Kyle King Taking You Into Teen Mom Tonight

There’s a new Teen Mom tonight and Conductor Kyle King is leading the way!

While at the mall today, Maci Bookout’s beau, Kyle, climbed into a little train car with cutie pie Bentley and my heart melted.  It’s a good thing I have my own office at work, because when I saw the picture that Maci tweeted, I said “Awwwwww” out loud.

Also in the picture, if you look over Kyle’s shoulder, is Yankee Candle!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That deserves more exclamation points: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now, I don’t like shopping much unless it involves a keyboard and mouse, but there’s something about browsing around a store full of scented wax that makes me grin.  If you have never visited Yankee Candle Village in Deerfield, Massachusetts, you need to go there.  It’s like Disneyland, but with candles!


Photo Credit: Maci Bookout

Farrah Abraham Not Dating ‘Mystery Man’

It has been floating around the ‘net that Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham was spotted at a beach in Florida last week with a “mystery man” that is rumored to be her new squeeze.  Thanks to some sleuthing from Starcasm, his identity has been revealed!  The “mystery man” is none other than Farrah’s friend from Omaha, Nebraska, Mohamed “Mo” Salama.  However, I like the term “mystery man” and I’m totally going to call him that instead.  It makes him sound like a super hero.  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s MYSTERY MANNN!!!!!!  Yup.  Oh, yeah, my point.  I do have one, believe it or not.  Mo is not dating Farrah.

As for the real man in Farrah’s life?  MTV Remote Control Blog likes to tease us, because they stated that, even though Mo (excuse me, “Mystery Man!”) was was the one at the beach with Farrah, she is dating someone else.  At any rate, she was dating someone when season 3 was filmed.  We should be finding out who Mr. Farrah is in a future episode!

Leah Messer Sets Things Straight

I’m sure we all remember those rumors.  What rumors?  I’m glad you asked!  The rumors that Corey Simms cheated on wife, Leah Messer, with someone named Amber Scaggs.  Not only that, but he got Amber pregnant.  I’m sure, given more time, he would be colonizing Mars or joining the circus, as well…the story just kept growing.  According to the media, if anyone gets divorced or breaks up, it has to be because one of them cheated.  We see it all the time.  According to a recent tweet from Leah, I’m willing to bet that people have been hounding her about the rumor which was like a million years ago.  Actually, it was a few months ago, but it feels like a million years ago to me.

Good point!  I know I wouldn’t want the father of my children constantly being berated.  Not only is it annoying, but what if the girls see all this when they grow up?  I’m sure the internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  All the rumors, etc., will still be around years from now, like its own little carbon footprint (I don’t know if that’s the right metaphor, but I’m running with it).

Catelynn Lowell Is A Working Girl With Income*

(* Because Grease quotes are timeless)

Starting tomorrow, Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell will be working at her favorite store, Rue 21.  At first, I was like, “Omg, I love that store!”  Then I realized I was confusing it with Forever 21.  The nearest Rue 21 is an hour away from me, which is pretty much a crime against humanity.  I was perusing their site, because I love shopping online and love, love, LOVE!  Such cute clothes!  I kind of want to work there myself now.  I only posted about this because I have a couple of questions.

The first question (and most important):

Did Catelynn get this shirt there?






<~~~~ I totally love that shirt.  I need to own it.

Second question:

I have actually wondered this before, but never voiced it.  At a store, especially a store like Rue 21 (considering their demographic), is it tough for a Teen Mom star to have a job that deals with the public?  I can just picture Catelynn constantly signing autographs, posing for pictures, and answering questions from her fans…and her employer not being happy about it.  I’m guessing that wouldn’t be allowed, but it won’t stop customers/fans from asking.

On the other hand, it’s probably good publicity for the employer.

Don’t get me wrong.  I think these girls should lead normal lives like anyone else.  In fact, they are just regular, normal people, but now they’re also famous.

What do you think?

Catelynn Lowell Addresses Eviction Rumors

According to a story on TMZ, Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were evicted from their apartment and taken to court for failure to pay their rent.  The proof was alleged court documents, emphasis on the word “alleged.”

But according to court docs — the couple stopped paying their rent in December 2010 … so their landlord gave them an eviction notice — and took them to court!

Catelynn addressed these rumors by tweeting:

It appears to me as if the Teen Mom couple weren’t doing anything “newsworthy” (i.e., they were minding their own business and going about their lives), so TMZ had to make something up.  Really, TMZ?  Shame on you.  I’m sure the landlord isn’t innocent either.  Looking for his 15 minutes of fame maybe?

In addition, what’s the deal with this part of the story?:

No word on where Catelynn and Tyler — who also happen to be step-siblings (!) — plan to live next.

(bolding mine)  Oh noes!  They’re step-siblings!  Please.

Jo Rivera Raps About Being A Teen Father

Teen Mom 2‘s Jonathan “Jo” Rivera (or as I like to call him, “Shifty Eyes”) is Kailyn Lowry’s ex, Isaac’s dad, and now a rapper.  Jo goes by N.I.C.K. B, which stands for Nerd In A Cool Kid’s Body, and he actually isn’t half bad.

This video showed up on YouTube back in February of Jo doing his thing:

Now, I don’t listen to much rap unless it’s Eminem. I love Eminem. Anyway, even I can tell Jo has some talent there. His newest song, “Life of a Teen Father” is really good. However, I almost have to wonder if he came up with it just to get famous off of his Teen Mom 2 status. At any rate, what does Kailyn think of Jo’s new song? She tweeted to him:

The song “Life of a Teen Father” might just be one of your best songs.

Can I just say that I love how supportive she is of him and how far they have come? Their interaction on season 1 of Teen Mom 2 was almost painful to watch at times. But now, she even says that they’re good friends, and I love that.

You can hear Jo’s new song, “Life of a Teen Father” here.

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