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First off, I’m still not sure whether or not we’re calling it a series finale or season finale. As far as I know, they haven’t been shooting any footage of the moms, so unless they somehow managed to keep it a super secret (which they’re terrible at), it may be a long time before we get to see Jenelle and crew on tv again… if ever.

With that said, after watching back to back seasons of the girls, and tonight’s episode especially, I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.  The season had a broad range from completely boring and pointless to pretty shocking even for Teen Mom standards.  Let’s start with the boring…


I don’t really know what to say.  Her season ended the same way it has been for a long time now – boring.  There was a moment of humor when Aubree locked her out of her bedroom, but that was probably the highlight of the season for our carrot faced mom.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing, she’s living a relatively normal life and not out starring in porn or shooting up heroin.  I doubt she’s going to be starring in any spin-offs and will eventually finish her schooling (maybe), get married and be forgotten.  I talk like this is the series finale because I strongly believe it was, especially considering I don’t know if they can find another story out of Chelsea’s life worth watching.


On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, there is Jenelle and her adventures.  She is TV’s biggest screw-up and has even reality tv vets like myself shocked at times, especially tonight when she and Kieffer were strung out looking for Xanax.  If you’ve ever seen a movie like Requiem for a Dream, or Trainspotting, her scenes tonight literally looked like they could have been placed in one of those movies. It was kind of a reality check to see someone we feel like we ‘know’ all messed up like that.  Sure, we’ve seen random people on ‘Intervention’, but years of blogging and watching Teen Mom and following these girls, it was definitely a different experience.

It’s easy to make fun of her, trust me on that… shit, half of my material when I live tweet is about Jenelle.  However, the ‘realness’ of watching her so completely out of her mind makes me hope that she really does get help one of these days.  She’ll probably never earn custody of Jace, but she is heading down a terrible path that’s only getting worse.


I know the recap hasn’t been very funny to this point, and it probably will be similar with Leah.  Once her terribly acted, staged ‘meeting’ of Jeremy was done, her season revolved around her low points as a girlfriend and ‘bride-to-be’.  Bouncing between Corey and Jeremy, playing with Jeremy’s mind like it was nothing, then crawling back to him the second it didn’t work out with Corey. I would say the season really exposed Leah, but she’s been exposed for quite some time in my eyes, and those who like her still like her, those who don’t likely still don’t.  Leah certainly didn’t win anyone over this season, and probably lost more fans than she gained.

Tonight’s episode didn’t really have the love drama as it had the Ali drama.  The entire night was devoted to getting a muscle biopsy done to try and help determine the walking problems.  I think my mind was spacing a bit towards the end, but I don’t recall them ever really giving an absolute diagnosis on her condition.  They were worried it was something that could effect the heart, liver, etc but was it ever confirmed?


It’s benefits time for Kailyn! Before Javi shipped out for basic training, Kailyn rushed to get married to make sure she’s under the military benefits that she’s been talking about all season (Seriously, are they that good?).  I’m sure she and her benefits will live a happy life together… err, I mean she and Javi.  Yes, Javi…

Her season as a whole definitely hurt her more than helped.  Kailyn was exposed as a very selfish, hypocritical and jealous ex-girlfriend to Jo, and started showing some anger issues we really haven’t seen in the past… at least not much on camera.  She was the one mom I respected quite a bit heading into this recent two season stretch, but has come away as probably my least favorite.


What did you think of the episode and season in general?


On the heels of the possible series finale of Teen Mom 2 tonight, Jenelle is trying to stir the pot and remain a little relevant before people forget about her starting tomorrow. Despite constant arrests, leaked nude photos and many, many drug scandals, Jenelle Evans decided to get all worked up that Farrah is still cashing in on her 15 minutes.  She sent out a tweet:

“So u recorded both of u, while u guys had sex? Skanky… 2 Kudos to u!”

Yes, Jenelle said this.  Not Chelsea, not Catelynn, heck not even Kailyn… but Jenelle. You would think after all Jenelle has been through in her life, she would be the last person to cast judgement on another person.  I’m not buying it though, this is clearly just a publicity stunt.  Her little tweets are getting the attention of blogs like PerezHilton, so you know she’s loving all the attention.

