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When we met Allie on the finale of 16 & Pregnant season 3, her mother lived in New Jersey and couldn’t afford to take care of her, so she was living with her father in Pasadena, Texas until she found out she was pregnant at the age of 16.  At this point, her father kicked her out, and she was sent to live with her boyfriend’s family.  While living with her boyfriend’s family, Allie witnessed her boyfriend’s mother having drug induced rage, and eventually moved in with her boyfriend’s grandmother.  When baby Aydenn arrived, things didn’t sort themselves out, and her boyfriend was less than supportive.  Allie eventually left the relationship and moved back home with her mother in New Jersey, where she has since been raising Aydenn on her own.


Back in August, Allie Mendoza shared the news that she and boyfriend of a little over a year, Chris, were expecting a child together by sharing a picture of four pairs of Jordan shoes.  Fans were shocked at the news, because Allie seemingly had her life together and wasn’t planning on having another child until she was married.  Allie obtained her Associate’s degree and was working full time as a daycare teacher.  She and Chris planned to move into their own home to prepare for the arrival of their child.


Sadly, Allie suffered a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy.  She was due in March, and announced the news very early.  While this has been a hard time for everyone involved, Allie and Chris continue to try and better themselves and raise Aydenn.

Since announcing her second pregnancy, Allie has removed herself from all social media sites.  Our source says that Allie and Chris are both trying to finish college degrees and are focusing on raising Aydenn.

16 & Pregnant season 3 has the most girls from any season that have gone on to have second pregnancies.  The list includes 7 out of the 10 girls shown on the season, including Jordan Ward-Finder, Jennifer Del Rio, Jamie McKay, Allie Mendoza, Izabella Tovar, Kianna Randall, and Danielle Cunningham.


You’ll remember season 3’s finale episode featuring Allie Mendoza for one reason.

Well, it seems that Allie’s come a long ways since the banana throwing episode.  She moved back to New Jersey to live with her mother, but eventually had a falling out of sorts, and ended up moving in with her new boyfriend, Chris.

Chris and Allie have been together for around a year and they’ve been trying to get money to move out into their own home.  It looks like moving out might happen sooner than they had planned because yesterday on Instagram, Allie announced that she was pregnant with her second child by sharing this picture:


The caption on the picture said “Expanding” which doesn’t give us any real information about Allie’s pregnancy.  Allie is currently 20 years old and recently obtained an associates degree from Kaplan University in Applied Science.  She has been working as a day care teacher for a while now, and was recognized for her outstanding job earlier this year.

Allie isn’t the first from her season to get pregnant again, and she joins fellow season 3 cast mates Danielle Cunningham, Jamie McKay, Izabella Tovar, Jennifer Del Rio, and Jordan Ward-Finder who also got pregnant again after filming ended.

I know I was gone for a week, and now I’m back to catch you up on things that happened during the last few days while I wasn’t around to write about them.

1. The “Life After Labor” finale was filmed

life after labor

The 12 girls from the 5th season of 16 & Pregnant all met up for the first time in New York City to film their reunion show which will air at the end of the season.  The girls seemed to all get along really well, and several of them posted pictures to their social media accounts which showed them getting to know the other girls from their season.  This was a good experience for all of them, and they seem to love their 16 & Pregnant family.  The reunion is bound to be exciting to watch, and I’m anxious to see how big all of the babies have gotten.

During their time in New York City, the girls took some time to sightsee, do publicity arrangements, and film for nearly 10 hours during the finale.  MTV equipped each girl with her own dressing room, and the babies had a huge play area where they were entertained while their moms and dads were being interviewed by Dr. Drew.

The last season of 16 & Pregnant also had 12 girls, and 4 of them were cut from the reunion special, and their segments were only shown on MTV’s website.  I’m wondering if this will happen again this year, or if MTV decided to make this a longer special to ensure that everyone’s segments are shown.

2. Maci Bookout’s boyfriend is moving to Tennessee


Maci has been dating a guy named Taylor for almost 2 years now, and she recently shared some news on Twitter that he would be moving to Tennessee to be closer to Maci and Bentley.  This is a pretty big step for a couple, and it’s bound to cause some changes in their relationship.  No word yet on whether Taylor is moving in with Maci, or if he’ll find a place of his own, but I’m sure we’ll be finding out more about this situation in the near future.

