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Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Live Recap

Hey TMJ! June here to bring you the highlights of the Teen Mom 2 Live show with Kailyn and Leah.

Kailyn believes that the conversation that Jo and Javii had was for the best and she had no problem with any of the divorce paperwork. Chelsea couldn’t be there because she gave birth prematurely in the middle of the night during a blizzard! Cole is really stepping up so that Randy doesn’t have to be there as much as he was for Aubree’s birth. Aubree is enjoying being a big sister and is doing all she can to help. Kailyn and Leah don’t have any good questions for Randy except to ask him when he’s going to work on their teeth.

Kailyn picks a few twitter questions for them to answer. Leah names her vacation to Cali as her favorite place she brought her daughters. Kailyn talks about taking the boys to Puerto Rico. Kailyn says that she doesn’t want to get married again but she would want at least one more child. Leah isn’t thinking about that at the moment but doesn’t seem too open about marriage.

Barb skypes in to talk about how little Ensley is. She’s excited about having a granddaughter and getting to dress her up in pretty outfits. She claims that David threw her out of the delivery room after the birth. Kailyn asks if Ensley looks more like Jenelle or David. Barb thinks she’ll look like Jenelle cause she looks like Jace did as a baby.

Kailyn reports that Isaac and Lincoln are doing okay now that they’ve had time to adjust to their new situation. Kailyn and Leah try out different types of baby food blindfolded. They have to try to guess what flavor each one is. Neither of them gets any right.

Teen Mom 2: Season 7, Episode 22 Recap

Happy Monday TMJ. It’s that time of week again and here’s what TV Guide says about this episode, ‘Jenelle informs Barbara and Jace of her pregnancy; Aubree starts first grade; Jo co-parents Isaac with Kailyn and Javi; and Leah and her daughters vacation in California.’


Chelsea get Aubree ready for her first day of first grade. Fifteen weeks pregnant but Chelsea still refuses to buy stretchy pants so she’s DIY her regular jeans with a hair tie around the button. She’s meeting with her wedding planner to see about postponing the wedding ceremony until next year.


It’s time to find out the sex of the baby they’ve yet to tell their family and friends about. It’s a girl, her first girl and Jenelle has decided that it’ll be her last pregnancy. Jenelle and David scroll through baby names and decide they like Ensley the best. Jenelle posts a picture of the sonogram on instagram with all the sex and name. Jace doesn’t seem excited about a new sibling at all. Her mom suggests that she should get her tubes tied after. Jenelle reassures Jace that even though she’s having another baby it doesn’t change that she loves him.


Kailyn gets a talking to about her behavior with Javi in front of Isaac. Kailyn has filed the divorce papers and Javi just signed it. They’ve agreed on 50/50 custody of Lincoln. Jo calls Javi to arrange a meet up between them with Isaac and Lincoln. After enjoying some ice cream, Jo and Javi go outside to talk. They’re putting their differences behind them for the kids.


Leah has changed her mind about the location of their vacation. Ali wants to go into the pool without her life jacket on. Leah allows her to take it off but is still worried because she can’t touch the bottom of the pool without her mouth and nose going under water. Leah packs for the trip. She plans to bring Ali’s chair along. Leah leaves on her trip. The first thing they do is go to the beach for a yoga lesson. Shout out to that lady in the background who saw them filming and slowly backed away.

Farrah Abraham Forced To Lower The Price On Her Hollywood Hills

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was forced to lower the price on her Hollywood Hills home after no bit at the $1 million price tag. It looks like flipping houses may not be in Abraham’s wheelhouse.

“Back in July, she listed her home for sale and was asking for $879,000, which was only three months after she initially purchased the property,” according to ComicBook.

“After there was no interest in the home for three months, Abraham did what she thought anyone would do in a situation where no one wants to buy something you’re selling, and she upped the price to a cool $1 million.”

After no one showed interest in the property for $1 million Abraham lowered the price to $849,000, which is reportedly what she paid for the house including $100,000 in renovations.

So, Abraham is now trying to break even. Anything lower at this point would reflex loss on the home.

Adam Lind Reportedly Falling Behind In Child Support

It looks like Adam Lind has bigger issues than calling out MTV producers. The Teen Mom 2 dad is reportedly falling behind in his child support payments and it actually isn’t the first time.

Adam Lind had two warrants out for his arrest in September when he failed to pay over $9,000 in child support to baby mamas Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur – and the deadbeat dad is at it again,” said RadarOnline in a recent report.

The site broke the news that Lind is going be $7,000 behind in child support payments to his ex Chelsea Houska.

“It’s crap that he can spend money on cars and car parts, but he is not willingly spending money on his children,” a source told RadarOnline. “He always puts himself first.”

While Lind has not yet come out to speak about the child support payments, chances are you may not hear much from him. Given his willingness to participate in the Teen Mom 2 show, we don’t think he would be willing to comment on this issue to the public.

Lind was recently featured in Teen Mom 2 and had quite the standoffish conversation with a producer, The producer was questioning Lind’s unwillingness to cooperate and be featured in the show, even after he had allegedly given producers the go ahead to film him.

Did Adam Lind Call Teen Mom 2 Producers Out On Editing?

There was some serious drama on a recent episode of Teen Mom 2 and it appears as if Adam Lind is calling the producers out on their editing.

Adam Lind

Lind and Teen Mom 2 producer Mandi had a little chat at his daughter’s game. However, it didn’t seem like Lind wanted to talk.

“Adam once stated that he was “done” being a part of Teen Mom 2 — but when this season began, Aubree’s dad seemed to turn a new leaf with regards to being featured on the docu-series,” according to MTV.

“However, his attitude has completely changed — and during tonight’s episode, Chelsea’s ex engaged in a heated conversation with TM2 producer Mandi about his involvement with the show.”

During the exchange, the producer asked Lind why he was putting himself in a situation that made him look a certain way. Lind quickly replied, “I’m not, you guys do that.”

Mandi, the producer, denied that they did that, however, Lind confidently replied, “oh yeah you do.” You could also hear Lind mutter something about editing and he was not having a further conversation.

So, we’re now asking ourselves whether or not Lind is questioning the editing that goes on with the footage from Teen Mom 2. Check out the clip below and judge for yourself.

Ryan Edwards Fiancée Mackenzie Standifer Opens Up About Her Ex

While Ryan Edwards has made a real turn around in his life, his fiancée Mackenzie Standifer has an ex-husband who she says was a nightmare.

Standifer filed for divorce from Zachary Stephens on July 13, 2016 after tying the knot on September 14, 2013,” according to Radar.

“Plaintiff charges that Defendant has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct toward Plaintiff as renders cohabitation unsafe and improper,” court papers obtained from the Hamilton County Courthouse in Tennessee allege, according to the report.

“Plaintiff charges that irreconcilable differences has arisen and exist between the parties.”

While details are still a bit fuzzy, it’s safe to say that Standifer is in a much healthier situation at the moment. Edwards has mended his relationship with his family and taken steps to moving forward in his life for the better.

Standifer couldn’t be happier with her fiancé, as you can see from her most recent Instagram post to date. Only time will tell just how the two move along in life together.

Are you into magic because Abra-ca-dayuuummm 😍 Man Candy EVERYDAY 😍😍

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