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Is Jenelle and Nathan’s Compromise Best for Kaiser?

Little Kaiser has found himself in the middle of a custody battle but it looks like things are taking a slight turn in the right direction. During last nights episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and Nathan were finally able to come to a visitation agreement.

The agreement allows Nathan to take Kaiser on three out of the four weekends in a month. However, Jenelle is still waiting for all of the proper paperwork to be approved so she can begin to grant Nathan visitation.

After all is said and done, Kaiser will need both of his parents in his life and cooperating to grow as a happy and healthy kid. However, David has his reserves about Nathan. He isn’t sure why Nathan is starting to care “all of a sudden.”

In fact, David believes that Jenelle is giving Nathan a little too much respect. Clearly Jenelle has grown over the years as she understands that both legally and for the sake of Kaiser, she needs to be able to have a civil conversation with Nathan.

It will be interesting to see if the visitation works out and prevents any further mitigation in court. It’s been a long battle between these two but hopefully it’s at its end. You can find out more next week on an all new Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 18 Recap

TV Guide’s description of the episode is “Chelsea shares big news with Aubree and the MTV team; Kailyn and Javi make a decision about their marriage; and Leah finds a new home for her and the girls.”


Javi is coming back. Kailyn is worried about what the adjustments his arrival will bring. Kailyn is stressing about how busy her daily schedule is now that it includes going to school. When speaking with Javi on the phone the conversation goes south very quickly. Which is the usual for them.


While out picking flowers with her friend, Taylor calls. She wants to talk about what Adam’s saying about her on the show after they workout together. Cause that sounds like the most fun. Adam’s been lying about the custody deal he has with Taylor, where he gets their kid 50% of the time when it’s really only every other weekend. It’s time for Aubree’s concert. While the camera’s weren’t allowed into the concert, Aubree gave an adorable rendition of some songs while they’re out for ice cream.


Leah has taken Allie to the doctor. Cory had to work but Leah calls him into the appointment. They were worried about the amount of times Allie falls a day but the doctor believes it’s just because she’s become more active. Leah’s worried that Jeremy won’t contact Addie as much as he should now that he’s away. So far it seems like he hasn’t. Ali skype calls with Jeremy. She saw Brooke was with Jeremy and thought he was home again only to learn out that he wasn’t.¬†Leah tries to talk to Victoria about it away from the children but Ali comes running out.


Wants to make sure her children know that she tries to keep their fathers in their life from her end. Nathan wants primary custody of Kaiser and he thinks that he’s got a good chance. Jenelle also thinks she’s going to be the one with primary custody and she’s not willing to budge an inch. Jenelle and Nathan were able to come to an agreement with him getting Kaiser three out of four weekends of the month. David is worried that when Jenelle starts being nice to Nathan then he starts walking all over her. Jenelle sees it as a way to cover her own ass if the court comes into play. Nathan seems to be putting in the effort though. Jenelle wouldn’t let him have Kaiser until the paperwork was done but she allowed visitation that he accepted and attended.

Teen Mom 2: Season 8 Episode 2

Hey Teen Mom Junkies, June here to bring you the play by play for what’s going on with the Teen Mom 2 girls. We’re gonna go back one episode before the new one later tonight, since I missed that one. TV Guide says this episodeJenelle faces Nathan and his girlfriend in court for her assault trial; Leah struggles with Addie missing her father; and Chelsea meets with Adam’s ex.”


Aubree is with Adam after the Teen Mom reunion. The cameras have arrived at his house but he forces them to wait outside until he’s finished with his nap. He’s done with the show because he doesn’t feel like they’re covering enough of him being a good parent. The producer points out that they can only know what happens if he tell them because Chelsea won’t. Chelsea has her fingers crossed that Adam will quite the show. Aubree and Chelsea go to get Aubree’s dress for the wedding fitted. Her mom and friends start teasing Chelsea about her daughter’s future wedding when she grows up.


Leah’s having an anxiety attack after she loses her car keys and becomes late for the girls softball game. She feel like any time she tries to be serious something happens to keep her from her goal. However, she seems more worried about what Cory would think of her. The girls were only a little bit late to the ball game, in the end. Leah drops off her Addie to her ex-husband. Jeremy is going to be leaving in a few days for a couple of month for work. She encourages him to be the one to break the news.


