Another Day, Another Divorce

Kail and Javi ain't the only people seeing storm clouds in paradise. It seems like former Teen Mom 3 star, Matt McCann, is headed for divorce before 25 as well. Last time we spoke of Matt here on TMJ all was going well. He was expecting a baby with his long term girlfriend, Lekota, and was rebuilding his relationship with his first daughter, Arabella. Matt was even caught up on back child support! The pair had even moved to Idaho from their home state of Pennsylvania because of job opportunity for Matt.

Uncle Dave and the T.R.-Jeremy-Leah Love Triangle


Last night, America witnessed Leah and Jeremy sit down for one of the most romantic reality TV dinner-dates in recent memory. So naturally, everyone was shocked when Jeremy claimed only an hour later on the All About the Dads special that he is no longer in love with Leah. The host of the show asked Jeremy if he still has feelings for her, to which quickly replied...