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adam lind

Seriously – never thought I would write that title.

Adam Lind, the father to Aubree and Paislee, has decided that two kids is enough for him and has decided to get a vasectomy.  Radar Online exclusively revealed that the Teen Mom 2 star had the outpatient procedure done last week, and that he’s simply avoiding any possible future drama.

Adam is only 23 years old, and has proven to struggle with making responsible choices.  He’s been arrested countless times for things pertaining to reckless driving, and has had numerous court appearances over the past few years.  Adam has also had rumors thrown around about steroid usage and domestic violence.  As far as we know, he doesn’t have custody of either of his daughters, but does have supervised visitations with them as long as his parents are around.  One stipulation with the visitation is that he is not allowed to operate a motorized vehicle with his children.

I can’t say that Adam’s choice is a bad one, but I do hope that he thought through the decision before just jumping in line to get a vasectomy.  He’s still pretty young, and if he ever settles down with someone that he intends to marry, the decision might come back to bite him in the butt.

Adam was rumored to have impregnated a third girl in September, but those claims haven’t resulted in any more allegations.  As far as we know, that Wendy girl hasn’t birthed Adam’s third child, but I guess time might prove us wrong.

What are your thoughts on Adam’s potential vasectomy?  Is it a good idea, or a bad idea?  Sound off in the comments below!

adam mugshot

Teen Mom 2 star, Adam Lind, has been arrested countless times.  The fact that he gets arrested doesn’t even shock anyone any more, but we still post about it simply so we can smack talk him.  Honestly, everyone needs a bit of comic relief, and Adam’s criminal record is definitely something that could induce laughter.

Adam’s been jail free for a little over 3 months now, but it turns out that he couldn’t handle life without an arrest, and was booked into jail yesterday due to an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court.  He was conveniently arrested after actually attending a court date with Chelsea Houska regarding custody of their daughter, Aubree, according to Starcasm.

Adam paid his way out with around $850 cash, and was on his merry way later that day.

We can all agree that Adam is definitely not father of the year material, and the worst part of this whole thing is that he has chosen to reproduce at least twice (maybe three times).  His children are ultimately the ones that pay the price for his decisions, and that’s just sad.

There’s no real word yet on whether or not MTV’s camera crews were there to capture any of this, but we know that the Teen Mom 2 cast is currently filming for a 6th season.  MTV doesn’t pass up opportunities to focus in on Chelsea’s legal drama with Adam, so it seems unlikely that they would miss this court date.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by Adam’s latest arrest, but I keep finding myself wondering what it’s going to take for this idiot to get his crap together and stop putting himself in these ridiculous situations.

1. Kailyn attends the Grammy’s


Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry goes on a lot of business ventures and trips in order to promote several small businesses.  She’s been working to promote her clothing line, a children’s book, her life story, and even fits in time for charity work.  Kailyn’s last trip, however, was not business related.  Kailyn took to the red carpet and attended the Grammy’s this week.  While many people were confused as to why she would be at the awards show, she took to Twitter to clear the air and basically said that a friend’s family has been going to the Grammy’s for the last 12 years, and that this year they just happened to have extra tickets, so Kailyn went.  Kailyn’s sons and husband were not at the show, but it appears that Kailyn had a nice night out without them.

2. Leah’s business is under investigation


A couple of months ago, we talked about how Leah opened a new salon called Glossy with a couple of friends.  The group was going to be focusing on hair and make up for photo shoots for modeling.  While Leah is excited about this adventure, it appears that reality might have caught up with her.  Leah is not a licensed anything, and she cannot be paid to provide these services to clients (similar to Chelsea’s situation on last season of Teen Mom 2).  Radar Online reports that the business is very much illegal and will be investigated by the state board.  Radar also claims that none of the three people working for the salon are licensed, which means any payment is illegal and can cause the girls to not obtain their licenses if they were actually to finish cosmetology school at some point.

3. Adam fights for custody

adam taylor

Well, that’s one that I never thought I would write about.  Apparently, Adam and ex-girlfriend Taylor’s split wasn’t as clean as one may think, because Taylor has allegedly been keeping Adam from his daughter, Paislee.  Paislee is now over a year old, and Adam claims he hasn’t seen her in almost two months.  He took to Facebook to write this statement:

Well…today is the day. Court vs Taylor for my Lil. Paislee Mae… I will finally get to see her…Only been 2 months…It shouldn’t even come down to me paying someone to serve her with papers to see my child…But such is life..Wish me luck ppl :) I will be getting my kids!!:)

I’m sure Adam needs more than just luck.  A clean background check and a solid lawyer might help, but with this guy’s track record, we’re just not sure how it’ll go.  Either way, it’s sad that Adam has two adorable kids that aren’t getting a relationship with their father that they deserve.

farrah-abraham adam james deen

In Touch revealed yesterday that Adam Lind, the serial baby daddy of Teen Mom 2, has expressed interest in creating an adult film of his own.  The girls from the franchise that have had pornographic scandals have received quite a bit of publicity from it.  We’ll never forget Farrah’s “leaked sex tapes” or Jenelle spread eagle on the bed with her goodies completely out there. Surprisingly enough, we’ve never had any men from the series branch off into the porn industry.

