Teen Mom 2: Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

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It’s Thursday again, and you know what that means! Teen Mom 2 is airing this evening and I know we’re all excited to see what unfolds this week. This week, TV Guide tells us that fourth episode of this season titled “Not Good Enough” will feature the following stories: Leah and Corey’s co-parenting relationship takes a turn for the worse; Barbara and Jace visit Jenelle for the first time in weeks; and Kailyn and Javi discuss the future of their marriage. If you’re waiting around for the episode to start, you can watch sneak peeks of tonight’s episodes on MTV’s website by clicking here.

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Leah 3

Jeremy and Leah’s marriage is on the rocks and he’s out of town for work, but Leah doesn’t have much time to worry about that because she’s just brought the girlses home from school and they’re cutting up. Gracie in particular, is being quite the troublemaker. Each time she’s caught doing something Leah tells or hollers to her to stop it, so Gracie just moves on to find some more trouble to get in. Leah tells her friend that she thinks the adjustment to being back at her house after staying the weekend at Corey’s is what’s causing the twins to act up. While she’s saying this, Addie is standing right next to her and is also throwing a fit. Leah is explaining that the transition is hardest on Gracie, and as if on cue, Gracie knocks something over off screen. Leah tells her daughter to pick whatever it was up, but Gracie refuses. This prompts Leah to take her into another room and give Aleeah what sounds three firm spanks. The fact that Leah is mic’d up for the show does Leah no favors here as you can hear the spanks loudly. Gracie continues to carry on after the spanking and Leah threatens her with a time out. When Leah returns to the room with her friends, she says she feels bad for having to spank her child. Her friend assures her that spanking is the norm in West Virginia and doesn’t seem concerned about it. Her friend asks if Leah has spoken to Corey about Aleeah’s behavior. Leah says the used to, but don’t anymore. The scene ends with Leah’s friend saying she and Corey just can’t seem to communicate.

Later that night, Leah calls a different friend to talk about the spanking incident. She wishes she could talk to Corey about parenting, but she says he can’t talk to him and doesn’t trust him after the drug test and allegation she’s made against her. She goes on to say, “Our relationship as parents… It just really went downhill.” Leah continues to tell her friend about how Corey wants more time with the twins, but Leah is reluctant because she doesn’t know what Corey’s “plot” is. She fears that the custody issues will never end if she does acquiesce to Corey’s request for more time and is frustrated by that.

Leah and Corey are going to get together to talk about custody, but first we get to see Corey and Miranda with the twins. At Corey’s house the twins are still getting into it. Corey tries diffuse the situation by talking it over with Ali, but the adult logic is lost on the upset four-year-olds. Eventually things calm down and Miranda laughs about the twins’ budding diva attitudes. When Jeff comes over and he, Corey and Miranda talk about custody. Corey thinks that at the moment, Leah is a bad mother and wishes that he could tell Leah that she needs to “step [her] sh*t up” but he knows that it won’t go over well. Miranda reminds him that it’s all about the best outcome for the girls and it isn’t a competition to see who can say the meanest thing.

Leah and Corey meet up at a local pizza joint to discuss the custody situation. Leah says things between them are awkward, and Corey agrees but says he isn’t very bothered by it because he has to talk to her about their daughters. Leah still has an issue with the division of time that Corey is proposing, so Corey pulls out a calendar to demonstrate how the time is equally split.

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He goes on to say that extra time that he gets with the girls is time that he doesn’t have to worry about the twins. Leah understands that but doesn’t think the situation is fair because she feels she hasn’t had the opportunity parent properly because Corey is always breathing down her neck about something. Corey responds to this with a story about how Gracie told him she know how to make toast. When he asked her how she learned that, she responded, “My mommy is a sleepyhead and I have to make myself breakfast.” Gracie even showed Corey how you do it. This is hugely concerning to Corey, but Leah says it’s not a big deal. Anyone else see a kitchen fire in her future? When asked what Leah needs to be doing better to prove to Corey that she competent, he tells her he just needs to see progress, especially when it comes to the girls’ school and therapy attendance records. Corey is insistent that he doesn’t want to take the kids from her forever, but Leah says this is part of some sort of plot against her. Corey looks confused by her statement, but when he asks her what she means, Leah insists that “someone” has a plot against her.

