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Leah Messer Explains Her Teen Mom 2 Breakdown

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer had a bit of a breakdown on a recent episode and she finally explains exactly what caused it.

“My relationship with Corey has grown, and we are getting along so well — the last thing I need is Corey being mad at me for being late,” she explained, according to In Touch Weekly.

“I was so worried about what they were going to say, what they were going to think… Like, I’ve heard I’m an incompetent mother for three years now — that hurts a little bit.”

A series of unfortunate mishaps have been caught on camera and Messer seems to be weary of being called an “incompetent mother.” It all caught up to her in the episode as she was visibly upset to the point where she needed to take a minute to gather herself.

“I think because MTV was here — and this never happens — it made me feel that much worse,” she explained, according to the report.

“Because I was like, ‘Great. This is what everybody already sees, this is what they’re gonna assume, this is what they’re going to assume, this is going to be twisted.’ So I was thinking all that in my head — like I’m in such a good place, and for all this to happen, I felt like my Saturday routine was f**ked up the one time that we’re filming — so everyone is going to think this is how my life is all the time, like they do every other time, so that affects me. It does. A lot of stuff with the show does.”

It looks like the pressure of expectations from Teen Mom 2 critics and fans has been affecting Messer in a much bigger way than anyone may have thought.

Jenelle Is Declared Not Guilty On The Teen Mom 2 Premiere

MTV’s Teen Mom 2 is already off to a positive part for Jenelle as her hearing was televised for the most part.

In a clip from the all new episode, Jenelle took the stand to defend what happened between her and Nathan’s girlfriend. After recounting the story she began to break down on the stand.

Jenelle was adamant that she was trying to protect her child and that she felt threatened. The part that really made her break down was when she revisited the fact that Nathan said she would never get her child back.

At that point, Jenelle said she panicked because she in the process of moving and felt disrespected by Nathan for bringing his girlfriend over.

Jenelle’s last statement was her claim that she is just trying to be a good person and a good mom. As you may know from our recap, Jenelle was found not guilty and can now move forward. However? Is the drama officially over or will there be more to come as the season continues?

Fans of Teem Mom 2 will have to wait to find out on next week’s episode. You can check out some of Jenelle’s defense in the MTV video below.

Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 1 Recap: The Verdict Is In, Is Jenelle Acquitted?

Tonight was the premiere of Teen Mom 2, Season 8. We were glued to the TV, waiting for the drama to unfold. And we were not disappointed!

Teen Mom 2: Kailyn

The episode kicks off with Kailyn discussing the challenges of raising two kids. She and Javi no longer feel that they have the same goals and it appears a breakup may be impending. Still, Javi and Kailyn haven’t discussed their issues directly and once Javi is deployed, he remains in touch with the kids by calling them. Kailyn stays busy, not only by caring for her children, but also challenging her fears by going skydiving!

Kailyn tells her sons that she jumped out of a plane and they’re shocked. Then, Kailyn has her friend Gigi over and they reflect on how the reunion went. Kailyn notes that she’s been happier since Javi left, which she realized during the reunion. Still, Kailyn feels she can’t make any decisions about her relationship until she sees Javi face to face.

Next, we find out that during his deployment, Javi has been talking to kids everyday but feels ambivalent about his relationship with Kailyn.

Kailyn takes Isaac out for a celebratory meal after his graduation from kindergarten but Isaac has trouble having a good time until he hears from Javi.

Teen Mom 2: Chelsea

Chelsea and Adam continue to struggle. Adam keeps the producers waiting when they want to film. He’s busy taking a nap. When he finally opens his doors, he tells the producers about his true feelings about Chelsea taking Cole to Aubree’s dance.

Chelsea will be marrying Cole in a few months and she’s busy with all of the preparations. She heads to a dress fitting. Aubree comes along for her own fitting and enjoys posing once she has her dress on.

After the fitting, everyone goes out for lunch. Aubree enjoys herself thoroughly.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle

Jenelle has a new boyfriend David, who’s been helping her out with her kids. Jenelle’s also been getting along better with her mom. Still, she has a court date coming up for her assault, which worries her because of all of the repercussions it could have for her future.

