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I can’t get enough of that picture.

InTouch is revealing that Teen Mom 2 star, Leah Calvert, is headed to rehab to deal with her pain pill addiction.  They’re also stating that Jeremy has officially filed for divorce.

It’s been a long time coming, but from the looks of things, Leah is finally owning up to her mistakes.  InTouch claims that Leah revealed to Jeremy that she does, indeed, have a problem with abusing prescription pills, and has sought help in a rehab facility.  MTV is also allegedly footing the bill for her rehab stay, much like they did with Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans.

The twins will be staying with Corey during the time that Leah is away, and Addie will be staying with Jeremy.  InTouch’s source claims that Jeremy will be attempting to get full custody of Addie since Leah’s addiction has come to light.

Both Jeremy and Leah have remained relatively quiet about things since Jeremy’s public vent session after Leah slept with Robbie again.  However, the silence is likely due to the fact that MTV is currently filming for another season of Teen Mom 2.  We’ve been told from a pretty reliable source that this will be the last season for Teen Mom 2, and with all of the drama in Leah’s life, it looks like the show will go out with a bang!

Jeremy did take to Twitter to share the following message with his fans after all of this information came out:

I think deep down we’ve all known that this day was coming, but we might not have expected this couple to play it off so nonchalantly for this long.  We’re unsure of when Leah’s rehab time will begin, but we’ll update you when we have more information.

I’ll leave you with some Amy Winehouse, because anytime someone talks about rehab, this song instantly comes to mind.

Enjoy your Wednesday, folks!

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This is going to be a three-part post because I don’t have the time or patience to post lots of times today.

1. Megan McConnell welcomes baby #2

silas 1

Megan was on season 2B of 16 & Pregnant.  She was dating a guy named Nathan and they had a baby named Blake.  The two ended up getting married and divorced amid some cheating rumors, and both of them eventually moved on.  Megan has been dating a new guy for quite a while now, and the two announced their first pregnancy together last year.  Yesterday, Megan announced that she was in labor and awaiting the arrival of her new baby.  At 8:56 a.m. on April 13th, Megan welcomed her second son, Silas, into the world.  She shared the picture of him above, but has been relatively quiet since.  More details will follow when available.

2. Weston’s going to be a dad again


Whitney and Weston, from season 1 of 16 & Pregnant, have two children together – Weston Jr. and River.  The couple has been off and on for several years now, but officially split up after the birth of their second son.  Whitney has been dating another man, and it looks like Weston has been getting around as well.  Whitney took to Twitter to share that Weston has gotten another girl pregnant and that she is expecting twins!  Whitney seems less than thrilled with the idea, but at this point, there’s nothing that she can do about it.  Weston has been in trouble with the law multiple times, and there’s no real word on whether he’s matured much at all.  We’re not even sure if he’s around for his sons.

3. Autumn Crittendon changes her last name


Autumn, the southern gal from 16 & Pregnant’s 5th season, welcomed baby Drake Franklin with boyfriend Dustin Franklin a little over a year ago.  Autumn and Dustin have been on and off since before Drake was even born, but they continue to try and make things work.  Autumn shocked fans this week when she posted the picture above with the caption of “officially a Franklin.”  Some were asking if she had married Dustin, but insisted that the two were not married.  Autumn claims that she chose to change her name to ensure that no matter what happens with Dustin, she will always have the same last name as her son.  I’m not sure whether I think it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but whatever floats your boat.

teen mom logo

Bringing back the old logo because I don’t like the new one at all.  Follow along with this post for live updates throughout the episode!


Bentley is going to turn 6 in a few days.  Maci and Taylor break the news to the MTV camera crew that they’re having a kid together.  They’ve known for about a week at this point, and nobody really knows about it.  Later that day, Maci and Taylor go out with a couple of friends and tell them the news.  Maci tells her friend that they weren’t doing anything to protect themselves from getting pregnant because Maci had been formerly told that she couldn’t have kids.  Maci plans on telling Bentley that she’s pregnant on his birthday.

