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Jordan, from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant was due on February 26th, but ended up being induced last night.  She welcomed her daughter, Skylar Aris Zeplin, sometime around 2:00 this afternoon.  Although there aren’t a ton of details that have been released yet, Jordan did plan to deliver her daughter without pain medication, and she had been told that her daughter would be a pretty big baby.  Her son, Chase, weighed over 9 pounds at birth, and Jordan was expecting another 9 pound baby this time around as well.  We’ll update this post with more information about Skylar as soon as more details are posted.

Jordan did share some photos via her Instagram account, and she seems to be so in love with her brand new baby daughter.



Jordan is the 4th girl from the 4th season of 16 & Pregnant to have a second child, along with fellow cast mates Kristina Head, Sarah Roberts, and Mackenzie McKee.

Congrats to Jordan, Tyler, and big brother Chase on the newest addition to their family!

There are a lot of girls who were featured on 16 & Pregnant who are currently expecting another child.  For the sake of time, I won’t write an entire article about each of them, but I’ll share updates about them on this post so that they’re all in one place for those people who are curious.

Felicia Cooke


Felicia had her daughter, Genesis, when we watched her on season 2 of 16 & Pregnant.  Now, a few years later, she’s pregnant again.  Her children will both have the same father, a guy named Alex.  Felicia is currently 22 weeks pregnant, which makes her due sometime in May.  I haven’t seen anywhere that she’s posted whether she’s having a boy or a girl, so maybe she’s keeping it a surprise for now.

Jennifer Del Rio


Jennifer gave birth to twin boys, Joshua and Noah, on season 3 of 16 & Pregnant.  Since then, she became married to a guy named Luis Guiterrez, and they are currently expecting their first child together.  The baby is a boy, and the couple plans to name him Sebastian.  Jennifer is around 7 months pregnant, making her due sometime around late April.

Jordan Howard


Jordan, from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant, had baby Chase when we first met her.  Now, two years later, she’s pregnant again with a baby that she and fiancé Tyler Zepplin planned.  Jordan is 36 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.  Initially she was planning on naming the child Taylor, but she has since posted that they were thinking about a name change.  Jordan plans on having a natural labor without the use of pain medication.

Aubrey Wolters

We met Aubrey on 16 & Pregnant season 2, where she delivered baby Austin.  Now, she’s pregnant again with another baby boy.  She’s reportedly due on February 14th, and she hasn’t confirmed or denied who the baby’s father is, although sources state that she’s been dating the same guy for a while.  There aren’t any current belly pictures for Aubrey, but we can expect to meet her little guy sometime soon.

Jenelle Evans


Teen Mom 2’s infamous bad girl is currently pregnant with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith’s, child.  We don’t know whether she’s having a boy or a girl, but we do know that she’s supposed to find out in less than two weeks.  Jenelle is reportedly due on June 29th, and we will see bits and pieces of her pregnancy on this season of Teen Mom 2.  She’s not very big yet, but we can assume she’ll begin to grow a little more in the next few weeks.

Mackenzie McKee


Mackenzie, from Teen Mom 3, is currently pregnant with her second child.  The baby is a girl, and she is due to arrive sometime in February.  Mackenzie and Josh have kept quiet about what they’re planning on naming their daughter, but if it’s anything like Gannon, we wouldn’t be able to guess anyway.  Since Mackenzie is diabetic, it’s highly unlikely that she will make it to her due date, but doctors are hoping she can hold out to make it to 37 weeks.

Christinna Robinson

Christinna gave birth to daughter Destiny on season 2 of 16 & Pregnant.  She broke the news that she was pregnant again in November of this year, but as far as I can tell, there’s no confirmed due date for her second child.  Her ex-husband, Isaiah, has a second child also, so little Destiny will have two half-siblings.  Christinna is dating a guy named Dalonte, who is the father of her second child.

Kristina Head


We recently posted about Kristina Head (formerly Robinson) who is from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant.  She’s due to deliver a baby boy, Layten, sometime in February, although she’s kept all of her social media accounts really quiet about the matter.  This will be Kristina’s third child.  She has one son, Lukas, who was born on her 16 & Pregnant episode, and a second son, Tommie Joseph, who was born a little over a year ago.

Myranda Trevino

Myranda, from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant, delivered daughter Kaylee back in 2011.  Since then, she’s married her long time boyfriend, Eric, and they are allegedly expecting a second child together.  After Myranda’s wedding became Facebook official, people began seeing comments that made them think that Myranda might be expecting another child.  Although there isn’t any official announcement from the couple, you can make your own assumptions based on the following conversation.


