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All of the girls are getting ready to get together in New York City to do some press for the upcoming season.  Catelynn and Tyler talk about how they handle Farrah in person, and they’re sure taht they can handle things.  Tyler asks if Cate knows what she’s going to wear and Cate says she’s still too big to fit into her normal clothes.


Farrah ends up in New York before the other girls to spend time with Simon.  They get all lovey in the taxi and it’s weird as hell. Simon makes some comment about how once you’re married, you only hear nagging from your wife and Farrah gives him the cold shoulder.

Farrah and Simon sit down and have a meal together.  Farrah confronts him about his comment on marriage and he seems kind of off about everything.  They kiss and make up and start flirting all over again and it’s just strange.  Her lips are so big.


Amber calls Gary and talks about picking Leah up from school.  The producer chats with Amber and Matt about going to New York.  Amber picks up Leah from school and takes her to Gary’s house, but Leah is upset and doesn’t want to go to Gary’s house.  Amber promises that when she’s back from New York, she and Leah will spend a lot of time together.  Honestly, Amber does a good job with Leah considering she missed so much of her childhood due to being in jail.

Amber makes it to New York and meets up with the other girls for a photoshoot.  All of their stories are overlapping, and it’s not going to be easy to separate all of these so I’m going to start writing one post in the bottom of this feed.


Maci and Taylor walk their dog and meet up with Kiki the producer.  Maci reveals that she’s not going to school this semester because she can’t manage everything in her life at this point.  Maci is excited to see Catelynn and Amber again, but is not excited to see Farrah.  Maci isn’t sure if Farrah knows about the fact that Maci quit the show when Farrah came back.  It’s been years since all 4 of them have been together, and Maci just wants everyone to keep their shit together.


All of them together:

All of the girls meet up for a photo shoot, and things seem to be going pretty well.  Farrah and Catelynn hug and things are fine.  Maci shows up and says hi to everyone.  Maci holds Novalee for a bit.  Amber shows up and everyone hugs.  They all swoon over the baby.  Everyone meets Matt and people seem pretty civil.

Farrah leaves, and the trailer happens to come out showing Maci quitting the show.  Until now, Farrah doesn’t know that Maci quit the show upon finding out that she was back on.  Drama is sure to happen soon enough.

Everyone is doing their online interviews, and Farrah’s interview is last so she doesn’t get to go out to supper with the rest of the cast.  Amber reveals that Vivid contacted her several years ago to do a pornographic film, and even though she was in the  middle of her addiction, she chose to not go through with something like that.

Farrah’s interview goes on and they show her the clip of Maci quitting the show.  When asked how she feels about it, Farrah says that there are just no feelings about Maci at this point because of everything.  Farrah says that everyone has their own opinions and that someone should seek counseling if they have that strong of emotions about someone that they hardly even know.  Farrah says that she thinks she wasn’t included from the start because MTV thinks that she is a porn star.  Farrah says she’s over the judgement and that she isn’t going to waste her energy and be negative.

Maci goes out to eat with some friends and reveals that her unborn baby’s name is going to be Jayde Carter.  Maci tells them about Farrah’s return to the show and how she’s stressed because she doesn’t know how much Farrah actually knows.  Maci has to see Farrah later today in interviews.  Maci doesn’t want confrontation, and she doesn’t need an apology.  Maci wants everyone to just agree to disagree about things, but knows that isn’t how Farrah functions.

Farrah talks to Heather about things.  Farrah says she’s in a different place but that Maci has stayed in the same place.  Farrah says she’s not offended by the fact that Maci quit the show, and that she simply doesn’t have time to defend herself. I don’t even know how to slip Farrah’s comments into this post so I’m just leaving them in random places.

“Candy Willow featuring Ryan, her ex-boyfriend, who probably looks at my back door.”

Amber thinks that it’s been nice to see everyone.  She doesn’t have anything to argue with Farrah about any more.  Amber is living her life, and she doesn’t think she has any room to judge things because she was an addict at one point.

The ladies are splitting up.  Maci is with Amber and Cate is with Farrah.  I used to talk to Haley Longman all the time.  She’s the lady from OK! Magazine.  Everyone answers their interview questions and then they head to lunch in the conference room.  Farrah makes small talk with Amber and Matt.  Maci shows up and shit instantly hits the fan between her and Farrah.  farrah’s all “Maci why are you here?” and it doesn’t look like this will be ending well.

