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Farrah Needs a Break From Social Media Following ANOTHER Inappropriate Post

At this point, we’re not even sure if Farrah Abraham is purposely inspiring anger from both haters & fans after a series of totally inappropriate social media posts this week.

We recently wrote about how Abraham took to Instagram to call Blac Chyna a “f—ing money” and received significant backlash for her racist remarks.

Now, Abraham is receiving criticism again for a Snapchat she posted on her Instagram. In the photo, Sophia is hanging onto a beam in a playground. Totally normal, as we all know kids love to climb pretty much anything.

Only on #snapchat #parenthood few do it right

A photo posted by Farrah Abraham (@farrah__abraham) on

What sparked outrage is the caption Abraham chose to accompany it:

“So this is why the playground is popular- oh boy”

Face palm. Abraham has already been criticized for potentially being a bad mom after making the decision to join the sex industry. The last thing she needed to do was post a sexual innuendo with her six-year-old child!

And Abraham really wanted people to see the photo– not only did she originally post it to Snapchat for her followers to view for a day, she posted the screenshot to Instagram for everyone to see for, well, forever.

What makes us think that maybe- just maybe- this is all a big joke is that Abraham posted the caption: “#parenthood few do it right.”

But joke or not, it’s not an excuse to involve a developing toddler we think.



Teen Mom 2: Are We Watching the End of Kailyn & Javi?

The latest Teen Mom 2 episode featured our favorite ladies transitioning to the new changes they have made- or have been forced to deal with- in their respective lives.

In this week’s episode, mother-of-two Kailyn Lowry is seen adjusting to her husband Javi’s deployment.

While we may tune into addicting reality television like the Teen Mom series to take our minds away from the stresses of the outside world, we were reminded of the tense state of foreign affairs when Javi FaceTimed with Kailyn from his base in Qatar.

When Javi tells Kailyn he’s going off-base but must be careful because ISIS is said to be nearby, Kailyn rightfully freaks out and it’s evident that adjusting to Javi’s absence is going to be difficult.

In real-time, we know that Kailyn and Javi are reportedly experiencing marital problems and may have even called it quits. Maybe absence didn’t make the heart grow fonder in this case..

Earlier this month, rumors swirled that Kailyn and Javi are almost definitely on the outs. For one, the two apparently unfollowed each other on Twitter. Though this does not seem like a huge deal, for a couple that lives their lives as public figures and understands how much the public pays attention to their social media accounts, it’s a bold move for sure.

For two, Javi has been repeatedly seen in pictures without his wedding ring- something he said he never does in the past.

Kailyn responded to the rumors by saying:

“Everyone should worry about their own relationships. These rumors are every single year.”

Fair enough, but we’re not sold that the rumors are just that.

Either way, Kailyn appears super happy in her latest Instagram posts. Just two days ago, she promoted her adorable clothing line Love and Lowry and posted a homemade card from Isaac to Javi telling him he misses them.

We always know that no matter what happens in Kailyn’s life.. she puts her kids first.


A photo posted by Kailyn Lowry (@kaillowry) on

Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 8 Recap


Hello my lovely readers! I’m back at it again with another live recap of everyone’s favorite sh*t show. For all of you who suffered with us through the technical difficulties we experienced last week, I thank you and welcome you to another opportunity for intense schadenfreude. According to the folks over at TV Guide, we can expect this week’s episode to feature stories where “Leah and Corey square off in court over custody of the twins; Jenelle agrees to let Nathan see Kaiser; and Kail struggles to help Isaac, who misses Javi.” Can’t wait to here from everyone down in the comments! So without further ado, let’s get into this week’s episode:

chelsea-houskaChelsea is headed to a town a few hours away this weekend to check out some wedding venues with Cole and a couple friends. Mary comes over to watch Aubree while Chelsea goes away for the weekend and before she even gets inside, she gets her car stuck in a huge snow drift. Chelsea is instantly annoyed and starts slamming cars doors and refusing to help Mary push her car out. Chelsea and some chick named Logyn start to help push. Eventually, Chelsey Grace comes to bring out the big guns. With Chelsey’s help, they get the car out the snow and are on their way!

