Teen Mom OG: Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Welcome to another Monday, TMJ. June here, to recap this week’s train wreck. TV Guide says: “Maci’s daughter Jayde turns one and frets because Ryan’s not around for Bentley; and Farrah moves to L.A., but continues to fight with Simon.” I’m not sure how a one year old understands the relationship between father and son, more or less “frets” over it. She must be pretty smart, is all I can think of.


Amber’s pushing to have the new house ready by the time Leah returns from Florida. Matt and her go to a furniture store and immediately seem to find everything they need. Over the summer, Leah will be spending every other week with Amber. Gary calls Amber to make sure that she remembers when they are getting back to town. Good thing he did, Amber had thought they were coming back on Friday. Gary rejects the idea of Leah staying over with Amber on a school night even though her new house is closer to Leah’s school.

Before dropping Leah off with Amber, Gary reminds her to brush her teeth and to call him. Even though he says he’s not coming in Gary goes to use Amber’s bathroom and to see Leah’s new room. She seems to really like it, though she’s more excited by the toy horse in the corner.


Farrah has a “surprise” for Sophia. It’s the announcement that she’s bought the second house in LA. Sophia, understandably, is not as excited as Farrah is. Debbie is coming with her to make sure the house is in order. When Farrah calls her to confirm, Simon comes up. He paid her for the engagement ring but hasn’t been around since. Farrah arrives at her new house and Debbie is already there. She starts listing off all the things she needs to buy and then slips in that Simon is supposed to pay for all of it. Simon arrives with flowers and a moving truck. An argument soon starts regarding what to do with the furniture.

The producer comes in and starts asking Simon what the schedule is for the furniture. He doesn’t want to talk about because Farrah won’t take anyone else’s opinions into consideration…surprising. She’s in the house, while Simon is still out in the truck, talking to her mom. Well, she mostly complaining about Simon’s sense of humor and the fact that they didn’t make it to Home Depot. Simon orders the production team to get rid of the boxes in the truck and then get rid of the truck. After which, he just leaves. Farrah calls him to get him to take the truck back. When he does she plans to lock up her house and leave.

Farrah goes to get her hair done and visit with her friend Jenna. She tells her that Simon isn’t for her after Farrah says that Simon tries to control her. She does say that people who love each other don’t hurt each other but that goes both ways Farrah, dear.


Catelynn will still be gone for 30 more days but she’s gotta call Tyler to make sure he’s still coming to pick her up. Like chill guys, it is still a month away. The 30 days are over and Catelynn calls Tyler asking him to come pick her up tonight instead of tomorrow morning. Tyler can’t go cause he doesn’t think Nova should be up that late. Instead, Jess the Producer goes for her. Tyler’s waiting up for her in their new house with flowers and a card with a personal note he wrote for her.

Tyler, Catelynn, and Nova go hiking. Tyler’s really into it with Nova in her little pack on his back. On the way back, Tyler asks about what Catelynn’s going to do about the pig and pot. While she’s unsure about the pig, she’s decided that she’s done with pot. Catelynn goes to see her therapist. She says that she scored well during her psych evaluations. Catelynn has learned some important lessons and seems to be much more confident in herself.


Jayde’s first birthday is the day before Maverick’s due date. There’s worry that the one year old might not have a celebration this year. (Sure she won’t remember it either way.) Jayde’s birthday celebration is underway. Ryan wasn’t invited because Maci hasn’t seen him. Regardless, the party seems to go off without a hitch and so Jayde has her first birthday. After the party, Maci has some doubts about not saying anything to Ryan. Taylor suggests that she rest for a bit but Maci shoots it down immediately. Ryan’s whining about not being invited to Jayde’s birthday party. His parents are pushing for him to ask for more time with Bentley.

Maci is annoyed because Ryan isn’t showing up for Bentley’s baseball games. If he does show up it’s only for the last 10 minutes. She doesn’t believe he cares enough because he hasn’t grown up. She decides that Bentley won’t be spending time with Ryan if he can’t make it to the games on time.

Farrah Abraham Called Her Daughter “Stupid?”

It seems that Farrah Abraham, the Teen Mom OG most famous for her sex tape, poor plastic surgery, and willingness to do anything for money, may not, surprise, surprise, be a great parent.

Abraham has apologized for calling her daughter Sophia “stupid” during a recent episode of Teen Mom OG. The often-naked parent would not address the anger over her comments which has been very visible online, but she did tell Radar Online she regretted making the remark.

“I can be stupid, anyone can act stupid,” Abraham explained. He original remark was made when she slammed her daughter for refusing to get ready for an Easter event.

At the time of the incident Abraham’s daughter was feeling ill, though her mom did not consider that an excuse.

“Between the two of you I don’t know what’s more irritating,” Abraham told her mom, Debra Danielson after insulting Sophia.

Tyler Delivers A Loving Gesture On ‘Teen Mom OG’

When it comes to standing by his woman Tyler is totally showing just how loyal he is. Coming up on tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Tyler welcomes Catelynn back home and he immediately shows just how much he loves her.


