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sarah roberts 2

Most people will remember Sarah Roberts for a variety of reasons.

1. Her red-headed shrimp boating baby daddy

2. Her hidden second pregnancy

3. Dating Ashley Salazar’s ex-boyfriend

4. Her engagement to a guy 10 years older than her

Anyway, regardless of all of the crap that’s happened since she became a mom at 17 and appeared on the 3rd season of 16 & Pregnant, she’s maintained a relatively low profile. Blake, who is Tinleigh’s father, left Sarah to go make more money on a shrimp boat, but ended up moving back to Georgia and impregnating another girl.  Sarah was mad that Blake was taking care of his second child, but refused to help raise his first.  When we last saw Sarah, she had petitioned the court to have Tinleigh’s last name changed from Thomas to Roberts since Blake didn’t have much to do with his daughter. A few months ago, Sarah shocked the Facebook world when she posted about making amends with her ex-boyfriend, Blake Thomas.  Sarah had even allowed Tinleigh to have a play date or two with her sister, Kaelyn.

sarah roberts

Although things looked promising, things look like they’ve taken a turn for the worst.  Sarah took to Twitter a few days ago to openly discuss Blake’s role in Tinleigh’s life now.  Sarah tweeted that she was mad about a Facebook post that Blake had made, and clarified that he’s still “pathetic to those who know the truth” to which Blake said that Sarah should be a grown up and take her problems to him instead of posting on social media.

Some other concerning things came up in their social media blow up including the fact that Blake bought a house in South Carolina and asked Sarah and Tinleigh to live with him, but they said no.  Blake also accused Sarah’s boyfriend Justin of being physically and emotionally abusive, claiming that Tinleigh is terrified to be around him.

1. Taylor Lumas Goes to College


Taylor, from season 3, was the youngest girl to be featured on 16 & Pregnant.  She was just 14 years old when camera started filming her pregnancy with daughter Aubri, and now that she’s 18 and has graduated high school on time with her class, she’s excited to announce that she’s been accepted to nursing school at Christ College in Ohio.  Christ College has around 550 students and is considered the best nursing school in Cincinnati.  Congrats to Taylor for doing what she can to achieve her dream job of being a pediatric nurse.

2. Briana Tweets about Cravings


While I’m still not 100% sure as to whether she’s pregnant or not, she’s been posting about things that make you really wonder what’s going on there.  Briana has shared comments about craving certain foods, and has also mentioned that she wants to fake being sick so that she can go home from work.  Her boyfriend, Shoc, even brought cheesecake to her work to satisfy a craving that Briana had a few days ago.  There’s no real answer as to whether she’s expecting a second child, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if she was.

3. Jordan Ward Plans to Move Back Home


Jordan, the girl with the identical twin sister, moved to Texas after her husband Brian joined the air force.  Sadly, it doesn’t appear that their marriage is working out the way they intended it to, and she’s shared that she is moving back to Missouri to be closer to family.  This is a pretty big move with two small children, but Jordan has a support system back home that she doesn’t have in Texas.



Nathan and Jenelle keep taking care of Kaiser, but when Barbara says that Jenelle can take care of Jace for a night, she’s upset because she’s just too exhausted to drive to pick up Jace.  Jenelle calls her mom and asks to talk to Jace.  She asks him if he wants to come spend the night with her and Nathan, and he says that he does and would like for her to pick him up.  It was actually a cute phone conversation.

Jace comes back to Jenelle’s house and he’s excited to see Kaiser.  Jenelle says she’s happy to have Jace with her even if it’s just for the night.  Everyone is really tired.  Jace says that he’s excited to start school, and we learn that he knows how to spell his name.  Jace helps Jenelle make a bottle for Kaiser, and we even get some footage of Nathan making a bottle to feed Kaiser in the middle of the night.  All four of them are sleeping in one bed at one point, which I thought was a little strange.

Jace goes back to Barbara’s house.  Nathan talks about hot wings and how they’re good going in, but bad coming out.  Awkward.  Nathan wants to have a plan for custody of Jace, and Jenelle thinks that they need to have a house first and be a little more stable, while Nathan thinks that Jace needs to get with them as soon as possible.  Nathan thinks it’s the perfect time to get Jace back, and says that Jenelle is only letting her mom have Barbara because she’s brainwashed.  Jenelle says that she doesn’t want to take Jace away in the middle of a school year because he would have to leave his friends and school, but Nathan just has no patience with the situation at all.

Barbara takes Jace to see the fireworks, but Jenelle is mad because she wasn’t able to do it.  Nathan talks about how Barbara acts like Jace’s mom, not Jenelle.  Jenelle is scared that when Jace gets older, he’ll think that his mom wasn’t around for the important moments, when Jenelle thinks that Barbara takes him to fun things to try and get ahead of her in things.


Kailyn is struggling with the fact that Isaac is gone for 6 weeks, and says that every time she calls Jo to talk to Isaac, she can’t really get through to him.  Javi and Kailyn talk about vacation and the struggle of going on vacation without him.  Kailyn says that she’s not sure if the 6 weeks during the summer thing is going to work, and that she’s sad that Lincoln gets his parents together, but Isaac doesn’t get his mom and dad together.

