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It’s the end of the school year, and in the middle of writing IEP’s and checking out way too much data and graphing, I’ve thought a lot about statistical approaches to things and exactly why math is important.  If you’re not a math person, feel free to stop reading now, but if you are a math person (or if you’re just curious) feel free to continue.

A few months ago, I did a statistical look at arrests in the 16 & Pregnant world, and I had a huge response.  Several of you were wanting to have new posts with updated information on these ladies, so I figured I would do my best and put all of that information together.  This post will cover multiple pregnancies – that we know of – in the 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom ladies.  At some point, I’ll write up a post about the dad’s and their roles in reproduction, but for now, we’re focusing in on the ladies.

Keep in mind that studies show that nearly 50% of all teenage mothers will get pregnant for a second time within two years of their first pregnancy.  After checking out our stats below, you’ll find that this is pretty darn close to what’s going on with MTV’s picks for 16 & Pregnant.

Season 1 (2009):

The first season of 16 & Pregnant featured 6 ladies, and of those, 4 have gotten pregnant again.

1. Maci – Gave birth to son Bentley, and is currently pregnant and about to deliver her daughter, Jayde Carter with boyfriend of several years, Taylor McKinney.

2. Catelynn – Placed daughter Carly up for adoption, and later gave birth to daughter, Novalee Reign.  Both children have the same father.

3. Whitney – Gave birth to son Weston Jr. on her episode, and later had another child with Weston.  The couple named their second son River.  They have since separated.

4. Ebony – Gave birth do daughter Jocelyn on her episode.  Later, she and husband, Josh, had a miscarriage and later conceived again which resulted in the birth of their daughter, Jayda in 2012.  Ebony and Josh divorced, but she later began dating a guy named James.  James and Ebony had a miscarriage less than a year ago, and are now pregnant again and due on June 22nd with a third girl. The couple plans to name their daughter Jaelyn.  Ebony does not have custody of her first two children, but Josh does.

Season 2 (2010-2011)

Season 2 had a whopping 19 girls featured, but they split them up over two smaller seasons.  Of those featured on season 2, 13 have gotten pregnant again.

1. Jenelle – Jenelle gave birth to her son, Jace, during her episode.  After Jace’s birth, Jenelle married Courtland Rogers.  The couple had a pregnancy which was ended after a physical altercation.  She then conceived again, but had an abortion before meeting ex-fiance Nathan Griffith.  Jenelle and Nathan then conceived their son, Kaiser.  This is 4 pregnancies for Jenelle (that I can remember) but it could be more.

2. Nikkole – Gave birth to son, Lyle, on her episode.  She later was pregnant with a son, Ashton, which resulted in a stillbirth.  Information later came forward that this pregnancy was fake and that she was never even pregnant in the first place.  Nikkole is currently pregnant with a girl who she plans on naming Ellie Jade.  The baby’s father, Ryan Rice, and Nikkole are on and off depending on the week.  She is due in the next couple of months.

3. Lori – Lori placed her son up for adoption on her episode.  She then began dating a guy named Joey Amos, and the two welcomed a daughter, Rylynn together.  Lori and Joey broke up, and she got pregnant again.  Her newest child is a boy named Logan.  Logan was born this fall and was in the NICU for quite a while before he got to come home before Christmas.

4. Leah – Leah had twins on her episode of 16 & Pregnant, but later divorced their father.  She met her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, and the two hopped on the baby making wagon quickly, but had a miscarriage.  Soon after that she conceived her daughter, Addie, who is now 2 years old.

5. Kailyn – Gave birth to her son, Isaac, on her episode of 16 & Pregnant.  We learned in Kailyn’s book that she was actually pregnant once before Isaac.  She had a pregnancy when she was 15 which ended in an abortion on her 16th birthday.  She has also had a pregnancy since Isaac, which resulted in the birth of her son, Lincoln, back in November of 2013.

6. Brooke – Gave birth to her son, Brody, on her episode of 16 & Pregnant, and later had a second child with her husband Cody.  Their daughter’s name is Rylee, and she was born in December of 2012.

7. Felicia – Gave birth to daughter, Genesis, with boyfriend Alex.  Alex and Felicia broke up (he got another girl pregnant) but they got back together at some point to conceive their second daughter, Giselle, who was born in May of 2014.

