Is Mackenzie McKee the Farrah of TM3?

Signs seem to be pointing to yes. How you ask? Boob jobs, bad music videos and sex tapes!

Boob Jobs

Both ladies underwent enhancement surgery after their time on our boob tubes (see what I did there?). Farrah even had her assets redone in 2013, replacing her C cups with Ds. For some reason Farrah even keeps the old implants in her closet—a fact she discussed with her daughter Sophia during “Being Farrah.”

Left, Farrah wearing her old implants and holding her new ones. Right, Mackenzie before and after surgery.
Left, Farrah wearing her old implants and holding her new ones.
Right, Mackenzie before and after surgery.

Mackenzie added bigger breasts to her muscular frame in June. In an effort to help pay for her newest additions, Mackenzie set up an account on, though her account was taken down the same day it was set up.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the site works it’s explained on their home page—“Since 2005, MyFreeImplants has provided a zero cost alternative to cosmetic surgery loans. No payments, no interest, no problems. Just fun, friendships, and free breast implants.”


Musical Mavens

Both ladies have tried their hand at breaking into the music world. First, Farrah released her first album “My Teenage Dream Ended” in 2012 and followed it up with “Blowin” in 2014. Haven’t had a change to listen to Farrah’s musical talents lately? Just click below!


Mackenzie recorded her single “The Sweetest Treat” last month. The teen mom’s rap was aimed helping young children with diabetes make smart choice. Because if we know one thing, it’s that most of these teen moms are AWESOME at making smart choices.


And last but certainly not least…Porn Stars?

We all know that Farrah became the first teen mom to release an adult entertainment video with her tape “Backdoor Teen Mom” and TMZ is reporting that Mackenzie might be following in her footsteps! According to reports, Vivid (the same company that released Farrah’s “sex tape”) has obtained one of Mackenzie and husband Josh! Apparently the tape somehow magically appeared at Vivid’s headquarters and Mackenzie’s lawyer quickly shot them a letter demanding that the tape not be released. Farrah and her lawyers also fought the release of her sequel.

Mackenzie’s PR rep is Gina Rodriguez who has helped other women (including Farrah) get their sex tapes released by Vivid. Coincidence or movie in the making?

Interestingly enough, after Farrah made some comments about Mackenzie not need to get breast implants if she couldn’t afford them, Mackenzie had this to say…

What do you think the odds of this tape being released are? Will Farrah take Mackenzie under her wing and show her how to become a successful business woman?

Jayde Carter Cash

I mean, McKinney. Though cash would be fitting too. Maci probably needs it.

Maci welcomed her daughter, Jayde, on May 29th and, so far, the only photo released was a picture of her dog, Bonnie, with Maci and family blurred in the background.

Today, Maci and Taylor posted pictures of Jayde without Bonnie or blur. One noticeable feature is the dark hair! Jayde did not inherit Maci’s red mane! At least, so far…

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I am going to just leave it at that and let you enjoy these photos. I will post more as they become available.


New Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peeks!


MTV must know how embarrassingly excited we are to see the Teen Mom 2 girls back on our televisions screens, because they keep giving us teasers for the new season. This week, they have posted new sneak peek clips from Season 6 Episode 1 on their website. There is a short video for each girl, showcasing what we can expect to see in the season premiere. Let’s watch and discuss!


Leah and Jeremy go out to dinner. Almost immediately Leah launches into a discussion about Jeremy’s work schedule and marriage counseling. If you remember the bacon slap heard ’round the world, then you remember that this isn’t his favorite topic of discussion. Jeremy had what looked like a steak in front of him this time, so I was extra nervous for Leah. Leah slurs that if Jeremy cared about his family, then he’d make time for marriage counseling. Jeremy insists that he works so much because he needs to support wife and three kids. Leah retorts that even if Jeremy had all the money in the world, she still thinks that he’d choose work over herself and the girlses. Jeremy looks at Leah the same way Corey did in the last sneak peak we saw and then just walks out on her.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.52.21 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.53.00 PM


