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We’ve all heard the rumors about Leah lately, but this latest one is leaving fans of Teen Mom 2 a little confused.

Leah has confirmed that she will not be signing a contract with MTV for a 6th season of the reality show which has followed her life and supported her family for the last 5 years.  When a fan took to Twitter to ask if Leah would be taking part in a 6th season of the show, Leah simply replied with “no.”


Leah has failed to address any real divorce rumors, but The Ashley has also reported that a source claimed that Jeremy was flirting while out of town on work and said that he was getting a divorce.  This hasn’t been confirmed anywhere, but it could explain Leah’s strange tweets and Jeremy’s social media frustrations lately.

Some questions have arose regarding the future of Teen Mom 2 without Leah and her girls, but our sources have revealed some bits of information about this whole situation.  As far as we know, Teen Mom 2 will continue with Jenelle, Kailyn, and Chelsea.  Leah and her entire family will be left out of any upcoming filming that MTV plans to do.  While a 6th season of the show hasn’t been confirmed by MTV, our sources claim that the camera crews will be back out to film the three remaining girls after the first of the year.

We haven’t had any updates on Leah’s custody situations, but she’s still been posting a lot about Addie and not much of anything about the twins besides mentioning that they were sleeping at one point.  Jeremy has remained quiet online about his pending divorce, and neither he nor Corey have mentioned anything else regarding the end of their time on MTV.

Leah Messer

Leah’s life has been a seemingly ongoing mess for about 6 weeks now, and her cryptic Tweets and subtle messages continue to leave the social media work wondering what’s really going on.

On November 15th, Leah shared a picture of some grass and a caption of “stop watering things that were never meant to grow in your life” and that was the start of a few days of subliminal messages that she’s been sharing.


Leah has shared several messages about her youngest daughter, Addie.  She’s shared messages about going to church with Addie and her mother, as well as spending her nights on the couch with Addie.  Sadly, there’s been no real mention of Ali and Aleeah in a few days, besides Leah saying that she was missing them on Sunday.  When fans asked where they were, Leah failed to reply.

Leah also shared that she was going to lunch with someone very special to her and that we should keep her in our thoughts and prayers.  Leah has been really reiterating the need for prayers lately, but hasn’t shared why she would need them or what is actually going on.

leah2 leah3 leah4

On November 17th, Leah shared a lengthy Tweet about failure which sparked a lot of people’s interests in the situation.  Leah also didn’t address what this one was about, but many people are speculating it has something to do with either her marriage to Jeremy, or custody of Ali and Aleeah.


Since all of this happened, Jeremy has removed himself from social media completely.  While our sources claim that he’s still not trying to repair his damaged marriage, he hasn’t filed for divorce that we know of.  Court records are published each Sunday at midnight, and you can bet we’ve been stalking them religiously.

All of this drama is happening at the same time that MTV is planning a 6th season of Teen Mom 2.  Sources claim that Leah and clan haven’t signed on for the season, but The Ashley shared that MTV is planning on going on with the show with or without Leah’s family as a part of it.  The Ashley also claims that filming for a 6th season is supposed to start pretty soon.

jeremy leah

Previously on “Days of Leah’s Life” we discussed some new information in Leah and Jeremy’s potential divorce, the cheating rumors, and filled you in on Robbie Kidd’s background.

Since then, things seem to have taken a turn that I wasn’t expecting.  Initially I thought that this cheating scandal would be the end of Leah and Jeremy, but a couple of days ago, Leah took to Twitter to share a lovey-dovey message about spending time with her husband, Jeremy.


It seems like Leah was trying to send a pretty clear message to her followers.  Judging simply by her Tweet, you would assume that there’s no longer trouble in Teen Mom 2 paradise, but I’m not sure that it’s that simple.

Jeremy is still listed as “divorced” on Facebook, and he has changed all of his social media profile information in order to remove Leah’s presence from any of them.  His Twitter bio used to flaunt his marriage with Leah, but since these allegations surfaced, he’s removed all of it.  He’s also left his former Tweets regarding the cheating on his profile, which seems like something he would erase if he had a change of heart.  He has also unfollowed Leah on her social media accounts.

The Charleston newspaper updates marriage and divorce filings every Sunday at midnight, and although Jeremy has claimed that he was going to file, nothing has shown up on their website for now.


So there’s been a lot of things going on and I’m just going to post smaller updates on this in a numbered list to try and avoid confusion and typing lots of back-story.

1. Leah’s mom and Jeremy’s mom get into a Facebook feud.

Dawn (Leah’s mother) took to Facebook shortly after the alleged cheating happened to post something about the situation.  She said that Leah had gotten into an argument with Jeremy’s dad, who then claimed that he saw Robbie sneaking in/out of the house on a deer camera.  Jeremy’s mother commented on the status saying, “That’s right, she knows she’s caught and it’s over. Her own mother knows what she was doing and covered for her. What’s that say about there people. When your in a custody battle the last thing you need is this. But she made her choice. NOW LIVE WITH IT!”  Jeremy’s mother also added that she was interested in talking to CPS in Charleston about the situation.

