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A blind item was posted this morning on Crazy Days and Nights that says a star from Teen Mom 2 needs to be coming up with a good cover story because photos are being sold of her smoking meth.

Most of the time I overlook the blind items, because they normally get revealed several weeks after they’re posted and we never really learn much about the circumstances for the accusation in the first place.  Within the last year we’ve heard about Maci Bookout making a drunken porn video while partying in Miami and Farrah Abraham having sex for money, but neither of those have ever come to the spotlight.  A lot of the time, the reveals of the blind items are kind of lame, and they’re really just used to stir up a little drama amongst the readers.

The only thing that makes this blind item a little different is that it seems much more urgent than other Teen Mom blind items.  The person sharing the item states that the pictures are being sold, which means we’re pretty sure the pictures will surface along with an article in the next couple of weeks.

Here are our options on which Teen Mom 2 star this could be about:

Jenelle – Pretty plausible if you ask me since Jenelle has a history of drug abuse.  Marijuana is considered the gateway drug (maybe that’s just something they teach Midwest kids to try and scare them), and we all know that Jenelle smokes pot.  Although Jenelle just had a child a month ago, she has already been seen taking shots with friends, and has a history of leaving a child with her mother in order to party.

Chelsea – While most people consider Chelsea to be one of the responsible mothers from the series, people have commented on her heavy makeup and weight loss in the last year.  Could she be hiding something?

Kailyn – Kail also has a history of marijuana use and has admitted to smoking pot before her son Isaac was born.  She’s since been very judgmental of drugs and even commented on Jo’s girlfriend, Vee, smoking pot.  Kailyn’s family has addiction problems, and you’ll remember that her mother, Suzi, is an alcoholic.

Leah – Leah’s been looking pretty rough this season, and people have taken note that she’s seemed less put together than normal.  In a preview clip for next week’s episode Leah talks about how taking anxiety medication makes her feel like a drug addict.  Add on that Leah’s dealing with 3 kids, one of which has special needs, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s looking for an escape from reality and took to drugs.

There’s always the chance that it could be someone from Teen Mom 2 that isn’t one of the four mothers that we’re constantly focusing on.  Other possibilities include:

Suzi – Kailyn’s mother

Janet – Jo’s mother

Dawn – Leah’s mother

Vee – Jo’s girlfriend

Taylor – Adam’s ex-girlfriend

Megan – Chelsea’s friend

Barbara - Jenelle’s mother

Miranda – Corey’s wife

Seriously, the possibilities are endless on this one.

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amberWe don’t hear much about Amber these days, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s probably a good thing.  Amber spent nearly a year and a half behind bars, and since her release, she’s been extremely positive and hasn’t had any problems.  She obtained her GED while in prison, and has started taking classes to be a counselor to teens.  Even though she’s had a few public appearances on television shows, she’s been pretty low key for the most part.

Amber has been hinting at writing a book since her release from prison, and it appears that she’s finally followed through with it.  Her book which is titled “Never Too Late” is available for pre-order now on her website!  Amber shared her excitement about the book by promoting it on Twitter.

There’s a brief synopsis of the book on the website that gives potential readers a little more insight into what they can expect if they decide to read the book.

When Amber Portwood debuted on MTV’s hit reality series 16 & Pregnant, no one could have predicted that the teenager from Anderson, Indiana with the dry sense of humor would go on to become one of the most controversial young celebrities in reality TV history. But soon after Amber stepped into the public eye, her life spiraled into chaos.

From her struggles with anxiety, depression and addiction to her brutal onscreen fights with her boyfriend, Amber seemed a troubled young woman destined to destroy herself. And that was all before she shocked everyone by sending herself to prison for seventeen months!

But behind Amber Portwood’s shocking behavior is a story the cameras never captured. It’s a story of hardship and hope, of relationships torn apart by tragedy and addiction and put back together with strength, love and determination. After years of losing herself in a daze of sex, drugs and depression, Amber made the decision to stand up and do whatever it took to save her life, her family, and herself.

