Teen Mom Thanksgiving Roundup

So for all the AmeriCANS out there, I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you had an excellent time and here is a recap of what our favorite Teen Moms got up to.



Our girl Farrah had a very special meet & greet even with herself, her mother Debra, and her daughter Sophia. This event was to promote Farrah in herself, and Debra’s recent novel titled “Vapor”.



Catelynn & Tyler haven’t had much to share since their recent Hawaiian honeymoon. However they did share these photos of their daughter Novalee enjoying her first pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving weekend!



While Maci did not share any photos directly from herself, a friend did share this photo of her, Bentley, and Taylor this past weekend.


She’s pretty quiet on social media and hasn’t shared any Thanksgiving info or photos about the holiday event.


Jenelle managed to spend some time with BOTH of her sons. Here is a photo of both Kaiser and Jace helping to pick out a Christmas tree.



Looks like Kail got to spend some time with her friend Mark who we met on TM2 many years ago before he moved away. She shared this photo on her Instagram this past weekend with the following caption:

“Reunited and it feels so good 😭❤️ One of my favorite people on this entire planet. Love you so much Mark! Nobody gets me like this guy does & without judgement. SINCE 7th GRADE 😭”



According to Chelsea, her and her new fiance Cole are off to celebrate their engagement! But before that, it appears that they did also celebrate Thanksiving with Aubree. Photos below.




Same story as Amber. No photos or details to share! Hope it was good!

Kailyn’s Misdiagnosis & Adam is Adamant


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 7.53.17 PM

Kailyn appeared on The Doctors today and revealed some shocking information about her mental health. Most Teen Mom 2 fans are aware that Kailyn was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2010 when her oldest son, Isaac, was a baby. On today’s episode, Kailyn revealed that this diagnosis may not have been correct.

“They started me on mood stabilizers and I didn’t really notice a difference,” Kail revealed on the show, “From that point on my life got hectic and so I sort of stopped going to therapy and stopped refilling my prescription. Over time, I started questioning my diagnosis.”

By appearing on the show, Kail got a chance to meet with a Los Angeles-based psychiatrist to get a second opinion. Kail found out that her instincts were right and she was not, in fact, suffering from bipolar disorder. The doctor told Kail and the panel of doctors, “She didn’t actually meet the technical criteria. She met bipolar unspecified.”

There’s no definitive word on what options Kail is currently pursuing to manage her condition.

tumblr_nxkpj7LWiE1u4tylso2_1280This bit of good PR should be good for Kailyn, who has been making waves on social media lately. The mom of two has sent of a slew of controversial tweets regarding her political beliefs. This tweet that she liked caused quite a stir. I’m sure fans will remember early on in the Teen Mom franchise where Kail depended on a non-profit organization for extra help as a struggling young mother. Some fans think that Kail should remember where she can from.

In other news, Adam and Randy still don’t get along. After Chelsea announced her engagement publicly last week, Randy sent out a tweet that said, “Prince Charming > toad Ready to add another #soninlaw. Lesson to you all: #DoNotSettleForLessThanYouDeserve. Congrats @ChelseaHouska & Cole” He then corrected a fan who implied that MTV paid for Chelsea’s engagement ring. Apparently, the cost of the rock was 100% on Cole!

Naturally, one of Adam’s fans ran straight to his Instagram to report that Adam had called him a toad. Adam responded with a jab at Randy’s weight and a little name calling. Chelsea fans piped up and Adam let loose.

tumblr_ny6528MbHB1ulf6ugo1_400 tumblr_ny6528MbHB1ulf6ugo2_400

Adam also gave us and answer to the question everyone had towards the end of Season 6 of Teen Mom 2. According to Adam, Aubree never wanted to call Cole “dad” and was simply confused about the situation. In a Q&A session Chelsea did on Monday, she unwittingly confirmed Adam’s version of things, with a bit of a twist. Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.23.20 PM

Meanwhile, Chelsea has been pretty drama free. From all appearances Chelsea is continuing with business as usual and beginning to plan her wedding.



