Jenelle and Babs Take Los Angeles: A Photo Journey


Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans hopped coasts this weekend to attend the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. While the show happened tonight, they arrived in LA earlier this weekend to take in the sights.  Join me on a photo journey as we follow this flawless mother-daughter duo during their weekend out in LA.


Jenelle arrives at LAX:
Jenelle arrives at LAX

Jenelle walks around L.A. and checks out the town:
Jenelle_Evans_Los_Angeles - Copy

Jenelle hits up an L.A. salon for some new extensions:

Jenelle and Barbara stand on top of some shorts and enjoy some drinks:

Jenelle and her boobs head out for a stroll on the beach in Malibu:

Jenelle and Babs meet up again for some Italian cuisine:

This is what a classy mother-daughter dinner looks like:

Jenelle and Babs reserved seats at the VMA’s (update: this is fake, but its still funny so I’m leaving it up):
seating chart

It’s VMA’s time! Jenelle on the red carpet:

Jenelle, Babs, and Dr. Drew at the VMA’s:
attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Jenelle, Blac Chyna, and Amber Rose:
attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Babs and Jenelle with singer Miguel:

Jenelle and Nessa (host of the Teen Mom Og/2 After Shows):

Jenelle and Babs sharing the spotlight on the red carpet:

Well, the night isn’t over yet, but it’s sure been a busy weekend for these two so far! I’ll be sure to update if any more iconic photos arise. Until then, have fun with what we’ve got so far! Seriously, it’s actually kind of nice to see these two having fun together.



(Photos courtesy of WENN, Getty Images,Starcasm, Twitter, and Instagram.)

Teen Mom 2: Season 6 Episode 8 Recap


This week’s episode is called “What Makes You Happy” and according to TV Guide, this week’s episode will feature the following stories: “Jenelle pleads with Nathan to stay together; Kailyn fears that Jo’s move is too close for comfort; and Leah, who’s overwhelmed by a looming divorce and custody threats, makes a big decision.” It should be an interesting episode! But if you’re still waiting for the episode to start, check out this week’s sneak peeks. You know the drill, I’ll be updating this post/drinking throughout the episode and adding screenshots when the episode becomes available online. Your job is to watch and discuss :) Don’t forget to check out my twitter! @TomlinTMJ

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.43.59 PM

Since the Adam drama has been resolved for now, Chelsea gets to focus on more positive things. Like doing totally rad chalk art in the driveway with Aubree! While they draw, she tells Aubree about the new pet they’re getting, a pig named Pete! After Aubree is in bed for the night, Cole and Chelsea paint some area of Chelsea’s house together and talk about their relationship. Cole’s lease is up in about five months and plans to move in with Chels and Aubs after that. Cole goes on to say that he liked Chelsea for who she is, despite her having a child and that was never an issue for him. Aubree is a big fan of Cole herself and has told people,  “I have two dads.” But according to Chelsea, Adam (much like Paislee) doesn’t really count. The two of them both say that Aubree draws pictures of them together as a family, which shows what Aubree really thinks about the situation.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.58.53 PM

Pete the pig is on his way to South Dakota from Ohio, so Chelsea is getting ready to pick him up at the airport. But right before they’re ready to leave, Aubree hits herself on the counter and gets a gnarly scrape. Aubree is pretty upset, but Chelsea and Cole handle the situation well. Cole, being the perfect gentleman, even gives Aubree some wildflowers.

