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Cleondra Carter, who was featured on season 3 of 16 & Pregnant, gave birth to daughter Kylee during her debut on MTV.  Since filming ended nearly 4 years ago, Cleondra has kept relatively quiet about the events in her life and has continued to raise her daughter, work, and go to college.

Cleondra and her boyfriend, Mario, had a rocky relationship when we met them on 16 & Pregnant, and things got worse after that.  The two ended up getting into a heated argument and both of them were arrested.  After a break up and figuring out how to handle things separated, the two decided to give a relationship another try, but it didn’t work out and they decided to officially go their separate ways.

Since the final break up, Cleondra and Mario had attempted to co-parent and raise their daughter together, but found out that it was harder than they planned.  There ended up being a custody battle, and Mario was granted custody of the couple’s four year old daughter.  Cleondra ended up making a GoFundMe page to try and raise money to go back to court and fight for custody of her daughter.  Here is an excerpt of what she wrote about her current situation:

On October 31, 2014, this is when my world was crushed. We had trial for the custody of Kylee. It began at 9 am and ended around 4 pm. From 9 am until 3 pm or so, I was bashed by Kylee’s father and his family with nothing but lies. My attorney was absolutely TERRIBLE! My attorney did not fight, no one fought for Kylee and the judicial system failed me as a mother. They made MANY false accusations that had no proof. The lies were outrageous, hurtful, and underhanded. It is unbelievable to me how these people just loved me 2 years ago and now I am such an awful mother. Their case was built on nothing but lies, but it was built. I was badgered horribly on the stand by his attorney for being a young woman who has started to date. Somehow that has been misconstrued into being promiscuous. At the end of the day, I lost my daughter. They took my baby girl from me even though they could not and did not prove me as an unfit mother. The law says their must be a change in circumstance and Kylee’s circumstances only got better with me. I have grown as a mother, I have and still to this day put my baby girl first. I am empty without her and now I must FIGHT!

Cleondra is asking for $5000 in order to cover the appeal and attorney fees, and so far she’s raised almost $1500 of that.  While there are always two sides to every story, I do hope that these two can come to an agreement and figure things out for the sake of their child.  If you feel compelled to donate to Cleondra’s cause, feel free to check out her GoFundMe right HERE.


We’ve all heard the rumors about Leah lately, but this latest one is leaving fans of Teen Mom 2 a little confused.

Leah has confirmed that she will not be signing a contract with MTV for a 6th season of the reality show which has followed her life and supported her family for the last 5 years.  When a fan took to Twitter to ask if Leah would be taking part in a 6th season of the show, Leah simply replied with “no.”


Leah has failed to address any real divorce rumors, but The Ashley has also reported that a source claimed that Jeremy was flirting while out of town on work and said that he was getting a divorce.  This hasn’t been confirmed anywhere, but it could explain Leah’s strange tweets and Jeremy’s social media frustrations lately.

Some questions have arose regarding the future of Teen Mom 2 without Leah and her girls, but our sources have revealed some bits of information about this whole situation.  As far as we know, Teen Mom 2 will continue with Jenelle, Kailyn, and Chelsea.  Leah and her entire family will be left out of any upcoming filming that MTV plans to do.  While a 6th season of the show hasn’t been confirmed by MTV, our sources claim that the camera crews will be back out to film the three remaining girls after the first of the year.

We haven’t had any updates on Leah’s custody situations, but she’s still been posting a lot about Addie and not much of anything about the twins besides mentioning that they were sleeping at one point.  Jeremy has remained quiet online about his pending divorce, and neither he nor Corey have mentioned anything else regarding the end of their time on MTV.


Jordan Cashmyer might be making her way up the “most talked about 16 & Pregnant stars” list.  Jordan, who was voluntarily homeless on her episode of 16 & Pregnant, has changed quite a bit since her episode concluded.  Here’s a short timeline of her past few months:

– Jordan and Derek separated after moving back to Maryland

– Jordan lived on her own without a job, so she ended up running drinks at a strip club called Chez Joey

– Jordan decided to start stripping and stop supporting her daughter

– Jordan attempted suicide a couple weeks ago, and has since returned to social media to promote her stripping gig

– Derek takes care of the couple’s daughter, Genevieve, while also going to college

These two have had several public battles regarding whether or not Jordan is actually stripping, who’s taking care of the baby, and why one of them has the kid more often than the other.  The “Where Are They Now?” special for MTV is being filmed at the moment, so you can bet we’ll get to see a decent chunk of this in an update around the first of the year.

Jordan took to Twitter yesterday to promote her “business page” on Facebook.  The page, which is titled “Raquelle at Chez Joey” is promoting her stripping at the club, and includes pictures of her hugging the pole, taking shots when she is not of legal age, and even some potential drug paraphernalia.


The picture that sparked the most controversy is the following shot of Jordan and 2 of her friends, who are also fellow strippers at the club, in a dressing room before a performance.


Jordan’s ex-boyfriend, Derek, has spoken about her alleged drug usage, and it appears that the usage at Chez Joey is something that happens frequently.  Our sources claim that Chez Joey is known to be a “relatively trashy” strip club, and that “drug use happens there all the time” by both the workers and the customers.  If you look at the counter on the bottom left of the picture above, you’ll see bags, cigarettes, and what appears to be white streaks of powder left on the counter.


Many are assuming that this is cocaine, but others are questioning those claims and thinking that it might be something stronger judging by appearances of some of the other girls on Jordan’s “business page” photographs.  While we can’t confirm or deny Jordan’s current drug usage, she has admitted to smoking marijuana in the past (isn’t it the gateway drug or something?).  Some are also questioning whether or not Jordan’s suicide attempt was actually a drug overdose.