Maci meets with a friend and talks about the classes that she’s taking.  Maci says that she’s going to graduate next May and wants to get a job in social media.  Maci started college in January of 2009, and she’s been in college for 5 years.  Maci picks up Bentley and asks Ryan about doing Bentley’s birthday together.  Maci is going to do his party at the jump park and invites Ryan along.  Ryan says he isn’t worried about it but that it seems like a hassle to not argue.

Bentley has his birthday party, but Maci hasn’t heard from Ryan.  Ryan’s parents are there, which is a little awkward that they’re putting in the effort, but Ryan isn’t.  Ryan shows up about 45 minutes later.  Jen tells Maci that Ryan and Shelby have been fighting a lot and that Ryan is planning on moving out.  They start arguing on camera.  Maci is glad that Ryan showed up, and Maci feels like it’s awkward because it’s the first time they’re all in the same place.  Bentley has a pretty sweet Ninja Turtle cake.  Later that night, Bentley gets to open his presents and he opens a present from the baby.  Bentley isn’t so sure about it, and he doesn’t think that his mom is really having a baby.  Maci shows him the ultrasound and he seems kind of excited about it after that.

Bentley and Maci talk about the new baby.  Bentley thinks he’s ready, but that he is nervous about things.  Bentley says he’s worried since he’ll have a different dad than the new baby.  Maci tries to reassure him that he’ll have a lot of the same things even though the baby is new.  Bentley just doesn’t want to clean diapers.



She’s still pregnant and gaining a lot of weight.  Her boobs look seriously gigantic.  Tyler regrets posting the video of Carly, and is concerned that it might keep them from getting their yearly visit.  They get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, and then the doctor talks to Catelynn about her diet and her weight gain.

Tyler is really harping on Catelynn about her weight.  Catelynn doesn’t care about how much she gains, because she’s going to enjoy her pregnancy.  Tyler decides to Google things and talks about how Catelynn was self conscious when she was pregnant with Carly.  Catelynn says she doesn’t want to be fat when she gets married.

Catelynn and Tyler head off to find a wedding venue.  They’re looking for a late summer wedding.  The venue that they look at is gorgeous, and they end up booking it for August.  Catelynn wants to lose weight after Nova is born, and tells a friend that she’s already gained 20 pounds.  Catelynn’s glucose test came back pretty crappy, so they think she might have gestational diabetes.  She has to go back for a 3 hour test to see how it goes.  Cate and Ty still haven’t heard about a visit with Carly.

Teresa calls Catelynn to talk about some adoption things.  She wants to have a meeting with Cate and Ty and Dawn to talk about things.  Tyler wants to be able to talk about his frustration that was captured on camera, and Catelynn wants them to realize that they’re sacrificing emotions to try and accommodate for Brandon and Teresa.  Their meeting is scheduled in a couple of weeks, so we’ll see how that goes.

Catelynn goes to see Kim and April to make chocolates for her baby shower.  Cate tells them about the meeting with Brandon and Teresa while stuffing her face with chocolate.  So much for not gaining much weight.  Tyler talks to his mom about Cate’s weight gain, and tells her about the conversation with Brandon and Teresa.  Tyler has some serious issues with all of the adoption regulations, but he needs to work on how he comes across.



Amber’s brother is graduating from college so her family drives to Nashville in order to see his graduation.  Amber lets her family know that since she’s on parole, she has to have a traveling permit so that people know where she’s at.  Amber looks very healthy, and I’m honestly impressed at how much better she’s doing.  Congrats to Bubby on graduating.  I feel weird even typing Bubby as someone’s name.  Meanwhile at Gary’s house, his girlfriend is officially knocked up.  Gary asks if he’s the dad, and then they start talking about options.  Kristina says that she got pregnant during a birth control switch, and that neither of them really wanted to have another child.  Gary thinks that Amber is going to be really upset.  Why the hell is Gary counting quarters on the table?

Gary has told Leah that she’s going to be a big sister.  Leah thinks it’s going to be a girl, and Gary straight up tells her that this baby was an accident.  Amber sits down with Bubby and talks about her future goals.  He says that anything worth doing is going to take hard work.  Amber talks about custody and talks about the fact that she doesn’t pay child support, but that she does help financially.  Bubby is scared about what will happen if Gary takes Amber to court.

