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I’ve received a lot of requests for a brief update on all of the 16 & Pregnant girls.  Some of you had favorites from each season that didn’t go on to Teen Mom spinoffs, and you’ve been searching for answers on where they’re at now.  I’m here to help as much as I can.

This post will cover all of the girls from 16 & Pregnant’s first season, which aired in 2009.  While not a ton of information is available on each girl, I’ll do my best to provide as much as I can.  I am planning on posting about a new season each week, which means we’ll have something to talk about in the moments that are a little slower.

1. Maci Bookout


Maci was a teen from Tennessee when we met her back in 2009.  She was pregnant with her son Bentley, and was dealing with issues in a relationship with boyfriend, Ryan Edwards.  Since Maci’s episode finished, she went on to film 4 seasons of Teen Mom.  Maci dated around, and eventually settled down with Taylor McKinney.  Taylor is from Texas, but moved to Tennessee to be with Maci and Bentley this summer.  Maci recently announced her second pregnancy, and is due with a baby girl in June of 2015.  Maci’s story will be followed more closely on an upcoming season of Teen Mom, which is set to air early next month.

2. Farrah Abraham


Farrah, a teen from Council Bluffs, Iowa, was pregnant with her deceased boyfriend’s baby.  She gave birth to daughter, Sophia, on the first season of 16 & Pregnant.  After her episode finished, she was chosen to participate in Teen Mom for 4 seasons.  After Farrah’s time with MTV was over, she got into some trouble.  She had a DUI arrest, and starred in 2 adult films.  She eventually moved to Austin, Texas, and began making appearances around the country at gentlemen’s clubs.  Farrah will not be returning for a 5th season of Teen Mom, but has locked in appearances on E! Network’s Botched, and she also has a role in a low-budget horror film.  Farrah is currently dating a new guy named Simon.

3. Amber Portwood

Amber was pregnant with boyfriend Gary Shirley’s child when we first met her.  The couple struggled to make things work, and ended up splitting up after the birth of their daughter, Leah.  Amber was chosen for Teen Mom, and will be returning for a 5th season of the show in February.  During her filming for Teen Mom, Amber struggled with pain pill addiction, and ended up going to rehab a couple of times, having a suicide attempt, and ultimately served about 18 months of her life in prison.  Amber has made a pretty good recovery, and seems to remain positive on social media accounts.  Amber has recently published a book titled, “Never Too Late” which shows her story of addiction in a new light.  She is working on regaining formal custody of her daughter.  Amber is currently dating a guy who is allegedly a huge Teen Mom fan, but things seem to be going well for them, and they keep their drama off of the Internet, so I’m hoping things keep going like they are.

4. Ebony Rendon


Ebony was a 17 year old from Colorado when we met her on season 1 of 16 & Pregnant.  She and boyfriend Josh struggled with the fact that when they had a child together, both of them couldn’t join the Air Force.  The couple welcomed their daughter, Jocelyn, and later went on to get married.  Josh was enlisted in the military and the couple lived on base, which has strict filming policies.  This is a main reason that they were not chosen for Teen Mom.  The couple found out that they were pregnant in 2011, but the pregnancy ended in miscarriage.  This miscarriage caused Ebony to spiral into depression and self-medication.  Eventually, CPS came and raided the Rendon household and found unsuitable living conditions for Jocelyn.  The couple ended up losing custody for over 6 months.  During the time they were without Jocelyn, they conceived again, and later welcomed their second daughter, Jayda, into the world.  Since this happened, Ebony and Josh have divorced and Ebony has taken a new route in her life.  Ebony came out as bisexual after her split from Josh, and she is dating a woman named Judith that she met during high school.  Apparently there was always chemistry there, but Ebony ended up pregnant and Judith was in a different relationship.  Things seem to be in place for Ebony at this point in her life, and as far as we can tell, she has primary custody of both Jocelyn and Jayda.

