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16 and Pregnant – Sabrina Solares

Sabrina Solares is from Los Angeles, California, where she lived with her dad, and now lives in Franklin, Tennessee to be closer to her mom.  Since her mother’s house is full of rugrats, Sabrina and her sister live with their grandparents.  Sabrina’s boyfriend, Iman, still lives in California, but he’s planning on moving to Tennessee to be with Sabrina.

My ramblings:

  • Sabrina’s sister, Rebecca, is talking crap about Iman being non-committal about moving to Tennessee (she calls him stubborn), but Sabrina was the one who moved away.  Seems weird.  (I keep typing her name as “Sabrain.”  Haha)
  • I feel bad for Sabrina’s grandparents since they’re about to gain a son-in-law and a baby, in addition to their granddaughters.
  • Sabrina on keeping up with her schoolwork…”Well, newborns sleep a lot!”  Sadly, rarely more than 20 minutes at a time.
  • I think my boyfriend hates it when I watch this show.  I pretty much get baby fever with every episode.
  • When Sabrina is eating gelato (Mmmm), she is talking to Iman on the phone and he just randomly gets all worked up and is like, “Enjoy your f****** gelato!”  Yum, don’t mind if I do!
  • Iman finally gets a plane ticket to join Sabrina in Tennessee, but Sabrina shows signs of pre-eclampsia before Iman can make it out there, so they need to deliver the baby stat.
  • Audrey Animi was born on August 21st, weighing in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces.
  • Right off the bat, Audrey stopped breathing and they whisk her away to NICU.  She may have an infection and they want to keep her for observation.
  • So sad that Iman couldn’t be there for the birth.  However, when Sabrina is skyping with Iman later, he mentions he’ll be out there Thursday or Friday since he still hasn’t gotten a ticket.  Apparently he lied to her about having the ticket.
  • When Sabrina brings Audrey home, Iman still isn’t around, so Sabrina is flying solo for now.
  • Sabrina’s family wants her to just write off Iman, but she won’t do it…despite the fact that he still isn’t in Tennessee when Audrey is a month old.  So much for Thursday or Friday.
  • Iman finally makes it out to Tennessee when Audrey is heading off to kindergarten.  Just kidding.  But he does finally show up as a surprise to Sabrina.
  • Needless to say, Sabrina is shocked, but acts all cool.  Iman tells her he wants to make up for lost time and she puts him to work changing a diaper and mixing up formula.  Haha!  I love it.
  • Rebecca isn’t happy about Iman being around though, so she dropped out of school and moves back in with their mom.  Overreact much?  Sabrina is devastated, but mostly because they didn’t even tell her.  Iman is the one who told her.  Sabrina had been staying in Tennessee mostly because of Rebecca, and then she just takes off.
  • Sabrina feels all lost without her sister around and they’re drifting apart, but at least she has Iman in the picture now.
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  1. avatar Stephanie says:

    Everytime I watch 16 and Pregnant there is always some friend that pisses me off. This time it’s her sister. The entire time I wanted to pop her in the face for being a stuck up bitch. Ugh!

  2. avatar briana says:

    Sabrina should be on teen mom 3 i love watching this one!!!

  3. avatar Sarah M says:

    Her boyfriend sounded and acted a lot like Seth Rogan. Thought he was a huge d-bag through most of the show but now has my respect. Hope he continues to be a great dad and boyfriend!

  4. avatar Brittany says:

    This was the first time that I’ve legitimately felt bad for a girl on 16 and Pregnant. It seemed that nothing ever really went her way. Usually, the girls get themselves into bad situations that they should’ve seem coming from a mile away, but Sabrina’s sister up and leaving out of nowhere was pretty shocking, for me at least.

  5. avatar hilary says:

    Does anyone else think that Iman looks like Kris Humphries? I think Sabrina and Iman look like a young Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian!

    • avatar stevebeans says:

      She looked like a younger Octomom to me!

      • avatar Kels says:


      • avatar Stefani says:

        omg I thought the same thing!

    • avatar Kelly says:

      YES to the Kris Humphries part!!! I finally watched this episode on demand last night and thats exactly what I was thinking! Sabrina doesnt look like Kim to me but she is super cute.

      • avatar hilary says:

        Next to Iman I think Sabrina looks like Kim. Alone I would agree she doesn’t look like her.

  6. avatar Nicf says:

    I couldn’t tell who was pregnant- Sabrina–her sister, or her mom

  7. avatar Nicf says:

    The real superstar of this episode was Dr. Lodge, he was a badass bitch

  8. avatar kaycie says:

    Am I the only one that was eerily reminded of Jo from TeenMom2 when looking at Oman?

    • avatar kaycie says:

      **Iman … sorry I got autocorrected

      • avatar Tess says:

        Yea. I immediately thought JOE when they were skyping! But he seems to have stepped up! :)

    • avatar lori says:

      omg yes i was like jos having another kid then i was like no lol

  9. avatar Tess says:

    I was seriously annoyed that her mother kept wigging out at the hospital. Come on woman! Pull yourself together for your daughter!

    • avatar Stefani says:

      I said the same thing!

  10. avatar Kelly says:

    This episode was a good one. I was so suprised that the boyfriend showed up and really turned out to be a great dad and boyfriend. He jumped right in – very refreshing. I felt so bad for Sabrina when her sister left. I can understand that she may have felt left out with the boyfriend showing up but it could have been handled waaaay better. I am interested to see how things turn out with Sabrina and Iman – I hope they continue on to Teen Mom 3. #sidenote – I loved the grandparents – so cute!

  11. avatar Missy says:

    I can relate to Sabrina about being in a long distance relationship (since I was in one for 3 years), but not while pregnant lol. They should’ve moved down there together instead of one going at a time. Iman was a douche the majority of the episode, but I was shocked to see that he came out as a surprise (I wonder if MTV paid for his ticket?). Audrey is very cute (I’m not a big fan of the name either). I thought her sister Rebecca was very immature about the Iman thing. You don’t need to drop out of school because he came down, that was ridiculous. She shouldn’t have done that to Sabrina after all she went through with Iman. I wish them all the best.

  12. avatar Julie says:

    This episode just pissed me off. Iman had a baby with a girl who lived in his state, not who lived in Tennessee. Why should he be expected to drop everything and move with her?

    • avatar Samantha says:

      I don’t think he was expected to, he just made her/them think that that was his plan. If anything they expected him to go stay for when she was born!

  13. avatar TMF says:

    I thought it was an “okay” episode. Her mom got on my nerves a little though

  14. avatar Jesse Cruz says:

    i live in franklin and ive seen you in court with your siters and i just thought tht it was cool lol and i was going to say something but i didnt but i thought tht was cool