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Teen Mom Season 3 Previews Featuring Farrah and Catelynn

I previously posted the Amber Portwood preview for the third season of Teen Mom and we now have the Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham previews!  We just need Maci Bookout and the gang will be all here!

Not that you asked for it, but here's a little known fact about me: When I first started watching Teen Mom in the middle of the first season, I badly wanted Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra to break up.  Catelynn just rubbed me the wrong way and I have no idea why.  I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that now since I love Catelynn and Tyler together.  They are just so cute.

Okay, enough about me, here are the previews!  If I can dig up the Maci one, I'll post it.

Season 3 of Teen Mom premieres July 5th on MTV!

The Official Teen Mom Season 3 Trailer!

Guess what?  MTV has finally put up the official trailer for the third season of Teen Mom!  From the trailer, I can already tell that Maci changes her hair another 47 times and Leah looks pretty much exactly like her dad.  Honestly, the season doesn't look a whole lot different from previous seasons: Amber Portwood is still mean, Gary Shirley is still arguing with her, Ryan Edwards is still hot, and Butch is still hanging around.  I can't wait!

Check out the official trailer here:

Season 3 of Teen Mom premieres July 5th on MTV!

Teen Mom Season 3 Preview Featuring All The Girls

Yesterday, I posted the Teen Mom season 3 preview that focused all on Amber Portwood.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find one with Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, or Catelynn Lowell, which was pretty disappointing.  I mean, I like Amber and all, but I want to see the others too!

My prayers were answered today.  I found a preview with all of them!  And I even got to see Ryan Edwards.  Have I mentioned how much I heart him?  Don't judge.

Here's the preview, which is also of crappy quality, just like the one yesterday.  But at least it whets our appetite until the new season starts July 5th!

Season 3 of Teen Mom premieres July 5th on MTV.

Teen Mom Season 3 Preview!

A preview for the third season of Teen Mom has been posted.  I don't know if there are going to be any other previews or if they're just revamping the whole show so that it becomes The Amber Portwood Drama Hour.  The only thing that would make it better would be if Gary Shirley wore his Gary Time t-shirts the entire season.  According to the preview, it looks as if it's more of the same for Amber and Gary.  I'm anxious to find out about the other Teen Moms though.  Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham, and Maci Bookout will also be returning for a third season, despite rumors that one of them was done with the show.  Who knows…maybe there will even be a Teen Mom wedding!

You can watch the preview that someone recorded off their TV here:

Ignore the fact that it says season 4, unless this person is a time traveler.

Season 3 of Teen Mom premieres July 5th on MTV.

What Time Is It?


I don't know about you, but Gary Shirley is one of my favorite Teen Dads.  He just launched a line of t-shirts that say Gary Time on them.  I don't exactly know what 'Gary Time' is supposed to mean.  Time to talk about Gary?  Time to go back to your ex-girlfriend yet again?  But I thought I would give him a plug all the same.  With that said, I would totally wear a Gary Time t-shirt.  Think of it as a conversation piece you can wear.

You can order your own Gary Time t-shirt here.  

16 and Pregnant – Izabella

Izabella, who lives in Utah, was 7 1/2 months pregnant before telling anyone other than her boyfriend, Jairo, and her immediate family.  Here are my thoughts on the episode:

  • Jairo looks 12. I kind of want to give him matchbox cars to play with.
  • Izabella spends most of her time on the phone making excuses to her friends as to why she can’t see them. I’m surprised she was able to think of so many excuses.
  • When she finally tells her friend, Cassidy, she said she had already heard but seemed a little annoyed she didn’t hear it from Izabella herself.
  • One of Izabella’s fears is her friends parents will say, “Oh, you can’t hang out with her because then you might get pregnant.” I totally get what she’s saying, but it kind of sounds like she’s saying pregnancy is contagious and I admit I cracked up a little.
I hope pregnancy isn't contagious!
  • After she told Cassidy, they finally got around to telling her aunts and uncles. One of her uncles was saying how hard it will be for her as a girl. Jairo, being a guy, would get high fives and stuff. Is that true? Do guys really get high fives for knocking someone up?
  • She goes to church and the building is immediately struck by lightning. Just kidding.
  • Cassidy starts blowing her off. First, she skips Izabella’s baby shower, then she doesn’t keep her up on school assignments like she promised she would. Maybe Cassidy’s parents just don’t want her to get pregnant too.
  • She gets induced due to high blood pressure at 38 weeks and when the doctor announces it, they decide now is a good time to decide what to do. They decide Jairo can move in with her on two conditions…he has to enroll in college and they don’t sleep in the same bed. Because having sex is impossible unless you sleep in the same bed every night.

It’s baby time


  • After Enrique is born, Izabella’s uncle is all up in their business again, saying Jairo should go to work instead of college. Izabella’s dad sets him straight and is all, “I would rather support them for 4 years so they can get a good education and don’t end up working in McDonald’s.” Burn! I don’t think Jairo’s old enough to get a job anyway. Oh, yeah, these “Jairo looks really young” jokes are never going to get old.
  • When Izabella starts back up at school, she finally talks to Cassidy. Cassidy was all butthurt that Izabella didn’t tell her about the pregnancy right away. That’s pretty much what I suspected.
  • When Jairo picks Izabella up from school, he’s acting like he’s on his period and won’t tell her why. And guys say that girls are confusing? puh-lease.
  • So he storms off, then comes back later and tells them what the problem was. Supposedly, he didn’t have all his high school credits, so he couldn’t start college. He had been lying to Izabella’s parents. Instead of doing his online courses, he had been busy impregnating girls. Well, one anyway.
Don't mess with daddy!
  • Her dad rips him a new asshole. If he doesn’t shape up, he’s going to have to ship out. Did I mention that Izabella’s parents are pretty awesome? They’re so supportive of her. It’s great to see.

More pics after the cut!

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