I think we all know, if Vivid approached Jenelle with a $25k contract to do the same thing, Jenelle would be naked in bed with a pen in her hand ready to sign the contract before he got to finish his offer.

Anyway, like I mentioned above, finale is on tonight, going to live tweet it, so follow along for the fun!


TMZ – Bouncing from one wreck to another, Jenelle is now claiming the heroin found in her house wasn’t hers!  Her overworked lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, claims they’re going to fight this and beat it.

Jenelle does have a good argument to fight this. She can easily say if she knew there was that much heroin in the house, it would have been flowing through her veins before the cops could ever find it. Based on her history, the judge may actually believe that…

The problems keep piling on for Jenelle as she was also reportedly booted from Courtland’s mothers house after this arrest.  I’m going to guess she’ll be back with Babs and Jace will be happy to have his ‘big sister’ back in the house until she meets a new deadbeat she can crash with.  According to TMZ, Mr. Jenelle ‘Alnost Fanous’ Rogers Courtland was not booted and his family is trying to get him better.


TMZ – Hours after the episode of Teen Mom 2 which apparently showed Jenelle getting involved in harder drugs, she was arrested for heroin possession and assault.  (Note, I didn’t watch the episode yet, house hunting has been wearing me out, but I will have a recap up sometime tonight)

She wasn’t alone, her on-again-off-again husband, Mr Courtland Rogers Evans was arrested for heroin possession with the intent to distribute.  Oh, and he also punched her in the head.

This was just hours after posting how she was leaving twitter because we all saw her at her lowest and was made fun of it for it (damn do I regret not live tweeting last night!), so apparently she set out with a new goal of setting the bar even lower.

I don’t even know how to write these stories any more. What else can you say about this person? She gave up her son because she’s been a huge screw up and has done nothing but screw up even more since becoming ‘famous’.  It’s actually shocking Jenelle has still been roaming the streets while Amber is in prison.  Don’t get me wrong, Amber was no angel, but compared to Jenelle?  Yea.

Not only did she give up her son, but one of the charges was failure to pay child support!  This girl has made more money than probably 99% of the people in this country by her age (except real celebrities and silver spoon kids), yet can’t even pay her mother to watch her son?  Un-freakin-real.  There is one word that properly describes Jenelle and whatever boy toy she’s with:  LOSER

So much has happened within the past week, that I am positive that Jenelle is filing another assault charge on some other guy right now and I’ll have to make another post in 30 min to update.

As most of us are aware, her life is literally a non stop drug induced roller coaster that you can’t actually get off of, so let’s jump on for the ride!

Jenelle’s “rehab diary” was leaked on Twitter.

And once again, we are blessed with too much information and once again, a former roommate and Duffy are to blame.


Jenelle says the journal is definitely hers and that Julia, her former roommate went into her bedroom to steal it.

Jenelle ran to her precious Twitter account and said,

“Legal action will be taken place today. Already made a police report,” and “two counts of larceny. The report has been taken I just need to go to the Jacksonville magistrate.”

Interestingly enough, Julia leaked all but one photo, with her former boss, Duffy leaking a single photo. She filed charges on Duffy, but it is unclear if she did the same with Julia, just yet. Jenelle will have own up to every single one of the diary photos that Julia posted, which isn’t likely.

There is some seriously incriminating evidence against Jenelle that really proved that she is was admitted to the psych ward for a good chunk of that week:

“This is like the crazy mental hospital I was involuntarily committed to. They wake us up at 6am for group therapy but I never go. They only gave me some of my belongings. Supposedly tomorrow I’m going to the actual rehab facility across town and they said it’s extremely nice. If I don’t like it there then I’m going back home, no questions asked. This isn’t like anything I expected.”

It appears, and no one is surprised here, she may have been involved with a male patient while in the facility. Photos have surfaced of this guy and the diary page where she promised she’d be with him after she gets out. And writing,:

“Yeah, we can sneak in there for a kiss before we leave.” and “Yeah, you can kick his ass and my fucking crazy husband.”

The diary entries are pretty intense. Everything from crying about not getting her meds to complaining to the director of the facility to let her leave. She also noted:

“I’m involuntary [sic] committed here until MTV says I can leave.”