As always, I might have missed some girls, so if you notice anyone that I skipped over, please let me know in the comment section, so that I can add them to this post.

Now that the season is over for 16 and Pregnant, it’s time to see who you thought should be on Teen Mom 3.  If you didn’t know, out of this season, 4 girls were to be selected for the newest series that will echo Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.  There were a lot of good candidates this season, as personally I only found myself pretty bored through 1-2 episodes tops. (I won’t say which)

The results were actually surprising in some cases, but not so much in others.  Lindsey Harrison (the kickboxing private detective model mom) only received 38% yes votes, only 4 points higher than Jordan Howard’s 34% (the one with the racist mother).  I thought for sure Lindsey would have scored higher than that, but I guess fans were not that impressed.  Another shocker was Katie Yeager, she is rumored to be on the Teen Mom 3 cast, yet also scored 38% approval.

I removed the ‘other’ option and just tallied yes/no votes, and this is how the results ended up:

1. Kristina Robinson – 89%

kristina robinson 16 and pregnantNot surprisingly, this story tugged at the heart of just about every viewer.  Kristina lost the father of her baby to a drowning incident midway through her pregnancy and had a very difficult time coping with it.  Her family all tried to be supportive, but also had a very difficult time with the death of Todd, which resulted in a very emotional episode from start to finish.

2. Mackenzie Douthit – 78%

mackenzie douthit Mackenzie was the first episode to air, and got a lot of the publicity by being the cheerleader with a huge belly in the 16 and Pregnant promo clips.  Her boyfriend struggled with working a normal job versus a rodeo, in addition to his constant struggle to wear sleeves.  Mackenzie came across as very likeable and it is no surprise she is one of the girls near confirmed to be on Teen Mom 3.  I can see her being the next Maci Bookout.

3. Devon Broyles – 74%

devon broyles 16 and pregnantDevon was the girl living with about 20 people in a tiny house, while dating a very stand up guy who is in the military.  She has a lot of personality and made a bunch of funny cracks throughout the episode, like pushing her baby out her crotch.  While her episode was very drama free, I really felt Devon had the personality to make it to Teen Mom 3, but if the leaks are correct, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing much more of her.

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There is nothing people like better than rumors and speculation, so I’m here to bring that to you.  Since three of the 16 and Pregnant girls have almost been confirmed to be on Teen Mom 3, there is that fourth girl who is still a mystery.  Mackenzie Douthit, Alex Sekella, and Katie Yeager have been unofficially confirmed by various sources, which leaves rumors circulating as to whom will round out the cast.  So far, I have heard Kristina Robinson, who will be featured in the 16 and Pregnant season finale, and Sabrina Solares who was featured last week enjoying her gelato, as rumored to be the final girl on Teen Mom 3.  However, today I saw an interesting article from Gather who posted a couple of interesting tweets from Jordan Howard that I somehow missed.  Jordan, her fiance, Tyler, and their baby, Chase, were featured a few weeks ago and certainly brought drama to the table, as indicated by our sidebar.  Jordan and Alex’s recaps received the most comments.  And, as we all know, the only thing MTV likes better than perky cheerleaders is drama! 

What proof do we have?  Well, none yet.  But we do have the following tweets from Jordan:

Omg here we go… lights camera ACTION!!!!!

Jordan explained that the reunion show has already been filmed, so she most definitely wasn’t talking about that:

the reunion has already been filmed and where are we now (I think) is like when all the babies are about over a year old…

On the other hand, maybe Jordan just likes to type the word “ACTION”:

Doing so many thing for so many important people “ACTION”

What do you think?  Do you think Jordan will be the final mom featured on Teen Mom 3?

Last night, on 16 and Pregnant, we saw Jordan Howard caught between her mother and her boyfriend, Tyler.  There is no question that the episode caused uproar by Jordan’s mother, Kelly’s, seemingly racist comments.  During her episode, Jordan mentioned that Kelly didn’t like Jordan dating a white guy, then when Tyler is over Jordan’s house, the comment, “This ain’t no white person’s home!” is thrown around.  Jordan received backlash on her episode via twitter and responded to them.

If you were wondering how things are between Kelly and Tyler now, you don’t have to wonder any longer.  Jordan tweeted:

We all know MTV loves the drama. My mom is not racist. SHE IS MIXED LOL.