3. Allie Mendoza asks for handouts


Allie was the finale episode of 16 & Pregnant’s third season, and she’s remained pretty quiet since she stopped filming.  Her son, Aydenn, is now 3 years old, and she has a boyfriend named Chris.  The two currently live with Chris’ parents, but they’re looking to find a place of their own in order to obtain a sense of independence.  Allie took to social media accounts to share a GoFundMe page that she created to get donations to help her afford a place to live.  She wrote:

Hi everyone. It’s about that time where my family needs to become completely wholesome. We are trying to raise money so we can finally have our own cozy little home. No, we are not trying to mooch off of anyone, just asking for your blessings so we can continue our family and have the best for ourself. Thank you everyone!

To me, this is looking for a handout from some people who watched a show 3 years ago, which isn’t something that I would do if I was in her position.  One positive thing about Allie is that she is working full time at a day care center where she was recognized as an exceptional teacher, and she has continued to take some college classes through Kaplan and even made the honor roll during her first semester.

4. Danielle Cunningham admits to having Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Danielle, who was also featured on season 3 of 16 & Pregnant, has shared her weight loss with fans through her Twitter account, and posted the picture above last week with the caption that she had lost 90 pounds.  She’s been swearing by the Body by Vi shakes, and even sells them to make a little extra money, but a recent report from Starcasm showed that it might be more than the shakes that are causing her to lose weight.  Danielle admitted to Starcasm that she has Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which causes her to constantly obsess about her body.  She said that it was worst when she was pregnant with her second child, and that even though she’s smaller than she was in high school, she’s still dealing with the negative thoughts that come along with BDD.  Danielle also admitted that she’s seeing a counselor to help her out, and hopes that she can get herself back to normal soon.

Allie Mendoza lives in Pasadena, Texas, with her father.  She’s a senior in High School and dating a sophomore named Joey.  Guess what?  She’s pregnant!

  • When she told her father the news, he told her to get an adoption or get out.  When she told her mother, she told her to get an abortion.  So Allie moves in with Joey and his parents.  Her mothers lives in New Jersey, so moving up there isn’t an option since she’ll be too far from Joey.
  • People on this show are always getting take-out or eating at restaurants.  What’s that all about?
  • Joey’s mother, Yolanda, is all kinds of crazy and not thrilled with Allie living with her.  She asks Allie for a banana, so Allie tosses it at Joey’s brother and tells her to give it to his mom.  Yolanda goes all psycho and starts swearing and hitting at Allie.  She says really hurtful things, like how Allie’s parents don’t want her.  All over a banana.  I kind of want to smack her with that banana.  Anyway, she yells at Joey that she wants Allie out of her house.
  • Allie calls her mother and her mother tries to get her to move to New Jersey to be with her.  Joey’s grandmother offers to let them stay with her until they get on their feet.
  • When Allie and Joey go back to Yolanda’s house to get their stuff, Yolanda gets all up in their business again.  Oy.
  • Later, Yolanda announces she’s going to rehab.  If you ask me, I think it’s way overdue.  She’s a loose cannon.
  • When Allie calls her mother to tell her the induction, her mother says she can’t be out there for a week or two because of her job and she does sound sorry, but I can’t help but want to hug Allie.  Talk about feeling abandoned!
  • When Yolanda is in labor and right after Aydenn is born, Yolanda is suddenly all cheery again and talking to them like a normal person.  Yeah, I’m confused too.
  • Once Joey starts back at school, he doesn’t help out with Aydenn at all, which understandably annoys Allie.
  • When Allie’s mom, Lauren, finally shows up, there’s this huge emotional reunion and I admit I cried a little.  Don’t judge me.
  • When Allie has a talk with her mom about Joey, all the frustrations come out and she pretty much convinces Allie that she won’t be happy with Joey.
  • Allie talks to Joey about helping out more, but he still doesn’t step up to the plate.  When she tries to talk to him, he seems frustrated and completely disinterested.  He tells her how miserable he is.  When she’s at school, he starts sending her crazy texts, basically saying how neglected he feels.  Umm, hello, you have a baby now.  It’s not all about you anymore.
  • After school, she goes home to talk to him and he ends up sounding an awful lot like his mom, calling her ungrateful and how he put a roof over her head.
  • She’s all “See ya lata!” and moves out, leaving Joey crying on the couch.  She decides to stay with her friend, Ashley, after she picks Aydenn up from day care.
  • She plans on moving to New Jersey to be with her mom after she graduates High School.