on the franchise fan favorite, Teen Mom 2. Join me today, as I take a look back at Jenelle’s initial episode on MTV and see how much has changed in nearly seven years. And by the way, I’ll be posting an article that includes an open discussion either tomorrow morning or afternoon. So save all your best snark!Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.01.48 PM

Jenelle is a teenage girl from Oak Island, North Carolina. It’s summertime, which means Jenelle spends most of her time at the beach and parties since there’s no school. She lives with her mother and the two of them fight a lot about her partying and about her boyfriend, Andrew. Jenelle and Andrew have been together for three years. Andrew says that the first time he saw Jenelle he “didn’t even say nothing to [her], [he] just walked up and grabbed [her] and kissed [her].” Jenelle’s friends think Andrew is bad news, because even though he used to be a model, he now has no job, no car, lives with parents his parents fours hours away. Andrew boasts that he used have a job, a car, and two apartments in New York. Jenelle says that everyone is just going to have to get used to him, because she’s pregnant!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.36.53 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.04.35 PM

Jenelle is now 34 weeks pregnant. Initially she kept pregnancy a secret., but her mother, Barbara, knew something was up and kept questioning her about it. Eventually Barbara walked in on her in the bath and saw that she was showing. When Jenelle denied the pregnancy, Barbara made her take a pregnancy test, which obviously came out positive. Babs says she was upset, but Jenelle just says they can’t do anything about it now. The pregnancy is the topic of pretty much every conversation at Jenelle’s house now, especially when her friends are around. Her close friend Lauren tells Barbara that she was shocked when she found out Jenelle was pregnant. Jenelle says this is because “[she seems] so innocent” and everyone has a hearty laugh. And thus ends the first two minutes of Jenelle’s episode where she was almost bearable. Barbara thinks Jenelle is too young, but Lauren says that if you’re responsible enough for sex, you’re responsible enough to carry a baby.

Jenelle never imagined she’d be spending a summer night setting up a baby’s room instead of partying. All the blue about the room is our first clue that Jenelle is having a boy, who she will be naming Jace. Jenelle tells Amber that having a baby is  “gunna be like dressing up a doll everyday.” She also tells Amber that she never considered abortion or adoption, even though Babs suggested keeping her options open. She plans to finish high school and do college online, because she can’t go to work and school with a baby. She says that as far as Jace’s father goes, Babs doesn’t give Andrew a chance and Jenelle doesn’t think she ever will.

Jenelle knows she needs to talk to Barbara about Andrew’s impending visit, but nothing gets in the way of going to the beach! Jenelle used to surf every summer, but no she’s sentenced to stay on the shore. Her friend talks about having a cousin who had a kid young and still continued partying and pawning the child off on relatives. Jenelle plans on staying at home and spending time with the baby in front of a movie rather than going out. Jenelle thinks she’ll be a good mom, asking her friends, “Ya know what’s great about me?” Before saying that she plans on bringing her son to the beach when he’s old enough.

Back at home, Barbara wants to talk to Jenelle about Andrew. She lays down some ground rules for the visit like wanting to speak with his mother when he arrives and no extended stays. Barbara says Jenelle doesn’t understand these concerns because she doesn’t pay bills, but Jenelle begins cursing and saying that her mom always exaggerates how much of their resources Andrew consumes. Mike (before the Hooters waitress) reminds Jenelle that she has nothing to provide for a child with, citing that the roll of paper towels on the counter has more to its name than she does. Barbara chimes in to assert, “That baby’s not gunna be living here!” and goes on to talk about how regardless of her feelings about him, Andrew needs to step up for his son. Jenelle says that its all about who makes her happy and who supports her mentally. Mike argues that her thinking is flawed and she needs financial support or at least someone with a driver’s license. Hey, this is the opposite of the talk Butch and Tyler had last season! Anywho, Jenelle gets pissed and threatens that if they make her too mad, she’ll run off with Andrew and the baby. Somehow, the threat just doesn’t carry the same weigh anymore.

