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Is a new Teen Mom spinoff coming your way?

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Teen Mom Junkies exclusively revealed on Sunday night that MTV had not pulled the plug on a Teen Mom spinoff featuring the girls from 16 & Pregnant’s 5th season.  While MTV hasn’t officially approved a spinoff for this cast, they haven’t denied it either.  So far, MTV has shown 5 seasons of 16 & Pregnant.  Three of those seasons (1, 2, and 4) resulted in a Teen Mom spinoff, and season 3 wasn’t considered for a spinoff for several reasons.

Several of the girls from season 5 have taken to social media to promote their Where Are They Now special in an attempt to receive enough views to be considered by the network for Teen Mom 4.  Autumn shared the following message on her Facebook fan page:


Along with Autumn’s announcement, she shared information that the network wanted the girls to receive 1,000,000 views on the episode in order to be considered for a spinoff.  While the girls can’t confirm or deny this claim because they’re still under contract, Autumn has made it pretty evident that the network is thinking about a spinoff.

One source told Teen Mom Junkies that the Where Are They Now special would serve as an audition for a Teen Mom spinoff.  In this way, the girls that received the most comments or publicity from the episode would be the ones that would be approached to fill a spot in the spinoff.

Adding on to the above comment from Autumn is the fact that several of the 16 & Pregnant girls were also on Twitter re-tweeting messages from fans about a potential Teen Mom 4.  Wile none of them revealed many details, we have sources that have given information to us about the possible spinoff.

MTV had 12 girls featured on this season of 16 & Pregnant.  The girls that would be eligible for a spot on a Teen Mom spinoff would be the girls that proceeded to follow through with filming for the Where Are They Now special.  This means that Arianna, Courtney, Karley, and Jazmin wouldn’t be eligible for spots.  Arianna, Courtney, and Karley all chose to Skype in to the show, while Jazmin chose to not participate due to some legal issues that are going on with Dell’s visitation with their daughter Laila.

That leaves Maddy, Autumn, Millina, Savannah, Summer, Savon, Aleah, and Jordan as our possible Teen Mom candidates.

We can also reveal that the four episodes which received the most views during the 16 & Pregnant season were Maddy’s episode (as the premiere of the season), Autumn’s episode, Jordan’s episode, and Summer’s episode.  Although ratings generally play a part in choosing the Teen Mom girls, there’s no guarantee that this decision is based on ratings alone.  Traditionally, the girls that are featured as a premiere and finale of the season are included in the spinoff, but this may simply be due to the increased publicity of these slots.

To our knowledge, MTV has not contacted any of the girls about Teen Mom 4 since shortly before the special aired on Sunday.  Normally, MTV can obtain ratings from the shows within a week, but if they’re considering using views from Canada as well, they could be waiting a little longer.  Public record for the views will not be available until Sunday at the earliest.

MTV receives a lot of criticism for airing Teen Mom in general, because many people feel that it glamorizes teenage pregnancy and promotes impulsive behavior.  They also feel as though the MTV show gives girls that appear on it a sense of fame and fortune which is unrealistic for the normal teen mom.  The last spinoff of Teen Mom 3 only lasted one season and many people blame that on the lack of drama that was displayed throughout their episodes.  While I’m not sure whether I’m for or against a Teen Mom 4, I think that there was more drama in the Where Are They Now special for the season 5 girls than the entire season of Teen Mom 3.  If you did an entire season with some of the girls from season 5, you’d be bound to have some interesting story lines and drama to view.

Another thing to consider is how much time MTV is putting into all of the Teen Mom / 16 & Pregnant franchise at the moment.  They are currently filming the Teen Mom 2 girls for a 6th season, and they’ve recently finished filming the return of the original Teen Mom girls.  If things go well on this reboot, they’ll be due for another season by the end of 2015.  MTV is also currently casting for 16 & Pregnant’s 6th season, which should begin filming shortly if things go as planned.  Throwing a Teen Mom 4 in the mix would be a big gamble for the network because chances are, they would need to hire some additional camera crew members to be able to capture everything that’s needed for these shows.

With all that being said – would you watch Teen Mom 4, and which girls would you pick to be a part of it?

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