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Chelsea is on her way to pick her daughter up from preschool. At the school, Aubree has scratched one of her little friends in a scuffle over a toy at school. When Chelsea comes to pick Aubree up from preschool, she’s on the yellow square of the discipline chart. The teacher then tells Chelsea that Aubree refuses to apologize. When Chelsea tries to get Aubree to come over to her for a talking to, Aubree refuses and starts yelling. Chelsea says she’s going to count to three. Of course, she never makes it to three before giving up.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.06.57 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.05.14 AM

She even threatens to leave, but that doesn’t deter Aubree from screaming. Chelsea gets down to Aubree’s level and tells her if she doesn’t come with Chelsea, she’s going to be in trouble. In the car, Chelsea tells Aubree to “be happy” and tickles her until she laughs. Chelsea then tells Aubree that she has to apologize to her friend or she’s going to be put on the red square of the discipline chart the next day. Chelsea passes the buck to Adam’s family and says Aubree has a hard time adjusting after she returns from visits with them.

When Randy comes over later, Chelsea tells Randy that Aubree is so naughty when she comes back from Adam’s house. She doesn’t know what they allow at Adam’s house that makes Aubree behave this way and just knows that Adam is the root of this problem. Randy assures her that it’s pretty normal for children in Aubree’s situation to have problems adjusting. Chelsea is just frustrated that Aubree acts out like this for basically half the month, because the behavior is continuous for about a week after her visits with Adam. Chelsea and Randy are both especially upset about Adam bringing lots of girls around Aubree, because they think that is what will mess her up. They discuss how Chelsea knew Cole for around six months before bring him around Aubree and even then he wasn’t introduced as Chelsea’s boyfriend until they were serious. Something about that timeline doesn’t seem right, but whatever. Chelsea tells Randy that Cole is very shy and isn’t the type of guy who is into fame or filming. They move on to talk about the visitation center. Chelsea thinks the type of people at the center will be trashy and she doesn’t like the idea of people watching. She’s now wondering if that is the best decision for Aubree.

In another scene, Aubree, Randy and Chelsea build a pretty sweet snowman outside, and in a voiceover Chelsea repeats that she doesn’t know if the visitation center is the best place for Aubree to visit with her dad, so they want to go check it out. Meanwhile, Adam works out with a friend at the gym. He discusses his 18 months of sobriety and his custody situation. Taylor hasn’t allowed him to see Paislee in months. His friend tells him that he’s a good father and it will all get resolved. Adam ends the scene by saying that Chelsea and Taylor are both great mothers, but not good co-parents.

Chelsea, Randy and Aubree go and see the center. Chelsea is unsure about everything, because never imagined she’d end up in this kind of situation. Chelsea says it has a bad vibe and the idea of taking Aubree there makes Chelsea emotional. Randy doesn’t think the visitation will actually end up being at the center, but thinks it’s a good threat to Adam’s family and hopes it will force them to take the supervision seriously. Chelsea feels bad because no matter how hard she tries to show Aubree the proper way to live, Adam and his family will always be half of her.

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Barbara finally lets Jenelle have Jace for the weekend, and it’s the first time Babs has allowed this since their last big fight. When she gets home with Jace, Jenelle shows him a ship captain costume that she bought for him in St. Thomas. She shows it to him and explains that she bought it because she knows he loves to play dress up and that Kaiser has one just like it. She has Jace try it on, and I have to admit, it’s pretty cute. Jace, however, doesn’t have too much to say about it. Later that night, Jenelle and Nathan talk to Jace about Jenelle’s new ring. He asks if it’s a wedding ring, and Nathan explains to him that it’s an engagement ring and what an engagement is. They ask Jace some extremely leading questions about where he wants to live, and he tells them what they want to hear: he wants to live with Jenelle and Nathan. Nathan then picks him up and plays with him while Jace laughs.

Babs still hasn’t congratulated Jenelle on the engagement. Jace asks her to take off the ring so he can look at it. When he asks why there’s a diamond on the ring, Jenelle teaches Jace the most important life lesson for a young man, “Diamonds are a girls best friend.”

In North Carolina, Babs talks on the phone with a friend. She reveals that she isn’t very happy about the engagement and that Jenelle and Nathan have been quite mean to her in the passed month. She goes on to say that Jace doesn’t want to live with Jenelle. She says Jace has expressed that he’s happy to visit, but considers Barbara’s house his hime. Babs thinks it would kill Jace to have to leave his home so suddenly and it hurt Barbara. She cries at the very thought of it.

The next day, Jenelle tells Jace that she doesn’t feel complete without him around, and Jace reminds her that now Barbara is all alone. Jenelle does a good job of not saying anything ugly and tells him that Barbara keeps busy. She then speaks to Barbara briefly on the phone, and Barbara tells her she will be coming over and picking up Jace the next day. Jenelle tells Nathan that Babs coming over and hopes there is no arguing. Because of the court hearing, Jenelle doesn’t know when she’ll see Jace again, so she’s hoping for the best.