Gary is bringing Leah over after school.  Gary talks to his girlfriend about their commitment issues and such.  Gary basically says that just because they’re having a kid together doesn’t mean that they have to be together forever.  Gary plans on being polite when he tells Amber about the new baby, but we can probably guess how that will really go.

Gary and Leah head off to Amber’s house.  Leah talks about how her teacher wouldn’t let her use the bathroom so she pooped her pants.  Gary thinks she’s joking about it.  Gary comes in to talk to Amber about Kristina being pregnant.  Amber’s “oh my god” reaction which we thought was about Farrah’s return, was actually about Gary having a kid.  Amber tries to talk to Gary about watching his words on national television so that he doesn’t end up hurting Kristina’s feelings by being an asshole on television.

Amber’s cousin comes over and Amber tells her about Gary’s new baby.  Amber says that with Gary having a baby, it sealed the deal that she won’t ever be with him again.  Amber said she felt like she was going to explode, and that she wanted their family together regardless.  Amber realizes now that she won’t be with him.  It’s obviously a lot for her to take in, but she’s seeming to really handle it well.

Amber is having a rough time with all of this, and Heather the producer tries to talk to her about stuff.  Amber says she’ll never be able to get over Gary having a kid with someone else.  Amber breaks down on the couch, and says how she’s scared that she can’t even have a relationship with a guy because of how much Gary hurt her.  Amber asks to be left alone, and it’s really sad to see her like that.

Did you see what I did with that alliteration?  My inner teacher is proud.


Moving on – Tattoos are a hot commodity in the Teen Mom world, and the Teen Mom 2 crew is pretty heavily tatted.  These young adults are paid an outrageous amount of money by MTV to display their lives on television, and in return they don’t really struggle any more.  With all of that excess money, the Teen Mom clan is able to afford to cover themselves in body art.  (Just so everyone knows, I am not opposed to tattoos in any way.  I do, however, feel that tattoos should have a significant meaning and show that you respect yourself.  I understand that lots of jobs are hiring people with tattoos now and that it’s basically socially acceptable to show up to a professional place with your tattooed arms out in the open while you sport your septum piercing and huge gauged ears.  I don’t care – to each their own.)

The girls of Teen Mom 2 all have matching tattoos.  We’ve seen Jenelle’s YOLO and dwarf leopard paraded on the beach.  Leah has some large back piece with Jeremy’s initials – wonder how she’ll cover that one up – and Kailyn’s also got some large tattoos on her arm.  We’ve seen all of them, and we’ve critiqued all of them as well.

The newest Teen Mom 2 tat comes from Javi.  Javi has gotten several tattoos at conventions over the last couple of years, and it seems like he’s pretty proud of them.  He recently went to another tattoo convention and had the faces of Lincoln and Isaac tattooed on his forearm.  Here is a picture from his Instagram showing the tattoo.


Javi was at the Baltimore tattoo convention when he had this piece done, and the man who did it even won an award for “best tattoo of the day” for his work.  I just have a few comments about this thing:

1. I understand that it’s still healing and whatnot, but the kids look a little possessed.  We don’t see them up close, so we can’t see the details very well, but Lincoln looks like he’s about to rip your throat out.

2. I understand that Kailyn and Javi are married, but Jo is Isaac’s dad.  I’m not so sure how I would feel if my kid’s step-parent decided to tattoo my kid’s face on their arm for all to see.  It’s great that Isaac has a father figure at each house, but I’m not sure if that’s overstepping the boundaries.  Also, why pick a photo of him with the Mickey Mouse hat?

3.  Lincoln’s head has a skyline above it, which was added in this round.  The skyline is of Philadelphia, so I understand the significance of that, but why is it with the pictures of the boys?

Javi’s tattoo artist posted a better picture of the tattoo later, and it seems like it might not be AS BAD as we originally thought.  Some people are saying that Isaac looks even worse up close, but others commented that it might simply be the way that Javi has his arm turned.  Here’s the closer look.


Enough about that.

