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So remember how Kailyn confirmed she and Javi were divorcing like five minutes? A source close to Kail has now told Radar Online that this may not be the case!

The source tells Radar, “His first priority is seeing his family and spending time with the boys. Javi and Kail are planning on spending time together as a family to see if their relationship can be fixed.”

Javi has also made some big plans with friends to avoid “smothering each other while trying to deal with their issues.” They go on to say, “He has plans to do a couple of things with Peach and [other] friends like concerts, mini vacations and sporting events.”
Sadly, I don’t think Kail’s own Becky With The Good Hair counts as one of those other friend anymore. To the best of TMJ’s knowledge, Javi is still in Formation.
Although it has been revealed that Javi will be returning to the States very soon, we cannot release any exact dates to ensure the safety of all of our good ‘ol boys overseas. But we can tell you that upon his return, Kail and Javi plan to try to save their four year relationship.

This mysterious source wraps things up by saying, “They are trying to work their issues out and stay together. I think they both need to work on many aspects of their relationship. There are a lot of control and anger issues at play.”

Anyone else pretty sure that Javi is the control and Kail is the anger? Do you think they’ll work it out? How many more times do you think they’ll announce their divorce before it sticks?

Is Matt Baier Evil? …Yeah Probably

Happy Hump Day to everyone out there who still has faith in my sanity! Since I was already outed on the Teen Mom subreddit, I’ll come clean here too. Since I became a writer for this site in June of last year, I have maintained two TMJ accounts. The first was the account I’ve had since signing up in 2013. The second is this account that I post articles from. I would post comments from both these accounts because, like everyone else here, I enjoy being able to be myself anonymously. The community and sharing personal things with peace of mind is one of the best parts of this site, and sadly, it is one that I can no longer take part in. I’m sorry if anyone feels like this means I have problems or have somehow deceived them. A bummer for me, but I hope we can all get through this together. 

Photo credit goes to Radar Online

So it’s finally happened. A family member of Matt Baier (ya know, Amber Portwood’s questionable boyfriend) has come forward to express his feelings about Matt… none of which are positive. Matt’s eldest son, Chris Baier, (who is older than Amber) told us how he really feels about his father. It is a very different story than the one Amber was telling on the last season of Teen Mom OG. Quelle surprise!

This is the story Chris told Radar Online:

“I had no father figure in my life. I hate that man, for everything he is and isn’t.”

Chris was born to Matt and Sarah Baier in North Dakota twenty some odd years ago. Baby Chris was conceived shortly after Matt and Sarah wed and Matt split even more shortly after that. Even worse yet, he didn’t pay a dime in child support. Like ever.

Radar confirms that Matt owes Chris’ mother child support. Sarah Baier is just one of five women who sued him for failing to pay support over the years. This is a matter of Indiana State record. Although of the cases have been dropped. Two different women in the state of Massachusetts have provided evidence that Matt owes them support up in New England.

“He owes us thousands and thousands of dollars, for 18 years of support. We struggled like dogs with money when I was growing up. I wanted a father, needed a father. I begged him to be my father the few times I talked to him on the phone. It was always a big fat nothing with him.”

Like several other people from Matt’s past, Chris accuses Matt of being a lying, manipulative con man. As an ex of Matt’s asserted before, Chris says that Matt was never an addict. Instead, it was Chris who struggled with drugs. Chris thinks Matt used his oldest boy’s story as a script to appear sympathetic on screen and to Amber herself.

“He asked me to tell him all about my problems with drugs. When I saw him on MTV, he was talking about all of my drug problems that I told him about, and made believe they were his problems. The truth of the matter is, he’s an evil, evil man, and when he did evil things, he was stone cold sober. All he does is use people and hurt them. He’s a horrible, nasty person, the ultimate con artist. I hope I’m nothing like him, I would never do what he’s done.”

Chris has not been able to contact Amber, but strongly advises her against marrying his father this October. Amber has yet to make any comments to the media about this latest accusation, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Are you as fake shocked as I am about this news? Do you believe Chris and his story? Was Matt ever really addicted to drugs?

5 Things Sophia Abraham Is Definitely Going to Talk to Her Future Therapist About

Farrah Abraham is back in the news again for her questionable parenting tactics. Farrah is one of the most loathed (albeit, richest) members of the Teen Mom crew because a) she constantly comes across as delusional, rude, and fame-whorey and b) many people are genuinely worried about whether or not her daughter, Sophia has the capability of growing up to be a functioning adult thanks to Farrah’s unique sense of parenting.