Barbara visits Jenelle at her new place in Myrtle Beach and Jenelle shows her around. Jace keeps slipping up and calling Barbara “Mom” before quickly correcting himself and saying “Meme” Barbara tells him that it’s okay and he can call her whatever he wants.

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Jenelle makes a face, but continues showing her around. After seeing the backyard, Babs goes inside and picks up Kaiser. She says that Kaiser doesn’t even know him, and introduces herself to the baby as his grandma. Jenelle says that Kaiser doesn’t know anyone besides his parents at his age.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.07.45 AM

She follows Jenelle upstairs, where they discuss Jenelle and Nathan’s engagement. Barbara doesn’t want the couple to wed too soon, because she has concerns over how it will affect Jace. She says every time Jace returns from Jenelle and Nathan’s he acts up for two days before going back to his usual behavior. After struggling to get a word in, Jenelle says that this behavior shift stems from confusion on Jace’s part. She says that Jace wants to live with her, and when he has to return to North Carolina it upsets him. She adds that he needs more time with his mother, before telling Barbara that she needs to stop letting Jace call her mom. Barbara says that she doesn’t, but Jenelle sights the exchange downstairs as an example of what she means. Jenelle tells her, “He can call you Mama, that’s fine. He can call you MeMe, that’s fine. But ‘Mom’ is my name.” The scene closes with Jenelle telling Barbara that she need to accept her role as a grandparent.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.11.45 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8

Javi’s mom watching Lincoln and Kail picks Isaac up from school. She and Javi’s relationship is  still on the rocks. While Isaac sleeps in the car, Kailyn talks about her marriage on the phone with a friend. Kailyn thinks that she and Javi rushed into marriage and having a baby, so they never figured out their problems before jumping into everything. Kailyn also thinks that Javi was remiss in thinking that the honeymoon period would last forever. The friend tells Kailyn that she has to fight for her marriage and that the both of them have to let their guard down. Kailyn says that for the sake of her children, “Giving up is not an option.”

It’s only Episode Four and Kailyn and Javi’s marital issues have already been discussed ad nauseam, but here we go again. In this scene, there’s a sad love song playing when Kail’s husband enters the room looking like The Virgin Javi with a blanket draped around his shoulders like a shawl. He takes a seat on one of the couches and he and Kailyn try again to hash things out. Kailyn says she feel crowded because on the weekends, Javi constantly needs affection and always wants to be included in her plans. I mean, who the heck spend time with their spouse? Javi says she used to act that way and things have changed.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.15.40 AM

The couple then begins to argue loudly about whether or not their marriage counseling is helping, which is just dripping with irony in and of itself. Kailyn throws the d-word around some more before Isaac comes on the scene claiming that he hurt himself. Javi tries to comfort him, until Kailyn says that he’s making it up. I presume this was just a diversion to stop the fighting. Lincoln then comes to the room and lightens the mood by being absolutely precious.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.18.10 AM

Kailyn gets Isaac to leave the room and Javi says that he can’t picture his life without waking up next to (I totally thought he was going to say waking up next to Kail) Lincoln and seeing Isaac every day., so he’s dedicated to finding a solution.

In another scene, Kailyn and the boys make cookies, and Kail is just a bundle of sunshine, as usual. Elsewhere, Jo and Vee go out to eat and talk about Delaware. Jo explains where he’s coming from and talks about Kailyn’s busy schedule. Vee does not seem impressed by Kailyn’s needs, but it’s clear that she’s going to follow Jo to Delaware. Jo is very happy about this, and assures her that it’s the right decision.

Later, it’s Kailyn and Javi’s turn to go out to eat. They discuss therapy and how well it isn’t working. Javi talks about what the need to do to fix things between them and while he does he slips and says, “fresh of breath air.” From both of their reactions it’s hard to tell if that was a stab at Farrah or an honest mistake. Now I’m questioning how much time I spend watching this television franchise. They agree that they both want to work things out. The scene closes with Kailyn saying that she never wants she and Javi to have the type of strained relationship that she and Jo have.

Whose segment are you most excited for? What did you think of the scenes you saw in the sneak peeks? Are there any big moments this season that you’re waiting to see?

Another 16 & Pregnant Star Weds

Lindsey Harrison, now Lindsey Nicholson, was featured on Season 4 of 16 & Pregnant. At the time Lindsey was dating a guy by the name of Forrest Ponce. The two of them had a daughter together who they named Aniyah. They were together during their episode and for a little while after but he was pretty useless and she kicked him to the curb. Turns out he was cheating on her and actually got physical with her at one point. Anyone who watched Lindsey after her episode aired would know that she isn’t one to take a lot of nonesense from people. So kudos to her for realizing she was better than that.