8. Markai – Gave birth to her daughter, Za’Karia, on her episode.  Later, Markai was featured on the “No Easy Decision” episode which showed the struggle of getting pregnant again and choosing abortion instead of parenting.  Since then, there have been several rumors about Markai getting pregnant again, but she hasn’t officially confirmed or denied anything, so we’re really unsure.

9. Aubrey – Gave birth to her son, Austin, on her episode.  Later, she and husband Brandon were divorced, and Aubrey got pregnant again.  She gave birth to a second son named Easton, but we don’t know a whole lot of information about him.

10. Christinna – Gave birth to her daughter, Destiny, on her episode.  Christinna separated from her husband, and began dating another man named Dalonte, and the two conceived a child.  Christinna and Dalonte welcomed their daughter, Naomi, in March of 2014.

11. Kayla – Kayla and JR had Rylan on their episode.  The two split up, and Kayla began dating a younger man named Zach.  They’ve been together for a while, and recently announced that they are expecting their first child together.  She is due in August with a boy.

12. Megan – Megan and Nathan welcomed their son Blake on their episode of 16 & Pregnant.  They married, and later divorced.  Megan found love again in a guy named Chase, and the two welcomed their first son together, Silas, into the world in April.

13. Ashley – Ashley placed her daughter Callie for adoption with her aunt and uncle.  She later rekindled her relationship with estranged baby daddy, Justin Lane.  The two ended up pregnant, but Ashley suffered from a blighted ovum, and the pregnancy wasn’t viable.  Some question whether or not this actually counts as a miscarriage or a pregnancy at all, but I’m listing it anyway.

Season 3 (2011)

Season 3 featured stories of 10 girls.  Of those 10, we believe that 8 have gotten pregnant again.

1. Jordan – Gave birth to her son, Noah, on her episode.  She shocked fans by getting pregnant before the reunion special had even been filmed.  Jordan and Brian welcomed their daughter, Arri, in November of 2011.

2. Jennifer – Gave birth to twins with boyfriend, Josh.  The two later separated, and she got married to a new guy named Luis.  Luis and Jennifer conceived and welcomed their first son together, Sebastian, in April of 2014.

3. Jamie – Welcomed daughter, Miya, with boyfriend Ryan on her episode.  About 2 years later, Jamie posted a picture on Twitter of an ultrasound, with a caption that led people to believe she miscarried.  It turns out that Jamie had an abortion early on in the pregnancy.  She and Ryan later conceived again and recently welcomed their first son, Mason, in October of 2014.

4. Danielle – Gave birth to her son, Jamie Jr., on her episode.  Later, she and boyfriend Jamie Sr. got pregnant again, and the couple welcomed their daughter, Jayleigh, in June of 2013.

5. Cleondra – Welcomed daughter, Kylee, on her episode of 16 & Pregnant.  She and ex-boyfriend, Mario, separated.  She lost custody of her daughter, and is now pregnant with her second child.  She’s expecting a boy in August, but has been extremely quiet about this pregnancy and we know nothing about the baby’s father or her relationship status, which has led several fans to think she’s hiding something.

6. Izabella – Welcomed baby Enrique on her episode, and stayed with fiance Jairo.  Jairo and Izabella seemed to be defying the odds of teen relationships, but they ended up planning a second pregnancy and announcing it around 20 weeks.  Izabella and Jairo welcomed their daughter, Anastazia, into the world in November of 2014.

7. Kianna – Welcomed baby Kay’den on her episode.  She’s said about a dozen times that she’s pregnant, but nothing ever comes from it (similar to Markai’s situation).  I figured I’d list it since we just had an article about her and she’s fresh in your minds.

8. Allie – Allie and boyfriend Joey welcomed their son, Aydenn, during their time on MTV.  Allie moved back to New Jersey and began dating a guy named Chris Guthries.  The two announced their pregnancy with a notorious Jordan shoe photo, but Teen Mom Junkies exclusively revealed that Allie suffered a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy.  As far as we know, Allie has not been pregnant again since, but she has deleted all of her social media accounts and is very private about things now.

Season 4 (2012)

Season 4 featured 12 girls.  Of those 12, 6 have had multiple pregnancies.

1. Mackenzie – Welcomed son Gannon on her episode.  After her episode was aired, fans found out that Mackenzie had a pregnancy before Gannon, which ended in a late term miscarriage less than a year before Gannon’s birth.  Mackenzie is high risk due to her Type 1 Diabetes, but chose to conceive again with husband Josh.  The two welcomed their daughter, Jaxie, in February of 2014.

