Team Farrah or Team Amber?

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Two of Teen Mom’s hottest messes most tenured stars are in an epic war of memes words and we want to know who’s side YOUR going with.

It all started after Amber Portwood used the November 28 Teen Mom OG reunion special to throw some shade at co-star Farrah Abraham. In the first part of the special, Amber had this to say about Farrah according to US Magazine: 

“We used to be [friends] and then she decided to open up her crooked lips. She decided to do an interview saying something about how it’s good that [my daughter] Leah is with Gary [Shirley] and how my house probably smells like piss. You don’t do that,” Portwood fumed. “She’s been mean to Catelynn [Lowell], Maci [Bookout], my fiancé [Matt Baier], Taylor [McKinney], everybody on this show and her piece of s–t boy toy Simon [Saran].”

She continued:

“When she makes a quote saying she’s the reason why this show is on, well, I’m sorry, when I went to prison, this show was not on and when I got out it sure as hell was on,” she continued. “And she was selling her vagina while I was gone. We’ll make that clear.”

Farrah responded via social media by posting a “fan-made” meme to her Instagram account comparing Portwood to a “knock-off” Miss Piggy.

Portwood, according to US Magazine, commented saying:

“Miss Piggy looks classy with her pearls..I like this..hey so how are you and that guy from NY doing?…And sorry I didn’t do that show with you and it didn’t get picked up…Have a good night Hun..if you want to keep going then I have plenty to share?? Just let me know.”

MTV created all of this is LOVING the social media drama and is using it to promote an on-screen feud Farrah and Amber get into on the second part of the reunion special, which airs on Monday.

Perhaps Farrah is feeling extra salty because Amber was invited onto a “family-friendly” cruise and she wasn’t? Who knows.. either way, what we do want to know is— who’s team are you on?





MTV Releases More Bonus Footage From Teen Mom OG S6 EP15

Yesterday we shared a pretty awesome video from the Teen Mom OG season 6 finale, episode 15. The network also released another video featuring Taylor and his parents Gaye and Larry.

Taylor visits his house and you could already tell how proud his parents are of him. As Taylor walked up to his parents, he showed off the brand new Rolex that Maci gave him as a wedding present. His mom jokingly asks him who gave it to him before they ask him about the big day.

Gaye told Taylor she wanted to tell him how much she loved him and how proud she was of him. She got very emotional and also shared how much they appreciated having Maci in their life. Gaye continued to wish him lots of happiness in his life and the emotions just kept rolling.

Taylor and his parents shared a big hug and his dad was just as happy that he finally asked Maci to marry him. It was yet another awesome moment for the big season 6 wedding that fans are still talking about.

You can check out the emotional Teen Mom OG video below.

MTV Releases Unseen Footage From Maci Bookout’s Wedding

This may be one of the coolest moments in Teen Mom OG history and thankfully it was captured and released by MTV. In a new video Maci Bookout and her family are celebrating her special day but in one instance she makes one of the most mature gestures ever.

There are some awesome candid moments where Maci and Taylor are gathering their families together to take photos and the bride even has to take a hold of Maverick to try and get him to stop crying for it.

It built upon the beautiful images fans got to see in the finale however. Maci pulled MacKenzie aside to have a heart-to-heart with her bringing MacKenzie to tears.

Maci explains to MacKenzie that she wanted her to know how much she appreciated her and that she always wanted Ryan to find a woman that would make him happy and treat their son like their own child.

“We are both his mother,” said Maci as MacKenzie went in for a big hug, tears streaming down her face.

The touching video ends with Maci and Taylor sharing a kiss under the fireworks and couldn’t be any more perfect.

You can watch the special unseen footage in the awesome video below.

MTV Releases Unseen Footage From Maci Bookout’s Wedding

Teen Mom OG: Season 5 Episode 15 Recap


Hey TMJ, June here for the season finale! TV Guide says: In the season finale, Amber undergoes plastic surgery in order to relieve her depression and negative self-image issues; and Farrah and her mom try to work through their differences after an encounter with Debra’s boyfriend.


