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Catelynn and Tyler go to get an ultrasound to figure out the sex of their baby.  Spoiler alert – it’s a girl.  They think it’s a boy when they go to the ultrasound, and the producer helps them hide the gender in an envelope.

Catelynn and Tyler talk about the weight gain of their pregnancy.  Catelynn has gained 20 pounds so far in this pregnancy.  She says that she can’t enjoy her pregnancy because she just wants to be able to eat what she wants when she wants it.  April stops by and drops Nick off for a while so she can go shopping.  Butch is currently in jail for 3 years for domestic assault, and the two chose to get divorced because of it.  Butch sent something in the mail for Nick.  Holy cow, Nick is a big kid now and he can read!  It’s really sad that Butch missed Nick’s birthday but he had the quote of the episode with this gem: “You can’t buy nothing like that at no Walmart store!”

Butch’s letter really brought up some emotions in Tyler.  You can tell that Tyler relates to how Nick felt after reading the letter.  Butch says that he never planned to go to prison for 3 years because of a fight with his wife.  Butch says that if he gets out in March, it would make good TV for him to live there.  Butch also says that he could get ahold of Farrah and land a spot in the porn business.

Catelynn and Tyler get a fetal Doppler and listen to the baby’s heartbeat.  Tyler and Catelynn get filmed while posting the news that they’re pregnant.  Tyler had like 100 likes in 10 seconds and then it turned into a little competition with who had the most likes on the picture.  Catelynn ended the episode with 3000 likes.  Tyler and Catelynn discuss baby names.  They agree on Nova Reign and Tyler would like to name a boy Slade.  Catelynn wants to only have Tyler in the room when she delivers the baby.  Tyler goes into detail about what it was like to watch Catelynn deliver the placenta.

Catelynn and Tyler have their gender reveal party.  Tyler is so set on a boy.  Tyler’s mom is so upset that he might name a boy Slade because he’s the world’s best assassin.  The time comes for the big reveal, and when the couple pulls the strings on the pinata, it’s a girl!  Tyler is peeved for sure, but he does his best to be happy about things towards the end of that scene.


Amber and Gary prepare for Leah’s first day of Kindergarten.  Are these kids seriously old enough to go to school? Gary calls Amber and asks if she’s willing to go with them to get her school supplies.  Gary’s girlfriend mentions that her daughter goes to the same school that Leah will be attending.  Did anyone catch those ugly ass glasses that Gary had on during the scene when he was tickling Amber?  The scenes where Amber and Gary are together are always a little awkward to me.

Gary’s flirting has Amber super confused.  Amber’s cousin comes over and they talk about things.  Gary goes out to eat with his brother and they talk about things.  Apparently Leah says that she wants her parents to be back together and Kristina can just be their neighbor.  Gary keeps considering “what ifs” and his brother says to simply pull out old episodes and watch Amber slap him across the face.  The tickling is getting brought up so much.  Tickling obviously leads to sex if you live in Indiana.

Kristina’s ex-husband doesn’t want their kid on MTV, so she goes to her aunt’s house to avoid having her kid filmed.  Amber heads over to Gary’s house to help Leah get ready for school.  Amber gives Leah some cute pink cowgirl boots, and they’re headed out the door for school.  Leah looks very excited for school.  It just so happens that Kristina is at the school too when they drop Leah off so Amber doesn’t go inside.  She’s basically attempting to avoid confrontation, which I think is a good thing.  Gary says that Leah did well at the drop off.  Awkward silence between Gary and Amber ensues in the car for the remainder of the car ride.  Amber refuses to be filmed on her drive back to her house, and doesn’t tell the producers what’s going on.

Amber finally allows the cameras back into the house.  Amber was thinking that once she got out of prison that Gary would be there to have a family.  She’s finally realizing that Gary has made a family with Kristina and that Kristina probably pays too big of a role in Leah’s life at this point in time.  Amber is calm and collected at this point, and it’s pretty impressive.

Amber calls Gary while he’s having family dinner.  Leah basically says that she doesn’t want to talk to her mom.  Robert says that Leah was really mean to her mom and tries to talk some sense into her.  That’s more than Gary did, so props to that guy.  Gary cooks some food.  His fingers are the size of bratwursts and it’s honestly disgusting.  Not even fat shaming here – but his fingers are so fat.  Amber says that the only thing she’s really worried about is that she doesn’t have a family home and that all she has is herself.  Leah has more people to hang out with when she’s with Gary.  Amber wishes she could provide that for her, but that at this point, she just doesn’t have that yet.  Amber makes a really mature comment about not wanting to rip Leah out of her home by filing for full custody.


Maci is trying to figure out if Ryan is going to be at Bentley’s first day of Kindergarten or not.  Since he works out of town during the week, Maci has a hard time getting ahold of him.  Ryan’s dad talks about how the only time that they really talk is when the camera crew is around.  Ryan seems pretty tense.  Maci talks about Kindergarten and says that she had a lot of boyfriends when she was that age.  Maci talks to Ryan’s mom and she breaks the news that Ryan won’t be there for Bentley’s first day of school.  Maci feels like Ryan just doesn’t care about Bentley.  Taylor suggests that Maci should seek therapy in order to sort out her emotions.

