Would You Try Farrah’s Recommended Dating App?

I don’t know why people trust Farrah Abraham as an endorser of products to increase their respective sales. IMO, any product that Farrah tries to sell is automatically on my do not buy list for the sheer fact that I just don’t trust any brand that wants Farrah to represent it.


Media outlets are going crazy this week wondering if Farrah ended her relationship with Simon Saran because she instagrammed a photo promoting a “sexy singles” dating app with the hashtag #single. Hashtag it so I know it’s real, right?

It’s totally not above Farrah to pretend to be single for money since she’s done pretty much everything else under the sun for money.. sell her body, relationships, reputation as a mother… you know, the essence of the soul to Lucifer MTV.

I love this new sexy app for singles who like to go out, download it from @thepeeqapp #miami #dating #single

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So this post isn’t about speculating about whether or not Farrah is single. Instead, we want to see if there’s anyone out there who would even think about trying a Farrah-reccomended dating app.

We looked the app up and it sounds exactly like Tinder but with the option of recommending the great date-night choices of bars and clubs, with notifications if matches check-in to the same bar or venue. Creeeeeepy. But check it out for yourself here.

Kail Confirms Divorce

Who is really surprised? We’ve been writing about this for the past week. And the rumors have been swirling for months. Especially with Kailyn’s erratic behavior. Dreads, skydiving, etc. But, now we have it straight from the horse’s mouth (no, not Farrah).kailyn-lowry-javi-marroquin

Daily Mail was the first to get the exclusive when they tracked down Kailyn down while she was running errands. The site posted a video of Kailyn walking to her car and their reporter asking if it was true that she was getting a divorce. “Yeah. It’s true,” Kail replies rather briskly. You can almost mistake it for sarcasm. The reporter asks if it had anything to do with her ex and Kail quickly says that they are definitely not true. Off camera, Kailyn says “We’re trying to do the best we can for our kids because they are what really matters.”

The turning point in Kailyn and Javi’s relationship seems to be the miscarriage that revealed on the April 11th episode of Teen Mom 2. However, there was speculation beforehand. Back in November 2015, Kailyn and Javi sent out cryptic tweets about dealing with a rough situation. While many thought that this implied trouble for their marriage, some suggested that Kailyn possibly suffered a miscarriage.

“You have NO IDEA what @javim9 and I both went through today. No clue.” -Kailyn

“One of the hardest days of my life today. The amount of support we’ve had is unreal. Love you for that.” -Javi

Javi admitted that he had blamed Kailyn for the miscarriage and lashed out at her.  Kailyn said that she notice the change in Javi as well and that he shut down. The couple even spent time apart. In December, Kailyn went to New Mexico to visit her friend, Sterling, while Javi went to California. He apologized for his reaction and says the he knows that it was no ones fault. While this could be true that the miscarriage was the beginning of the end; what about the rumors of infidelity? Before deleting his twitter, again, Javi went on a rant about infidelity.

“Now there are circumstances where you can get past infidelity. I’ve seen it but you have to be willing to acknowledge and be sorry…I’ll be damn if any of my kids talk about a married woman like that” – Javi

Kailyn and Javi were engaged in September 2012 and married a year later. They had son Lincoln in November 2013.

The one who will probably take this the hardest is Isaac. We have all seen how close he is to Javi. And Javi has a tattoo of Isaac. Hopefully, they can be civil and still maintain a friendship for the kids’ sake.

Jenelle Doesn’t Look Preggers at Farrah’s Birthday Bash

Is she? Isn’t she? We’ve talking about Jenelle possibly having a third child for weeks now, but her denial coupled with recent pics of her looking slim as ever are actually making us doubt it.

#VenetianPool #Caves #Waterfall 👙🔥

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A lot of people are saying the bikini pics of Jenelle are pictures she’s just posting now from a different time, but there’s no way she could fake the pics of her at Farrah’s party.

By the way, since when are Jenelle and Farrah even friends ???? It’s one thing to show up to a party cause you think it’ll be cool, it’s another to pose for multiple pictures as if you genuinely care about the birthday girl living another year. Which we don’t know if she does, seeing as in January of this year Jenelle called Farrah out for having too much surgery. Hmmmm.

Corey Simms Takes to Twitter to Speak Out Against Last Night’s Episode As If MTV Could Possibly Make Him Look Worse Than Leah


Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert aren’t the only ones who are apparently unhappy with the way MTV portrays them on the show. Corey Simms took to Twitter following last night’s episode to blast the “TM2 action” that showed Leah and her sister trash-talking the way Simms and his wife Miranda treat the girlses.

“Watching tonight’s episode and shaking my head. People talk big. A simple co parenting convo turns into much more. A simple everyday task…Gets blown way out of proportion. And my place is still the worse place for them to be. Tune in for much more TM2 action 😂,” Simms tweeted. 

In the episode, Leah’s concern over Ali’s weight loss is directed at how she’s treated at Corey’s house because Corey and Miranda don’t give the twins the attention they need.

Leah is encouraged by family to talk to Corey about it:

“There is nothing wrong with you going down there and telling them that they are hurting your kids.”