A source told In Touch that Adam has been working out so much in an effort to be so attractive that he would be able to get former Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham’s attention.  Adam was allegedly hoping that Farrah would also agree to be in another pornographic film.  The two of them together is a thought that makes me queasy to say the least.

Farrah was told about the incident, and simply commented that a million boys want to have sex with her and that Adam simply falls into that category.  While I’m sure a porno between the two of them would rake in a lot of money and gain publicity for both of them, Adam should probably focus on getting his life situated and staying out of jail, while Farrah is trying to maintain a clean record for her possible return to MTV for Teen Mom if the upcoming season does well.

What are your thoughts on this duo?


Well, I was going to put off writing this one because I don’t like writing about the same person two times in a row, but I feel like it’s been a super uneventful Teen Mom week, which means I’ll be writing about this.

For starters, we all remember Adam’s ex-girlfriend Jessica, correct?  The one that showed up to Aubree’s ball game and posted selfies with the kid when she had only been dating Adam for like a week.  Anyway, since she and Adam called it quits, there’s been a decent amount of drama revolving around her situation.  On October 13th, Jessica posted a screenshot of some text messages alluding to Adam using steroids and being abusive.  Then, later that day, she posted the following collage of pictures:


The pictures, which are a bit blurry and don’t really tell us a whole lot, would lead someone to believe that Adam is abusing steroids.  The top right picture shows two bottles of steroids.  Sustanon 250, the bottle on the right, is illegal in the United States without a prescription, and the bottle on the left, Tren Ace 100, hasn’t ever been approved for human use because it was made for veterinatians.  Although you can purchase it in the UK, it’s still not available in the US and is considered a Scheduled III Controlled Substance.

Apparently this all started because Adam took some of Jessica’s things when they broke up.  Jessica claims that she asked Adam for her things back, and he refused to give them to her, so she blackmailed him all over the internet.  Jessica is also claiming that there might have been some abuse in the relationship.  One of her claims was that Adam paralyzed her dog and the dog later had to be put down because it was suffering so much.

Adam has moved on to a new relationship with a girl named Brooke, and it appears that Jessica is in a relationship as well.  While there’s no real motive for this, it just seems really inconvenient.  Around the same time Adam is in a relationship, his ex-girlfriend begins posting this kind of stuff online.  That makes her seem jealous in my book, but maybe I’m way off the mark.

Tonight is the final portion of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, and I’ll be sure to get an article posted covering all of that information shortly after it concludes.  Follow us on Twitter to share your thoughts during the episode!

brooke beaton TMJ2

Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind is notorious for dating random people and living with them shortly after they meet.  His newest relationship is no different.  Adam and current girlfriend Brooke Beaton began dating about a month ago, and a source close to the couple claims that they’ve been living together for a few weeks at least.

As with most of Adam’s girlfriends, there are some things about Brooke that raise concern.  For starters, she’s NOT the girl that is allegedly pregnant with Adam’s 3rd child.  Next, she has a criminal record of her own, and her laundry list of arrests have now been made public since she’s dating an MTV star.

A source from the Sioux Falls Police Department says Brooke was charged in 2008 for stealing $637 from her employer at the time. In 2009, she was arrested for cashing checks that she had forged from an employer for nearly $3,800. The report states she was arrested a second time for embezzlement in late 2009.

Most recently, she was arrested in 2010 after she was a passenger in a car that was pulled over. She was allegedly charged with giving the officers a false name, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Brooke was also arrested in 2010 for driving with a suspended license, but failed to show up for her January 2011 court date.  She then had a warrant out for her arrest, and served some time for that incident.

In her spare time, Brooke does some modeling and has her profile on several talent websites.  The picture above and the picture below were part of her modeling profile that we stumbled across.  Brooke claims to model out of Minneapolis, Minnesota but we can’t seem to find any real links to why she would be listed from there.

A source of ours tells us that Brooke has two children of her own, but doesn’t have custody of either of them.  While we don’t officially know if there’s any truth to this rumor, it would definitely be something that she and Adam could bond over.

brooke beaton TMJ