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Teen Mom 2: Season 7, Episode 21 Recap

Hey TMJ! June here for another recap. TV Guide says, ‘Javi and Kailyn have a major fight when he shows up unannounced; Jenelle tries to keep her pregnancy a secret from Barbara; and Chelsea and Cole question whether they should postpone their wedding.’


Chelsea is feeling stressed between the wedding and the baby. She asks if they can do the party part of the wedding for their anniversary and just get hitched. Chelsea brings Aubree to her softball game. He ex-shows up. Mandi tries to talk to him about ditching the cameras the other day. He goes back on everything he said last time they talked and doesn’t want the cameras back.


Jenelle reveals her reasons behind keeping her pregnancy secret. She wanted to wait until they found out the gender before she told everyone. Adam is worried about how quickly Jenelle got pregnant with her new beau. He’s frustrated that he can’t talk to her as a friend. Jenelle shows her mom the land her new house is going on but evades any questions about the baby. Jenelle and David finalize all the paperwork on the land.


Kailyn got into a fight with Javi and refuses to film for the day. The fight has upset Isaac, who was still hoping his dad would live with them. M.C. asks Javi for his side of the story. He’s more concerned about Isaac’s well being since he’s having a harder time than they are with the split. Isaac opens up about the fight to his dad. He’s upset because Kailyn told him that he won’t be able to go to Javi’s new house when Lincoln goes. His dad promises to work it out for him.


Leah’s worried because her girls’ school was flooded and the school won’t set a new start date. She talks to Corey about different options to at least start the year. Coery’s worried that they won’t see eye to eye and that it’ll hurt their co-parenting relationship. Even though the girls will be confined to a classroom throughout their time at school, Leah isn’t going to fight it. Leah tells Corey that she agrees with him.

Chelsea and Jenelle Share New Baby Snaps

Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans don’t have a ton in common, other than the fact they’re both stars of MTV’s Teen Mom series and just recently gave birth to new babies around the same time. Jenelle welcomed into the world her first girl while Chelsea welcomed her first boy.

Here are some thing the stars have shared on social media in recent days to celebrate new motherhood:


Jenelle: Ensley Jolie

Good morning world! 🎀 #Precious

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on

My sugar plum. 💋

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on

#BigBrotherStatus 👫💕

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on

Chelsea: Watson Cole

Welcome to the world, sweet boy 💙

A photo posted by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on

Watson Cole

A photo posted by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on

Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 20 Recap

Hey guys, so it’s storming really bad and there might be a slight chance my power will go out. So if updates just stop that’s why. Lets jump in. TV Guide says “Jenelle and David keep big news to themselves; Kailyn and Javi adjust to their new relationship; Jeremy is unhappy about Leah’s vacation plans; and Chelsea learns that Adam is behind on his child support.”


It’s Aubree’s last day of kindergarten. As she’s driving to the gym she gets a call from her dad. She asks him if the child support payments are coming in. So far, there have only been two and a half. Taylor texts Chelsea because she’s taking Adam to court for being late on giving her child support as well. Chelsea is taking Aubree to go spend the weekend with Adam. He’s agreed to let the crew film him with her. When they get there, though, he won’t open the door. The moment they get into their cars, he drives off and ignores the producer’s call.


David and Jenelle have found a plot of land to build a house on. Jenelle seems to be pregnant. She and David are talking about being really excited while their hands are resting on her stomach. She also mentions that she’s worried about what others will say and that she’s going to have to start wearing baggy sweatshirts. However, when asked by the producer, they both deny that it was a baby. Instead, they claim they were talking about the land.

The police report of a minor accident involving Jenelle and David is leaked. With in the report Jenelle has stated that she’s ten week pregnant. Despite this, she’s still denying it.


Javi is trying to make small talk with Kailyn but she’s not having it. So he turns to a safer subject of how they built their home together and how there are days where he regrets past actions. Kailyn just can’t seem to shake Javi. He’s got to pick up his things from the house. While there he wants a chance to sit down and talk but she won’t give him the opportunity.

