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Jenelle, Barbara, and Nathan go out to lunch before heading to a meeting with an attorney.  Barbara pushes for having Nathan take his dog to a rehoming center, but Nathan says that will never happen.  They talk about how the attorney meeting will go, and hope that Courtland simply signs the divorce papers, but they’re pretty sure he’ll try and get alimony from Jenelle.

The three of them head to the lawyer’s and talk about how the divorce should go down.  They talk about the fact that Jenelle is super pregnant and that they’re all worried about Courtland having rights to the child when it’s born, but the lawyer calms everyone’s nerves by saying that it would only happen if Courtland wanted to claim that he was the dad of Jenelle’s unborn child.  They think it’ll only take around 30 days to finalize everything, which is a good thing since Jenelle is pretty close to having this baby.

Jenelle’s lawyer is filing the papers for the divorce, and they all head back to Barbara’s house.  Jace smashes crackers all over the floor, and Nathan handles the “discipline” for that situation I guess.  Nathan says he’s going to get a paternity test simply for legal rights, and that he does plan on proposing to Jenelle but doesn’t want to rush anything and he wants to make sure everything is perfect.  Barbara reveals that she went through a nasty divorce and doesn’t want Jenelle to go through it like she did, but Nathan admits that once he was divorced he didn’t plan on getting married again until he met Jenelle.

In a cute extra clip, Jenelle pushes Jace on the swing, and she and Barbara talk about the possibility of getting him a bigger swing set, which I think would be nice so he could get rid of some of that energy that he has built up.  Honestly, it was nice to see Jenelle play with Jace, because we really don’t see a lot of that.

Jenelle is trying to get some studying done while Nathan is at the gym, but her friend stops by.  Jenelle tells her friend about filing for a divorce, and her hopes that the divorce goes smoothly.  Jenelle says that she’s just going to get a paternity test done no matter what, and doesn’t seem too unhappy about it.  Jenelle says she wishes that she had never met Courtland, and that she regrets everything about her marriage.  She says she wants to marry Nathan, but that she’s not going to rush into a marriage like she did last time.


At the beginning of the episode, Ali goes to therapy with Corey’s dad in order to make sure that everyone knows what’s going on with Ali’s physical therapy and the wheelchair.  Jeff seems pretty happy about being able to see Ali with the wheelchair, and it’s nice for Leah to have a break for a bit.

Jeff brings Ali home from physical therapy and says that she did a great job.  He tells Leah all about how things went, and it’s good to see how these two can still have a relationship even though Leah and Corey’s marriage didn’t work out.  Jeff says that he’s happy that he was able to see Ali with the wheelchair because now he realizes that it’s simply to supplement Ali’s walking so she can conserve energy when she’s walking, and has energy to do other things like play at the playground.  Both Leah and Jeff seem to think that Corey is still in denial about how the wheelchair should work in Ali’s life.

Jeff goes back and talks to Corey about the situation and tries to explain to him that Ali simply uses the wheelchair as a novelty, but Corey is still insistent that he doesn’t want Ali to be dependent on the wheelchair at all.

Jeremy comes home for the weekend, so he and Leah head to his parent’s house.  Corey calls and lets Leah know that he’s going to take the girls to the zoo that weekend, and he’s planning on taking the wheelchair, which is a big step for him.  Leah says she’ll bring the wheelchair to the drop off, and asks about the insurance situation, but Corey says that nothing has really changed yet, but he’ll let her know if he hears anything about getting their real wheelchair.  Leah talks to Jeremy about the insurance thing, but they’re both really frustrated that they still have the loaner wheelchair and not the one Ali was fitted for.  Even though it’s a good thing that Corey is making an effort with the wheelchair now, they’re both mad that Corey hasn’t seen her in the chair before now.


Javi is still away in Texas for extra training, but Kailyn is able to FaceTime with him for a bit.  She says that Lincoln is having issues when he’s trying to latch on during breastfeeding, and it’s frustrating to her.  She says that Isaac has an art show that’s coming up and that Jo and Vee are planning on coming to see him and then see his place.  Kailyn also said that her mom is planning on coming to the art show, but that since she hasn’t talked to her mom in a long time, it could be awkward, especially since Jo and Vee will be there also.

Vee loses her nose ring, and MTV decides that it’s substantial enough to include in this episode.  Jo and Vee talk about how they’re surprised that Kailyn invited them to Isaac’s art show, but agree that it wasn’t too awkward.  They agree that Kailyn is making an effort to repair relationships with everyone, but hope that it’s not a big deal or dramatic when they’re all together.

Kailyn took Isaac home early from the art show since he was so tired, but Jo, Vee, and Suzi still come over even though Isaac is sleeping.  Suzi asks how things are going since Javi is gone.  Kailyn admits that things are a little crazy, but that she’ll make it through.  She gives them a tour of the house, and then Lincoln gets hungry, but he doesn’t want to latch on, and it makes things complicated.  Jo and Vee leave, after Kailyn thanks them for coming to support Isaac with things.  Seriously, I’m so happy that these people finally figured their shit out.