Since then Lindsey met a guy named TJ. The two have been together for a couple of years now, and on July 25th the two got hitched. Lindsey looked stunning and of course her daughter, now almost 4 years old, was in attendance and even a part of the wedding. TJ wrote vows for not only Lindsey, but Aniyah too. Lindsey was clear on twitter the other day that Forrest did not have ANY part in his daughters life now. She considers TJ to be her daughters REAL father.

The two are now in Jamaica celebrating in sheer marital bliss! Lindsey has taken to her instagram and twitter to post picures of riding horses, drinking cocktails, and hanging out on the beach. What better way to start off a marriage? Soon the two will return home and resume life with their daughter. It’s nice to see Lindsey being treated well and for her daughter to have a positive father figure in her life.

Hats off to the newly weds.

The Evans Custody Quagmire

Jenelle and Sons

During a recent promotional trip to NYC, Jenelle did a short interview with OK! Magazine where she answered five questions about the dramatics that will unfold in her storyline this season. As one would expect, a few of the questions revolved around the custody situation with Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace. You can check out the interview here!

I’m really sorry, but can we stop the tape for just a second? During that interview clip, Jenelle talks about the drama that went down in St. Thomas. When Jenelle comments that the drama followed she and Nathan home from the Virgin Islands because Nathan’s friends (Candy and Pat) were still posting things online, Chelsea stops her to ask, “Were those those videos?” In a roundabout way, Jenelle confirms that the videos of her wishing death upon Nathan’s brother, a former Marine, are what she was referring to. Chelsea gives a knowing nod and continues listening. (If you don’t know what video is being referenced, here ya go!) Kailyn, whose husband is an active duty member of the United States Armed Forces, remains quiet and stares down pretty blankly.

This was a huge controversy when the video first hit YouTube and a lot of viewers were so disgusted by Jenelle that they vowed to stop watching the show. Others wondered how MTV would respond and how her cast mates would react. In true MTV fashion, the incident was glossed over in a quick canned conversation on last week’s episode, to the disappointment of many viewers. None of Jenelle’s costars confronted her on social media or in any other public manner. From the way Chelsea brought it up rather casually, it doesn’t seem like she’s bothered by it much. Kailyn had no comments, but didn’t give Jenelle even an 1/8 of the death glare Javi gets upon entering a room. So either no one associated with MTV cares about Jenelle’s hateful remark or they just know all too well how Jenelle operates. Then again, this was the same promotional trip where Jenelle pulled the tweet and delete about how Chelsea and Kailyn don’t play nice with her. I wonder why, Jenelle…

Okay, now let’s get back to your regularly scheduled gossip. Jenelle tells the folks at OK!, “Back around Christmastime, [Barbara] was just… Me and Nathan, we were kind of arguing a lot, but she was still keeping Jace away from me even if I was like, ‘Well, what if I don’t have Nathan there?’ She’s like, ‘No, absolutely not. This went on for like a month and I was like, ‘Alright, that’s it. I’m done. You’re not keeping him from me any longer.’ So then I went and pursued custody because I was just fed up.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 8.00.55 PM
Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace Vahn Evans.

When asked about the current custody orders and what she would like to see changed, Jenelle responded with, “The custody order that’s in place basically says, ‘Whatever [Barbara] says goes.’ And I want something set in stone to where it says, ‘Jenelle gets him these days.’ So that she has to follow by the guidelines.” What Jenelle has described sounds more like a visitation schedule, but I guess we know what she’s getting at: she wants time with her kid that she can’t be jerked around on. But all recent accounts of Jenelle’s custody situation have reported that Jenelle has dropped the matter. Jenelle and her mother, Barbara, had a custody hearing on March 4, 2015, but the case was postponed until the next month. A source told Radar Online, “The April date is just another calendar hearing and that will likely be pushed forward too.” Does the date March 4, 2015 seem familiar in relation to Jenelle? Well, it might be because March 4th was also the day that Nathan was arrested for criminal domestic violence. Us Weekly reports that Jenelle postponed her court date for Jace, so that she could instead attend couples therapy with Nathan.

Jenelle’s youngest son, Kaiser Orion Griffith

If that all wasn’t strange enough, viewers were shocked when Jenelle recently told Us Weekly,“I’m so busy with school and my externship. I’m trying to tell my mom, my lawyer, and everyone, I’m like, ‘Look, I know Jace is important right now, but, you know, my graduation is coming up in July.’ So I mean, that is just, it’s the no. 1 priority right now.” With the case postponed and Jenelle making these kinds of statements, it’s hard to tell what’s going on. Jenelle has since graduated from technical school, but there has yet to be a resolution to this custody situation. It is obvious from this season of Teen Mom 2, however, who Jace thinks of as his mother.