Amber is spending time with Leah before she goes for surgery. She’s getting liposuction and her breasts done. Matt is publishing a book. Amber’s feeling insecure at Matt’s book cover photoshoot. She doesn’t want to look fat. She’s not going to Maci’s wedding because of the surgery. After the surgery, Amber spends a great deal of time resting.


Debra is willingly speaking to Simon about her problems. Might be because he’s on her side for once. She also brings up her new beau. Farrah agrees to meet with her mother’s new boyfriend. He starts off the dinner by calling Farrah out for how she treats her mother. Simon is also there and he starts picking at their past relationship. She leaves before they even order food. Farrah is taking her frustrations out on Simon. He doesn’t think Debra’s new relationship will last long but Farrah doesn’t care.

Farrah and Debra arrive at their therapy session. She seems to be aware of the fact that she talks to people in a way that offends them. The therapist tells Farrah that she’s acting entitled when she says she’s allowing her mother to help her.


Catelynn and Tyler are getting ready to go to Maci’s wedding. They’re able to leave Nova with her mom so it’ll be just them. Before they leave, Tyler gets a call that his dad is back in jail for missing his parole meeting. He feels like there’s something more going on beside a missed meeting. Catelynn and Tyler have arrived at the resort.


The weddings this weekend. Maci, Taylor, and crew are packing up and heading to the resort. As they’re getting ready, their friends drop off the gifts they’ve gotten for each other. Taylor got her a bracelet and Maci got him a rolex. After her dress and makeup, Maci mother gifts her with a pearl necklace to wear. Guests start showing up at the chapel. The bridesmaids and groomsmen make their way down the aisle. Bentley brings up the rear with Jayde in one hand and the handle to Maverick’s wagon in the other. And then it’s time for the bride. They’ve prepared their own vows, which were adorable. With the I Dos done, the new married couple heads to their carriage. Taylor got the Josh Abbott band to play their first dance song.

Here Are All Of The Sneak Peeks For Teen Mom OG’s S6 EP15

MTV has released a slew of awesome teasers for next week’s episode of Teen Mom OG. There are plenty of big moments coming especially one with Farrah Abraham and her mom, Debra. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention Abraham will be meeting her mom’s boyfriend. Yikes!

In the first clip below, Amber Portwood is getting ready for her mommy makeover procedure and shares just how nervous she really is about it. MTV is also teasing some home video footage for next week’s episode.

Meanwhile, things don’t seem to be going well for Butch and Tyler Baltierra isn’t happy about the news he gets. Fans who have been following the Teen Mom OG stars know that Tyler’s dad Butch, ended up going to jail for missing a parole meeting.

In a lighter side of things, Maci Bookout‘s wedding is finally featured in Teen Mom OG and it couldn’t have looked any more beautiful. Baltierra and Catelynn even make an appearance in the clip.

Finally, Farrah Abraham and her mother end things off with some drama. As Abraham tries to make more of an effort with her mom and their tumultuous relationship, she meets with her mother and her boyfriend who instantly points out that he has a feeling most of her mother’s stress comes from her. It’s not exactly the ideal way to start out a meeting.

Who Will Watch Catelynn and Tyler’s Spin-Off?

Teen Mom’s unicorn only remaining couple that’s still together, Catelynn and Tyler, are taking advantage of their Sixteen & Pregnant storyline with their new spin-off show.

The only couple still together that opted to give their child up for adoption when Catelynn became pregnant as a teen, MTV filmed their difficult moments grappling with giving up a child and fighting to stay in her life even while under the care of new parents.

Their new show, called “Reunited,” will feature them helping adopted children reunite with their estranged families.

The show airs December 5 at 10 PM ET on MTV. See the trailer below and take our poll to let us know if you’ll be watching.

Will you watch Catelynn and Tyler\'s spin-off?



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