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Catelynn and Tyler recap their lives since 16 & Pregnant, and they’re pretty excited to announce that they’re trying for a baby.  Go figure, the instant MTV shows up the test shows a little pink plus sign, and they’re trying to come up with a plan for how to handle things once their baby arrives.

Catelynn talks to her mom about her pregnancy and Farrah’s erotic sex novels.  April compliments Cate’s boobies, and it’s a little awkward.  Catelynn would like to get married soon, but reveals that Tyler is a little reluctant to the idea.  Tyler tells his mom that Catelynn is pregnant and she has a conversation with him about whether or not he’s ready for it.  It’s a little late for that conversation, honestly!

Tyler is online and is checking things out about how the Internet actually knew about Catelynn’s pregnancy before she announced it.  Catelynn and Tyler wanted to wait until after the “miscarriage phase” in order to ensure that things went smoothly and wanted to have a nice story.  I couldn’t imagine having that much of a problem with keeping my life private.  I’m sure it’s annoying.  Catelynn talks with a friend about Farrah again – so far Catelynn’s the only one to mention it – and is talking about the Couples Therapy reunion.  Cate thinks Farrah is insanely mad about not being on Teen Mom this season.

Cate and friend talk about getting married before having a baby because Cate thinks she’s more traditional in that sense.

Cate and Ty go to the Couples Therapy reunion and have to see Farrah for the first time in two years.  Although Farrah’s not on the show yet, it’s great that she made an appearance in this episode!  Farrah chimes in that she’s not disappointed in their choices, but claims that it’s not the route that they’ve been preaching.  Things end with the three of them trying to save face, but I guess we’ll see as the season goes on.

Catelynn and Tyler talk about their wedding plans, but Tyler is insistent that a baby doesn’t have anything to do with marriage.  Catelynn is concerned that Tyler might “freak out” about the wedding when it gets close to the date again.  Tyler confirms that he does want to marry Catelynn for real this time.


Amber is out of prison after 17 months, and she’s bought a house!  Amber talks with her cousin about adjusting to life.  Amber says that once you’re an addict, you’re always an addict.  We view her little recap from her time on MTV, and we even get to see her slap Gary again!  Amber is struggling with seeing Leah since she doesn’t have custody and since Gary has a new girlfriend!  Gary thinks that giving Leah antibiotics for an ear infection is the same as rocket science.  Leah is cute as ever in her pep talk about climbing trees.  I can’t even handle it.

Gary comes to pick up Leah, and we get to see them interact for the first time.  Gary checks on Amber, and it’s nice to see these two people get along for once.  Gary’s implying that if he and his girlfriend break up that he might get back with Amber, and it’s awkward.  Even though that hand off was weird, it was kind of nice to see them be civil with each other.

Gary and his girlfriend are setting up bunk beds together.  Gary kind of blows off his girlfriend’s chatter about marriage.  Amber and her mother go to a pedicure with her cousin.  Amber says that it’s nice to have a friendship with Gary instead of fighting, and that’s nice.  Amber’s mother just talks about how she can’t trust Gary about things, and Amber simply doesn’t want to talk about the bad things that have happened.

Amber talks to her cousin about her thoughts about getting high after the stresses at the nail salon.  Amber thinks that seeing Leah will help her.  Gary’s girlfriend administers the rocket science medication to Leah.  Gary is “playing” with Leah while he’s sitting in a recliner.  Gary tells Amber that they’re all going on vacation for a week, so Leah can’t come over.  Amber doesn’t want to hear about Gary’s new relationship, and it makes her mad, so she talks to the producer about it to get it off her chest.

Gary and clan get their stuff packed up for vacation.  Amber sits down with the producer to talk about things, and even admits that she understands why Gary has done everything she’s done.  They say that Gary is a great guy, but the thing that bothers her the most is that she’s never going to have him back again.  Amber is still struggling with things after her prison stay, but is doing her best to adjust.


Maci is in her last year of college and has a weekly radio show through her school.  Maci’s boyfriend Taylor moved across the country to live with Maci and Bentley.  Maci has a recap of her time on MTV and the failure of a relationship that she had with Ryan.  Ryan’s dating a girl named Shelby, and Maci says that it’s a serious relationship.  Bentley has to get ready for bed, and he throws a fit about it and ends up sleeping in Maci’s bed instead.  Maci thinks that Bentley is acting out because of his first day of filming.  Ryan has Bentley for the weekend, but Bentley doesn’t want to go to Nashville with him.

Ryan and Bentley go and sail a remote controlled boat.  I wish Ryan had subtitles because I can hardly understand him.  Maci has a friend named Mimi, which I can only imagine being super weird.  Maci’s guy friend is getting a pedicure with them as well.  Maci claims that Ryan is incapable of putting Bentley ahead of himself, but seeks her friends’ advice on how to talk to Ryan about this stuff.

