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Jenelle Evans may have forgotten her last court date, but today’s was one of many relating to her April 23 heroin arrest. Today, with Courtland’s ex, Taylor in tow, Jenelle appeared before a Brunswick County judge.

According to Jenelle’s lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, who spoke exclusively with RadarOnline and Wetpaint, said,

“Today’s court date was continued to July 25,” he said. “The state continued the case.”

Before heading to the courtroom, Jenelle wanted to let her Twitter followers that she not only remembered she had a court appearance, but that she wasn’t going alone!

The Twitterazzis took to the internet with fury after seeing that she was bringing her husband’s ex to court with her. It was thought that Courtland would also be appearing in the same courtroom as his wife and baby mama, but Jenelle’s lawyer told Wetpaint,

“Jenelle was in court. Courtland is still in custody of the Brunswick County Jail. He was never brought over from the jail while I was in the courthouse.”

Sadly, it appears that Taylor going to court with Jenelle may have been for more than just moral support. This blogger has learned that Taylor plead with a judge attempting to give her side of the story regarding her ex.

Screenshots courtesy of Twitter user @PepperPinhead.

I really do not understand why Jenelle would have thought bringing the ex of her husband for her assault charge hearing was a good idea. Not to mention, Taylor was not even at crime scene when Jenelle and Courtland were arrested for assault and heroin possession. As if Jenelle needed any more drama surrounding her heroin charges, she tried to bring it right into the courtroom, where the fate of her entire future hangs in the balance! Not a smart move, at all. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this hurts her case, more than it helps it.

As far as the situation goes regarding her heroin charges, Jenelle’s previous court appearance on May 14th also resulted in a continuance. She is expected to face the felony heroin possession charges on July 1st. Her lawyer said that a continued case is standard for those kinds of drug charges in North Carolina. However, there is a chance she may be indicted before that day. Her lawyer spoke to Wetpaint and said,

“The Grand Jury meets only once per month so sometimes it takes a little longer.” When she does eventually go before a grand jury for the heroin possession charges, her lawyer added, “the truth will come out.”

The details about the coming indictment everyone wants to know is how long Jenelle will get in the slammer.

“If she is convicted the sentencing guidelines could be 25 months maximum,” her lawyer said.

It’s not looking good for Jenelle. She could become the next Teen Mom star heading to prison for a drug crime. 


If you’ve ever followed Jenelle Evans on Twitter, you’re fully aware at how insanely dramatic things can get, until now…

Overnight, the entirety of Jenelle Evans’ social media existence came crashing down after two people close to Jenelle confirmed she was once again pregnant! Minutes after Gary Head confirmed Jenelle’s pregnancy on Twitter, her account appeared to have been deleted! There are dozens of rumors swirling around this situation, but here is a summary of what has happened, with sources below:

Yesterday, a YouTube video was posted showing Courtland from a jail cell saying that Jenelle was pregnant and that it was his. Last night, Gary Head confirmed that Jenelle was pregnant via Twitter and that she was getting an abortion. Minutes after Gary tweeted, Jenelle’s account mysteriously became locked and then was temporarily deleted. Jenelle claimed she was hacked and made a new Twitter account, which she denied only hours later. She denied being pregnant on her new account, but did not mention or deny getting an abortion. Fans flocked to Twitter and FB and picked apart Jenelle’s web of lies regarding her many social media accounts and even uncovered the possible hacker!

Here is all the info I rounded up, over the past 24 hours. It is a massive wall of text and photos, hence the summary of information, but it is proof of everything that’s gone down.

As most of you are aware, Jenelle’s estranged husband Courtland is still behind bars in Brunswick County Jail serving out a 45 day jail sentence. He has reached out to fans through video visitations! Yes, you can Skype from jail! An extremely brave Twitter user named @KristaLynn311 took to the video chat service and talked to Courtland several times, posting all the calls on her Youtube channel. One call in particular revealed that Jenelle is once again pregnant and that the baby is Courtland’s:

Then, Jenelle’s ex, now BFF, Gary Head conversed privately with Jenelle through Twitter, which was made public through an apparent hacking. It revealed that Jenelle was not only pregnant, but seeking an abortion!:

Gary then publicly posted all of this to Twitter

As far as the hacking goes, this is where the murkiness of facts comes in. There are several rumors out there about what exactly happened to her account, @PBandJenelley_1. Rather than talk about rumour, here are screenshots.