Leah Messer

Leah’s life has been a seemingly ongoing mess for about 6 weeks now, and her cryptic Tweets and subtle messages continue to leave the social media work wondering what’s really going on.

On November 15th, Leah shared a picture of some grass and a caption of “stop watering things that were never meant to grow in your life” and that was the start of a few days of subliminal messages that she’s been sharing.


Leah has shared several messages about her youngest daughter, Addie.  She’s shared messages about going to church with Addie and her mother, as well as spending her nights on the couch with Addie.  Sadly, there’s been no real mention of Ali and Aleeah in a few days, besides Leah saying that she was missing them on Sunday.  When fans asked where they were, Leah failed to reply.

Leah also shared that she was going to lunch with someone very special to her and that we should keep her in our thoughts and prayers.  Leah has been really reiterating the need for prayers lately, but hasn’t shared why she would need them or what is actually going on.

leah2 leah3 leah4

On November 17th, Leah shared a lengthy Tweet about failure which sparked a lot of people’s interests in the situation.  Leah also didn’t address what this one was about, but many people are speculating it has something to do with either her marriage to Jeremy, or custody of Ali and Aleeah.


Since all of this happened, Jeremy has removed himself from social media completely.  While our sources claim that he’s still not trying to repair his damaged marriage, he hasn’t filed for divorce that we know of.  Court records are published each Sunday at midnight, and you can bet we’ve been stalking them religiously.

All of this drama is happening at the same time that MTV is planning a 6th season of Teen Mom 2.  Sources claim that Leah and clan haven’t signed on for the season, but The Ashley shared that MTV is planning on going on with the show with or without Leah’s family as a part of it.  The Ashley also claims that filming for a 6th season is supposed to start pretty soon.

Alright friends, I haven’t been posting as much as I used to.  I am finishing up my student teaching and am going to be a lot more available here shortly.  I appreciate how willing to help all of you are, and it’s been a huge blessing to be able to come to the blog after a long day and laugh hysterically at all of your comments.  Really, thank you, because without the readers like you, the blog would be nothing.  Moving on…


Kailyn and Javi’s son, Lincoln, celebrated his first birthday yesterday, and both parents took to social media to share some messages for their son.  Kailyn shared a short message about the milestone on Instagram, and shared a collage of 3 pictures to go along with it.  The caption read:

My littlest little turns one today! I cannot believe it’s been one whole year! I’ll keep the sappy stuff for his first birthday card! love him too much for words.

Javi also shared a birthday message for his first biological child.  His message read:

A big happy birthday to 1/3 of my world! Don’t need to say much else cause I’ll tell you as we all grow together. I love you Lincoln Marshall.


Lincoln had his birthday celebration on Saturday, and judging by the pictures that were shared, he had a “Barnyard” theme, including cake pops, copies of Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton, pony rides, and farm themed food items.  These two went all out for Lincoln’s first birthday, and it looks like everyone had a great time.

lincoln3 lincoln4

Happy first birthday to Lincoln.

1. Briana is engaged or something


Honestly, I never know what’s going on with this girl because 90% of what she posts on Twitter is either written in some slang that I don’t understand or it’s simply an attempt to get attention.  Earlier this week, Briana posted a picture of her left hand and a ring on her finger.  While she hasn’t confirmed that it’s an engagement ring, many are speculating that these two might be getting married pretty soon.  Briana has since removed basically every tweet from her Twitter account, and any mention of a ring at all.

2. Nikkole posts an ultrasound photo


I’ll be the first to say that I’m skeptical about Nikkole’s current pregnancy.  Today she posted an ultrasound photo of this baby on Instagram along with a caption about her pregnancy so far. The caption read,

First ultrasound of my little bean! They put me at 5 weeks and 5 days based on the size of everything and I’m due July 12! We didn’t get to hear the heartbeat but we saw it flickering away! & to the people who say I can’t be showing this early, my doctor actually said my uterus was really big and was thinking it could be twins until the ultrasound lol! (ignore the 7w0d that’s based off of my last period and not the size of the baby)

Part of me hopes that there’s an ultrasound tech that reads our blog that can tell me what all of this actually means, but there’s also a part of me that hopes she’s not lying again simply because it would kill Lyle to think that he had two little siblings that aren’t around any more.  Either way, I don’t wish anything bad on an unborn child.

3. Mackenzie talks about more babies


As far as we know, Mackenzie isn’t pregnant again, but she did share on Twitter that if it were up to her husband, Josh, the couple would have 10 kids.  During his time on Teen Mom 3 he didn’t seem to really be too interested in Gannon, so I’m wondering where this change of heart came from.  Luckily for people that have followed Mackenzie’s journey as a Type 1 Diabetic, she had confirmed that she is not planning on having another baby soon because she doesn’t think her body could handle the stress that it puts on her condition.

4. Jeremy breaks his silence

jeremy1 jeremy2

Jeremy’s been awfully quiet since this whole cheating incident went down, and he’s been pretty cryptic in his online presence since then.  Two days ago he posted the messages above, which let followers know that he’s sick of having to keep his mouth shut and that he’s spending a lot of time at a home away from home, which just happens to be a camper.  While our sources confirm that Jeremy still isn’t living with Leah, they are both listed as in complicated relationships on Facebook.  The two have followed each other on Twitter again, but we’re unsure as to whether or not they’ll be able to work things out.