Maci sends Ryan a text asking if they can talk when she picks up Bentley.  Ryan calls Maci and asks what they need to talk about.  Ryan doesn’t want to talk about things at all, and doesn’t want to handle things in person at all.

Bentley gets an extra scene where he tries to pull his tooth out.  Shelby suggests trying the string/doorknob theory. Has anyone ever done that before?  It seems painful.

Maci stops by Ryan’s parents’ house to pick up Bentley.  It looks like his tooth actually came out.  Maci talks to Ryan’s mother about ideas to get Ryan to communicate with her better, but Mimi Jen thinks that it’s best to try and be non-confrontational about this kind of thing in order to get through to Ryan.

Maci tries to get Bentley to bed, and he seems much more well behaved this time around.  Maci and Taylor talk about the co-parenting relationship between her and Ryan.  Maci is going to try and email Ryan to talk about things.  Taylor is the voice of reason saying that, “As long as you have Bentley, you’ve got to keep trying.”

1. Teen Mom OG Returns

teen mom og logo

First and foremost, today is the day that we’ve all been waiting for.  MTV is officially airing Teen Mom OG tonight at 10/9 Central time.  I will be live tweeting the episode as well as writing the recap while watching.  It will be available shortly after the episode is finished, and I’ll be able to approve comments throughout the day tomorrow because recaps seem to bring in a lot of new commenters! We love new people!

2. Maci is about to graduate


Well it’s about time.  This girl has been working on an associate’s degree for about 5 years now.  Maci is enrolled at Chattanooga State, which is the same college we’ve been seeing her go to for several seasons, but she’s actually almost finished with a degree in social media-marketing according to People Magazine.  Maci is due with her daughter, Jayde, in June, which is actually only about 11 weeks away.  If our sources are correct, MTV may continue filming Maci throughout her whole pregnancy and feature the birth of Jayde towards the end of the season – similar to what happened with Jenelle’s pregnancy with Kaiser.

3. Jenelle and Nathan are working it out


I just tried to choose a picture where everyone looked happy like in The Notebook

Nothing screams that you’ve got a healthy relationship quite like being arrested for domestic violence.  Anyway, Jenelle and Nathan are back together according to Jenelle.  She’s been spotted out and about with her engagement ring on, and has posted several lovey-dovey things about how Nathan is her one and only.  She also has been posting more pictures of her kids lately, but we can assume that has to do with the fact that she can’t spend time with Nathan until their court date, so she just has more time for the tiny humans that she birthed.  I don’t recall any domestic violence charges in The Notebook.  Anyone want to take bets on how long the relationship lasts this time around?

4. Gary offers his condoms to Amber

gary condom 1

MTV did an exclusive interview with all of the Teen Mom OG ladies while they were in New York City, and Amber was actually asked about Gary’s condom line.  She said that at one point, she and her fiancé, Matt Baier, were picking up Leah and Gary leaned in the car and handed her a condom while stating that the couple might be able to use it that night.  Amber said she was a bit disturbed by the fact that his face was on it, and agreed with all of us by saying that Gary – with two unplanned pregnancies – might not be the best spokesperson for condom usage.

maci 1

Teen Mom OG’s “good girl” Maci Bookout is expecting her second child with boyfriend Taylor McKinney in June.  Teen Mom Junkies broke that news to you a few months back, and then shortly after Christmas, a spread in OK Magazine helped seal the deal.  The timing is pretty convenient, since Teen Mom OG returns to our screens in just a couple of weeks!

Maci’s growing normally as far as we can tell, and things are seeming to be pretty stress free.  Although Maci is still young, I think we can all agree that she’s at a different point in her life than she was when we first met her back on the first season of 16 & Pregnant.

Maci and Taylor are having a little girl, and if the rumors are true, her name will be Jayde Carter McKinney.  Maci has also had several strange pregnancy cravings that she opened up to MTV about in an interview while all of the Teen Mom OG cast was in New York City.  She said that basically she’s wanting to eat any kind of produce covered in salt.  She said that she’s been slicing and peeling lemons as though they were oranges, and that the thought of it made her mouth water.

As a reminder, Teen Mom OG premieres on March 23rd, and will feature the story lines of Catelynn, Amber, and Maci for the first episode, but we’re told that Farrah’s entrance will happen on episode 2.  I will be live-tweeting all of the episodes that I watch, and will try to post recaps on the same night so you’ve all got a place to comment!

