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New Video Shows Teen Mom OG Mom’s First Impressions of Each Other

MTV just released a hilarious new video that finds the Teen Mom OG stars sharing what their first impressions of each other were. As you would expect, Farrah Abraham’s first impressions were a drastic difference from her cast members.

Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood revealed that they thought Catelynn Lowell was sweet and relatable because of what they had in common, respectively. Meanwhile, Abraham said she got a “nosy” vibe from Lowell.

Lowell, Portwood and Bookout’s first impressions of Abraham were wow, wow she’s really tall and finally guarded. Abraham’s first impression of Bookout was short and little. Lowell said she thought Bookout was sweet and innocent while, Portwood wanted to know how someone could be so sweet.

Lowell and Bookout thought Portwood was, down to Earth, open and admirable. Meanwhile, Abraham said she felt that Portwood was not welcoming and had her own issues.

The first impressions video pretty much went as you would expect it to go and the girls reactions to what Abraham said about them were pretty hilarious. You can check out the video over at MTV. Waht were you first impressions of the original Teen Mom cast?

Teen Mom OG: Season 3, Episode 14 Recap

Hey TMJ, June here. Before the family drama Thanksgiving is bound to bring, watch these families everyday drama. TV Guide says: Gary asks Amber for help with Leah when Kristina has a family emergency; Maci gets to know Ryan’s new girlfriend; and Catelynn and Tyler aren’t ready to move into their new home.


Gary calls Amber to pick Leah because Kristina’s daughter is in the hospital. He asks after Chris but he’s moved out of Amber’s house. Gary’s mom visits. She wants to know if he’s ready to let Leah spend a school night with Amber. He is not because he doesn’t believe they’ll be responsible enough to get her to school on time. Amber’s bummed that she’s gained all her weight back. She wants to lose 40 pounds and hopes yoga will be a good form of exercise. Amber wants to keep Leah overnight. They’re having a nice time at the playground when Gary calls to inform them that Kristina is on her way to pick Leah up.

Kristina is already there when they arrive home. Amber is very civil to her despite her disappointment. Leah won’t say love you back to Amber, as if she’s just doesn’t want to say it in front of Kristina. Amber believes that her depression is linked to how she sees herself. She wants to fix it because she’s been feeling normal for the first time that she can remember on the new medication.


Farrah is trying gardening as therapy. Debra tries to help…it goes as well as one would expect with Farrah in control. Essentially, she tells her mom to go cry in a corner and leave her alone. Debra is conflicted. She wants to help her family but she can’t take much more. Simon is coming to help with the furniture store. He’s been downgraded to Farrah’s friend. Debra’s been pricing the furniture, since she has past experience with it, but Farrah believes that she’s marking the prices too high. Debra wants a couple of days to get stuff done while they’re free. Farrah wants to know exactly where she’s going and gets upset when she won’t share that information. Debra relents and plans to spend a couple more days to help. Simon, now a friend, tries to get Farrah to see reason about the way she’s acting with Debra. She’s blaming how she acts on the way she was raised but she’s not a child anymore and can think for herself. She wants to go to therapy with Debra.


Catelynn receives her invitation to Maci’s wedding. Tyler has just been to their new house and he’s found out that the floors in the kitchen are buckled. They decide to hire just one more person to fix all the screw up. Tyler’s out to eat with his mom. They’re both baffled by what gorgonzola is. After that gets cleared up, his mom points out that Tyler seems really down. Catelynn and Tyler go to meet the contractor about the house. The total comes out to be around 15 grand. Catelynn just wants to move in and advises him to do it. He’s worried by the fact that it’ll push them 20 grand over the allotted budget.

Tyler’s very worried about money. They decide to only fix the parts that are keeping them from moving in and then do what the rest when they can.


Taylor takes Bentley to a men’s warehouse in order to get him a tux for the wedding. Maci wants to invite Ryan and his new girlfriend for dinner to avoid an awkwardness when the wedding comes around. She also wants to make sure that they’ve got Bentley’s best interests at heart. Ryan thinks it’s strange that Maci invited them to a grill out. However, his girlfriend is much more mature than his past flings and sees it the way Maci intended. Ryan and his girlfriend arrives for dinner. Maci brought the babies to a daycare so it could just be the five of them. Bentley has a great time and the meal goes really well. Maci is trying on her wedding dress again and she loves it just as much as before. She’s even gotten Jayde a matching dress, as well.

