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After her break up with Adam Lind, Chelsea has remained single for the majority of the time she’s been on television, which is a huge difference from her Teen Mom 2 cast mates, who are all in relationships and have had second or third children.

There have been rumors flying about Chelsea dating someone new, but we haven’t ever known much about the people that she’s been with until now.  Chelsea’s current boyfriend is a guy named Cole DeBoer, and he’s from South Dakota as well.  He is 25 years old, a college graduate, and has a full-time job working for the Dakota Traffic Services.  While Chelsea and Cole aren’t officially dating, the two are allegedly pretty close and are trying to take things slow.  Chelsea has posted a picture of the two of them together, but for now she hasn’t made any mention of him as a boyfriend.

We don’t know if Cole has met Aubree yet, but we know Chelsea’s thoughts on Adam bringing every girlfriend around his daughter, so I can imagine that Chelsea is attempting to take things slow and make sure that Cole is going to be sticking around for a while before putting Aubree in the middle of it.


tm2 reunion

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3. Let’s talk about some Teen Mom 2 stuff.

The Teen Mom 2 reunion has already been filmed, and we’ve got the inside scoop on some things that happened at the event.  Some of our readers went to the filming and told us some interesting tidbits of information about what happened, what we might see, and what will probably get cut.

We can start with Chelsea’s segments.  The source says that Adam and Chelsea’s father, Randy, get into yet another argument over Adam’s rough past.  Randy is concerned that Adam would drive with Aubree in the car, and Chelsea is concerned as well.  As you’ll probably remember, Randy was shown arguing with Adam during the last reunion as well over some comments that were made on social media accounts regarding Adam’s balding Mohawk.  This time, Adam says that he’s a good dad, and that things wouldn’t be so bad if Chelsea and Randy didn’t constantly talk badly about him in front of his daughter.  While we do see these two talk badly about Adam, and we realize that it’s probably not the smartest thing to do, I don’t know what either of them have said about Adam in front of Aubree that wasn’t true.  That doesn’t justify their actions, but at least they’re not filling her up with crap that doesn’t have any truth to it.  (I’m just trying to find a positive in that situation I guess.)  Our source also states that Adam was released from jail just a few days before the reunion was filmed.

Our information on Kailyn’s segments reveal that she doesn’t speak with her mother any more because of some addiction related issues.  Kailyn said that at one point she had dropped Lincoln off with her mother and when she returned to pick him up two hours later, Suzi was drunk and had allegedly given Lincoln whole milk, formula, a banana, yogurt, and his diaper was on backwards.  Kailyn hadn’t told Javi about the incident because she didn’t want him to be upset about things, so when he came on stage to talk, he was rightfully pissed off because he had a right to know how his son was being cared for.  Our source said that Javi didn’t speak much during the segment because of how angry he was.  Jo and Vee revealed that they had broken up about a month before filming, but that they’re currently back together.  Vee moved out because she was needing her own space, but things between them seem to be going well for now.

Jenelle’s segments revolved about her pregnancy and how things with her newborn son are going.  Apparently Dr. Drew brings up the fact that Jenelle had a bong in the background of some of the scenes in Teen Mom 2, and Jenelle says that it was there from when she did smoke, but that she was sober her entire pregnancy.  Dr. Drew talks to Nathan about a traumatic brain injury from his military experience, and also about his thoughts on child support.  Nathan says that he thinks people get pregnant multiple times on purpose and that they will abuse child support and Welfare in order to make house payments and car payments.  Dr. Drew asks if he pays child support for his daughter, and he says no.  Jenelle doesn’t pay child support for Jace either.  Jenelle speaks briefly about Jace’s education and says that he’s advanced in math so he’s spending time in more challenging classrooms.  Jenelle plans to have custody back within a year, but revealed that Jace will have to switch schools because she and Nathan live an hour away.  Dr. Drew says that it’s a shame she’s got to move his school since he’s thriving at the school he’s at right now.

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It’s Whoopsie-Doo Wednesday (I can’t get enough of that!) so it’s time for another exclusive clip from OK! Magazine.  This week, the clip revolves around Chelsea Houska and her debacle with her esthetician’s license.