With her trademark honesty and dry sense of humor, Amber tells the real story of how she learned to deal with the demons that nearly destroyed her. Never Too Late sends a powerful message that no matter how far down a person might fall, it’s never too late to get back up and change the future.

I’ve read all of the 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom books that have been published so far, and I’ll admit that I’m excited to read this one simply because I admire how much Amber has changed since her time on the show, and I’m interested to see more of the background to what led her to make the choices she did when she was on Teen Mom.

I’m back from a weekend of relaxation, and I’m ready for more Teen Mom writing.  The recap was great and it looks like all of you enjoyed it too, judging by the fact that there are over 400 comments on that thread!  Thank you for always being so supportive of the blog and understanding of my time off.

I get a lot of requests for updates on some of the people that have been featured on 16 & Pregnant throughout the seasons, so during the next month or so, I’m going to be posting small updates on each of them.  I’ve been touching base with several sources in order to get inside information and figure out where things are headed for several of them, but for this post I’m just doing a quick update on some people you’ve heard more about recently.


First up is Jordan Cashmyer, who was featured on season 5 of 16 & Pregnant.  During her episode, she and boyfriend Derek were homeless and living in a family friend’s living room for a while before making the decision to move to Texas in order to be closer to Derek’s dad after their daughter Genevieve was born.  The couple has since moved back to Maryland where Derek is going to school in hopes of becoming a physical therapist down the road.  Jordan had already graduated before MTV’s cameras started rolling, and it appears that she’s returned to school with the plan to become a cosmetologist, and her first day was last week.  Jordan is attending Regency Beauty Institute, which has a school set up right in Baltimore where the couple is living.  Not many of the girls featured on 16 & Pregnant ever achieve any education after high school, so congrats to Jordan on going to school and making an effort to have a career that she’s passionate about.


Next is Summer Rewis, who was featured alongside Jordan on season 5.  Summer has had a tumultuous relationship with her mother who struggles with addiction problems, and also has been in the middle of a few cheating scandals since her episode was filmed.  Summer has left her husband, D.J., but they are still legally married at this time.  The couple has spent countless hours bashing each other on social media.  D.J. allegedly dated one of the girls he cheated on Summer with, but they have since broken up.  Summer dropped out of school in her episode, but has since decided to return to high school and get her high school diploma instead of getting her GED like she had planned on during her episode.  Summer took to Facebook to share the news by saying,

I’m so excited about going back to finish high school. Even though I won’t be graduating with my class, I will graduate by next December! It’s gonna take time and a lot of hard work, but looking at Peyton every single day lets me know that I can do this. And in the end, it’s going to be more than worth it. Not only will I make mine and Peyton’s life more successful, I can show all those people who ever doubted me how wrong they really were.


The last update for this post will be focused on Izabella Tovar, who was featured on season 3 of 16 & Pregnant.  Izabella gave birth to her son, Enrique (who they later renamed Henry) on her episode which aired in 2011, and has stayed with her boyfriend Jairo since filming ended.  Izabella graduated high school and moved on to college, but shocked the 16 & Pregnant community when she ended up planning and announcing a second pregnancy last month.  Izabella is currently around 23 weeks pregnant with her second child and just announced today that she will be having a daughter this time around.  Izabella and Jairo had a gender reveal party where they shared the news that they will be welcoming a baby girl into their family this fall.  Izabella shared the news with fans on social media with the following picture of her son with a bundle of pink balloons.


tmj-jenelleEditors Note – As I mentioned yesterday, Megan is gone for a few days, but fear not, the Teen Mom 2 recap is still here. We have someone new who wants to write for us, and this is her first piece.  Nothing like jumping right into the fire. Please be kind!