2. Jordan – Jordan welcomed her son, Chase, with boyfriend Tyler.  The couple has stayed together and are currently engaged.  They welcomed their second child together in March of 2014: a girl named Skylar.

3. Myranda – Myranda and Eric welcomed their daughter Kaylee during their time on MTV.  They went on to get married, and got pregnant again.  Myranda didn’t formally announce her pregnancy, but pictures surfaced and sleuths connected the dots.  The couple welcomed their second daughter, Ryleigh, in April of 2014.

4. Sarah – Welcomed daughter Tinleigh during her episode.  She later hooked up with her former manager, Justin Fine, who is significantly older than her, and ended up pregnant while he was still married to another lady.  Sarah welcomed her second daughter, Tessly, in October of 2013.

5. Devon – Welcomed her son, Landon, on her episode.  She and her baby daddy later separated and claimed they were faking their happiness for the cameras.  Devon has moved on and is dating a guy named Eric.  The couple is expecting a girl together in July.

6. Kristina – Welcomed her son Lukas on the most heart breaking episode of 16 & Pregnant to date.  She later married a guy named T.J. and ended up pregnant for a second time.  They welcomed their son, Tommie Joseph, into the world in January of 2013.  The couple had a lot of drama, and ended up separating.  Teen Mom Junkies exclusively revealed that Kristina was pregnant for a 3rd time, and gave birth to her son, Layton Jax.  Friends and family were unsure whether Layton was T.J.’s son or not, due to some cheating that occurred around the time of his conception.

Season 5 (2014)

Season 5 featured 12 girls, and of the 12, only 3 have had multiple pregnancies that we know of.

1. Autumn – Welcomed her son, Drake, on her episode.  She later revealed that Drake’s conception happened very shortly after a miscarriage.  Autumn thought that she couldn’t get pregnant so soon after a miscarriage, and that’s why she ended up on 16 & Pregnant.

2. Millina – Millina welcomed her son, Kayden, on her episode.  She later shared that she had an abortion at 14 years old.  She also said that she had a second pregnancy after Kayden, which resulted in a miscarriage due to the egg being stuck in her Fallopian tube.

3. Savannah – Savannah welcomed her son, Rowan, on MTV.  She recently revealed that she had a miscarriage about 5 years ago, which would have made her either 13 or 14 at the time of the pregnancy.

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At around 11 o’clock last night, Nathan Griffith received a phone call from a blocked number. The caller, his ex girlfriend, Jenelle Evans, was calling to inform him that she was outside causing damage to his truck. When Nathan went outside, she screamed, “now I know where you live.” Jenelle then proceeded to attack Nathan. She hit him, slapped him and even tried kicking him down stairs. At one point she tried choking him with his own, I’m assuming, muscle shirt and when that didnt work, she dug her nails into his back. Nathan said he could smell alcohol on her.

Jenelle reading about her warrant like..

Jenelle reading about her warrant like..

By this point, neighbors came outside to see what was up. They told both Nathan and Jenelle to chill out. Nathan then asked Jenelle to leave. She refused. There was a struggle for the door but Nathan won out. Jenelle tried to get inside though. She also kept yelling, “let me in, let me in.” Nathan locked the door on Jenelle so she stood outside for awhile screaming that Nathan had her phone and wouldnt give Kaiser back. Eventually she left but kept calling Nathan’s cell. So Nathan drove to the police station to file a restraining order against Jenelle. He had injuries consistent with his story, like scratches on his neck and a bruised face.
A warrant for criminal domestic violence in the first degree has been filed against Jenelle Evans. She has not yet been found nor has she turned herself in.

Jenelle has been on twitter today, though. She retweeted her PR blog who claims there is a whole other side to this story. They claim that Nathan ran over Jenelle with his truck and that neighbors witnessed the incident and called police. Apparently, she was there to pick up Kaiser and Nathan refused to hand him over. Jenelle is seeking to file charges and her lawyer is involved.

How did Jenelle get back up from being hit by Nathan’s truck? How did she have the strength to fight him? Why isn’t she in the hospital? Why was she there so late to pick up Kaiser? Was Kaiser even there?!?! If anything she said is true, why didn’t she wait for the cops and why hasn’t she turned herself in?!?! Let me know what you think in the comments!


Handing herself in

Handing herself in

Jenelle and her lawyer are at the PD to turn herself in. A small MTV crew and Jenelle’s “best guy friend” Ryan Dolph are also there.