5. Whitney Purvis


Whitney Purvis was a 16 year old from Georgia when we met her.  She and boyfriend, Weston Gosa, welcomed Weston Jr. during her episode of 16 & Pregnant.  Since filming ended, Whitney has had a few arrests, including one incident where she was caught stealing a pregnancy test from Walmart.  Whitney did get pregnant again, and she and Weston welcomed their second child, River, into the world in October of 2014.  Whitney’s oldest son suffers from a genetic disease called alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency.  This disease effects the lungs and liver, and can sometimes lead to shortened life expectancy.  Whitney revealed later that she has a 70% chance of out-living her oldest son.  As far as we know, the couple’s second child does not have the genetic disorder, but he is still relatively young and there’s always the possibility for diagnosis later in life.

6. Catelynn Lowell


Catelynn Lowell and boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra, chose adoption for their daughter Carly when they were only 16 years old.  The couple went on to be filmed for Teen Mom, but struggled with putting their child up for adoption.  They ended up getting engaged during Teen Mom, but called the engagement off shortly before appearing on VH1’s Couples Therapy.  Catelynn and Tyler are filming with MTV for a 5th season of Teen Mom, and their story line will focus mainly on their second pregnancy.  The couple revealed in February 2014 that they were trying to conceive, and less than 2 months later, rumors started swirling that they had gotten pregnant.  The couple confirmed rumors and ended up welcoming their daughter, Novalee Reign Baltierra, into the world earlier this month.   Pictures of Nova haven’t surfaced yet, but we can expect to see them within the next couple of weeks.  Rumor has is that Novalee’s name came straight from the 2000 film titled “Where The Heart Is” which features the struggles surrounding a pregnant woman who is ditched in a Walmart parking lot by her boyfriend, and ends up living at Walmart and delivering her child there.

1. Maci Bookout is in a bad accident


Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout was involved in a pretty serious car accident this weekend.  Earlier this morning she took to Instagram to share the collage of pictures of her Jeep Wrangler after the incident.  Maci’s son, Bentley, was in the vehicle with her when this all happened, and Maci is also around 20 weeks pregnant, so there were obvious concerns about everyone’s safety during the accident.  Maci shared online that she and Bentley were lucky to walk away from the accident with only a few bruises, and that her unborn daughter is perfectly healthy as well.  Maci pointed out that the Jeep rolled 3 times and that she was not responsible for the accident.  Other vehicles were also involved, and we’re hoping that everyone involved is able to make a full recovery.

2. Jeremy’s back on Twitter

Jeremy took a social media hiatus for about 6 weeks after the cheating incident went down, but he’s back and it seems like he might be up to his same old antics.  Jeremy had an alleged fling with a girl named Brittany Musick, and he reportedly shared naked pictures with her via text message while still married to Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer-Calvert.  Jeremy’s been back on Twitter for less than 24 hours, and he’s only done one thing: favorited one of Brittany’s tweets about having a talent agent.

brittany jeremy 1

Normally, I wouldn’t be concerned about Jeremy favoriting things, because it really doesn’t matter, but a couple things struck me as strange.  The first is that the initial Tweet is from Christmas day, which means that Jeremy would have gone through 3 and a half weeks of Brittany’s Tweets simply to favorite this one.  The second issue is that Jeremy’s caused social media uproar by flirting with this girl, and the instant he’s back online, she’s the first person he goes for.  Is there more to this story than we know?

3. Isaac has a 5th birthday party


It really doesn’t seem possible that Isaac (or any of the Teen Mom kids) could be 5 years old yet, but I guess they’ve grown up before our eyes.  Isaac celebrated his 5th birthday this weekend with a Ninja Turtle party, and it looks like he had a blast.  Kailyn took to Instagram to share a few photos of his birthday celebration, and to thank people for all of the birthday wishes for Isaac.  We’re not sure if MTV was around to film this event, but they normally don’t miss birthdays.  Hopefully we see more of his party on season 6 of Teen Mom 2.

4. Briana makes a trip to the hospital


Teen Mom 3 star, Briana Dejesus, has been pretty sick lately.  She’s posted about her health on Twitter, and yesterday, her boyfriend Shoc shared the news that she was in the hospital due to the health issues.  While we don’t know any official diagnosis, it seems like things are pretty rough for Briana.  This morning she shared a heartfelt message on her Instagram thanking Shoc for being there for her while she’s in the hospital.