Suzi stays the night to help with Lincoln, and vents her frustrations about him not latching.  They seem like they’re doing better, but you can tell that things are tense.  Suzi is helping a lot with Lincoln, and that’s obviously helpful with the situation Kailyn is in.  Kailyn says that Javi is still learning about how to take care of a baby, but that he’s learning.  Suzi seems like she’s trying to be helpful, and even though I don’t know where they stand today, I’m sure the one day of help that was shown was a lot better than nothing.  Kailyn breaks down in tears at the end of the episode because Lincoln won’t latch on, and Suzi comes to the rescue to help take care of Lincoln so Kail can have a break.


Chelsea is officially a licensed esthetician so she’s able to go back to work.  Chelsea is excited that she has her own room set up at her work place, and has business cards.  Her work seems to be really flexible with things, so that’s always good since Chelsea is a single mom and can have things come up which would require a flexible schedule.

Chelsea’s mom stops by and we learn that Aubree is going to play softball, which is exciting for her.  Chelsea tells her mom about how the licensure is all figured out, and then they obviously talk about Adam, because that’s what happens.  Apparently Chelsea told Adam that Aubree had softball practice when he asked for the information, and Chelsea told Aubree that Adam would be there.  Sadly when Chelsea tried to call him, he didn’t answer and Aubree gets pretty upset that he didn’t answer his phone.  We get to see Aubree’s softball practice and it seems like she’s doing pretty well, but when Chelsea finally gets ahold of Adam, the practice is almost over, and it doesn’t look like he’ll make it in time to see Aubree at all.

Adam ends up showing up at the very end of practice, and Aubree is so excited to see him, but it really sucks that he was so late and didn’t get to see any of it.  Aubree tells Adam that he missed the whole thing, and it’s pretty sad that she’s so upset about it.  Chelsea asks him what he was doing, and he was simply sitting at home and sleeping and that people have to do things.  Seriously, Adam was there for like 3 minutes.

Chelsea calls her dad in the car and tells him about how Aubree did at softball practice.  She talks to Randy about it on speaker phone with Aubree in the car, and then Aubree tells Randy that her dad missed it all, but he reassures her that Adam will be there next week for her very first game.  They really need to figure out how to not talk about it right in front of Aubree.

It’s Whoopsie-Doo Wednesday (I can’t get over that) and the fact that Teen Mom 2 is the only thing I’m looking forward to tonight probably makes me pretty lame, but oh well.  Anyway, we’re posting a recap of an exclusive clip from OK! Magazine that will help viewers know what to expect tonight.  If for some reason you don’t want to have a sneak peek, just stop reading now. :)


In the clip, Jenelle, Nathan, and Barbara go to sit down with an attorney (I don’t think we’ve ever seen this guy before) to talk about Jenelle’s upcoming divorce from Courtland.  It turns out that since Jenelle is super pregnant at this point, she’s concerned with the fact that Courtland could potentially have rights to the child since the two are legally married.


The attorney walks them through the divorce process and states that they basically serve Courtland with the divorce papers, and that if for some reason he fights the divorce, they would simply bring up his multiple drug issues and felonies and such, which would help a judge understand where Jenelle is coming from in wanting the divorce.

The lawyer addresses Jenelle’s concern about Courtland having rights to her unborn child, and he simply states that since she’s legally married, the child would be presumed to be his.  The only way that this would be an issue would be if Courtland wanted to claim that the child was his, and then the three of them would have to do a paternity test.


Barbara wants to know how quickly they can get the divorce over with, and the attorney explains that Courtland is required to file an answer within 30 days of receiving his paperwork, and if he doesn’t, the divorce will go on without him.

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1. Jenelle and Nathan re-home their dog


There’s been a lot of backlash about Jenelle’s actions towards her pets on this season of Teen Mom 2, and it appears that Jenelle and Nathan may have made the executive decisions to find a new home for Nathan’s dog, Moogan.  The dog, which has been briefly featured on this season of the show, was ripping up furniture and pooping on the floor in the garage, so while on vacation to visit Nathan’s family, Jenelle and Nathan decided that they would temporarily give the dog to Nathan’s aunt.  No word on how long this temporary agreement is going to last for, but at least one of her pets is in a safer place for the time being.  Jenelle posted an article on her website Teen Mom Truth which explained in her own words that they are only keeping Moogan (that’s how MTV typed it) at Nathan’s aunt’s house until the couple has a home with a bigger fenced-in backyard for him to run around in.