I can’t predict the future (if I could I totally would have known to never, ever defend Jenelle in any circumstance when I started writing for TMJ, but I have a feeling these are some of the things Sophia Abraham is going to need to talk to her future therapist about. Here we go:


  1. Regularly wearing make-up at the ripe age of seven

I remember the first time my mother introduced me to bronzer. I was in the ninth grade and someone made me self-concious after ridiculing me for my pasty white legs. Bronzer soon became my best friend, and for a while I honestly couldn’t live without it. I didn’t even go without it to the gym, or around the house! If I could back in time I would have embraced my pasty white legs and learned how to make them look better with one critical (and free!) thing: confidence.

This anecdote ties into my feelings about painting a seven-year-old’s face with full make-up, even if it’s for a photo shoot or what have you. Sophia is literally being bred to not love herself for her she is and what she has, and that can have devastating effects on her self esteem as an adult, me-thinks. And low self-esteem results in myriad negative behaviors, as seen in the behavior of tons of child stars who grow up under the lens (see: Lindsay Lohan).

2. Being forced to call Nicki Minaj a ‘ total loser’ at age six

Farrah has tried to keep herself relevant by feeding off the fame of others far more successful than her, as she has done by both feuding with the Kardashians and Nicki Minaj, to name just a few.

It goes without saying that Nicki Minaj has a waaaaay more loyal fan base than Farrah, so she really had to pull out all the stops while beefing with the hip-hop star.

One of the tactics Farrah used was involving Sophia, who was six-years-old at the time. She recorded Sophia saying “Nicki Minaj is a total loser” with the caption “Nicki Minaj says bad words, I don’t.” Which is typically to be expected of a SIX-year-old and should go without saying, but is actually surprising here considering Farrah has done every single other thing that involves parenting wrong.

Anyways, can you imagine growing up, maybe liking a Nicki Minaj song like pretty much every teenager is bound to at some point, and than realizing that your mother recorded you calling her a loser before you even really, truly knew what loser meant? That’s definitely something to be discussed in the therapist’s chair later on.

3. Getting $600 for losing a tooth 

I’m not going to lie, I was a relatively spoiled child as the first born and an only child for eight whole years. Every time I lost a tooth, I got five big ones, which was four more than all my cousins would get. Naturally, my snotty little self bragged about how much the tooth fairy liked me better and how rich I was every second I got. My cousins would in return tell me how they were actually the winners cause their respective mothers said I was going to grow up to be spoiled rotten and unsuccessful. In so many words, I’m paraphrasing here. 

Well, guess what. While I consider myself a relatively successful person now-a-days, it took a lot for me to get here. When my parents cut off all funds and support my freshman year of college after realizing I might never learn to be independent, I really, truly struggled to persevere.

Now, imagine getting SIX HUNDRED dollars every time you lost a tooth (or $1,000, like she did here). Where does a person find the motivation to work and be successful if they had everything they ever wanted at an early age?


4. Watching Mom constantly berate Grandma

Farrah is a total witch to her poor mother Debra (which inspired the Nicki Minaj feud in the first place), and while it’s true we may not know the two’s history or what has inspired Farrah’s resentment of her, I do know it CANNOT be healthy for Sophia to constantly watch and hear Farrah berate gram.

Familial relationships are the first exposure children have to understanding how relationships work, so it can’t be a good thing that Sophia is learning from the relationship Farrah has with her mom.

Farrah has even made her mother CRY in front of Sophia, which to be honest very memorably  broke my heart while I was watching.

5. Coming second to a crazed desire for fame

Farrah genuinely seems like she thinks she’s a good mom, but it doesn’t take a ton of calculated analysis to understand that Farrah’s main priority is getting and keeping fame at all costs.

This has come at a cost to Sophia, who will have to grow up and see all the nasty articles about her mom (including this one, sorry!) All of the aforementioned things tie into this, but I felt the need to explicitly say it and I’m sure that a therapist will eventually have to help poor Sophia come to terms with this, too.


Alright, now that I got that off my chest let’s hear what you guys think. To avoid completely being destroyed in the comments this time I would also like to add: Jenelle sucks.

Clearing Things Up About Recent Site Issues


So with the change in writing staff over recent months we have also been presented with two major site issues.