The next week, Andrew comes to stay with Jenelle. Barbara came around and agreed it was okay, but Andrew made sure to come while Barbara was at work. Once he gets settled in, Jenelle complains that when he isn’t around, she’s forced to do everything for herself. He fixes some food for Jenelle and says that he’ll be Mr. Mom once the baby is born. He then asks Jenelle who will be in the emergency room with her when the baby is born and Jenelle gently corrects him saying he and her mom will be the only ones in the delivery room with her. Andrew doesn’t think he and Barbara in the same room will go well at all, but Jenelle thinks they might be able to get along at least for the delivery. Andrew manages to burn the hot dogs (that he was making in the oven for some reason) and they decide to get the heck out of dodge before Barbara comes back from work.

At mini golf with Jenelle’s friends, they talk more about the Babs-Andrew dynamic. She doesn’t like him because he drinks a lot, is possibly an alcoholic and has no job or car. Andrew jokes with Lauren and Amber that she’s right and he’s a total alcoholic lowlife, but they look pretty serious about it. They ask how Jenelle ended up with child and Jenelle tells them the story. Jenelle got pregnant because she and Andrew got into fight and stopped talking and Jenelle stopped taking her birth control. When they made up, they didn’t use a condom and they were completely unprotected, so she got knocked up. She says they had done it other times, so Jenelle just figured one more time wouldn’t hurt.

Andrew living several hours away puts a strain on his relationship with Jenelle, but Andrew insists that everything is Barbara’s fault, because she’s a bitch who doesn’t let him visit. Jenelle defends Barbara just a bit and asks if he can see her point of view. His joblessness is a big point of contention, but Andrew says that even McDonald’s said he was overqualified when he applied. He cites that the economy is just bad, which in August of 2009 was valid, but just not from the likes of Andrew. Even still, he thinks the two of them are never going to split up. He says when Jenelle is 18 and finishes school, he wants to get married. Jenelle just wants him to be there for her water breaking, but Andrew swiftly says a firm no to that idea, but Jenelle thinks she can convince Barbara to let him stay.

At home, Barbara continues to talk about the problems with Andrew. Jenelle tells her mother about how Andrew wants to get married and the idea throws Babs into a tizzy. She thinks that’s an awful idea/the worst mistake Jenelle could make and hopes that Jenelle isn’t doing that. It becomes obvious to Jenelle that Barbara will never come to accept Andrew.

Even though he managed to avoid Babs the entire visit, Barbara is ready to confront Andrew’s father, Barney (or “Bahney” if you’re Babs), as they’re leaving.  She tells Andrew that she known him for quite a while and there’s always major, major trouble since he’s been around. Now that he’s gotten Jenelle pregnant, she says all the lies and drama need to stop and things need to change. Mike jumps in to tell Andrew that it’s time to man up. Andrew defensively says he’s looked for a job. Mike is unimpressed and says she’s been pregnant for eight months and he could’ve has a job if he wanted one or were willing to work somewhere like McDonald’s. Andrew again boasts about being overqualified and cites Barney as a witness.

Barbara is upset that all expense for the baby has been on her shoulders. Andrew starts swearing and says he shouldn’t have to be a “f*&#ing billionaire” to come see his pregnant girlfriend. Barbara raises her voice saying that she doesn’t appreciate him being in Jenelle’s bed, having sex in her house, Jenelle’s pregnancy notwithstanding. Jenelle chimes in and gives us the quote we all remember, “Mom— Mom, guess what?! Nothing else worse can happen, Mom.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.35.43 PM

With Jenelle now 37 weeks pregnant, she has come to realize that Andrew has no plans to move closer or get a job. She’s wondering if maybe her mom was right after all… She goes shopping with Amber and browses things that she can’t afford. Jenelle muses about how if she had waited to have a chid later in life, she’d be able to afford some of the stuff at the baby store. The girls talk about how Andrew isn’t stepping up. Jenelle had a lot of dreams for their family, but now she’s losing hope they will come true.

Later, Jenelle and Babs go to an ultrasound appointment. We get to see Jace’s tiny hands and feet on the screen. The nurse then discusses signs of labor that Jenelle should look out for. Jenelle is nearly 38 weeks now, meaning that she could have the baby anytime! The nurse then asks if the baby’s father is being supportive. Jenelle reveals that she now thinks he still acts like a little kid and isn’t doing his part. The nurse says that the situation is unfortunate but hopes he’ll start to come around.

