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leah and jeremy

Well friends, it looks like Teen Mom 2 couple, Jeremy and Leah Calvert, aren’t headed for divorce – yet!  Jeremy took a hiatus from social media after rumors about his wife sleeping with ex-boyfriend and former marriage-ruiner, Robbie Kidd popped up.  Jeremy took to Twitter to share his frustration in a heated subtweet session, but later deleted the messages.  In case you needed a refresher on what happened, here is the screenshot of Jeremy’s tweets.


Jeremy was then busted a few weeks later for flirting with a single mother named Brittany Musick (who we MIGHT be seeing on Teen Mom 2 if we’re lucky) after she ended up selling copies of their private Twitter message and text exchanges to Radar.  Brittany claimed that the couple was headed for divorce, and that Jeremy said he already filed, but things kept getting weirder with the story.

Robbie Kidd got married to his baby momma, which some people thought took him off the market for Leah, but in reality we all know that rings don’t plug holes.  Leah is a prime example of this.

On New Year’s, Leah shared some pictures of herself with Jeremy in order to prove to the social media universe that the two were still together.  Leah changed her relationship status back to married, but Jeremy wasn’t budging and remained listed as in a complicated relationship until recently.

Jeremy re-joined Twitter a few weeks ago, and it looked like he was back to his old ways after favoriting a tweet from Brittany that was months old.  Followers were concerned that he was headed straight back to Brittany, but he ended up sticking with Leah through all of this.  Jeremy has recently posted photos of himself with Leah’s twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, while they were at a cheer competition.  As far as we can tell, the pictures are recent, which means he’s at least around the kids.  It’s the first mention of Leah’s daughters with ex-husband Corey Simms since the Robbie incident, so that’s a step in the right direction.

Jeremy also changed his Facebook status back to being married to Leah, which is a pretty big move given the way that the last few months have looked for these two.

You can bet you’ll be seeing a hefty dose of marriage issues on the upcoming 6th season of Teen Mom 2, and if things go like they have in the past, it’ll probably come to you in the form of recreated scenes with forced conversations about tough things.

1. Kailyn attends the Grammy’s


Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry goes on a lot of business ventures and trips in order to promote several small businesses.  She’s been working to promote her clothing line, a children’s book, her life story, and even fits in time for charity work.  Kailyn’s last trip, however, was not business related.  Kailyn took to the red carpet and attended the Grammy’s this week.  While many people were confused as to why she would be at the awards show, she took to Twitter to clear the air and basically said that a friend’s family has been going to the Grammy’s for the last 12 years, and that this year they just happened to have extra tickets, so Kailyn went.  Kailyn’s sons and husband were not at the show, but it appears that Kailyn had a nice night out without them.

2. Leah’s business is under investigation


A couple of months ago, we talked about how Leah opened a new salon called Glossy with a couple of friends.  The group was going to be focusing on hair and make up for photo shoots for modeling.  While Leah is excited about this adventure, it appears that reality might have caught up with her.  Leah is not a licensed anything, and she cannot be paid to provide these services to clients (similar to Chelsea’s situation on last season of Teen Mom 2).  Radar Online reports that the business is very much illegal and will be investigated by the state board.  Radar also claims that none of the three people working for the salon are licensed, which means any payment is illegal and can cause the girls to not obtain their licenses if they were actually to finish cosmetology school at some point.

3. Adam fights for custody

adam taylor

Well, that’s one that I never thought I would write about.  Apparently, Adam and ex-girlfriend Taylor’s split wasn’t as clean as one may think, because Taylor has allegedly been keeping Adam from his daughter, Paislee.  Paislee is now over a year old, and Adam claims he hasn’t seen her in almost two months.  He took to Facebook to write this statement:

Well…today is the day. Court vs Taylor for my Lil. Paislee Mae… I will finally get to see her…Only been 2 months…It shouldn’t even come down to me paying someone to serve her with papers to see my child…But such is life..Wish me luck ppl :) I will be getting my kids!!:)

I’m sure Adam needs more than just luck.  A clean background check and a solid lawyer might help, but with this guy’s track record, we’re just not sure how it’ll go.  Either way, it’s sad that Adam has two adorable kids that aren’t getting a relationship with their father that they deserve.


Leah and Jeremy are not quite to the level of Jenelle and Nathan yet, but with the amount of drama that’s gone on in their marriage in the last several months, some people have been questioning whether or not things are actually going to last.

Several months ago, Jeremy started an internet shit-storm when he posted some obvious Tweets about Leah.  In his Tweets, he shared that Leah had cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend and previous marriage-ruiner, Robbie Kidd.  Leah denied all of the claims, and Robbie did too…at first anyway.  Later he came around and admitted that the two hooked up, but that he was now happily back together with his baby’s mother and was not looking at getting with our favorite Teen Mom 2 star any more.

