Teen Mom OG: Season 6 Episode 1 Recap

It’s time for the season premiere of Teen Mom OG. This will be my first time doing a recap for this show and I’m really excited to get started. According to TV Guide, ‘Amber and Gary settle their custody dispute; Farrah questions her relationship with Simon while planning a move to L.A.; Catelynn and Tyler contemplate having another baby; and the moms travel to L.A. to film their reunion, where Taylor’s surprise for Maci steals the show.’ 


The moment the producer enters Amber’s house, she gets peed on by the dog. Amber and Matt are still planning on getting married. Amber and Gary are still in a custody dispute because he wanted more child support from her. They’ve revised it and are getting ready to sign. Amber, Matt, and Leah take a trip to Cathy’s Carrel. Once Leah and Amber are up on horses, Matt gets a call about a woman claiming they got married back in 2007. Amber’s horse gets a little wild for her and she decides they should turn back. Gary is getting stressed because Amber is taking too long to sign the papers. He wants to spend time as a family this weekend in hopes that she’ll be moved to sign.

Gary calls Amber to get her estimated time of signature. She tells him that her attorney told her that everything looks good and that she’s intending to sign it soon. Amber, Leah, and Matt go to visit Krystal for a friendly catch up.


The crew arrives at Farrah’s house. She welcomes Larry back with only a slightly sassy remark. Farrah shows off the engagement ring she bought but Simon hasn’t popped the question or paid her back yet. Farrah’s in LA, recording her podcast. She has the producers on and gets a judgmental call. Larry steps up and defends her. Simon has yet to show up.

Simon and Farrah go to check out a house. When Farrah asks about the appliances, Simon interrupts her. Farrah has decided that she’s going to hire an au pair to be there for Sophia when she can’t. She asks him if he’s excited to be in the same city together. He doesn’t get to say his answer but she thinks he’s not excited at all. Farrah is getting ready to play a small role in an independent horror film. She facetimes Sophia before shooting. Later at night, her friend comes over to visit.


Catelynn and Tyler have been looking at new houses. They’re really gunning to move into a larger property and have already put in an offer. However, someone else has already put in a counter bid. They two start talking about having a big family but realize that neither of them want another baby at the moment. Catelynn and Tyler have purchased a house. Catelynn wants to make herself feel better and starts weight-watchers again. Tyler tries to help out but he comes off a little harsh. Catelynn isn’t offended, though, and brings up having a big family again. Tyler gets really quiet, he doesn’t believe they’re ready yet.

Tyler goes to visit his mom. She doesn’t believe that the couple are ready to have more children right now. His mom doesn’t see any drive in Catelynn but hopes that she’ll get it back. She gives some good gems of advice; for Tyler to be supportive and to not say anything about her weight. Tyler tells Catelynn what his mother told him.


Taylor calls a jewelry designer in order to customize his engagement ring for Maci. He meets with the jewelry maker. Taylor makes an excuse to Maci and goes show off the engagement ring. The two travel to the beach. Maci believes she’s only there for a photo shoot. While staring into each other’s eyes in front of the ocean, Taylor finally pops the question. Maci says yes, of course.

After they head over to meet up with the other Teen Mom girls. They’re all really excited for her. Maci is really proud of the ring because she feels like it fits her so perfectly. When she tells Bentley, he starts to cry out of happiness. The news is well received by the rest of their family and friends.


Teen Mom OG: Season 6 Episode 2 Recap

I’m back already! Howdy y’all and welcome to the second recap of the night. Let’s jump straight in, shall we? TV Guide says, ‘Farrah’s mom confronts Simon, who posted an old mugshot of her on social media, at Sophia’s 7th birthday party; Amber deals with a rumor about Matt; Catelynn turns to Dr. Drew for help with her depression, which has returned; and the newly engaged Maci receives another shock.’


Amber and Matt are out to dinner with Matt’s friend. They talk about the wedding, Amber wants to invite all of the Teen Mom girls. Gary is suspicious about Matt. He believes that there are too many rumors out there about Matt. At dinner, Matt is alone with Jeff. He tells him, that Matt feels hurt by some of the things that are said about him. It never comes between him and Amber though. Matt and Jeff visit a tattoo parlor. He ends up getting a new Ramone’s tattoo and covering up a tattoo of a twitter handle. Matt is in the car with Amber when he gets the call about the new rumor. His publicist thinks they shouldn’t comment on it. Amber ends up looking up the story.