Maci and Farrah get into it.  Maci doesn’t feel the need to apologize, and Farrah is pissed off.  Maci just keeps telling her that it’s not about Farrah at all.  Maci and Farrah agree to sit and talk through things, but we all know that this isn’t going to end well.  Maci says that she’s willing to clear things up, but that she doesn’t want to argue.  Farrah wants Maci to explain everything to her, but the continues to keep talking and giving attitude, so Maci gets up and leaves.  Farrah says that’s a real “Maci way” to handle things.  True.

Everyone eats pizza – seems like all they’re doing is eating and arguing with Farrah.  Everyone is just trying to figure out how to handle Farrah.  Tyler sends Catelynn a text about how Farrah tweeted that whole shenanigan about the book covers not having their kids on them.  Matt thinks that Farrah is unapologetic and mean, and that she doesn’t give a shit.  The girls think that Farrah cares a lot, but that she covers it up with anger and bitchiness.

Maci is supposed to go on stage with Farrah, but doesn’t want to be alone with her because of everything that happened the day before.  They decide to just interview all 4 girls at once instead of two at a time, and it seems like the stuff will go better, but they instantly get into shit again.  Farrah says that she’s willing to hear Maci out, and she doesn’t really give her a chance to actually share.  They all get into it about the tweet, and Amber is mad about the fact that Farrah is being passive aggressive.  Farrah just gives Amber the mom look, and it’s super pathetic.  Catelynn just thinks it’s sad.  They shouldn’t be fighting and they’ve all been through a lot in the past 6 years.  It’s fine to agree to disagree.  They’re all trying to make sure that their kids are healty, educated, and stable, and each of them can do that in their own way.

Farrah walks away from the other three girls at the end of their time on this episode.  Everyone goes home and handles their shit appropriately.


I know that some people really think that Maci is the best mom to hit this franchise, but her son is 6 years old and she still hasn’t really accomplished anything.  She’s yet to finish a 2 year degree, and she’s not the type of girl that finishes things that she begins (unless we’re talking about alcoholic beverages).  Surprisingly enough, Maci has finally finished something semi-productive.

Maci’s joining the ranks of several other Teen Mom counterparts and is publishing a book.  The book, titled Bulletproof, is available now for preorder on Amazon.  Maci has been rumored to be writing a memoir for almost as long as she’s been working on her associate’s degree, but it looks like she’s finally finished it and it’s finally going to be available for fans to read.

Here’s the preview on Amazon of what you can expect to read about in Maci’s book:

Maci Bookout was just a normal, slightly overachieving high school girl in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But then she got pregnant, and everything turned upside down. Even as she rose to fame on MTV’s hit series Teen Mom, Maci was struggling to balance life as a single teen mom with her own hopes and dreams…all while honoring her own sense of independence.

This is the true story of how she took charge of the unexpected to build a life for herself and her son Bentley, and managed not to go crazy in the process. Because sometimes growing up is an act of will…and Maci’s will is bulletproof.

I’m unsure of whether or not Maci’s book will flourish like the other Teen Mom story lines.  At least the other stories featured a significant amount of information that wasn’t shown on television.  Kailyn talked about her alcoholic mother and Suzi’s sweet sixteen present.  Amber mentions a lot of behind the scenes things.  Catelynn and Tyler also talk more about their childhood and emotions that went on behind the scenes, including Tyler’s suicide attempt.  Farrah luckily published her book before she turned into a porn star, and people were still interested in how she handled things after the death of Sophia’s father.

Maci’s book is set to come out this summer on July 21st.  Will you be purchasing and reading Maci’s book, or will you pass?  Which Teen Mom or 16 & Pregnant star would you actually be interested in reading a book about?  Sound off in the comments below!

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On last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, we saw both Maci and Taylor talk about getting married. While Maci had hoped that she would have been engaged before getting pregnant, Taylor didn’t see any sense in rushing it.  He did agree, however, that he felt like he should propose before the baby made her arrival in June.