At least Jenelle has custody of one of her sons! …Right? This blogger isn’t quite sure. Since the birth of Jenelle’s second son, Kaiser, people have questioned how much time the infant spends with his paternal grandmother. Many asserted that Kaiser was constantly in the care of Nathan’s mother, Doris, or at daycare and claimed Kaiser would befall the same fate as Jace. This was largely all just speculation. But when Nathan was arrested for domestic violence during filming the sixth season of Teen Mom 2 in March, it drew a ton of attention back to the custody situation.

For those who aren't on twitter: Read from the bottom up.
For those who aren’t on twitter: Read from the bottom up.

After Nathan’s onscreen arrest, Jenelle and Nathan broke up, but Jenelle claimed they were co-parenting perfectly and sharing Kaiser 50/50. Some followers continued to speculate that Kaiser was constantly with Nathan on Snapchat or Nathan’s mother on Facebook, and Jenelle seemed to be out of the pictures. Shortly after all of that in May, Jenelle was arrested for a domestic assault on Nathan in an altercation she claims was over Kaiser. In June, Jenelle told Hollywood Life that she was “so busy with externship” that Nathan was caring for Kaiser during the week and she had him on weekends. Jenelle and Nathan have since reconciled and been seen with Jace and Kaiser in their company. People have also seen the both of them consuming alcoholic drinks when out to eat with the young boys in tow…

Despite all of this, Jenelle seems quite the concerned mother on the season of Teen Mom 2 that is currently airing. But a couple people close to Jenelle and Nathan are not impressed. Nathan’s friends Candy and Pat (Remember them? They’re the ones who posted the video.) took to twitter after last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 to let the internet know exactly how they felt. This screenshot from their shared twitter shows the couple again claiming that Doris is the one primarily caring for baby Kaiser. This is of particular interest, because someone who apparently knows Jenelle commented on Facebook last week that Nathan and Jenelle signed over temporary custody of Kaiser to Doris after the domestic violence arrests. Candy and Pat are the closest source to the reality tv couple that have made this accusation about Kaiser and confirmed that Jenelle still does not have Jace. AND they are the same source that delivered on their claims of serious Jenelle-Nathan drama last time.

*UPDATE* Today (literally one minute after this article was originally posted), Radar Online has reported that Jenelle has a court date scheduled in North Carolina for her custody battle over Jace on August 4, 2015. With the 4th being just a few days from today, the source that revealed this information to Radar thinks this hearing will likely be continued, just like the other hearings have. The source also told Radar “Jenelle does want Jace back, but the process is always held up by something. Either she is dealing with Nathan, or just can’t get it together. But she could get him back now.” We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

So the whole thing is just a mess! What do you think? Will Jenelle get custody of Jace? Does she have custody of Kaiser? What did you think about Jenelle’s sneak peek for this week’s episode?

16 & Pregnant Season 3 Update Post

Hey – if you’re new here, welcome aboard! We’re revisiting the girls from the 16 & Pregnant franchise and giving readers an update on what’s going on in their lives since MTV finished up with them.  If you’re interested in viewing any of the past posts, you can find our updates by clicking the following links:

Season 1

Season 2A

Season 2B


Moving on to season 3.  This season featured 10 girls, and story lines that welcomed the youngest 16 & Pregnant girl, drug addiction, arrests, and other utterly atrocious situations to raise babies in.

1. Jordan Ward-Finder

jordan ward

Jordan’s story was the first to be shown to us on season 3.  It had been a little bit of a break, and she had a huge number of viewers.  Jordan struggled to balance time between her boyfriend Brian and her twin sister, Jessica.  Eventually, both of them were allowed in the delivery room when Jordan gave birth to her son, Noah.  After filming was over, Jordan admitted that it was difficult for her to see Jessica living a normal teenage life, while she was stuck at home dealing with raising a child.  Jordan and Brian married shortly after the birth of Noah and moved to California to pursue Brian’s career in the Air Force. The couple went on to conceive again very shortly after.  In November of 2011, Jordan gave birth to her second child, a daughter, named Arri Monroe.  Brian and Jordan moved again – this time to Texas, where they lived for a few years, but are now in the process of moving back to the Saint Louis, Missouri area.  There have been rumors flying that Jordan and Brian’s marriage is on the rocks, but we’re unsure of whether or not this is actually true.  A source close to the couple confirms that there is trouble in paradise, but Jordan’s twin has spoken out recently stating that the marriage is perfectly fine.  Speaking of Jordan’s twin – she is also married now and expecting her first child in December.