Jenelle in Wonderland & Leah in La La Land


I’m sure no one will be shocked to hear that Jenelle is on another vacation, so let’s start with that, shall we? Jenelle is enjoying a little time in Ntumblr_ny66oppvRM1ultcrgo1_500ew York City to de-stress from a long week of having to actually care for her child after returning from St. Thomas. Jenelle is the only member of the Teen Mom 2 cast that is currently in New York, so this trip is not linked to MTV or Teen Mom promotional business. That hasn’t stopped Jenelle from doing promotions and participating in photo shoots. In her company, Jenelle has brought along her youngest son, Kaiser, and her newest beau, David Eason. Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace, remains in the custody of her mother, Barbara, and neither Jace nor Barbara seem to be on this trip with Jenelle. As always, controversy has followed Jenelle on this trip. While at a club over the weekend she posted this photo to her Instagram before quickly deleting it. Fans who caught it while it was still up said that you can see a line of white powder and what seems to be a straw near where Jenelle’s hand is in the picture. This is all speculative, but this blogger thinks it looks an awful lot like blow… But in all fairness, there’s no proof one way or another that Jen was pickig $5 boogers out her nose that night.

Speaking of Jenelle’s Instagram, it was recently hacked! Jenelle has been sending out very distressed tweets about this and has yet to regain control of her account that she had over 1.7M followers on. Her Instagram handle was changed and someone else has already snatched up the j_evans8209 account handle that Jenelle had.

And finally, Jenelle talked to Radar Online while she was in NYC to discuss Teen Mom topics. During the short interview she spoke about her relationship with her mother, Barbara, and the custody situation with Jace. Jenelle apparently no longer wants to film with her mom, because she claims that Barbara always wants to fight with her on camera.

“That’s still going on right now, [but] I wanted to move away first, get settled down and stuff before I pursue that any further. That’s kind of on hold right now too because he is also in school there,” Jenelle said before going on, “I’m trying to let my mom ease into it instead of grabbing him right from under her, and to try and like wean him off of her.”

Quite the change of a tune for Jenelle since the last season of Teen Mom 2, right? Speaking of change, look at Jenelle’s latest look in these recent photos:

Generated by IJG JPEG Library
This is just begging for some creative photoshop…

tumblr_ny97euh3Kj1rpbc01o2_1280tumblr_ny97kwnb5h1rpbc01o1_1280Generated by IJG JPEG LibraryLet’s end this on a high note! Kaiser, who is nearly 18 months old, got his first big boy haircut over the weekend and is looking more like his daddy than ever! The blonde bangs we’ve gotten used to seeing on Kai have been traded in for a trendy new cut, which is absolutely adorable! Check out Kaiser’s new do: tumblr_ny784qyRDJ1rpbc01o2_540

Were you wondering what Leah’s latest tall tale is? She didn’t disappoint! In an exclusive with Radar Online, a family member dished.

“Leah knows that Corey and Miranda are close with the girls’ teachers, and thinks they used those friendships to their advantage,” the source told Radar. “She believes the teachers actually faked records.”

When she spoke with Us Weekly last month, she told the magazine that Ali had often been marked tardy when Aleeah hadn’t, even though she obviously brought them to school together. There are even rumors around town that Simms, 26, once dated one of the teachers in the West Virginia elementary school.

In another exclusive with Radar, another source told the online magazine, “Leah had all kinds of proof to shut them down. They admitted the records were inaccurate. She has a good chance of bringing this to the court,” the source insisted. “She really could get her daughters back.”

Jenelle chimed in and offered her opinion about Leah’s situation, as well! She spoke to Radar Online and is quoted as saying, “I would just say stay strong and level-headed. Just stay on the right path. I think she should [discuss her addiction battle]. But at the same time, no one can force you to do anything. You have to be ready for it.

She continued on, “You can’t force people to go to rehab. If you do force them, they’ll do it like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it to make you happy’ and then they’ll get out and probably do drugs again. They have to be ready themselves.”

Jenelle closed with saying, “There is always time to change.”

Again, ending on a high note. Look at how precious the girlses were for Christmas photos!


And baby Remi is home in time for the holidays! She’s pictured here with Corey’s stepsister. One can only imagine how happy Corey and Miranda must be about this!tumblr_nyclmmMyqx1rpbc01o1_500

A Teen Mom 2 Engagement

The stories of engagements come around almost as frequently as the stories of second (third and fourth) pregnancies in the Teen Mom world. This time around, the engagement is something that fans have wanted to see for a while.

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska said “yes” to marrying boyfriend Cole DeBoer recently. Today she took to Instagram to share a picture of her engagement ring, and it’s gorgeous!


Chelsea and Cole have been together for a couple of years now. We met him on the last season of Teen Mom 2, where it was obvious that he was a hit with Chelsea’s daughter, Aubree. Cole and Chelsea have lived together, adopted a pig, and are now taking the next step in their relationship.

For now, there’s no news on how Cole popped the question, but our sources confirm that MTV’s camera crews were there to capture the moment.

There’s also no clues on a possible wedding date, but we’ll update you all as soon as we know more.