It’s time for Jenelle’s baby shower! During the party, Jenelle’s voiceover talks about how happy she is to be giving birth over summer vacation, because she’s excited to go back to school after the baby’s born. Babs jokes with Jenelle’s friends about Andrew, to Jenelle’s annoyance. Jenelle doesn’t like he mom speaking poorly about Andrew, but she’s more upset that Andrew didn’t even call when he knew her shower was that day. Jenelle decides to go out with her friends to blow off steam after the party. Barbara wants her to stay home and rest, but Jenelle acts snotty until she gets her way. Barbara tells her daughter that she doesn’t know what’s going to happen when the baby comes. Jenelle insists in her voiceover that, “Just because [she’s] pregnant doesn’t mean [she has] to quit going out.” Two words: T. Rash.

Out with her friends, Jenelle breaks down and texts Andrew first. She anticipates him being angry, because he hates when she goes out with friends. He calls wanting to know why she hasn’t called him all day and asking where she is. He’s upset that she’s out with friends and starts to berate her, telling her to grow up. She responds by listing his shortcomings and insisting that he’s the one that needs to grow up. They go back and forth this way until Andrew hangs up.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.02.11 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.03.34 PM

The next day, Jenelle goes out to eat with Lauren and they discuss Andrew. Lauren is upset at the way Andrew swore at and verbally abused Jenelle. Jenelle says she’ll eventually get fed up with that kind of behavior. Lauren asks her friend if Andrew is the type of person she wants to be around her child, especially since he’s not providing anything. Jenelle doesn’t have time to sort all that out, because two weeks later she goes into labor. She’s still upset with him, but texts Andrew because she wants him to be there for Jace’s arrival. He shows up and Jenelle spends twelve hours in labor before Jace Vahn is born. The delivery is not filmed. When Jenelle holds Jace, she says, “Hey bud!” and mentions that it’s nice to see him again. Jace’s arm is bandaged from what looks like blood being taken. I wonder why the didn’t film the very first time Jenelle got to hold Jace? Anyway, a nurse hands off a cleaned and dried Jace to Jenelle and Andrew, who are in awe over the new life they created. Andrew doesn’t think he’ll be able to sleep that night. Instead he wants to stay up and spend every moment with his son. Jenelle’s glad that he’s taking an interest in the baby. .

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.16.27 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.14.59 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.17.06 PMThe next day Jenelle’s friends come to see Jace, when her family and Andrew leave to go get some rest. The girls marvel at how much the little guy resembles Jenelle already. Jenelle hopes that now that she’s had the baby, things will change between she and Andrew. But before they can leave and start their new life, Jenelle gets a crash course in childcare from the hospital staff. Meanwhile, things between Barbara and Andrew are worse than ever, as now they just ignore each other.

Babs tells Jenelle that she’s aggravated by Andrew. Jenelle argues that Andrew doesn’t say a word and Barbara still manages to get annoyed. She asks for an end to the arguing and for support from her mother and Andrew. Babara promises she won’t say anything else and smirks when she says Andrew will be gone shortly anyway. Jenelle looks annoyed but doesn’t say anything. Later that day, Babs gives Jenelle and Andrew space to talk. Andrew thinks that the stormy weather in their relationship is over and dreamily discusses plans to get a job, a car, a place of his own, move Jenelle in AND getting married. Jenelle tells him not to “fuck it up” and Andrew seems pretty sure he won’t. Jenelle says she’s heard that from him before and Andrew gets defensive and pissy about it. Even still, Jenelle wants to believe him.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.28.02 PM

The next day, Andrew has to leave. Now, Jenelle is even more sad about him living four hours away because she’s not going to see him for two weeks. He says goodbyes and takes off with his father. Jenelle take baby Jace home. She may not have Andrew, but Babs, Mike and even Amber pitch in to help with the baby’s first days at home.