jordan ward update

2. Jennifer Del Rio


Jennifer was the second girl from the franchise to welcome twins.  She and boyfriend, Josh, struggled with a relationship that wasn’t approved by Jennifer’s parents.  When the couple got engaged, Jennifer’s parents were pretty ticked off because he didn’t treat her very well.  Jennifer and Josh welcomed their boys, Joshua Jr. and Noah, in October of 2010.  Sadly, things went down hill pretty quickly, even though Jennifer agreed to give the babies Josh’s last name.  Josh and Jennifer got into a physical altercation, which resulted in Jennifer being picked up and thrown out of the van that Josh was driving.  He then sped off down the road.  Jennifer and Josh tried to make things work, but just couldn’t, and called it quits.  Jennifer briefly moved to Chicago because she was afraid to how Josh was acting.  She then moved back home and was awarded sole custody of the twins.  Jennifer later found love in a guy  named Luis Gutierrez, and the couple had only been dating for a couple of months before they got married.  They then (in true 16 & Pregnant fashion) went on to get pregnant again and welcomed baby Sebastian into the world in April of 2014.  Jennifer and Luis are still married and seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping their issues off of social media.  Jennifer has deleted all forms of public social media, although she does have a private Facebook account.  She works as an independent business owner and rents out inflatable rides or bounce houses for birthday parties  or events, while her husband is a mechanic from what we’re told.


3. Jamie McKay


Jamie dealt with a pretty crappy boyfriend on her episode of 16 & Pregnant, and her episode ended with her sitting down with Ryan saying that she would be taking him to court to handle their custody issues.  Ryan had showed up pretty late and hungover to the birth of their daughter, Miah, and it was hard for Jamie and her mother to think that he would ever make a good father.  Surprisingly, it seems like the couple has sorted out their issues.  In 2012, Jamie and Ryan got pregnant again but chose to have an abortion.  She laid low for a while, but eventually conceived for a third time, and the couple welcomed a son in October of 2014 whom they named Mason.  Ryan and Jamie are still together – and they’re one of the only couple’s from the franchise to stay together.  Jamie and Ryan are still working on smoothing things over with Jamie’s mother, but an inside source reveals that they are working on making sure that there isn’t drama around the children.


4. Danielle Cunningham


A party girl and her boyfriend, Jamie, got pregnant and ended up welcoming their son Jamie Jr. into a crazy world.  Danielle struggled to mend her relationship with her mother, but couldn’t handle the initial pressure of being a mother.  Danielle was reported to leave her son with her mother for several days or weeks at a time, and admitted to experimenting with heroin and becoming addicted.  She reached out to Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, for advice, which later went public and caused a lot of public drama that neither girl needed.  Danielle and Jamie ended up conceiving again and welcoming a daughter named Jayleigh in June of 2013.  Danielle has since seemed to turn things around and has stepped up more as a mother this time, but still gets into some Twitter drama on occasion due to smoking pot while her kids are napping in the other room, or being an activist for marijuana usage in general.  Danielle and Jamie have since broken up, and we’re not sure what he’s up to these days anyway.


5. Cleondra Carter


Cleondra and Mario struggled to make a relationship work and the two couldn’t decide where to live on their episode of 16 & Pregnant.  After welcoming daughter, Kylee Sue, things didn’t get any better.  Mario wanted to raise the baby at his house, which was less crowded, but Cleondra wanted to raise Kylee at her house with the help of her family.  After cameras stopped filming, these two got into an argument which resulted in some domestic violence charges.  They worked through issues, and later got a place of their own, but couldn’t make a relationship work and eventually broke up.  The couple was splitting custody of Kylee, but Mario took Cleondra to court last year and was awarded full custody of their daughter after allegations that Cleondra was sleeping with boyfriends while her daughter was in the same bed.  Cleondra was upset, and fought to regain custody.  Eventually the couple settled on 50/50 custody.  Cleondra became pregnant again by a guy named Michael and the couple welcomed their son, Adrian Eli, on July 8th or 2015. (If you’re keeping track, that’s 5 out of 5 girls so far this season that have had a second baby.)