While Aubree is at Chelsea’s mom’s house (probably doing her own thing), Chelsea and Cole head to the airport to pick up their new pet pig. And since bad things sometimes happen to good people, we get to suffer through nearly two minutes of baby talk from Chelsea AND Cole. Chelsea tells Cole that they have a child now, and wants him to promise that he won’t make her a single mom again. And he does. Then they both bond and laugh over some inside joke that is completely lost on me. The pair waits patiently at the airport until a United Airlines employee finally brings out a small travel crate with a piglet in it. Chelsea and Cole are way more excited about this pig than I usually am for cooked pig, and that’s really saying something. Chelsea even asks, “Is this real life?!” So yeah, that’s the story of Pete the pig.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.06.40 PM

Now that Pete has arrived, it’s time for Aubree to meet him. Man, MTV is really getting mileage out of this pig plot. Chelsea warns Aubree to move slowly and be very gentle because Pete is still very scared about being in a new place. Aubree does a good job of taking things slow with the pig and really takes a shine to him quickly. Chelsea assures her mom that the piglet is the only baby that she wants for quite a while.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.09.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.38.00 PM

Since the no contact order was placed on Jenelle and Nathan, she has done a lot of thinking and is convinced Nathan has changed, but decides to talk it over with a friend. She thinks Nathan seems to have really changed, but she’s concerned because still does shady stuff like talk to girls behind her back. During this conversation she continue to say “dramastic” and “dramastically” with so much confidence. Jenelle also voices a concern for Kaiser who is used to having both awful parents around. Even still, Jenelle insists she isn’t staying together for Kaiser, but because she wants to.

In the next scene, Jenelle meets with her custody lawyer and he tells her that the next step she and Barbara are taking is mediation. They discuss how the mediation would work and what their mediation strategy will be. Her lawyer also brings up Nathan’s recent arrest, which Jenelle insists was blown out of proportion. Her lawyer informs her that it will be a detriment to her case with Jace. He goes on to tell her that she may end up having to sacrifice her relationship or find some sort of compromise.

In her voiceover, Jenelle explains that her relationship with Nathan may make it more difficult to get Jace back. In this scene Barbara, Jace and Jenelle’s fabled brother, Collin, come to South Carolina to see Jenelle after hearing about Nathan’s most recent arrest. Jenelle has made biscuit and gravy and while everyone eats, she comments that she’s surprised that Barbara actually came down after their recent fights. Barbara assures Jenelle that no matter what, Jenelle is her daughter and she cares about her wellbeing. She makes her feelings about Nathan and they are not positive. Jenelle chews with her mouth open and downplays the situation and says that Nathan just wrestled her for the ring and she got it back anyway.

Then things get really deep y’all! A lot of things come into perspective when Babs talks about her experience being in an extremely physically abusive marriage and enduring beatings to sure up her credit and secure a house so her children wouldn’t have to live in the projects when she left her husband. She’s unsure if it was all worth it, but she knows that she doesn’t want that for Jenelle. Jenelle says that after doing some serious thinking, she still wants to be with Nathan even though she doesn’t trust him. Barbara just looks so disappointed. She reminds her daughter that you can’t have a relationship without trust and that Nathan hates her. She asks Jenelle if she realizes that this will impact their court case. Jenelle thinks that Barbara is, again, trying to use Jace against her. The scene closes with Barbara saying that the only reason she ever kept Jace away is because she was concerned. And no, I’m not crying. There’s just something in both my eyes…

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.08.11 PM

Later, at Jenelle’s, Jace has a Coca-Cola and you’d think there was still real cocaine in the stuff. I mean, he goes nuts in the cutest and silliest way. After a few minutes of Jace’s antics Jenelle asks the 5 year old that just chugged a 12 ounce soda, “Why are you so hyper?”

Jenelle meets up with a friend to talk about things between she and Nathan. Nathan has been telling her to go on a date and see if she would be happier with someone else. Her friend tells her that eventually things will work themselves out or that Jenelle will get sick of Nathan’s wishy washy behavior. And this wouldn’t be Teen Mom 2 if there weren’t a scene with Jenelle crying in her car, so that’s exactly what MTV is serving up in this segment. After leaving the restaurant with her friend, Jenelle drives away and then pulls into a parking space to talk to Nathan on the phone. Nathan is urging her to move on and find someone who makes her happy. But according to Jenelle, Nathan is who makes her happy and she just wants to get back together. Jenelle quickly gets worked up and begins to cry, and Nathan isn’t interested in talking to her while she’s so upset. Jenelle continues to profess her love and Nathan promises that they’ll talk about things another time. This is giving me serious déjà vu. Didn’t this happen in like Season 1 or 2?