One the car ride, everyone talks about wedding planning. Chelsea says it’s all very fun and then asks Cole, “Are you sure you want to marry me?” They take a tour of the property and see all the different areas for the ceremony and reception. I’m sure this was cute for a lot of people, but there is seriously nothing for me to say that hasn’t been said already.

The next morning, when Cole is headed down to put the bags in the car Chelsea and Chelsey Grace chat. Chelsea says nothing about wedding planning has been stressful yet. Chelsea says that’s because Cole is a robotic yes man on the same page as her with everything. The court hearing on is on Monday and Chelsea doesn’t want to think about or talk to Adam. She comments that she just hates his stupid face.

Over at Adam’s house, he’s talking to his friend about the child support hearing over pizza while Paislee talks to herself. Her conversation honestly sounded way more intelligent. Adam says that Chelsea’s line of thought is “He has money now, let’s go after that!” Furthermore, he says a judge is going to laugh at Chelsea requesting more child support when she doesn’t even want to adjust the visitation schedule to facilitate a relationship between Aubree and her sister. If this wasn’t Adam talking, he’d almost have a good point.

Chelsea just got out of the child support hearing and heads to Mary’s to pick up Aubree. Mary asks about how everything went and Chelsea explains what went down. The middle man who was supposed to make the recommendation about how much Adam should pay crunched the numbers and says that Adam should be paying close to $1,000 a month in child support. Adam didn’t bother to show up, but Chelsea knows he’ll be pissed when he finds out. She didn’t expect him to show and says she would have been more surprised if he did. Chelsea sulks around for a couple more minutes before collecting Aubree and heading out.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8

Everyone is adjusting to life without Javi, and Isaac is having a tough time with it. Luckily, Javi has access to wifi, so everyone can FaceTime with him. He talks to the kids and Kail sweetly, before having to return to work. He promises to call tomorrow morning before Isaac’s field trip. Kailyn sits down to talk with Sterling about everything. Kail is just fine without Javi, but Isaac continues to have constant breakdowns about Javi being gone. Kail hopes for the best in the future.

Jo and Vee sit down at a restaurant with Baby Vivi who turned four months old that day! They talk about Isaac and how he’s adjusting to the change. Isaac has somehow gotten it into his head that Javi is stranded in the dessert with no food or water. Probably because everyone in his household makes it seem like Javi is leaving to fight all of ISIS by himself. Jo thinks it’s funny in a dark way, but feels for Isaac. Vee says that when Isaac is with them, it’s easy for him to forget, but at his mom’s house it’s a lot more obvious Javi is gone. They both acknowledge that he’s young, so he can’t possibly understand everything.

Javi calls on FaceTime again and the family gets to talk. Javi has plans that evening to go sightseeing and shopping for souvenirs off base. He then casually says there’s a lot of ISIS members in Qatar, so he’ll have to watch out for that. Kail begs him to be careful and Javi jokes that if he gets captured, they’ll know where he went. How is that even remotely funny?

Kailyn sits down with Isaac and Lincoln to take another opportunity to beat into Isaac’s head that Javi is gone for a while. They read a book that’s supposed to help kids understand that kind of situation, but it basically just triggers Isaac. Kailyn and Lincoln hug and comfort Isaac as he cries and Kailyn doesn’t finish the book and instead puts the boys to bed. She gives each boy two kisses, one from Javi and one from her. Lincoln continues to steal my heart until Kail turns the lights out.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.00.29 PM

Over at Jenelle’s, David rakes leaves while Jenelle pretends to show interest in Kaiser. Apparently, David and Nathan got a chance to meet recently. David says that it all went well enough. David was less than impressed with Nathan and comments on his chicken legs despite his obsession with the gym. Jenelle complains about Nathan and how horrible it is to have to interact with him. She says wistfully that she wishes there was a third person to act as the middle man between she and Nathan. David offers to be that man. He says that if he and Nathan talk, there will be nothing to discuss but Kaiser, so there should be no problems. Jenelle thinks it’s a good idea and David says he’s happy to because he feels like it’s obligation as her boyfriend. He doesn’t want Nathan yelling at Jenelle or making her cry, so he’s prepared to defend her in any situation.

