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1. Taylor Lumas Goes to College


Taylor, from season 3, was the youngest girl to be featured on 16 & Pregnant.  She was just 14 years old when camera started filming her pregnancy with daughter Aubri, and now that she’s 18 and has graduated high school on time with her class, she’s excited to announce that she’s been accepted to nursing school at Christ College in Ohio.  Christ College has around 550 students and is considered the best nursing school in Cincinnati.  Congrats to Taylor for doing what she can to achieve her dream job of being a pediatric nurse.

2. Briana Tweets about Cravings


While I’m still not 100% sure as to whether she’s pregnant or not, she’s been posting about things that make you really wonder what’s going on there.  Briana has shared comments about craving certain foods, and has also mentioned that she wants to fake being sick so that she can go home from work.  Her boyfriend, Shoc, even brought cheesecake to her work to satisfy a craving that Briana had a few days ago.  There’s no real answer as to whether she’s expecting a second child, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if she was.

3. Jordan Ward Plans to Move Back Home


Jordan, the girl with the identical twin sister, moved to Texas after her husband Brian joined the air force.  Sadly, it doesn’t appear that their marriage is working out the way they intended it to, and she’s shared that she is moving back to Missouri to be closer to family.  This is a pretty big move with two small children, but Jordan has a support system back home that she doesn’t have in Texas.


Well, I would like to say that this is something that surprised me, but I can honestly say that I’m not surprised at all.

Briana, who was featured on Teen Mom 3, is allegedly expecting a second child with her boyfriend, whom we now know as Shoc.  Shoc has one child of his own already, one girl that’s confirmed to be pregnant, and the potential of Briana being pregnant too.  Anyway, this Shoc guy’s ex-girlfriend took to Twitter a few days ago to start some drama about Shoc and Briana’s relationship.  The girl, who is named Meg (and can be found on Twitter at @LittlePearll) suggests that Briana is expecting another child, and that Shoc might not exactly be the most faithful guy.  Here are some screenshots that Meg shared on her profile.  The originals include Briana’s cell phone number, but I cropped those out, although if you really want the number it’s not hard to find.  (Sorry in advance if the language offends you)

briana1 briana2 briana3 briana4briana5

Maybe I just don’t like drama in my personal life, but if I started getting texts like that from someone, I would try to eliminate the cause of the drama as quickly as possible.  Anyway, again I’m not sure if Briana is actually pregnant because she hasn’t confirmed it herself, but there are a few things that really stuck out to me about this whole situation.

1. Obviously this isn’t the entire conversation and more went on between these two ladies.  The conversation is sliced up into smaller parts and it doesn’t mesh together on Meg’s Twitter feed.

2. Even though it’s obviously missing parts, Briana doesn’t say anywhere that she’s not pregnant with Shoc’s child.  If someone was accusing me of being pregnant and having multiple kids with multiple fathers, I would probably try to set the record straight on that if it wasn’t true.

3. Shoc shared this on Twitter, and we know that he has 2 kids for sure.  Could Briana be pregnant with his third?



Not much has changed in Katie’s life since our last update.  She’s still dating the same guy, and even though she recently was awarded full custody of Molli so that she could move closer to her guy, it appears that she’s still in Utah for the time being.  Katie hasn’t made any mention of Joey in a while, and it appears that she’s keeping busy with work, while also being a mom and a girlfriend.  As far as we know, Katie is not currently enrolled in school, although she had previously expressed that she made the move to Utah so that she could continue her education and obtain a Bachelor’s degree.  Katie also has some baby fever going on lately, and has shared several Tweets stating that it’s a good thing her boyfriend is 600 miles away.



Briana has a new boyfriend, and has been pretty open about her relationship with him online, although she hasn’t mentioned a name for this guy anywhere.  She’s posted pictures of him hanging out with Nova, and her Twitter picture is one of those awkward kissing pictures that get put online by 13 year old girls.  It appears that Briana has toned down her language on social media slightly, although she’s still extremely open about sexual things.  She’s recently accepted a new job, and seems to be working a lot.  Nova turned three on September 15th, and Briana says that she has an impressive vocabulary and her pronunciation of words is well above average.


Mackenzie and Josh are still raising their two children, Gannon and Jaxie.  Gannon turns 3 soon, and Jaxie will be on in February.  Josh and Mackenzie spend nearly every weekend at a rodeo where Josh competes.  It seems like they take their kids with them most of the time, which is a positive, although that’s a lot of travel for some little kids.  Their latest rodeo took place in Amarillo, Texas.  Mackenzie continues to sell handmade items in her Etsy shop, and it seems to still be picking up popularity even though Teen Mom 3 was cancelled after one season.  Mackenzie also shared that her daughter, Jaxie, is now able to pull herself up on things.