6. Kayla Jackson


Kayla is probably most well known as the girl that struggled with an eating disorder on her episode.  Kayla openly struggled with body image issues, and her boyfriend, Michael, did his best to help her overcome the issues.  Kayla gave birth to her son, Preston, via C-Section, and struggled to maintain a relationship with Michael and her mother, while still balancing motherhood.  Kayla eventually moved out, and she and Michael broke up.  Kayla admitted that Michael was an excellent father to Preston, but that she didn’t want to feel like she had to be with him simply because they had a child together.  Kayla was living with her friend on the update episode, and Michael was living there as well, even though they were broken up.  Kayla and Michael did rekindle their relationship at some point, and were briefly engaged, but called it off before a wedding could happen.  Kayla has since spoken out about how being on 16 & Pregnant was a poor choice at that point in her life, and how the show exploits teenage girls who are in need of support during such a rough point in their lives.  She still always admits that Michael is an excellent father to Preston, and it seems like the couple is friendly and co-parents very well.


7. Izabella Tovar


Izabella and boyfriend, Jairo, struggled with letting down their strict Catholic parents and hiding a pregnancy from friends for nearly 8 months on their episode of 16 & Pregnant.  They ended up welcoming their son, Enrique, who they later named “Henry” on their episode.  Izabella and Jairo became engaged, and Izabella enrolled in college in Utah where she was ahead of schedule to graduate.  They then shocked fans when they called off their wedding date, but remained engaged.  We later found out that this was due to the fact that Izabella was pregnant again with a baby that she and Jairo claim to have planned.  The couple welcomed their second child, a girl, Anastazia Emily (nicknamed Anya) in November of 2014.  Izabella has used her 16 & Pregnant fame to become a style/brand representative and to get discounts on clothing for her children in exchange for publicity on her Facebook and Instagram pages.  She briefly had a blog which featured the stories of other teenage mothers, but hasn’t updated it in quite a while.  She’s still very active on social media accounts, and updates fans frequently on the happenings of her life.


8. Kianna Randall


Oh Kianna.  Kianna and boyfriend Zak (who was 15 at the time) ended up welcoming their son, Kay’den on their episode of 16 & Pregnant.  They both had absent fathers, and contemplated adoption, but ended up going through with parenting their son.  Kianna and Zak struggled with parenting and the lifestyle change that comes along with a baby.  On the catch up special, Kianna revealed that Zak had gotten arrested, and would be locked up for quite a while.  At this point, Zak’s mother was helping out and Kianna was planning on waiting for Zak’s release so that they could be a family again.  Kianna also was arrested a couple of times for charges such as theft and alluding.  Kianna and Zak finally broke up in 2013, but it seems like Kianna still wanted something that wasn’t quite happening.  Kianna later met some guy named Eric Lee, and in 2015 they supposedly got married.  As far as we know, Kianna isn’t pregnant again, although she has been hinting at lots of things on social media for quite a while.  Only time will tell with this one.


9. Taylor Lumas


Taylor was the youngest girl ever featured on 16 & Pregnant.  She was barely 14 when she got pregnant, and barely 15 when her daughter, Aubri, was born.  Taylor and Nathan struggled with deciding whether to choose adoption, which was her mother’s request, or to parent even though neither of the parents-to-be were old enough to legally get jobs.  Taylor and Nathan chose to parent Aubri, but Taylor quickly realized that Nathan wasn’t cut out to be a dad and the two broke up.  Taylor struggled with dropping out of real high school for virtual schooling, and later returned to the mainstream way of things while her mother watched Aubri during the day.  Taylor ended up graduating on time with her class, and was accepted into a great nursing program in the state of Ohio.  She and Nathan share custody of Aubri, and it seems like they’re doing well at co-parenting.  Last we knew, Taylor was dating a guy named Bryan who was a bit older than her and had a son of his own.  We’re unsure of whether or not they’re still together today.


10. Allie Mendoza


Allie and boyfriend, Joey, didn’t know what to do when they ended up pregnant.  Allie’s dad kicked her out, and Joey’s mom was a drug addict.  They ended up moving in with Joey’s grandmother shortly before they welcomed their son, Aydenn Anthony, into the world.  Sadly, Joey wasn’t helping as much as Allie would like, and the couple broke up.  Allie finished high school in Pasadena, and then moved out to New Jersey to live with her mom again.  Once in Jersey, Allie began dating, and dealt with a lot of backlash from Joey’s mother online.  Allie was awarded full custody of Aydenn, and it seems like Joey has only seen him once since Allie moved away.  Allie settled down with a guy named Paul for a while, and they had couples tattoos and everything, but things went south.  She is now dating a guy named Chris.  The couple announced that they were expecting back in August of 2014, but it was later revealed exclusively to us that Allie had suffered a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy.  Shortly after the pregnancy announcement and miscarriage, Allie removed herself from all forms of social media, and I haven’t been able to find her since.  Chris and Allie have reportedly been struggling with fertility and are still trying for a child together.  They are working on college degrees, and Allie works as a certified preschool teacher.  She’s been recognized for her great work ethic at the preschool and throughout the state, so it seems like she’s found a niche that she does well in.


