Uh Oh. Looks Like There’s Some Doubt about Jenelle Evans’ True Baby Daddy

So of course Jenelle Evans is the one TeenMom star being accused of having a baby with someone other than the baby daddy she claims fathered her child. Jenelle’s fiance is David Eason and the purported father of baby Ensley.

But now, it looks like fans have a conspiracy theory about Ensley given that pics don’t quite match up to the combination of looks one would expect from Jenelle and David.

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Remember Kieffer Delp? The fan theory is that he might actually be Ensley’s real father.

Here are some fan statements per Radar:

“She looks like Jace and Kieffer,” one fan commented, as another wrote, “She’s not David’s…”

A third user wrote, “Everyday she looks more like Kieffer. Told him he should ask for a DNA test.”

Looks like it’s time to do some investigative journalism. Technically, Jenelle could have hooked up with Kieffer Delp at any time, so examining the time period during which she was with Kieffer rather than David, doesn’t help all that much.

It does appear, however, that baby Ensley could resemble Kieffer.

Of course, Jenelle and David’s defense is to simply repeat over and over again that their baby is “white.” How about denying the claim of infidelity instead?

Naturally, Jenelle’s approach to the whole issue isn’t going to be all that sophisticated. Not to mention that she may not know herself exactly who Ensley’s father is.

In other news, Jenelle has also been going around complaining about her taxes. Apparently, this teenmom star’s net worth has increased substantially in the past few years.  Her complaints about her taxes are no big surprise, however, considering she’s also been upset about the fact that her salary from MTV keeps her from being able to receive any government assistance programs.

What’s next for Jenelle? Looks like she just can’t let TeenMom OG claim all the publicity right now, so chances are we’ll be hearing again from her soon!


Nothing Will Stop Amber Portwood From Marrying Scott Baier

In the Fall, there will be a Teen Mom wedding of epic proportions. Amber Portwood and her fiancé Matt Baier will finally tie the knot and it doesn’t look like anything or anyone will be stopping them.

“The couple’s recent drama (in early 2016, Baier, 45, admitted to fathering five kids with three women) ‘made our relationship stronger,’ the star of MTV’s Teen Mom OG reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly,” according to the publication.

That would be enough to justify calling it off, however, the couple seems to have gone through the motions and no one knows what goes on at home. Things seem to be looking up for Portwood, who has her own boutique along with a slew of other financial ventures.

Meanwhile, when it comes to her daughter Leah, Portwood and her ex, Gary Shirley, seem to be on decent terms.

“Her relationship with ex Gary Shirley, 30, is also a work in progress,” according to the report.

“Though she says they’re ‘cordial’ when co-parenting Leah, 8, ‘I’m hearing he’s saying stuff behind my back. I don’t understand it.'”

So, while things could be a bit better, it doesn’t seem to be anything that Portwood and Baier can’t handle. The wedding is set for October 13.

Is Ryan Edwards More Unpredictable than Usual?

A major highlight for Maci in the last season of TeenMom OG was getting married to Taylor. But, Ryan Edwards is Maci’s ex and father to Bentley. Maci and Ryan have certainly had their share of ups and downs. And it’s clear that Maci feels that she simply cannot rely on Ryan. Maci and Ryan broke up in 2010 but despite the breakup and a relatively amicable relationship, Maci’s always made it clear to the world that Ryan lacks the capacity to be a responsible adult. And he’s certainly missed enough of Bentley’s baseball games and other events to prove that’s true.

But now, reports are surfacing that Ryan might actually have been behaving more erratically than usual. We all saw how Ryan had trouble making it on time to take Bentley trick or treating on Halloween. But a number of people on Twitter were wondering if Ryan might actually have been out of it, and even on drugs.

Of course, Mackenzie, spoke out in Ryan’s defense when observations were made about Ryan directly to her.

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Still, it’s clear that when it comes to parenting, Maci is the responsible one and Ryan is more like an erstwhile parent. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes of Maci’s relationship to Ryan this season and whether Ryan has anything else he wants to reveal to the cameras.

Postpartum Depression Is Holding Catelynn Lowell Back From Having More Kids

Teen Mom OG stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are having some serious bouts with depression. Earlier this week, Baltierra revealed that he was struggling with his emotions in the Teen Mom OG season premiere. Now, Catelynn Lowell reveals that she is scared to have another baby because of her Postpartum Depression.

“I’ve definitely been thinking about it and that’s the one thing that’s holding me back, honestly,” said Lowell according to PEOPLE.

“Especially because they say if you’ve had postpartum once, you have a higher chance of getting it with your next.With Nova, I thought it was severe because I struggled with anxiety already and panic attacks and depression. So that is definitely the thing that scares me the most. I want to have a big family and have a lot of kids, but it’s scary. It’s definitely scary.”

Both Baltierra and Lowell have had it pretty rough from their first appearance on the show. The two had to give their first daughter, Carly, up for adoption. That paired with hardships and struggles that followed have really taken their toll on the couple.

It will be interesting to see if the two decide to extend their family. It is possible that the next addition could sprout a string of happiness but only time will tell.


Has Farrah Finally Broken up with Simon?

It feels like Farrah has done nothing but criticize Simon since his arrival to TeenMom OG. There was the time when she got upset with the engagement ring he bought her because it wasn’t big enough, the problems she had with his level of “participation” at the Easter day egg hunt that Sophia went to and her general level of anger whenever he was around. So who’s surprised that Farrah finally broke up with Simon?

But is it possible that Farrah’s claims of breaking up with Simon are just another publicity stunt? For some reason, Simon is enthusiastically promoting the new season of TeenMom OG on his Instagram. Why would he do this if he and Farrah had broken up. Of course, the show is filmed well before the present time, but it is a little curious.

Farrah and Simon have also been through a lot together. Make ups, break ups – and for some reason, Farrah’s even had Simon fly out to do things like meet Dr. David, her mom’s boyfriend, while he was her “friend” rather than her boyfriend.

Right now, it’s clear Farrah is pretty upset. She’s on the outs with her Mom over her impending marriage to Dr. David and she’s been seriously occupied by launching several businesses in just the last 6 months. So we’ll have to see what happens with Simon.

Tyler Baltierra Admits His Strength Is Depleting

The Teen Mom OG return got very interesting and instead of one of the moms being the center of attention, Baltierra’s situation actually stood out the most. In a therapy session, Baltierra revealed that the strength he has to deal with his life and depression is being depleted.

“This is exactly what happened as a kid. I remember when I first started feeling depressed when I was a younger kid, I would just do a lot of, like, dazing. Like, I would just, like, stare off. And these are signs that I remember as a kid, and that’s when I tried committing suicide. And, just—yeah, it was the same thing,” said Baltierra.

“I don’t feel joy with things that should probably feel joyful. And I’m, like, super negative.”

This statement came after a discussion about his father, Butch, violating parole and starting another circle of emptiness and disappoint for him. The troubling admittance of trying to commit suicide was a very vulnerable thing to admit.

The information got even more intense when his depression started to effect his relationship with Catelynn Lowell.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m neglecting myself to focus on her so much. And that’s not fair, you know? But at the same time, it’s like, you know how she gets if I say anything, so I don’t say too much, because, first of all, I don’t want to push her into a panic attack. Second off, she overreacts with things and will start crying,” said Baltierra when speaking to his therapist.

“It’s weird, too, because I almost feel like I’m being unauthentic, like I should probably tell her all the things that I’m worried about or concerned about.”

Is there actually real trouble for Baltierra and Lowell ahead? Or can they find a middle-ground and understanding about their respective bouts with depression? Tune in to Teen Mom OG to see what the future holds.

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