It’s been a week now and the reality of parenting is hitting Jenelle. She has no time to herself and Andrew hasn’t called or made any plans to visit. Another week goes by and things are getting tougher. Jace isn’t sleeping at night and Barabara is taking the lead on baby care, since Jenelle can’t handle it all. Babs reveals that Jace starts daycare in the coming week, so Jenelle can go to school and Jenelle says she can’t wait. All an exasperated Barbara manages to say is, “Oh for God’s sake Jenelle…”

The day before school starts, Jenelle got a call from Andrew saying he spent the last seven days in jail for a DUI. Even worse yet, he was drunk again when he called! Barbara tells Jenelle that she can’t be with a guy who’s a drinker. She wants Jenelle to put Andrew behind her and move forward, calling him a sperm donor and not the right person for Jenelle. Jenelle admits that she doesn’t want Jace around excessive drinking. Barbara suggests that she make a pro and con list and figure out if having Andrew in her life is worth it.

Jenelle’s friends also don’t want her to be with Andrew, because they’re sure he’s an alcoholic. Jenelle decides to calls him on her iPhone (Like the very first one. God this was forever ago!) and tells him that his drinking the night before was the last straw. He says he really doesn’t care about Jenelle and is only in it for the baby. Jenelle says that you have to care for the person that’s holding the baby, and Andrew disagrees. When Jenelle aks what he wants, Andrew says that his feeling for her “have dropped.” Jenelle says that his drinking and jailing have caused her feelings to drop as well. He says he’s getting off the phone and Jenelle insists he never calls back because they’re finished. Jenelle never thought she’d have to raise the baby alone, but it looks like she’s going to.

Things continue in the same fashion at Jenelle’s house and Babs still doesn’t want her going out, but Jenelle goes anyway. She says her mother doesn’t understand why she wants to go out, but Jenelle thinks that Jace doesn’t need her if he has Babs. While Jenelle gets ready for school, Barbara gets Jace up and takes him to daycare. Jenelle is happy to be back in school and able to hang out with friends after school before Barb brings Jace home from daycare. She tells a friend that Andrew hasn’t spoken to Jenelle since their fight and hasn’t seen Jace since two days after he was born. Barbara interrupts Jenelle’s conversation by calling and asking her to make baby bottles, to which Jenelle cannot believe she’s being asked.

That night, Barbara is tired from work and doesn’t want to watch Jace, but Jenelle’s friend Tori is throwing a party and Jenelle insists on going. Barbara thinks Jenelle’s constant absence has gotten ridiculous and says that if Jenelle doesn’t want to raise the baby, they’ll find a nice family who wants to. She tries to get Jenelle to engage, but Jenelle ignores her. When Barbara persists, Jenelle threaten to leave if she keeps it up. Barbara tells Jenelle that Jace will get sick and end up in the hospital if she does that. When she doesn’t back down, Jenelle packs up some stuff and leaves with the baby in a stroller. Barbara says Jenelle hasn’t changed a bit and when Jenelle leaves, cameras capture Babs and Mike fuming about how irresponsible Jenelle is acting. In a voiceover, Jenelle says she already had to give up her boyfriend and that her mom is crazy if she think she’ll give up her friends too.

In the following weeks, Jenelle is depressed over her breakup with Andrew and being a single mother, so she’s been going out a lot to distract herself. Barbara isn’t at all happy about it. Jenelle tells her mother that she won’t let her participate and Barbara says that’s because Jenelle is never there. They bicker about it, with Barbara saying that Jenelle thinks the baby is a dog or a cat. Jenelle says that when she’s 18, she’s going to take off with Jace and Barbara will never see them again. Barbara says it will be a cold day in hell before Jace goes anywhere without being properly taken care of. Knowing what we know now, my heart breaks for Barbara. She really loves her grandson and kept that vow. She pleads with Jenelle to do the right thing. Jenelle responds by yelling some swears at her. Babs breaks down at the stress of raising a child for her “little bitch of a daughter.”

A few days later, Amber and Lauren come over. Jenelle hasn’t seen them in a while because she’s been going out with her other friends. Lauren can’t wait until Jace is old enough to say mommy and Jenelle says Barbara has sneered that Jace will say “Meme” first because Jenelle is never around to be called mommy. Oh, the irony. Jenelle says she loves taking care of Jace, but just chooses to also make time for herself.  Although, she does admit that it’s been too much time lately. She then complains about Babs claiming that Amber and Lauren have said that Jenelle needs to shape up. Lauren and Amber refuse to placate her, stating that they do think she needs to clean up her act. Jenelle looks equally stunned and irritated by their honesty. They give her a short lecture, and Jenelle thinks they have a point, but thinks they just don’t understand how hard this all is for her.