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.10.31 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.11.40 AM

At Kail’s place, Kailyn and Javi talk about how much better their relationship has been, for which Kail credits Javi’s talk with his sister. They also discuss how Jo and Vee have moved into the development Kail and Javi reside in. But the couple feel like they’ve outgrown their current home and need more space as their family grows. Kail thinks it’s ironic that Jo just moved into the development and they will soon be moving. However, Kail doesn’t feel bad about it because they won’t be moving far and will still be in Delaware. She also still wants the visitation schedule to stay the same, so that Isaac has a stable home during the week while he goes to school.

Javi minibikes over to Jo’s new place because he and Kail decided it would be a good idea to help him move in. Jo and Javi seem to get along well and Jo even offers him a beer before he goes, but Javi doesn’t overstay his welcome. Jo looks pretty pleased with the situation as Javi bikes off into the sunset.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.04.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.04.15 PM

Kail is finally coming around to Jo moving to Delaware. Kailyn asks her husband how things went with Jo and Javi, who seems to be in pretty good spirits, only really comments that Jo had a lot of stuff. Kailyn stops him and repeats her question and also asks if things were awkward at all. Javi doesn’t even understand why it would be and tell her that all of that drama is “so three years ago.” Kailyn thinly veils some anger with laughter before she reveals that not only did Jo move to Dover, he moved into their planned neighborhood. Even though she didn’t like the idea originally, Kailyn now thinks it will be great for Isaac to have his father closer to him. Javi is relieved to not have to drive back and forth to New Jersey anymore. Her only concern is that Jo will suddenly try to turn their visitation agreement into an open door policy, because she wants to keep Isaac on his same schedule. Still, she says she plans on taking Isaac to Jo’s new place the next day and see how things work out.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.10.45 PM

Kailyn and Javi take Isaac to scope out Jo’s new place. Isaac knocks on the door and when Jo answers, Isaac announces, “I’m home!” They then head upstairs to check out Isaac’s new room. Jo isn’t all the way moved in and Vee won’t be in Delaware until the end of the month. Kail and Javi head out, while Isaac stays with his dad. After dropping off Isaac, Kailyn FaceTimes with a friend. Kailyn thinks the situation is mildly awkward and says that Jo must have bought his home knowing it was a “fixer upper.” She’s worried Jo will take her to court for more time, but does think that they need to go back before a judge to adjust their child support.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.40.12 PM

Leah and Corey again meet up at the pizza place and this time Miranda is there. Leah starts by asking for help with the girls and tells the couple that there’s a therapy facility where she could receive some intensive therapy. Corey asks if this facility is a rehab, which Leah denies. Corey then says that he doesn’t quite understand where this therapy idea has come from, but that he has heard a rumor about Leah and Jeremy divorcing. Leah admits to that and Corey says it’s not any of he or Miranda’s business except for where it affects the twins. He also says that he and his family would be willing to watch the twins while she’s gone.

Miranda asks Leah if she’ll be better able to deal with things after this rehab, to which Leah answers affirmatively. Miranda then gently presses by asking Leah if she owns up to the fact that she hasn’t been able to be the best person for her kids. Leah acknowledges that, but refuses to call herself a bad mom and insists that she deals with more than Corey and Miranda know. Corey jumps in and says that they know what Leah is dealing with, but thinks that she’s “takes something to deal with the problem.” Corey asks Leah to look he and Miranda in the eyes and tell them there’s no drug problem, and Leah does. Corey still isn’t convinced and says that he thinks there’s a problem, but Leah is just afraid to tell him. He thinks she needs to stop hiding behind lies and excuses and get the real help she needs. Leah tells him, “Shame on you.” Corey looks sick and takes a long drink from his beer. He says he’ll do what he needs to do for his kids and Leah says the shame. Corey suggests that in that case, she should start being a mom.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.01.10 PM