Alex and Matt continue to argue about custody and visitation for their daughter, Arabella.  Matt has been posting on social media that he’s trying to get more visitation, while Alex always chimes in claiming that he’s not doing anything to help their kid.  Alex has shared some messages on Twitter lately about the situation, including this one:

Alex has also started making leotards for Arabella, since she’s now enrolled in dance as a 3 year old.  Alex has shown off two of the leotards, and they still have a lot of room for improvement, but she’s saving money by making things herself, which is probably a plus.  Alex continues to work two jobs to support her daughter, and has plans to attend community college sometime soon.


Teen Mom 3’s Briana Dejesus has had some interesting habits on Twitter lately, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be ending any time soon.  Briana went missing from Twitter for a period of a week after an incident regarding Jenelle.  A couple of weeks ago, Briana tweeted an x-rated picture, and quickly deleted it after it caused some controversy.  The newest issue happened just a couple of days ago when she took to Twitter to bash Chelsea Houska’s intelligence.

This is the conversation that started it all:


Well, that escalated quickly.  I’m sure most of you know that Randy uses a lot of sarcasm, so his comment didn’t seem like it was anything out of the ordinary to me, but obviously Briana thought differently.  I’m going to try and give her the benefit of the doubt on this one, and hope that it was simply a misunderstanding on Briana’s part, but I’ll also admit that she went on the defensive way too quickly.

1. If you have a problem with someone, bring it up with that person, not their parents.  I would hope that we would all be mature enough to not bash someone through their parents, but I guess I was wrong about that one.  I couldn’t imagine calling someone’s mom to put down their child.

2. At least she didn’t tag Chelsea in the tweet, but it’s still extremely obvious who Briana is talking about.  I think if Briana would have tagged Chelsea, things would have gotten more dramatic than they did.  Chelsea has over a million followers on twitter who seem to always come to her defense in any controversial situation.

3.  What is with all of the Teen Mom girls having it out for each other lately?  There’s been drama between just about every combination of girls that I can think of.  I would think that all of these girls, given that they all became mothers at a young age and were thrown into the spotlight, would understand exactly how important it is to not burn bridges with people.

4.  What happened to that saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”



Last night, Teen Mom 3 “star” (I use -star- very loosely here), Briana Dejesus got a little frisky with her twitter account.  She decided to upload a very racy photo to her followers with the caption “This could be us but U ain’t texting back”.  Look, I’m pretty easy going when it comes to things like this, but even I know this was an over-the-line photo to upload. I mean she has 131k followers, many of whom are likely teen girls, and the photo she uploaded was … hrm … well, let’s just say it wouldn’t even be shown on Cinemax.

A few things about this photo….

  • 5% battery life, really? Who lets their phone get that low? At 20% my phone starts going into shutdown mode and practically threatens my life if I let it get below 10%. Get it together, Briana… I know you were clearly horny, but find a charger.  The OCD in me is going nuts.
  • The photo features a guy pulling out after sex, so we know it’s not an entirely accurate depiction of intercourse with Briana…. boom, teen mom joke!
  • Is this photo just an attention grab by someone suffering withdrawals from losing their 15 minutes of fame? Will a Farrah-like video be next?

Side note: This is why I love following celebs who don’t have handlers/interns dealing with their accounts. You never know when you’re going to log in and see crazy stuff.

It’s been one of MTV’s worst kept secrets on who will be starring in the new Teen Mom 3 series, but the girls basically confirmed it recently by tweeting to each other about how excited they were about their upcoming meeting.  I mean talking about serving it on a silver platter, you have Alex tweeting Mackenzie, Briana, and Katie about how excited she is about them all getting together.

While it’s pretty much been 99% confirmed that Mackenzie, Alex and Katie were going to be on the show, the mystery girl has been the 4th.  It’s been heavily rumored that Briana Dejesus would be that mom, but that was mostly due to the process of elimination with the other moms denying being on the show.

I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this cast yet.  Mackenzie is likely going to be cast as the next Maci, but the rest is up in the air.  Alex will probably take the single mom role, as her crackhead ex-bf is off in his own world.  Katie will take the role of the girl with the cheating douchebag bf/ex-bf.  I’m not sure what role Briana will play mostly because I was sleeping during her episode =/  She is the one 16/pregnant girl I missed this season, and she’s the 4th one to be cast.. just my luck.   Melinda said her episode was good, but I don’t know what role they’re going to have her fill.

Anyway, I guess their time to sit on the couch with Dr.Fraud is coming up soon, and they’re all excited about the reunion.   On the bright side, it appears we’ll have another crop of moms who forget that everyone can read what they tweet, which will hopefully lead to plenty of good Teen Mom 3 stories.