A week passes and things improve as Jenelle has been spending more time at home. Jenelle is realizing what a big responsibility motherhood is and misses being a regular teen. She talks to Tori and say the first year of having a child is the hardest. She says even when not hungry or wet, babies cry to be held because they’re clingy and that having a baby is like being in prison. Jenelle knows that she wouldn’t possibly be able to handle the baby without her mom. But Jenelle still insists that she makes time for herself and isn’t a bad mom for going out like people have been saying. She advises her friend to wait, get an education, a house, a car and a steady job before having a child.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.00.21 PM
Oh Tori…

After a couple months, Jenelle really realizes she’s not ready to be a mom. She sits down to ask for Barbara’s help in raising Jace while she gets established. Barbara says she’ll always take care if Jace because “it’s not his fault he’s born.” Jenelle tells Babs, “Even though you bitch at me all the time and stuff, I know that I couldn’t do this without you.” Barbara tears up and realizing how low this family’s threshold for sweetness is makes me sad. Barbara says she knows they don’t get along, but wants to come to a good middle ground for Jace sake. They’re both crying now and Barbara reminds Jenelle that life isn’t about material things, it’s about family. She then picks Jace’s up, and leaves the room with him to go put him down to sleep.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.01.47 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.07.35 PM

Jenelle then delivers a short closing monologue. She knows that despite their differences, Babs will always stand by her. She admits that when she got pregnant, she thought about the easiest parts of having a child. She now realizes that it’s actually all about taking care of another person completely. She also realizes that Andrew isn’t the person she would have wanted to have a baby with, because he hasn’t contributed anything. Now, she says she wished she had waited, so she could give Jace anything he wants. As for Jenelle now? Well, a wise man once said, “The story never changes, just the names and faces.”

Jenelle JAce Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.12.44 PM


Trouble in Teen Mom Paradise

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.07.55 AM

So remember last week when Kailyn went on a trip to Miami and met up with Teen Mom 3 stars, Briana and Brittany DeJesus, to get some discounted surgery? How could anyone forget that gory mess! Well, the plot thickens just like Kailyn’s butt! Jenelle also took a trip to Miami this past week for “business.” Ya know, like in the same sense Nathan was on a business trip last season of Teen Mom 2. Jenelle claims to be in Miami meeting with a ghostwriter for a book that she will be releasing this year and also working on a website she will be launching in February of this year. I’m making her Instagram picture plugging the website the main picture on this article, so that everyone remembers this moment in time when it eventually falls flat or gets abandoned like Farrah’s frozen yogurt, Kailyn’s interior decorating website, Maci’s first clothing line and probably Amber’s house flipping.

While she was in Miami with her latest soulmate, David Eason, Jenelle visited local tourist attractions, fought with Nathan over nonsense, ate good food, neglected her responsibilities and traipsed about in a bikini. Typical Florida vacation stuff for Jenelle, right? Well, she decided to make things a bit more interesting! Jenelle followed in her co-star’s footsteps and went to visit Miami based plastic surgeon, Dr. Miami.

During her brief Snapchat consultation with the doctor, Jenelle revealed that she wanted a chin reduction, because she feels her chin is too long. While Dr. Miami was understanding of why she would feel this way, he was not interested in performing the surgery on her and referred her to a specialist instead. Not even 24 hours later, Jenelle posted a sexy  bikini photo and in the caption she boasted,

“Anyone can work hard enough to get the body they deserve if they work hard enough for it. Honestly to everyone out there, I backed out. I’m staying the way I am. Thanks for all the confidence and support from every single one of you to help make my decision.”

