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So I don’t know if I’ve really written about Adam being in jail 5 times before this, but it sure as hell feels like it. Anyway, Adam’s back behind bars according to Starcasm and he’s serving a ten day sentence.  This sentence is stemming from charges that occurred in March when Adam was caught driving with a revoked license.  He had a scheduled jail sentence, and booked himself in around 10 p.m. on August 10th, which means he’ll be out late on August 20th if all goes as planned.

Adam is still facing charges for his fiery crash which was featured on Teen Mom 2, and much like Randy said this week, since Adam chose to plead not guilty to those charges, he now faces a trial by jury and potential prison time if convicted.

Sources close to Starcasm and Radar Online have claimed that Chelsea is attempting to take visitation rights away from Adam due to his inability to follow their guidelines.  As we saw on Teen Mom 2, Aubree told Chelsea that Adam was driving her around, but changed her mind later and said that Taylor was actually the one driving.  While we’ve never seen Adam driving Aubree around in his segments, it wouldn’t seem like too far of a stretch for him to break their visitation agreement and drive without Chelsea knowing.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Adam and Chelsea have had a pretty rocky custody battle over the past few years, and things seemed to escalate quickly after Adam finally filed for visitation rights on last season of Teen Mom 2.  Since he obtained visitation with his daughter Aubree, things have been more hectic than ever.  While Adam is granted visitation while his parents are around, and is not allowed to drive with Aubree in the car, it seems like he’s not showing up for his time with Aubree, and his daughter often tells Chelsea that Adam was driving.

Adam has also missed several visitation times with Aubree because of his recent arrests.  We saw on a preview for season 5b of Teen Mom 2 that Adam was supposed to be with Aubree when he was arrested, and that only causes problems for the child that’s involved in that situation.  Since there’s been so much drama, Chelsea has decided that she wants to try and take away Adam’s visitation rights all together.  Chelsea spoke with Life and Style and told them that she’s documenting everything that Adam does, because if he isn’t going to follow the rules with their daughter, then he doesn’t deserve to keep having visitation rights.

Meanwhile, Adam is dealing with some custody problems of his own regarding his second child, Paislee, with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur.  Adam has been far from quiet about things on his Instagram account lately, and it appears that he’s going to try and get custody of Paislee.  Adam has commented that he doesn’t approve of Taylor’s parenting.  He says that she will lie to him about working and go out drinking instead, and that she rarely answers his calls or texts regarding their daughter.  He has claimed to be keeping record of all of Taylor’s social media interactions and sending things to his lawyer that could possibly help his case.

adam mugshot

Teen Mom 2’s notorious bad guy, Adam Lind, was arrested again two days ago for failing to stick with the guidelines of his 24/7 probation program.  In this program, Adam is required to be tested for drugs and alcohol in his system once a day, and according to Radar Online, Adam either failed to show up for the testing, or he tested positive for either drugs or alcohol.

A spokesperson for the Minnehana County Jail said that Adam would be behind bars until at least 1:30 tomorrow with no chance of bail.  While we don’t know if this is true or not, we can see that Adam has taken a break from social media for the past couple days.  His girlfriend, Jessica, has posted several pictures of him since the arrest, but there’s no real way to tell whether these photos are current, or if she’s reusing old pictures to try and make it seem like he’s not in jail.  Either way, the Minnehana County jail inmate search confirms that Adam was booked at 10:03 p.m. on June 27th.

A source close to Chelsea revealed that this was supposed to be Adam’s one weekend this month with Aubree, and that since he’s behind bars, he obviously missed out on spending quality time with her.  This is the second time that an arrest has happened during Adam’s scheduled time with Aubree.  We’ll for sure be seeing the first incident on the next season of Teen Mom 2.

We all know that this isn’t the first time Adam has been arrested, and I’m pretty sure that it won’t be his last arrest either.  His last arrest happened in May when he was driving without a license, and he also is still facing several charges stemming from the fiery crash that nearly killed an elderly couple in February.  He has three DUI’s, and 6 speeding tickets.  On top of all that, he’s been found guilty of driving without a license eight times since he was 18 years old.