She doesn't look like she got hit by a truck..

She doesn’t look like she got hit by a truck..

Hey guys so Jenelle was released on a $2,130 personal recognizance bond. She also requested a no contact order and the judge said no, just stay away from Nathan. The charges were not dropped. She has a hearing coming up.

Waiting to see the judge, possible picture for next year's Easter.

Waiting to see the judge, possible picture for next year’s Easter.

And hey, it’s one you probably haven’t thought about for a while!


Do you recognize this guy?  I didn’t either.  To refresh your memory, his name is Zak Hegab, and he was featured on season 3 of 16 & Pregnant.  He and his girlfriend, Kianna Randall, were expecting a baby together.  Kianna was 16, and Zak was only 15 at the time.  Here’s a picture of Kianna to help potentially spark your memory a bit.

16-and-pregnant-Kianna-RandallAnyway, a few years ago, Zak and Kianna got arrested for armed robbery, and he ended up going to juvenile hall for quite some time.  Kianna was sentenced to 10 years of probation, but she was later arrested again, which kind of eliminated that and gave her a harsher sentence.

After the burglary arrest, Zak was a free man again, but it seems like he just couldn’t stay out of trouble.  He had an absent father himself, and probably didn’t have anyone in his life that was able to show him right from wrong.

Zak was arrested in August of 2014 for aggravated sexual assault on a child.  The Ashley had an exclusive story on this today, and shared that in the state of Texas, where these two fabulous humans live, aggravated sexual assault is basically labeled as aggravated if one or more of the following things took place: the child was under 14 years old at the time of the incident, a deadly weapon was used, a “date rape” drug was used, or serious bodily harm was threatened or carried out.  So holy cow, this guy must have done something pretty awful.

Zak is now 21 years old, and spending time behind bars.  Ashley reached out to his attorney for a comment, but he refused stating that since the case was pending litigation, he probably should keep his mouth shut.  The Ashley did confirm that Zak’s bail is set at $40,000.



16 & Pregnant’s Savannah Mooney came in as a fan favorite during season 5, but sadly, things in her life have been anything but smooth sailing since.  Some of her antics have even lost her some popularity among fans of the show.  Viewers that once saw her as a great role model are finding out that maybe MTV’s editing played more of a role in her story than we thought.

Savannah, the now 19 year old mother to 1 year old Rowan, has had several ups and downs.  Her mother was a struggling alcoholic on her episode, and it seems that addiction might have played a role in Savannah’s life as well.  Sources tell us that Savannah frequently drinks, and she was shown smoking on her episode.  Our sources also claim that she isn’t only smoking cigarettes.

A few months ago, Rowan’s father, Stone Nesmith, took his son for nearly a month without telling Savannah where he was.  This was in an attempt to help Savannah realize what was important in her life.  Savannah admitted that she might not have been in the right mind set when Stone took Rowan, and that she needed to turn things around.  The two later got back together, but have since separated yet again.

Shortly after Rowan was taken, rumors started swirling that Savannah was living with her boyfriend at the time, Malcolm, who was reportedly a drug dealer of sorts.  Their home was shot at during a drive by which allegedly boiled down to an incident regarding drugs, but thankfully nobody was hurt.

Savannah’s newest post on Instagram has fans in an uproar about a new revelation.  Savannah had a miscarriage when she was barely 14.  Her post on Instagram had a quote by Barbara Kingsolver which stated:

A miscarriage is a natural and common event.  All told, probably more women have lost a child from this world than haven’t.  Most don’t mention it, and they go from day to day as if it hadn’t happened, so people imagine a woman in this situation never really knew or loved what she had.  But ask her sometime: how old would your child be now?  And she’ll know.

Savannah captioned the quote with “He/she would have been 5.”  This means that Savannah would have been barely 14 when her child would have been born, had she not miscarried.  Savannah is not the first from 16 & Pregnant’s 5th season to have multiple pregnancies before the birth of their child.  Millina had an abortion at 14, and Autumn had a miscarriage before conceiving her son, Drake.

Are you surprised that so many of the 16 & Pregnant girls have had multiple pregnancies?  Does the new information change your opinions on some of these girls?  Sound off in the comments below.

Okay so I’m going to try and do my first live recap. Please have patience!