Naturally, after everyone’s head stopped hurting from trying to decipher Jenelle’s creative use of the English language, fans took Jenelle’s words as indirect shade to co-star, Kailyn Lowry. In true Teen Mom cast member fashion, Kailyn responded via twitter with the tweet to the left. Kailyn’s good friend, Sterling Black, was quick to add her two cents, while Teen Mom 3 star, Mackenzie McKee, simply praised Kail’s new booty. I guess Kail was too busy guzzling post-op piña coladas and hollandaise sauce to devote too much energy to it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.09.56 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.32.22 AM

If you recall, there was once a time when Jenelle and Kailyn were very close. The girls originally bonded over common life experiences. They were so close that Kailyn even once bailed Jenelle out of jail! However, during one of the most recent promotional trips to NYC, Jenelle sent out a number of tweets insinuating that there was tension between she and Lowry. When fans on twitter suggested that the girl work to mend their tattered friendship, Jenelle, always eager to have the last  word, responded with this:Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.06.39 AM

photo cred: Radar Online
photo credit: Radar Online

On Season 2 Episode 4 of Teen Mom OG, we saw Farrah take Sophia back to the Midwest to spend time with some of Sophia’s late father, Derek Underwood’s, family. On the episode, we only saw Derek’s paternal family and it seems like there was a reason for this! Farrah has never kept it a secret that she has a very strained relationship with Derek’s mother, Stormie. Tension between them was showcased on Teen Mom, where Stormie denied Sophia’s paternity, but then applied for grandparent visitation rights. Farrah also wrote about many unsavory interactions she had with Stormie while Derek was alive and revealed that Derek preferred spending time with his father at his house, because of his mother’s unpredictable behavior and attitude. I mention all of this for context, but this is all coming from Farrah’s perspective, so keep that in mind. Stormie tells her side of the story here.

Tweets can be deleted, but Starcasm is forever.

After that recent episode, Stormie took to twitter and Instagram to blast Farrah for lying about the undying love Farrah claims she and Derek shared. Farrah tweeted and quickly deleted a tweet in response saying, “I don’t falsely inform my daughter. She knows you stole her from a babysitters house at6months & took me to court. #criminal.” Farrah then posted a screenshot of a story about Stormie from Starcasm on Instagram, and added in the caption, “& you wonder why Debbie is more of a good role model as a grandparent then you will ever be…. Believe me Sophia knows it all #stoplieing.” Farrah also sent out a tweet saying that Stormie “kills people,” which is a clear jab at Stormie, who bought the alcohol for her son the night Derek was killed in a drunk driving accident.

Stormie’s responses do nothing to convince me that her nuttiness is not equal to or greater than Farrah’s. Check out just a few of her responses to Farrah:

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.11.27 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.11.53 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.10.54 AM

So apparently Stormie wants to sue Farrah for visitation again and Farrah is allegedly doing drugs. The weirdest part of this all? The fact that there’s someone that Farrah IS getting along with! It seem that she and Amber Portwood are square for now and collaborating on business. Farrah’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, is involved in real estates and flips houses for a living. Apparently, Simon and Farrah have been advising Amber and Matt on their house flipping venture. I’m glad Farrha believes in Aym and Matt, because one of us probably should…

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.24.36 AM


And just to make you mad, I’m going to force you to agree with Nikkole on something 😉Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.22.42 AM

Teen Mom OG: Season 2 Episode 5 Recap


Hey everyone! It’s Monday and I’m ready for my daily dose of trash television!  According to TV Guide tonight’s episode will feature “Catelynn and Tyler say “I do”; Maci and Taylor buy an online T-shirt business; Amber and Matt decide to flip houses; and Farrah and Debra argue about Debra caring for Sophia.” So let’s get down to business!


Catelynn and Tyler are gearing up to become Mr. and Mrs. Baltierra. Butch has been staying at a campsite nearby with Nick and the couple is going to pick him up. In the car, they catch him up on the meeting with Brandon, Teresa and Carly. They tell him that Teresa doesn’t want to meet him and Butch isn’t sure how he should act at the wedding now. He’s upset about Teresa’s decision, but is okay with moving at Brandon and Teresa’s pace, hoping that one day they’ll come around. Tyler reminds him that kind of give and take is what adoption is all about.