2. Jeremy has removed all traces of Leah from his Twitter account.

Before the cheating came to light, Jeremy professed his love for Leah in his Twitter bio, but since the break-up, he’s removed any mention of her from his Twitter bio.  He is still currently listed as divorced on Facebook, and has changed his profile pictures on both Facebook and Twitter in order to remove Leah and the twins from his pages.

3. Jeremy “taunts” Leah via Twitter.

Some people call this a “subtweet” I guess, but I call it passive-aggressive Tweeting.  Jeremy posted a picture of a dirt bike earlier today with a caption that sparked interest and didn’t seem to indicate that he and Leah were planning on working things out any time soon.  Here’s the picture and caption directly from his Twitter account.

jeremy14. The Ashley reports that Robbie was arrested for drug charges in September


This might be the most unattractive Teen Mom related mug shot to grace this website.  Anyway, on September 18, 2014, Robbie was arrested for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, trespassing, and resisting arrest.  This sparked some issues since Leah has also been ousted for having a prescription pill problem of her own, and many are claiming that Robbie was a dealer that she had used for quite some time.


Well unless you live under a rock (or haven’t read our site for a couple days) you’ll know that Leah allegedly cheated on Jeremy with none other than Robbie Kidd.  Robbie is the boyfriend that Leah was trying to get over when she got pregnant with the twins, and the same person that Leah cheated on Corey with on the night before their wedding.

Things seemed to be rocky in Leah and Jeremy’s relationship, but she had told Dr. Drew on the reunion special that they were going to counselling.  A source close to Leah’s family shares that at this time, Jeremy was suspicious of Leah’s behaviors and decided to take a job out of town to ensure that nothing came up on the show that didn’t need to be dealt with on national television.  While that’s an honorable move, I can imagine that it raised suspicion of impending doom.

To get a few things out in the open that might not have been addressed in the last post, Victoria, who is Leah’s sister, posted on her personal Facebook account that Jeremy has wanted to get out of their marriage for quite a while.  While Victoria commented that Leah did not cheat on Jeremy, our sources are claiming that Jeremy was concerned with Leah’s drug intake (prescription Xanax at first, and later turning to harder drugs), he was sick of her excessive spending, and he had caught wind that Leah might be sleeping around while he was out of town.

In case you didn’t have a chance to read all of Victoria’s rant, here’s the full post.


We’ve also been able to dig up a little dirt on Robbie, which was far more interesting to me than any of the stuff about Leah.  Apparently Robbie has a daughter named Averie (together with Aleeah, Aliannah, and Adalynn they could try and get #quadrupleAsisters trending on Twitter) with a girl named Monica that he had been dating for a few years.  The two were not married when the baby was born, and the relationship headed south less than 6 months after the birth of their daughter.  Our source said that “Robbie tried desperately to salvage his relationship with Monica but she finally left when she discovered his illegal use of prescription pills.”   Our source also claimed that Monica may have cheated on Robbie shortly before the split.  While Robbie tried to fix things, Monica moved on and recently started dating someone else this month.  During the middle of Robbie’s heartbreak, he turned to Leah, an easy target since Jeremy is frequently out of town, and began sneaking around.  Our source claimed that Robbie would frequently make visits to Leah and Jeremy’s home when Jeremy was out of town and the twins were with Corey.  Jeremy reportedly caught wind of that and turned the tables on things.  “He [Jeremy] had people watching Robbie’s home and caught Leah sneaking in late at night.”

Our source claims that Jeremy has not filed divorce paperwork and regrets posting the couple’s dirty laundry on Twitter, but has moved his things out of their home.

It’s also been reported that there are pictures of Robbie and Leah together from September that are being shopped around, as well as photos of Leah doing meth.  While these aren’t confirmed, we can only assume that if the claims are legitimate, the pictures will be making an appearance shortly.


Look, I’m going to go out on a limb and say if you see a girl get caught cheating on national TV, it’s probably not a good idea to date her.

A few years back, Teen Mom 2’s Leah (Messer) Calvert admitted to cheating on her then boyfriend, Corey Simms. She did it right before they got married, but went through with the wedding anyway.  Being a few years ago, I don’t remember the details, but I seem to remember watching the episodes of Teen Mom 2 and being quite shocked that Leah was trying to put the blame on Corey for it.  She came off as a pretty awful person that season, but Jeremy was in love and nothing was going to change that.  No matter how bad Leah made herself look during the episodes of Teen Mom, Jeremy stuck with her through thin and thin (which is why I gave him in the nickname ‘doormat’).

Well, today Jeremy tweeted that he caught Leah cheating on him with the same person she cheated on Corey with (Robbie?). Apparently this guy has a magic penis because it helped ruin two of Leah’s marriages.  On a side note, it would be kind of funny in a sad way if she tried to stay with him but he wouldn’t want to date a serial cheater.

Jeremy is apparently not having any of it as he already changed his facebook status to ‘divorced’, and we all know a relationship status isn’t confirmed until it’s updated on facebook!


Should they get divorced, the big question I have is whether or not Leah will rely on government assistance in addition to her likely child support checks (unless Jeremy gets custody). Back when Jeremy was pulling in a few k a week, Leah tweeted out that the government should get rid of assistance programs so people will be forced to WORK for a living.

So needless to say, things are not looking very good for Leah right now. I’m sure more fallout from the story will happen, so stay tuned!