Ryan and his parents go out to breakfast with Bentley.  Ryan tells Bentley that he probably won’t like school.  Ryan says he hasn’t seen Maci in a while or even really talked to her.  Bentley says that his mom’s house is his real home, and Ryan kind of just agrees.  Ryan walks away from Bentley for a whole week and barely even gives his son a hug.  Larry is mad about Ryan’s actions, and Mimi Jen tells him to stop.  Nothing good comes from shit talking your son on national television, but don’t worry Larry – we’re all thinking it too!

Jen drops Bentley off with his mom, and wishes him good luck on his first day of school.  Bentley calls Tyler “T-Money” and it makes me smile.  Maci confirms that MTV isn’t allowed to film at the school, which is a relief to Maci and Jen.  I’m glad that regardless of the situation with Ryan, that Maci still has support from his parents.

Maci wakes Bentley up to go to Kindergarten.  They’ve got some strange military music playing in the background.  MTV gets his microphone on, and they’re off to school.  MTV follows him to the entrance of the school.  Bentley says that he can learn to read in Kindergarten.  The kids might be my favorite part of the whole season so far.  Maci is visibly shaken up when she gets back to the car, and cries while she’s driving away.  It’s honestly pretty emotional.

Maci goes to see a therapist to talk about what’s going on in her life.  Maci tells Dr. Stoney that there are a lot of things going on in her life.  Her main concern is that Ryan is so absent from their son’s life.  Maci is struggling with finding a balance of what to tell Bentley about his dad.  Maci says that she just wants to be able to call Ryan about things dealing with Bentley.  The therapist talks about how Maci is still struggling with giving up the dream that she had about a family.

adam lind

Seriously – never thought I would write that title.

Adam Lind, the father to Aubree and Paislee, has decided that two kids is enough for him and has decided to get a vasectomy.  Radar Online exclusively revealed that the Teen Mom 2 star had the outpatient procedure done last week, and that he’s simply avoiding any possible future drama.

Adam is only 23 years old, and has proven to struggle with making responsible choices.  He’s been arrested countless times for things pertaining to reckless driving, and has had numerous court appearances over the past few years.  Adam has also had rumors thrown around about steroid usage and domestic violence.  As far as we know, he doesn’t have custody of either of his daughters, but does have supervised visitations with them as long as his parents are around.  One stipulation with the visitation is that he is not allowed to operate a motorized vehicle with his children.

I can’t say that Adam’s choice is a bad one, but I do hope that he thought through the decision before just jumping in line to get a vasectomy.  He’s still pretty young, and if he ever settles down with someone that he intends to marry, the decision might come back to bite him in the butt.

Adam was rumored to have impregnated a third girl in September, but those claims haven’t resulted in any more allegations.  As far as we know, that Wendy girl hasn’t birthed Adam’s third child, but I guess time might prove us wrong.

What are your thoughts on Adam’s potential vasectomy?  Is it a good idea, or a bad idea?  Sound off in the comments below!


“I can’t wait to get my $20k bonus for this pregnancy!”

It’s been long debated as to whether or not the Teen Mom ladies receive funding for their second and third children as a bonus through MTV.  We’ve been able to see so many of these ladies have second pregnancies while filming that it’s been a pretty interesting topic for people to speculate about.  Of the 4 original Teen Mom ladies, 2 of them have conceived second children, and of the 4 Teen Mom 2 ladies, 3 have had second children.

A new report from All About the Tea has sparked more comments regarding the possible baby bonus for these shows that are supposed to help eliminate unplanned pregnancies.  The report states that MTV pays each girl around $20,000 for a little pink plus sign on a pregnancy test.  The girls contact MTV for their bonus and are awarded in exchange for exclusive stories on the pregnancy.  MTV has filmed each pregnancy that has happened since the franchise started, and they’ve even filmed a couple of abortions along the way as well.

There’s a lot of speculation as to whether or not the buyout is legitimate.  Some believe that MTV pays the girls in gift cards or goods as opposed to cash, since any extra money wouldn’t be a part of their negotiated MTV contract as a free agent.  Sadly, there is always the chance that these girls are handed cash under the table to cover the cost of the baby bonus.

Reports state that Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Jenelle Evans have cashed in on the baby bonus for allowing MTV to film and publicize their second/third pregnancies.  There’s no word on whether or not the bonuses continue after this amount.  One thing’s for sure – the pregnancies make for good television and add in a lot of drama that would otherwise not be in the storylines of each girl.

The girls from 16 & Pregnant do not receive any compensation for multiple pregnancies, and often times these pregnancies are frowned upon.  Multiple pregnancies before reunion shows are filmed can get you kicked out of the potential Teen Mom pool, or your episode might not be aired at all if your actions after filming show that you aren’t considered a good candidate for the teen pregnancy prevention motto that MTV tries to portray.

1. Jenelle Loses Weight


Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans welcomed her son Kaiser nearly a year ago, and it seems like she had some body image issues after he was born.  Instead of complaining about it, Jenelle took things into her own hands and dealt with tie issue by choosing to lose weight.  She is currently down to 108 pounds, and shared that she’s working out a lot but also takes Biotin and Niacin supplements to help the process.  She seems to have been motivated to lose the weight because bikini season is just around the corner.  We all know just how much Jenelle loves to go to the beach.