At the wedding rehearsal, everyone is in good spirits as the big day approaches. They have a rehearsal dinner and Catelynn tells Tyler’s sister that she wants to do the traditional “groom can’t see the bride before the wedding” thang. Tyler shares pictures with the family from his recent visit with Carly. He tells everyone about Carly calling him daddy, and about how he tried to play it off without acknowledging it, as not to confuse her further. He talks with his mom about how Teresa doesn’t feel secure enough meeting Butch. Tyler’s mom is far from shocked to hear that. Tyler isn’t either, and while he isn’t necessarily happy with it, he understands and accepts the decision. Butch is across the room and gets emotional while he stands to offer his blessings to the couple

Catelynn and Tyler go out to a pier and talk agin about Butch and the big day. They decide to put all that drama involving Butch aside and focus on the excitement of becoming man and wife. Catelynn jokingly asks Tyler if he’s going to back out this time. Tyler plays along, but then says that if he did back out he’d go somewhere where they’d never find him like “Beruba.” My buddy Rob says that it’s like Aruba or Bermuda, except it’s just a swimming pool behind a trailer with a folding chair floating in it.

The day of the wedding has come! Catelynn gives her little nine-year-old cousin or niece or somebody some pearls and explains that she can pass them down to her daughter in a few years one day. It’s now three hours before the wedding,  and its been discovered that Catelynn’s veil isn’t with her dress in the garment bag and she’s stressing hard. Luckily, the wedding planner has a veil they can use and Catelynn is relieved. The ceremony hasn’t even started, but Kim is crying already. Everyone is starting to arrive and Butch gets to meet Catelynn’s co-stars for the first time.

While Catelynn gets ready, Teresa comes to give her blessings and tell her how proud of she and Tyler. Brandon is also eager to see the couple and offer his blessings and love.  She also comments that Carly has been very excited and asking for Catelynn all day. D’awwwww! Teresa puts on Cate’s veil for her, while Tyler and Kim get their pictures taken. Kail and Javi arrive at the wedding as well! Butch was supposed to be in prison for another 18 months and feels amazingly blessed to be apart of the moment. He’s proud to see how well Tyler turned out despite all the adversity he endured. Everyone is emotional before the moment, even Nick cries a little. The wedding ceremony itself is beautiful and I may or may not have shed a tear. Catelynn and Tyler exchange vows they wrote themselves and everyone in attendance cries at Tyler’s. Tyler drops the ring when he goes to put it on Catelynn’s hand, but gets it on. Shortly thereafter, they are pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Baltierra!

With the ceremony over, Cate and Ty walk off as man and wife. Everyone mingles after the wedding and Butch decides to go introduce himself to Carly anyway. Teresa and Brandon look pissed, but don’t comment. Matt and Taylor talk about the ceremony and marriage. It’s very clear that Taylor is very apprehensive about the idea of marriage and continues with the uncomfortable conversation. At the reception, everyone gives speeches congratulating the new spouses. We even get to see the first dance with Nova, Carly, Brandon and Teresa. Then everyone gets down on the dance floor and it looks like a really could time! Afterwards, all the Teen Moms get together to talk about the wedding. It turns out that the group dance was actually Carly’s idea and Teresa thought it was a good one! After all is said and done, Tyler struggles to carry Cate over the threshold while she has a hearty laugh.


At Ryan’s, Ryan and Bentley play with airplanes and an awake Ryan calls it  “good wholesome fun.” At Maci’s Taylor talks about wanting to own a clothing line, and says there’s an existing one he wants to buy. Maci says that they’re “barely staying above water” as it is. Taylor comments that he is okay with piling more on top of it, but Maci gives him a big dose of reality about all that owning your own business entails. Jayde continues to be precious and ignored.

Taylor ended up buying the clothing company and he just received the inventory! Maci again remarks about all the work that need to be done and how difficult it will be with with their two children and one furry child. When a friend comes over, Maci explains that Taylor’s new business is a clothing line featuring T-shirts with a leather pocket… oh boy! They need to have a photo shoot for the website and asks her friend to model in it. Maci thinks it’ll be fun, but reminds her friend that it’s also serious.

It’s the day of the photo shoot! Maci’s friend Keely who we haven’t seen in a couple seasons watches Jayde while they do the photo shoot. They’re trying to get things done so that they can make it to Cate and Ty’s wedding! Maci is doing a lot of the work, while Taylor texts during the whole thing. But in the end, everything turns out well and the pictures look good.

Maci and Taylor are now getting ready to head to Michigan from Catelynn and Tyler’s wedding. Taylor shows off the wedding garb he got for himself and Bentley. Maci says she’ll be looking like she’s going to a yard sale compared to. In the car, they congratulate themselves heartily about “everything they’ve accomplished on their own.” Okay.