At home, Leah talks to her younger brother, Isaac. She talks about the divorce, her anxiety, and the treatment center she’s going to. But while she’s talking, she nods off in the middle of the conversation. Isaac says her name to try and wake her up, while someone off screen takes the baby out of her hands before she drops her. Over at their house, Corey and Miranda talk about Leah’s suspected drug addiction. They both think there’s a big deal of denial in Leah’s camp, which is a part of the problem. Corey says the rumor around town is that Leah will take anything she gets her hands on, and based on her behavior the night before he believes it. Miranda and Corey’s concern is all about the girls and how they will handle such a drastic shift in their life with their mother gone, and insist that judging Leah is the last thing they’re trying to do.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.05.25 PM

Leah has just dropped off Addie with Jeremy’s parents before she leaves for three weeks to go to an out of state treatment facility. She sits down with the girls to explain it to them, while Ali rubs a booger on her. She tells the twins that they’ll be staying with their father and that she loves them. She then puts the twins to bed and tells Gracie that she’s going to have to beat boys off of her when she’s in high school. A confused Gracie asks why, to which Leah says, “Cause! Pssh!’ Why?!'” This was the first interaction Leah’s had with her kids that isn’t horribly hard to watch :)

Leah and Mama Dawn talk about Corey’s allegations of drug abuse. She discusses her use of pain medication after a botched epidural with Addalynn and she says there was a point where she expressed concerned about being dependent on the medication. Delta Dawn thinks that if Leah was showing signs of a really serious drug problem, Corey oughta know that Leah’s family would be the first to voice concerns to him. Leah says that everything she’s been through over the years has just really broken her down.

Leah is signing divorce papers and in the car on her way to rehab in this segment. Ali-girl gives her some flowers when they get to the airport and she says her goodbyes to her children. She assures them that she’ll call every night and that she needs them to be strong while she’s gone. The girls all cry while Leah gets ready to go into the airport and Ali has the hardest time with it. Leah heads into the airport and onto the treatment facility as the episode closes.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.12.33 PM

——————————– BONUS! TEEN MOM 2: A CLOSER LOOK ——————————-


After the show ended, the Teen Mom 2 girls sit down with that one chick from Girl Code to talk about everything that went down in this week’s episode. Here’s a little run down of what they talk about.

LEAH: First up is Leah and of course they talk about her heading to the treatment facility. She is asked what the tipping point was for her. She just says that things changed. And that with her divorce from Jeremy, she felt like she was spiraling out of control. The other moms are asked what they think. Jenelle chimes in and says that can relate and is very supportive. Leah agrees and is appreciative of her words. Leah continues to deny being addicted to drugs and admits that she was apprehensive in asking for help because she thought she’d lose her children automatically. Jenelle says courts are understanding of those situations and think it’s better to go voluntarily. All of the TM2 girls are very supportive of Leah’s situation. when Leah is asked if this divorce was harder on her, Leah says it wasn’t because the relationship was so unhealthy. She does say that she doesn’t plan on dating, and wants to take things slow this time. Maybe she learned something after all!

KAILYN: Kail is asked about Jo’s recent move and she says that Jo has always lived a couple hours away, so him living in the same development was just too close for comfort. She sites Javi riding a bike over there as proof that Jo was just too close. Chelsea chimes in and agrees that at least another neighborhood would have been a better choice. They then jump to talking about Kail and Javi’s relationship. As usual, everything was Javi’s fault and Javi was salty because Kail had a social life, friends and benefits. Lydia saved the day by telling Javi to suck it up, and now all is well.