Congrats to Chelsea, Cole, and Aubree on the engagement.

16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Farrah Abraham

Hello again, my friends! It’s been about two weeks since I last gave you guys a throwback 16 & Pregnant recap. Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer! This week, I’m taking a look back at Farrah Abraham and her experience as a pregnant teen. Check it out: 

Farrah is a teenager living in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Even though she’s from a quiet state in the Midwest, Farrah has big Hollywood dreams that she’s intent on making come true! She’s very busy with work, cheerleading and her senior year of high school, but fairs well with her best friends, Zabrina and Tyler, by her side. When MTV began filming, Farrah is still a tiny size 2; but that won’t last for very long, because Farrah is 16 weeks pregnant!

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.51.54 AM

The episode begins with Farrah and her original face revealing that her child’s father (who is never mentioned by name, but we all know now is the late Derek Underwood) does not know that she is pregnant. Farrah says she broke up with him because of his jealous and immature behavior. Despite their breakup, Derek continues to call Farrah and doesn’t want her hanging around any guys, especially whoever Roberto is. Farrah’s parents do not want Farrah to have any involvement with Derek and insist that Farrah avoid Derek at school events and even suggest she block his number.

After a school pep rally, Farrah has five missed calls on her phone. When she initially found out she was pregnant, Farrah told a few friends and the word is spreading like wildfire. I’m almost sure that the frickin’ MTV camera crew was a huge clue for most people… Either way, the news has found its way to Derek and he is not happy. Farrah says she and her mother have decided not to tell Derek about the pregnancy, but Zabrina tells her that everyone at every school seems to know. Farrah tells Zabrina that if anyone is poking around and looking for information, she should just direct them to Farrah instead of gossiping. This proves to be pretty useless, as when Farrah sits down a group of close friends to tell them her news, they all seem to know already. One girl even snitches and tells Farrah that Zabrina is the one who spilled the beans. Back at home, Farrah’s mom, Debra, reminds Farrah that even if kids at school are gossiping, she needs to continue to hold her head up high. Her father, Michael, reminds her that a child is an extraordinary amount of work and that’s what she should focus on. Debra reminds Farrah that sometimes adoption is the most loving decision a mother can make. Farrah doesn’t seem to be having any of it and insists that a baby wouldn’t be impossible for her to handle. Even still, she is overwhelmed with having to make such big decisions.

Farrah decides to sit down and talk the situation over with her cousin, Isla. Farrah mentions to her cousin that her mom was pushing her towards adoption, but she doesn’t think that’s the option for her. When Isla inquires about Derek, Farrah says that she had hope he’d mature and change the longer they dated, but things between them just got worse. Because of this, she doesn’t want Derek to be a part of her life or their unborn child’s. With her decision made, Farrah sits down to dinner with her mother to tell her mom that she’ll be keeping the baby and Debra is supportive. But at school, things are getting more difficult for Farrah. People are beginning to talk more and more and her cheerleader friends have been acting differently. Farrah goes with Tyler while he tans and insists that she doesn’t care about Zabrina’s betrayal or what other people are saying, but she has the pain of an excluded 16 year old all over her face. I actually feel kind of bad for Farrah right now.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.51.17 AM

Cousin Isla deserved her own photo
Cousin Isla deserved her own photo

With Farrah pregnancy progressing and drama at school building, Farrah decides to leave Thomas Jefferson High School and enroll in classes at the local community college to finish up her secondary schooling. Pregnancy has been somewhat isolating for Farrah, so she’s thankful to have her friend, Briana, who is also a young mother there to support her. The two young women go to the mall together and talk about baby stuff. Briana tells Farrah about the realities of dating as a single mom and reveals that even if guys want to date her, not all of them will be ready for a child. Afterwards, Farrah goes to an ultrasound appointment and hears the baby’s heartbeat. She has questions about breastfeeding and what it does to one’s breasts. Her doctor tells her that nothing happens to them at all.

Now, I’ve never had a baby, but I’m pretty sure that Farrah’s OBGYN straight up lied to Farrah and all of America when she told her nothing happens to your breasts after breastfeeding. I just feel like another human using a part of your body as a Camelbak would change said body part just a bit. I know they don’t like fall off or anything, but what the doctor said was a direct contradiction of everything I have ever heard from a woman who nursed her children. This is going to bother me now, so please comment down below and tell me who’s right here. And none of that, “well certain people’s breasts stay perky and suckable and amazing” stuff either. What happens to normal people with normal luck and normal boobs?

