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Reunited and it feels so good!


Live updates throughout the episode – might be shorter than most, but I’ll still update as frequently as possible.


Catelynn is trying to manage her weight after her last appointment.  They’re headed to North Carolina to meet with Brandon and Teresa, and Dawn is coming with them to mediate everything.  They sit down with Dawn and talk about concerns with the adoption and Tyler simply wants to know why Brandon and Teresa don’t want pictures posted.  Dawn just wants Tyler and Catelynn to realize that they can’t make decisions for Carly any more.  Dawn says that if they don’t follow the rules, it ultimately effects Carly.

Catelynn and Tyler board a plane and head off to see Carly.  They stay in a hotel for the night and talk about seeing her.  They’re both excited, but you can tell that there’s still a lot of tension.  Tyler’s been contemplating what to say for over a week, and I have a feeling it’s going to all boil over once everyone is together.

Catelynn and Tyler get ready to meet with Brandon and Teresa.  They’re nervous and didn’t sleep much as all.  Brandon and Teresa look happy, which is always good.  Tyler is confused about the posting picture thing, and they feel like they’re walking on egg shells for everything.  Brandon and Teresa feel like the same thing happens on their side.  Brandon and Teresa announce fear about the fact that eventually when Carly grows up, she might want to have more of a relationship with her biological parents.  There’s some tears shed over the emotions, and Dawn pipes in to say that adoption is covered in insecurities.  I thought I would leave that scene feeling better about things, but I don’t really feel like much was actually accomplished.

Brandon and Teresa allow to let Catelynn and Tyler see Carly, but they don’t want her on camera in order to maintain her privacy.  Carly’s dress is cute – but that’s about all I can say because we obviously can’t see her face.  She has a cute voice though.  Tyler and Catelynn give Carly and Elsa doll.  Brandon and Teresa give baby Nova some of Carly’s old clothes, which is really touching.  I’m glad that they were all together, and they seemed genuinely happy.

Catelynn and Tyler leave from their visit and it’s bittersweet.  They’re happy to see her, but always upset to leave.  Tyler it glad that they were able to get some things out in the open.  Teresa told Catelynn that she would love the new baby very much, and that it’s a piece of Catelynn and Tyler, and also a piece of Carly.  That’s pretty precious if you ask me.


Amber starts out this episode with a phone call to Gary.  Gary asks if Amber is ok, and it’s kind of weird.  Apparently he’s calling all the time and it’s awkward for Amber.  Amber sits down with her brother and talks about Gary’s pending second child.  Shawn has a lovely analogy about being released from the prison of her heart now that she realizes it won’t ever work with Gary.

Gary the Hairy Fairy calls Amber.  Amber says that Gary is flirting with her and asking if she misses the sex.  Amber says that now that Kristina is pregnant, things are extra weird.  Amber doesn’t want to be with him, and she wants closure and thinks that the conversations need to stop.

Leah comes over and brings a present for her mom.  Gary’s mom is there and she’s wearing way too much makeup.  Gary’s mom talks about how things are going with Gary and Kristina.  Amber opens up about her feelings a bit, but things end strangely between the two of them.  Gary calls later, and Amber picks up.  Gary calls trying to hook up with Amber, and she’s pissed about that.

Amber goes to the pumpkin patch with Leah, and Gary keeps calling her.   Kristina is sick and pregnant and no fun.  Gary flosses his teeth while telling his girlfriend about how Amber reacted to the pregnancy.  Kristina feels like Gary is leading Amber on and that he’s giving her false hopes.  Kristina is pretty upset and she starts crying.  Gary is an asshole.  End of discussion.

Amber has Gary come over to talk about things.  Amber lets Gary know that some of the shit he’s doing needs to stop.  Basically Amber doesn’t want to hear about Gary’s penis any more, and she needs closure.  Part of me wants her to get up and bitch slap him again.  Amber just wants him to leave after they end up arguing and it’s awful, but hopefully she somehow got some of that closure she wanted.


Maci has a speaking engagement in Pennsylvania, and we finally hear a little bit about Maci’s speaking.  Maci sees a magazine cover about her getting married, which was also interesting to see.  When she’s back, Maci talks to Taylor about the pregnancy and she thinks that Mimi Jen is going to flip shit when she finds out.