It’s Sophia’s 7th birthday. Farrah is really excited to celebrate. When she goes to visit her mom, she requests that Farrah let her pull Simon off to the side later and talk to him about something he posted on Facebook. Farrah doesn’t want to be put in the middle, she just wants to focus on Sophia. When Simon arrives to Sophia’s birthday party, Debra is openly hostile. As the night goes on she’s able to pull Simon away. They don’t reach any kind of understanding with the conversation. Simon and Debra make up over some homemade sauce.

Farrah brings up the fact that she’s never met Simon’s parents. He starts to tell her an excuse but she talks right over him. When she brings up the fact that he still hasn’t proposed or paid her back for the ring, he doesn’t seem like he’s in any hurry. Farrah, Debra, and Simon have a quick laugh at a new story about how Matt tweeted at Farrah, then Jenella, before tweeting Amber. Amber reaches out to Farrah and tells her that she thinks Matt is lying about the reasons why they first met. Farrah urges her to think about it before marrying him. Amber reveals that she’s already put the wedding on hold.


Catelynn and Tyler are seeing their new home for the first time. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Catelynn goes to visit Alexa. Catelynn brings up the fact that she’s starting Weight Watchers again. Alexa wants to make sure that she’s not feeling pressure from Tyler. Catelynn isn’t feeling well and spends the day at home instead of helping Tyler with the house. He comes to visit her and urges her to call Dr. Drew.

Dr. Drew gets back in touch Catelynn. They have a conversation and they get back into some past trauma. He advises her to make weekly appointments with her current therapist. After the phone call, Tyler brings up the fact that Catelynn always says that it was her mom’s boyfriends’ that were verbal abusive. Tyler remembers Catelynn’s mom being very verbally abusive as well.

Catelynn goes to visit Kathleen, her therapist. Kathleen has been informed by Dr. Drew about their phone conversation. Catelynn believes that most of her problems stem from abandonment. She also talks about how she’s afraid to let Nova down by becoming like her mother. She also doesn’t want Nova to become like her.


Maci has already started planning her wedding. She’s getting champagne glasses ready in order to send them to her bridesmaids. While with Ryan, Bentley takes his father’s girlfriend for a ride in the go-kart. Kallie comes to visit and Maci reveals that she doesn’t want the stress of planning the wedding. Maci asks Taylor and Bentley if they think she’s fat. Taylor says no and Bentley says yes. Ryan broke up with Jordan. He discusses it with his friend. His friend brings up the fact that the constant dating might have a negative affect on Bentley. Ryan doesn’t see it that way.

Maci is disappointed with the fact that Ryan has already broken up with Jordan. She worries that Bentley thinks of his father as an older brother. Ryan’s father tells him that he’s moving too fast with all the girls. He warns Ryan to slow down. Maci is searching for gym memberships, even though she doesn’t think she’ll actually go to one. Taylor asks her if she might be pregnant. Taylor wants her to be pregnant while she does not. Maci takes a pregnancy tests and it comes back positive.

We’re Just Days Away from Teen Mom: OG Season 6 Premiere!

Hey guys! I hope you all have been enjoying your summer and catching up with all the Teen Mom drama.. it seems like there’s a lot to come with the premiere of Season 6 of Teen Mom OG.


Here are some predictions for what’s to come for our Teen Mom OG Ladies:


Farrah Abraham will continue to make us wonder if she can possibly be that terrible or if it’s all an act for attention because she absolutely nothing else interesting about her.



Maci will be this season’s Chelsea. We love them, they’re both adorable and sweet, but they’re totally boring because they essentially have their s*** together. Good for them, bad for our blog.


We’ll wonder how Catelynn and Tyler can possibly still be together. They’ve weathered so much, and we really are rooting for the two. But after a recent preview of a tense convo between the two, and remembering how Catelynn struggled with depression before, we’ve got to wonder if staying together is healthy.

All we’ll be able to think when Amber discusses wedding plans is: Don’t do it Amber!!! For the love of finding your sanity, do. not. do it!!

