Things Get Super Heated At The Teen Mom OG After Show

Holy crap!

Things are not calming down after the Farrah-Amber brawl from last  season.  And now, the moms are ready to take it up a notch.  We’re recapping it live here.  Come back for more…

The live show starts out with a bang, as Amber is ready to pull out the gloves.  Amber, Maci, and Catelynn are sitting out together, and Amber says she’s happy to start talking the truth.

We learn that Farrah is going to come out and be intereviewed separately, ostensibly in order to avoid another fight.

Amber begins going off on Farrah by talking about Simon: “he’s not even part of the cast…he’s just kind of this creep that’s just there.”

The moms are then  asked about how Farrah called them the “three stooges,” and how Farrah said Amber was an unfit mother.

Amber says Farrah is blacklisted from everything.   She says there’s very little chance things will get better — only if Farrah apologizes (for last season, and for what she’s said in the media).

Uh, oh…

Maci and Taylor are having some marriage trouble already.  “85% of the time we’re good to go, and the 15% is hell…we’ll drink and freak out.”

Things seemed to be going pretty well for a little while, but now Maci is saying things are only getting worse.

And Maci’s not the only one…. Amber appears to be having some second thoughts about our old pal Matt Baier.  We’ll have to wait to see what happens with this, but unlike the Maci stuff, this one seems like just fluff.

Here comes Farrah

Farrah talks about mom: during this season we’ll apparently find out why Farrah’s cutting her mom out of her life.  Farrah says she and mom don’t understand each other.

On Amber (and the rest of the cast): Farrah says she doesn’t need to talk s— about them in order to feel better about herself.  She then moves on.  Doesn’t like MTV is getting it’s big blow up yet…

Is this what set Farrah off? Farrah’s mom is setting her wedding date, and she ain’t happy.

You may remember that David had some harsh things to say to Farrah in the last episode of Season 3. After last season’s blow up with Dr. David, she says she thinks it’s “sad” that he’s involved.

She believes that Dr. David will ignore her when he sees her. She said that he is discriminating against her.

The poll results are announced, and 95% of the viewers think that Farrah is at fault for the whole Farrah-Amber feud.  But Farrah says she’s happy with the way things are, so don’t expect any changes anytime soon.

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