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This season of Teen Mom 2 has talked a lot about Ali’s medical issues and the custody situation between Corey and Leah regarding the twins.  Leah learned in the last episode that Corey had filed for full custody of the girls, but didn’t seem too upset or concerned about the potential of losing them when she spoke to her husband, Jeremy, on the phone about it.  In this sneak peek, we see Leah talk to her step father about Corey filing for custody, and we see a side to the situation that we didn’t see last week.  Leah breaks down when talking about it.  (OK, so maybe she still isn’t crying as much as I would be if I could lose custody of my kid, but it’s more emotion than we saw last time, and I do see a few tears in this short segment.)

Leah claims that she was shocked when she found out about Corey’s attempt to get full custody, and says that if she was such a bad mother, that Corey would have filed for sole custody a long time ago.  Leah’s step father mentions that the courts wouldn’t give custody to someone that was still in denial about Ali’s medical condition and someone that wasn’t willing to do whatever possible to get her the help and assistance that she needed.  This is an obvious stab at Corey and his sense of denial about Ali’s Muscular Dystrophy, as well as his choice to not use the wheelchair that Ali has.

Honestly, I’m still torn on who is right and wrong in this situation, but the only thing that I’m sure of is that all three girls need parents that are involved and looking out for their best interests.


Apparently Leah received a decent amount of backlash regarding her argument with Corey in front of the twins, and her continual bad mouthing of the situation after the girls were in the car.  Leah took to some social media accounts in an attempt to shed some light on the whole situation, which seems to be her thing lately.  Leah wrote:

I am admitting that I shouldn’t have been using bad language in front of my children. It was in the heat of the moment and It was a scene where you only saw certain parts of the filming! As for the child support issue, he was ordered, by the State of WV, the $1200 a month in child support. I wanted to work with him and was willing to accept $800 a month. Approximately 6 months after that he wasn’t paying his half of the medical bills, to which all of them were in my name and I was getting collection letters. I agreed to lower his payments to $200 a month so we could pay off the medical bills. This agreement lasted for a year and they never were paid. This is when we went back to court, to get the bills paid and out of collections! Also, to restore my credit.

I struggle with this whole situation because I honestly don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong.  I think the thing that bothers me the most is that there’s definitely more to the story on both ends and things just aren’t adding up the way that they should.  Corey has papers from the physical therapist saying that if Ali doesn’t start showing up for appointments, she’ll be cut from their program.  Leah has this whole issue with child support money and getting rights to Ali’s medical insurance so she can get the wheelchair to go through quicker.  I’m honestly so confused on who has said what on this situation that I just hope MTV actually shows us how it goes.


I post about blind items sometimes, just because it’s fun to speculate about which girls from the show are making poor life choices and trying to keep them under the table.

Blind items have revealed in the past that Maci Bookout made a pornographic film while partying in Miami, that Farrah Abraham was selling herself for sex, and that an unknown Teen Mom 2 star was photographed using meth.  While there’s really no way to tell if these items are true or not, most of them don’t seem like they’re too far from reality.

This blind item is short and simple, but it packs a punch for sure.  It states:

This Teen Mom is using her child support money to support the drug habit of herself and significant other. She has already run through her money from the show.

Well…let’s narrow things down.

If we look at the girls from Teen Mom, then Maci is the only one that would be receiving child support.  We’ve heard that she’s in trouble for not paying her taxes, which means she doesn’t have a ton of money anyway, but it might not be extremely far-fetched if Maci ended up being a drug addict.  Farrah is a single mother (when she’s actually with her kid) and since Sophia’s father died, she wouldn’t be receiving child support.  Amber doesn’t have primary custody of Leah, but seems to co-parent with Gary pretty well.  Since she doesn’t have Leah the majority of the time, it would be assumed that SHE would be paying the child support for her daughter.  Catelynn and Tyler gave their daughter up for adoption, so they obviously don’t receive child support either.