Farrah, Debra and Michael go out to dinner and toast to Farrah starting college. Farrah tells her parents that she has a date around 9:30 or 10:00, but the guy hasn’t texted her back yet. By 9:45 there is still no word from this Roberto character she’s supposed to be stepping out with. Deb doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Farrah to be dating, but Farrah says she misses going out. Debra thinks that dating shouldn’t be a priority until after the baby is born and Farrah finishes college. In  the end, it doesn’t matter much because Roberto blew Farrah off. This is the first instance of the reality of motherhood really hitting her.

Farrah & Co. go to hospital where she’ll be delivering. Farrah’s sister, Ashley, and Debra are both reluctant to be in the room when Farrah gives birth, but Farrah seems to want them there for support. Farrah has a lot of questions about labor and delivery, but Ashley and her mom discourage her from asking any more “grotesque” questions. I had forgotten how sympathetic Farrah initially was, even despite her general obnoxiousness.

Next, Farrah has her baby shower. Getting so many baby items makes it all very real for Farrah and she realizes that in a very short time, she’ll be a mom. Soon thereafter Farrah’s water breaks. Debra confirms the smell of amniotic fluid in the room and they head to the hospital. Michael is still out of town for work and Farrah’s sister is very ill, so Farrah and Debra are at the hospital alone. Debra speaks to Michael on the phone briefly and he says he’ll head back to Iowa as soon as he can. Farrah and Debra are both getting emotional and when the labor gets more intense; Farrah has trouble holding it together. A doctor comes in to administer an epidural and it helps to calm the young mother. Farrah’s OBGYN comes in to explain the delivery process, which means it’s almost time for Farrah to start pushing! Debra is feeling very squeamish, but is trying to stay strong to take pictures of the delivery. After eight hours of labor and a lot of pushing, baby Sophia makes her television debut! Debra evens manages to cut the cord! Farrah’s never held a baby before, but Sophia seems to be content in her mother’s arms and doesn’t even cry while Farrah cradles her. Farrah says this is because, “She knows I love her!” and gives the baby kisses.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.34.00 PM

Farrah’s grandparents and a lot of friends come to see the baby. While she’s in the hospital, Farrah begins to realize how much work a baby is. We even see Sophia meet her first love, the pacifier! Michael finally makes it into town and gets to meet his granddaughter and they are finally ready to take baby home.

After a few days at home, Farrah is beginning to get frustrated with her new life. Between a lack of sleep and her mother’s micromanaging (like arguing about whether or not to put those mitten thingys on the newborn), she’s having a tough time adjusting. When Farrah asks for more help with the baby at night, Debra isn’t receptive and says she needs her sleep. Farrah is disappointed at the lack of support she has. On top of that, Farrah’s lack of wheels has her going stir crazy. Her friends come over and she tells them that she has hope that when Sophia’s out of the newborn phase things will normalize.

These are the "baby handcuffs" Deb was so concerned about
These are the “baby handcuffs” Deb was so concerned about

When her friends start getting ready to go out, she has to tell them that she’s staying in to take care of the baby. Even when they insist that Debra can look after Sophia, Farrah still declines. She does however ask her mom about the possibility of looking at cars. Debra wants to wait until Farrah is back and work and turns 18, so that the insurance rates will be more reasonable. Farrah is upset and we’re seeing the beginning of this relationship fall apart. Farrah and her sister get together to talk about the situation, because her sister knows best how difficult their parents can be. Farrah thinks that she needs some space, so she and Ashley go to the gym to blow off some steam. Farrah’s disappointed to learn that the gym doesn’t have a daycare facility of any kind and realizes that having a baby changes absolutely everything.

After a while, Farrah’s mom opens up to the idea of looking at cars. Farrah’s grandfather will be helping with the cost of the car and wants her to go to the local Ford dealership. Farrah wants to get a Ford Focus, but Debra says she hates Focuses and wants to look at foreign cars. The stress has clearly gotten to the both of them and they argue about each other’s stubbornness. Debra delivers the most memorable quote from Farrah’s episode when she tells her daughter, “I have had enough of your belligerent, antichrist attitude!” When Farrah continues to argue back, Debra delivers a swift smack in the face. (God, this reminds me too much of arguments I’ve had with my own mother.) Farrah calls her grandparents to have them pick her up and ten minutes later, her grandfather comes to get her and they go out for lunch with her grandmother and Sophia. Afterwards, they go over to the Ford dealership and look at cars.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.02.29 PM

Farrah delivers her closing monologue. Farrah thinks that her mother just has trouble letting go, because she’s still so young herself. She knows her family isn’t perfect, but they love each other, which is what counts. She knows that one day, she’ll need to find the right male figure in her life. She thinks that being a young mother has made her a better person and she wants to guide Sophia to make the right decision even when she’s not around. We’ll see what happens…


Yep, It’s Another Leah and Corey Story

Thank you Radar Online for always having the perfect pictures!
Thank you Radar Online for always having the perfect pictures!