Kailyn goes on a college tour at Delaware State University, and picks up some information about some programs that she would be interested in looking at.  The tour seems like it goes pretty well, and they even have a daycare building on campus.  Kailyn checks out the mass communications building, and after the tour is over, she says she loves the school and will be there soon.

Kailyn, Javi, and Lincoln head to the beach for their vacation.  Jo celebrates his birthday, and Isaac makes him a cute poster about how Jo is his favorite superhero.  Jo’s family asks how things are going having Isaac full time, and he says that he loves having Isaac more.  Kailyn has been checking in, and even though Isaac isn’t on vacation with Kailyn, Jo still feels pretty passionately about having his son on Father’s Day.

While on vacation, Kailyn and Javi talk about how much they miss Isaac.  Kailyn thinks that Jo should have rescheduled his family event, and talks about how she doesn’t think the 6 weeks in the summer will work once Isaac is in school.  Kailyn always worries that Isaac will have one summer when he doesn’t want to come home and talks about how the grass is greener on the other side.  Kailyn hopes that Lincoln and Isaac are close enough that he won’t want to leave, but that when he’s old enough he can make the decision for himself.


Leah sits down with her step dad and talks about the whole situation with Corey filing for full custody.  Lee doesn’t understand why the court would even consider giving full custody to Corey when he’s in denial about Ali’s medical needs.  Lee says that Leah is the one that’s done everything for the girls, and that if she was such a bad mother, he should have taken her to court a long time ago.

Corey and Miranda meet with Corey’s parents and talk about the custody situation.  Corey says that for the last year he’s asked Leah if she needs someone to take Ali to therapy, and every time she’ll say no and then not show up for the appointments.  Corey says that any time something comes up, everyone thinks there are being personal attacks thrown around, but all he wants is what’s best for the kids.  Corey doesn’t think that his kids are getting cared for the way that they should, but he’s concerned that if he gets full custody that the girls would resent him later on in life.

Leah and Corey have court, so her family is watching the girls.  Aleeah screams at the door begging her mom not to leave, which is really sad.  Corey and Miranda say that they’re nervous for the court date, but that all they can do is hope for the best.  Leah’s lawyer says that they’re going to try to get her the medical decision making and more child support, while Corey’s lawyer wants to get him full custody.

Everyone heads to court and you can tell that things are just really tense between the families.  An hour later, everyone gets out of court and reveals that they didn’t make any decisions today.  The court appointed a guardian to figure some things out about medical issues, and that the next court hearing is about child support and medical bills. Corey is required to pay $800 each month until things are figured out.  Leah thinks that Corey is just fighting for full custody to try and benefit himself, and that it’s not what’s best for the kids.


Aubree is with Adam’s family again, and Chelsea is busy working like always.  She does some makeup for a wedding, and says that it’s her first time doing it since she got her license.  Chelsea talks about things that she can do to help promote her business, and talks about vagina and nipple bleaching.  Awkward.

Adam gets arrested again, but Chelsea doesn’t know why.  Chelsea says that he’s been arrested 2 times on his weekends with Aubree, and says that his mom actually informed Chelsea about the latest arrest.  Chelsea says that she doesn’t know much about the custody situation between Adam and Taylor, but that she’s ready to talk to a lawyer about visitation.  Chelsea doesn’t want to take away visitation from Adam’s parents, but she doesn’t think that Adam needs to have any visitation if he’s going to be in jail constantly.  Since Adam hasn’t had any court dates yet, there’s the potential for some prison time, and Chelsea says that she’ll die before she takes her kid to a prison for visitation.

Chelsea requests a copy of Adam’s criminal record.  She calls Randy to talk about things, and basically explains that Adam has a ton of upcoming court dates.  Chelsea wants to revise the visitation schedule, but Randy says that until the court dates happen it’s kind of pointless to do anything because she’s got nothing to really go off of besides the fact that he’s still breaking the law.

Adam’s mom drops Aubree off early and notices that her knee is scraped.  Chelsea is pissed that Aubree is hurt, and Aubree claims that she burnt it on a dirt bike that Adam was driving.  Aubree also says that she wasn’t wearing a helmet.  Chelsea is mad because Adam isn’t supposed to drive any motor vehicles with Aubree.


Well, I would like to say that this is something that surprised me, but I can honestly say that I’m not surprised at all.