As Jenelle is over 18, she cannot be held there against her will, unless MTV or Babs wants to seek Power of Medical Attorney and start making medical decisions for her.

I wonder if MTV has basically given up on this wannabe starlet to actually do something positive about her obvious drug habits and get clean mentally and physically for herself and her son. I see a desperate cry for sympathy from someone who eventually checked herself out of rehab. I don’t know if Jenelle is even slightly sane anymore. Is a strait jacket is in her future? And what idiot keeps a rehab journal for 6 days?

You can see all of the leaked diary photos here


Courtland sold a story to RadarOnline 

It FALSELY claims he knew Buckwild star Shain Gandee. Be prepared, this is probably one of the most immoral and heartless ways to make a quick buck. Teen Mom Junkies cannot be held liable for broken or cracked computer screens.

Courtland says that in January, during the time Jenelle and him were on the outs, he drove to West Virginia to hang out with the Buckwild cast.

“Look, make sure the world knows that they lost an awesome country boy,” Courtland said to RadarOnline.

“For the little time him and I chilled, I learned what a Hardee’s hot ham and cheese sandwich was when we went through the drive-thru and he ordered 30 of them!”

Shain Gandee was found dead in an overturned vehicle on April 1st.

Courtland sold his story to the rag tabloid less than 24 hours after Shain’s death became a trending topic on Twitter.

After the story went viral, Shain’s fellow cast members immediately took to Twitter denouncing the story and calling Courtland out on the lies.

Jenelle attempted to defend her husband’s insanely dirty deed by tweeting:

“Courtland didn’t sell the story he was giving his opinion on what it was like hanging around such an awesome person like Shain. Chill out.”

The fact is Courtland didn’t know Shain at all, whatsoever. He made it all up to make more money from Radar to buy God-only-knows-what. *cough* DRUGS *cough* This is probably the worst thing these two have done, well, ever. I don’t think people are going to forget about this for a long time, especially as MTV has now cancelled Buckwild, a week after Shain’s death. Courtland is a lowlife of a person and I hope he feels bad for the rest of his life. Profiting on someone’s death by lying about them in the afterlife is disgusting. If he needs the money so bad, why doesn’t he just get a job, you know, like the rest of us?

I wonder what will happen in the event of a death, a possible drug overdose, with a Teem Mom cast member? Buckwild was MTV’s new hit and faced the chopping block, less than 3 months after it premiered. If Jenelle overdoses, what will become of Teen Mom 2 or the first season on Teen Mom 3? I am starting to think the franchise is actually over and Teen Mom 3 may go straight to MTVs website and never actually hit airwaves.

Courtland plead to two counts of assault in a NC courtroom

And Jenelle stupidly realised that you can’t just drop assault charges when an unborn child is harmed.


“Courtland Rogers pleaded guilty to one count of assault on a female and one count of assault on an unborn child,” Jenelle’s attorney Dustin Sullivan told RadarOnline.com

As Courtland plead guilty to the assualt on an unborn child, it’s clear that Jenelle may have actually been pregnant. The cops, who Jenelle is close personal friends with, must have some evidence to support this charge. It’s not exactly a hefty punishment, however. Courtland received a mere 24 months of probation.

If Jenelle was really pregnant, it makes partying on the day of her miscarriage even more disgusting. Not to mention Courtland’s claim that Jenelle was doing heroin while she was pregnant. And now that they are back together, it really shows that Jenelle is more than willing to back for seconds and thirds, when it comes to abusive men and frankly, idiotic men.

As of the last Teen Mom 2 episode, we know that Jenelle was arrested with Gary and prescription drugs were found. It’s no secret that she is still on some kind of drug, but what is scarier to me is that MTV is not making a more concerted effort to really and honestly help her. I truly fear that she is going to be dead within the year, unless someone who truly cares about her well being, and not the ratings, and can step in and get her clean.

Even if she doesn’t think it will help her, it will help her son, who is clearly not the center of her world. I have to be frank, it is getting harder and harder to feel any form of sympathy for this girl. I want her to be forcibly committed to a facility and be told by a judge she is required to complete at least 2 months of rehab and psych evalutions, as she is no longer fit to make medical decision for herself. It’s not easy to get through her scenes without needing some kind of sedative first. Why does it feel like Teen Mom has a three drink minimum, at times?