Which is kind of ironic, because pretty much every other episode of Teen Mom 2 features Leah’s questioning parenting, which talk about on here all the time.

Not surprisingly, Corey’s tweets resulted in a ton of positive feedback and support from fans who reassured him the episode didn’t change their perspective on his parenting skills.


Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 10 Live Discussion

Hey, TMJ! It’s The Girlses. There won’t be a live recap tonight. I know that a few have asked what happened to last week’s recap. Deepest apologies that it was never posted. As Tomlin mentioned, she is one busy girl and she was unable to get to it as planned. Hopefully we will be able to get back on track with our recaps. Even if it is the next day. It’s difficult juggling our TMJ lives and our personal lives. Anyway, tonight’s episode is called Choosing Battles. Per TV Guide, “Kailyn works on her relationship with Vee; Cole takes Aubree to a father-daugter dance; Jenelle seeks help in New York for mysterious medical ailments; and Leah and Corey’s co-parenting is shattered by a disturbing video.” Oh, the mysterious video will be revealed! The suspense!









Teen Mom Bundle: OG

It’s Mother Monday and it seems to be a pretty eventful week in Teen Mom news. S0, lets bundle everything up! Got your swaddling blanket? Good…let’s get started…


Custody Battle Ends

And not for Leah or Jenelle! Gary and Amber came to an agreement regarding custody of their daughter, Leah. Back in 2011, Amber lost custody when she went to jail for 18 months. When she was released in November 2013, she filed to regain custody. In December 2015, it was reported that Amber allegedly won 50/50 custody but this was proven to be false and nothing had been finalized. The official arrangement is Gary will continue to have primary physical custody of Leah and will share legal custody with Amber. Amber will be paying Gary about $1200 a month in child support. Both Amber and Gary have confirmed this via their Twitter accounts. IMG_1270 IMG_1271


Bride Wars

Come on, guys. I’m Maci Bookout.

October is a going to be a big month with three of the teen moms planning to walk down the aisle.  Chelsea, Maci and Amber’s weddings are within days of each other too. Of course, this means wedding planning needs to be done. Who do you think would be the biggest Bridezilla? Looks like Maci is taking some heat for “stealing” another bride’s photographer. The bride took to her Facebook to voice her displeasure of being replaced for a higher profile wedding. It was ultimately the photographer that made the decision to cancel her contract with the bride and participate in Maci’s wedding instead. This  ended up revealing Maci’s wedding date as well as where she planned on getting married. The jilted bride’s wedding was scheduled for October 8th and on the photographer’s website, she had listed that she would be in Tallahassee, Florida between October 7-9. Put two and two together and, viola, the cat is out of the bag. So much for keeping things relatively private. The date are no longer displayed on the page but the damage is done.



What would a bundle be without Farrah? And this is a twofer.

Farrah and Friends

Now here is some craziness that doesn’t come from Farrah herself! A man named Jonathan Lee Riches filed a restraining order against Farrah on March 14th. Fair enough. I’m surprised it wasn’t producer Larry. Riches says that Farrah filmed him and her having sex back in 2012 and was trying to sell it for millions. He was trying to prevent it from happening. What gets even stranger is that he claims to be the true father to Sophia. And, yes, he is aware that Farrah would have been underage at the time. But, he was just doing what his mentor Josh Duggar advised him to do. Riches also claims that Farrah wanted him to pay her to not expose their relationship.

“Abraham tells me I have to pay her $1,000 a month in hush hush money not to expose our past relationship or she will call the police on me and press charges.”

Just let that sink in a moment. There is someone crazier than Farrah. Farrah spoke exclusively with Radar:

“This makes no sense and is not true clearly. Everyone knows who Sophia’s dad is. No one knows who this guy is.”

Froco is a Go-Go

In 2014, Farrah announced she was opening her own restaurant. It was a family friendly place that would serve fresh and frozen cuisines. Everything would be made with Greek yogurt because Farrah’s doctor said it would improve her health. On the history page of the now dead website, Farrah kept referring to herself like a cult leader i.e. The Founder. It was scheduled to open in October of 2014. Then…nothing. After finding the location, revealing the marketing plan and the scary mascot known as Coba, the popping’ boba, the business venture simply disappeared. Many believed that the project failed and Farrah abandoned the idea. Apparently not! On May 5th, this tweet was posted. Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.20.38 PM

And Coba is still creepy. Farrah has been heavily advertising the grand opening. There will be plenty to do with face painting, a live band, a red carpet roll out and celebrity guests from MTV. *ahem*Farrah*ahem*  The location has changed from South Congress Avenue in Austin to Lakeway, Texas. I am not familiar with Texas, so I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. According to Starcasm (whose headquarters are close by) the place is a lot smaller than her original. However, it looks more like a frozen yogurt shop! Check out some of the photos that they snagged. If you are in the area and wanted to check it out, the grand opening will be May 31st at 5pm. And if your looking for a job, Froco is hiring mascots! Who wouldn’t want to dance around in a huge ball? We know Farrah loves bouncing balls.


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