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When we met Allie on the finale of 16 & Pregnant season 3, her mother lived in New Jersey and couldn’t afford to take care of her, so she was living with her father in Pasadena, Texas until she found out she was pregnant at the age of 16.  At this point, her father kicked her out, and she was sent to live with her boyfriend’s family.  While living with her boyfriend’s family, Allie witnessed her boyfriend’s mother having drug induced rage, and eventually moved in with her boyfriend’s grandmother.  When baby Aydenn arrived, things didn’t sort themselves out, and her boyfriend was less than supportive.  Allie eventually left the relationship and moved back home with her mother in New Jersey, where she has since been raising Aydenn on her own.


Back in August, Allie Mendoza shared the news that she and boyfriend of a little over a year, Chris, were expecting a child together by sharing a picture of four pairs of Jordan shoes.  Fans were shocked at the news, because Allie seemingly had her life together and wasn’t planning on having another child until she was married.  Allie obtained her Associate’s degree and was working full time as a daycare teacher.  She and Chris planned to move into their own home to prepare for the arrival of their child.


Sadly, Allie suffered a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy.  She was due in March, and announced the news very early.  While this has been a hard time for everyone involved, Allie and Chris continue to try and better themselves and raise Aydenn.

Since announcing her second pregnancy, Allie has removed herself from all social media sites.  Our source says that Allie and Chris are both trying to finish college degrees and are focusing on raising Aydenn.

16 & Pregnant season 3 has the most girls from any season that have gone on to have second pregnancies.  The list includes 7 out of the 10 girls shown on the season, including Jordan Ward-Finder, Jennifer Del Rio, Jamie McKay, Allie Mendoza, Izabella Tovar, Kianna Randall, and Danielle Cunningham.


Lori Wickelhaus, who was featured on a heartbreaking episode of 16 & Pregnant, seemed as though she was forced into giving her son, Aidan, up for adoption.  Her boyfriend, Cory, and parents were not supportive of her keeping her son, and she ended up placing her newborn up for adoption.  While she was able to keep in contact with him frequently, she admitted that she never truly got over the adoption even if she realized that it was the best choice for her at the time.

Lori has stayed relatively quiet since her time on MTV concluded, but received some media attention in October of 2013 when she gave birth to her second child – a daughter named Rylynn Jo.  At the time, she was engaged to a man named Joey Amos, who was the father of Rylynn, and the two seemed to have it all together.  Sadly, this relationship didn’t last.  Joey has moved on, and from the looks of things, is very happy with a new girlfriend and has an active role in his daughter’s life.  Lori has also moved on, but maybe in different ways than Joey.

A couple of months ago, Lori gave birth to a third child.  This time around, the child is a boy who Lori chose to name Logan.  This child is not Joey’s son, and for now there’s no word on who this baby’s dad actually is.  Lori is not openly in a relationship with anyone, nor has any family come forward to make claims on who the baby’s father is.


Logan was born prematurely and had a stay in the NICU for a while, but is currently happy and healthy and home with his mom and big sister.

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has remained fairly drama free since the birth of her second son, Kaiser, this summer.  It’s been unusual for me to not comment on her shenanigans, and nobody’s been arrested recently, which has to be some kind of record for Jenelle and boyfriend, Nathan Griffith.  Actually, it seems like this mixed family of 5 has their crap together for once.  Anyway, since we haven’t talked about her lately, we decided to share some pictures of her family preparing for Christmas.

Jenelle took to Twitter to share pictures of her decorated home with her one million followers.  The pictures are cute, and it looks like both Kaiser and Jace were around to help decorate.

Jenelle started by taking her boys to a tree farm where they cut down a Christmas tree of their own.


After the tree was cut down, it was time to get it home and start decorating.  Jenelle’s tree is complete with a burlap bow as a tree topper.


The day was finished by hanging stockings on the fireplace mantle.  I’m not sure who the stocking are for, because the one on the right is for the dogs, and the two in the middle are for Kaiser and Jace.  The one on the left might be a stocking for Nathan’s daughter, Emery.


It looks like MTV was around to capture all of these holiday moments, so we can look forward to seeing this all play out on our television screens in 2015 when the 6th season of Teen Mom 2 comes out.

Well it’s been a crazy couple of days in the Teen Mom universe, so I’m going to be posting several smaller stories on this post in order to allow everyone to be kept up to date on things, but save myself the sanity of evenly spacing posts for several hours throughout the day.

1. Ryan Edwards is in a serious car accident


TMZ reported a couple days ago that Teen Mom star, Ryan Edwards, was involved in a two car accident.  Ryan was photographed bleeding and having his head bandaged, but ended up refusing to go to the hospital and instead called a friend to come pick him up from the accident.  The driver of the other vehicle wasn’t as lucky, and was taken to the hospital.  While the cause of the investigation is still under investigation, witnesses claimed that Ryan was speeding and swerving on the road, and that the accident happened after he crossed the median and hit the other vehicle head-on.

Maci commented on the crash via Twitter by simply stating that the accident had happened, but that people might not have the whole story. She also shared that she was thankful that Ryan wasn’t hurt too badly.