Kailyn goes skydiving for the first time. She seems to really enjoy the experience. She even gave it two thumbs up. Still a little caught up in the adrenaline of the dive, Kailyn can’t stop telling everyone she went. Including her friend Gigi who came over to see how the reunion went. Issac is upset because Javi wasn’t at his graduation or the celebratory meal afterwards. It puts a damper on the mood because his biological father is sitting right across the table.


Jenelle is getting ready to go to court for assaulting her ex’s girlfriend. She’s afraid that she could end up in jail for 30 days and lose Kaiser and the custody battle for Jace. At court, this case is fishy since the main witness never actually saw Jenelle assault her. Just Jenelle going into her house. It does seem like it has more to do with their custody battle. Haha, she tried to throw water in her face and the cup “slipped.” The jury finds Jenelle not guilty of the charges. It was probably the tears.

Here’s How Nathan and Jessi Felt After The Hearing

Last week we all saw Jenelle take the victory during a battle with her ex, Nathan. The domestic dispute was settled but not in the way Nathan and Jessi would have hoped for. Now, there is new footage of their thoughts following the trial.

“What and unfortunate day,” said Jessi as the two sat down for a meal.

“Just absolutely amazed by the turn of events,” said Nathan.

Nathan believed that both Jenelle and her lawyer may have been surprised with the outcome as well. Jessi claimed that there was a false narrative painted of the two of them with fake stories.

They felt that Jenelle was trying to get the jury to feel bad for her and it may have worked. Nathan told Jessi that it was all a show, however, he is glad to have one less court case with Jenelle.

Nathan seems to be fed-up with Jenelle getting away with murder and feels that he is being screwed by the judicial system every time. He believes that it is all unjust but he and Jessi are just waiting for the day everything goes their way for once.

Do you think the hearing went the way it should have? You can hear the entire conversation between Nathan and Jessi in this Teen Mom 2 bonus footage from MTV below.

Kailyn Finds Out When Javi Returns Home

In a teaser clip for next weeks episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn and Javi put on a brave face for their little one, however, when the two are left to facetime alone, the conversation is a bit cold.

Lincoln is excited when he sees his dad on the phone and he seems to be under the impression that his mommy and daddy are happy which also made him plenty happy.

Javi was facetiming as he serves overseas and checking in on his little guy. After Lincoln felt satisfied with all of the information he got, he ran off to play.

Meanwhile, Javi and Kailyn were left to discuss his return. She wanted to know if Javi knew the exact date of his return and he insisted that he sent her a text with it, however, Kailyn denied receiving it.

Javi’s return home may be a little rocky but Kailyn said his living situation will depend on how things work out when he gets home.

Kailyn does tell the producers that if it doesn’t work out she will figure it out. So, it looks like there is no set plan for Javi’s arrival. We’ll have to wait it out and see what happens next week on Teen Mom 2.

Chelsea Houska Dishes On The Wedding Excitement

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is feeling the excitement of wedding fever. However, one of the most important aspects of the wedding surrounds her little one Aubree.

In the premiere episode for Teen Mom 2 fans will remember that Aubree and her mom went shopping to put the finishing touches on her look for the wedding. Sharing the excitement with her mom, Aubree expressed just how much she liked her outfit.

“Even though I’m marrying Cole, it’s such a big moment for [Aubree] also because she hasn’t had the best experience with her dad,” said Houska, according to MTV News.

“Her being able to have her own dress and feel beautiful and get ready for this day just as much as I am was really amazing.”

There is still plenty more to go in terms of wedding planning before leading up to the big day. Now that the premiere has past, we can pretty much expect to see all of the ups and hopefully no downs in the preparation.

Houska also had some pretty amazing things to say about Cole.

“Cole has been wonderful — he’s really laid back, and I get anxiety really easily,” said Houska.

“So he’s been amazing. And I had a wedding planner, so she took a lot off the stress out of it.”

Things are looking pretty perfect for Houska. Fans will have to continue to tune in to Teen Mom 2 for more behind-the-scenes looks at the wedding.

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