The Teen Mom 2 cast has some promising story lines, and three girls that receive child support.  Jenelle has a history with drugs, but doesn’t receive or pay child support because Jace’s father is out of the picture and Barbara allowed Jenelle to quit paying her child support once Jace was with his mother more frequently.

Chelsea may or may not receive child support.  It’s always off and on whether she’s getting money or not.  I would also go out on a limb here and say that even though Chelsea may enjoy to have a few drinks while Aubree is with Adam’s family for the weekend, she still had a job that will pay the bills after the MTV money is gone.  Although we know that Chelsea has been allegedly dating someone for a short amount of time, we don’t know enough about this guy to assume that Chelsea is buying drugs for the couple.

Kailyn is married to Javi, who is in the air force.  With routine drug screenings and strict rules, it’s pretty unlikely that Kailyn is providing drugs for her and Javi.  Kailyn is also breastfeeding, and seems pretty adamant about making sure that the milk that gets to her son, Lincoln, is the best stuff he can have.  We all remember her stressing about pumping on the episode when she went out for her 22nd birthday.

That leaves us with Leah, who seems to fit the requirements for this blind item.  Leah has been pushing Corey for more child support, and on recent episodes of Teen Mom 2 it appears that she’s slurring words.  While we don’t know a lot about Jeremy’s past, it’s possible that he’s had drug issues before.  Leah has admitted on Teen Mom 2 that she has a spending problem, but she’s never mentioned anything about addiction.

To top things off, All The Teen Moms posted an exclusive article stating that the reason Corey wants full custody of the twins is because Leah has a history of abusing prescription painkillers.  The article says that the addiction started after the birth of Jeremy and Leah’s daughter, Adalynn in February of 2013.  The source told All The Teen Moms that the prescription painkiller Percocet is what Leah was taking for a while, and that her county in West Virginia is known for their drug problems.


There’s nothing I love more than a good social media meltdown, complete with terrible grammar, lack of spellcheck, and some raw emotion.  This time around, the meltdown comes from Teen Mom 2’s Leah Calvert.  Apparently Leah was reading through her mentions and her news feed, and there were several comments from people about her excessive spending, mistreatment of Corey, and purchasing a horse.  Leah took to Twitter to address the issue in this 14 part rant.  I’m not going to link ALL of the Tweets, but her name is @TM2LeahDawn so if you want to check it out on individual Tweets, go for it.  Here’s what she wrote (please note that I am keeping the spelling and grammar the exact way that Leah shared it):

As I’m reading through my twitter feed I can’t help but wonder what goes through som eof you alls who mind…First off, the horse was given to the girls and for Ali to use for therapeutic riding from her grandparents.  Second the money I spend or “spent” so to say wasn’t only on make up.  You guys do seem to forget that this is reality TV and many things are edited to fit timing etc. So you guys really should take a step back to THINK before being so judgmental.  I love to hear you opinions even the ones that is so hurtful because I take it to heart and try to let it make me a stronger person by looking at opinions as a lesson and be more understanding of what each and everyone of you guys are trying to say to me.  I try to share my story in the more inspirational way possible.  All I’ve ever tried to do is stay loyal and honest to each of my viewers so you can relate to certain circumstances and either learn or give me the advice I love accepting and remaining strong through all the ups and downs that I have.  I appreciate everyone, and will always remain the person I was 5 or 6 years ago.  Remember I don’t do this for myself I do this for others. I love my daughters with all of my heart and all I will ever want for them is an amazing life and for them to be able to look up to their mommy as a role model. I hope in time each and everyone of you guys out their a over the world can see I care about every human being and all I want is to make a difference and bring peace to everyone out their.  I’ll be the first to admit I put everything before myself and I always will because I am so soft hearted and only want the best for my family and the world itsef. I love each and everyone of you guys and I hope my journey on TM2 has made a difference in many others lives !! We love you guys ! !!

So, basically Leah starts this tangent saying that everyone is wrong about her spending and that sometimes people should take a step back and reevaluate things they see on television, but ends it by saying that she loves everyone’s opinions and that she loves everyone who watches her show and simply wants world peace.