Over the weekend, Maci had a baby shower for her unborn daughter, Jayde Carter McKinney.  Fans were quick to point out that Maci is wearing a ring on her left hand in all of the baby shower pictures.  While we currently don’t know if Taylor popped the question or not, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch since it’s been talked about.

With only a few weeks left until Maci’s due date, Taylor’s time is dwindling to get the proposal done before the baby arrives.  We’re unsure of whether or not  Maci is actually engaged, but we’re sure that the commitment is probably coming sooner or later.

Do you think that Taylor finally popped the question?  Do you think Taylor and Maci will actually ever get married?  Sound off in the comments below!


This is going to be a brief post.  Megan moved and is getting cable tomorrow.  Therefor, she was unable to watch the episode and give a recap tonight, but I know you want a place to chat about the show, so this is it!

Again, this is only a temporary thing until she gets back up and running.  Thank you for your patience!


Reunited and it feels so good!


Live updates throughout the episode – might be shorter than most, but I’ll still update as frequently as possible.


Catelynn is trying to manage her weight after her last appointment.  They’re headed to North Carolina to meet with Brandon and Teresa, and Dawn is coming with them to mediate everything.  They sit down with Dawn and talk about concerns with the adoption and Tyler simply wants to know why Brandon and Teresa don’t want pictures posted.  Dawn just wants Tyler and Catelynn to realize that they can’t make decisions for Carly any more.  Dawn says that if they don’t follow the rules, it ultimately effects Carly.

Catelynn and Tyler board a plane and head off to see Carly.  They stay in a hotel for the night and talk about seeing her.  They’re both excited, but you can tell that there’s still a lot of tension.  Tyler’s been contemplating what to say for over a week, and I have a feeling it’s going to all boil over once everyone is together.

Catelynn and Tyler get ready to meet with Brandon and Teresa.  They’re nervous and didn’t sleep much as all.  Brandon and Teresa look happy, which is always good.  Tyler is confused about the posting picture thing, and they feel like they’re walking on egg shells for everything.  Brandon and Teresa feel like the same thing happens on their side.  Brandon and Teresa announce fear about the fact that eventually when Carly grows up, she might want to have more of a relationship with her biological parents.  There’s some tears shed over the emotions, and Dawn pipes in to say that adoption is covered in insecurities.  I thought I would leave that scene feeling better about things, but I don’t really feel like much was actually accomplished.

Brandon and Teresa allow to let Catelynn and Tyler see Carly, but they don’t want her on camera in order to maintain her privacy.  Carly’s dress is cute – but that’s about all I can say because we obviously can’t see her face.  She has a cute voice though.  Tyler and Catelynn give Carly and Elsa doll.  Brandon and Teresa give baby Nova some of Carly’s old clothes, which is really touching.  I’m glad that they were all together, and they seemed genuinely happy.

Catelynn and Tyler leave from their visit and it’s bittersweet.  They’re happy to see her, but always upset to leave.  Tyler it glad that they were able to get some things out in the open.  Teresa told Catelynn that she would love the new baby very much, and that it’s a piece of Catelynn and Tyler, and also a piece of Carly.  That’s pretty precious if you ask me.


Amber starts out this episode with a phone call to Gary.  Gary asks if Amber is ok, and it’s kind of weird.  Apparently he’s calling all the time and it’s awkward for Amber.  Amber sits down with her brother and talks about Gary’s pending second child.  Shawn has a lovely analogy about being released from the prison of her heart now that she realizes it won’t ever work with Gary.

Gary the Hairy Fairy calls Amber.  Amber says that Gary is flirting with her and asking if she misses the sex.  Amber says that now that Kristina is pregnant, things are extra weird.  Amber doesn’t want to be with him, and she wants closure and thinks that the conversations need to stop.

Leah comes over and brings a present for her mom.  Gary’s mom is there and she’s wearing way too much makeup.  Gary’s mom talks about how things are going with Gary and Kristina.  Amber opens up about her feelings a bit, but things end strangely between the two of them.  Gary calls later, and Amber picks up.  Gary calls trying to hook up with Amber, and she’s pissed about that.

Amber goes to the pumpkin patch with Leah, and Gary keeps calling her.   Kristina is sick and pregnant and no fun.  Gary flosses his teeth while telling his girlfriend about how Amber reacted to the pregnancy.  Kristina feels like Gary is leading Amber on and that he’s giving her false hopes.  Kristina is pretty upset and she starts crying.  Gary is an asshole.  End of discussion.