Just wanted to say thank you for these last few days, even if it was for the smallest things…like surprising me at the hospital…like helping me put my hair up bc I can’t use both of my hands, helping me walk to the bathroom every 5 seconds, helping me put my shirt on so it doesn’t get stuck to my iv, helping me take a shower, or buying me food from outside cause the meals here stink, tucking me into bed, staying up with me all night even tho I knew u were tired, holding my hand when I was receiving antibiotics thru my veins bc it hurt/burned so bad. Just thank you for putting all the nonsense aside and being here for me. Thank u @krownshoc

Here’s to hoping that Briana makes a full recovery and feels better soon!


So, normally I don’t post about things like this, but I’ve heard this one going around for a while, and I’m sick of writing about Leah, so I guess I’ll throw something at you.

Maci Bookout is probably the most well-known star from the entire Teen Mom franchise.  She dated Ryan Edwards in high school, ended up pregnant and gave birth to her son Bentley on the first season of 16 & Pregnant.  At that point she was unaware of how much of an impact MTV would have on her life, and after 4 seasons of Teen Mom, and now a comeback season starting up in early 2015, she’s received tons of publicity and notoriety among the Teen Mom world.

Anyway, since things didn’t work out with Ryan, Maci has dated a few guys since we’ve known her.  She was with Kyle King for a while and we saw that relationship happen on Teen Mom.  She also dated Kyle Regal briefly, and now she’s seemed to have settled down with a guy named Taylor McKinney.  Taylor is originally from Texas, but after their relationship got a little more serious, Taylor moved to Tennessee with Maci, and the two of them bought a home together.  They’ve been together for a couple of years, and he will be featured on the upcoming season of Teen Mom.

Maci and Taylor have had engagement rumors being thrown around for a while, but during the last couple months, pregnancy rumors have been flying around as well.  There’s a whole thread on some parenting website about the girls from Teen Mom, and one source, who we were able to track down, claims that she lives in the same city as Maci and that Maci is expecting a baby girl this time around.  She claims that Maci is around 3 or 4 months pregnant at tops, and that even though she and Maci are not friends, Maci is always polite when they run into each other.

Another source posted online that a friend was at the OBGYN for a prenatal appointment when she ran into Maci at the same doctor’s office.  We’ve blurred out the person’s name for privacy, but have also confirmed through them (and their friend) that they do believe this to be true.  Here’s the screen shot of their Facebook post:

maci post 1 - edit

Neither Maci or Taylor have posted anything publically about expecting a child together, but there are some things that might be indicators of a baby in the works.

1. Maci had an entire episode of Teen Mom featured around having a baby with Kyle King.  While he was smart enough to tell her to cool her jets, she seemed intent on having another child, and was perfectly fine with trying for one.

2. This season of Teen Mom might be awfully boring for Maci’s storyline now that her party girl lifestyle and failure to pay taxes has been brought to light.  If she gets pregnant and shows how good of a mother she can be, she might be able to get the good-girl edit back for any future seasons of Teen Mom.  Also, new babies and pregnancies always rake in the most views on MTV shows.  More people watched the episode where Jenelle gave birth to Kaiser than any other episode last season.

3. Maci hasn’t been posting about partying or drinking lately, and that’s slightly out of the normal.  There haven’t been pictures of her surfacing where she’s doing a beer bong on the beach, or passed out drunk on the steps.  While this might simply be a transition to adulthood and responsibility shining through, it might also be the fact that Maci is smarter than to drink while expecting a child. It’s been 4 months since her last beer-drinking selfie was posted on Instagram.

4. Maci hasn’t posted a picture of her whole body online in nearly 11 weeks.  If the sources above are true, Maci would only be 3 or 4 months pregnant at this point and it’s possible for her to hide it, but since she’s so tiny and it’s her second child, she might have started showing earlier than the 3 month mark.

There have also been other people commenting on it, but until I see a picture of Maci at the doctor’s office, or it graces the cover of In Touch magazine, I’m not sure that I’ll believe it.  I’m sure two Teen Mom stars being pregnant in one season would bring in a lot of views for MTV, but it seems like we might just have to wait and see where this one goes.

UPDATE: As of December 29th, Maci Bookout has confirmed her second pregnancy to In Touch.  She is currently 16 weeks pregnant with a girl, and is due in June of 2015.  This will be the first child for her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, and the second child for Maci.