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1. Leah’s Second Divorce

leah and jeremy

All of the stories about Leah end the same – divorce.  We knew that this was bound to happen from the start, and it’s all being captured by our friends at MTV.  Earlier this week, reports were stirring that the two spent their anniversary apart.  Although Leah shared some Tweets about the couple being married for 3 years, it was eventually revealed that the couple didn’t even spend the day together.  They’re officially unfollowing each other on social media, and it appears that Leah is having a girls weekend in Nashville this weekend with some friends.  While neither party has officially announced a divorce, a source claims that they’re no longer living together and that the end is closely approaching.  Any bets on how long until the public finds out that one of the filed?


2. Catelynn and Tyler are going strong

Catelynn and Tyler Teen Mom

Teen Mom OG couple, Catelynn and Tyler, welcomed daughter, Novalee, about 3 months ago.  Things have seemed to be going pretty well for them since her birth, but readers were alarmed to see reports that Tyler had left Catelynn.  Catelynn put the rumors to rest by simply tweeting that people were crazy and that Tyler was at home with her and their daughter.  We’ve seen this couple struggle with commitment, but it does seem like they’re both in love with little Nova.  As far as we can tell, the couple is still planning their wedding which is supposed to be around 4 months away.


3. Mackenzie’s Fitness Modeling


Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie McKee has been a health and fitness junkie for as long as we’ve known her.  She still had visible abs when she was like 6 months pregnant with daughter, Jaxie, and having kids hasn’t slowed down her work out routine at all.  Mackenzie has recently announced that she’s planning on doing fitness modeling, and she’s beefing up on some 310 protein shakes (which she also gets money for endorsing).  Mackenzie shared her latest picture, and you can tell she’s gained some muscle.  Some are saying she’s far too muscular, and others are saying that they’re jealous of how physically fit she is.  What are your thoughts on her latest picture?


Are Jenelle and Nathan even together any more?  Is the engagement still a thing?  The short answer is that we really have no idea what’s going on with these goonies.  So here’s a post to potentially help confuse you even more about the relationship status of Teen Mom 2 stars, Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans.

A few weeks ago, Nathan was arrested for a domestic violence dispute.  He allegedly caused harm to Jenelle during an altercation.  The two ended their engagement about as quickly as they started it, and things seemed to be settling down for both of them.

Jenelle began sharing pictures of Nathan saying he was her one and only and how they would make it through all of this junk and still get married.  Nathan has had stories sold regarding his feelings towards Jenelle, and it seems like no matter how unhealthy their relationship is, they’re going to try and make things work.

Fast forward and Jenelle announces that she’s going on a vacation to Puerto Rico.  She was pretty quiet about the whole thing, and a lot of fans are wondering what’s going on.  Our friend Grace Peyton on Twitter snagged this picture of Jenelle waiting at the airport.  You can see Kaiser next to her, and we’re told that Nathan’s mom, Doris, also went along for the vacation.


Jenelle is not supposed to have contact with Nathan due to the domestic violence charges, but the rumor mill has been stirring and some people are thinking that the couple is headed to Puerto Rico for a destination wedding.  Nathan’s friend, Josh, shared some tweets about going to “PR” and even replied to comments regarding selling pictures and videos.  When asked if he was in the wedding party, he simply said that all he could say was that we would be in for a big surprise.  His tweets were later deleted, but lucky for you, we found them on Twitter.


Sadly, judging from Jenelle’s social media presence, things might not have gone the way that she had planned them.  Jenelle has tweeted that she’s alone in paradise wearing a new bikini, and has shared several photos and videos of Kaiser without Nathan around.


Maybe the surprise that Josh was talking about was the surprise Jenelle would have when Nathan didn’t show up for their destination wedding?  Maybe not?

Either way, we’re unsure of whether or not this is a publicity stunt, or if Jenelle is just getting good at hiding things.  She initially hid her marriage to Courtland, and it wouldn’t be out of character for her to run off and get married.  We’re also confused as to why Nathan’s mother went along for the trip if Nathan wasn’t going to be there at all.

Do you think this is the end of Jenelle and Nathan?  Do you think they’ll be able to work things out and get married?  What’s really going on in Puerto Rico?  The world may never know – but we sure as hell like to speculate.