Just a heads up, I’m having a hard time getting the clip to embed, and Steve has some family issues right now, so you’ll have to click the link and head to OK’s website in order to watch the whole thing.

Chelsea goes with her friend Britanee (I think she’s new because I’ve never seen her before) to take an exam in order to secure her license.  After completing the test in what I’m sure is a lot longer period of time than MTV seems to show, Chelsea walks out of the building beaming and screaming “I just got it!” which means she’s finally passed all of her tests and requirements for licensure and can now be a paid esthetician.

chelsea1Chelsea says that she got 100% on the law section of the test, and claims that she’s so excited that she could poop her pants.

It’s pretty evident that Chelsea is excited that she’s finally done with schooling and tests, and she’s got the biggest smile throughout the entire clip.  While it might have taken Chelsea longer than most people to get her GED, she has finally completed her schooling, which is more than we can say for the majority of the girls featured on the Teen Mom series.

Remember that Teen Mom 2 is on tonight at 10/9 Central time!

This post is going to be a little different, so stick with me while we work our way through it. There’s been a lot of drama since the last episode of Teen Mom 2 aired, and I’m going to be breaking it down by each girl that’s involved. This post will cover Jenelle’s letter from PETA, Leah’s tweet to a divorce lawyer, Chelsea’s new alleged boyfriend, and Kailyn’s new school schedule. I’ll also talk briefly about some filming opportunities for the cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. jenelle-picture

We’ll start with Jenelle, since her section is probably the most controversial of the bunch. Jenelle was seen on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 abusing her boyfriend’s dog. Some people are siding with Jenelle saying that the dog wasn’t technically hers anyway, but most were outraged at how she acted in the situation. It turns out that PETA was notified about the incident and they wrote a letter to Jenelle about steps that she could take to ensure safety for her pets, and to be sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. Here is a short excerpt from the letter written by PETA:

We have been inundated with complaints from viewers about the treatment of your dogs as profiled on last night’s Teen Mom. Viewers can see that as much as you want to do the right thing for your dogs, you have so much going on in your life that you have neither the time nor the patience to give them what they need. They are full of feelings and needs, just as you are, and when you scream at them, it clearly frightens and upsets them.

The letter also goes on to let Jenelle know that people are willing to help her rehome the dogs and offers a contact person for Jenelle to reach out to if she feels like taking PETA up on their offer. I’m sure Jenelle won’t respond to the letter or rehome her pets, but at least someone said something to her. Jenelle spoke to MTV after the incident and posted an exclusive clip to their website about how the whole thing was a learning experience for her. Feel free to check out PETA’s entire letter to Jenelle if you want.

One girl down, three to go…


Leah’s up next, I suppose. It’s pretty obvious that on this season of Teen Mom 2, Jeremy and Leah’s marriage is a little out of control, and there’s been a ton of arguing. While Leah’s been on social media proclaiming how much better their relationship is now, it caused some controversy with fans when she shared a Tweet promoting a divorce lawyer. Her Tweet said:


There’s no real indication as to why Leah would post something like this in the first place, and lots of people are assuming that she’s going to be getting a divorce in the near future.  While Leah’s been through a divorce before and probably used this lady’s services, it’s unsure whether she’s simply promoting the lady’s law practice, or if she’s actually needing her services again.  Leah hasn’t commented on the situation at all, which makes people even more curious about what’s happening.

Two girls down, two to go…


Let’s talk about Chelsea next.  Chelsea has been single for quite a while, and even though she’s been allegedly dating a few people in the past year or so, nothing has ever really come to the surface as to who any of the guys are.  We know she’s been on and off with Adam since we’ve known her, but it appears that in the last season of Teen Mom 2 she’s completely ready to move on.

The latest news about Chelsea’s love life comes from OK! Magazine where they reveal that Chelsea might be dating Taylor Halbur’s (Adam’s ex-girlfriend and Paislee’s mother) ex-boyfriend.  The article claims that this guy is named Andrew Anderson, and that Chelsea pounced on the opportunity to date him after finding out that he had been talking to Taylor.  The article claimed that Chelsea never got over the fact that Adam had a child with another girl, and that she was searching for any possible way to hurt Taylor.