First and most importantly, it appears the email info of TMJ members may have been compromised. This has been mentioned in the comments many times lately, but I wanted to make this more public for people to know. It happened to my email too, and I’m just as upset as all of you. Please make sure to change your email password to prevent/stop your account from being used to send spam email.

Secondly of course is the refreshing issue which has been frustrating to us all since it began. Along with some questionable ads and automatic downloads on the site. There has been a lot of confusion about what is happening and why. Here is a comment that previous TMJ owner Stevebeans made about everything going on:

“Here is the deal. I have no more affiliation with the site. I handed it off to someone Nikki knows, and they are completely in charge with everything from ads to the refreshing issue.

Why did I do it? TMJ became more hassle than it was worth for me. When I carried the site alone, I almost closed shop multiple times because it was a lot of work to keep up with a show that (honestly) I wasn’t even interested in any more. The cast of the show is insufferable, and they have gotten worse by the season.

The only reason the site continued the way it did was because of Megan. She carried the load for a long time, and yes, I did pay for because of it. I wish I could have paid her more, but frankly the site did not generate much revenue for me because I’m not an expert at that. I don’t do slideshows, clickbait or other tactics many other sites use. I can’t stand pop-ups, ads with auto playing audio and all the other weird shit. I did ask for donations at one point, most would go between the costs of keeping the site up and the rest to Megan, but I was absolutely roasted for being ‘greedy’.

Megan got a full time teaching job, and her schedule became a bit full, so I relieved her work by looking for volunteer writers to help her out. That is when I found such brilliant writers like TheGirlses, and especially Tomlin. I could haven’t asked for a better volunteer crew, and so badly wanted to pay them, but the site merely didn’t generate the revenue for it. They single-handedly kept the site running while Megan was busy, and I will always appreciate the hard work they put in.

While they were writing, Megan was still around spot-checking and proofreading as that’s about all she had the time to do. She cut back on writing, but essentially ‘ran’ the site for me. The brilliant volunteers kept going, and Megan watched over. However, real life issues came up for Megan and she simply couldn’t do anything for the site any more. That left it all on me, and with my main site, there would be no way I’d handle all the comments, moderating, and dealing with drama.

I knew Nikki, and she knows someone who has experience running multiple sites. Considering the site was barely paying for itself the way I was running it, I cut my losses and handed it over.

As far as some numbers I have seen thrown around. Let me tell you, if they were even close to accurate, I would have kept the site, and each writer would have been paid for each article they submitted. Website values by those sites are factored by a number of things, mostly alexa rankings and such. They’re also under the impression you’re squeezing the site for every dollar you can make. I wasn’t.

I will send the guy another email about the flood of people leaving the site, but it sounds like the damage has already been done. People are pushing some reddit group, and once you go reddit, you don’t go back apparently.

I just want to close this one more time by saying I absolutely love Megan, Tomlin, and the other writers who took time to offer their services. They are not only fantastic writers, but fantastic people. Without them, I guarantee this site would have shut the door years ago. So, whether you stay or go, please give them a round of applause because they deserve any and all accolades they get. Thank you”

Even as a writer of this site this information has been hard to come by and I too have only had it laid out for the first time now. Tomlin and I have been texting a lot over the last few weeks trying to figure things out and get more info. Today I was able to get in touch with Nikki who has assured me that she is aware of everything going on and will be meeting with the new site developer this Wednesday to discuss the technical issues. We’ve also arranged a group iMessage for Nikki, Tomlin, and I to communicate on about the site, which is what we used to do with Megan and it worked pretty well. So hopefully these things will bring some better changes for us all

I don’t know what the future of TMJ will be, but I want to apologize to the whole community for what’s been going on. As someone who has been a reader, commenter, and a writer of Teen Mom Junkies, I understand the disappointment. Some of these recent events have really felt like a betrayal to the community which is the lifeblood of this website. This site has been through all kinds of up and downs since it began in 2011 and I have my fingers crossed that we can weather this dip in the road and come back strong again!

Kailyn’s Enduring Love for Alliteration

38d94c481d7242cca1b33a47a2503120 As we all know, Kailyn fancies herself some kind of writer. After releasing her child’s book Love is Bubblegum last year, Kail has been very steady in her promotion. We saw her marriage with Javi fall apart during this last season of Teen Mom 2, because she wanted to focus on her career. Kail is sharing more about her tenacity in this latest book.

According to Simon & Schuster, Kailyn’s new book “Hustle & Heart” features Kailyn, “as a small-town girl turned teen mom, reality TV star, bestselling author and social media celebrity Kailyn Lowry has been through some crazy ups and downs. Now she’s sharing the inspiration that got her through it all.

