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Maci Bookout, Farrah Abrahams, Catelynn Lowell

Teen Mom OG is set to premiere in less than a month, but it seems like some drama is still brewing among the girls from the show.  Originally, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood signed on for the show, but producers didn’t feel that the timing was right with three girls instead of four, so they brought back Farrah Abraham to fill in her spot on the show.

When word got out about this, it seems like some of the other Teen Mom girls weren’t too happy.  They had initially stated that they didn’t want their children featured on a show that focused on porn stars, sex toys, and stripping, which are all things that Farrah brings with her story line.

It seems like Maci might have been serious about this concern because she’s reportedly backing her 6 year old son, Bentley, out of the second half of the show which is still being filmed.

The Being Maci Facebook page, which has nearly 600,000 likes, posted a status about Maci’s story line on the upcoming season:


For now, there’s no for sure answer to this.  The page has a huge following, and is reportedly associated with Maci, but it’s not like this is an official statement from MTV or Maci herself explaining the situation.  Maci has not shared any information on whether or not these rumors are true.  I do know that when you sign a contract with MTV, the kids get signed up also, so if Maci did happen to pull her kid from the show, I’m fairly certain that it would be a breach of contract.  Also, Bentley has two parents that share custody of him, so filming could very easily be done while Bentley is with his father as opposed to while he’s with his mother, since Ryan would have just as much say in what his child is doing as Maci does.


Maci Bookout’s second pregnancy was brought to light about a month ago on our blog, and since then, multiple sources have been throwing around name possibilities for Maci and boyfriend of two years, Taylor McKinney’s, baby girl who is due in June.

Sources close to the reality star had originally hinted at the names June or Harley for the unborn child, but recently information about the name Jade had been thrown around.

Maci revealed the baby name while at a speaking engagement in New York this weekend, and has received a lot of positive feedback on the name choice.  Maci’s daughter will (at least for the time being) be named Jayde Carter.  We’re unsure of whether or not baby Jayde will have Maci’s last name or Taylor’s.  Bentley took his father’s last name, so we can probably assume that Maci will make the same choice this time around.

Riding on the coattails of the MTV fame, 16 & Pregnant’s Nikkole Paulun also announced this morning via YouTube that she would be naming her daughter Ellie Jade.  While we’re not entirely sure if this is a coincidence or not, it seems a little fishy to me.  Then again, Tyler and Catelynn chose to name their baby Nova after there had already been a Nova on a Teen Mom spinoff before, so I guess anything is really fair game at this point.

Are you surprised by Maci’s baby name choice? Do you like or dislike the name?

teen mom og logohttpWe’re just about a month away from the new installment of Teen Mom OG, and it’s been a while since these girls have been on our television screens.  MTV must have caught on to this concept, because on Saturday they’re going to be airing new hour-long specials featuring each girl from the original Teen Mom spinioff.  The specials are called “Getting To Know (Insert Name of Teen Mom)” and will feature the girls and their families reliving some of their most emotional 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom moments.

MTV has provided us with a clip of Catelynn’s special, which features her, Tyler, Tyler’s mom and sister, and April chatting about several of their most intense moments during Catelynn’s 16 & Pregnant episode.  The special brings up lots of emotions and really helps people get back in touch with Catelynn’s story line before the new season airs.

MTV also provided us with a clip about Farrah reliving arguments with her mother from her early days on the show.  The clips also bring up hard emotions for Farrah, but most importantly we get to see Debra comment on Farrah’s Antichrist attitude again.

You can catch all four of the “Getting To Know” specials on MTV this Saturday with the following schedule:

12/11AMc Getting To Know Catelynn – Catelynn and Tyler relive their decision to give their baby up for adoption, and everything that followed.

1/12c Getting To Know Amber – Amber and Gary reflect on the years documented by MTV, and discuss her drug addiction, going to jail and the custody of Leah.

2/1c Getting To Know Maci – Maci and her friends examine the past six years and discuss the difficulties of growing up in front of an audience.

3/2c Getting To Know Farrah – Farrah’s family and friends share their feelings about her involvement in the adult entertainment industry, and the hardships following Sophia’s father’s death.

If you’re busy on Saturday morning, you can also catch those specials again that night from .  I will be sure to post recaps of them in preparation for the new season, and to help those of you that can’t see the specials at their normal time.

Here are the later times for the specials:

8/7c Getting To Know Catelynn
9/8c Getting To Know Amber
10/9c Getting To Know Maci
11/10c Getting To Know Farrah


 I was having a really hard time finding all of these videos, so I went to YouTube and checked it out.  It didn’t show up on my computer, but did show up when I searched from my phone.  I emailed the links to myself and I’m going to embed them below so that you can see all four clips in one place.  Hopefully this helps.