Halloween is tomorrow and Maci is supposed to hand off Bentley.  Maci wants to tell Ryan about the baby, but doesn’t know what he’ll say.  Maci and Taylor take Bentley trick or treating and he’s a pretty sweet looking Ninja Turtle.  Maci lets Ryan and Larry know that she’s pregnant.  They take it pretty well in front of her, but who knows what was said about it in the car afterwards.

Ryan tells his mom about Maci being pregnant.  She asks if Maci is getting married, and Ryan doesn’t really know.  Ryan and Shelby are not together at this point, but Mimi Jen doesn’t think that she was ready to date someone with a child.  Ryan didn’t agree to talk about this, so he takes his microphone off and walks away.

Maci talks on the radio show for a bit, and then sits down with her friend Ashley for lunch.  Maci lets her know that both of their families know, but that things went pretty well.  Maci is nervous for how Jen is going to react, but that she’s probably only concerned about when Maci and Taylor will get married.

Maci is picking up Bentley from Mimi Jen’s house, and she’s still nervous about how they’ll react to the pregnancy.  Mimi says she’s excited about things, but does ask about a marriage.  Maci says they’re not getting married before the baby because she wants to get drunk after her wedding.  Maci reveals that she was nervous about everything but it’s nice to see them all back to normal.


She’s back – and she’s still a bitch.  Sophia is cute though, so whatever.  That’s honestly all I have to say about her 3 minutes of the show.

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Bentley is going to turn 6 in a few days.  Maci and Taylor break the news to the MTV camera crew that they’re having a kid together.  They’ve known for about a week at this point, and nobody really knows about it.  Later that day, Maci and Taylor go out with a couple of friends and tell them the news.  Maci tells her friend that they weren’t doing anything to protect themselves from getting pregnant because Maci had been formerly told that she couldn’t have kids.  Maci plans on telling Bentley that she’s pregnant on his birthday.

Maci meets with a friend and talks about the classes that she’s taking.  Maci says that she’s going to graduate next May and wants to get a job in social media.  Maci started college in January of 2009, and she’s been in college for 5 years.  Maci picks up Bentley and asks Ryan about doing Bentley’s birthday together.  Maci is going to do his party at the jump park and invites Ryan along.  Ryan says he isn’t worried about it but that it seems like a hassle to not argue.

Bentley has his birthday party, but Maci hasn’t heard from Ryan.  Ryan’s parents are there, which is a little awkward that they’re putting in the effort, but Ryan isn’t.  Ryan shows up about 45 minutes later.  Jen tells Maci that Ryan and Shelby have been fighting a lot and that Ryan is planning on moving out.  They start arguing on camera.  Maci is glad that Ryan showed up, and Maci feels like it’s awkward because it’s the first time they’re all in the same place.  Bentley has a pretty sweet Ninja Turtle cake.  Later that night, Bentley gets to open his presents and he opens a present from the baby.  Bentley isn’t so sure about it, and he doesn’t think that his mom is really having a baby.  Maci shows him the ultrasound and he seems kind of excited about it after that.

Bentley and Maci talk about the new baby.  Bentley thinks he’s ready, but that he is nervous about things.  Bentley says he’s worried since he’ll have a different dad than the new baby.  Maci tries to reassure him that he’ll have a lot of the same things even though the baby is new.  Bentley just doesn’t want to clean diapers.



She’s still pregnant and gaining a lot of weight.  Her boobs look seriously gigantic.  Tyler regrets posting the video of Carly, and is concerned that it might keep them from getting their yearly visit.  They get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, and then the doctor talks to Catelynn about her diet and her weight gain.

Tyler is really harping on Catelynn about her weight.  Catelynn doesn’t care about how much she gains, because she’s going to enjoy her pregnancy.  Tyler decides to Google things and talks about how Catelynn was self conscious when she was pregnant with Carly.  Catelynn says she doesn’t want to be fat when she gets married.