Jenelle announced on her official Facebook page what had happened:

Her last tweet during the alleged “hacking”:

Jenelle then made a new account, @realjenellemtv with proof picture. The photo at the beginning of this post is also another proof photo of this new account. It was suspended just a few minutes ago:

However, a few hours later, she took to her official Facebook page and tried to deny having any Twitter account:

Some inside sources also came forward with interesting information, which Jenelle tried to deny. The account, @JeRumorFix claims to be Jenelle’s new PR person, essentially putting her current FB admin, @MisKrisPix out of a job! Not sure who can get their phone number changed at 1am, but anything is possible when you’re Jenelle Evans.

This person seems to know quite a bit about what’s going on and even also posted private DM conversations Jenelle had with Gary, revealing that Courtland may not be the father, but Ryan Dolph, the guy she stayed with after being bailed from her heroin arrest:

However, Jenelle, through her new account that she denied having, jumped on @JeRumorFix saying:

This new PR person also claims MTV is now involved with getting Jenelle’s original twitter back and that she/he watched Jenelle take a pregnancy test and that it was negative. I personally believe that this person is the hacker, as they’ve acquired personal DM conversations that were in Jenelle’s old account (PBandJenelley_1) and would have required hacking the account to even see those messages! However, the identity of this hacker is not known. Again rumors are flying, but I won’t post anything about that, until I see proof!

Another photo from @JeRumorFix shows the login screen for Jenelle’s old account:

Within a few minutes of all of this being posted, fans started to unravel her web of lies regarding the twitter accounts and if Jenelle was actually hacked or not. I’m not going to post screenshots of that, as there are HUNDREDS of posts and this post is already insanely long! You can visit Jenelle’s official Facebook page.

I don’t really have much to say about all of this, as it appears Jenelle’s new account has already been suspended. I will note that NONE of this helps Jenelle’s upcoming court date for her heroin charges. Jenelle being THIS upset over a Twitter account really shows how messed up her priorities are. Shouldn’t she care more about her son than Twitter? No one should really be surprised about this, as she has always put men, drugs and dogs before her son. It’s sad that Twitter followers are more important to her than her son. She is missing everything amazing about watching your child grow up… All for a name in the world of social media. It makes me really sad for Jace. He deserves so much better than her.

Keep checking back to this post for updates throughout the day!

UPDATE: Jenelle is back… but doesn’t have the guts to go back to her own twitter account. She’s using Taylor Lewis’ (Courtland’s ex) account for now. Here is a photo:

UPDATE 2: Just saw this retweet, originally posted by Gary Head, which has since been deleted. It might explain why Jenelle is desperate to talk to him and “hang out”.

UPDATE 3: Jenelle claims to have her @PBandJenelley_1 account back, but has yet to provide proof of this. She says that her former manager Leo hacked her because her ex-friend Sarah found an email called [email protected] Her former manager goes by “leo rules” on hotmail and twitter not “leo rocks”. So, already she is completely wrong:

UPDATE 4: Leo, her former manager is NOT behind any hacking, despite what Jenelle is posting. Jenelle posted a photo of the static IP addresses of the outgoing Hotmail server and is passing it off as proof that he hacked her. All she has done is posted Hotmail server information. Pretty sure falsely implicating someone with a hacking crime is also illegal!

Here’s her photo:

Here’s a screenshot from the troubleshooting page for Hotmail users, run by Microsoft:

UPDATE 5: Jenelle failed to even google the email address she claims is behind the hacking. Turns out, it belongs to a random guy in Indiana! Epic fail:

UPDATE 6: It’s bedtime for me here across the pond, so I’m sure I’m going to miss out on some juicy drama while I’m sleeping! I’ll update when I wake up tomorrow! I’m sure it’ll be good! Last bit of news I have… Jenelle still hasn’t provided proof that her old account is REALLY her, so I’m still pretty skeptical whether or not it’s a hacker. Perhaps time will tell! Good night, my pretties!

UPDATE 7: Morning lovelies! As I predicted, there was more drama overnight. Another person has also admitted to knowing about Jenelle’s pregnancy and abortion. And James Duffy isn’t denying that he hacked Jenelle’s account. I’ve also personally learned that Jenelle’s loyal followers are best blocked, not entertained. Like her, they too deny facts!

Ryan Dolph, a friend of a Gary’s, who so graciously opened his home (and possibly his bed) to poor little jail bird Jenelle, took to Twitter and also joined 2 others in admitting that Jenelle was pregnant, but only after denying it first:

As for Duffy… this blogger has learned that the former boss of Jenelle, who is likely going to be arrested on more cyberstalking charges, didn’t deny the hacking. Duffy is known to many on Twitter of being OVERLY defensive when accusations are thrown his way. He didn’t even even flinch when I asked him if he was behind it all. The plot thickens.. Stay tuned…

UPDATE 8: The accused party, Leo Daniels, Jenelle’s former PR manager is now suing her for defamation, as she posted his business addresses and other personal info. This isn’t going to be good for her upcoming court date for her heroin charges:


Radaronline is reporting that Jenelle Evans will be heading back to jail, although this time it should be pretty brief.  She had a court date scheduled this morning for the charge of cyber stalking from her ex-boyfriend Gary Head.  According to people close to Jenelle (aka Jenelle), she “didn’t even know about the charges and they were from months ago”.  It is kind of weird that she didn’t know about the charges, yet knew they were from months ago.