Hustle and Heart is packed with motivational inspirational messages, personal advice and relatable experiences for those making their way through life’s challenging mix of joy and hardship.

From bullying, sexual assault and body image to motherhood, marriage and career challenges, Kailyn wants you to know that there’s nothing you can’t survive—with a little bit of hustle and heart. ”

Much like the title, a lot of this sounds oddly familiar. But it seems this time, Kail is selling this a self-help type book. First interior decorating and now life coach. Kail has got the whole momketing (that’s mom marketing) down. Still no word if plastic surgery recovery tips and pointers on stirring online attention will be included in this book. Even Chelsea is open about her botox!

Kailyn has become an increasingly controversial member of the Teen Mom 2 cast. Since the show has been on for so long at this point, one may wonder if the shine has worn off. Will fans still be clamoring for an in depth look? Or will they be bored with a rehashing of what’s already occurred on screen?

Kailyn’s last work shared a lot about her rough childhood, early relationships and her life’s passions: Tattoos and mermaids. Just so we can remember her writing style and general mode of storytelling let’s reminisce. Here’s Chapter 14 of Pride Over Pity, entitled, “Girl Friends.”

Meanwhile, there were problems brewing from the outside, from someone who I had thought cared about me. I wasn’t prepared that the next crisis in my life would involve my close friend, Aria. In my opinion she had been bringing herself down by befriending strippers and changing herself to fit into her new crowd. I confronted her, making it clear that I didn’t want to be around that lifestyle and we couldn’t be friends if she continued to be a part of it. This fight led us to the end of our friendship and worse.

Aria and I had been friends for years. I didn’t want to lose her friendship, but sometimes you have to let go of an unhealthy relationship even if it means losing something that used to be great. The issue between us quickly escalated into the biggest blowup I had ever had in my life, and by the end some old skeletons from my past I had been dragged out into the public eye.

Back in middle school, I had this friend with whom I was close, very close. In fact, our friendship was blurry and experimental. We didn’t have boyfriends, so we used to practice on each other. We kissed and touched each other. At such a young age, I didn’t stop to analyze what this meant about my sexuality—even though I knew we had a unique friendship, and the twinges of jealousy I felt ached more than if she was just a regular friend. I’d get upset if she hung out with other friends, thinking she could be doing the same things with them. Was I just being promiscuous? I never considered myself to be gay. We hid the physical part of our relationship from her mom because we knew we were different from the other girls at school and we had some instilled guilt that we were doing would not be considered “acceptable.” Looking back, I realize that I thought of her as my girlfriend even if we never officially acknowledged it. Years later, she came out as a lesbian.

Since then, I had only had sexual experiences with guys. Girls never crossed my mind again as an option—until Aria. To clarify my relationship with Aria: we never dated. We were never teetering between friendship and a relationship. While I was still living at Jo’s, we hooked up once. This wasn’t Girls Gone Wild shit. I felt an indescribable love for Aria. It wasn’t romantic love, but that didn’t make it any less meaningful.

There was a deleted scene from Teen Mom 2 where we discussed the nature of our friendship and if it would ever go further. I had never really sat down to examine my sexuality, but Aria was convinced I was gay like her. I didn’t want to be stereotyped as a closeted lesbian. For me it’s much more complicated than that. . I was happy with Javi and I felt like Aria wanted to destroy that. Maybe she thought her influence would help me be a free butterfly and declare my true sexuality to the world, but I felt like she was too intensely eager to push me towards girls. There is no denying my attraction to certain women, but in my mind there was no need for the discussion because experimentation is as far as I ever wanted to go. I honestly believe that nobody is completely straight and attraction to the same sex is natural, but Aria’s insistence that I should only be with girls was not true to who I am. I felt like she kept telling me what I wanted, but really it was just what she wanted. I didn’t want to be with Aria or any girl for that matter. I should have been clearer with her, but I lightly passed the discussion off with a mere shrug and a “maybe” to being open to dating women.

Instead of allowing me to make my own choices, Aria told Javi that I was gay and I would eventually leave him for a woman. Javi believed she was telling the truth because Aria was my best friend. Why would she lie? He left me without even hearing me out and went to stay with some friends at Bloomsburg University, two hours away. I panicked beyond belief and went after him. As I drove, my mind raced through several horrible scenarios. I was terrified that I was about to lose the best thing that had ever happened to me. What if right now his friends were convincing him to end it with me? I could almost hear the lesbian jokes being thrown around at my expense. I didn’t need to be pigeonholed by anyone. My sexuality wasn’t a joke or anyone’s business.

