New Report Claims Farrah Abraham Responds To Teen Mom Co-Stars

It looks like Farrah Abraham has responded to her Teen Mom OG co-stars in a way only she could. Thanks to an interview with RadarOnline, we finally hear how Abraham feels about not being invited to a cruise.


“I took Sophia on the largest cruise ship by Disney that sits in the port that was really family friendly,” said Abraham in her interview.

“They’re on a family-friendly cruise yet aren’t bringing their kids. Have a fantastic 21 & over time!”

If that wasn’t enough Abraham revealed that she may have plans for a real party that would one-up her co-stars’ cruise.

“Maybe I’ll host a huge Yacht party with real entertainment,” she continued.

“Have fun on your cruise. I wouldn’t pay to go on that one, sorry. Bored of all their low-class antics.”

This back and forth between Abraham and the rest of her co-stars is getting pretty old and is honestly quite tiring to keep up with. It’s hard to say who’s wrong and who’s right here but throwing around your wealth can’t be the best way of dealing with it.

It looks like the saga will continue between Abraham and her co-stars, we’re waiting for one of them to shoot back a response.

This Recent Clip of Bentley, Maci, Taylor, Ryan and McKenzie Is Too Awesome

In a preview for episode 14 of season six of Teen Mom OG, Bentley, his two parents Maci and Ryan and their significant others all sit down for dinner and it’s actually pretty awesome to watch.

It’s not very often you get to see two parents who are no longer together, at the same table with their significant others and their child. You have to give Maci and Ryan some serious credit after watching the clip below.

Ryan and his girlfriend McKenzie are over at Maci and Taylor’s house enjoying some dinner and clowning on Bentley for not brushing his teeth. You could pretty much tell that Bentley was just genuinely happy to have everyone together in the same room.

“That was fun, McKenzie is cool and you could definitely tell when we were having dinner that Bentley was having the time of his life,” said Maci in the video clip.

It’s going to have a pretty positive effect on Bentley and help him better come to terms with his parents not being together. Plenty of people can learn from Maci and Ryan in this instance. We’ll have to stay tuned to find out how it all went down in the full episode of Teen Mom OG.

Ha! Farrah Abraham Gets Snubbed by Teen Mom Cruise



A spokesperson for an upcoming Teen Mom cruise (did you guys know about this?) told TMZ that Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is not part of the attraction— and if she wants to come, she has to pay like every other attendee!

Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Kaitlyn Lowry have been included in the promotion, which will be happening next July in Miami. The spokesperson told TMZ Abraham was not invited because they are looking for a “family-friendly” environment.

I have a TON of questions:

  1. The cruise is for 21-year-olds and older only. In that case, why does “family-friendly” matter?
  2. Since WHEN does Amber Portwood embody “family-friendly?” (Not a Farrah fan, but Amber over Farrah for the family-friend title?!)
  3. And finally, who is going to pay the $734 general ticket price to attend this s***?!!!!!

So I did a little research into this cruise. YES, it is a thing, and Maci announced it yesterday.

You can get tickets here, which will give you access to:

  • Sailing w/ the above mentioned Teen Mom cast members
  • Special screenings and surprises
  • In-person interviews and Q&A with cast members
  • Meals/shipboard entertainment included

While the basic ticket price is $734, a suite will cost you $1303 per person before tax.

The cruise will be happening from July 31- August 4 and will travel throughout Florida and to the Bahamas.



Maci Bookout’s Bachelorette Party Is The Talk of The Internet

It’s been two days since the airing of episode 13 of Teen Mom OG‘s sixth season. However, the internet can’t seem to stop talking about one aspect of the episode in particular. Yep, you guessed it, Maci’s wild bachelorette party is still the topic of discussion.

Maci Bookout may be way past her bachelorette party and into her marriage, however, media outlets can’t seem to get enough of the insane action from her bachelorette party. In fact, it’s one of the most popular topics at the moment.

“Wearing her bachelorette sash, Maci is brought onstage for a special one-on-one routine and she appears to get into it. Watch the debauchery below!” reports IBT.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Gossip report read:

“By having cameras film this, she went against what she and Taylor agreed on, but she says she couldn’t prevent it given the shenanigans.”