Jenelle -  

As seen on last episode Jenelle’s charges were dropped, but Nathan’s were not.  Jenelle reveals she is going to school to be a medical assistant.  Jenelle comes over to Barbara’s and tells her that her charges her dropped but Nathan has to go to jail for 30 days.  Barbara expresses concern that Nathan is violent and that she hopes he has learned his lesson, and is also worried about Jenelle being alone for 30 days since she’s never been without a guy.

Jenelle and Nathan’s lawyer call and tell them the plea has to be moved a week earlier than originally planned.  She also calls to warn them that people have seen Nathan driving around which he is obviously not allowed to do.  Nathan swears up and down that just Jenelle drives or he “walks to the gym.”  He claims he is being charged with a DUI he does not deserve and is depressed that he has to miss some of the pregnancy.

Later Nathan and Jenelle come home after Nathan has been drinking all day.  They get into an argument about Nathan’s drinking habits where he gets very defensive when Jenelle tells him that he binge drinks and makes dumb decisions when he drinks.  He then says “Why am I with you? I just use you,” which absolutely comes out of the blue, and Jenelle says he is putting words into his own mouth.  She remains surprisingly calm compared to most arguments we’ve seen.

They both come to the conclusion they need to quit fighting, especially since Nathan is going to jail in a week, and they want Kaiser to grow up in a household without arguing.

Kailyn -

Javi breaks the news that he has to work in Texas for a month, and Kailyn expresses worry about being alone with the kids since it will be their first time away from one another since basic training.

Later Kailyn meets up with some friends and expresses it might be good that Javi is leaving for a month because they have been fighting a lot and it could be a good break.  She tells them that she going to extend an invitation to Jo and also to Vee, and admit that it was immature for her to be upset about Vee being in Jo’s life.

She calls Jo and tells him she would like to invite Jo and Vee to Issac’s 4th birthday party which is very refreshing to see.  Jo says that he will have to speak to Vee about it and seems pretty apprehensive about it.  Jo and Vee discuss it and Vee explains that she feels awkward going.   Jo says he doesn’t mind missing it because he already had a birthday for Issac.  They both express they need to make the co-parenting situation but for some reason this time they decide going to the birthday is not a good idea.

Issac’s 4th birthday comes up and Kailyn and Javi seem pretty insulted that Vee and Jo did not show up.  Kail tells her friends that she would have gone to Jo’s house if she had been invited because she would want to see where Issac is living.

The birthday goes on with a bunch of friends, family, and a very sleepy and grumpy Issac that does not care to open presents.

Chelsea -

Chelsea is still having problems with her obtaining her license.  Her job informs her that the rules have changed and she cannot work without a license, so for now her job is also on hold.  It sounds like she’ll be able to come back once everything is squared away.

Chelsea is in the process of moving to her new house, and decides to ask her friend Chelsea Grace (different Chelsea, I know confusing), to come move in with her. Adam tells his friend that he gets Aubree every other weekend and would like more visitation.

Chelsea and her friend all move into the new house where Aubree picks out her room, and they all seem pretty excited about it.

Chelsea gets a letter from the Department of Labor which unfortunately informs Chelsea that she still cannot have her license.  The reason is so bizarre…it states that based on tweets from Chelsea’s friend Landon, that he hired her and the wedding was not a one time job.  She still does not have the results whether she passed the license or not.


Overwhelmed with the girls, Leah asks her grandma to come help out so she can go to her part time job at the tanning salon.  Ali could not go to school because she was complaining about pain in her legs which is really heartbreaking to see.

Leah is working at a tanning salon and says how she feels thankful that she has family support to watch the girls so she can work.  She also explains how she feels so overwhelmed with three kids, and especially because Ali is complaining about pain.

Leah drops the girls off to Corey, and Corey reads a letter from the insurance company basically saying they have not been approved for the wheelchair because there is not enough medical evidence to prove she needs one.  Without the insurance covering it, the wheelchair will cost $20,000.  Leah tells Corey that he needs to call and push for the wheelchair because it is needed for school, and also because Ali feels free and can keep with Aleeah when she’s in the wheelchair.