I was hoping to have a calm discussion with Javi to explain that Aria had skewed our conversation to sound like I was interested in dating women, but I never got the chance. As soon as I arrived on campus, I was confronted by ten sorority girls, accompanied a guy who grabbed me and prevented me from seeing Javi. He repeatedly said how awful I was and the girls pushed me around. Luckily, I had two friends with me who shoved the guy off and tried to resolve the situation. But the incident continued to escalate. It was easily the worst night of my life. I went home to cry myself to sleep, wishing the mess would disappear and still hearing their screams of Fuck Isaac ringing in my ears.

Although—many, many months down the road—Aria did explain to Javi that she had misrepresented the details of our conversation in that moment he didn’t want to hear it. I was terrified he was finished with me for good. I felt like my world had been torn to shreds, leaving me alone and vulnerable. Aria was no longer my friend. Javi probably never wanted to see me again. What was I going to do now?

I waited. I hoped. As I slummed in misery, I heard Aria had sold the story she told Javi to the media. I don’t know if she really did, but the tabloids had a field day. I knew the rumors would stay rumors as long as I didn’t speak up, so I let the headlines slide by without comment. In no shape or form was I ashamed of my actions or who I was, but declaring myself a certain sexuality was a label that I refused to be burdened with. I wasn’t going to allow the media to use me as a poster child for closeted gays. It wouldn’t be fair to those who truly had such difficulty expressing who they are. Now that is a difficult journey.

Fundamentally, I knew there was one definite in my life—Javi. Thankfully, the love Javi and I possess proved to be stronger than the drama the rumors and lies had brought into our lives. Javi eventually cooled down and we were able to find a way around the anger and hurt.

The major cliché of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger applies heavily in our case. Interrogating myself under a bright light for days crystallized one fact for me: I wanted to marry Javi. Deep down I had known it all along. I didn’t want to waste any more time holding back from what I truly wanted. Javi was opposed to waiting any longer, too. He would be entering the Air Force soon. We didn’t want to part without calling each other husband and wife, so we decided to marry in Vegas.

We went all the way south, with the MTV camera crew in tow, but our minds changed instantly. Eloping in a dime a dozen chapel below flickering fluorescent lights, where you could choose a sci-fi theme or have a fake Elvis memento seemed cheesy and unromantic. Once we got down there, I realized I didn’t want my wedding to be like that so we decided it would be best to wait.

Are you excited to read more from Kailyn? Do you think you’d benefit from Kail’s version of self-help? How do you think this book will sell?

Jeremy Calvert’s Mysterious Instagram Posts Fuel Pregnancy Rumors

Hey guys! To address the refreshing issue, after being looked into by someone with developing experience it should be fixed and should no longer interfere with discussions going forward. If you’re still here & reading this, thanks for your patience, however snarky it might have been. 

Though Leah Messer’s ex Jeremy Calvert deleted his Twitter account to avoid Teen Mom drama, he’s kept his Instagram account and is an active poster.

Calvert’s latest Instagram posts are the topic of the day as many Teen Mom fans think he could possibly be hinting at marriage, pregnancy or both with girlfriend Brooke Wehr.

While Calvert regularly posts pics of him and Brooke as well as frequently makes her his #WCW, his three posts about her over the past day seem a little different from prior posts.

Two days ago, Calvert posted a selfie of Brooke with the caption:

Gosh this girl is pretty much amazing in so many ways. Hopefully we get great news today babe @bwehr10

Gosh this girl is pretty much amazing in so many ways. Hopefully we get great news today babe @bwehr10

A photo posted by Jeremy Calvert (@jeremylcalvert505) on

The “great news” part is the reason why many are suggesting Brooke could be with child, but it also could be referring to the two buying a home together, something Calvert hinted at back in April. Either way, it definitely refers to some big changes in the two’s relationship.

Yesterday, Calvert followed this post with a photo of a pool surrounded by palm trees with the caption:

Babe I say honeymoon right here!!!!! @bwehr10

Naturally, this fueled suspicions that the two might be engaged, but it could just be wishful thinking or talk about things to come.

What do you guys think?

Babe I say honeymoon right here!!!!! @bwehr10

A photo posted by Jeremy Calvert (@jeremylcalvert505) on

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