Javi takes Isaac and Lincoln out to eat. After he’s going to take them shopping for their room. He doesn’t want to make them sleep in a hotel so he’s going to drop them off after. He promises Isaac that they’ll all sit down and talk about what’s happening.


Leah is moving into her new house. She’s excited to have a place that she actually owns instead of rents. Leah wants to take a family trip out of the country. She’s determined to get the baby daddies permission to take them on this trip. Especially since Jeremy took Addie on a trip without her knowledge. Jeremy doesn’t like the idea of Mexico because the kids could easily get kidnapped. At a resort. So of course, he calls Corey before Leah had the chance to ask him. Jeremy just startin stuff now. Leah was able to straighten everything out with Corey.

Jeremy Calvert Explains Why He Took Adalynn to Ohio

Leah Messer and MTV are receiving plenty of backlash from Messer’s ex, Jeremy Calvert who has explained why he took Adalynn to Ohio.

“So, to clarify tonight’s episode about me leaving West Virginia and not informing Leah on my travels..” he captioned a video clip of himself elaborating on the situation, according to US Weekly.

“I texted her at 6:42pm and did not get a text message back until 9:38 pm when I was already in Ohio.”

Calvert’s Instagram account is private, however, US Weekly was able to find the video clip, which showed some editing may have been done in Monday night’s episode.

“The pipeline engineer’s decision to take Adalynn came after Messer’s town of Elkview, West Virginia, suffered a devastating flood,” according to the report.

“While the 16 & Pregnant alum’s family was fine, Calvert’s family home was severely damaged. The young dad — who had been working in South Dakota — had returned home to help his parents in the wake of the flood.”

Messer has yet to respond on social media, however, we can’t help but think that this is not over yet. We’ll have to wait and see if Messer decides to explain the situation or prove Calvert right.


Does Kailyn Lowry Trust ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producers?

Things continue to get ever-so interesting after last night’s additional episode of Teen Mom 2 for this week. The real reason for Kailyn‘s stress and why she was shying away from the cameras was revealed.

Kailyn actually had a pretty eventful episode and actually took some of her frustration out on the film crew.

“Later, we learned from a phone call Javi made to one of his friends why Kailyn hadn’t wanted to talk to him on camera: Their lawyers were finally working out the terms of their divorce,” according to US Weekly.

To make matters worse, it looks like there was a phone call with Javi’s friend and Javi that was recorded to give viewers a bit of insight as to why Kailyn didn’t want to talk much about her situation. Lowry is actually getting a divorce and it doesn’t look like they will be living together.

Fans began calling out MTV on Twitter for being shady.

said she didn’t want to film talking to MTV goes to his friend. Shady. Real shady,” tweeted one viewer.

Kailyn actually responded to the tweet saying “Amen.” That wasn’t all. A fan questioned how Lowry could trust the producers after what they did and her reply was, “Wellllll, now I don’t.”

While it doesn’t look like Lowry trusts her producers much, there are no signs that she would be leaving the show at all. She may just have a new understanding of the situation.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future episodes of Teen Mom 2.

Javi Marroquin Shouts Out Jenelle’s Mom On Instagram

In a pretty hilarious turn of events, Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin posted a photo with a woman he is calling his true love. The woman in the photo may not be someone anyone would have expected.

As you can see from the photo below. Javi is photoed with Jenelle Evan’s mom Barbara.

“Since there’s a brand new episode of teen mom 2 tonight, I thought I’d throw it back to 2 years ago when I was with my true love. Tune into MTV @ 9pm!” said Javi in the caption of the Instagram post.

A photo posted by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on

There’s some comedic relief for fans who have to wait until this evening for another new episode of Teen Mom 2. Fans will be able to see if Kailyn and Javi can work things out as the season moves on.

However, in the preview for tonight’s episode. Kailyn can be seen talking about her future with Javi and what it means for their kids, Lincoln and Isaac. Kailyn reveals that Isaac was really happy to talk to his dad and she seems genuinely worried about their on and off relationship.

Most importantly, she is worried about the effect it is having on the kids. You can hear more of Kailyn’s thoughts on tonight’s all new episode.

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