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16 & Pregnant to Follow Teen Mom Format


A couple of weeks ago, MTV revealed that they would be casting for a 6th installment of their hit documentary series, 16 & Pregnant.  At this time, we had all assumed that it would follow a similar format to the former seasons of 16 & Pregnant where MTV would select 10-12 girls and film them for several months and morph it into a one-hour episode for the series.  The format has worked for MTV in the past, but the network has also received complaints about the fact that 16 & Pregnant’s single episodes don’t show enough of the changes that occur in a girl’s life after becoming a mother at such a young age.

Susanne Daniels, a programming boss for MTV, went to theTVpage.com to exclusively reveal details about the revamp.  She is quoted as saying, “We are retooling 16 & Pregnant. We decided to try something new.  16 & Pregnant was stand alone episodes [in the past] and we are going to use the Teen Mom format for 16 & Pregnant this season.”

Daniels was also able to confirm that there will only be 4 girls that are filmed for the new installment of 16 & Pregnant.  Casting is currently happening, and the stories of these four girls will carry over from week to week throughout the season.

Daniels added, “There are pros and cons to closed-ended programming.  Obviously, you like it because it repeats and it is easy to show out of order.  But there are pros to ongoing as well.  We find that the Teen Mom ratings build over the course of the season as people get invested, so we thought, ‘Lets just look at that with 16 & Pregnant and see how it goes.”

This is a big change for the series, but it’s one that we’ve known bits and pieces about for a while.  Teen Mom Junkies revealed that season 6 of 16 & Pregnant would feature the girls for an extended period of time, which would be true with this new format.

This format also puts a big strain on MTV’s casting department, because the success or failure of this season could depend solely on the girls that are chosen for a spot on 16 & Pregnant.  We are led to believe that MTV will actually test out filming with around 6-8 teens and narrow down their possibilities from there to ensure that the girls who are chosen are able to fulfill the position in the way that MTV wants them to.

Teen Mom Junkies also talked about a Teen Mom 4 spinoff featuring the season 5 girls, and for now, that’s still being discussed by producers.  A source tells us that they are having a meeting on Monday to further talk about the future of season 5’s girls.

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