Picture courtesy of MTV

It’s been a couple of years since we last saw Maci, Catelynn, Amber, and Farrah on our television screens for any MTV business, but their return to Teen Mom has been highly anticipated.  The news that MTV was bringing the original four moms back to our screens broke almost a year ago, and the families have been filming since.  Thankfully, some things have changed this time around.

For starters, the hit spinoff has a brand new name.  It’ll be known as Teen Mom OG (original girls) and it’ll break down the fourth wall, as presented before.  MTV revealed in a press conference that the show will “break the fourth wall, pulling back the curtain to reveal their relationships with the producers and crew, the challenges of raising children on camera, and how life in the public eye has shaped them as parents and people.”  Honestly, it’s an interesting idea for a show, and the network received lots of positive feedback from the Being Whomever specials that aired last February.  It seems like that formatting has stuck.

The franchise has moved past that traditional book logo and seems to be moving more towards this logo featuring OG in the background and some strange print or pattern in the background.  I can’t decide if it looks more like a lightning bolt or a flying bat or vampire teeth.  The shown logo also features the premiere date which has been moved to March 23rd, 2015.  This means that “Mondays Are a Mother” is back…honestly I hope Teen Mom 2 is still on Wednesdays.  I like adding “Whoopsie-Doo Wednesday” into all of those posts.

teen mom og logo

MTV also released several short snippits of the season, and they’re available for viewing on THIS WEBSITE.  I am going to try and get them linked soon, but I struggle with embedding video on this site.  For now, you can head over there to see short previews of each girl’s story line.

My internet was off yesterday due to the fact that we had around a foot of snow fall over night.  Thankfully, my internet is back on, so I can post again today.

1. Maci Shares Bump Picture


Maci announced last month that she and boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, were expecting a little girl together in June.  Maci has been pretty quiet about the pregnancy since the announcement was made, but did take time to share her first picture of her growing belly.  The picture above shows the family’s puppy, Bonnie, on Maci’s lap on the way to a family vacation.  Maci’s belly is visible, but it’s still not taking over the picture by any means.

2. Jenelle and Nathan Reunite


After an epic Twitter bash from Nathan Griffith, fans thought the end was near for the recently engaged Teen Mom 2 couple, but after less than 24 hours, all of the tweets were deleted and things appear to be back to normal.  Sadly, neither of them have addressed the issue publicly since the initial break up.  Honestly, if you’re able to break up less than a month after you get engaged, your relationship probably isn’t that great to start with.  I’m mostly concerned for the kids in the middle of this situation.  The mixed family has 3 kids that need good role models, but with the fighting and arguing, I’m not sure that will ever happen.

3. Catelynn and Tyler Share Pics of Novalee


Well, they KIND OF share pictures of her.  These two have been teasing the public with pictures of their newest child since the day she was born, but due to MTV regulations on when interviews and photographs may be sold, the two have refrained from showing Novalee’s face.  Catelynn and Tyler took their daughter to a local photography studio in order to have newborn pictures taken, and we’re being told that they will release pictures soon.  We do know that she’s supposed to look pretty similar to Carly, only with dark hair.

4. Amber and boyfriend call it quits

amber portwood

Amber Portwood has been dating an older gentleman by the name of Matt Baier for several months now. The couple reportedly has gotten matching tattoos, and things seemed pretty serious.  Just a couple of weeks ago, Amber gushed on Twitter about how she was blessed to have him by her side.  Sadly, things may have taken a turn for the worst, because Radar Online reported that the couple broke up last week.  While Amber stays pretty quiet online, Matt did respond to a tweet by simply saying “none of that ever happened we could not be happier or closer.”  No word on whether or not we’ll be seeing Matt on Teen Mom, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

I’ve received a lot of requests for a brief update on all of the 16 & Pregnant girls.  Some of you had favorites from each season that didn’t go on to Teen Mom spinoffs, and you’ve been searching for answers on where they’re at now.  I’m here to help as much as I can.

This post will cover all of the girls from 16 & Pregnant’s first season, which aired in 2009.  While not a ton of information is available on each girl, I’ll do my best to provide as much as I can.  I am planning on posting about a new season each week, which means we’ll have something to talk about in the moments that are a little slower.

1. Maci Bookout


Maci was a teen from Tennessee when we met her back in 2009.  She was pregnant with her son Bentley, and was dealing with issues in a relationship with boyfriend, Ryan Edwards.  Since Maci’s episode finished, she went on to film 4 seasons of Teen Mom.  Maci dated around, and eventually settled down with Taylor McKinney.  Taylor is from Texas, but moved to Tennessee to be with Maci and Bentley this summer.  Maci recently announced her second pregnancy, and is due with a baby girl in June of 2015.  Maci’s story will be followed more closely on an upcoming season of Teen Mom, which is set to air early next month.