Chelsea took to Twitter to defend herself by claiming that the article was not true at all, and that the Instagram account linked to the OK! article wasn’t even the correct person.


Three girls down, one to go…


Kailyn is last, but not least for this outrageously long post. (Hopefully you’re all still reading, but I’m sorry if I’m boring you all.)

It looks like Kailyn and her husband, Javi, are both enrolled in school this semester, and they seem to be a little nervous about it.  Kailyn shared information via Twitter by saying:


Javi admitted that he is nervous about both of them being in school, but lots of fans were able to support her and it seems like the nerves have gone away for now.  No word on what Javi is going to school for at the moment, but last I knew, Kailyn was still working on some dentistry schooling.  I could be wrong, so if you know something more recent, link it in the comments so I can fix it.

Either way, two parents in college with two kids at home is going to be hard to manage, but props to these two for rising to the challenge and attempting to better themselves for a future where MTV isn’t involved.

Four girls down, one story left…

I probably could’ve made this section into its own post later in the day, but it’s short so I’ll post it now.  It looks like the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 girls are getting together in New York City this month for some filming.  The reunion show and Unseen Moments special for Teen Mom 2 will be filmed on the weekend of August 24th.  This means we’ll get to see some updated footage of baby Kaiser at the reunion, and we’ll also get to know more information about the end of this season of Teen Mom 2.

The Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 girls (minus Farrah) will be joining together in New York that same weekend to film for a special called “Ask the Moms” which is supposed to be a similar set up to the Teen Dad special which was hosted by Dr. Drew.  There’s no real information on whether the Teen Mom girls have been filming for this special, or if the return of Teen Mom is still going to happen.  Either way, three of the original four will be back on our screens in the next few months.

If you’re in the New York City area and want to score some free tickets to be a part of a live studio audience during either of these specials, check out THIS WEBSITE and request them.  If you end up getting to go, please send us a tip and let us know all about your experience!

tmj-jenelleEditors Note – As I mentioned yesterday, Megan is gone for a few days, but fear not, the Teen Mom 2 recap is still here. We have someone new who wants to write for us, and this is her first piece.  Nothing like jumping right into the fire. Please be kind!

Jenelle –  

As seen on last episode Jenelle’s charges were dropped, but Nathan’s were not.  Jenelle reveals she is going to school to be a medical assistant.  Jenelle comes over to Barbara’s and tells her that her charges her dropped but Nathan has to go to jail for 30 days.  Barbara expresses concern that Nathan is violent and that she hopes he has learned his lesson, and is also worried about Jenelle being alone for 30 days since she’s never been without a guy.

Jenelle and Nathan’s lawyer call and tell them the plea has to be moved a week earlier than originally planned.  She also calls to warn them that people have seen Nathan driving around which he is obviously not allowed to do.  Nathan swears up and down that just Jenelle drives or he “walks to the gym.”  He claims he is being charged with a DUI he does not deserve and is depressed that he has to miss some of the pregnancy.

Later Nathan and Jenelle come home after Nathan has been drinking all day.  They get into an argument about Nathan’s drinking habits where he gets very defensive when Jenelle tells him that he binge drinks and makes dumb decisions when he drinks.  He then says “Why am I with you? I just use you,” which absolutely comes out of the blue, and Jenelle says he is putting words into his own mouth.  She remains surprisingly calm compared to most arguments we’ve seen.

They both come to the conclusion they need to quit fighting, especially since Nathan is going to jail in a week, and they want Kaiser to grow up in a household without arguing.

Kailyn -

Javi breaks the news that he has to work in Texas for a month, and Kailyn expresses worry about being alone with the kids since it will be their first time away from one another since basic training.

Later Kailyn meets up with some friends and expresses it might be good that Javi is leaving for a month because they have been fighting a lot and it could be a good break.  She tells them that she going to extend an invitation to Jo and also to Vee, and admit that it was immature for her to be upset about Vee being in Jo’s life.

