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Well unless you live under a rock (or haven’t read our site for a couple days) you’ll know that Leah allegedly cheated on Jeremy with none other than Robbie Kidd.  Robbie is the boyfriend that Leah was trying to get over when she got pregnant with the twins, and the same person that Leah cheated on Corey with on the night before their wedding.

Things seemed to be rocky in Leah and Jeremy’s relationship, but she had told Dr. Drew on the reunion special that they were going to counselling.  A source close to Leah’s family shares that at this time, Jeremy was suspicious of Leah’s behaviors and decided to take a job out of town to ensure that nothing came up on the show that didn’t need to be dealt with on national television.  While that’s an honorable move, I can imagine that it raised suspicion of impending doom.

To get a few things out in the open that might not have been addressed in the last post, Victoria, who is Leah’s sister, posted on her personal Facebook account that Jeremy has wanted to get out of their marriage for quite a while.  While Victoria commented that Leah did not cheat on Jeremy, our sources are claiming that Jeremy was concerned with Leah’s drug intake (prescription Xanax at first, and later turning to harder drugs), he was sick of her excessive spending, and he had caught wind that Leah might be sleeping around while he was out of town.

In case you didn’t have a chance to read all of Victoria’s rant, here’s the full post.


We’ve also been able to dig up a little dirt on Robbie, which was far more interesting to me than any of the stuff about Leah.  Apparently Robbie has a daughter named Averie (together with Aleeah, Aliannah, and Adalynn they could try and get #quadrupleAsisters trending on Twitter) with a girl named Monica that he had been dating for a few years.  The two were not married when the baby was born, and the relationship headed south less than 6 months after the birth of their daughter.  Our source said that “Robbie tried desperately to salvage his relationship with Monica but she finally left when she discovered his illegal use of prescription pills.”   Our source also claimed that Monica may have cheated on Robbie shortly before the split.  While Robbie tried to fix things, Monica moved on and recently started dating someone else this month.  During the middle of Robbie’s heartbreak, he turned to Leah, an easy target since Jeremy is frequently out of town, and began sneaking around.  Our source claimed that Robbie would frequently make visits to Leah and Jeremy’s home when Jeremy was out of town and the twins were with Corey.  Jeremy reportedly caught wind of that and turned the tables on things.  “He [Jeremy] had people watching Robbie’s home and caught Leah sneaking in late at night.”

Our source claims that Jeremy has not filed divorce paperwork and regrets posting the couple’s dirty laundry on Twitter, but has moved his things out of their home.

It’s also been reported that there are pictures of Robbie and Leah together from September that are being shopped around, as well as photos of Leah doing meth.  While these aren’t confirmed, we can only assume that if the claims are legitimate, the pictures will be making an appearance shortly.


Look, I’m going to go out on a limb and say if you see a girl get caught cheating on national TV, it’s probably not a good idea to date her.

A few years back, Teen Mom 2’s Leah (Messer) Calvert admitted to cheating on her then boyfriend, Corey Simms. She did it right before they got married, but went through with the wedding anyway.  Being a few years ago, I don’t remember the details, but I seem to remember watching the episodes of Teen Mom 2 and being quite shocked that Leah was trying to put the blame on Corey for it.  She came off as a pretty awful person that season, but Jeremy was in love and nothing was going to change that.  No matter how bad Leah made herself look during the episodes of Teen Mom, Jeremy stuck with her through thin and thin (which is why I gave him in the nickname ‘doormat’).

Well, today Jeremy tweeted that he caught Leah cheating on him with the same person she cheated on Corey with (Robbie?). Apparently this guy has a magic penis because it helped ruin two of Leah’s marriages.  On a side note, it would be kind of funny in a sad way if she tried to stay with him but he wouldn’t want to date a serial cheater.

Jeremy is apparently not having any of it as he already changed his facebook status to ‘divorced’, and we all know a relationship status isn’t confirmed until it’s updated on facebook!


Should they get divorced, the big question I have is whether or not Leah will rely on government assistance in addition to her likely child support checks (unless Jeremy gets custody). Back when Jeremy was pulling in a few k a week, Leah tweeted out that the government should get rid of assistance programs so people will be forced to WORK for a living.

So needless to say, things are not looking very good for Leah right now. I’m sure more fallout from the story will happen, so stay tuned!