Amber has Gary come over to talk about things.  Amber lets Gary know that some of the shit he’s doing needs to stop.  Basically Amber doesn’t want to hear about Gary’s penis any more, and she needs closure.  Part of me wants her to get up and bitch slap him again.  Amber just wants him to leave after they end up arguing and it’s awful, but hopefully she somehow got some of that closure she wanted.


Maci has a speaking engagement in Pennsylvania, and we finally hear a little bit about Maci’s speaking.  Maci sees a magazine cover about her getting married, which was also interesting to see.  When she’s back, Maci talks to Taylor about the pregnancy and she thinks that Mimi Jen is going to flip shit when she finds out.

Halloween is tomorrow and Maci is supposed to hand off Bentley.  Maci wants to tell Ryan about the baby, but doesn’t know what he’ll say.  Maci and Taylor take Bentley trick or treating and he’s a pretty sweet looking Ninja Turtle.  Maci lets Ryan and Larry know that she’s pregnant.  They take it pretty well in front of her, but who knows what was said about it in the car afterwards.

Ryan tells his mom about Maci being pregnant.  She asks if Maci is getting married, and Ryan doesn’t really know.  Ryan and Shelby are not together at this point, but Mimi Jen doesn’t think that she was ready to date someone with a child.  Ryan didn’t agree to talk about this, so he takes his microphone off and walks away.

Maci talks on the radio show for a bit, and then sits down with her friend Ashley for lunch.  Maci lets her know that both of their families know, but that things went pretty well.  Maci is nervous for how Jen is going to react, but that she’s probably only concerned about when Maci and Taylor will get married.

Maci is picking up Bentley from Mimi Jen’s house, and she’s still nervous about how they’ll react to the pregnancy.  Mimi says she’s excited about things, but does ask about a marriage.  Maci says they’re not getting married before the baby because she wants to get drunk after her wedding.  Maci reveals that she was nervous about everything but it’s nice to see them all back to normal.


She’s back – and she’s still a bitch.  Sophia is cute though, so whatever.  That’s honestly all I have to say about her 3 minutes of the show.

teen mom logo

Bringing back the old logo because I don’t like the new one at all.  Follow along with this post for live updates throughout the episode!


Bentley is going to turn 6 in a few days.  Maci and Taylor break the news to the MTV camera crew that they’re having a kid together.  They’ve known for about a week at this point, and nobody really knows about it.  Later that day, Maci and Taylor go out with a couple of friends and tell them the news.  Maci tells her friend that they weren’t doing anything to protect themselves from getting pregnant because Maci had been formerly told that she couldn’t have kids.  Maci plans on telling Bentley that she’s pregnant on his birthday.

Maci meets with a friend and talks about the classes that she’s taking.  Maci says that she’s going to graduate next May and wants to get a job in social media.  Maci started college in January of 2009, and she’s been in college for 5 years.  Maci picks up Bentley and asks Ryan about doing Bentley’s birthday together.  Maci is going to do his party at the jump park and invites Ryan along.  Ryan says he isn’t worried about it but that it seems like a hassle to not argue.

Bentley has his birthday party, but Maci hasn’t heard from Ryan.  Ryan’s parents are there, which is a little awkward that they’re putting in the effort, but Ryan isn’t.  Ryan shows up about 45 minutes later.  Jen tells Maci that Ryan and Shelby have been fighting a lot and that Ryan is planning on moving out.  They start arguing on camera.  Maci is glad that Ryan showed up, and Maci feels like it’s awkward because it’s the first time they’re all in the same place.  Bentley has a pretty sweet Ninja Turtle cake.  Later that night, Bentley gets to open his presents and he opens a present from the baby.  Bentley isn’t so sure about it, and he doesn’t think that his mom is really having a baby.  Maci shows him the ultrasound and he seems kind of excited about it after that.

Bentley and Maci talk about the new baby.  Bentley thinks he’s ready, but that he is nervous about things.  Bentley says he’s worried since he’ll have a different dad than the new baby.  Maci tries to reassure him that he’ll have a lot of the same things even though the baby is new.  Bentley just doesn’t want to clean diapers.