At her hearing, we learn that Jenelle has plead not-guilty to the charge of committing 3rd degree assault. Both Nathan and his girlfriend, Jessica Henry testify to Janelle’s behavior on the night that Jenelle assaulted Jessica. Jenelle’s lawyer points out that the assault charges are nothing more than an attempt on Nathan and Jessica’s part to win a custody battle.

Jenelle then takes the stand and recounts the events of the day of the assault very differently. Janelle’s notes that while she did wind up hitting Jessica with a glass, she did not intend to do so. All she meant to do was to throw some water on Jessica because she felt that her son was under threat. Jenelle breaks down on the stand, talking about how she just wants to be a good mom.

Jenelle is relieved when she finds out that she is declared not-guilty.

Teen Mom 2: Leah

Leah discusses the difficulty of raising 3 girls on her own. When her girls are fighting in the car as Leah readies them for an outing, she nearly has a breakdown trying to find the car keys. So she takes a moment and heads back in to the house in order to calm down. But she nearly has a panic attack despite her attempts to keep her cool. The girls wound up being late for their ball game. Later, Leah has a chance to decompress and we realize that the reason she was so worried about getting the girls off of the game was due to her past difficulties parenting. She feared that she would look like a incompetent mother.

Leah drops her daughter off with her father and then later picks her up. We find out that he’s going to be away for 4 months and her daughter will only be able to access him through Skype. Leah feels indignant about this.

That’s it for tonight’s episode. It certainly had enough drama about breakups, legal proceedings and potential custody losses to satisfy any Teen Mom viewer. We’ll see if the next episode tops this one!


Amber Portwood Fans Rave About Be Forever Haute

Amber Portwood gave her fans what they were waiting for as she chose New Year’s Eve to launch her Be Forever Haute online retail store.

You could say Portwood has left 2016 and all the negativity between her and Farrah Abraham in the dust. Instead, she is now embarking on another business venture as she continues to strengthen her financial portfolio.

What seems to be more successful about this launch is the direct and quick feedback she has been getting from fans on social media. Fans are raving about Portwood’s designs and all signs are pointing to a successful launch.

“Amber continues to be a living inspiration for her many fans from all over the world in everything that she does,” according to the About section of Be Forever Haute.

“After an outpour of questions from her fans about all of the stylish outfits and accessories worn by her on her shows, Amber soon realized that even her every day wardrobe impacted them in a very positive way.”

Some fans are even asking Portwood to open boutiques in their areas so the sky is really the limit for Portwood and her Be Forever Haute empire.

Farrah Abraham Posts An Emotional Tribute To Derek Underwood

Continuing in the tribute of remembering Derek Underwood with a special video, Farrah Abraham reminds us that she is stilling coping with the loss.

“In loving memory of Daddy Derek 12/28/2008 we love and miss you and we wanted to share this video with others who lost a loved one around the holidays,” wrote Abraham in the caption of the Instagram video.

“Much love, strength and success in 2017 were so excited to continue our journey God has blessed us with.”

Eight years since the loss of Underwood and Abraham is still keeping his memory alive year after year. It shows a caring and loving side of Abraham as she strays away from the harsh words she has been dishing out to her co-star Amber Portwood.

Despite her somewhat villainous role in the off-season of Teen Mom OG following the reunion special, she is using her voice as a way to show others that you can get through a loss and move forward, without forgetting that special person.

The video also featured Abraham and Underwood’s daughter Sophia who has been joining her mother in keeping her father’s legacy alive.

So, with all of the negativity in the rearview, it looks like Abraham is going into 2017 with a clean slate.

Amber Portwood Chooses The High Road

Well, in somewhat of a shocker, Amber Portwood may not be giving Farrah Abraham the satisfaction of getting a response. We questioned whether or not Portwood would respond to the nasty comments which questioned her abilities as a mother and more.

“New Year’s resolution: to make this year better than the last,” said Portwood in a Tweet.

“To take the high road always. And to add more comma’s while staying humble,” she continued.

From this new turn of vents, it looks like fans won’t be getting Portwood’s response to Abraham’s shots at her. In times past, Portwood may have clapped back and blasted Abraham but this time is different.

Meanwhile, Portwood’s co-star Catelynn Lowell had a good laugh at Abaraham’s comments via social media. It now looks like the rest of the Teen Mom OG cast won’t be entertaining Abraham and her comments any more.

Is this the end of the Teen Mom OG beef/drama or will there be more to come? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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