Catelynn and Tyler head off to find a wedding venue.  They’re looking for a late summer wedding.  The venue that they look at is gorgeous, and they end up booking it for August.  Catelynn wants to lose weight after Nova is born, and tells a friend that she’s already gained 20 pounds.  Catelynn’s glucose test came back pretty crappy, so they think she might have gestational diabetes.  She has to go back for a 3 hour test to see how it goes.  Cate and Ty still haven’t heard about a visit with Carly.

Teresa calls Catelynn to talk about some adoption things.  She wants to have a meeting with Cate and Ty and Dawn to talk about things.  Tyler wants to be able to talk about his frustration that was captured on camera, and Catelynn wants them to realize that they’re sacrificing emotions to try and accommodate for Brandon and Teresa.  Their meeting is scheduled in a couple of weeks, so we’ll see how that goes.

Catelynn goes to see Kim and April to make chocolates for her baby shower.  Cate tells them about the meeting with Brandon and Teresa while stuffing her face with chocolate.  So much for not gaining much weight.  Tyler talks to his mom about Cate’s weight gain, and tells her about the conversation with Brandon and Teresa.  Tyler has some serious issues with all of the adoption regulations, but he needs to work on how he comes across.



Amber’s brother is graduating from college so her family drives to Nashville in order to see his graduation.  Amber lets her family know that since she’s on parole, she has to have a traveling permit so that people know where she’s at.  Amber looks very healthy, and I’m honestly impressed at how much better she’s doing.  Congrats to Bubby on graduating.  I feel weird even typing Bubby as someone’s name.  Meanwhile at Gary’s house, his girlfriend is officially knocked up.  Gary asks if he’s the dad, and then they start talking about options.  Kristina says that she got pregnant during a birth control switch, and that neither of them really wanted to have another child.  Gary thinks that Amber is going to be really upset.  Why the hell is Gary counting quarters on the table?

Gary has told Leah that she’s going to be a big sister.  Leah thinks it’s going to be a girl, and Gary straight up tells her that this baby was an accident.  Amber sits down with Bubby and talks about her future goals.  He says that anything worth doing is going to take hard work.  Amber talks about custody and talks about the fact that she doesn’t pay child support, but that she does help financially.  Bubby is scared about what will happen if Gary takes Amber to court.

Gary is bringing Leah over after school.  Gary talks to his girlfriend about their commitment issues and such.  Gary basically says that just because they’re having a kid together doesn’t mean that they have to be together forever.  Gary plans on being polite when he tells Amber about the new baby, but we can probably guess how that will really go.

Gary and Leah head off to Amber’s house.  Leah talks about how her teacher wouldn’t let her use the bathroom so she pooped her pants.  Gary thinks she’s joking about it.  Gary comes in to talk to Amber about Kristina being pregnant.  Amber’s “oh my god” reaction which we thought was about Farrah’s return, was actually about Gary having a kid.  Amber tries to talk to Gary about watching his words on national television so that he doesn’t end up hurting Kristina’s feelings by being an asshole on television.

Amber’s cousin comes over and Amber tells her about Gary’s new baby.  Amber says that with Gary having a baby, it sealed the deal that she won’t ever be with him again.  Amber said she felt like she was going to explode, and that she wanted their family together regardless.  Amber realizes now that she won’t be with him.  It’s obviously a lot for her to take in, but she’s seeming to really handle it well.

Amber is having a rough time with all of this, and Heather the producer tries to talk to her about stuff.  Amber says she’ll never be able to get over Gary having a kid with someone else.  Amber breaks down on the couch, and says how she’s scared that she can’t even have a relationship with a guy because of how much Gary hurt her.  Amber asks to be left alone, and it’s really sad to see her like that.


There will be live updates throughout this episode.  My daughter is sick, so this might not be as detailed as the last couple of episodes, but I’ll do my best.  I have been pretty overwhelmed with trying to manage everything, but I do appreciate all of your patience with this new phase in my life.

Any idea on whether or not Farrah will be back this week?


Amber gets her book published and is starting to plan some book tours.  She says that she’s nervous because she doesn’t like talking to people and have the “old” Amber come out again.