Farrah Abraham Celebrates Her New Children’s Boutique With Sophia

It looks like Farrah Abraham has another successful boutique opening under her belt and took to Instagram to share in the joy. The Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique is clearly dedicated to Abraham’s daughter and she shared how proud she was of the opening and her daughter with a couple of Instagram posts.

Abraham teased the grand opening of the boutique with a video of Sophia who was cruising around the store in the neat, mini-roller shopping carts. You can hear Abraham comment on how much Sophia loves the carts “in her store.”

Following that post was a professional shot of Sophia sporting a pretty fashionable outfit. The caption of Abraham’s photo read, “Double Grand Opening #success so proud of @sophialabraham & all of our models today! @sophialaurentchildrensboutique WERE OPEN!”

With another seemingly successful business endeavor, it looks like Abraham is no longer worried about being invited to cruises with the rest of her Teen Mom OG cast. The Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique has their own Instagram page featuring more photos from the grand opening. 

New Report Claims Farrah Abraham Responds To Teen Mom Co-Stars

It looks like Farrah Abraham has responded to her Teen Mom OG co-stars in a way only she could. Thanks to an interview with RadarOnline, we finally hear how Abraham feels about not being invited to a cruise.


“I took Sophia on the largest cruise ship by Disney that sits in the port that was really family friendly,” said Abraham in her interview.

“They’re on a family-friendly cruise yet aren’t bringing their kids. Have a fantastic 21 & over time!”

If that wasn’t enough Abraham revealed that she may have plans for a real party that would one-up her co-stars’ cruise.

“Maybe I’ll host a huge Yacht party with real entertainment,” she continued.

“Have fun on your cruise. I wouldn’t pay to go on that one, sorry. Bored of all their low-class antics.”

This back and forth between Abraham and the rest of her co-stars is getting pretty old and is honestly quite tiring to keep up with. It’s hard to say who’s wrong and who’s right here but throwing around your wealth can’t be the best way of dealing with it.

It looks like the saga will continue between Abraham and her co-stars, we’re waiting for one of them to shoot back a response.

This Recent Clip of Bentley, Maci, Taylor, Ryan and McKenzie Is Too Awesome

In a preview for episode 14 of season six of Teen Mom OG, Bentley, his two parents Maci and Ryan and their significant others all sit down for dinner and it’s actually pretty awesome to watch.

It’s not very often you get to see two parents who are no longer together, at the same table with their significant others and their child. You have to give Maci and Ryan some serious credit after watching the clip below.

Ryan and his girlfriend McKenzie are over at Maci and Taylor’s house enjoying some dinner and clowning on Bentley for not brushing his teeth. You could pretty much tell that Bentley was just genuinely happy to have everyone together in the same room.

“That was fun, McKenzie is cool and you could definitely tell when we were having dinner that Bentley was having the time of his life,” said Maci in the video clip.

It’s going to have a pretty positive effect on Bentley and help him better come to terms with his parents not being together. Plenty of people can learn from Maci and Ryan in this instance. We’ll have to stay tuned to find out how it all went down in the full episode of Teen Mom OG.

Ha! Farrah Abraham Gets Snubbed by Teen Mom Cruise



A spokesperson for an upcoming Teen Mom cruise (did you guys know about this?) told TMZ that Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is not part of the attraction— and if she wants to come, she has to pay like every other attendee!

Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Kaitlyn Lowry have been included in the promotion, which will be happening next July in Miami. The spokesperson told TMZ Abraham was not invited because they are looking for a “family-friendly” environment.

I have a TON of questions:

  1. The cruise is for 21-year-olds and older only. In that case, why does “family-friendly” matter?
  2. Since WHEN does Amber Portwood embody “family-friendly?” (Not a Farrah fan, but Amber over Farrah for the family-friend title?!)
  3. And finally, who is going to pay the $734 general ticket price to attend this s***?!!!!!

So I did a little research into this cruise. YES, it is a thing, and Maci announced it yesterday.

You can get tickets here, which will give you access to:

  • Sailing w/ the above mentioned Teen Mom cast members
  • Special screenings and surprises
  • In-person interviews and Q&A with cast members
  • Meals/shipboard entertainment included

While the basic ticket price is $734, a suite will cost you $1303 per person before tax.

The cruise will be happening from July 31- August 4 and will travel throughout Florida and to the Bahamas.



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