Shortly after that, rumors about Leah’s alleged pill addiction started swirling.  People claimed that pictures of her doing drugs were being shopped around, but we didn’t hear anything more about that. Last week, a story on Radar claimed that Leah had passed a hair follicle sample test, which meant that she was not doing drugs.  The test was allegedly used in court in December 2014, but it was voluntary, and there’s no word on how reliable it is.

Now, after things seemed to have calmed down, Leah took to Twitter to showcase her perfect marriage to Jeremy.  On her daughter youngest daughter’s second birthday, Leah shared these Tweets with screenshots of texts from Jeremy.

leah jeremy 1

Leah also shared that she’s normally not the type to post things like this on social media, but that she wanted to share her husband’s soft side to her followers.  While it’s nice to see Jeremy’s alleged profession of love, I’m not sure that these two are out of the blue yet.  Sources close to Jeremy claim that he’s still not emotionally invested in the marriage, and that he and Leah’s relationship still has a long way to go before it’s back to the way it was at the beginning of their time together.

The fact that Addie’s birthday was taking place makes me wonder if MTV camera crews were around to capture a party of some sort.  It’s unlike them to miss parties for any of the kids in the franchise.  If MTV was around, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were altering text messages.  You’ve all seen them do it on shows before even if you were unaware of it happening.  Here are a couple of examples that you might have missed.

These two text messages are from the same scene in Arianna’s episode of 16 & Pregnant.  In the scene, Maurice asks for a paternity test, and Arianna responds that she doesn’t want him to talk to her any more.  Sadly, MTV’s editing crew missed the fact that these are two completely different conversations, and from my experience with MTV, there’s a good chance that neither one of them actually happened.

arianna1 arianna1

During the whole conversation about Isaac being half white on the Teen Mom 2 finale, the text messages were also allegedly fabricated to show the conversation for viewers on screen as opposed to having a phone conversation be redone (which also happens) long after filming the incident is over.

While obviously this is all speculation, we can only assume that the issues in Leah and Jeremy’s marriage will be played out on national television during the 6th season of Teen Mom 2.  I’m also interested in hearing your opinions.  Do you think Leah and Jeremy will make things work, or are these two destined for failure?


Ever since Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert was seen on season 5 having a serious reaction to her prescribed anti-anxiety pills, rumors have been swirling that she’s got some pretty serious addiction problems.  While Leah has never mentioned the addiction, sources that claim to know her have posted online saying that pictures of her doing meth have been shopped around, and that her dealer illegally sells Leah nearly 40 prescription pain pills a week.  Really though…who could forget about the dye for the baby’s head incident?


leah4 leah3 leah2

Back in December, Corey and Leah had a custody hearing regarding their 5 year old twin girls, Ali and Aleeah.  Corey was fighting for full custody, and Leah was simply trying to maintain custody of her children.  Around that time, Leah reportedly took a drug test and used the findings from the test as evidence of her sobriety in court.

The test, which was a hair follicle assessment, showed that Leah was not abusing any form of drug.  Some readers are skeptical as to whether or not the results were required for court, or if Leah simply used the test as a way to weight her side of the custody battle.

Leah and Corey are reportedly filming for a 6th season of Teen Mom 2, which should air sometime this spring.  While we can’t guarantee that the custody battle will be featured, we can assume that MTV will focus on the new arrangements that are made for the girls.  Leah currently has the girls for 4 nights each week, while Corey has them for 3 nights a week.  This is just about as even of a custody split that they could have, and both parents are reportedly fine with the way that things worked out.

1. Maci Bookout is in a bad accident


Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout was involved in a pretty serious car accident this weekend.  Earlier this morning she took to Instagram to share the collage of pictures of her Jeep Wrangler after the incident.  Maci’s son, Bentley, was in the vehicle with her when this all happened, and Maci is also around 20 weeks pregnant, so there were obvious concerns about everyone’s safety during the accident.  Maci shared online that she and Bentley were lucky to walk away from the accident with only a few bruises, and that her unborn daughter is perfectly healthy as well.  Maci pointed out that the Jeep rolled 3 times and that she was not responsible for the accident.  Other vehicles were also involved, and we’re hoping that everyone involved is able to make a full recovery.

