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This Week in Teen Mom News: 16 & Pregnant Edition

1. Sarah Roberts’ daughter Tessly turns one

sarah roberts 2

Sarah has been pretty quiet about her second daughter, Tessly Jordan Loucille, but did comment that this week she celebrated her first birthday.  Sarah, who is currently with Tessly’s dad, didn’t post any pictures of Tessly online, but did show followers on Twitter her daughter’s birthday outfit.  Hopefully Sarah will show some pictures of Tessly enjoying a birthday party, but she’s commented before that her children didn’t sign up for 16 & Pregnant, so she tries to keep them out of the spotlight.  Either way, happy birthday to Tessly.

2. Ashley Salazar is selling insurance


Ashley has made several life changes over the course of a few months, but her most recent change is in employment.  Ashley, who was formerly writing online articles and using her journalism degree, has decided to switch gears and sell insurance for State Farm.  Ashley made the switch very public on Twitter, but there’s no real word yet on if she’s making any sales.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

3. Shawn and Aleah work on co-parenting


Shawn Burke and Aleah Lebeouf were featured on season 5 of 16 & Pregnant, and you’ll probably remember them as the juvenile detention center lovers.  Shawn had a son from a previous relationship named Noah, and he and Aleah were taking care of him on their own before Aleah got pregnant.  Noah’s mom wasn’t really involved much, but it appears that she’s come around and is taking on more responsibility with Noah.  At first Aleah seemed hesitant to letting Noah stay with his mom for extended periods of time, but by the looks of that Tweet, things are going in the right direction.

4. Nikkole Paulun’s back on Twitter


Gosh, what did we do for a month without seeing Nikkole all over Twitter.  I’ll tell you what…we didn’t see any fake boobies pressed against tanning beds, tacky advertising tattoos, or stillbirth references.  Anyway, for those of you that didn’t know, her account was suspended for some reason (unknown to me) and after a month without Twitter, she’s announced that she’s back.  In her one month hiatus she was able to get back together with ex-boyfriend Ryan Rice who she claimed was physically abusive.  Also, I’m still waiting to see those Playboy pictures she supposedly took.

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