Briana, who was featured on Teen Mom 3, is allegedly expecting a second child with her boyfriend, whom we now know as Shoc.  Shoc has one child of his own already, one girl that’s confirmed to be pregnant, and the potential of Briana being pregnant too.  Anyway, this Shoc guy’s ex-girlfriend took to Twitter a few days ago to start some drama about Shoc and Briana’s relationship.  The girl, who is named Meg (and can be found on Twitter at @LittlePearll) suggests that Briana is expecting another child, and that Shoc might not exactly be the most faithful guy.  Here are some screenshots that Meg shared on her profile.  The originals include Briana’s cell phone number, but I cropped those out, although if you really want the number it’s not hard to find.  (Sorry in advance if the language offends you)

briana1 briana2 briana3 briana4briana5

Maybe I just don’t like drama in my personal life, but if I started getting texts like that from someone, I would try to eliminate the cause of the drama as quickly as possible.  Anyway, again I’m not sure if Briana is actually pregnant because she hasn’t confirmed it herself, but there are a few things that really stuck out to me about this whole situation.

1. Obviously this isn’t the entire conversation and more went on between these two ladies.  The conversation is sliced up into smaller parts and it doesn’t mesh together on Meg’s Twitter feed.

2. Even though it’s obviously missing parts, Briana doesn’t say anywhere that she’s not pregnant with Shoc’s child.  If someone was accusing me of being pregnant and having multiple kids with multiple fathers, I would probably try to set the record straight on that if it wasn’t true.

3. Shoc shared this on Twitter, and we know that he has 2 kids for sure.  Could Briana be pregnant with his third?


Ahh, the debate as old as time itself.. or at least until we arbitrarily decided to give some people a bonus for doing their jobs. Look, I’m not against tipping, but it seems every day a few tip scandal pops up with some ‘celebrity’ skimping out on a waiter/waitress. Today’s story popped up from none other than Jenelle herself when she decided to share a screenshot of a message she received from a waitress.


Jenelle mentioned how she dines at the restaurant all the time, so I’m going to guess it’s Olive Garden – although she’s not saying which one.  Side note – 10000% chance Jenelle got on the phone with MTV reps and demanded an Olive Garden Unlimited Pasta Pass when she heard that news. Jenelle is going to take it up with the restaurant – after she publicly calls the girl out on her facebook page with nearly 1 million fans.  I blocked out the girls name, but I’m sure you can easily find it,  if you care. So what is she complaining about?  Not only did Jenelle’s party skimp the tip, but left this note on the back of the receipt…


but to clear things up, it wasn’t Jenelle even paying…


Where does that leave us?  Confused, that’s where. I am honestly torn. First off, the waitress loses some points for making the initial post unless Jenelle was the person paying. You can’t just throw out the cheap celebrity card all willy nilly. You need to pick your battles. Technically, Jenelle wasn’t responsible for the tip if she was just a guest at the dinner. Isn’t that tipping 101?  Like, you can’t go ripping random customers who have no part in the tip situation.  However, Doris is not to avoid blame either. You have to leave a tip if you go out to eat and have a waitress serve you. That’s a rule. Tipping someone for pouring your coffee may be debatable, but until the waitstaff, bartenders, etc in the country aren’t excluded from the minimum wage law, you have to tip. Don’t like it?  Get take out.

Not tipping this waitress because the kitchen is slow is doing exactly what the waitress did to Jenelle. They’re blaming the wrong people. The waitstaff is at the mercy of the kitchen as soon as they put the ticket in, so if it takes two hours, complain to a manager. Don’t screw the poor waitress who is making like $2/hr putting up with people who all feel they’re more important than anyone else in the restaurant.

One thing I forgot to mention is that Jenelle is not completely innocent here, either. How does the saying go “you’re only as good as the company you keep” (or did I make that up?).. well, Jenelle has to be aware of her semi-celebrity status and pay attention to how her group handles people.  Even as a non-celebrity, I’ve often thrown an extra dollar or two on the table if I thought the person was being cheap with the tip. Jenelle can’t completely play innocent here.

PS – did anyone laugh when they got to the part where the waitress said “I actually thought you were a nice person”? I’m guessing she doesn’t watch much Teen Mom.

leah1 leah2

This season of Teen Mom 2 has talked a lot about Ali’s medical issues and the custody situation between Corey and Leah regarding the twins.  Leah learned in the last episode that Corey had filed for full custody of the girls, but didn’t seem too upset or concerned about the potential of losing them when she spoke to her husband, Jeremy, on the phone about it.  In this sneak peek, we see Leah talk to her step father about Corey filing for custody, and we see a side to the situation that we didn’t see last week.  Leah breaks down when talking about it.  (OK, so maybe she still isn’t crying as much as I would be if I could lose custody of my kid, but it’s more emotion than we saw last time, and I do see a few tears in this short segment.)

Leah claims that she was shocked when she found out about Corey’s attempt to get full custody, and says that if she was such a bad mother, that Corey would have filed for sole custody a long time ago.  Leah’s step father mentions that the courts wouldn’t give custody to someone that was still in denial about Ali’s medical condition and someone that wasn’t willing to do whatever possible to get her the help and assistance that she needed.  This is an obvious stab at Corey and his sense of denial about Ali’s Muscular Dystrophy, as well as his choice to not use the wheelchair that Ali has.

Honestly, I’m still torn on who is right and wrong in this situation, but the only thing that I’m sure of is that all three girls need parents that are involved and looking out for their best interests.