Later Leah meets with a friend and tells her how overwhelmed and stressed out she’s been lately.  She says that with Corey not coming to terms with the wheelchair, the insurance, and Jeremy being gone all the time, that she feels alone raising the kids.  She also tells her friend that she’s thinking of seeing a professional because of all the depression and anxiety she’s feeling with everything.

If you’re a long time reader to Teen Mom Junkies, you’d know I haven’t been able to post in awhile. Megan has been doing a phenomenal job while I work on other stuff. I don’t know if she mentioned it for the first clip, but I was able to strike a deal with OK Magazine where they send us an exclusive clip of Teen Mom 2 before it airs.  The best celebrity / reality show gossip magazine teamed up with the best Teen Mom blog.  Not since the Dream Team has a collaboration been so powerful, especially considering they also work with me on my Big Brother posts. Watch out world, we’re taking over the Internet!

Enough about us, it’s time to talk about the clip. Last I personally remember of Kailyn and Vee (Jo’s gas mask girlfriend), they did not get along – at all.  In fact, Kailyn was quite rude about the situation especially considering she has had a few men in and out of her life since Jo. She (Kailyn) had a real problem with Vee being a parent type of figure to Isaac, so she freaked out on Jo whenever she could.  It was quite ridiculous and embarrassing to watch actually.

Well, like I’ve always said before, I’m fair when they deserve it, and it’s very clear Kailyn has grown up a bit. In this exclusive clip, she is talking to Jo and extending the olive branch out to his girlfriend. It is good to see because having hatred or even tension between parents and step-parents is really no good for anyone.  I know this first hand as a step-father, and my main goal is to never show any hatred or animosity toward my step-daughter’s father. As you get older, you learn taking the high road is often the hardest to take, but it’s also the right path.  It’s very good to see Kailyn is learning this and hopefully she’ll continue to have as good of a relationship as she can have with Jo and Vee.

Here is a direct link to the video if for some reason you can’t view it here.  Remember, visit OK Magazine and support them over the other gossip mags. They’re the awesome ones willing to work with us, so make sure to show your appreciation to them!

PS – Megan is away at some concert. I have someone who is supposed to write up a recap of the episode tonight. We’ll see how she does, and if good, she’ll be able to fill any gaps Megan is too busy for.


Farrah Abraham has been known to comment on her fellow Teen Mom girls’ life choices, and one of her recent comments was made about Jenelle Evans’ choice to have another child with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith.  Farrah was asked in an interview about the situation and she basically said that she would never imagine getting a boyfriend, getting pregnant, and having a baby so quickly without having some sort of a plan in place.  Obviously Jenelle didn’t let this slide and made a comment on social media about how she was waiting for Farrah (who she referred to as “Miss Pornstar”) to comment on the situation and that she didn’t care what Farrah had to say.

Normally a few fans of each girl will chime in saying how stupid the other one is, but this time a different reality star on a completely different network decided to chime in and add her two cents in the situation.

Sabrina High, an ex-Mennonite from the reality series Breaking Amish, took to Twitter to address the issues going on in the Teen Mom world.  Here’s the tweet that Sabrina shared with fans.

Sabrina says that she and Farrah have not had previous issues, but that if it wasn’t for an unplanned pregnancy, Farrah never would have been on television and she wouldn’t be where she is today.

Also, just a heads up to you guys, I’ll be out of town for a few days, but I’ll be back home on Sunday night.  I recently got engaged and this weekend I’m doing some wedding planning with friends as well as going to a concert.  It’s the only toddler-free weekend I’m having this summer and I’m pretty excited to have some free time.  I think we’ve got everything set up to have a guest writer do the recap of Teen Mom 2 this week, so you’ll still have something to comment on while I’m away.