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Nope, not talking about the Kardashians.

Courtney and Scott from season 5 of 16 & Pregnant called it quits a few weeks ago, but Courtney has recently made things public vis her Ask account.  If you’re struggling to remember who Courtney is (seriously, there’s a lot of 16 & Pregnant girls) she’s the one that chose to remain abstinent after getting pregnant and her son was born with a cleft lip.

Anyway, Courtney and Scott were one of only three couples from this past season to stay together (other couples are Aleah and Shawn, and Karley and Tony) after filming for the Life After Labor special, and the two had even talked about getting married sometime this fall, but it seems things have taken a turn for the worst.

Courtney took to her Ask account a few days ago and responded to a question about why she and Scott broke up.  Her response was simple and seemed pretty mature for the situation. She said, “We just are in two different places in our lives. Once we began to argue in front of Dayton I knew it was time to call it off. We need to be happy in order to give our son a happy life.”

Courtney, who made the decision to share an apartment with Scott and stay in different bedrooms, has moved back in with her parents since the break up, and it seems like things back home are going well.

Courtney also filled fans in on her son Dayton’s cleft lip.  He was supposed to have surgery on August 26th, but the doctor’s over-booked the room, so they’re currently waiting until October for his first (and hopefully only) reconstructive surgery.


Now that it’s confirmed that Farrah won’t be making a return to our television screens for Teen Mom’s newest season, people have been speculating why MTV chose to cut her from the series.  In an interview done a few days ago, Farrah said that she was past the Teen Mom era, and that she had other ways to make money.  In other interviews she’s really seemed pretty content with the decision to not occur in Teen Mom any more, and in a local radio show, she even mentioned that she would rather be simply considered a reality star than to constantly have ‘Teen Mom’ being tacked to her name.

While many people had jumped to conclusions thinking that MTV dropped Farrah because she had made a pornographic film (or two), Abraham hasn’t commented on that, and she even cleared up rumors that her former cast-mates booted her from the season.

In enters Jenelle Evans, who happens to be one of the most controversial people to be seen on 16 & Pregnant, and a Teen Mom spinoff.  Jenelle is known for sharing her opinion on other MTV starlets, and this latest incident with Farrah is something that Jenelle couldn’t pass up.  Jenelle shared an article about Teen Mom’s return to MTV, and included a comment that basically states that MTV wouldn’t want a porn star on their television show, and that they’re trying to show teens how to prevent pregnancy, not promote sexual intercourse.


If you want my two cents on this whole thing, it seems pretty hypocritical for Jenelle to criticize Farrah’s life choices.  While neither have made the best choices in the past few years, Farrah’s main mistake was filming a porno, and as far as I know Farrah has only been arrested for the DUI incident.  If you want to talk about preventing pregnancy, Teen Mom 2 isn’t the place to really see that.  Each child on the show has at least one parent that has a half-sibling (Kailyn now has Lincoln, Adam has Paislee, Leah has Addie, and Jenelle has Kaiser).

I am in no way saying that one girl is better than the other, and they all have obvious flaws, but it’s not like Jenelle has maintained a spotless record since her MTV debut over 5 years ago.


Teen Mom 2′s Leah Calvert has been pretty open about therapy for her daughter, Ali, who has a form of Muscular Dystrophy.  One part of therapy that Leah’s mentioned several times this season is Equine therapy, which is essentially therapy with horses.  She and husband, Jeremy Calvert, sold their previous home, moved into an apartment, and began the search for a perfect piece of land for a horse or two in order to be able to give Ali the therapy that they felt she needed.  It looks like Leah has finally pulled the trigger on things, as she announced via Twitter that she had purchased her first horse for her children, and that she was looking for some saddles for them to use.


It looks like she’s also recently purchased a new home, so her family of 5 isn’t crammed into that small apartment any longer.  While all of this seems like great news, it’s hard for me to think that Leah is financially able to do all of these things.  Most of her story line revolves around Ali’s health issues, but the other part of her story line is the fact that they don’t have enough money to pay their medical bills.  Regardless of an MTV paycheck, doctor’s appointments aren’t cheap, and it seems like Leah has some serious spending problems.  She’s admitted to spending thousands of dollars to become a consultant for Mary Kay, and it seems like every time we see her, she’s got a new vehicle, freshly manicured nails, or a designer purse.  Let’s not forget the incident with the brand new washer and dryer from a couple of episodes ago, which nearly maxed out Leah and Jeremy’s credit cards.

Some people have been saying that Leah and Jeremy aren’t really struggling for money, and that MTV is simply having them act like the financial burdens of things are putting them in over their heads, but others think that Leah is simply careless with her money.   While I am happy that Ali is getting therapy, horses are expensive and they can be a lot of work.  Do you think that Leah’s spending is out of control, or do you think she’s putting on a front for viewers of Teen Mom 2?

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of the horse! The horse on the right that Leah is next to is the horse that Ali will be using for therapy.  People on Facebook have commented that the horse is young and probably not trained for therapy purposes.