2. Jordan Cashmyer gets some new tattoos


Jordan Cashmyer, the formerly homeless pregnant teen, was ousted last week for working at a strip club, and it caused a bit of controversy online.  She then decided to add fuel to the fire with things and post some pictures of her new tattoos which seem to be a little more risqué than people were expecting.  Jordan’s new tattoos, two bows on the back of her thighs, were displayed proudly on her Instagram profile.  Jordan has also taken to Twitter to share more information about her stripping, including a comment about how other people are jealous that she’s comfortable enough to walk around in small amounts of clothing.

3. Maci Bookout does a mud run


We don’t talk about Maci much and she’s been pretty quiet with the filming that’s happening these days.  One thing she did share was that she took part in a mud run in Tennessee over the weekend.  These races are gaining popularity and it’s always good to see people active.  Anyway, the races include running through mud and overcoming obstacles throughout a course, and at the end, it looks like Maci enjoyed a beer…or twelve.

I know this one is short, but it’s been kind of a dry few days for Teen Mom related stories.  If you ever seen anything on Twitter that you want us to investigate or write about, feel free to tag us @TeenMomJunkies and I’ll do my best to get around to all of them.

If you haven’t watched the news or been on social media sites lately, you might not have heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  The challenge, which raises money for ALS research, basically requires an individual to dump a bucket of ice water on their head and then challenge friends to do the same.  This trend has taken social media by storm, and several celebrities have been involved in this trend as well.  Some of the Teen Mom family have officially taken part in the challenge, and they shared videos to help promote funding for ALS research.

First up is Kailyn Lowry.  She was challenged and completed the task, so she then passed the challenge on to Maci Bookout, Chelsea Houska, and Kendra Wilkinson.  Here’s a still from her Instagram video of the challenge:


Kailyn’s husband, Javi Marroquin, was also challenged by Maci Bookout’s boyfriend, and he completed the challenge as well.  He went on to challenge some of his friends and Kailyn’s son, Isaac Rivera.  Here’s a still from Javi’s ice bucket challenge:


Since Javi challenged Isaac, his turn was next.  Isaac also challenged some of his friends as well as Chelsea Houska’s daughter Aubree.  Here’s a still from Kailyn’s video of Isaac’s ice bucket challenge:


To learn more about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, feel free to check out their website HERE and if you did the challenge, feel free to comment the links to the videos below!


So it’s pretty obvious that Nikkole is my least favorite of all 16 & Pregnant people, but since she’s still a part of the show, and she’s still relevant, I’m going to type this because I run a Teen Mom blog.  I’ll attempt to remain as unbiased as possible, but it’s seriously going to be hard.

Nikkole Paulun is probably most well-known for allegedly faking a pregnancy and stillbirth of a child a little over a year ago, but these days she’s up to other things.  If you want to read about the stillbirth, feel free to read THIS article and make yourself angry about it all over again like I just did.

Anyway, Nikkole’s been controversial to say the least, and it appears that her latest publicity stunt is one of the most controversial topics yet.  Nikkole shared the following Tweet about doing Playboy, and tagged her “agent” Howie Wood Entertainment in the comment.


Ok, well I’m not sure that anyone wants to actually see Nikkole in Playboy, and I can guarantee that she’s not going to be a centerfold or anything.  I’ll honestly be surprised if she actually ends up in the magazine, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

People were quick to criticize Nikkole’s claims saying that her 4 year old son, Lyle, would be disgusted by his mother’s actions when he was old enough to realize what she had done, and to that Nikkole stated that she would be raising her son to think differently than society does.  Nikkole also added that nobody would be alive if it weren’t for people spreading their legs.

As if that wasn’t enough, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans joined in on the Playboy excitement and mentioned that she thought it was funny that Nikkole made Playboy but Farrah Abraham didn’t.


Anyway, if this ends up being true, then I guess Nikkole’s stillbirth story ended up getting her some new boobs and a new career in the porn industry.  Her son will be so proud…


Alright, I really wish that I was lying about this one, but it appears that 16 & Pregnant season 5 star, Jordan Cashmyer, is working at a strip club and is reportedly stripping for a job.

It all started last week when Jordan and her boyfriend Derek broke up.  Jordan took to Twitter to vent some anger about the situation by sharing the following message:

jordan1Derek replied with the Tweet that started to raise eyebrows and indicated Jordan’s career at a strip club.


At this point, followers knew that something was up, and they started investigating a little more into the situation.  People began asking Derek and Jordan about things on their ask.fm accounts, and Derek has indicated that he and Jordan would have been together if Jordan didn’t cheat on him.  Jordan hasn’t denied cheating on Derek, but says that there’s more to the situation than might meet the eye.  Derek tweeted some info about the possible cheating incident in a later post.


Jordan took to Twitter in an attempt to clear her name and mentioned that she does in fact work at a strip club, but that she doesn’t strip for a living.


We dug a little into Jordan’s Facebook page and found some pictures that friends had posted from work, and we’ll let you decide for yourself what Jordan’s job might be.


Jordan Cashmyer, on the left