Amber drops Leah back off with Gary. Back at home, Amber and Matt decide to invest “their money” in real estate. They ring up a realtorvwoman named Charlene to help them start looking at properties. They go and see an old gutted house that looks like it was ravaged by a fire. When questioned aout their jobs, Amber tells Charlene that she “works” as a reality star on Teen Mom and says Matt is her fiancé, so I guess that’s his job. They want to eventually open a sober living facility, and want to start saving up by flipping houses.

The first house they saw needed too much work, so Amber and Matt are on the hunt for another home to flip. They find one that Amber thinks is a good start. They have a budget of $21,100, but the owner wants $31,000 for the house. So Amber and Matt go outside to discuss what they’re going to do. They decide to offer $18,000 and see what the owners counter offer with.

Their offer was rejected, but they found another one in their price range and the owner accepts the offers immediately. Back at their place, Amber and Matt discuss their plans for the future. They explain the logistics of opening and running a sober living facility, especially the cost factor. Amber comments that in the past, she blew through all of her Teen Mom money and didn’t even know until it was gone. She wants to be better this time and take a chance.

Amber and Matt are also getting ready to head to Cate and Ty’s wedding. Catelynn gives Amber a call and they chat about the minutia of their lives. Amber and Matt will be driving, since Indiana and Michigan aren’t too far apart. Amber seems very happy for Catelynn and Tyler after they hang up. On the road to Michigan, Amber sniffs the inside of her shoes while Matt delivers some pretty solid reads about the upcoming wedding and then brags about his sick dance skillz. He then busts a typical white-guy-in-his-40s moves.


Farrah and family are headed to a hotel to stay for the night and things are dysfunctional, as always. They argue about Debra’s bad language, when she calls another driver a jerk. Sophia picks up on the tension and joins in on the back talk, while Farrah gets annoyed.

Farrah goes to see her therapist and cites her mom’s “bipolar behavior” as the reason for a lot of Sophia’s bad behavior. Farrah isn’t okay with Debra crying and making snippy remarks around Soph either.  Farrah says she’s scarred from her childhood and cries while her doctor placates her mild mental insanity.

Michael calls Farrah to chat while Farrah puts eyeshadow on Sophia. Farrah wants Michael to watch Sophia and he agrees to rearrange his schedule. When she calls Debra to tell her she doesn’t feel comfortable with her watching Sophia, Debra is very upset. Sophia leaves the room and tells Heather she doesn’t want to hear Debra cry, because she cries really easily and Soph says she doesn’t like that. Apparently Debra lost her job over something involving Farrah, but Farrah says this is a manipulation tactic. Debra says she wants to know that Farrah loves her and Farrah thinks that she shouldn’t have to do certain things to prove to Debra that she loves her. Sophia lays on the bed and covers her ears while they bicker. Farrah is resolute in her decision, but says Debra can come out for dinner to see Sophia and spend time with her if she wants, but if Deb wants to pout, she’s free to do that too.

Farrah and Sophia are going to meet up with Debra for dinner. Before Farrah arrives, Heather talks to Debra. Debra says the situation is disturbing and hurtful, because Farrah is acting like she’s incapable of caring for Sophia. She doesn’t understand why Farrah has turned her back on her. Heather suggests they talk about it, but Debra says there’s no point and she’s out of words.

At Debra’s, Farrah and Deb have a super forced conversation and Farrah acts like Farrah. She reveals that Michael will be caring for Sophia, and Debra says that Michael won’t be able to. Debra says that she spoke to Michael, and he says that he can’t do it. Farrah decides to call Michael to clear things up and Michael tells Farrah that he will, in fact, be able to watch Sophia.

Since Farrah isn’t at the wedding, she’s still at home with Debra. Heather stirs the pot between Debra and Farrah and Debra loses it! She starts raving and crying, and Sophia cries and says that she’s scared. Farrah decides they should probably leave, which makes Debra more upset. She tells Debra that she hears and loves her, but doesn’t want to watch an adult have a tantrum and act like Michael is a bad father. Farrah makes it clear that Michael is the parent she feels supported by and is choosing his side in the divorce. While they’re leaving, Sophia refuses to hug and kiss Debra and Debra looks crestfallen.

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