Amber and Matt go out for the day. Gary and his friend google Matt and discuss his past like having a DUI.
Gary says he’s fine with matt untill something happens that affects Leah. While at dinner Amber and Matt discuss Matt getting a new job and he says hes never been to jail. Amber says she isnt seeing Leah as much as she used to. Amber says Gary is using Leah to hurt Amber. That its about control.

Gary texts Amber “911” because Leah is sick. Amber and Gary get into an argument and Gary wants to go for child support because Amber hasnt paid since last year. The producers head to Ambers and shes upset because Gary said the only reason Amber is getting Leah overnight is because shes sick and doesnt have school tomorrow. (PS, Kristina, discussing child support is not your place, stay out of it girl.)

Amber, Matt and Leah are going to a hotel for the night. Im pretty sure Leah isnt buckled in!!! She almosts gets sick in the car. Amber carries Leah into the hotel room and their romantic suite is weird with a child along. Leah all of a sudden feels better. Imagine that!

Amber takes Leah home because shes feeling better. Gary talks to Heather and is upset Amber didnt take Leah to the doctor. Gary badmouths Amber and says she doesnt know how to be a mom IN FRONT OF LEAH. He says itd be easier if Amber was gone.

Amber and Matt are talking to Bubby and she says shes filing for joint custody because Gary is playing games. Matt leaves and Bubby jumps on Amber about Matt. He says theyve rushed into it and Amber is quick to defend Matt. She says he helps pay bills and has a job.
Amber says her and Matt already discussed that if she catches him lying, hes out.

Catelynn and Tyler are going to be on The Doctor. They talk about bringing Nova with and the pros and cons of breastfeeding vs formula. Catelynn and Tyler decide to stop breastfeeding and use formula.

Catelynn changes Novas diaper while Tyler just stands there. They call April and she agrees to babysit for them while they film for The Doctor. They discuss Brandon and Theresa wanting to come to the reunion show so they can meet Nova and maybe April can meet Carley..
They discuss how far they’ve come since 16, like having a house, car and cell phone. Whats a cell phone have to do with being an adult?

April and Rich, April’s new husband, are babysitting Nova. Catelynn says shes done brestfeeeding because its hard to travel and breastfeed. April says shes going to the reunion and she hopes Carley is there. Then they head to the New York. They discuss how far April has come and how theyrr excited to talk to an older generation about adoption.

Catelynn and Tyler are filming The Doctors. They discuss open adoption. Dawn texted Tyler saying Theresa is going to call Catelynn later. Carly might be going to the reunion and might get to meet Nova but Catelynn doesnt want to discuss it and get her hopes up.

Catelynn talked to Theresa and shes going to the reunion but Carly doesnt seem to be coming. Theresa says she would rather have alone time with them and have mom to mom time on stage with Catelynn. They still plan on having Theresa meet April and show her that April has changed.

Catelynn and Tyler return home. They say their trip was good and they got rest. They tell April about the reunion and she seems pretty upset. But C&T try to play it off like its cool. Later, April tells Catelynn that shes taught her a lot about adoption and how its not like the 1950s. She apologizes for the past and they seem like theyre in a good place now.

Simon sent Farrah and Sophia a huge bear. Theyve been dating for four months and hes going to meet Sophia. Farrah goes to dinner with a friend and they discuss their relationship. The next day Farrah and Sophia are waiting to go pick up Simon and Farrah keeps yelling at Sophia. They then head to the airport.
Sophia and Farrah pick Simon up from the airport. Sophia gets the cutest attitude with him and he handles it pretty well. Sophia asks Farrah is she is serious about wanting to get married and no one really says anything.

Sophia puts Simon through the ringer and I kind of feel bad for him. They then head to dinner with Michael. Michael says hes met a lot of creepers in Farrahs life and Sohpia gets more of an attitude but says she likes Simon.

Simon opens gifts from Farrah and she gets him red bottoms! Sohpia starts hitting Simon and hanging on him. He again handles it pretty well. The strange neighbor watches Sophia while Farrah takes Simon out. Simon says he likes Michael and loves Sophia. He starts texting and driving, which isnt cool.

Farrah sits down with Simon and tries talking about their relationship. She says she wants to only wait a year before they get engaged. Simon just sips his tea.

Simon is leaving for San Diego and Sophia is still harassing him. They get in the car and decide to all sit in the back with Sophia while Heather drives. Farrah says Simon is crabby but hes just annoyed with Sophia. Farrah is acting super ridiculous and trying to force Simon and Sophia’s relationship. By now Simon seems totally done.