She’s still pregnant and gaining a lot of weight.  Her boobs look seriously gigantic.  Tyler regrets posting the video of Carly, and is concerned that it might keep them from getting their yearly visit.  They get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, and then the doctor talks to Catelynn about her diet and her weight gain.

Tyler is really harping on Catelynn about her weight.  Catelynn doesn’t care about how much she gains, because she’s going to enjoy her pregnancy.  Tyler decides to Google things and talks about how Catelynn was self conscious when she was pregnant with Carly.  Catelynn says she doesn’t want to be fat when she gets married.

Catelynn and Tyler head off to find a wedding venue.  They’re looking for a late summer wedding.  The venue that they look at is gorgeous, and they end up booking it for August.  Catelynn wants to lose weight after Nova is born, and tells a friend that she’s already gained 20 pounds.  Catelynn’s glucose test came back pretty crappy, so they think she might have gestational diabetes.  She has to go back for a 3 hour test to see how it goes.  Cate and Ty still haven’t heard about a visit with Carly.

Teresa calls Catelynn to talk about some adoption things.  She wants to have a meeting with Cate and Ty and Dawn to talk about things.  Tyler wants to be able to talk about his frustration that was captured on camera, and Catelynn wants them to realize that they’re sacrificing emotions to try and accommodate for Brandon and Teresa.  Their meeting is scheduled in a couple of weeks, so we’ll see how that goes.

Catelynn goes to see Kim and April to make chocolates for her baby shower.  Cate tells them about the meeting with Brandon and Teresa while stuffing her face with chocolate.  So much for not gaining much weight.  Tyler talks to his mom about Cate’s weight gain, and tells her about the conversation with Brandon and Teresa.  Tyler has some serious issues with all of the adoption regulations, but he needs to work on how he comes across.



Amber’s brother is graduating from college so her family drives to Nashville in order to see his graduation.  Amber lets her family know that since she’s on parole, she has to have a traveling permit so that people know where she’s at.  Amber looks very healthy, and I’m honestly impressed at how much better she’s doing.  Congrats to Bubby on graduating.  I feel weird even typing Bubby as someone’s name.  Meanwhile at Gary’s house, his girlfriend is officially knocked up.  Gary asks if he’s the dad, and then they start talking about options.  Kristina says that she got pregnant during a birth control switch, and that neither of them really wanted to have another child.  Gary thinks that Amber is going to be really upset.  Why the hell is Gary counting quarters on the table?

Gary has told Leah that she’s going to be a big sister.  Leah thinks it’s going to be a girl, and Gary straight up tells her that this baby was an accident.  Amber sits down with Bubby and talks about her future goals.  He says that anything worth doing is going to take hard work.  Amber talks about custody and talks about the fact that she doesn’t pay child support, but that she does help financially.  Bubby is scared about what will happen if Gary takes Amber to court.

Gary is bringing Leah over after school.  Gary talks to his girlfriend about their commitment issues and such.  Gary basically says that just because they’re having a kid together doesn’t mean that they have to be together forever.  Gary plans on being polite when he tells Amber about the new baby, but we can probably guess how that will really go.

Gary and Leah head off to Amber’s house.  Leah talks about how her teacher wouldn’t let her use the bathroom so she pooped her pants.  Gary thinks she’s joking about it.  Gary comes in to talk to Amber about Kristina being pregnant.  Amber’s “oh my god” reaction which we thought was about Farrah’s return, was actually about Gary having a kid.  Amber tries to talk to Gary about watching his words on national television so that he doesn’t end up hurting Kristina’s feelings by being an asshole on television.

Amber’s cousin comes over and Amber tells her about Gary’s new baby.  Amber says that with Gary having a baby, it sealed the deal that she won’t ever be with him again.  Amber said she felt like she was going to explode, and that she wanted their family together regardless.  Amber realizes now that she won’t be with him.  It’s obviously a lot for her to take in, but she’s seeming to really handle it well.

Amber is having a rough time with all of this, and Heather the producer tries to talk to her about stuff.  Amber says she’ll never be able to get over Gary having a kid with someone else.  Amber breaks down on the couch, and says how she’s scared that she can’t even have a relationship with a guy because of how much Gary hurt her.  Amber asks to be left alone, and it’s really sad to see her like that.