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Happy Holidays from Our Teen Mom Favorites!

This weekend, our Teen Mom favorites took to their social media pages to share positive holiday message from their families to ours. Here are some of the stand-outs.

1. Jenelle Shares Sweet Snap in Front of Christmas Tree


“And to all a good night…” ✨

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on

2. Sophia Gets Nicer Computer than Most of U.S. Population


#4 on @sophialabraham wishlist #computer #santa #exstatic

A video posted by Farrah Abraham (@farrah__abraham) on

3. Aubree Wins Would-Be Christmas Hair Contest


My mom did Aubree’s hair SO CUTE !

A photo posted by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on

4. Kailyn Shares Modern Christmas Card


Merry Christmas from my family to yours ❤️

A photo posted by Kailyn Lowry (@kaillowry) on

5. Maci Has Fun with Snapchat Filters


Merry Christmas from me and my adorable reindeer! ❤️

A photo posted by Maci Bookout McKinney (@macideshanebookout) on

Will Amber Portwood Respond To Farrah Abraham’s Recent Criticism?

Drama, drama, drama. There just doesn’t seem to be enough of it between Teen Mom OG stars Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham. Abraham is still on the attack with some harsh words for her co-star, who announced she may be quitting the show then later on rescinded the statements.

“I already called it. Poor thing. Her mind’s not all there. She’ll say one thing. She’ll detract from that. She needs to be more in touch with her self-awareness and hopefully she’ll just be happy all the time,” according to Abraham’s statement from Radar.

“Hopefully she gets help. The people who surround her need to be a good support system for her rather than negative. Production and the people around her. She does not have the right people around her and that’s sad.”

Abraham also went on to say that she will never be in contact with anyone else from the cast. She compared herself to Donald Trump, stating that she would build a wall up against them and block them if they try to contact her.

We’re going to go ahead and guess that there won’t be a reconciliation here. In the video interview, Abraham continued to say that she didn’t want to be put next to people who are “trash” or put in “ghetto situations.”

Abraham seems to think that “people like that” as she called Portwood, shouldn’t be allowed near children and accused her of not having proper self-control at her age. It was a full on verbal assault and as of now, Portwood has not included a message to any of it via social media.

We’re expecting Portwood to definitely respond to these heavy statements because it Abraham questioned her character and parenting skills all in one interview. We’ll just have to see what happens next.

’16 and Pregnant’ Star Valerie Fairman Dead At 23

The terrible news of Valerie Fairman’s death is now rocking the Teen Mom universe. The 16 and Pregnant star was reportedly found unresponsive in her bathroom.

“We are saddened by the news of Valerie Fairman’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time,” said MTV in a statement to People.

A TMZ report claims that the cause of death appears to be an overdose, however, the coroner’s report is still being conducted. Fairman is the mother of little Neveah who has also reportedly be left with Fairman’s mother.

Teen Mom stars Chelsea DeBoer and Jenelle Evans reacted to the news via social media, sharing in the shock. Evans even tweeted that she told Fairman to stay on track.

The news of the tragedy prompted Evans to encourage her fans and followers not to take life for granted and to hold their children close and love them.

This unfortunate news is still in development, stay tuned for an update on the official cause of death. R.I.P. Valerie Fairman.

Farrah Abraham Shows Off Her Solid Relationship With MTV

Well, while one of her co-stars threatened to leave Teen Mom OG due to unfair treatment, Farrah Abraham continued to showcase just how solid her relationship with the network has been.

Abraham took to Instagram to post a photo of her daughter Sophia, holding a gift that is presumably from MTV.

“Thank you @mtv great to work with you almost 10 years now look forward #2017 @sophialabraham loves her projector ! #mtvfamily,” read the caption of the photo.

It seems strange that all of this support towards MTV is coming on the heels of Amber Portwood’s decision to maybe leave the show. Since the announcement, Portwood’s wishes may have been appeased as she later tweeted that there were some positive changes being made.

The relationship between MTV and Abraham seemed solid after the network worked hard to make sure that Abraham and her father were okay following the Teen Mom OG reunion that got a bit rocky.

That being said, it looks to all be in the past and Portwood apologized to her fans for her actions. She did explain that when someone said something as hurtful as calling her husband a pedophile, she couldn’t help but to stand up for him.

On thing is certain, things are certainly in a strange place for the future of the show, however, as of right now, all parties seem to be on board for next season.

Farrah Abraham May Be Calling Amber Portwood’s Bluff

It looks like Farrah Abraham doesn’t quite believe a word of Amber Portwood‘s MTV Teen Mom OG exit. Portwood made her exit public on Twitter and actually blamed the network as the reason she was leaving.

Now, Abraham doesn’t seem to believe in what Portwood has sent out to her fans and Teen Mom universe.

“I’m out of the drama. None of the girls will quit — they like the attention, need the money and their boyfriends need the money too much to quit,” Abraham told UsWeekly.

“I get Amber is embarrassed of her actions, but she flip flops and will be right back to filming. This is dramatic. She can quit and not make it public if she really was done.”

While Abraham makes the point of a quiet exit to be a better way to leave the show, the real matter at hand is the fact that Portwood has seemingly genuine concerns about her safety and unfair treatment.

If you ever wanted results, letting your issues be known to the public and making it aware is the best way to resolve it. While Portwood said she was leaving the show, she did add that there was still a possibility of her return if the situation should change.

She later on went on to tweet, “It seems that I might be getting the respect I deserve from MTV.. Awaiting patiently.. We’ll see.”

These are positive signs that the exit may be in the process of being rescinded should Portwood receive her “fair treatment.”

The particulars of this conflict is still puzzling and we didn’t expect Abraham to be on Portwood’s side at all. We’ll have to continue to look out for new developments as the drama continues to unfold.

The Teen Mom Girls Really Hate MTV

In an exclusive interview with Radar, Leah Messer admitted she’s scared of what will happen next season due to the fact that MTV producers have a tendency to do sneaky editing.

“There is a lot of editing and all that. You don’t know what’s going to be on air,” she said in the interview.

Messer has been the subject of a lot of Teen Mom controversy for parenting techniques that many fans objected to. Messer, as a result, threatened to leave the show numerous times but can’t get another job has stayed regardless.

She’s not the first Teen Mom to express dissatisfaction with how MTV takes care of business. Most recently, Amber Portwood announced she was leaving the show due to unfair treatment.

“Sad to say but I’m not going to be apart of #Teenmomog. The way I have been portrayed and treated is unfair. @MTV sending all my love,” she Tweeted.

“If I was treated fairly it wouldn’t be an issue but it’s been nothing but disrespect since the reunion show. Which keeps continuing today.

“Nothing has been dealt with or has made me feel any safer to even move on with people who have continuously hidden things from the network. The day I’m shown some respect by the people I’ve worked with for 8 years is the day I’ll be back. I’ve sacrificed a lot for this show.”

It seems Portwood is angry at the MTV team for not siding with her during a feud with Farrah Abraham. Abraham is without question the most hated member of the Teen Mom crew, by both MTV cast members and fans alike, but every good show needs a villain—- right?

Apparently Portwood could care less about ratings or viewership and instead wants MTV to have her back. Will she suck it up and stick it out like Messer? Only time will tell…


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