Teen Mom: The After Show

Tonight’s after show feature the married couples out of the Original Girls, Maci and Taylor along with Catelynn and Tyler.


Maci is super pleased with Mackenzie and the way she’s handled everything. Especially since she treats Bentley like he’s her own. Maci got Bentley’s name from a baby name book while sitting in the parking lot of a Sonic’s with Ryan.


A video question posed to Catelynn and Tyler, asks them if they’ve considered adopting a baby. Catelynn starts talking about how they’ve discussed adoption before. However, if they did do it they would wait until they were older and wiser. Then they wouldn’t adopt younger children but the older ones who have a harder time with finding a home.

They’re launching a children’s clothing line. All the clothes will be handmade in Michigan. Maci and Taylor give them advice like be willing to learn during their first year and to set goals and shut for them.

The rumors about Tyler cheating on Catelynn was just them messing with their haters.


What’s Going On With Gary? After Huge Weight Loss, He Looks Worse Than Ever

On tonight’s Teen Mom OG, Amber’s baby-daddy Gary Shirley was featured prominently, because he was attending a Halloween event with Amber and Leah.  But there was something noticeable about his appearance that raised questions.

In 2016, Gary lost a lot of weight, and when he showed up at the MTV VMAs, he had everyone talking.  In fact, at the time,  he told an interviewer “I do care [about losing weight]. …Just hard to do and I have been going to the gym and changing my habits, but staying consistent is hard.”

But since then (that was April 2016), Gary has slowly been returning to his old look.  And lately, that’s been pretty clear.

On tonight’s Teen Mom OG, Gary looked terrible — even sick — as he sat on the sofa.   From an untrained observer’s viewpoint, it almost seemed that he was gasping for air at some points.

But his appearance changes didn’t stop with his weight.  He had been dressing pretty nicely for a while, but lately, he’s returned to his old style.  Tonight, he even showed off a “Dad Bod” shirt to Amber.  Predictably, Amber made fun of it, insisting that he has several of them.

So what’s happening with Gary? Who knows…But hopefully he is trying to stay healthy, and keep up his weight loss as much as possible.

We’ll have to see in a few months if he continues to get worse.


Teen Mom OG: Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Hey there, fellow Teen Mom Junkies! It’s another Monday with the Original Teen Moms that captivated us. TV Guide says:”Tyler’s less optimistic than usual when his dad is once again released from prison. Farrah and Simon consider the status of their relationship. Maci throws Bentley a birthday party.”


Amber invites Gary and Kristina along on a haunted hay ride so that she can prove to them that she’s capable of looking after Leah. She hopes that seeing them together will make Leah more comfortable. Gary hopes it goes well for the same reason. It does. When Amber goes to drop Leah off at the end of the weekend, she and Gary discuss Leah’s birthday. Gary wants to do Mexican food so that it’ll fit into his budget. Amber calls him out on just being cheap, since he’s been buying all the houses on his street in order to rent them out.


Farrah has hired a nanny to look after Sophia so she won’t have to rely on Debra as much. Simon is coming into town to train employees at the furniture store. Farrah doesn’t think that there’s any chance they’ll continue a romantic relationship. While Simon is doing that, Farrah takes Sophia to go see some miniature horses. Farrah scolds Sophia after she says something negative. Sophia mopes.

Farrah goes out to dinner with Simon. He tells her that he hopes that they’ll be able to grow closer now that they’ve been hanging out more. She doesn’t think that will happen if he doesn’t grow as person to meet her on her “new” level.


Catelynn has moved into her new house. Tyler has found out his dad is being released from jail the next day. He’s willing to pick him up and even willing to let him crash with them but his trust in Butch has been severed. Butch has no concrete plans now that he’s released. Butch confesses that he was doing a line every now and then but didn’t go farther than that. Until he did. Catelynn wants to know why he didn’t come to them. He admits to being afraid of Tyler’s reaction. After he thanks Tyler for being their for him despite the amount of times he’s fucked up. Tyler doesn’t respond.

Butch is living in the old house. Tyler won’t charge him rent as long as he fixes up the house and gets it ready for them to sell. Back at home, Tyler feels bad for not connecting with Butch’s apology. Catelynn encourages him to tell his father that he can’t be there the way he was last time. She thinks they need to focus on themselves and their daughter for a bit. Tyler agrees.


Maci and Taylor wish they can go back to their honeymoon when they’re faced with unpacking their wedding presents. Instead, they decide to figure out Bentley’s birthday party. Maci wants it to be a small gathering of family and friends. Mackenzie is slowly switching out his Hardy clothes with Ralph Lauren. Ryan’s parents thinks she’s been a good influence on him. Bentley’s birthday party goes off without a hitch. Ryan is even there on time. Maci and Taylor hope that Ryan can keep being there for Bentley like he has been.

Watch Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley Plan Leah’s Birthday Party

Co-parenting and getting along has been a long journey for Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley. In a clips from tonight’s upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG, Portwood and Shirley sit down to plan what they want to do for their daughter, Leah, as she celebrates her birthday.

Leah, Portwood and Baier roll up to Shirley’s place and Leah’s hands are super full with gifts for Christina’s daughter, since she is still in the hospital. Shirley wanted to chat with Portwood to see if they would want to do their birthday together.

Portwood takes a jab at Shirley about his “dad bod” shirt. They began butting heads when it came to whether or not Shirley had a budget. They began discussing all of the houses he has purchased in the area, when Leah comes out and asks if her mom is thinking of moving into the house next door.

Leah said it would be cool but it would only cost $10 a month. Looks like she got the family discount. The two really seem to be in a much better spot, which, for Leah, is good news.

Has Amber Portwood Been Abusing Matt Baier?

The allegations and controversy surrounding Amber’s relationship to Matt will simply not end. On Teen Mom OG, Amber generally seems pretty docile whenever she’s around Matt.

And of course we get to see Matt driving some pretty souped up cars that he likely bought with Amber’s money (although it looks like he’s always trying to capitalize on Amber’s publicity by initiating his own business ventures like selling a book).

But now….it’s Amber who’s facing accusations that she’s been physically abusing Matt. Say what?

Need to get myself back to this!! Ready to hit the gym and feel great again 💋

A post shared by Amber Leann Portwood (@realamberlportwood1__) on

Yep. The rumor mill went into overdrive on the question of whether Amber has actually been causing physical harm to Matt.

It all got started when a photo surfaced of Matt looking like he’d been punched in the face with blood dripping down his cheek. Immediately, people recalled Amber’s controversial past — in which she’d actually gone to jail.

Matt spoke out immediately and publicly noting that the photo was taken after he’d been roughhousing with his friends, but that didn’t keep social media users from making their own allegations.

Unfortunately, Amber will probably dogged by rumors for the rest of her life.  Still, do we think Amber cause Matt’s injury? Nah. It’s very unlikely given that there’s a photo out there of the injury.

Why would Matt have taken a photo of the incident unless he planned to break up with Amber, which he clearly doesn’t intend to do? And then come out and defend Amber publicly?

So what’s behind the incident? Our guess is that Amber and Matt actually want to drum up as much publicity around their upcoming wedding so that they can get as many freebies to roll in as possible from various vendors.

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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