Chances are this is pretty much going to be a thing of the past once the wedding special airs on MTV, however, we can’t help but to wonder what Taylor McKinney thought as he watched the episode (if he did). It’s all good, fans were definitely loving the Best Man Olympics as McKinney’s Twitter account can prove.

Teen Mom OG: Season 3 Episode 13 Recap

Another week, another episode of Teen Mom to thrill over and another recap brought to you by June. Here’s what TV Guide says is in store for us: “Farrah and her mom get into a huge fight; Matt is offered the opportunity to write a memoir, but he and Amber are distracted by tabloid stories involving Christopher; Maci and Taylor head to Las Vegas for their bachelor and bachelorette parties; and Cate considers buying a horse.”


Matt gets a call from Matt Richards about writing a book in order to set all the rumors straight. He tells Amber about the idea and she thinks it’s a good one. She warns him not to think that it’ll change everyone’s opinion on him. Chris is doing well with his job and sobriety. Amber is upset about the headlines that came up about Chris living with them. Matt wants to keep Chris from the cameras during his sobriety. Gary has gotten wind of this and it’s making him uncomfortable about allowing Leah to go over there. Amber talks to Matt’s cousin about how all the rumors seem to be getting to Matt. Matt, the blogger, comes by with a list of points that should be touched upon in the book. Amber confesses that she pushed her wedding day back because the negative tabloids would have ruined it for her.


It’s Sophia’s first day of second grade. Farrah and Debra take her to school. Later, they go to have dinner with Michaela and his girlfriend. Farrah jumps at her mom the moment she suggests that she do her interviews in person instead of over the phone or email. Debra brings up the fact that she has a new boyfriend. She wants Farrah to meet him but she refuses to see him until they’ve been together for a year. Debra has decided that she’s hated by her own family. Heather tries to comfort her but Farrah’s constant yelling has really taken a toll on her. Farrah believes she’s the only person trying to communicate in her family. She ends up kicking her mom out.


Catelynn’s mom is going away for the weekend  and they’re house sitting for her. As well as looking after her younger brother. Cate breaches the topic of buying a horse. She feels that it would be beneficial for her mental health. Tyler is okay with it as long as she doesn’t jump into anything like she did with the pig. Catelynn tries to talk to someone about buying a horse but Nova’s acting up too much. While her producer watches Nova, Catelynn gets to interact with a horse that she ends up really liking. Catelynn tells Tyler about her day looking at horses. He thinks it’s a little to costly.


Maci and Taylor are in Vegas for their respective bachelor parties. They’ve agreed not to meetup, though. Taylor is using his time to hold a best man olympics because he hasn’t chosen one yet. Maci’s bachelorette party is going to be full of surprises for her. Hopefully they’re all good. Taylor’s best-man olympics gets underway with a round of questions, twerking contest, and solo beer pong. It’s Maci’s last night out. Her girlfriends take her to the Down Under stip club. She gets pulled on stage for a special lap dance. Maci and Taylor return from Vegas. She’ll have to break the news to him that she broke their rule when MTV filmed her in the strip club.

Three Sneak Peek’s Into Teen Mom OG’s S6 EP13

Things continue to get pretty crazy on the upcoming episode 13 of season 6 of Teen Mom OG. From horse drama to real mother-daughter drama it certainly doesn’t get better for fans.

In the first clip below, Farrah Abraham‘s mom, Debra, begins a conversation by saying she isn’t trying to argue or fight and already, Abraham is annoyed. Debra explains that the two of them communicate differently.

Abraham says her frustration and anger comes from being over trying to make an effort of having better communication. Things then explode as Abraham brings up the time her mom hit her, which Debra denied. Abraham breaks into tears after telling her mom she cared about her and was called a liar, followed by kicking her out of her house. Yikes…

Meanwhile, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier sit down with a blogger for an interview. In the interview, Baier said he did exaggerate the extent of his sobriety. Portwood said Baier wouldn’t be sober if it wasn’t for her because she poured the pills down the sink.

In other news, Catelynn is thinking of buying a horse after having a fun day with Nova. You’ll have to stay tuned to tonight’s episode to find out what happens in these three situations.

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