Since she’s generally the most boring one (read: the least train wreck-ish one) Chelsea’s clip expands on her last sneak peek. It starts off with Aubree doing Chelsea’s makeup. Aubs is a girl after her mother’s heart and chooses to use a lot of dark eyeshadow on Chelsea. Randy comes over to talk to Chelsea, but first Aubree shows him a picture of Chelsea kissing Cole. She then informs Randy that Cole is both her and Chelsea’s boyfriend. Chelsea remarks that she really found a good guy. Aubree is sent out of the room so Randy and Chelsea can talk about “grown up stuff.” They then dig into the custody issue with Adam that was featured in the last sneak peak.

Wait, this show is rated PG?
Wait, this show is rated PG?

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.44.25 PM


Kailyn and her reverse ombré hair have plans to go to a concert with friends. The plan was supposed to be that Javi picks Isaac up from his school in Delaware and takes him to Jo’s house in Jersey, so Kailyn would have time to do whatever needed to be done before heading to the concert. But apparently, Kailyn received a good morning text from a guy she goes to school with that morning. Javi was not happy about this situation at all. He insists that if Kailyn is going to text other guys, then she can take care of her own responsibilities. Kailyn says if she waits until school is over to pick up Isaac it will ruin everyone’s plans. Javi suggests she go pick up Isaac early, but Kail refuses. Javi won’t budge and tells his sister Lidia that he’s “tired of Kail’s sh*t.” The two continue to argue with both Lidia and Kailyn’s friend, Sterling, getting involved. Javi tells Kailyn to get out of his face, to which Kailyn responds, “How can you talk to somebody like that?” I’m not sure about you guys, but I thought that was rich.




Jenelle calls Barbara on the phone to tell her that Nathan bought her ticket to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands for her birthday. Barbara says that she called Jenelle on her birthday and Jenelle didn’t answer, so she’s upset about that. The conversation devolves into an argument about nothing really and Jenelle yells at Barbara to shut up a bunch of times before she hangs up in Barbara’s face. All the yelling takes place right in Kaiser’s ear, in true Jenelle fashion.

Silly Babs, thinking that Jenelle would have time to watch her own son. She's got MTV sponsored vacations to go on!
Silly Babs, thinking that Jenelle would have time to watch her own son. She’s got MTV sponsored vacations to go on!

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.49.10 PM

Are you excited for next week’s season premiere? Who’s storyline are you most looking forward to following this season?

More Baby Mama Drama


Leah just really can’t catch a break, y’all. As if her new relationship with personal trainer, T.R. Dues, wasn’t the source of enough enmity and revulsion from fans, Leah is now catching flack from the mother of T.R.’s children, Mandy Winnell. After finding out that T.R. allowed Leah to babysit his sons, Tyshawn and Angelo, unsupervised the boys’ mother flipped out and went on a twitter tirade against Leah. Leah and T.R. apologized and Mandy has since calmed down and the tweets have all been deleted before screenshots could be gathered (insert Farrah’s ugly cry here). But Mandy herself admits that it wasn’t pretty.

She is quoted as saying, “I really didn’t appreciate someone I didn’t know being around my kids. I was angry at first about that situation. I said some mean words. I told her we should talk about this because I didn’t want her to read things I didn’t really say. She agreed and thought it was a good idea. I wanted to meet her anyways, because she’s somebody who is around my kids. That was the main reason. But we’ve cleared that up. Leah knows it all came out of anger.”

Although it’s good to hear that they’ve squashed whatever small beef they had this past weekend, Mandy was singing quite a different tune a couple weeks ago. When she gave a statement to InTouch Magazine about 14 days ago she said, “I hope Leah doesn’t start drama, I’m not known to be very nice, so we need to stay on each other’s good side!” This was right before she dished that, “[Jeremy] said she’s a bad mom. If my kids are with her, they won’t be taken care of very well.” I’d really love to know what she’d have to say about Leah if she wasn’t fake interested in being “on her good side.”