Tonight’s episode focuses primarily on Leah and Chelsea’s segments, so we will only post about their comments tonight.  Next week, we’ll recap Jenelle and Kailyn’s segments along with any other information that comes out at the end of the reunion when all girls will come on stage together and ask questions of each other.



Dr. Drew starts the segment by revisiting some of the important things that happened in Chelsea’s parts of this season of Teen Mom 2.  After that’s over, Dr. Drew starts asking his questions.  Initially he talks about Chelsea’s issue with getting her license, and Chelsea admits that she didn’t have a back up plan.  Drew asks about Adam’s behavior, and says that things have to be difficult when Aubree loves her dad so much.  Chelsea says that she wanted to punch Adam when he didn’t show up for Aubree’s ball game, and that it’s been a long time since they’ve hooked up.  Chelsea says that Adam has been arrested enough times to fill 25 pages of records.  Chelsea says she’s open to dating, but that she isn’t currently dating anyone.  Chelsea advises people to avoid speed dating, but that she didn’t find any love interests.

Chelsea talks briefly about her custody situation.  Chelsea has custody, but wants to revisit the visitation schedule and talks about the importance of having Aubree in a safe position when she’s with Adam and his family.  Chelsea basically doesn’t want Aubree in the car when Adam is driving, and I can’t say that I blame her.

Adam joins Chelsea on stage and talks about their hook-ups stating that they have had sex in the last few months.  Adam says that he’s only been arrested once and that it was bullshit.  Dr. Drew mentions how much Aubree loves her dad, and Adam says that he didn’t even realize how disappointed Aubree was that he didn’t make it to her ball game.  Chelsea says that she doesn’t think Adam does the best that he can, but Adam says that he’s trying.  Adam gets mad that people call him a bad father.  Adam says he’s using condoms now to prevent future pregnancies, but I have a hard time believing that.  Adam says that he was arrested for driving to the court house to plug in his ankle bracelet, and realizes that it was stupid to be driving anyway.

Adam and Chelsea get into an argument because Adam took Aubree on a ride on a dirt bike without a helmet or pads when he’s not supposed to have his kid on any motorized vehicles.  Adam’s parents videotaped the whole thing, which would probably make me mad because they know the rules too.  Now all of America has seen that he violated his visitation guidelines, which I’m sure isn’t a great thing.

Randy joins Chelsea and Adam on the stage, and Randy actually gives Adam credit for stepping up lately.  Randy reiterates the fact that Chelsea simply doesn’t want Aubree in a vehicle with Adam driving.  Randy says that he wishes the problems would end, especially since Adam has two children.  MTV shows a snippit of Adam’s fiery car crash, and Randy hopes that the incident was life-changing for him.  Chelsea says that Taylor texts her from time to time and that she doesn’t really want to have a friendship with Taylor at all.  Randy and Chelsea think that the relationship needs to be Adam’s job, not her job to be Taylor’s friend.  Randy says that he wants more stability in Adam’s relationships before he brings girlfriends into the mix with Aubree and Paislee.



We take a look back at Leah’s season on Teen Mom 2 and catch up on some of her most impacting moments this season.  Leah talks with Dr. Drew about her anxiety and admits that she’s constantly pushing things to the side and that when the emotions come to the surface she has a breaking point.  Leah says that Ali coming to terms with her illness broke her heart because she realized that Ali felt different.  Jeremy is working with a pipeline company and he’s the boss.  He works in Ohio, and he’s only home on Saturday nights.  Leah says they’ve been to counseling and that it helps them a lot.

Dr. Drew talks about the custody situation and Leah admits that in court they said she was an incompetent mother.  Leah starts crying, while Dr. Drew is prying for information.  Leah talks about how Ali missed therapy and school because she was hurting.  Leah didn’t want to force her to do something because it might hurt her muscles more than Ali would need.  Dr. Drew asks if something else got to Corey and Miranda, and mentions the falling asleep on the phone incident with the dye in the baby’s head.  Leah says she was only on the medicine for about a week and that Corey didn’t even know about it.