We’ve written up bits and pieces about Katie’s story since Teen Mom 3 stopped filming, but this latest legal situation is one that would’ve actually been interesting to see.  Katie and ex-boyfriend, Joey Maes, used to share custody of their three year old daughter, Molli.  For a while, they seemed to co-parent pretty well, but within the last 6 to 9 months, things had taken a turn for the worst.  Katie had started sharing messages regarding Joey’s abusive nature, his inability to pay child support, and his missed visitations on Twitter.  Katie shared the following message on Molli’s birthday, which let followers in on more information than they probably needed to know:


After that incident, Katie started mentioning court dates, and the fact that she was nervous to see how things went.  Last week, Katie shared the verdict from the court hearing, and it looks like things went in her favor this time around.  Katie shared that she has full custody of her daughter, Molli, and that she’s relieved that her daughter is now safe.


While we don’t know the extent of the situation, some are questioning whether Joey signed his rights to Katie, or whether the courts took them away due to his behavior.  From what we’ve heard, Katie is planning a move to Las Vegas in order to be closer to her current boyfriend, and Joey allegedly lives in California at the moment, but we’re not sure why.

Nikkole Paulun has probably won my vote for the most controversial person to be a part of the 16 & Pregnant franchise, and it’s all spiraling from her alleged stillbirth that occurred a little over a year ago.  Nikkole, who was featured on season 2 of 16 & Pregnant, had let fans know that she was expecting a second child with a guy named Mike Sindone.  According to Nikkole, shortly before she was due to give birth, she went in for a routine visit to the doctor and found out that her unborn child had died.  This seemed like a serious tragedy, although accusations soon came out that Nikkole had faked the entire pregnancy.

The evidence was stacking up against Nikkole, and people were calling out mistakes in her pregnancy, stillbirth story that was sold to Radar Online, and the medical documents that were also released to Radar Online.  At one point, Nikkole’s friend, Samantha Diggs, did an interview with a different Teen Mom site about Nikkole’s fake pregnancy and ratted her out on everything.  Nikkole never confirmed that the pregnancy was fake, and she’s been trying to keep comments on it pretty low key, but she recently put a picture on Instagram that might squash her entire story.

Nikkole shared the following picture on her Instagram account on Thursday evening, and although it’s been deleted, we were able to snag a copy of it from someone on Twitter. (Bless you, @SoFloBeachBitch)


Nikkole shares a picture from her alleged stillbirth in July 2013

As you can see, that’s Nikkole in a hospital gown, holding an infant.  Please note the hair color in this.  When we saw Nikkole on 16 & Pregnant, her hair was bleach blonde, and she had blonde hair for quite some time after her son, Lyle, was born.  You can also see the top of Lyle’s head in the bottom right hand corner of this picture.  Below is a picture of Nikkole, Josh, and newborn Lyle so that you can compare.


Nikkole, Josh, and their son Lyle from their episode of 16 & Pregnant

The thing that threw me off was that throughout Nikkole’s alleged second pregnancy, her hair was also very blonde.  Check out this picture, which was the last “belly pic” she shared before the stillbirth incident, and the picture of her hair from the bikini  picture that started all of the speculation about whether she was ever pregnant to start.


Nikkole’s last “belly pic” at 33 weeks


Nikkole in a bikini at ESTfest, just days after the alleged stillbirth

As you can see, in the bottom picture, which was confirmed to have been taken AFTER the still birth, Nikkole still has blonde in her hair, and it’s nowhere near as dark as it is in the picture with the stillborn child.  This leads us to the question of when she would’ve taken the picture in the first place.

Nikkole shared with Radar Online that the stillbirth happened on July 28th, 2013, which is a little over a year ago.  Radar published their story on August 26th, which was nearly a month after the bikini picture was taken.  This would’ve given her plenty of time to fabricate the story, falsify the medical records, and take a picture holding her “son” before people really got on her case.  The other possibility would be that once the story about the stillbirth and the medical records didn’t get accepted by the public the way that she wanted them to, she might have taken the next step and taken the picture to try and keep people quiet.

I know this whole situation is pretty controversial, and it still makes me angry.  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


It was only a matter of time before Farrah Abraham shared her opinion on the return of Teen Mom.  Although Farrah has allegedly buried the hatchet with her former co-stars, it appears that there’s still some bitterness about their return to reality television without her.

Farrah talked exclusively with Life and Style and basically said that Teen Mom was going to suck without her as a part of the cast.  Her exact words were, “I don’t think it will be as great without me. I personally won’t be watching.” I’m honestly surprised that I can comprehend what that one was trying to say.  The quotes get better though.

When asked about the money aspect of things, Farrah chimed in with, “Some of the moms on the show still need [money]/  Fortunately for me, I have other ways of making money. I can’t keep doing the same things year after year.”  In case you were curious about what Farrah’s been doing for money lately, she’s been stripping.  Farrah admitted to Radar Online that a club in Austin, Texas offered her over half a million dollars to be a celebrity stripper for a while.

Farrah also commented that none of the original Teen Mom girls wanted to give her the boot, despite the rumors that were circulating a while ago.  On Twitter it seems like she’s attempting to promote the new season, but I’m betting it’s a matter of time before something overly negative comes out of her mouth.