Amber wants to see Leah before she goes to the book tour.  Gary and his girlfriend talk about the inconsistency between having Leah at two houses and how it’s not good with her.  Amber wants to be able to take Leah to school the next day, and Gary is preaching all of the things that go into getting her to school on time.  Amber makes a choice to simply hang up so that she doesn’t get upset on the phone.  Amber thinks he’s simply doing it to gain control and she doesn’t want to feel like a bad mom just so Gary can have control.

Leah comes home from school and says that Kristina isn’t allowed to be on TV with her because Amber might see it and it would make her mad.  Amber meets with her managers and talks about the book deal.  She says that she doesn’t like the picture, but HEY NEITHER DID WE! Amber is going on Dr. Drew’s radio show, and says that Kailyn from Teen Mom 2 is going with her.  Amber even gets to sign books for her managers!

Amber is still mad that Gary won’t let Leah stay over on school nights.  Leah is pretty excited to see her mom, and it’s stinking cute.  Leah says she’ll miss her mom “super bad” and she’s probably my favorite kid so far this season.  The drop off is a little rough, but it works out in the end.  Gary is wearing the same shirt that he was wearing last episode.

Amber and Kailyn head out on their book tour.  It’s weird to see them all on the same show and actually filming.  Lincoln is still adorable as ever.  Kailyn tries to give Amber some tips on book signings, and it’s really nice to see two people on the same platform really interact in a positive way.  We see way too make Twitter wars between Teen Mom girls.

Amber goes on the Dr. Drew radio show, and she’s nervous because it’s live and she’s never done anything live.  Even though Amber is nervous, she does a really good job with the interview.  She says that she had a book deal before she went to prison, but that at that point she didn’t have a reason for it.  Amber talks a bit about her time shortly before prison.  She says that doesn’t go to the 12 step programs, but even Dr. Drew admits that the programs aren’t exactly anonymous in the midwest.  Amber talks to Dr. Drew about getting custody, and says that she’s going to try for some communication help first, but then will progress on to a custody situation.



Tyler and Catelynn have found out that they’re having another girl, so they’re going to start working on the nursery.  Tyler goes out to see his mom and they have a conversation about going to school and having a future.  Tyler’s mom says that MTV isn’t going to cut it forever.  It’s been over a year since Cate and Ty saw Carly, and they’re not sure at this point when they’ll see her again.

Catelynn and Tyler keep working on the nursery.  Tyler works on painting it a pretty pink color.  Later that night, Tyler talks to Catelynn about going to film school.  Cate mentions that the community college has a video prep school program and Tyler thinks he would regret it if he didn’t go to school now.  He gets online and figures out when the semester starts and submits his application.

Catelynn and Tyler go shopping for baby things with April.  They try on some baby carriers and Tyler wants a carrier that makes him look cool.  When they’re back at Catelynn’s house, they show April the room and April offers to buy the crib for them as a present.  Tyler mentions that he doesn’t want Nova to grow up and feel like she’s being compared to Carly.

Tyler makes a video of pictures of Carly and posts it on their fan page, but Catelynn suggest that he doesn’t because they’ll probably get mad about it.  Brandon and Teresa asked them to not post pictures of Carly, and MTV goes into a back story.  Tyler says that their argument seems double sided because Brandon and Teresa decided to go on a magazine cover less than a year ago.  Tyler says  that it’s important to pick the right couple.  Tyler’s obviously upset and Catelynn is mad because she might not be able to see Carly over something that seems so small.

Tyler had a conversation with Brandon and Teresa about the video that was posted.  Tyler says that they were both really upset about everything.  Tyler’s mom stops over and they all talk about the situation.  Catelynn is content that she gets to see her daughter and it seems like Tyler is the person that’s having the issue with not posting pictures.  Catelynn is definitely more concerned about a relationship than posting pictures online and it seems like she understands Brandon and Teresa’s side of this whole thing.



