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Leah Messer Opens Up About Single Mom Misconceptions

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer sat down with MTV news for an interview in which she combatted many of the misconceptions that come with being a single mother.

“Being a single mother is not easy,” said Messer in an interview with MTV News.

“The biggest misconceptions others have about single mothers is that they don’t have it all together. I feel like that’s wrong.”

Messer explained that due to the lack of support that a married couple would have, things are much harder for single moms. The Teen Mom 2 star does believe that not having the support strengthens singles mothers because they are forced to figure things out.

Of course there is no denying that being a single mom, especially a single Teen Mom is probably one of the hardest things to do in the world today.

Messer had some brief but useful words that can really go a long way in terms of inspiring other single mothers out there.

Do you agree with Messer? What are some misconceptions that you have heard about being a single mother? Let us know in the comments section.

Kailyn Lowry Goes About Life Normally Amidst Pregnancy Rumors

While some sites are still reporting baby rumors for Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, she is busy going on with her regular life.


“Kailyn Lowry has been battling pregnancy rumors for the past few months,” according to Inquisitr.

“Although the Teen Mom 2 star has denied the reports, she continues to hint about baby number three on social media. Is Lowry expecting another child?”

While many believe that Lowry has been hinting at baby number three, the Teen Mom 2 star hasn’t made a statement or even entertained the rumors.

There is no telling whether or not these rumors hold any truth but some sites have been quite relentless in their belief that she is indeed pregnant. Until she actually addresses the rumors they are just that.

So, while we await a response from Lowry we’re gonna go ahead and say that nothing is proven yet. We wouldn’t be surprised if Lowry isn’t pregnant.


Amber Portwood and Matt Baier Not Married

While fans began swirling with rumors of Amber Portwood and Matt Baier’s potential Las Vegas wedding, those rumors just weren’t true. While Portwood and her man did attend a wedding in Vegas, it sadly was not their own.

“Hi loves from Vegas again!! No we didn’t get married however we went to a wedding always sending love,” said Portwood in Twitter post that dispelled any hope of those who were hoping she and Baier got hitched.

The truth is, we’re not quite sure when Portwood and Baier plan to tie the knot, however, with all of the televised weddings from Teen Mom, it’s our feeling that they would also follow that trend.

In the meantime, Portwood and Baier seem to be very happy together and it surely showed in the photos from their Vegas trip. While we wait for an official wedding announcement from Portwood and Baier, check out a photo of the happy couple below.

Teen Mom 2: Live! Recap

It’s dad night on Teen Mom 2: Live! with Javi, Joe and Nathan.

Javi has no new girlfriends but he’s looking. Jo has some advice for Javi in dealing with his divorce with Kailyn. Jo, himself, is in the midst of planning his wedding with Vee. She doesn’t want them to film the wedding. Don’t worry, though, Jo’s trying to get maybe a little bit of it shown on TV. Nathan hopes that Jenelle and David’s relationship is working and healthy because it’s important for Kaiser to be living in a healthy environment.

Gary’s been brought out to arm wrestle with Nathan. Getting ready for the competition, Nathan feels the need to remove his shirt. He beats Gary easily. The hostess reveals that he’s obsessed with coupons and sneaks into hotel for free breakfast. Though, he only did the latter once and it was with MTV. Amber hasn’t really gotten more time with Leah but Gary swears that he’s not keeping her from Amber.

Playing rumor has it, to get to the truth of rumors. Jo wants more babies but Vee wants to take their time. He denies that they’re fighting about it. Javi’s nudies, are not actually of him because the guy’s wearing ankle socks and Javi doesn’t wear ankle socks. Nathan was kicked in the balls so hard it was bleeding. Gary’s father has a handicap sticker on his car and that was the one they were using when Amber met them to pick up Leah. He not so subtly implies that the story was leaked by Amber.

This week poll was which guy has the best beard, Taylor from OG or Corey from TM2. Taylor wins. Hidden talents include. Gary’s cooking, Nathan’s imitation of Jenelle, and Javi’s ability to look good in ankle socks.

Teen Mom 2: Season 7, Episode 24 Recap

Happy Presidents Day! There’s no better way to spend it then watching everyone’s favorite teen moms. TV Guide summarises this episode as: ‘Jenelle prepares for her upcoming court date after getting some surprising news about Nathan; Chelsea celebrates Aubree’s 7th birthday; Jeremy returns home from South Dakota; Kailyn and Javi’s future is up in the air.’


Cole built a crib for the baby. It’s Aubree’s birthday. Chelsea jokes that Aubree will have to clean the house as her present. In the end, the only restriction is to wait for Cole before cake and presents. Aubree gets an archery target, bow and arrows for her birthday. As well as her favorite cake, carrot cake. However, her father makes no effort to reach out to her.


Jenelle has to go to New York for work but it’s the same weekend she’s supposed to have Jace. She asks her mom if it’s alright but she doesn’t think Jace should be missing three hours of school on Friday, when they’d have to catch the flight. At a pizza dinner, Jenelle reads the article about Nathan’s arrest to David. Nathan violently attacked his other ex at 4 o’clock in the morning. It happened when he was supposed to have had Kaiser. She wants to talk to her lawyer before letting Nathan have Kaiser for the upcoming weekend. She’s also optimistic about gaining custody for Jace.

Nathan says that he was there legally. Jenelle meets with her lawyer. She cautions against re-opening the case with Nathan because there’s no telling where he could be when the case actually goes to court. Jenelle agrees to just monitor the situation. With Jace, her lawyer believes that she has a strong case but can make no guarantee.


Kailyn has gone to Hawaii without the cameras. Javi and Joe have the kids. Javi is visiting with his family. He talks about how he feels lonely and displaced by the divorce. Kailyn comes home and picks up the boys to take back home. Isaac might be a little more excited to see Lincoln than her. Javi and Kailyn have had a long talk and have decided to remain friends in order to put the kids first.


Cory’s taking the girls to the hospital. Ali for her usual checkup and Grace is being tested for the same disease. Leah meets them at the hospital. Though nothing is filmed in the hospital, Leah is confident that it went well. Jeremy is coming home soon and wants to surprise Addie. When Saturday rolls around Jeremy keeps pushing the time back. Her mom tells her that she might have to stop trying to chase him down. Leah get the go ahead to bring Addie to the park so Jeremy can surprise her. He brings his dad along with him.

Is Nathan’s Arrest Going To Be The Talk of Next Week’s Episode?

It looks like next’s weeks episode of Teen Mom 2 is going to have some fireworks involved. A preview for next week’s episode is hinting to the arrest of Nathan, Jenelle’s ex.


“In last week’s episode, we seen that Nathan made it clear how he felt for Jenelle. Apparently, Nathan told Jenelle’s friend that he thinks they’ll get back together one day, but when he later talked to his own friend (on camera), he said they would never ever get back together,” according to ComicBook.

“No matter what Nathan wants, David made it clear that he would fight for Jenelle. Either way, David and Jenelle didn’t seem to care how Nathan felt. They laughed about the situation, and David called Nathan a ‘little bitch.'”

Clearly that exchange wouldn’t sit well with Nathan but there is no telling whether it is the cause for his arrest. Things should be much clearer next week when the episode actually airs.

Fans might also remember that back in December of 2016, Nathan was arrested on multiple charges. However, feel free to speculate amongst yourselves until then.

You can check out the preview below and let us know your thoughts on what could have led to the arrest.

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