So there were a lot of comments on the last post about Adam Lind’s newest girlfriend, so I figured I would do a little sleuthing and try to dig up some information on this lady.  Her name is Jessica, and she and Adam have been dating for less than a month.  Jessica was apparently dating one of Adam’s friends, but when that couple broke up, and Adam and Taylor broke up, these two decided to get together, so now we’re getting to meet her.

After less than a month of dating, Adam and Jessica have taken a pretty big leap and moved in together.  It’s unknown whether they got a new place, or if he moved in with her, but these two are officially shacking up.  Since Adam has visitation rights to his daughters, this means that Jessica has already met and spent time with Aubree and Paislee.  Better yet, these two have exchanged promise rings.  While we don’t know Jessica’s track record on rings, we do know that Adam has given a ring to Chelsea and Taylor, but that he’s never stuck around long enough to marry anyone.

Yesterday when this news got out, Jessica decided to make her social media accounts private, so there’s not a whole lot that people can dig up on her at the moment.  One thing that was discovered is that she’s going to be on the newest season of Teen Mom 2.  Since MTV is still filming for season 5B in an attempt to make it more current than ever, Jessica and Adam have been filmed out and about with Aubree and Paislee.  Check out this picture that Jessica posted on Instagram, which shows Adam and his two girls, along with an MTV camera person.


It’s been brought to our attention that Adam’s new girlfriend is significantly older than him, and after briefly snooping around, we’ve found that she is 33 years old and has a teenage son.  Her son, Brock Jr., was born in May of 1997 which makes him 17 years old right now.  He will be a high school senior in the fall, and he’s shared some really great messages on his Twitter account.  This one in particular makes it seem pretty obvious that he’s not too thrilled that his mom is dating Adam.  He also recently purchased a beer pong table.


Jessica has taken to her personal Facebook page to try and stop the drama, but when you’re dating Adam, the drama is going to follow you.  She shared the following message last night in an attempt to put an end to all of the gossip, but it might have just added fuel to the fire.



A couple of weeks ago, Adam Lind was arrested again for driving on a revoked license.  He was held for a few days, and has since been released, and gotten back together with his second baby momma, Taylor Halbur.

After the arrest incident, Chelsea decided that she wanted to get stricter guidelines on Aubree’s custody agreement, and a source close to the Teen Mom 2 star released some information to Radar Online about the situation.

The source claims that Adam and Chelsea haven’t spoken since he was released from jail, and that they’re going to have to end u up going to court to get the custody agreement changed.  Chelsea seems to be concerned that Adam doesn’t follow rules in general, so he probably won’t follow a custody agreement.  Part of their agreement is that Aubree is never in the car with Adam driving, and since he doesn’t have a license, it would be against their agreement and against the law.  Since Adam has continued to drive, and faces some jail time now, the source claims that Chelsea is hoping that Adam’s visitations become supervised by someone other than Adam’s parents.

The source also claimed that Adam hasn’t seen Aubree in nearly a month, and that he hasn’t had contact with her since his release from jail last week.

Chelsea hasn’t publically commented on the situation, although Randy has made a few remarks on his Twitter account, including this one.


adam taylor

Teen Mom 2’s notorious bad boy, Adam Lind, was arrested on Saturday morning for driving with a revoked license, according to Starcasm’s latest findings.  Adam was booked around 9:27 in the morning, and he is currently being listed as “Court Services Probation Hold” according to the jail records.

Adam Arrest

Adam has obtained 3 DUI’s, and was involved in a fiery crash that was shown on the finale of Teen Mom 2’s 5th season, which resulted in two elderly individuals being sent to the hospital.  Adam was later charged with five different crimes stemming from the crash.  He hasn’t had his court date for those charges yet, because it was pushed back to November of this year.  Because of all of his offenses, he hasn’t had a license for quite a while, and Chelsea requested in their custody battle that Aubree wouldn’t be allowed to be in the car with Adam while he was driving.

Starcasm spoke with a friend of Adam’s, who said that Adam had been fired from his job a few weeks ago.  Normally, Adam would find a way to drive because he would file for a work release permit, but since he isn’t working, he doesn’t have any reason to have a work permit.

I really don’t know what it’s going to take for this guy to stop breaking the law.  You would think that after 3 DUI’s, and a near-death crash, he would start following the rules, but it just doesn’t seem to happen that way for Adam.