Ryan is supposed to have Bentley this weekend.  When she calls Ryan to discuss their drop off, he says that he’ll meet her at a car wash around 1:30.  When Maci tells Bentley that he’s going to see his dad, Bentley starts crying.  It’s nice that they’re being reassuring to Bentley that he’ll have fun, but I’m not a fan of the “your daddy will be mad at me if we’re late” line that she said.  Don’t put that blame on your kid.  When Maci and Taylor show up to drop Bentley off, Ryan is nowhere to be found.  They wait for 50 minutes, and Ryan isn’t there.  Maci decides to take Bentley to Mimi and Papa’s house and Ryan can just pick him up from there.

Maci drops Bentley off with Ryan’s parents.  The producer asks Maci to talk about what happened at the drop off, and Maci says that she’s not talking about it and that they can ask Ryan.  Ryan shows up about 15 minutes later.  Ryan talks about the drop off and his girlfriend adds in that they need a set schedule.  Shelby says that Ryan needs to talk to Maci like he talks to his mom when he really needs something.  Ryan leaves.

Ryan sleeps while Shelby plays with Bentley.  Maci goes with her friend Keelie to try on bridesmaid dresses.  Keelie is getting married, so she tries on some dresses.  Maci doesn’t think she’ll ever get married.  She talks to her friend about the drop off with Ryan and admits that she’s going to try to talk to Ryan about things.  Maci also says it’s weird that she was once in the same bridal store looking for a dress to marry Ryan in.

Maci calls Ryan and says she wants to talk about some communication issues.  Ryan agrees, and the next day they head to a restaurant.  Ryan shows up about half an hour later to try and talk.  Maci and Ryan try and discuss things.  Ryan tries to explain that it’s hard for him to feel like he has a reason to communicate with Maci when Maci always goes to his mother about things.  Both of them have a huge wall up at this point, but at least they’re trying.  Maci tells him that she wants to parent with Ryan instead of his parents.

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Catelynn and Tyler go to get an ultrasound to figure out the sex of their baby.  Spoiler alert – it’s a girl.  They think it’s a boy when they go to the ultrasound, and the producer helps them hide the gender in an envelope.

Catelynn and Tyler talk about the weight gain of their pregnancy.  Catelynn has gained 20 pounds so far in this pregnancy.  She says that she can’t enjoy her pregnancy because she just wants to be able to eat what she wants when she wants it.  April stops by and drops Nick off for a while so she can go shopping.  Butch is currently in jail for 3 years for domestic assault, and the two chose to get divorced because of it.  Butch sent something in the mail for Nick.  Holy cow, Nick is a big kid now and he can read!  It’s really sad that Butch missed Nick’s birthday but he had the quote of the episode with this gem: “You can’t buy nothing like that at no Walmart store!”

Butch’s letter really brought up some emotions in Tyler.  You can tell that Tyler relates to how Nick felt after reading the letter.  Butch says that he never planned to go to prison for 3 years because of a fight with his wife.  Butch says that if he gets out in March, it would make good TV for him to live there.  Butch also says that he could get ahold of Farrah and land a spot in the porn business.

Catelynn and Tyler get a fetal Doppler and listen to the baby’s heartbeat.  Tyler and Catelynn get filmed while posting the news that they’re pregnant.  Tyler had like 100 likes in 10 seconds and then it turned into a little competition with who had the most likes on the picture.  Catelynn ended the episode with 3000 likes.  Tyler and Catelynn discuss baby names.  They agree on Nova Reign and Tyler would like to name a boy Slade.  Catelynn wants to only have Tyler in the room when she delivers the baby.  Tyler goes into detail about what it was like to watch Catelynn deliver the placenta.

Catelynn and Tyler have their gender reveal party.  Tyler is so set on a boy.  Tyler’s mom is so upset that he might name a boy Slade because he’s the world’s best assassin.  The time comes for the big reveal, and when the couple pulls the strings on the pinata, it’s a girl!  Tyler is peeved for sure, but he does his best to be happy about things towards the end of that scene.


Amber and Gary prepare for Leah’s first day of Kindergarten.  Are these kids seriously old enough to go to school? Gary calls Amber and asks if she’s willing to go with them to get her school supplies.  Gary’s girlfriend mentions that her daughter goes to the same school that Leah will be attending.  Did anyone catch those ugly ass glasses that Gary had on during the scene when he was tickling Amber?  The scenes where Amber and Gary are together are always a little awkward to me.