Tyler and my Mother get along. Talk about books and watch “Game of thrones” together. They have a blast!!!!

I have never seen Game of Thrones, but if it has the power to bind families together, then I’m all for it.  Jordan also spilled the beans that she and Tyler are engaged!  Speaking of beans, she uses the term “cool beans,” which I totally love.  She further tweeted:

My fiance and my mom practically don’t even talk or act like any of that drama ever happened. We are all cool beans!!!

And, in case you were wondering how Kelly is with Jordan and Tyler’s baby, Chase, you need to wonder no longer.  Jordan tweeted:

Let no one say she doesn’t love her grandchild!!!!! My mom loves chase. Does 300+% more than Tyler and I could ever have done by ourselves!!

As an additional update, Jordan told us at Teen Mom Junkies that she is still living with her mother, but plans to be out by July.

Jordan Howard hails from Pennsylvania and her and her boyfriend, Tyler, are expecting.  Tyler is a loner and not popular with Jordan’s mother or any of the kids at school.  Despite this, Jordan has been living with him so she can get to the hospital faster if need be, since her mama works the graveyard shift.


  • Tyler looks like someone who would never have a girlfriend and live in his mom’s basement until he’s 45, and I feel like an awful person saying that.
  • Kelly won’t let Tyler shack up at her house, but Jordan can shack up at his house?  Why is that different?  Kelly: “When I seen him, I definitely didn’t think you would be intimate with him.”  Hahaha!  That was so mean!
  • Jordan asks Tyler’s parents if she can stay with them after the baby is born.  They’re fine with it.
  • Tyler talks like such a gamer (and I’m a gamer myself, so I recognize this stuff).  When Jordan asks Tyler what happens when she tries to take the baby, he says, “I’ll fight her to the death.”  Hopefully he doesn’t forget to bring along his Blade of Devastation and Shield of Righteousness.
  • The obligatory baby gear shopping trip.  Blah, blah, they find out how expensive things are, blah.
  •  Kelly throws a surprise baby shower for Jordan, but since Tyler isn’t allowed in Kelly’s house, he’s not invited.  I really don’t get what her beef is.  Tyler isn’t a druggie who is out to corrupt her baby girl, and he’s the father of her daughter’s child.
  • At the baby shower, everyone (even Jordan’s friends) are making fun of what Tyler looks like.  “I always thought you would be with someone cute…er.”  Who says that???
  • At the shower, Jordan’s mom is starting shit again, so Jordan calls Tyler to pick her up and take her out of there.
  • Tyler bought a crib and it’s at Kelly’s house, so they head on over when Kelly is at work to smuggle the crib out of her house.  They’re Crib Cat Burglars!
  • Kelly calls Jordan later and gives her voicemail a tongue lashing about the crib.  It’s her crib!  I think her main issue is that Tyler stepped into her hallowed halls and not that he took the crib.
  • Kelly ends up sending Jordan an email saying she wants to work things out with both her and Tyler, and that she’s sorry.  When Jordan meets with Kelly, Kelly says she was just upset when she came home and saw all the baby stuff gone.  I don’t even know what to think about this lady.
  • Side note: How adorable is Jordan?  I love her.
  • The Big Meeting!  Jordan and Tyler both meet with Kelly.  Kelly says she wants to be a part of the baby’s life and wants the door to be open to them.  She apparently had a change of heart, but I’m not sure I trust her.
  • Jordan decides to move back into her mom’s house.  Tyler isn’t thrilled with the decision.
  • Chase Alexander was born on May 31st, weighing in at 9 pounds, 3 ounces.
  • The baby’s first night home, Tyler was supposed to spend the night, but his mom says he has to stay home to clean his room.  Tyler probably just fears for his life, since he knows Kelly despises him.
  • When Tyler shows up the next day, Jordan is none too happy since she was up with Chase all night.  He said he just didn’t think she wanted him there.
  • Kelly meets with Tyler’s parents, and his parents don’t seem too shocked that Tyler has suddenly gone into hiding mode.  However, he does show up later to see Jordan and Chase, so they probably talked to him or something about it.  Tyler states he just doesn’t feel comfortable going to her house.  Not a good excuse, dude.
  • Jordan suddenly has a lip ring.  Did she have that the entire episode?  I just noticed it.
  • Tyler shows up to see Chase and Jordan is not happy and her family is like, “This ain’t no white person’s home!” and when he’s leaving, Kelly runs out the door cussing him out.
  • Jordan says she’s dropping out of school.
  • This entire episode confused me.

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