Jenelle was out of town today (we can only speculate where), and completely missed the court date.  The same source said that Jenelle will turn herself in, get a new mugshot for her collection (my words), make bail and be done with it.  She is no stranger to the cyber stalking scene as she and former boss ‘Duffy’ went back and forth with those charges a few months back.

What I wonder is this… Farrah had her sex tape done to ‘preserve how hot she looks’, I wonder if all these mugshots are so Jenelle can remember what she looked like during her Teen Mom 2 years. Someone should tell her to just open a magazine because the mugshot look is not the way to go.  I kid, I know she’s just a major screw up right now.

Jenelle Evans wears jeans and smiles with fans as she goes into court

It’ll come as a surprise to nobody when I say that Jenelle is broke.  I’m pretty sure there have been rumors about it for awhile now, and I’ve probably posted about it before.  The reason why I’m making this post is because OK Magazine did a little investigating and got some actual details.

I knew the moms made a decent amount of money, but OK is reporting that Jenelle made $190k last year from her back to back seasons ($75k a pop) and $40k in bonuses.  Quite the bargain when you consider the cash cow that Teen Mom has been for MTV.  It breaks down to $6,250 per episode for Jenelle which is a far cry from the $150k main members of the Jersey Shore received. Sure, Teen Mom 2 had only about 1/3rd of the ratings Jersey Shore did while that show was in it’s prime, but Jenelle made 4% of Snooki.  Those girls needed new agents.

Another c**t punt to Jenelle was her contract forbid her from making money from guest appearances or magazine deals (though I’m sure she got around the magazine deal part by having Courtland leak the stories). She did score a little break with her Sulia gig (as they called it, paid-to-tweet) which is an extra $10k or so a year, but still chump change compared to her Jersey Shore counterparts… or even fellow Teen Moms.

While we all know she’s basically broke now, and can pretty much figure out why, I wonder if that also means Jace is broke, or she really did put money away for him. I mean he is the reason she was able to get on the show in the first place, so hopefully he will have a little money when he’s 18.

What will Jenelle do for money now that TM2 is basically over? After seeing Farrah’s recent score with her video deal, or even the fact that her bikini is likely to sell for over $10k, it makes me think it’s only a matter of time for Jenelle to do the same.

Image: OK Magazine


Just a few hours ago, I was browsing for something to write, and I came across a photo of Jenelle playing with Jace.  This was pretty shocking, so I started to write a sarcastic article about it, but then I noticed on her facebook page, it actually seemed like she was cleaning up.  After toning it down and posting a good piece on Jenelle, I find out that her fan page is run by someone else who is likely just covering up the shit storm really happening in her life right now.

While I was writing the article, Jenelle was appearing in court dealing with her heroin possession charges. Mr and Mrs Jenelle Evans were arrested on April 23rd for possession of 12 bindles of heroin (A bindle is roughly the size of piece of Orbit or Trident gum). Needless to say, it hasn’t been 90 days since that arrest, like her key chain suggested, and I was also informed Jenelle was partying this past weekend even though I’m told it is a violation of her bail to leave the state.

So, congrats to Jenelle’s writer on her facebook page.  You got me.  You found a time when I was searching for junk to post and got some propaganda past me. That won’t happen again!  My readers deserve proper snark, not this fake staged crap.

Jenelle may or may not be clean from heroin at this very moment, but her uploaded photo of Tori high as hell rolling a blunt this past weekend suggests she’s not entirely clean.


Nice look, Tori. I think it’s time for Intervention to appear.



I know, the title is a bit snarky, but after the rough time Jenelle has had over the past few years, it’s actually kind of refreshing to follow her facebook page.  She’s posting pictures of her 90 day sober key chain, spending time with Jace, and actually doing real stuff.

I also know this is Jenelle, so the happy image of her and her son can quickly be replaced with another mugshot by the weekend. However, since the last 100 or so Jenelle stories have been about her drug use and other negative images, I figured I’d inform people she’s actually going through a clean cycle.  Let’s just hope it stays this time.

Let’s see what you guys really think though…

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