JENELLE: Jenelle is asked about her relationship with Nathan and asked if Nathan wants be with her. Jenelle thinks that he does, but they just fight over little things that turn into big problems. She’s then asked if he is just using the little things as a cop out to leave? Jenelle thinks that Nathan is just extremely wishy washy. Kail and Chelsea tells Jenelle that it’s nothing but a head game that she doesn’t deserve and she needs to walk away, because Nathan wants to have his cake and to eat it too. Leah agrees completely, and it’s interesting to see the other girls care for Jenelle genuinely. The entire crowd thinks that Jenelle should leave as well. Dude, they even talk about the #dramastically thing!

CHELSEA: Chelsea is asked what she likes about Cole? The answer is everything. Cole and Chelsea apparently have a lot of mutual friends, but they had just never met before. Chelsea thinks so highly of their relationship that she calls it an act of God. Aubree loves Cole too! Once again, the audience co-signs what the girls on the couch are saying and clap for Cole. Chelsea talks about Pete the pig and I’m not even going to pretend that you guys care. Chelsea wants another baby, but is content with collecting animals until the time is right to grow her family.

After this, there’s a Teen Mom mini game, where the girls have to identify who said certain quotes from the show. Here’s how it went:

  • Chelsea gets, “Yeah, I used your credit cards. But only on food and gas.” She correctly says that the quote comes from Jenelle.
  • Kailyn’s next and gets the famous,  “Bein’ a felon ain’t illegal!” She gets it wrong by naming Nathan. Jenelle laughs and reminds us that it was Keiffer.
  • Leah’s quotes is, “I will accept the drinks, but I will not accept the dick!” She thinks it sounds like something Chelsea would say, and she is correct!
  • Jenelle: “Ooooh snuggie, I want one!” She guesses Kail and is right!
  • Chelsea: “Look, he’s a baby.” Chels remembers Isaac saying that and is correct.
  • Kailyn: “I dont wants my kids to look back and say I didn’t try.” Kailyn knows that this quote was uttered by Leah and gets a point.
  • Leah: “You can unwrap me later ;)”  Leah correctly remembers that this quote came from Jordan. Kail comments that, “He was weird…”
  • Jenelle gets one of my personals faves, “I don’t want no cornbread right now.” She immediately knows a quote about cornbread came out of West Virginia, but guesses wrong. It wasn’t Jeremy, Jenelle. It was her other ex husband.

Chelsea wins (and makes it clear that she actually watches the show) and her prize is a Bearbara! A Build-A-Bear that says Barbara Evans quotes when you squeeze it. Chelsea says that they should sell them and I wholeheartedly agree! They wrap up the after show by the girls saying what is going to happen on next weeks episode. Next week we can expect to see Aubree reach a milestone, Leah head home from treatment right after getting there, Jenelle get involved in a wild car chase and watch Kailyn and Javi get into an argument over Jo. Then there’s even more Pete the pig footage. Is there something I’m missing here with the pig thing? Is MTV just trying to fill the entire time slot or are they setting up Pete to get his own spinoff?

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? What’s everyone drinking tonight? Any teetotalers playing the drinking game with a food or drink alternative?

Briana DeJesus Goes from MTV to VH1


Most of you probably remember Briana DeJesus from 16&Pregnant Season 4 and eventually Teen Mom 3. Briana had a little girl named Nova with her dead beat baby daddy Devoin. Briana was living with her sister, Brittany, and mom at the time of her 16 & Pregnant episode. (And as far as we know she still lives with them) Brittany got pregnant around the same time as Briana but chose to have an abortion instead of parenting or adoption. It caused some tension between the two during her sister’s pregnancy but by the end they came together.

Since the end of TM3 Briana has been in and out of the spotlight. She was best known for the drama that went down with her former boyfriend “Shoc” who eventually shared videos of Briana giving him oral sex. He was charged because of new laws that prevent people from posting “revenge porn”. Since that incident we haven’t seen a lot from this Teen Mom, but things are about to change.