Corey and Miranda come on stage and talk about his attempt to get full custody.  Corey says that he’s seen things happening that he doesn’t approve of.  Apparently the girls have been missing school frequently and that Ali has several missed therapy appointments.  Corey heard rumors about Leah’s medication and says that he thinks there might be more of a medication issue than Leah led on.  The main reason he asked for full custody is because he wants what’s best for the girls.  Miranda says she simply wants what’s best for the girls, and that she puts herself in Leah’s shoes all the time, but that she takes Corey’s side because she’s around him and the girls a lot more.  Corey would like to mediate, but he doesn’t think that it’s going to be possible.  Corey said that they’ve had disagreements on some custody things including when the kids should be dropped off on weekends.  Corey says that he realizes that there might be a day that Ali can’t walk, but that he’s holding out hope that Ali will be able to walk longer than they think.

Next, all three of them and Lee get together on stage.  Leah mentions that since Jeremy wasn’t able to make it, her step-dad joins her. Corey says he doesn’t even want “full” custody but that he does want more time and more control.  Leah says that it’s not how she understood it, and that she was under the impression that Corey only wanted her to have the kids on Friday through Sunday.  Corey says that he’s confused about the fact that they’ve gotten letters from physical therapy.  Corey thinks that he wants 50/50 custody, and Leah cries thinking about having her kids taken away from her.  Leah agrees that fathers are important, but that she doesn’t see the point in giving Corey extra time.  Corey seems like he’s trying to help Leah out.  Lee hopes that Corey and Leah can go to mediation and figure things out, but that the communication between the two of them needs to be figured out.

leah 1

Since the custody battle between Leah and Corey has been much more public than ever before on this season of Teen Mom 2, we’re seeing a lot more accusations flying around about their custody situation and co-parenting relationship.  A new report from In Touch magazine claims that Leah has officially lost custody of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, and that they are now in the care of their father, Corey, and step-mother, Miranda.  While the magazine doesn’t get published until October 13th, people are already speculating lots of things about why Leah may have lost custody.

One main reason that Corey was filing for primary custody in the first place was because of the fact that Leah hadn’t taken Ali to some of her physical therapy appointments and that the program was going to drop her if she didn’t start showing up.  Another reason dealt with some allegations of drug abuse, including Percocet.  Corey also mentioned on Teen Mom 2 that he felt like he could give his daughters a more stable environment to grow up in.

In Touch magazine covers a lot of Teen Mom related stories, such as Catelynn and Tyler’s decision to have a second child, and they’ve also covered several stories about Leah’s family in the last year.  In Touch was even given exclusive information on Leah’s pregnancy with daughter Adalynn.  If In Touch has all of that information and some reliable sources, it’s kind of hard to think that they would just make all of this up, but it happens.  Leah hasn’t commented much on the situation, but has sent out a couple tweets saying that the rumors aren’t true.

What’s your opinion on the story?  Do you think Leah lost custody, or do you think this is just another tabloid trying to make some extra cash?


Megan is a bit busy tonight, so she won’t get to do the recap in time. That said, we know you still want to talk about the finale, so this is the place to do it!  One of us will eventually get a recap up, but for now this will have to do!

leah1 leah2

This season of Teen Mom 2 has talked a lot about Ali’s medical issues and the custody situation between Corey and Leah regarding the twins.  Leah learned in the last episode that Corey had filed for full custody of the girls, but didn’t seem too upset or concerned about the potential of losing them when she spoke to her husband, Jeremy, on the phone about it.  In this sneak peek, we see Leah talk to her step father about Corey filing for custody, and we see a side to the situation that we didn’t see last week.  Leah breaks down when talking about it.  (OK, so maybe she still isn’t crying as much as I would be if I could lose custody of my kid, but it’s more emotion than we saw last time, and I do see a few tears in this short segment.)

Leah claims that she was shocked when she found out about Corey’s attempt to get full custody, and says that if she was such a bad mother, that Corey would have filed for sole custody a long time ago.  Leah’s step father mentions that the courts wouldn’t give custody to someone that was still in denial about Ali’s medical condition and someone that wasn’t willing to do whatever possible to get her the help and assistance that she needed.  This is an obvious stab at Corey and his sense of denial about Ali’s Muscular Dystrophy, as well as his choice to not use the wheelchair that Ali has.

Honestly, I’m still torn on who is right and wrong in this situation, but the only thing that I’m sure of is that all three girls need parents that are involved and looking out for their best interests.