Maci Bookout, Farrah Abrahams, Catelynn Lowell

Teen Mom OG is set to premiere in less than a month, but it seems like some drama is still brewing among the girls from the show.  Originally, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood signed on for the show, but producers didn’t feel that the timing was right with three girls instead of four, so they brought back Farrah Abraham to fill in her spot on the show.

When word got out about this, it seems like some of the other Teen Mom girls weren’t too happy.  They had initially stated that they didn’t want their children featured on a show that focused on porn stars, sex toys, and stripping, which are all things that Farrah brings with her story line.

It seems like Maci might have been serious about this concern because she’s reportedly backing her 6 year old son, Bentley, out of the second half of the show which is still being filmed.

The Being Maci Facebook page, which has nearly 600,000 likes, posted a status about Maci’s story line on the upcoming season:


For now, there’s no for sure answer to this.  The page has a huge following, and is reportedly associated with Maci, but it’s not like this is an official statement from MTV or Maci herself explaining the situation.  Maci has not shared any information on whether or not these rumors are true.  I do know that when you sign a contract with MTV, the kids get signed up also, so if Maci did happen to pull her kid from the show, I’m fairly certain that it would be a breach of contract.  Also, Bentley has two parents that share custody of him, so filming could very easily be done while Bentley is with his father as opposed to while he’s with his mother, since Ryan would have just as much say in what his child is doing as Maci does.


Maci Bookout’s second pregnancy was brought to light about a month ago on our blog, and since then, multiple sources have been throwing around name possibilities for Maci and boyfriend of two years, Taylor McKinney’s, baby girl who is due in June.

Sources close to the reality star had originally hinted at the names June or Harley for the unborn child, but recently information about the name Jade had been thrown around.

Maci revealed the baby name while at a speaking engagement in New York this weekend, and has received a lot of positive feedback on the name choice.  Maci’s daughter will (at least for the time being) be named Jayde Carter.  We’re unsure of whether or not baby Jayde will have Maci’s last name or Taylor’s.  Bentley took his father’s last name, so we can probably assume that Maci will make the same choice this time around.

Riding on the coattails of the MTV fame, 16 & Pregnant’s Nikkole Paulun also announced this morning via YouTube that she would be naming her daughter Ellie Jade.  While we’re not entirely sure if this is a coincidence or not, it seems a little fishy to me.  Then again, Tyler and Catelynn chose to name their baby Nova after there had already been a Nova on a Teen Mom spinoff before, so I guess anything is really fair game at this point.

Are you surprised by Maci’s baby name choice? Do you like or dislike the name?

teen mom og logohttpWe’re just about a month away from the new installment of Teen Mom OG, and it’s been a while since these girls have been on our television screens.  MTV must have caught on to this concept, because on Saturday they’re going to be airing new hour-long specials featuring each girl from the original Teen Mom spinioff.  The specials are called “Getting To Know (Insert Name of Teen Mom)” and will feature the girls and their families reliving some of their most emotional 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom moments.

MTV has provided us with a clip of Catelynn’s special, which features her, Tyler, Tyler’s mom and sister, and April chatting about several of their most intense moments during Catelynn’s 16 & Pregnant episode.  The special brings up lots of emotions and really helps people get back in touch with Catelynn’s story line before the new season airs.

MTV also provided us with a clip about Farrah reliving arguments with her mother from her early days on the show.  The clips also bring up hard emotions for Farrah, but most importantly we get to see Debra comment on Farrah’s Antichrist attitude again.

You can catch all four of the “Getting To Know” specials on MTV this Saturday with the following schedule:

12/11AMc Getting To Know Catelynn – Catelynn and Tyler relive their decision to give their baby up for adoption, and everything that followed.

1/12c Getting To Know Amber – Amber and Gary reflect on the years documented by MTV, and discuss her drug addiction, going to jail and the custody of Leah.

2/1c Getting To Know Maci – Maci and her friends examine the past six years and discuss the difficulties of growing up in front of an audience.

3/2c Getting To Know Farrah – Farrah’s family and friends share their feelings about her involvement in the adult entertainment industry, and the hardships following Sophia’s father’s death.

If you’re busy on Saturday morning, you can also catch those specials again that night from .  I will be sure to post recaps of them in preparation for the new season, and to help those of you that can’t see the specials at their normal time.

Here are the later times for the specials:

8/7c Getting To Know Catelynn
9/8c Getting To Know Amber
10/9c Getting To Know Maci
11/10c Getting To Know Farrah


 I was having a really hard time finding all of these videos, so I went to YouTube and checked it out.  It didn’t show up on my computer, but did show up when I searched from my phone.  I emailed the links to myself and I’m going to embed them below so that you can see all four clips in one place.  Hopefully this helps.