Reports surfaced today that Briana and Brittany will be appearing on a new twist of VH1 Couples Therapy called Family Therapy. Rumors circulated that Farrah and her mother, Debra Danielson, we’re going to be on the show, but it has been confirmed that they will not. Some of the other stars appearing on the show include Lindsay Lohan’s parents, Tiffany “New York” Pollard, and Bam Margera.

According to VH1 the show focuses on these families inabilities to function with their lives in the spotlight. Each “couple” faces their own struggles within this world of being “reality” stars and how it affects their lives as a family.

The show is currently being filmed and Briana has taken to twitter to briefly post about her time in L.A. We don’t have a specific air date as of now but stay tuned and we will be sure to let you know.

What do you think about the DeJesus sisters appearance on VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn?

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EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom 2 Split…Or Was It Ever Even A Thing?


Teen Mom 2 star, Leah Messer, has had her fair share of relationships and marriages throughout her time on MTV.  She initially dated and married Corey Simms, the father of her twin girls, but the couple later divorced.  Shortly after the first divorce, Leah began dating Jeremy Calvert, whom she also divorced within a few years.  Leah is currently a single mother of three girls.  Rumors were swirling shortly after her release from rehab saying that she was dating her former personal trainer named T.R. Dues.  Tabloids were reporting that T.R. and Leah were shacking up together, and that there was drama from T.R.’s baby momma contaminating their relationship.

Over here at TMJ, we try to not listen to the tabloids because most of the time the people that sell stories about these MTV starlets are just trying to make a quick buck.  (How many times has Courtland sold stories about Jenelle?) Thankfully, we’ve got some sources that have proven to be steadfast and reliable sources of information when it comes to some of these ladies.  This time around, we talked to T.R. himself who was attempting to clear the air.

T.R. has spoken out several times about how misinformed the media is on his relationship with Leah.  T.R. claims that while he and Leah are good friends and their children play together frequently, they are not dating – and they never were!

T.R. said that Leah “has a lot going on” right now in her life.  We’d say that’s an accurate statement judging strictly from what’s been going on this season of Teen Mom 2.  We’ve seen Leah struggle to make her second marriage work, and we saw her admit to suicidal thoughts on last week’s episode.  We know that she’s also enrolled in a stint at a rehabilitation facility to help with depression and anxiety.  Leah’s been the center of a lot of controversy throughout the last year, and I don’t blame T.R. for wanting to simply be friends with the girl instead of dating her.

T.R. does maintain that his two sons from a previous relationship, Tyshawn and Angelo, frequently have play dates with Leah’s daughters, Ali, Gracie, and Addie.  Could these play dates have been what sparked the drama between T.R.’s baby momma and Leah?  It’s a possibility.  We do know that things between T.R.’s ex and Leah have since settled down and the two seem to be getting along now.

We know that Leah and her girls spent the 4th of July with T.R.’s family.  There’s a chance that this was just a nice gesture to include someone who has recently divorced her husband, but we’re not sure that we’re buying this whole story that they weren’t ever dating.


What’s your thoughts on this story? Do you buy that T.R. and Leah were never really dating?  Do you think their friendship will blossom into something more? Sound off in the comments below!

Babs Breaks It Down

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.31.59 PM

Who would have thought that Jenelle Evans would put something that I actually wanted to see on my Twitter timeline? I got quite the pleasant surprise yesterday evening when Jenelle tweeted out a link to a new web show on MTV’s website. It would seem that MTV is finally giving the people what they’ve been asking for: More Barbara! Yes indeed, a couple months ago it was announced on MTV’s website that Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, would be getting her own web series. Barbara has always been a favorite cast member on Teen Mom 2 and has even inspired a hilarious commercial for the reality series, so it is clear that MTV is well aware of her star power, or as she’d say, stah powah. This series is a little look inside life with Babs while she does chores and gives us her two cents on various topics. The content is much more lighthearted and humorous  than the drama we are used to watching unfold on your typical episode of Teen Mom 2. It’s like talking to your great aunt at a Christmas party after the Chardonnay has started flowing, and it’s absolutely wonderful. As of right now, the episodes are only available on MTV’s websites, but I will definitely be adding links if the videos make their way onto YouTube or another site where they can be streamed internationally! For now, I’m going to be giving you guys a short write up on each segment. As always, I can’t wait to see what you guys discuss in the comments!