Gary’s flirting has Amber super confused.  Amber’s cousin comes over and they talk about things.  Gary goes out to eat with his brother and they talk about things.  Apparently Leah says that she wants her parents to be back together and Kristina can just be their neighbor.  Gary keeps considering “what ifs” and his brother says to simply pull out old episodes and watch Amber slap him across the face.  The tickling is getting brought up so much.  Tickling obviously leads to sex if you live in Indiana.

Kristina’s ex-husband doesn’t want their kid on MTV, so she goes to her aunt’s house to avoid having her kid filmed.  Amber heads over to Gary’s house to help Leah get ready for school.  Amber gives Leah some cute pink cowgirl boots, and they’re headed out the door for school.  Leah looks very excited for school.  It just so happens that Kristina is at the school too when they drop Leah off so Amber doesn’t go inside.  She’s basically attempting to avoid confrontation, which I think is a good thing.  Gary says that Leah did well at the drop off.  Awkward silence between Gary and Amber ensues in the car for the remainder of the car ride.  Amber refuses to be filmed on her drive back to her house, and doesn’t tell the producers what’s going on.

Amber finally allows the cameras back into the house.  Amber was thinking that once she got out of prison that Gary would be there to have a family.  She’s finally realizing that Gary has made a family with Kristina and that Kristina probably pays too big of a role in Leah’s life at this point in time.  Amber is calm and collected at this point, and it’s pretty impressive.

Amber calls Gary while he’s having family dinner.  Leah basically says that she doesn’t want to talk to her mom.  Robert says that Leah was really mean to her mom and tries to talk some sense into her.  That’s more than Gary did, so props to that guy.  Gary cooks some food.  His fingers are the size of bratwursts and it’s honestly disgusting.  Not even fat shaming here – but his fingers are so fat.  Amber says that the only thing she’s really worried about is that she doesn’t have a family home and that all she has is herself.  Leah has more people to hang out with when she’s with Gary.  Amber wishes she could provide that for her, but that at this point, she just doesn’t have that yet.  Amber makes a really mature comment about not wanting to rip Leah out of her home by filing for full custody.


Maci is trying to figure out if Ryan is going to be at Bentley’s first day of Kindergarten or not.  Since he works out of town during the week, Maci has a hard time getting ahold of him.  Ryan’s dad talks about how the only time that they really talk is when the camera crew is around.  Ryan seems pretty tense.  Maci talks about Kindergarten and says that she had a lot of boyfriends when she was that age.  Maci talks to Ryan’s mom and she breaks the news that Ryan won’t be there for Bentley’s first day of school.  Maci feels like Ryan just doesn’t care about Bentley.  Taylor suggests that Maci should seek therapy in order to sort out her emotions.

Ryan and his parents go out to breakfast with Bentley.  Ryan tells Bentley that he probably won’t like school.  Ryan says he hasn’t seen Maci in a while or even really talked to her.  Bentley says that his mom’s house is his real home, and Ryan kind of just agrees.  Ryan walks away from Bentley for a whole week and barely even gives his son a hug.  Larry is mad about Ryan’s actions, and Mimi Jen tells him to stop.  Nothing good comes from shit talking your son on national television, but don’t worry Larry – we’re all thinking it too!

Jen drops Bentley off with his mom, and wishes him good luck on his first day of school.  Bentley calls Tyler “T-Money” and it makes me smile.  Maci confirms that MTV isn’t allowed to film at the school, which is a relief to Maci and Jen.  I’m glad that regardless of the situation with Ryan, that Maci still has support from his parents.

Maci wakes Bentley up to go to Kindergarten.  They’ve got some strange military music playing in the background.  MTV gets his microphone on, and they’re off to school.  MTV follows him to the entrance of the school.  Bentley says that he can learn to read in Kindergarten.  The kids might be my favorite part of the whole season so far.  Maci is visibly shaken up when she gets back to the car, and cries while she’s driving away.  It’s honestly pretty emotional.

