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Well, last night, MTV aired the Teen Mom 2 “Unseen Moments” footage, where Dr. Drew sat down with the girls of Teen Mom 2 and watched some clips that didn’t make the cut for the season.  These included things such as Jenelle getting mad at Nathan for not picking up a soda for her before leaving on an 8 hour car ride, and some cute kid moments.  Towards the end of the episode, Dr. Drew asked the moms if there was anything else that they wanted to share that happened during their lives that they might have hid from producers.

Leah laughed a little, and looked to the audience where Jeremy was sitting, and then proceeded to tell everyone that a week before Corey married Miranda, he was texting Leah and saying how he missed their family and some exclusive details about his and Miranda’s relationship, and none of it was caught on film.  Leah added that, “Corey always looks like the good guy.  When him and Miranda got together the first time he was out cheating on her. It wasn’t just me.”

Dr. Drew made sure to ask if Miranda knew about these incidents, and Leah said that, “Yeah, she knows that. He told me she knows that. But she doesn’t know that I know that.”  Chelsea Houska added in a priceless comment with, “She knows now!”

While nobody has directly responded to this incident, Corey and Miranda have shared some suspicious subtweets that some people are believing to relate to this whole situation.

Corey shared the following:

corey1And Miranda shared these:

miranda1 miranda2

Honestly, I think this was uncalled for on Leah’s part, and there’s no point in airing someone’s dirty laundry on national television if it can be avoided.


Leah sits down with Dr. Drew and talks about how hard it is to raise Ali.  They discuss Ali’s condition, and how it’s progressive, and Leah breaks down completely.  Leah is constantly asking herself why Ali was the one who had to get this medical condition, because she’s the sweetest little girl, and it’s obviously very hard for Leah to figure out how to phrase things to Ali about the medical issues, and she just tries to stay strong because she’s trying to give Ali the best future she can.

Later, Corey comes out on stage and the two talk about how Corey is in denial about Ali’s medical condition.  Corey says that he feels like he needs to stay strong because if he isn’t strong, Ali might notice.  He also says that he’s holding out faith that one day, the disease will just cure itself and things will be back to normal.

After another break, Jeremy comes out on stage, and he and Leah talk about how he’s got a job closer to home, and that he’s finally able to give Leah the attention that she needs, and he’s being a better family man.  Dr. Drew asks if they’re going to have more kids, and Jeremy says he wants more, but it doesn’t appear that it’ll happen any time soon.


Kailyn sits down with Dr. Drew and talks about how much Isaac loves being a big brother.  He’s always asking to help burp and feed baby Lincoln, who is only 11 weeks old when this reunion is filmed.  They talk about her wedding, and how nice it was that Isaac gave her away at her wedding, and the happy moments of her season, but even through the good things, Kailyn gets emotional talking about some of the other things.  She’s upset about Jo’s comment about her water breaking.

She talks with Dr. Drew about marriage and how it’s not what she expected it to be at all.  She says that she and Javi still have knock down drag out fights, and that less than a day before this reunion was filmed, she was physically abusive and smacked him in the face during an argument.  When Javi comes out on stage, he says that the fights start because he feels like he doesn’t have any control when Isaac is involved.  He’s obviously got some bad blood with Jo, and it shows.  Dr. Drew suggest that Javi take his issues to Jo instead of Kailyn, but Javi doesn’t think that would be a good idea.  Later, Jo joins the couple on stage, and things get even more heated.  Javi explains that he doesn’t like Jo because of the comment about Kailyn’s water breaking, and Jo apologizes, but Javi doesn’t seem to appreciate or believe the apology from Jo.

Towards the end of the reunion, we see Kailyn say that she wishes their co-parenting could be more like Leah and Jeremy, where everyone comes together for the child instead of having things so separated like they are now.

The second half of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, featuring Chelsea and Jenelle, will air on Tuesday, April 22 at 11/10c on MTV.


Kailyn’s book, “Pride over Pity” is set to release on Tuesday, and in order to promote the book, she’s shared some traumatic details from the book with Radar Online.  These short quotes from the story reveal some extremely heartbreaking moments in Kailyn’s life, and they show a side of things that we haven’t seen during her time on MTV.

Kailyn writes about losing her virginity outside on the street when she was only in 8th grade.  She writes, “Suddenly, my pants and underwear were pulled down…Our movements and his touch were unromantic. When it was over, I ran home, blood trickling down my leg.”  She adds, ““I was too young to understand that I wasn’t ready— physically or emotionally— for sex. I believed then that I had to have sex to keep up with my friends.”

Writing about her sexual encounters continues as she talks about a boyfriend that she had when she was 15 years old and a freshman in high school.  Apparently this boy, who is named Toby, wouldn’t take no for an answer, and that Kailyn felt like denying him sex wasn’t beneficial in any way.  She wanted him to wear a condom, but he didn’t listen to that, and a few weeks later she found out that she was pregnant for the first time in a Walmart bathroom.  Her mother refused to let Kailyn bring a child into the world. She writes, “She [Suzi] was adamant that I would not be allowed to deliver this baby into the world, even though deep down that was what I wanted.”