Jeremy Calvert’s Latest Social Media Rant Earns Him Crown for Most Dramatic Dad

Jeremy Calvert has won the top honor of being the most dramatic Teen Mom father— in my book, at least. (Yes, Adam is a very, very close second).

After being unhappy with what some other gossip sites were reporting about his relationship with Brooke, Calvert took used his favorite social media platform to give his expletive-ridden opinion. Calvert has had issues with media in the past, deleting his Twitter account after being fed up. (It’s important to note, however, that he wasn’t fed up to stop posting to Instagram regularly or at least make the page private.)

In the latest rant, Calvert makes several claims. Here’s a summary:

-Like Jenelle, he claims that Teen Mom has ruined his life, even saying he wishes he never went on it

-MTV doesn’t pay Teen Mom dads enough to live off of without a regular job, which is why he maintains a different job

-Brooke is far from insecure when it comes to Jeremy’s Teen Mom ex, Leah Messer

-He plans on marrying Brooke one day, partly because she works “hard af”

-He thinks sharing passwords to all accounts between partners is the way relationships should work

His anger is best described by the amount of expletives he uses. In the short rant he uses the F-word seven times, with several other gems appearing as well. He ends his rant with a complaint that his ex Leah has also had in the past: that too many of his readers are being grammar police. Except he refers to them as “grammer Nazis. Reading is hard.

Here’s the whole rant:

Fuckkkkk you teen mom blast drop down and blow me @bwehr10

A photo posted by Jeremy Calvert (@jeremylcalvert505) on

Who cares 🖕🖕🖕🖕

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Farrah Abraham Actually Expects Us to Believe That She’s Not Thirsty

The image of someone who is totally not thirsty.
The image of someone who is totally not thirsty.

Just because you say something, doesn’t make it true. For instance, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” “I have never doped” and “I’m not pregnant” are just some of the infamous lies famous people have told in the past.

Add “I’m not thirsty” to that list following an interview Teen Mom OG cast member Farrah Abraham did with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss on the Allegedly podcast.

“I’m not a thirsty b****. I have plenty of H20,” Abraham obnoxiously said during the chat.

Let us remind you, fellow TMJ, why Abraham is arguably the thirstiest cast member to be on the Teen Mom series. There was that time she had her daughter call Nicki Minaj a loser on social media. Then there was that time that she picked a fight with America’s royal family, the Kardashians. And we shan’t forget the time she did THIS (NSFW).

Abraham also said some other interesting things during the talk. She touched on the criticisms of allowing her young daughter to wear makeup, saying she was called to school on at least one occasion for letting her daughter wear makeup to school. Abraham says she fought back by arguing that older, grown women shouldn’t wear makeup if they don’t want young kids to do it, too. She also inferred that this argument forced the principal to switch schools– we’d definitely be interested in finding out more about that.

Other than that, Abraham, of course, took some time to criticize her cast mates for having more than one child, which she presumes is to get more money from MTV.

Abraham says her cast mates’ subsequent pregnancies are because they are “milking the s*** out of the show.”

Interesting. Thoughts?

Watch the full video via People here. 


Kailyn Upgrades Her Ride, Shows Up Fellow Teen Moms

kailyn car

Kailyn Lowry has treated herself this week through the purchase of a brand new white BMW X-Series.  In the midst of divorce from Javi, who has been home from deployment for a week, Kailyn seems over-the-moon thanks to her new purchase; she’s referring to it on social media as her new “baby.”


Kailyn’s purchase proves that the Teen Mom salary pays off; she joins a long list of Teen Moms who drive respectable whips.


Last year, Amber Portwood brought home her own new “baby”- luxury edition. Portwood showed off her shiny new Escalade right around Christmas time.

Two years ago, Chelsea Houska purchased her dream car, a black on black Jeep Wrangler Sahara that was the envy of Jeep lovers everywhere.
But perhaps the person who takes the car for nicest vehicle… Farrah Abraham.
In April, Farrah bought a white 2016 Maserati Ghibli, a car that likely cost her nearly $100K. It’s true, a lot of people don’t agree with Farrah’s hustle, but she probably doesn’t cry too much about it in her “kid-friendly” Maserati.

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