In the video below, Catelynn is picked up from treatment and on her way home. The producer asks her if she believes the treatment was any help and Catelynn revealed that she felt it helped tremendously. She is now warming up to it all and the producer insists that she can always let her know what she is comfortable with.

She’s dropped off at home where Tyler has flowers waiting for her and a card. He looks genuinely happy to see her and in the card are words that show just how proud of her he is and reminds Catelynn that she is strong and gorgeous.

The happy couple went in for a big hug as Catelynn jokes she hadn’t smelled a man in a month. The act alone shows a solidified relationship of two people who care very much about each other. We can’t wait to see what else goes down on Teen Mom OG, which airs tonight at 9PM on MTV. Be sure to follow along with our live recap of tonight’s episode.


Teen Mom OG: Season 3 Episdoe 6

Hey there, TMJ! I can’t believe it’s already Monday again. Well, let’s get this show on the road. TV Guide’s synopsis of the episode is: “Maci and Taylor second guess their decision to have the wedding so soon; Farrah and Simon receive relationship advice from Dr. Jenn; and Tyler and Nova visit a homesick Catelynn at her treatment facility.”


Neighbors, Wayne and Anita, are invited over so that Matt and Amber can tell them that they’re getting ready to move. Amber’s nervous about moving into an area with more upper class people. She’s worried they’ll look down on her because she was poor growing up. Amber and Matt get the call that their offer was accepted and that they can move in as soon as they want.

Leah is with Gary on vacation in Florida for the week. Gary is getting ready to do a vow renewal because he wants to make sure his wife feels special. Amber and Matt buy a new mattress. Gary’s surprise goes smoothly and they renew their vows. Wayne helps them pack up the moving truck and move into their new home.


Farrah and Simon are going to a therapy session with Dr. Jenn. Before she goes, she gets some advice from her dad…that she doesn’t take to heart. Dr. Jenn gets down to the real question; are they dating right now or not? Farrah starts talking and Dr. Jenn has to stop her. Someone finally speaks the truth that she’s the one pushing Simon away. Farrah brings up the ring. Dr. Jenn calls out her bull, again. Farrah has to excuse herself to cry in the bathroom.

Dr. Jenn has been speaking with Simon while Farrah is in the bathroom about how he shuts down when Farrah gets mad. Dr. Jenn leaves them with some parting advice about keeping Sophia out of their relationship until Farrah is sure. Farrah lets Simon know that the no Sophia rule means that she’s going to ignore his phone calls when she’s with her daughter. She’s less than pleased that they have to start building their relationship from the beginning. Simon is a little more optimistic.


Tyler is stressing himself out, trying to make sure that there’s nothing for Catelynn to worry while she’s away. Kathleen, the therapist, is making a house call to Tyler before he goes to visit Catelynn. She advises him to just be supportive and reassuring that he’s not going to leave her.

Tyler and Nova fly off to Arizona. While the cameras were not allowed to film they did take pictures. Tyler’s mom comes over to talk about the visit. While they’re talking Nova eats something off the floor….I mean, Tyler breaks down in tears. His mom tells him to make sure he’s doing alright because he can’t help Catelynn is he’s overworked.


Maci reveals to her friend and producer that she’s not willing to pay the price of the wedding venue and if they can’t get the price down she doesn’t want to get married until next year. Maci and Taylor haven’t heard anything out about the venue. They consider just doing it at the courthouse but family pressures win out. Ryan’s determined to crash their wedding if he doesn’t get an invite.

Maci and Taylor have decided to postpone the wedding. Maci has been contacted by the people at the venue. They have lowered their price enough that the wedding is back on. The invite list is over the maximum capacity, the producer implies that Ryan shouldn’t be invited. Taylor reassures Maci that he’d be alright with Ryan at the wedding.

Teen Mom OG: Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Happy Monday, TMJ. It’s that time of the week again and I, June, am here to bring you all the juicy details from tonight’s episode. And let me tell you, tonight will be juicy. According to TV Guide, “Catelynn has an emotional goodbye with Tyler and then heads to a treatment facility for her anxiety and depression; and Maci and Taylor buy a bigger house to fit their growing needs.”  


Amber and Matt have sold their second flipped house. They’ve gone to the house to make sure that everything is in order. Her producer brings up the fact that her birthday is coming up. She congratulates Amber for accomplishing what she has before her 26th birthday. She bummed that she won’t have Leah on her birthday. Matt has taken the initiative and invited Gary to Amber’s surprise party. However, Gary is hesitant to say yes. Matt has also invited Amber’s cellmate, Nicole.

Amber and Crystal go to the nail salon so that Matt can set up the house for the party. As they pull in Amber notices all of the cars parked in front of the house. After she gets in and says hello to all the people, Matt brings in Nicole. Amber holds back tears as they embrace.