BABS ON ZAYN LEAVING ONE DIRECTION: First up, Barbara is asked about her thoughts on Zayn Malik leaving the English boy band 1D. Like most people in their 60s, Babs only had one question, “Who is Zayn?!” Babs has no idea who Zayn or this “Wendy” (get it? 1D? Wendy?) character are. In fact, she said she’s never even heard those names before. She not even sure if Zayn is the name of a person or some new drink she hasn’t heard of.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.52.50 PM

BABS ON NATHAN GRIFFITH: We all know people are always itching for some Jenelle gossip, and in this segment delivers. Barbara doesn’t hold back her feelings about Nathan in this episode either! Barbara initially though Nate was a good guy, but was quickly proven wrong. She doesn’t trust Nathan and thinks he’s nothing but a using, narcissistic, pretty boy. (Is that better or worse than a Damn Lyin’ Husalah?) She tells us all about how disrespectful Nathan is to her, Jenelle and even his own mother. Babs even says that it was Nathan who talked Jenelle into having Kaiser so they could get the baby bonus, but now that the roll is here Nathan is constantly gone and off cheating. She ends by pretty much summarizing everyone’s feelings about Nathan:


BABS ON POLITICS: In this segment, Babs talks politics. She’s quite excited for the upcoming 2016 presidential election because she thinks the American political system has completely gone to hell. And just in case you ever wondered, Babs likes Barack! She thinks there’s been a great deal of prejudice aimed at President Obama, but still feels like he’s done a good job overall. When questioned about Donald Trump, Babs pretty much says she think he’s just trolling the Republican party. She does think he’s the “real deal” but wouldn’t vote for him to be our next president. She will be voting for Hillary and strongly supports a woman running this country!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.00.08 PM

BABS ON VEGETARIANS: Barbara’s advice to vegetarians? “Don’t come to my Walmart!” Yes, as we all know, Babs works at the deli in a Southport, NC Walmart Supercenter. As you would expect from a person in her profession, she doesn’t really “get” the whole vegetarian thing and thinks a lot of people do it to be trendy. She also thinks that vegetarians don’t know what they’re missing out on and professes her love for a piece of juicy meat cooked medium rare. She ends by joking that she “has to have a little meat in [her] mouth” before sharing a hearty cackle with the film crew.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.13.29 PM
“Let’s be a vegetarian! I’m vegan!”

BABS ON GOING TO THE VMAs: When Jenelle found out that her mother wasn’t invited to MTV’s Video Music Awards with she and her co-stars the Teen Mom 2 star made a couple phone calls and was able to Barbara in on the action. Babs is excited for the upcoming trip and gives us her thoughts on Hollywood’s current big butt craze. She says that “Micki Minaj” has a huge butt and thinks that it can’t possibly be real, which is proof our good ‘ol girl still has all her marbles. She’s not sure if it’s implants or a pillow down Nicki’s pants, but like vegetarianism she just doesn’t get the big butt thing.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.23.37 PM

BABS ON FARRAH ABRAHAM: Babs was shocked and disgusted when Jenelle initially sent her the link to Farrah’s totally and 100% authentic no-at-all-professionallly-filmed-with-an-actual-pornstar leaked sex tape. She was even more surprised when Jenelle’s bodyguard showed her a picture of Farrah having her vagina molded for her line of sex toys. After seeing the photo, Barbara decided to have a little fun and told other employees at Walmart that the mold was actually a cast and that Farrah had recently had reconstructive surgery on her hoo-ha. And the funniest part is that a lot of people believed her since Barbara, herself, is also an MTV star!