Jace had a spelling test this week and ended up getting a 40. Babs is shocked to hear about the low grade, and Jace becomes upset and ashamed. Barbara dials back he tone and assures Jace that bad grades happen sometime.

Elsewhere, Jenelle sits down with Jamie and tells her about Nathan’s recent visit with Kaiser. Jenelle did not inform Nathan that David would be the one supervising the visit at an arcade. Jenelle says she thought this was a good idea, because she knew Nathan wouldn’t just turn around and not see Kaiser over it. She goes on to say that she doesn’t know Nathan and Jessica’s plans for the assault charges, but if they plan on taking her to court for custody she’s going to make it the hardest battle of their entire life. Jamie laughs nervously.

Nathan goes to see a family law attorney about filing for full custody of Kaiser. He says that he “thinks Kaiser is about 18 months” and then Nathan spills all the details about not knowing Jenelle’s number, her living with David and the arcade stunt Jenelle recently pulled. The lawyer tells Nathan not to communicate with David about anything but Kaiser. They talk about the pending charges and the lawyer gives him some pretty sound advice about how to move forward. She doesn’t say anything that isn’t obvious to us though.

Outside, Jenelle and Jace jump into a big ol pile of leaves. It actually looks like a pretty good time and Jace is having a blast with his mom. Kaiser sees all the fun from in the house with David and bangs the window so Jenelle will see him waving. If this was anyone else, it’d be pretty heartwarming.

Jenelle goes into the bathroom to talk to her lawyer for some reason. She tells Amy that she offered to let Nathan see Kaiser and asked him about what’s going on with Jessica. The lawyer Amy advises her to stay calm and take care of Kaiser and tells her she’ll be in touch if there’s any news. Jenelle then asks David to text Nathan and ask if he’s gotten the “necessities” for Kaiser yet, as well as the address where he’s staying. Nathan replies and says that he does have the baby stuff, but he’s not comfortable giving out his address. Furthermore, Nathan wants to see Kaiser before showing Jenelle the stuff. David and Jenelle gets all pissy, and David texts back some nonsense about Nathan being delusional. The three of them continue to go back and forth about this ridiculous situation like petty children. Leah 3

The power wheelchair is finally frickin fixed! Leah has it loaded into her SUV and heads home with a friend (is that Kayla?) in tow. They talk about how good it will be for Ali to have again. Back at home, Leah shows Ali her chair. While Gracie and Addy seem excited, Ali looks a bit nervous. Before Ali can even hop on, Addy has taken her place to ride on the back like it’s a motorcycle. However, once she starts riding around she warms up to it. Leah reminds her that she always need to try using her legs, but the wheelchair is there for whenever she feels like she may need it.

Corey sees his lawyer to talk about the upcoming court hearing and talks about how much he just wants this all to be settled. At Leah’s place, Leah rings Mama Dawn to ask her to come to the court hearing, but Dawn has better stuff to do so she offers to be there in spirit. Leah cries about how nervous she is and how much the girls have been suffering. She actually manages to pull herself together quite nicely and head to the courthouse. She and Corey head into the hearing to hear the judges decision.

In the hearing, everything got resolved and things worked out pretty well for everyone. Corey and Leah now have a shared parenting plan where everything is split down the middle. On the phone with Jeff, Corey gives Leah a lot of credit and says she’s been getting herself together and getting things done lately. He says that if things go left again, they’ll deal with it accordingly. Leah and Oreo rehash the situation on the way to the car and Leah continues to make everything about her. Victoria manages to make Leah acknowledge that she and Corey worked together to work things out.

Leah goes to pick up the girlses and explains the new custody deal to them. Gracie and Leah exchange sweet words and have a good laugh together. When they get to the drop off, Leah and Corey talk about how they’ll co-parent going forward. Corey lets Leah know that he never wanted Leah to not be a mom to the twins. They are both tired of going to court and plan to work together as a team. This episode actually ended on a high note!

Is Leah Messer Actually Done With MTV?