Was Mandy rightfully upset? Do you think Leah and T.R. are moving to quickly? Anybody see the drama unfold before tweets got deleted? Are you surprised to hear that Jeremy allegedly called Leah a “bad mom”?

Farrah Seeking Single Athlete.

Farrah just keeps ’em coming, doesn’t she? Last week it was selling her genetic makeup (sorry, Leah, not Mary Kay), and now Farrah is asking fans to find her a date!

We all know Farrah is, yet again, single. Honestly, I’m still skeptical she was even dating Simon Saran. He was gone as soon as TMOG ended. Today, Farrah asked fans to suggest single athletes that can accompany her to the ESPN EPSYs. She has the dress, after all; she just needs a date to match.

“So, I am single, as you all know. I have a sexy dress that my girl Angel Brinks made me, but I don’t know where I’m going to wear it, maybe the ESPYs? But I need a single athlete! I mean, is there any takers?”

Of course! But, they wouldn’t be attending the ESPYs. Or invited. Farrah and her sexy dress would be watching it from a couch. Oh, Farrah, desperation is for ugly girls.


In other Backdoor Teen Mom news, Farrah is vying for the host position of Celebrity Apprentice since Donald Trump got the boot. While Farrah does qualify as a “celebrity” and a businesswoman (she knows how to market herself for an extra 15 minutes of fame and a quick buck), it’s hard see NBC signing her on. I would say this was a joke but, knowing Farrah, she is most likely dead serious.




Lind vs. Houska: Update


In the last article posted here on TMJ we saw promo clips from the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. Judging from her promo, it would seem that the main source of Chelsea’s drama this season will be from her continuing custody battle with her ex, Adam Lind. Given Adam’s legal history, I think we all know obtaining custody modifications will prove difficult for him. But Lind continues to try to get more unsupervised time with Aubree.

In the most recent “Real Life” promos for Teen Mom 2’s new season, we hear Adam say, “I’m going to walk out of the courtroom with custody!” However, it would appear that the state of South Dakota wasn’t quite amenable to that plan. The modification request was filed in January and the parties went before a judge, once again, in March. The judge in this case chose to side with Chelsea and denied Adam’s request. Adam was not awarded physical custody of Aubree, nor was he awarded unsupervised visits with his daughter. He is also still not allowed to drive Aubree around in a car.

“[Chelsea] brought up his long history of arrests and allegations of steroid abuse,” a source told Radar Online. (I thought that stuff had nothing to do with parenting???)

Recently, there have been rumors floating around about Adam being awarded unsupervised visitation. After spending the better part of my morning at work combing the internet for clues, I wasn’t able to find any sources to substantiate that claim. I did read that Chelsea will face Adam in court for a final time in September. But don’t worry, unless Chelsea suddenly goes full-on 2013 Jenelle, everything will remain the same.

“The judge said Adam has to go 6 months without any arrests or trouble before he will even think about changing the visitation,” the source continued.

And did I mention that the judge said this to Adam mere moments before he was arrested for failing to make child support payments to his other baby mama, Taylor Halbur? Because that’s exactly what happened. Talk about just desserts!

Apparently, the answer was, “No.”

Since we’re speaking of matters related to the littlest Lind, I thought I’d share something that isn’t completely depressing. Adam isn’t the only “bad boy” in Aubree’s life! We’ve been told during reunions in the past that Aubree and Jace Evans (son of Jenelle Evans) have a rugrat romance going on and it’s really the most precious thing. I’ll let the photos of the kids over the years speak for themselves!






Let’s just hope that if this love story continues, Aubree and Jace won’t repeat the same mistakes that their parents made. I love seeing the kids grow up, but definitely don’t want to see Aubree featured on an episode of 16 & Pregnant!

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