Okay guys, I know you can’t get enough of this stuff, so here we go again! There’s even more drama this week revolving around our favorite West Virginians, and I think we should kick it off with some more court room controversy. According to The Ashley, Corey is taking Leah back to court! But this time, it’s not over a custody matter. Corey is allegedly suing his ex-wife over the funds that she supposedly stole took from their daughter, Aliannah’s, trust fund. It was reported last year that Leah had moved the entire sum of money (over $50K) from young Ali’s trust. Now, it is being alleged that an additional $10,000 has gone missing from Ali’s twin sister, Aleeah’s, trust as well.

Leah and Corey both just make the little girls!

A source revealed, “Corey is taking Leah to court. He is furious that she took that money. That was the girls’ money — not Leah’s. Corey’s going to do whatever he can to make sure it’s put back.” Sources close to Leah have said that Leah simply moved the money from the trusts into CDs (simply put, these are similar to bank accounts, but are insured to minimize risk) and has not spent the money. Leah is quoted as saying, “[As for] the article of me taking money from my children…The funny thing about it is… The money that was given to my kids is not in the account they’re saying it was “stolen” from… Have you ever heard of CDs at a bank?”

The twins nor their younger sister, Addalynn, are child actors so their parents are not subject to Coogan laws. Remember when Gary Coleman’s parents stole all his Different Strokes money? Coogan laws are meant to prevent that, as they require parents/guardians to put away at least 15% of the earnings for their child’s future. Reality shows technically do not include actors, so this law does not apply. Additionally, these laws do not exist in all 50 states. And you guessed it, West Virginia is one of the ones that does not have them. (Because really, how many things are filmed in Appalachia? No shade, I loved White Lightnin’! Just saying.) The Ashley also alleges that each child who appears on the show is paid separately from their parents. So just as Leah and Corey are paid separately for their appearances, Leah’s children would get separate checks as well. So it really would be money that belongs to the children!

InTouch Magazine claims that a court date has already been set regarding this matter. At this time, there is no concrete proof that Leah did or did not take money from either twins accounts. Most adults are aware how tricky matters of money and banking can be, so it would be easy for a simple misunderstanding to be blown out of proportion. But it is worth mentioning that if Leah was the trustee of these account and wanted to move, withdraw and/or spend the money in these trusts, she certainly could. As long as she is acting in “the best interest of the child,” it would be up to her discretion. It would be easier to assuage one’s suspicions about this matter had Jeremy Calvert had not cited Leah’s reckless spending as one of the reasons he filed for divorce last winter. Corey and Leah have yet to comment publicly on the matter.

The Ashley has since rescinded this story and has a source that simply says, “Corey has not taken any action at all against Leah. He has no idea where this story came from and does not have a court date set up to discuss the issue. Currently, Corey doesn’t know where that money is. He has not been able to locate it yet.”

What do y’all think happened to the money? Is it more believable that it was moved, stolen or snorted?

Okay, now let’s get really petty! This week, Miranda and Corey welcomed a new addition to the Simms family. Their daughter Remington “Remi” Monroe Simms, was born two months premature this past Sunday. While all news points to Remi doing well, there is no shortage of controversy surrounding the brand new baby girl. The Inquisitr is reporting that there may be trouble in paradise stemming from the name of the couple’s newborn daughter.

Little Miss Remi

Apparently, Corey has an ex, Amber Scaggs O’Brien, 25, who also has a young daughter named Remington. Amber’s daughter is 3-years old and a source reports that, “Though they never spoke, Corey was Facebook friends with Amber, and would have seen all the photos of Remi and posts with her name.” Amber was not initially aware that Corey and Miranda had named their daughter Remi as well, but Leah made sure to fix that. The source goes on to say, “Leah told her to take a look at the stories. Amber was shocked! She knew it was too strange to be a coincidence. Now Miranda is asking questions, and she’s not happy!” When confronted by Scaggs over Facebook about the matter, Corey simply chose to unfriend her.

“Corey is done with the show,” a source told Life & Style in July. “He’s told MTV he will not return for another season. He doesn’t think the money is worth the aggravation anymore. Jeremy also wants out of [Teen Mom 2], but he hasn’t made any formal moves yet.”

What do you guys think? Can you steal a baby name three years after the fact? 

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