2. Ali and Aleeah Participate in Crazy Hair Day

ali aleeah

We haven’t really shared much about Leah lately, and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.  Leah’s had a rough year after all of the cheating and drug rumors got around.  She’s made the choice to stay relatively quiet on social media, but does take time to share pictures of her daughters every now and then.  The picture above shows Ali and Aleeah all ready for “Crazy Hair Day” at their school.  Holy cow, Ali’s hair is huge, and I love it!

3. Farrah Retweets Inappropriate Things


Farrah is such a self-righteous train wreck that these things don’t even surprise me any more.  She took to Twitter last Monday after the return of Teen Mom OG to retweet a bunch of posts that people made about how boring the show was without her.  Apparently one of the tweets had to do with the fact that Catelynn and Tyler shouldn’t even be on the show, and that the only reason they made the cut was because of how crazy Butch and April were.  Catelynn and Tyler caught wind of the message and basically shared that they had no beef with Farrah, and that expression those things through retweets was pretty shallow.  I wish Catelynn and Tyler would retweet all of the nasty things that people say about Farrah tomorrow night.

4. Amber Wants Married on MTV


It seems like someone ran to In Touch after Amber announced her engagement, and shared the news that the Teen Mom OG star and fiancé, Matt Baier, would like to get married during an episode of the hit show.  While there are currently no plans for another season, if it were to happen, you know that MTV wouldn’t miss watching one of their reality stars tie the knot.  As far as we know, there’s not even a set wedding date yet.  Amber’s fiancé will be featured on Teen Mom OG.  He is 43 years old, and reportedly a professional poker player.  I’m going to withhold judgment on this guy until I see him on my television screen.


As a reminder, Teen Mom OG is on tomorrow night at 10/9 Central time.  I will be doing the format for the recap in the same way that I did last week, because there was a lot of positive feedback for that.  Thank you all for reading, and enjoy your Sunday afternoon!


That title is a little misleading.  Honestly, it’s harder to name these posts than you might think.  I started my job on Tuesday, and I’ve been so busy.  I’ve missed writing and will fill in more gaps from the week tomorrow morning!

This time around, Teen Mom 3 ex, Shoc, was arrested.  This guy dated Briana Dejesus for quite a while, and the two were so serious that they decided it was a good idea to get tattoos of each others names.  Sadly, once a break up happened in the midst of some cheating scandals, he decided to take to Instagram to post some revenge porn.  Thanks to our friend Hunter Moore, revenge porn is becoming illegal throughout the United States, and it seems like Shoc just hadn’t caught on yet.

The video that Shoc posted contained no nudity on the part of Briana, although it did show her performing oral sex.  Since any form of sex was involved, it got put into the “revenge porn” category, and it’s definitely a despicable kind of crime.  While we might not all be Briana fans, we can probably all agree that we would never want someone to post pictures or videos of us doing those kinds of things online.  The embarrassment only grows when both Shoc and Briana have such a large fan base due to her time on MTV.

While we’re not entirely sure when we will know about Shoc’s actual consequences for posting the videos, we do know that part of his bail is that he isn’t allowed to contact Briana or use social media.  Briana has taken a final step in eliminating Shoc from her life by covering up the tattoo of his name with a skull on her side.

What are your thoughts on this?  I just had a talk with students today about the dangers of social media and how quickly things like this can spread.  I understand that Shoc might go to jail for this, but it doesn’t fix the fact that he allowed the videos to be seen by thousands of people in just one click.  The same happens for anyone that decides to send compromising pictures of themselves.  In the world that we live in, it’s important to think of all of the possible consequences for sending pictures like that.  I don’t think I can stress that enough.

adam mugshot

Teen Mom 2 star, Adam Lind, has been arrested countless times.  The fact that he gets arrested doesn’t even shock anyone any more, but we still post about it simply so we can smack talk him.  Honestly, everyone needs a bit of comic relief, and Adam’s criminal record is definitely something that could induce laughter.

Adam’s been jail free for a little over 3 months now, but it turns out that he couldn’t handle life without an arrest, and was booked into jail yesterday due to an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court.  He was conveniently arrested after actually attending a court date with Chelsea Houska regarding custody of their daughter, Aubree, according to Starcasm.

Adam paid his way out with around $850 cash, and was on his merry way later that day.

We can all agree that Adam is definitely not father of the year material, and the worst part of this whole thing is that he has chosen to reproduce at least twice (maybe three times).  His children are ultimately the ones that pay the price for his decisions, and that’s just sad.

There’s no real word yet on whether or not MTV’s camera crews were there to capture any of this, but we know that the Teen Mom 2 cast is currently filming for a 6th season.  MTV doesn’t pass up opportunities to focus in on Chelsea’s legal drama with Adam, so it seems unlikely that they would miss this court date.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by Adam’s latest arrest, but I keep finding myself wondering what it’s going to take for this idiot to get his crap together and stop putting himself in these ridiculous situations.