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.23.05 PM

BABS ON GLUTENAnother thing Babs doesn’t get? This whole gluten free fad! Barbara is a woman who loves to eat and who eats whatever she pleases. She says that she’s never had issues with her weight before, so she’ll continue to snarf down what she likes. She thinks that eating well and taking care of yourself is smart, but doesn’t think these trendy diets are the answer.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.03.55 PM

BABS ON DATING: Babs has given up the dating game, y’all. She says that she’d be open to dating if she met the right man… and if that man had a boat! Barbara is totally game for being wined and dined on the water, but aside from that, she’s happy all on her own. I’m sure Jace and Gabriel do a good job of keeping her busy! For all of you out there who are still interested in dating, Babs does not recommend kissing on the first date. Make sure he wants it first, ladies! She also thinks that Tindr is a pretty cool way to meet and profile people before talking to them, but swipes left on the idea of using it for herself.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.16.58 PM

BABS ON PLASTIC SURGERY: Along with the big fake butts, Babs doesn’t quite get plastic surgery. As much as she’d love to look 20 again, she thinks it’s silly to get a bunch of plastic surgery on your face when your neck will still show your age. Barbara can also spot a set a fake knockers on Walmart customers easily and she still likes to poke at Jenelle’s implants too. Even though she thinks Jenelle needed the works done after being so flat from having Jace, she wraps the series up by reminding us that it’s really what’s on the inside that counts!

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With Teen Mom 2 seemingly winding down, I wonder what Barbara’s next move will be? I, personally, would love to see a web series featuring she and Jace. Or maybe…

Just a thought ;)
Just a thought. Thanks to Starcasm for this lovely pic ;)

Have you seen Babs Break It Down? Which segment was your favorite? What else would you like to hear Barbara’s opinion on? How great is it to have an article all about Barbara?

Jenelle’s Arrest & Release Update


This past week Jenelle was arrested for the 16th time for throwing a glass at Nathan’s girlfriend’s head. Nathan and Jenelle called off their relationship again about a month ago and Nathan’s new girlfriend, Jessica Henry, has apparently caused a major issue with these two and their ability to get along for the sake of their 1 year old son, Kaiser.


Jenelle spent one night in jail and was released on bond thanks to her old friend, James Duffy. For those who are unfamiliar with Duffy, he was Jenelle’s former “boss” a few years back who she ended up filing stalking charges against – twice. He was in and out of her life during her time with ex-boyfriend/fiancé, Gary Head. It’s also been said that Duffy cared for Kaiser possibly while Jenelle was locked up. There isn’t any proof behind that though, only speculation. Jenelle was ultimately charged with 3rd Degree simple assault. She could face probation again with these charges.

Nathan and Jessica
Nathan and Jessica

After her release from jail Jenelle went back to life as if nothing ever happened. She has posted numerous photos of her and Kaiser and claims that Nathan hasn’t seen him since the arrest. Nathan has been texting Jenelle and she released the messages for everyone to see. It seems these two can’t agree on much of anything.

image image image image image image

These two know how to push each others buttons like no other and it seems that they are a long way from being able to co-parent. Jenelle even tweeted today calling Nathan “mongo” and saying he doesn’t even know how to spell. She gave him a hard time about the fact that he doesn’t work and how as soon as Jessica goes to work he will text Jenelle.

Jenelle moved out of the house she had with Nathan yesterday, but it seems as if she stayed in Myrtle Beach and didn’t return to Wilmington as planned. She posted a photo saying they had made it to the new neighborhood and that makes us think that she stayed near Nathan so their son could still see him.

image image

Jenelle’s former neighbors posted about their thoughts on Jenelle’s presence in their neighborhood and how much damage Jenelle and Nathan have left in their wake. The fighting, the cops, the crazy stalker fans, and all the drama that comes with having reality TV stars as neighbors. James is a local weatherman and was more than thrilled that Teen Mom was leaving the neighborhood.

What do you think of all the continuing drama between Nathan and Jenelle? Are they both in the wrong here? 

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