More Details About Teen Mom U.K. Revealed


Image via WetPaint
Image via WetPaint

More details about Teen Mom U.K. are emerging via The show, which premieres in November, premieres in November and we to admit we’re a little jealous.

Instead of following just four girls around, the show is reportedly tapping into the lives of five teen moms. The show will largely follow the U.S. format thanks to its solidified success, but will expand on it by providing viewers even more access to the girls’ lives; each girl will be provided with a cell phone to record moments when MTV producers aren’t around (GOD we wish Jenelle had one of those).

This all sounds awesome, but it’s important to note viewers won’t have the same bond as we have with our Teen Moms. Since there is no 16 and Pregnant U.K. edition, stars of Teen Mom U.K. will have to be selected directly from what it is being described as an extremely large applicant pool.

[As a side note, I think MTV producers across the pond should televise their selection process in an American Idol-type format. While there’s bound to be tons of decently normal, even painfully average people vying to be on Teen Mom U.K., I’m extremely interested in seeing submissions from the inevitable crazies coming out of the woodwork. Now that’d, I think, would be TV gold.]

One thing that did catch my eye about World Screen’s article was that the VP of production management and business affairs at Viacom International Media Networks said the show is not produced at all. The jig is up for reality TV, making it really hard to believe any of this “not produced” nonsense, but only time will tell.

Promo of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reveals All of the Drama We’ve Been Missing

Whether or not you were satisfied with the last season of Teen Mom 2 (many of us weren’t), it seems like we’re guaranteed to get our drama fill in the next season of Teen Mom OG, which premieres August 22.

The cast members we love to hate, (looking right at you, Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood), are back to bring us all of the drama we’ve only learned the basics about by reading our favorite gossip columns.

Here are just a couple things I learned from the just-released trailer:

  1. I still can’t tell if Farrah is really like that or just acting because no one would care about her otherwise. Seriously. Every time she does or says something, I think, who does that?! 
  2.  Catelynn is incredibly strong and her story this season is going to break my heart. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always felt for Catelynn and her situation since her story first debuted on MTV. Watching a crying Catelynn as she seeks help for her depression to “not f*** Nova up” keeps the heart-string-pulling going.
  3. I need more info about Matt Baier’s crazy exes. I feel like there’s so much crazy hiding underneath the surface with him.. I must. know. more. I’m seriously hoping this season gives me what I want.
  4. Maci is this season’s Chelsea. There’s always one girl in the season who has their s*** together a little bit more than the rest of them do. As we watch Maci learn about baby number three and finally get engaged, I can’t help but think- yawn. 

I hope you guys have been having a good summer! Thanks for sticking with us as we gear up for Teen Mom OG. Watch the trailer for yourself below and as always- let us know what you think. Snarky or not.

Jenelle Evans Deletes Twitter After Leaked Police Report Reveals Pregnancy


In mid May, Jenelle swore to us all that she wasn’t pregnant following The Ashley exclusive that claimed it had confirmation she was.

“I just wanted to put it out there and since Ashley never spoke to me direct or my team on the ‘exclusive’ you’re wrong ! I am NOT pregnant and if I were I wouldn’t be afraid or scared to tell you ‘my fans’ who support me. But hey if this story gets you attention have a good weekend 🙂 and enjoy the attention ! #lies #whywouldilie#ashleyslying

In a fair world, Jenelle owes The Ashley a major apology because as we all know by now…on July 6th, Jenelle was at least ten weeks pregnant!

According to 9News:

Evans and her boyfriend, David Eason, were involved in a car accident earlier this month. ET obtained a police report detailing the event from July 6, in which Evans told officers that she was 10 weeks pregnant.

And there you have it! Many people expected that Jenelle might be lying back in May, especially since for some reason Jenelle likes to deny her pregnancies until she can’t deny anymore. When I wrote an article about Jenelle saying she wasn’t pregnant but rather had been over-indulging in food thanks to finally being happy in a relationship, you Teen Mom Junkies knew better. When I asked you guys to take a poll, a whopping 83% of you weren’t buying Jenelle’s bullshit.

Said user Catelynn’s Carly Blanket:

I think she’s definitely pregnant and is only saying she isn’t because she’s pissed off that her cover was blown (maybe she was waiting to sell the story). 

Ya’ll were right! After the police report was leaked, Jenelle took to social media like she tends to and wrote a scathing Instagram post asking why people couldn’t just be happy for her blah blah blah.

“I want privacy all of you disgust me. It’s all about gossip these days…” Jenelle wrote. She finished the post by signing off with the hashtag #FuckOff. 

Jenelle has since deleted the post and her Twitter account in an apparent attempt to gain some more privacy until the news dies down.