Kailyn was then left with having an abortion, which happened on her 16th birthday.  She wrote about this experience, which was obviously traumatic for her, by saying, “I swear they didn’t just suck out my uterus,” she explains. “It felt as though they had taken every fiber of my being…I felt a mother’s grief.”

When Kailyn became pregnant again a year later, she chose to not even consider abortion, even if it’s what people around her wanted her to do.  She was quoted as saying, “The experience had been so horrific for me that I couldn’t really bear to consider it as an option again.  Once was almost impossible to recover from, twice would mean falling into a deep depression and never bobbing up for air.”

After Isaac was born, she and her baby’s father, Jo, split up.  Later, she began dating Jordan Webber, who we saw on a couple seasons of Teen Mom 2.  After that relationship hit the rocks, there was apparently a guy named Caleb who Kailyn was seeing.  One night, Caleb showed up at Kailyn’s apartment with one thing on his mind.  Kailyn writes about the experience by saying, “He was plastered and insisted he needed to talk to me, so I let him in, but he had no interest in talking. He pulled me into the bedroom and slammed me onto the bed, taking my clothes off roughly…His strength was overpowering. I felt a tear and knew I was bleeding….It felt like I was dead.”

Kailyn has obviously had a lot of things going on in her life throughout the last several years, and these small tidbits of information make me want to read the book and find out what other secrets Kailyn has been storing away.  The writing and grammar seem to surpass Farrah’s, which should make this book easier for readers to digest.


Maddy is a 17 year old from Tinley Park, Illinois. She had been dating her ex-boyfriend for quite a while, but when things headed south, she headed to Facebook to find a quick rebound guy. She met Cody, and after an hour, they hooked up. Maddy ended up pregnant from this one night stand, and now she’s having a baby with some guy she’s hung out with like 6 times in her whole life.

Maddy’s episode starts out with her talking to her mom about how the house is overcrowded and how there isn’t enough room for Maddy and her daughter to live there. Her mother gives her an ultimatum saying that she has one month to live there after the baby is born and then she has

to either live with Cody or move to Indiana and live with her dad. Maddy is upset by this and tries to coerce her mom out of it, but her mom stands firm in her decision.

Cody’s parents are cool with having Maddy and the baby move in. They build new walls in their house and try to accommodate for the baby ending up there. Maddy and Cody seem to try to get along but there isn’t any chemistry between them and they’re always bickering about whether or not the baby will have Cody’s last name or Maddy’s.

A few weeks later, Maddy gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Aubrey Lynn and Cody is there for the whole thing. Sadly, that’s about as involved as he gets because he doesn’t wake up with the baby when he’s at the hospital and when then get to go home, he doesn’t visit much at all. Maddy decides that maybe living with someone you don’t know isn’t a smart choice, so she ends up packing her things and moving in with her dad instead.

Cody comes to visit one more time and things are awkward but Maddy never kept the baby from him, which made me happy that she wasn’t trying to be a selfish teen and use the baby as bait.

Currently, Cody hasn’t seen Aubrey in 4 months and he allegedly has a second child as well. Cody and Maddy don’t seem to talk much at all. I’m interested in the dynamic between these two at the reunion show, and the dynamic between Maddy and Cody’s family.

Over all, this was a good season premiere, and I hope the drama continues as the season goes on.



Jenelle and Nathan get into a big argument, and their neighbors call the cops because the yelling gets so out of hand.  Nathan calls Barbara, and she brings Jace over during this whole ordeal, and he sees Jenelle get arrested.  Later, Jenelle sits down with a new lawyer, because she can’t use Dustin any more since she’s in South Carolina now.  The lawyer basically says that she needs to stop getting into situations where she’s so angry, and that maybe staying away from Nathan would be a good choice, because if she doesn’t get her life together, she’s going to be spending 13 months in prison for a parole violation, which would mean giving birth to her child behind bars.  Later, Jenelle and Nathan hear the baby’s heart beat, and we find out that she’s around 12 weeks pregnant (she looks huge though).  Then a huge argument ensues between the two where Jenelle basically says that she thinks Nathan wants her to get an abortion.  She pulls into some random parking lot and kicks him out of the car, but instead of leaving him there, she just cries and cries and cries.  After a while, Nathan gets back in the car and has regained his emotions to the point that he can actually have a discussion with Jenelle.  He says that he feels like he’s constantly giving in to her, and she says that she doesn’t think he loves her and that she wants him to be more involved in this pregnancy.  The scene ends with a super awkward hug.