It’s been six years since Leah Messer made her reality TV debut as a cute, spunky cheerleader on

LEAH MESSERMTV’S 16 and Pregnant, and Messer has continued working with MTV non-stop ever since. In just six years, Messer starred on seven seasons of MTV’s spin-off, Teen Mom 2.



While Messer once was a fan favorite as many envied her seemingly quaint and tight knit relationship with Corey Simms, her subsequent divorce and relationship problems thereafter would end up with her being the subject of a TON of negativity.

In 2014, following rumors that Messer was abusing prescription medication, several sources announced with confidence that Messer was quitting the Teen Mom franchise after Season 5. RadarOnline.com said that Messer was concerned the discussions about her behavior would lead for her to lose custody of her children. Unfortunately, that ended up having just several months later as Messer was denied primary custody of her six-year-old twins, but Messer didn’t leave the show.


Messer went through a second messy divorce with ex-Jeremy Calvert, and just like her previous divorce, the cheating accusations were abundant. Following a stay in rehab for her medication abuse, Messer found love again with personal trainer T.R. Dues, but instead of fans being happy for her, they criticized her for moving too fast. Two months ago, she called it quits and happily announced she was a single mother once again.


Shortly after, Messer began to publicly criticize MTV for editing scenes to paint her in a more negative light than reality would have. She called the show a “fake a#%  TV show” and said she was #SoOverIt, which was not the first time Messer took to her Twitter to blast MTV for its editing tactics.

Several sources say if it weren’t for Messer’s contract, she would leave the show behind in a heartbeat. 

Would you be sad if Messer called it quits? Or would you say good riddance? Sound-off in the comment section. 




Farrah Abraham’s Interesting Week

For those of you who love to hate Farrah Abraham, it’s a good week for you.

Yesterday, Abraham ended the week by starting a new feud with fellow attention-seeker celebrity Blac Chyna – that is, if Chyna choses to engage with her, which she hasn’t yet.

Abraham started the feud on Instagram after, for whatever reason, she decided to refer to Chyna as a “f—ing monkey” in a comment on a video Chyna posted of herself. In the video she’s innocently jamming to a song off Beyonce’s latest release.

While Chyna has chosen not to respond yet, the comment prompted significant backlash from others; “racist” can now be added to the extensive list of names Abraham has been insulted with over the years.

#PressPlay: Let’s just pray that #FarrahAbraham’s Instagram was hacked #BlacChyna

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

In the past, Abraham has revealed her incredible jealousy for America’s royal family, the Kardashians, so the fact that Chyna rose to fame of epic proportions following her engagement to Rob Kardashian could have inspired some intense feelings of envy for the Teen Mom.

Abraham is constantly comparing herself to the Kardashian brand, saying previously that she’s doing “very well, if not better” than them. For the most part, the Kardashians chose to ignore Abraham, treating her like the peasant to their royal brand that she is.

Not all Abraham news was bad news this week, though.

Abraham was trending on Facebook last week after trading in her Mercedes for a brand new Maserati- the perfect kind of luxury car for her new Hollywood digs. According to Sarcasm.net, she opted for a  2016 Maserati Ghibli.

But of course, because literally everything Abraham does is annoying, her mom had a “do less” moment when she reportedly shared pictures of the new whip and called it a “kid friendly” option. That’s right, because we constantly need to be reminded that Abraham is unfortunately raising a small child.





Technical Difficulties


Hey everyone! Steve here.

As you have noticed over the past few days, the site has been crapping out. This is because I switched web servers, which happens from time to time, and the new server did not respond well to the massive site being added to it. It required a bunch of tweaks, some hammer smashes, and a little bit of love, but I think the problem has been narrowed down. There is a chance the site could crap out again, as I’ve yet to replicate whatever caused it to crash, but I at least have narrowed down the problems. You know the saying, if it fixes on it’s own, it’s bound to break on it’s own again (is that a saying, or did I make that up?). Anyway, the next time the site goes down for an extended period of time should be the last. That will likely mean I was able to find out what crashed it to begin with, and fixed the issue.

Thanks for your patience through all of this!

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