Maci goes to see a therapist to talk about what’s going on in her life.  Maci tells Dr. Stoney that there are a lot of things going on in her life.  Her main concern is that Ryan is so absent from their son’s life.  Maci is struggling with finding a balance of what to tell Bentley about his dad.  Maci says that she just wants to be able to call Ryan about things dealing with Bentley.  The therapist talks about how Maci is still struggling with giving up the dream that she had about a family.



Catelynn and Tyler recap their lives since 16 & Pregnant, and they’re pretty excited to announce that they’re trying for a baby.  Go figure, the instant MTV shows up the test shows a little pink plus sign, and they’re trying to come up with a plan for how to handle things once their baby arrives.

Catelynn talks to her mom about her pregnancy and Farrah’s erotic sex novels.  April compliments Cate’s boobies, and it’s a little awkward.  Catelynn would like to get married soon, but reveals that Tyler is a little reluctant to the idea.  Tyler tells his mom that Catelynn is pregnant and she has a conversation with him about whether or not he’s ready for it.  It’s a little late for that conversation, honestly!

Tyler is online and is checking things out about how the Internet actually knew about Catelynn’s pregnancy before she announced it.  Catelynn and Tyler wanted to wait until after the “miscarriage phase” in order to ensure that things went smoothly and wanted to have a nice story.  I couldn’t imagine having that much of a problem with keeping my life private.  I’m sure it’s annoying.  Catelynn talks with a friend about Farrah again – so far Catelynn’s the only one to mention it – and is talking about the Couples Therapy reunion.  Cate thinks Farrah is insanely mad about not being on Teen Mom this season.

Cate and friend talk about getting married before having a baby because Cate thinks she’s more traditional in that sense.

Cate and Ty go to the Couples Therapy reunion and have to see Farrah for the first time in two years.  Although Farrah’s not on the show yet, it’s great that she made an appearance in this episode!  Farrah chimes in that she’s not disappointed in their choices, but claims that it’s not the route that they’ve been preaching.  Things end with the three of them trying to save face, but I guess we’ll see as the season goes on.

Catelynn and Tyler talk about their wedding plans, but Tyler is insistent that a baby doesn’t have anything to do with marriage.  Catelynn is concerned that Tyler might “freak out” about the wedding when it gets close to the date again.  Tyler confirms that he does want to marry Catelynn for real this time.


Amber is out of prison after 17 months, and she’s bought a house!  Amber talks with her cousin about adjusting to life.  Amber says that once you’re an addict, you’re always an addict.  We view her little recap from her time on MTV, and we even get to see her slap Gary again!  Amber is struggling with seeing Leah since she doesn’t have custody and since Gary has a new girlfriend!  Gary thinks that giving Leah antibiotics for an ear infection is the same as rocket science.  Leah is cute as ever in her pep talk about climbing trees.  I can’t even handle it.

Gary comes to pick up Leah, and we get to see them interact for the first time.  Gary checks on Amber, and it’s nice to see these two people get along for once.  Gary’s implying that if he and his girlfriend break up that he might get back with Amber, and it’s awkward.  Even though that hand off was weird, it was kind of nice to see them be civil with each other.

Gary and his girlfriend are setting up bunk beds together.  Gary kind of blows off his girlfriend’s chatter about marriage.  Amber and her mother go to a pedicure with her cousin.  Amber says that it’s nice to have a friendship with Gary instead of fighting, and that’s nice.  Amber’s mother just talks about how she can’t trust Gary about things, and Amber simply doesn’t want to talk about the bad things that have happened.

Amber talks to her cousin about her thoughts about getting high after the stresses at the nail salon.  Amber thinks that seeing Leah will help her.  Gary’s girlfriend administers the rocket science medication to Leah.  Gary is “playing” with Leah while he’s sitting in a recliner.  Gary tells Amber that they’re all going on vacation for a week, so Leah can’t come over.  Amber doesn’t want to hear about Gary’s new relationship, and it makes her mad, so she talks to the producer about it to get it off her chest.

Gary and clan get their stuff packed up for vacation.  Amber sits down with the producer to talk about things, and even admits that she understands why Gary has done everything she’s done.  They say that Gary is a great guy, but the thing that bothers her the most is that she’s never going to have him back again.  Amber is still struggling with things after her prison stay, but is doing her best to adjust.


