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1. Taylor Lumas Goes to College


Taylor, from season 3, was the youngest girl to be featured on 16 & Pregnant.  She was just 14 years old when camera started filming her pregnancy with daughter Aubri, and now that she’s 18 and has graduated high school on time with her class, she’s excited to announce that she’s been accepted to nursing school at Christ College in Ohio.  Christ College has around 550 students and is considered the best nursing school in Cincinnati.  Congrats to Taylor for doing what she can to achieve her dream job of being a pediatric nurse.

2. Briana Tweets about Cravings


While I’m still not 100% sure as to whether she’s pregnant or not, she’s been posting about things that make you really wonder what’s going on there.  Briana has shared comments about craving certain foods, and has also mentioned that she wants to fake being sick so that she can go home from work.  Her boyfriend, Shoc, even brought cheesecake to her work to satisfy a craving that Briana had a few days ago.  There’s no real answer as to whether she’s expecting a second child, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if she was.

3. Jordan Ward Plans to Move Back Home


Jordan, the girl with the identical twin sister, moved to Texas after her husband Brian joined the air force.  Sadly, it doesn’t appear that their marriage is working out the way they intended it to, and she’s shared that she is moving back to Missouri to be closer to family.  This is a pretty big move with two small children, but Jordan has a support system back home that she doesn’t have in Texas.

If you’ve read my live tweets during the Teen Mom 2 season this year, you’ve noticed my cracks about the “staged conversations” that happen quite frequently.  These type of conversations happen a lot on reality shows but way more on Teen Mom 1&2 than any other show I watch.   What happens is the producers tell the moms to sit down and essentially narrate what’s going on in their lives by having friends or family ask them questions.

I think MTV needs to do a better job at the conversations because some look flat out awkward.  Like Jo walking up to his brother and they sit down talking about how he banged Kailyn in the shower, but he sounds like he’s talking to a shrink and not a brother.  That being said, with so much going on in their lives, and putting 4 moms out there in only an hour, those type of narrative conversations need to happen in order to allow viewers to understand the flow.

However, my buddies at Starcasm broke some interesting news that I had to share.  I don’t want to steal their content, so I’ll summarize what they said and you can read the entire story if you’d like.

  • The conversation between Kailyn/Jordan was actually staged and happened after they were already broken up. Cameras weren’t there when Jordan caught Kailyn coming out of the shower while Jo was visiting, which resulted in a shouting match between the guys.  Naturally neither guy probably wanted to recreate that scene, so MTV had to stage this immensely awkward break-up scene between the couple. .. awkward!
  • The equally awkward conversation with Jo talking to Kailyn was also staged.  It wasn’t made up, but because they were trying to work things out over several weeks, there simply wasn’t enough time to put all that together, so they had them sit together and act like it was just one conversation and done.  I have to give Kailyn credit though, the tears were a good touch.. although recreating it was probably just as painful as the actual events.
  • The same can be said about Leah and Corey.  Starcasm goes on about how Corey knew about the cheating, he cheated, everyone cheated and the marriage was basically doomed from day 1, but again they had to sit down and recreate some things.

The point of the story is not to say the stuff is made up or fake.  Teen Mom is not “The Hills”, but some conversations and reactions you see are about as real as the recreated murder scenes on “America’s Most Wanted”.  Yes, the stuff actually happened, but in order to tell a story, they need to have them recreate a lot of shit which results in weird emotions and actions.

Again, this isn’t an attempt to steal Starcams stuff.  Their story is much more detailed and can be read here, but after seeing how Leah shut down communications as a result of negative feedback, it’s too important of a story not to share with our readers.  It’s just a reminder to take what you’re watching with a grain of salt before running to twitter or facebook pages and ripping them new assholes.

16 and Pregnant‘s Jordan Ward Finder and her husband, Brian, welcomed a baby girl into their family this morning at 12:23 a.m.  They named their daughter Arri Monroe Finder.  Arri joins a brother, Noah, whom Jordan gave birth to on her episode of 16 and Pregnant.

Jordan tweeted:

Arri Monroe finder :) 11/06/11 12:23. She looks like her daddy! Could not be more in love with the two beautiful babies I have!


That was the best labor and delivery.

Congratulations, Jordan, Brian and Noah!


Photo Credit: Jordan Ward Finder


Edited: Jordan tweeted a picture of the baby!  Introducing….