Since Halloween was a couple of days ago, I figured I would make a post to showcase some of the costumes that were worn.


Maci Bookout’s son, Bentley, dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle this year.  MTV was there to capture his Halloween festivities for the return of Teen Mom in early 2015.


Amber Portwood, along with her boyfriend and daughter Leah, spent some time carving pumpkins as a family.  Amber’s festivities were also documented.


Kailyn and Javi’s son, Lincoln, dressed up for his first Halloween as Waldo.  This might be my favorite costume from the Teen Mom crop.


Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree, dressed up as a cowgirl, complete with a stick horse.


Jenelle dressed up with Jace for trick or treating.  Jace was a “zombie SWAT team member” and Jenelle didn’t quite know what she wanted to be, so she told followers not to even ask.


Farrah Abraham dressed up as Elsa from Frozen for Halloween this year.  Sadly, she didn’t spend time on Halloween with her daughter, but instead spent time promoting her line of sex toys.  To view Farrah’s promotions, check out THIS PICTURE which shows her in full costume holding a silicone mold of her ass.

We received an email a few days ago from a guy telling us about this thing called Celebrity Auction Doctors, where celebrities auction off some of their things in order to raise money for charity.  It looks like Maci Bookout has decided to take part in the celebrity auction along with David Otunga and Joshua Ledet.

Basically, the celebrity picks a few things that they could auction off, and the organization uses eBay Giving Works in order to get bids on the items.  When the items are sold, the profit goes to the celebrity’s charity of choice.  Maci has chosen to donate to March of Dimes. Maci is reportedly auctioning off a personal phone call with a fan, a pair of her Converse shoes, and some drawings that Bentley made.

Currently, all of Maci’s items have reached a price of $255 on eBay, and if you want to check them out for yourself, you can do that HERE.

Before this, I had never heard of Celebrity Auction Doctors, but I think it’s nice to be able to have celebrities do something with all of their stuff.  Selling a pair of shoes or some pictures isn’t a huge deal, but I’m glad that Maci is putting her earnings towards a good charity. The video above is a preview for the full Celebrity Auction Doctors show, but if you’d like to watch the entire 18 minute episode, you can check it out HERE.

teen mom

Us Weekly gained access to some exclusive details about the return of Teen Mom, and when we can expect to see the original moms back on our screens.

The article claims that the three girls who will be shown on the return of the season (Maci, Catelynn, and Amber) have changed tremendously since we saw them on their final season 2 years ago, and that they’re all at different points in their lives, which will be good for viewers to see.

Maci has been in a relationship with boyfriend Taylor for around two years now, and the two decided to take the next step and move in together just last month.  Maci is excited to introduce viewers to Taylor, and she’s also excited to show people how much Bentley has grown.  She told Us Weekly that “I feel like I have grown up so much since the last time that I filmed anything for TV, so it will be very interesting to show viewers how our lives have evolved.”

Amber was Teen Mom’s notorious bad girl, but since a 17 month long prison sentence, it seems she’s turned her life around and is doing the best that she can to be a better mom to her now 5 year old daughter, Leah.  Amber is also in the process of writing a tell-all book called “Never Too Late” which is set to debut on August 26th.  Amber says she’s currently enrolled in college after obtaining her GED in prison, but doesn’t know what she wants her major to be at the moment.

Catelynn and Tyler struggled with placing their child up for adoption when we first met them, and now we’re going to be able to see them become parents again when they welcome their second child this winter.  Catelynn is currently almost half way through her pregnancy, and fans are anxious to see how having a child of their own will either help or harm their healing process.

While there isn’t a set air date for the return of Teen Mom, Us Weekly did say that it would happen sometime in 2015.  We can assume it’ll probably be spring because they’ll try to capture as much of Catelynn’s pregnancy and first bit of parenting as possible.

The cast has taken to Twitter to share the news, and they seem pretty excited about making a return to MTV.  Here are some of the messages that they shared with followers.

1 2 3

Farrah hasn’t commented on not being a part of the return of Teen Mom, although I’m sure we’ll hear something from her at some point in the next few weeks.

Are you excited that Teen Mom is coming back, or do you think the show has run its course?  Share your opinions below!