Farrah picks up her mom but shes worried about her relationship with Simon. She talks to her mom about wanting to be Simons business partner but that he’s not ready for anything else. Deb says dads dont act like him and Sophia needs a dad. Its been four months!!!
Maci and Taylor discuss buying a house. They talk about what they want when looking for a house.

Maci and Taylor are looking at houses. The house they look at is huge and actually pretty nice. They think its perfect for them and they agree to put an offer on the house.

The people who own the house made a counter offer and they take it.
Ryan is talking to a friend about Bentley and how he loves TBall. Ryan says Taylor is a great guy and is really good with Bentley. He kinda looks drugged out.
Taylor and Maci go to dinner with friends. They announce they bought a house, theyre just waiting for the loan to go through. Macis friend asked whens the wedding and Taylor says he guesses soon.

Taylor goes to the jewelers and looks for an engagement ring. He goes to chill with his friends and says hes been making poor decisions. He doesnt seem like he doesnt want to marry Maci but is going to because he feels he has to.

Maci and Taylor are moving. They set up their new house pretty quickly. Theyre laying in bed and talk about marriage. We think Taylor is about to propose, in bed, straight Jenelle Evans style, but instead he pulls out a beer.

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Teen Mom OG:
Maci is due in three weeks! Cannot wait to “meet” Jayde.
Farrah will be on the next season of Botched and she recently did an interview where she said about Maci, “maybe she thinks there’s so much attention on me that she needs some. I feel like she needs mental help. I would never let my daughter around parents like Maci.” She then went on to say, and this quote is spot on, “I don’t hang out with moms who have shared houses with partiers and had beer pong tables. I don’t condone that.” I think Farrah may be reading our comments!
Amber recently took a lot of heat for posting a picture on her birthday of a picnic she was having with fiancé Matt. They were both drinking wine. Amber says because she is three years sober and wasn’t an alcoholic that she can drink. I love Amber but girl, that is not how sobriety works. A judge will take that into consideration if she goes for custody of Leah. Especially after seeing how Matt acts after having a few drinks.
Catelynn and Tyler redid their bedroom. They have this huge painting of Marilyn Monroe over their bed. Reminds me of Kail. Tyler is still editing pics of Novalee and denying it. He’s also posted like a million selfies lately.


Teen Mom 2
Rumor has it that Leah no longer has custody of the girlses. Apparently Corey has the twins and Jeremy’s family has Addie. I cannot officially confirm or deny this.
Kail has decided to start posting pictures of the boys again. Hopefully now we’ll see less of her promoting dumb stuff.
Chelsea seems like her life is just dandy. I’m incredibly proud of her.
Jenelle is either the dumbest person I’ve ever met or she’s full of crap. It’s probably both. You all know how she’s been promoting EDCNY? She went there, with Nathan! So either she thinks it’s okay to get back with the man who allegedly attacked her or it never happened and they’re gonna play it off like it was was a joke. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she slaps sober people in the face with her antics and now she’s slapping DV survivors in the face as well. You can’t publicly accuse someone of being abusive, and say how you’re so much better than them, then decide to get back with them. She also accused Kaiser of getting her sick this week. I’d love to ask how that’s possible seeing as how she never spends time with her kids nor does she hardly mention them.


Teen Mom 3
Katie got a kitten, woo.
MacKenzie is denying she wanted fans to pay for her boob job and she deleted her profile on myfreeimplants.com
Arabella had a dance competition this weekend where she came in third for novelty modeling and her dance team came in third for their age group. Sorry Alex, but it’s a good thing Bellie looks like Matt. 😉
Briana had some crazy drama yesterday on twitter! Apparently someone stole her bank info and used all of her money. She’s accusing Shoc and his baby momma, Megan. Apparently Megan’s phone bill was paid using Briana’s card but Megan is saying she doesn’t have the phone company that was on the bill. They then got into a heated argument where Briana made fun of Megan for being a victim of domestic violence. She claimed Shoc beat Megan and put her in the hospital with a concussion. I fail to see how that is funny. Roxy then got involved saying Bank of America wants their money back and the cops will be getting involved. Megan then accused Roxy of making Briana pay Roxys bills. Even Devoin chimed in, he had Nova yesterday and people were texting his girlfriend asking about the drama. It doesn’t get much trashier than the Dejesus clan. Thankfully Nova has Brittany.