Kail is having a hard time balancing taking care of a newborn and a 4 year old.  She notices that Isaac is acting out more than normal, and she’s simply trying to get by.  When Javi is home, he’s super hands on, which helps Kailyn a lot, and she actually seems very appreciative of his help, which is something we hadn’t seen much of this season.  Kailyn gets a phone call from Jo, and he says that he moved into a 2 bedroom apartment, so Isaac will have his own room.  Their drop offs for custody are going to remain the same, but Vee will be living with Jo now, and Kailyn is a little concerned about all of the changes that are happening in Isaac’s life.  Javi drops Isaac off with Jo, since Lincoln is still too little to make that long of a drive.  When Jo takes Isaac inside to see his room, all of his things are completely gone, and he cries a little bit, but perks up again pretty quickly when he gets to go see his new room.  Vee makes an appearance or two, and it seems like Isaac really likes her.  Hopefully we get to see more of how this whole thing plays out during the reunion special as well as next season.


Chelsea has to take her boards to get her license for skin school. She gets her friend to be her model for the test, and they head to a place that will certify her which is like 4 hours away.  During this time, Adam’s parents have Aubree for the weekend, since they’ve recently figured out visitation.  Aubree goes bowling with Adam, Taylor, and Paislee, and it was kind of nice to see Adam involved in her life, because we don’t see much of that on the show.  You can tell that Aubree enjoys that time with her sister.  Later, Chelsea is finished with her test, and she doesn’t think she passed the written part.  She calls her dad and tells him how she feels about things, but he just tries to reassure her that things are going to be fine and that she probably passed it.  Chelsea picks up Aubree from preschool, and they go back to Chelsea’s place to paint their finger nails.  Later, Adam has his car accident.  Chelsea hears about it from the news, and she goes out with her friend to talk about the incident.  She says that the car was on fire and someone pulled him out, but the only thing that happened to him was that he ended up with a concussion.  Chelsea seems thankful that nobody was in the car with Adam when it happened.  She also seems thankful for the fact that if Adam goes back to jail because of this incident, he’ll probably lose the visitation that he just earned.


Leah and Jeremy are getting along better, and they’re preparing for a doctor’s appointment for Ali.  Ali has had some difficulty breathing, and they notice that she’s been falling a lot more than normal, so they’re concerned if maybe she’s reached her peak in regards to physical ability.  They all pack things up, get in the car, and drive to Ohio, where they plan to meet Corey and Miranda for the appointment the next day.  There’s a really emotional scene in the middle where Ali doesn’t want to eat breakfast, and she tells Leah that she’s scared for her doctor’s appointment.  It broke my heart.  Ali is such a sweet girl.  Anyway, later on Leah and Corey go back to the doctor’s appointment.  They find out that Ali doesn’t have the kind of muscular dystrophy that they originally thought, and that after some genetic testing, they’ve narrowed it down to congenital muscular dystrophy with a Titan gene mutation.  It’s super rare, and only around 20 people in the whole world have been diagnosed with it.  To make things even more confusing, Ali is the only child that has been diagnosed as far as the doctor knows.  The good news is that the doctor seemed to have a good prognosis.  He said that most of the patients that have it are living into their 50′s and enjoying life very much, but are wheel chair bound.  Everyone goes out to eat later to talk about the diagnosis, and I think there’s a sense of peace that they finally have an answer for what’s been going on with Ali.

If you missed the 90 minute version of the finale, you can see the condensed version on Tuesday during the normal Teen Mom 2 slot.  The first half of the reunion show will air following that, at 11/10 central time.

The newest season of 16 & Pregnant starts tonight with Maddy Godsey’s episode.  It will air at 10/9 central time.

Since the finale of Teen Mom 2 airs tomorrow at 7/6 central time, I figured I should share the sneak peek from this episode.  I know a lot of you have been talking about it in the comments for the last few days, and there are a lot of mixed emotions that come along with this one.

Nathan and Jenelle go to a doctor’s appointment and get to hear the heartbeat of their unborn child for the first time.  When they get into the car to go home, an argument ensues, and Nathan is insistent that the two of them aren’t going to work out, and that Jenelle should get an abortion.  Jenelle states that she’s 12 weeks pregnant, and it’s not like she just found out.  She starts hysterically crying, and arguing through the tears.  It really is emotional to watch.

Some of Nathan’s quotes from this clip are really frustrating to me.  At the end of their argument, Nathan says that, “he [the baby] might as well just be f*cking dead.”  I think this comment is the one that sparked most of the outrage.  While everyone has their own stance on abortion, I think we can all agree that going through with an abortion would be a very difficult decision.  I think Nathan was totally out of line to say something like that, and I worry about how his son will feel watching that clip 16 years from now.

A quick reminder: the 90 minute season finale will air TOMORROW at 7/6 central time on MTV right before the MTV movie awards come on.

You can watch a condensed 60 minute version of the finale during the normal time slot for Teen Mom 2 on Tuesday, and the first half of the reunion show will air immediately following that.

The new season of 16 & Pregnant begins Monday night at 10/9 central time, with Maddy Godsey’s episode.

As always, we’ll post recaps of all of the episodes, so if for some reason you miss it, you can read about it here!