Farrah Abraham Goes to Mar-A-Lago, Upsets Some Fans, Confuses Everyone Else

farrah abraham

Farrah's on-again-off-again boyfriend Simon Saran has been very outspoken about his love for President Donald Trump. It's unclear whether he's doing it sincerely, or if he's just trying to get attention, as he's tweeted Trump asking for things.

But now it's Farrah's turn, and she's all in. For reasons unknown, she appears to be in Florida right now, at Mar-A-Lago, Trump's resort, where he spent his New Year's Eve.

It's unclear if there was any overlap between when she was there and when the President was there. She spent the actual New Years Eve in Hong Kong.

However, she has posted multiple photos of herself dining at the resort, along with the statement "love my #president".

We're not sure how she got in, as you need to be a member at $200,000 per year to get access. Perhaps she was a guest of that guy next to her?

While there were many people who posted in support of her message, there were also plenty of people who had harsh words for Farrah. Here are some of the comments:

acramos_26@farrah__abraham This explains so much more about your brain. @donaldtrump not surprised he'd invite you.

clawdeeuh__Ew. Seriously what the hell happened to your face? I mean you've never really had a pretty face to begin with but whatever it is you did made you look disgusting.

Specially with the nasty personality you have. I feel bad for your daughter. @farrah__abraham

vanity_hurtsyea i was a fan but TRUMP c'mon. He does not even know the difference between global warming and weather/seasons smfh but good luck...

monikaseffairYou're dumb af

mrst43You would love trump#lol

But regardless of how you feel about the President, what confuses the f-- out of us is how she got in and why she's there.... We'll have to wait to find out...

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Instagram post by Farrah Abraham • Jan 5, 2018 at 7:53am UTC