She calls Jo and tells him she would like to invite Jo and Vee to Issac’s 4th birthday party which is very refreshing to see.  Jo says that he will have to speak to Vee about it and seems pretty apprehensive about it.  Jo and Vee discuss it and Vee explains that she feels awkward going.   Jo says he doesn’t mind missing it because he already had a birthday for Issac.  They both express they need to make the co-parenting situation but for some reason this time they decide going to the birthday is not a good idea.

Issac’s 4th birthday comes up and Kailyn and Javi seem pretty insulted that Vee and Jo did not show up.  Kail tells her friends that she would have gone to Jo’s house if she had been invited because she would want to see where Issac is living.

The birthday goes on with a bunch of friends, family, and a very sleepy and grumpy Issac that does not care to open presents.

Chelsea -

Chelsea is still having problems with her obtaining her license.  Her job informs her that the rules have changed and she cannot work without a license, so for now her job is also on hold.  It sounds like she’ll be able to come back once everything is squared away.

Chelsea is in the process of moving to her new house, and decides to ask her friend Chelsea Grace (different Chelsea, I know confusing), to come move in with her. Adam tells his friend that he gets Aubree every other weekend and would like more visitation.

Chelsea and her friend all move into the new house where Aubree picks out her room, and they all seem pretty excited about it.

Chelsea gets a letter from the Department of Labor which unfortunately informs Chelsea that she still cannot have her license.  The reason is so bizarre…it states that based on tweets from Chelsea’s friend Landon, that he hired her and the wedding was not a one time job.  She still does not have the results whether she passed the license or not.


Overwhelmed with the girls, Leah asks her grandma to come help out so she can go to her part time job at the tanning salon.  Ali could not go to school because she was complaining about pain in her legs which is really heartbreaking to see.

Leah is working at a tanning salon and says how she feels thankful that she has family support to watch the girls so she can work.  She also explains how she feels so overwhelmed with three kids, and especially because Ali is complaining about pain.

Leah drops the girls off to Corey, and Corey reads a letter from the insurance company basically saying they have not been approved for the wheelchair because there is not enough medical evidence to prove she needs one.  Without the insurance covering it, the wheelchair will cost $20,000.  Leah tells Corey that he needs to call and push for the wheelchair because it is needed for school, and also because Ali feels free and can keep with Aleeah when she’s in the wheelchair.

Later Leah meets with a friend and tells her how overwhelmed and stressed out she’s been lately.  She says that with Corey not coming to terms with the wheelchair, the insurance, and Jeremy being gone all the time, that she feels alone raising the kids.  She also tells her friend that she’s thinking of seeing a professional because of all the depression and anxiety she’s feeling with everything.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Adam and Chelsea have had a pretty rocky custody battle over the past few years, and things seemed to escalate quickly after Adam finally filed for visitation rights on last season of Teen Mom 2.  Since he obtained visitation with his daughter Aubree, things have been more hectic than ever.  While Adam is granted visitation while his parents are around, and is not allowed to drive with Aubree in the car, it seems like he’s not showing up for his time with Aubree, and his daughter often tells Chelsea that Adam was driving.

Adam has also missed several visitation times with Aubree because of his recent arrests.  We saw on a preview for season 5b of Teen Mom 2 that Adam was supposed to be with Aubree when he was arrested, and that only causes problems for the child that’s involved in that situation.  Since there’s been so much drama, Chelsea has decided that she wants to try and take away Adam’s visitation rights all together.  Chelsea spoke with Life and Style and told them that she’s documenting everything that Adam does, because if he isn’t going to follow the rules with their daughter, then he doesn’t deserve to keep having visitation rights.

Meanwhile, Adam is dealing with some custody problems of his own regarding his second child, Paislee, with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur.  Adam has been far from quiet about things on his Instagram account lately, and it appears that he’s going to try and get custody of Paislee.  Adam has commented that he doesn’t approve of Taylor’s parenting.  He says that she will lie to him about working and go out drinking instead, and that she rarely answers his calls or texts regarding their daughter.  He has claimed to be keeping record of all of Taylor’s social media interactions and sending things to his lawyer that could possibly help his case.