I can’t believe it’s been a week already.  I can tell it’s getting warm out because time starts flying by and before I know it, we’re back in October settling in for another miserable winter.  I sound like Chelsea, complaining about silly issues.  I mentioned it because I have made one post since my last recap, and I promised more.  I apologize, and if you guys don’t yell at me for ‘old news’, I’ll try and sum up a few stories soon to catch up.

Tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 was more of the same, but an interesting theme is happening this season… even the editing can’t mask how awful some of the moms have been acting (like they do with a certain blonde from Teen Mom 1).


Blah blah more of the same.  The biggest thing that apparently happened in her life last year was her birth control “falling out” right before she did the horizontal shuffle with her dream boy Adam (coincidence, I think not).   Yes, I am starting to believe she removed it with or without Adam knowing in order to try and get knocked up with Aubree #2.  Would she do something like that?  Well, based on her obsessive behavior of the guy, it wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

The other MAJOR thing that happened in her life was that Chelsea was evicted from her house due to the owner wanting to move back in.  She does what any spoiled girl would do, get on the phone with daddy to make things better and then drive away in her new car complaining how hard her life is. According to Chelsea, “nothing goes right for her”, which further proves my original theory that she was trying to get pregnant because last I checked, not getting pregnant from a douche bag is something going right… unless you wanted it to happen.


I just want to get her segment over with. This was more of the same from last week… back and forth between doormat and Corey trying to decide who will have the honor of taking care of her as she sits on twitter all day bashing people on welfare.

What was up with doormat heading straight to Corey’s house though?  Talk about awkward. Dude, you can do better than Leah, don’t make yourself look desperate and pathetic on TV.. at least act like you’re not going to be walked all over (call her back at 3am when you’re drunk off your ass, like most guys do).


It’s been a few weeks since Jenelle has seen Jace because she’s been too busy doing nothing with Kieffer. No big deal though, he’s only her son.  There are more pressing issues, like the size of her boobs and how to waste a few thousand bucks.  Jenelle wants her boob job! In about 98% of implant procedures, they’ve generally detracted from a woman’s appearance, but I understand how marketing makes girls feel like they need them.

I was going to go off on a long rant about how she’s wasting the money when she could be saving it to try and regain custody of Jace, but if she doesn’t care, than I don’t care.  Jace is in a better place staying with his grandmother and looking at Jenelle as a big sister than he is with her raising him.  I’m pretty sure even Jenelle is aware of that, which is why she doesn’t really make any effort to straighten herself out.


“The useless custody battle that is not benefiting anyone” continues this week as Kailyn heads to court with Jo for some type of decision on custody.  The judge basically keeps throwing them out because he probably doesn’t even know what they really want either.  Maybe I fell asleep during her parts recently, but why does she keep going to court?  I thought they agreed on a custody schedule last season?  Then they agreed to not involve the big bad Vee in transfers.  What am I missing?  Is the judge telling her to stop wasting the courts time because he’s not going to prevent Vee from seeing Isaac over jealousy?

Yea yea, according to Kailyn, it’s because Vee smokes weed and drinks.  Well, according to Jo, so does Kailyn…  To be fair, Kailyn’s is just word of mouth, while Vee has been very open about her drinking and smoking (not very smart, btw).  I think the big issue is, does Vee do it around Isaac?  The answer is almost definitely a no, otherwise Kailyn wouldn’t have trouble in court.  (note: If Vee does do it around Isaac, than I take back everything I’ve said about Kailyn, but I still doubt it)


Also, MTV you’re killing me with the staged conversations.  This season is awful with them.  The people talking to the moms don’t even look interested half the time and sound like they’re reading from a script.  Please find a new way to share updates on their life without those incredibly awkward conversations!

PS – I’m sure there are grammatical and spelling errors.  I am going to be brave and not proof read the entire post because I’m tired.  I’ll look at it tomorrow when I get up.  If this post is rough to read, blame the time change.. or blame Leah, I’m sure it’s her fault somehow.