Maci is in her last year of college and has a weekly radio show through her school.  Maci’s boyfriend Taylor moved across the country to live with Maci and Bentley.  Maci has a recap of her time on MTV and the failure of a relationship that she had with Ryan.  Ryan’s dating a girl named Shelby, and Maci says that it’s a serious relationship.  Bentley has to get ready for bed, and he throws a fit about it and ends up sleeping in Maci’s bed instead.  Maci thinks that Bentley is acting out because of his first day of filming.  Ryan has Bentley for the weekend, but Bentley doesn’t want to go to Nashville with him.

Ryan and Bentley go and sail a remote controlled boat.  I wish Ryan had subtitles because I can hardly understand him.  Maci has a friend named Mimi, which I can only imagine being super weird.  Maci’s guy friend is getting a pedicure with them as well.  Maci claims that Ryan is incapable of putting Bentley ahead of himself, but seeks her friends’ advice on how to talk to Ryan about this stuff.

Maci sends Ryan a text asking if they can talk when she picks up Bentley.  Ryan calls Maci and asks what they need to talk about.  Ryan doesn’t want to talk about things at all, and doesn’t want to handle things in person at all.

Bentley gets an extra scene where he tries to pull his tooth out.  Shelby suggests trying the string/doorknob theory. Has anyone ever done that before?  It seems painful.

Maci stops by Ryan’s parents’ house to pick up Bentley.  It looks like his tooth actually came out.  Maci talks to Ryan’s mother about ideas to get Ryan to communicate with her better, but Mimi Jen thinks that it’s best to try and be non-confrontational about this kind of thing in order to get through to Ryan.

Maci tries to get Bentley to bed, and he seems much more well behaved this time around.  Maci and Taylor talk about the co-parenting relationship between her and Ryan.  Maci is going to try and email Ryan to talk about things.  Taylor is the voice of reason saying that, “As long as you have Bentley, you’ve got to keep trying.”

1. Teen Mom OG Returns

teen mom og logo

First and foremost, today is the day that we’ve all been waiting for.  MTV is officially airing Teen Mom OG tonight at 10/9 Central time.  I will be live tweeting the episode as well as writing the recap while watching.  It will be available shortly after the episode is finished, and I’ll be able to approve comments throughout the day tomorrow because recaps seem to bring in a lot of new commenters! We love new people!

2. Maci is about to graduate


Well it’s about time.  This girl has been working on an associate’s degree for about 5 years now.  Maci is enrolled at Chattanooga State, which is the same college we’ve been seeing her go to for several seasons, but she’s actually almost finished with a degree in social media-marketing according to People Magazine.  Maci is due with her daughter, Jayde, in June, which is actually only about 11 weeks away.  If our sources are correct, MTV may continue filming Maci throughout her whole pregnancy and feature the birth of Jayde towards the end of the season – similar to what happened with Jenelle’s pregnancy with Kaiser.

3. Jenelle and Nathan are working it out


I just tried to choose a picture where everyone looked happy like in The Notebook

Nothing screams that you’ve got a healthy relationship quite like being arrested for domestic violence.  Anyway, Jenelle and Nathan are back together according to Jenelle.  She’s been spotted out and about with her engagement ring on, and has posted several lovey-dovey things about how Nathan is her one and only.  She also has been posting more pictures of her kids lately, but we can assume that has to do with the fact that she can’t spend time with Nathan until their court date, so she just has more time for the tiny humans that she birthed.  I don’t recall any domestic violence charges in The Notebook.  Anyone want to take bets on how long the relationship lasts this time around?

4. Gary offers his condoms to Amber

gary condom 1

MTV did an exclusive interview with all of the Teen Mom OG ladies while they were in New York City, and Amber was actually asked about Gary’s condom line.  She said that at one point, she and her fiancé, Matt Baier, were picking up Leah and Gary leaned in the car and handed her a condom while stating that the couple might be able to use it that night.  Amber said she was a bit disturbed by the fact that his face was on it, and agreed with all of us by saying that Gary – with two unplanned pregnancies – might not be the best spokesperson for condom usage.