Is she still pregnant, or did she miscarry? It seems like neither us nor the other gossip sites can confirm this one. It’s to be noted, though, that in recent weeks Jenelle has been showing off her weight loss thanks to the products she endorses on the gram. Oh the tangled webs we weave…

Chelsea Houska is Pregnant With Her 2nd Child!

imageTeen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska has just announced that she is pregnant once again! She shared the above photo on her new official website with the caption “And then there were four…” along with the following post:


Oh my gosh! I’m so excited to finally be launching my website, and I felt like the perfect first post…would be to announce to everyone that baby DeBoer is expected in February 2017!

We are beyond excited for this journey and can’t wait to share it with you all! Big sister Aubree is also extremely excited and it’s no secret that she is hoping for a girl haha 🙂

I’ll be sure to keep you updated throughout this pregnancy, and I’m also excited to use this website as another way to stay connected with you all about tons of other topics!

I’m so grateful for everyone’s continued support and kind words!


Chelsea Houska

Chelsea and her fiancé Coel DeBoer have been open about their plans to have a child together, but Chelsea has been adamant that she didn’t want to get pregnant until after their October wedding. Looks like that plan changed!

They both also spoke with MTV News to further share their excitement about the pregnancy. Chelsea said “We’re really excited and Aubree is pumped to be a big sister.” I’m assuming she means Aubree is excited to be a big sister once again, since she does already have her little sister Paislee from her father Adam Lind. Cole then added “I’m a proud dad of one already, so adding another to the family is just amazing.” Again I’m not sure if he’s referring to himself as Aubree’s dad and contributing to the alternate universe fantasy where Adam never existed, or if he’s giving a proud parent shout out to Pete the pig. Regardless, congratulations to Chelsea and Cole!

Neither has commented yet on if this pregnancy was intentional, or if it’s just an earlier than planned happy surprise. Also, random side note, once this child is born there will only be two girls out of the entire TMOG/TM2 franchise who haven’t yet had a second child (Farrah and Amber).

Anyway, here’s some more photos and captions that Chelsea shared with her pregnancy announcement:

Had to take 3 because I couldn’t believe it!
Our little cutie patootie!
DeBoer baby 02-2017 ♡

New Special “Being Barbara” Premieres Monday on MTV

imageIt’s time for another one of those “specials” from the Teen Mom franchise, and for the first time ever it stars one of the grandparents!

Jenelle Evans’ mom will now have her own special called “Being Barbara” premiering Monday. MTV released some previews, and in these four clips alone we hear Barbara discuss the following topics: friends with benefits, sex on a boat, shaving balls, and flirting with Dr. Drew. Plus there is an appearance from both of her daughters Jenelle and Ashleigh. Check out the clips below!

Oh and apparently we can look forward to a “Being Butch” special the following Monday (July 18th)! The TV guide description reads “Butch is released from prison and memories and forgiveness cause him and Tyler to become closer. He also finds himself in a good relationship and takes steps towards getting engaged.” I’ll post the preview clips when those are available too. Can’t wait!

Amber Portwood & Matt Baier vs. Matt’s Son Chris


Lots of  sources thought that Amber Portwood might finally be pushed to calling off her wedding to controversial husband-to-be Matt Baier after his oldest son Chris Baier had nothing but negative things to say about him last week, but she’s standing by her man.

In an interview with Radar, Chris alleged that he and his mother “struggled like dogs” when he was growing up because his dead-beat dad refused to pay any child support. As we all may or may not know, Matt has been accused of having secret children and not paying child support for any of them, which goes without saying is a scummy move.

Radar confirmed that Matt does in fact owe Chris’ mom child support, so this could very well be a true statement.

It’s Chris’ other damning claims that we don’t know what to believe about. According to Chris, Matt is a pathological liar who even lied to Amber about his past drug use, capitalizing on Chris’ past struggles with addiction to empathize with Amber when they first met.

Chris claims his dad duped him into thinking he cared about his son’s struggles only to use it to manipulate Amber later.

Matt responded to the damning interview by claiming his son was very high during the whole thing and that he was offered money to say the bad things about him, turning the whole fiasco into a he-said-she-said type of thing.

“I love my son. This article doesn’t upset me, as it will pass and it won’t hurt me; rather, it upsets me he was in a vulnerable place in his life and manipulated.”

Matt even claims that him and Chris have spoke since the interview, but Chris hasn’t publicly come out to confirm or deny what he said yet, which you would think he would if he had any remorse.

Anyways, Amber is standing by Matt throughout the ordeal and took to Twitter to make it known, although she deleted her rant after reflecting on it and deciding it was too “negative,” says The Hollywood Gossip.  It doesn’t seem like any reliable sources are sure what exactly she Tweeted- do you guys know? Either way, she kept this Tweet:

“And we sit back and laugh..flip our houses and love our life.”

To be fair, saying she’s sitting back and laughing after Matt’s son allegedly was taken advantage of while in a difficult spot does seem a little callous, don’t you guys think? It makes me very interested to know what Tweets are more negative than this…

OK: who do you believe? Matt or Chris? I honestly am smack dab in the middle on this one. 

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