2. Farrah Abraham


Farrah, a teen from Council Bluffs, Iowa, was pregnant with her deceased boyfriend’s baby.  She gave birth to daughter, Sophia, on the first season of 16 & Pregnant.  After her episode finished, she was chosen to participate in Teen Mom for 4 seasons.  After Farrah’s time with MTV was over, she got into some trouble.  She had a DUI arrest, and starred in 2 adult films.  She eventually moved to Austin, Texas, and began making appearances around the country at gentlemen’s clubs.  Farrah will not be returning for a 5th season of Teen Mom, but has locked in appearances on E! Network’s Botched, and she also has a role in a low-budget horror film.  Farrah is currently dating a new guy named Simon.

3. Amber Portwood

Amber was pregnant with boyfriend Gary Shirley’s child when we first met her.  The couple struggled to make things work, and ended up splitting up after the birth of their daughter, Leah.  Amber was chosen for Teen Mom, and will be returning for a 5th season of the show in February.  During her filming for Teen Mom, Amber struggled with pain pill addiction, and ended up going to rehab a couple of times, having a suicide attempt, and ultimately served about 18 months of her life in prison.  Amber has made a pretty good recovery, and seems to remain positive on social media accounts.  Amber has recently published a book titled, “Never Too Late” which shows her story of addiction in a new light.  She is working on regaining formal custody of her daughter.  Amber is currently dating a guy who is allegedly a huge Teen Mom fan, but things seem to be going well for them, and they keep their drama off of the Internet, so I’m hoping things keep going like they are.

4. Ebony Rendon


Ebony was a 17 year old from Colorado when we met her on season 1 of 16 & Pregnant.  She and boyfriend Josh struggled with the fact that when they had a child together, both of them couldn’t join the Air Force.  The couple welcomed their daughter, Jocelyn, and later went on to get married.  Josh was enlisted in the military and the couple lived on base, which has strict filming policies.  This is a main reason that they were not chosen for Teen Mom.  The couple found out that they were pregnant in 2011, but the pregnancy ended in miscarriage.  This miscarriage caused Ebony to spiral into depression and self-medication.  Eventually, CPS came and raided the Rendon household and found unsuitable living conditions for Jocelyn.  The couple ended up losing custody for over 6 months.  During the time they were without Jocelyn, they conceived again, and later welcomed their second daughter, Jayda, into the world.  Since this happened, Ebony and Josh have divorced and Ebony has taken a new route in her life.  Ebony came out as bisexual after her split from Josh, and she is dating a woman named Judith that she met during high school.  Apparently there was always chemistry there, but Ebony ended up pregnant and Judith was in a different relationship.  Things seem to be in place for Ebony at this point in her life, and as far as we can tell, she has primary custody of both Jocelyn and Jayda.

5. Whitney Purvis


Whitney Purvis was a 16 year old from Georgia when we met her.  She and boyfriend, Weston Gosa, welcomed Weston Jr. during her episode of 16 & Pregnant.  Since filming ended, Whitney has had a few arrests, including one incident where she was caught stealing a pregnancy test from Walmart.  Whitney did get pregnant again, and she and Weston welcomed their second child, River, into the world in October of 2014.  Whitney’s oldest son suffers from a genetic disease called alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency.  This disease effects the lungs and liver, and can sometimes lead to shortened life expectancy.  Whitney revealed later that she has a 70% chance of out-living her oldest son.  As far as we know, the couple’s second child does not have the genetic disorder, but he is still relatively young and there’s always the possibility for diagnosis later in life.

6. Catelynn Lowell


Catelynn Lowell and boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra, chose adoption for their daughter Carly when they were only 16 years old.  The couple went on to be filmed for Teen Mom, but struggled with putting their child up for adoption.  They ended up getting engaged during Teen Mom, but called the engagement off shortly before appearing on VH1’s Couples Therapy.  Catelynn and Tyler are filming with MTV for a 5th season of Teen Mom, and their story line will focus mainly on their second pregnancy.  The couple revealed in February 2014 that they were trying to conceive, and less than 2 months later, rumors started swirling that they had gotten pregnant.  The couple confirmed rumors and ended up welcoming their daughter, Novalee Reign Baltierra, into the world earlier this month.   Pictures of Nova haven’t surfaced yet, but we can expect to see them within the next couple of weeks.  Rumor has is that Novalee’s name came straight from the 2000 film titled “Where The Heart Is” which features the struggles surrounding a pregnant woman who is ditched in a Walmart parking lot by her boyfriend, and ends up living at Walmart and delivering her child there.