I don’t even know what to make of this nonsense.

P.S. Ali finally received her wheelchair, but I’m not sure if it’s under Jeremy’s insurance or Corey’s.  Here’s a picture:



It’s Whoopsie-Doo Wednesday, and I’m feeling completely overwhelmed with schoolwork, so I’m taking a break and writing this article.

This week’s OK! Magazine exclusive sneak peek of Teen Mom 2 features Leah, and she is looking pretty rough.  Her season has been revolving around Ali’s medical condition and her excessive spending, so this sneak peek combines the two.  I didn’t think it was possible.  Anyway, Leah’s trying to get more child support money from Corey (excessive spending) since his insurance won’t cover the cost of Ali’s wheelchair (medical condition).

Leah is making popcorn and Jeremy asks her what she thinks Corey will do when he gets called to court, and Leah explains that he won’t have to go to court but that they’re just figuring out things through their lawyers from now on and doing things strictly based on what the child support calculator says.  Jeremy says that he knows people who make less money than Corey, but they’re still paying upwards of $1000 a month for child support.  Leah says that initially she had tried to make things as easy on Corey as possible, but that after a while it just got to the point that she realized he needed to pay more.  I’m not sure that things between these two have gotten any better, because a few weeks ago, Leah shared some messages about her divorce and custody lawyer along with a comment about how it’s sad when dads have to be court-appointed to do what they’re supposed to.

Leah mentions that Ali will be on Jeremy’s insurance now, and I’m not sure on the back story with that one.  Jeremy says that having Ali on his insurance isn’t a problem and thinks that his insurance will probably cover her wheelchair, unlike Corey’s.

Adding onto this issue is the fact that allegedly Corey has recently filed for full custody of his daughters.  An article in InTouch states that Corey was mad at this incident and is taking Leah to court for full custody of the twins.  The source in the article, which isn’t named, says that Corey used the fact that Leah was on prescription medication as grounds in his court case.

P.S. I’m pretty sure the girlses are eating cheese puffs in this scene, which made me think of you guys.


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Teen Mom 2’s Leah Calvert has been pretty open about therapy for her daughter, Ali, who has a form of Muscular Dystrophy.  One part of therapy that Leah’s mentioned several times this season is Equine therapy, which is essentially therapy with horses.  She and husband, Jeremy Calvert, sold their previous home, moved into an apartment, and began the search for a perfect piece of land for a horse or two in order to be able to give Ali the therapy that they felt she needed.  It looks like Leah has finally pulled the trigger on things, as she announced via Twitter that she had purchased her first horse for her children, and that she was looking for some saddles for them to use.


It looks like she’s also recently purchased a new home, so her family of 5 isn’t crammed into that small apartment any longer.  While all of this seems like great news, it’s hard for me to think that Leah is financially able to do all of these things.  Most of her story line revolves around Ali’s health issues, but the other part of her story line is the fact that they don’t have enough money to pay their medical bills.  Regardless of an MTV paycheck, doctor’s appointments aren’t cheap, and it seems like Leah has some serious spending problems.  She’s admitted to spending thousands of dollars to become a consultant for Mary Kay, and it seems like every time we see her, she’s got a new vehicle, freshly manicured nails, or a designer purse.  Let’s not forget the incident with the brand new washer and dryer from a couple of episodes ago, which nearly maxed out Leah and Jeremy’s credit cards.

Some people have been saying that Leah and Jeremy aren’t really struggling for money, and that MTV is simply having them act like the financial burdens of things are putting them in over their heads, but others think that Leah is simply careless with her money.   While I am happy that Ali is getting therapy, horses are expensive and they can be a lot of work.  Do you think that Leah’s spending is out of control, or do you think she’s putting on a front for viewers of Teen Mom 2?

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of the horse! The horse on the right that Leah is next to is the horse that Ali will be using for therapy.  People on Facebook have commented that the horse is young and probably not trained for therapy purposes.