Third Time’s A Charm

After what seems like eternity, Jenelle finally graduated from college. Actually, Jenelle finished  back on June 30th, but today was the graduation ceremony.

image image imageimage

This is Jenelle’s third attempt at school. Back in 2011, Jenelle attended Cape Fear Community College for film studies. In 2012, she changed her career goals and decided she wanted to be a surgical technician. 2012 also brought Jenelle’s heroin addiction and it seemed she was going down a dark path. Barbara even stated that she was fearful for her daughter’s life. A failed marriage, an abortion,  a possible miscarriage, a heroin relapse and numerous arrests plagued Jenelle in 2013. That same year, Jenelle met Nathan and things seemed to be going relatively well for her. At least by Jenelle standards. She enrolled back into Miller Motte in January of 2014 as a medical clinical assistant. Even with all the drama that still followed Jenelle into 2014, she kept with her schooling and here we are now. Jenelle does plan on continuing her education. Her next goals includes pharmacy technician and surgical tech. If she wants to waste her money on small certificates, that is her prerogative.

A lot of people have questioned or ridiculed Jenelle’s school. A program that is designed to be completed in 42 (full time status) weeks took her 80. Of course, you have to factor in all the trips that Jenelle took and jail time. But, hey, Maci has been working on an associate for 6 years, so Jenelle still finished before her. From the looks of it, Miller Motte doesn’t offer an associates for medical clinical assistant. Some college do offer the choice of a diploma or an associate in some programs. Of course, the associate has more courses and takes a little longer. I am assuming that Jenelle just received a certificate. Miller Motte is not regionally accredited either. Which means that the credits she earned might not transfer to other schools and some employers might not consider it as a “proper” form of education. Jenelle might be taking -and paying- for the same classes again. Jenelle’s track record doesn’t look good either though she has never been convicted of anything. Back in January, Jenelle claimed she was offered a job when she completed school which many highly doubted. She has not said anything since then.

Jenelle is the fourth girl in the Teen Mom franchise to complete some sort of post-secondary education. Farrah is the only one to have an actual degree while Chelsea and Kailyn have certificates.

Business School Dropout

Some of you might remember Chelsea’s unique friend Ashley from the earlier seasons of Teen Mom 2. Ashley helped Chelsea move into a new apartment, and was shown being a supportive friend at an Adam-Bashing cookout at Randy’s house. Soon after her short reality-tv stint, Ashley and her husband moved back to her hometown of Dallas, Texas. She gained a large fan base on Instagram due to her interesting fashion ensembles, designer handbags and home decorating skills. For a while, she was posting her outfits daily and informing followers where they could purchase the same pieces. She  frequently showed off very expensive designer handbags and shoes with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine, and Dior. At the end of each fashion season, she would sell many of the bags through Instagram and use the money to purchase new accessories for the upcoming season.Many fans asked Ashley how she could afford such lavish shopping sprees and she would vaguely reply with things like “I don’t have any kids, so I am able to spend more on myself” or “my husband and I both work very hard to afford our lifestyle.” Her husband was working in construction and she had several jobs as a secretary at medical clinics. Both are respectable professions, but not quite the income needed for the designer clothes and accessories.

Recently her popular Instagram was deleted and many fans wondered why. TheDirty.com reported that the bags she was selling at the end of each season were fake! She was allegedly charging people around $1000.00 for her used “designer” bags. The bags customers received ended up being fake, and some customers never received the bags they paid Ashley for. There are now several Instagram accounts dedicated to exposing Ashley and a few threads easily found via Google searches about her scam.

This isn’t the first time Ashley or her husband has been cast in a negative light since their Teen Mom 2 appearance. After the episodes aired, other blogs reported that Ashley’s husband, Slade, is a sex offender and many fans were concerned for Aubree’s welfare. Also at the time, it was revealed that Ashley was a stripper in her younger years. These two seem to have quite a bit of drama –  I wonder why MTV hasn’t brought them back on to add drama and boost ratings!
It seems like Chelsea and Ashley both have questionable business practices. If you recall, Chelsea had her own jewelry line called Chelsea’s Choices. She sold trinkets that she had hand-picked through an outsourced company and charged about $25 for each piece. Fans flocked to buy the jewelry, however they were met with disappointment when they never received their items or a refund for the purchase. Nothing was mentioned about it on social media or on the show. The site closed down and the incident was later swept under the rug (or weave in this case).
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