Farrah and Sophia are on a family trip to Hawaii. Debra can’t help herself but to bring up Simon, who’s been calling. She takes a facetime call from Simon and tells him that he has another one more choice. She invites him out to Hawaii, which of course he can’t turn down. Farrah’s dad, Michael, asks after Simon. After she tells him that she’s invited Simon on their vacation, Michael asks if she loves Simon. She says she can’t be concerned with that type of thing.

Simon arrives in Hawaii. He passes out a round of hugs, even one for Debra. As they leave for the day’s adventure, Sophia asks Farrah the same question Michael did. Farrah evades answering. As the day goes on, she notices that Simon is being a little standoffish. They end up fighting again. Simon isn’t around the next morning. He’s gone out to rent a motorcycle but didn’t tell anyone he was going. For what feels like the hundredth time, she throws his stuff out of the house.


Catelynn is getting ready to go to a facility for at least a month. She goes to visit her therapist one last time before she leaves. She has a goal of quitting smoking by the time she gets back. Catelynn is having the hardest time with leaving Nova for such a long time. On the flipside, Nova is her biggest motivator. Tyler is taking Catelynn to say goodbye to her mother. She asks him if he’ll miss her. Tyler starts to cry.

Catelynn says her goodbyes. She and Tyler share a tearful last hug before he has to leave. She hugs Nova and tells her she loves her. Than Catelynn gets in the car and is off.


Maci is playing with Jayde, giving her the spiel about becoming a big sister. Taylor and Maci enjoy a nice dinner out without any kids. Maci suggests that they need a bigger house. She doesn’t want to feel rushed when they move but Taylor thinks they should be in the new place by the time the baby comes. Maci and Taylor go to check out a new house. They decide to put an offer in but Maci warns no more moving and no more kids. We’ll see how well that works out.

Their offer was accepted on the house. So begins the “slow” move from one house to another. Taylor has a new tattoo. The name Maverick with all the other children’s names. It’ll be awkward if they don’t go with that name. It’s the first dinner at the new house. Bentley has seen his room and really likes it.

Teen Mom OG: Season 3 Episode 4 Recap


Happy Labor Day, TMJ! June here, back for another recap. The TV Guide synopsis says, “Maci and Taylor plan their wedding; Leah is hurt when Amber misses a visit; Farrah invites Simon to celebrate Easter with her family, but kicks him out due to his lack of enthusiasm.”


Amber got so sick that Matt took her to the hospital. While she’s supposed to visit Leah, she doesn’t want to give her anything she has. Amber is feeling better and ready to go see Leah. Gary worries that Leah might start to think negatively about the missed visits. Matt and Amber take Leah to the pet store in order to play with the animals and ends up purchasing a cat.

While they’re out for a drive, Leah brings up that Amber doesn’t always pick her up on time. Leah confesses that she thought Amber was making up excuses on the day that she was in the hospital. Amber reassures Leah that she could never forget her. Amber drops Leah back off at Gary’s. While she’s there she confronts Gary. He promises that he told her but she didn’t believe him. That makes Amber feel really sad


Farrah has a hard time getting Sophia up because she doesn’t feel good. Despite knowing this, Farrah doesn’t understand why Sophia won’t just go put her dress on so they can leave. When Debra tries to calm her down, Farrah calls them both stupid. Farrah, Sohpia, and Debra go to pick up Simon from the airport. Within the first five minutes of being in the car, She already snaps at Simon. At the Easter party, Sophia seems to be feeling better but Simon stays off to the sideline.

When Farrah snaps at Simon for walking on the carpet with his shoes on, he asks her what her deal is. He feels that she’s been rude to him since he’s arrived. She has.  She storms outside and the producer catches up to her. Farrah feels like he’s a third wheel and she doesn’t want him there. Farrah tries to confront Simon but it just dissolves into her swearing at him. She leaves without having a conversation and instead throws his suitcase out into the driveway. Guess that’s the end of that.


Tyler is not pleased about Catelynn’s announcement that she just bought a pig for three grand. He believes that the money could have been better spent on the house they’re fixing up. Butch comes out dressed as a bunny. Everyone quickly realizes that he’s put the pants potion on the wrong way and there’s a fluffy white tail on his crotch. The next day, Catelynn goes to pick up her pig…after taking a few hit of course.

The first thing Catelynn finds out about her new pet when she gets home is how fast it can run. Inside the house, she tries to get the pig comfortable. Something happens in the night. The producer comes in to see what’s up. Catelynn decides that she needs to go away to get professional help. She’s also feels like leaving her daughter makes her a bad mom.


Maci has found a wedding venue that she likes. It’s a little bit pricey but she thinks they can make it happen. Maci goes in search of a wedding dress. She has brought her mother along with her. She’s worried that she’s picking out a dress to hide her bump and not because she likes it. Her mother. Since Bentley is with Ryan, Maci and Taylor went to Florida to check out the wedding venue. Inside the church, Maci can’t even bring herself to walk down the aisle. However, she and Taylor decide that it’s the perfect venue.

Maci has found her wedding dress. Unfortunately, it isn’t shown on air so that Taylor can’t see it if the episode airs before the wedding.

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