2. Jordan Cashmyer using drugs


Jordan Cashmyer is one of the most talked about 16 & Pregnant girls, because after her debut on MTV, she quickly separated from her baby’s father after an alleged cheating incident, began working at a strip club, had a suicide attempt, lost custody of her daughter, and is now allegedly abusing prescription drugs.  Jordan apparently got into an argument with a friend and former stripper at Chez Joey named Brooke about something while she was intoxicated.  For those of you wondering, Brooke is the one on the right in that picture.  The friend took to Twitter to out Jordan for several things, including her use of pills.  Here are just some of her tweets on the situation:

brooke1 brooke2

For those of you that are having a hard time deciphering this one, it’s basically saying that Jordan got beat up by this Brooke girl while at a party.  Brooke claims that Jordan is abusing prescription pills and can’t handle her alcohol (she isn’t 21 either).  Brooke also claims that customers at the strip club are constantly asking whether or not Jordan is alright because of how out of it she looks on a regular basis.  The last thing that Brooke claimed is that Jordan was trying to make out with her a couple of days ago.  While this is all speculation and simply one person’s Twitter rants on the subject, we will be able to see more of this situation unfold during the 16 & Pregnant “Where Are They Now?” episode, which is supposed to air very soon.

3. Kailyn and Javi get kicked out of a football game


So basically, Kailyn and Javi went to an Eagles football game yesterday, and a woman who was sitting next to Kailyn decided to make a comment to her about having another baby.  This upset Kailyn, so she said something back to the lady, and ended up being put into holding while waiting for her information to be taken.  Eventually, the two of them were ejected from the game and then the uproar on Twitter happened.  There was an employee that posted tweets regarding the situation online while she was on the job, and was claiming that Kailyn was drunk at the game and that’s why she was yelling and causing a scene.  The employee later removed her Twitter account, but we’ve been told that management at Lincoln Financial Field Stadium has been involved in the situation.  Kailyn clarified to fans that she was not drinking, and that she was simply upset by the woman’s comment.

4. Leah talks about marriage to Jeremy


Basically, everyone is calling Leah out for not actually being married to Jeremy any more.  Sources close to the couple have claimed that Jeremy has left the relationship for good and that he’s avoiding MTV’s camera crews during this dramatic time in his life.  Robbie has come forward to say that he actually did hook up with Leah, and Jeremy’s been flirting with girls that he met online.  Leah is still trying to convey the message that they’re together, but it’s just not seeming legitimate to most of her followers.  Leah hasn’t posted a picture of Jeremy in several weeks, and she claimed that he missed Ali and Aleeah’s birthday party because he was working out of town, but there’s just no evidence to back that up and I’m really skeptical about this whole thing.  Leah has begun filming with MTV again for a 6th season of Teen Mom 2, so I guess we’ll see how things work out when that airs sometime next year.


16 & Pregnant season 4 girl, Lindsey Harrison, is probably remembered for her multiple interests.  She was a part time model, an aspiring cage fighter, and a pregnant teen when we met her back in 2011.  Since then, things have changed quite a bit for her.  Within the last year, Lindsey found a new boyfriend and the two seemed to hit it off pretty quickly.  His name is T.J. Nicholson and he’s 25 years old.  He is a college graduate and currently works as an engineer. He was born and raised in Texas, which caused a bit of an issue because Lindsey is from Reno, Nevada.  After a few months of long-distance dating, Lindsey decided to move to Texas in order to be closer to T.J., and she brought her daughter, Aniyah, along for the ride as well.

Also within the last year, Aniyah’s father, Forrest Ponce, has decided to remove himself from the picture completely, so Lindsey had no problems moving because the custody and visitation wasn’t stopping her.  Lindsey was happy that she had found T.J. because she reports that he treats her daughter as if she was his own child, and that commitment to the two of them was something that really made her relate to him.

Well, yesterday Lindsey announced that she and T.J. were taking the next step in their relationship by getting engaged.  It appears that the proposal happened with friends and family around, and that the couple was out looking at Christmas lights when it happened.  No word yet on any wedding details, but Lindsey did share a picture of her ring for her followers on Twitter.


farrah-abraham adam james deen

In Touch revealed yesterday that Adam Lind, the serial baby daddy of Teen Mom 2, has expressed interest in creating an adult film of his own.  The girls from the franchise that have had pornographic scandals have received quite a bit of publicity from it.  We’ll never forget Farrah’s “leaked sex tapes” or Jenelle spread eagle on the bed with her goodies completely out there. Surprisingly enough, we’ve never had any men from the series branch off into the porn industry.

A source told In Touch that Adam has been working out so much in an effort to be so attractive that he would be able to get former Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham’s attention.  Adam was allegedly hoping that Farrah would also agree to be in another pornographic film.  The two of them together is a thought that makes me queasy to say the least.

Farrah was told about the incident, and simply commented that a million boys want to have sex with her and that Adam simply falls into that category.  While I’m sure a porno between the two of them would rake in a lot of money and gain publicity for both of them, Adam should probably focus on getting his life situated and staying out of jail, while Farrah is trying to maintain a clean record for her possible return to MTV for Teen Mom if the upcoming season does well.

What are your thoughts on this duo?