2. Jeremy’s back on Twitter

Jeremy took a social media hiatus for about 6 weeks after the cheating incident went down, but he’s back and it seems like he might be up to his same old antics.  Jeremy had an alleged fling with a girl named Brittany Musick, and he reportedly shared naked pictures with her via text message while still married to Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer-Calvert.  Jeremy’s been back on Twitter for less than 24 hours, and he’s only done one thing: favorited one of Brittany’s tweets about having a talent agent.

brittany jeremy 1

Normally, I wouldn’t be concerned about Jeremy favoriting things, because it really doesn’t matter, but a couple things struck me as strange.  The first is that the initial Tweet is from Christmas day, which means that Jeremy would have gone through 3 and a half weeks of Brittany’s Tweets simply to favorite this one.  The second issue is that Jeremy’s caused social media uproar by flirting with this girl, and the instant he’s back online, she’s the first person he goes for.  Is there more to this story than we know?

3. Isaac has a 5th birthday party


It really doesn’t seem possible that Isaac (or any of the Teen Mom kids) could be 5 years old yet, but I guess they’ve grown up before our eyes.  Isaac celebrated his 5th birthday this weekend with a Ninja Turtle party, and it looks like he had a blast.  Kailyn took to Instagram to share a few photos of his birthday celebration, and to thank people for all of the birthday wishes for Isaac.  We’re not sure if MTV was around to film this event, but they normally don’t miss birthdays.  Hopefully we see more of his party on season 6 of Teen Mom 2.

4. Briana makes a trip to the hospital


Teen Mom 3 star, Briana Dejesus, has been pretty sick lately.  She’s posted about her health on Twitter, and yesterday, her boyfriend Shoc shared the news that she was in the hospital due to the health issues.  While we don’t know any official diagnosis, it seems like things are pretty rough for Briana.  This morning she shared a heartfelt message on her Instagram thanking Shoc for being there for her while she’s in the hospital.

Just wanted to say thank you for these last few days, even if it was for the smallest things…like surprising me at the hospital…like helping me put my hair up bc I can’t use both of my hands, helping me walk to the bathroom every 5 seconds, helping me put my shirt on so it doesn’t get stuck to my iv, helping me take a shower, or buying me food from outside cause the meals here stink, tucking me into bed, staying up with me all night even tho I knew u were tired, holding my hand when I was receiving antibiotics thru my veins bc it hurt/burned so bad. Just thank you for putting all the nonsense aside and being here for me. Thank u @krownshoc

Here’s to hoping that Briana makes a full recovery and feels better soon!


As we all know by now, Leah’s had a ton of crap going on in her life throughout the last couple of months.  She’s been accused of cheating on Jeremy, had Robbie sell the story of them hooking up, then Jeremy ended up flirting publicly with some girl named Brittany (who now thinks she needs an agent for some ungodly reason) and then she dissed Corey and Miranda’s marriage admit a late night Facebook rant.  There’s also been reports of pregnancies, pain pill addiction, and stealing $50,000 from her child’s trust fund.  While we can’t verify all of these rumors, we can provide you with an excerpt from Leah’s most recent Facebook rant which happened late on Christmas day.

She said, “I would be ashamed of myself, especially the article [about] me taking money from my children. The funny thing about it is… The money that was given to my kids is not in the account they’re saying it was ‘stolen’ from… Have you ever heard of CDs at a bank?”

The post continued and got a little lengthy, so I’m simply going to paste it here for you to read and decipher on your own:

I’m doing my best at being as nice as I can be and as PATIENT as I can be for soon it will be my time to speak to everyone and they will see… I will not need a “close source” etc or even an attorney to do it for me. I have no reason to downgrade anyone but just to speak the TRUTH rather I look bad or I don’t look bad. I would never chose to put someone down to lift myself up. I guess each to their own though and they one day will pay that price. This is honestly all I have to say to this post. I’ve never in my life could say some of the things to someone that I see and am called on social media and one day yes you too will have to pay a price for that, if that person is you. I forgive you anyways and love every single person that was given life and I wish NOTHING but the best for you and everyone in this world. Xoxo

Leah later added in that people who have been criticizing her would learn a lot from reading her new book that is coming out “when the time is right.”

The thing that gets me about Leah is that she always makes a point to mention that she’s said all she’s going to say, but then the vent sessions just continue.  I’m all for getting emotions out, but I’m also all for doing it on a more private setting.  The difference between Leah having a social media meltdown and some random person on the street having a meltdown is the fact that Leah is throwing her private thoughts at over 2 million people who simply “like” her page, plus all of the people that read the articles that are posted about it after the fact.

In other Leah news, she recently tweeted that she thought this year was going to be the worst year ever, but that on December 8th, things turned around and it’s ended up being the best year of her life.  As far as we can tell, the 8th was pretty close to her custody battle with Corey over who would get their twin girls the majority of the time.  We know that the results of their custody battle were something pretty close to 50/50 time, and Leah’s commented that she thinks the judge’s decision was in her daughters’ best interest.  I just feel like a lot of things have happened since the 8th that could have still made this a pretty crummy year for Leah.