The Fall Wedding For Amber Portwood and Matt Baier Is On Hold

There was finally a comment from Amber Portwood after the intense meltdown that Matt Baier had during and episode of Teen Mom OG.

“Yeah wish he would have said that to me!! Lol good thing he whispered it to her because I don’t mess around with comments like that!!” said Portwood in a response to Perez Hilton who tweeted about the current state of the couple. Read More »

Teen Mom After Show: Amber’s Almost Wedding In Las Vegas

The Teen Mom After Show digs deeper into what happened with Matt and Amber during the most recent episode.

While touring through a Las Vegas chapel for their friends that were planning to get married, someone suggested to Matt that it would be a good idea to do a double wedding. Which is an idea he runs with, even bringing it up to Amber. There’s a moment when the atmosphere and the beauty of a chapel gets to Amber and she agrees. However, she changes her mind. The rejection sends Matt into a spiral of anger. He curses out her brother, who he believes changed her mind, and tells the production team that he’ll never marry Amber. Read More »

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