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Hey there!  I haven’t been posting as much lately because I’ve been super busy with school projects, personal life, and planning a 3 year old’s birthday, so I’m putting a few more recent stories into this post to give you something to comment on for the next day or so until I can get things back to normal.  Thanks for all of your comments.  They always provide me with a good laugh on my study breaks!

1. Mackenzie McKee is selling other people’s products


There have been a lot of people chatting about this one, so I’ll write something up so that you guys can all comment on it.  So, Mackenzie has an etsy shop called “Mackenzies Makings” where she sells things like picture frames, wooden crosses, and crochet baby items.  Her store gets a decent amount of business for what is has to offer, and I would say the main reason is because she’s seen as a public figure, and she’s promoting the crap out of her store on her social media accounts.  Some people started saying that she was jacking the pictures from her store from someone else’s store, so I started checking into it, and I’ll admit that the products that are shown aren’t hers.  She’s using stock photos and editing names and faces out of them to make it seem like they’re her own pictures, when in reality she’s taking them from someone else’s store or a website on the internet.  Here’s a screen shot of some of the things she’s selling.


I’ll give you a hint.  There are three very photos that are very obviously not hers.  These would be the last three pictures in the top row.  You can see that Mackenzie blurred out the face on one baby, and also removed the original shop name from the baby sized cowboy boots picture.  I will say that this doesn’t necessarily mean that Mackenzie can’t make the items.  She has posted some photos of her work on her Twitter account, and she’s also gotten good reviews on pretty much everything she’s sold.  This doesn’t mean that using the photos is right, but I would say that she probably makes the items and has a pattern for them, but the photos she’s posting are not her original work.  To some, that’s stealing, and if the images are copyrighted, that could put miss McKee into some legal trouble if she ends up messing with the wrong people.

2. Aleah Lebeouf gets a tattoo


So I know that some of you hate hearing about the new 16 & Pregnant girls before their episodes air, and if that’s you, then just skip to #3.

Aleah will be featured on the upcoming season of 16 & Pregnant, and her story is unlike any other that we’ve seen so far.  Aleah is dating a guy named Shawn.  Shawn has a son named Noah, who is almost 4 years old.  Aleah has been playing the role of step-mom since Noah was very young, and when she became pregnant, she didn’t treat this child any differently than she treated Noah.  Well, the girls that are confirmed for the next season have ask.fm accounts where they reply to questions and comments from people who basically pry for information.  Aleah was asked by a fan if she was ever worried about what would happen if she and Shawn broke up, since Aleah has been so close to Noah.  Aleah’s response was pretty shocking for me, but maybe it won’t be as big of a deal to you.  The response might be a little small, so I’ll type it up here too “Now that Peyton’s here — I will always be a part of Noah’s life.  He is my daughter’s brother & Shawn wouldn’t keep him from me.  Noah would be devastated if I wasn’t able to see him everyday.  That’s why I had no problem getting Noah’s name tattooed on me.  I’ve been around since before he could walk & I’ll stay around for him until I die.  Noah is just as much my child as Pey.”

noah peyton

These 16 & Pregnant relationships don’t have a very good rap sheet so far, and the chances of a teenage mother marrying the father of her child is around 10%.  While I don’t wish a break up on these two by any means, I do worry about the chances of a marriage happening.  Aleah and Shawn are both still extremely young, and even though Aleah is the oldest confirmed girl for the season at 18 years old, she’s still barely legal.  If a break up was going to happen, Aleah is now permanently branded with the footprint and name of a child that she legally has no rights to, and probably won’t see much.  Opinions?  Maybe I’m overreacting on this one.

3. Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur break up

adam taylor

A month after the two exchanged promise rings, it seems that Taylor has dumped Adam because of how immature he is.  Lots of places have reported on this so far, but apparently two of Taylor’s friends reported that the two broke up because Adam failed to grow up after the birth of his second child.  Adam and Taylor broke up a few weeks after their daughter, Paislee, was born, and Chelsea Houska even revealed that the two were simply putting on a show to try and look good for the Teen Mom 2 viewers.  Since MTV is still filming, there’s a chance that we’ll get to see this break up happen on our screens during season 5b, but we’ll have to wait and see.  I can’t say that I’m surprised that the two aren’t together any more.  It’ll be interesting to see if Adam and Taylor have a better co-parenting relationship than Adam and Chelsea, and what the dynamic between Aubree and Paislee ends up being as they grow up.


Teen Mom 3′s Mackenzie McKee has always been pretty intent on maintaining a fit body, and it appears that even after having two children, her body is looking just as good as it was before she was pregnant.

Here’s the deal, Mackenzie had her second child, a daughter named Jaxie, on February 7th.  That was a little over two weeks ago.  The photo on the left is from the night before Jaxie was born, and the photo on the right is how she looks only two weeks after having her daughter.

Mackenzie posted the side-by-side comparison on her Instagram page yesterday, and also made a point to note that she has lost all of her muscle tone, but that her doctor gave her the green light to start working out again.  Mackenzie had a C-section, which is considered to be major surgery, just two weeks ago, and she’s already back to working on her abs.

On Mackenzie’s 16 & Pregnant episode, we saw her return to tumbling just 6 weeks after Gannon was born.  It seems that she’s pushing her limits a little bit with the recovery time for this pregnancy.  Last week, Mackenzie shared that she was confused why it hurt to do a cartwheel, and later realized it was because she had been cut open just a week before.


Basically every website that I’ve looked at says that you should wait at least 6 to 8 weeks after a C-section to start exercising, especially your abdominal muscles, and I even saw one place that said you should try to avoid taking the stairs for nearly two weeks after a surgery like this.  We do know that Mackenzie has had some skeptical medical advice in the past, so I’m wondering if the same person who told her to start working on her abs, is also the person who told her that she wouldn’t be able to have kids past the age of 21.

What are your thoughts on Mackenzie working out so soon after giving birth?


mckee breakin 2

Radar Online posted a story earlier today about a break in at Mackenzie and Josh’s home.  The source in the article, who is close to the couple, said that someone broke into the McKee’s home and stole virtually all of the couple’s belongings while they were at a rodeo a couple of hours away.

Mackenzie and Josh McKee were at the rodeo when these people broke in and stole SO MUCH of their stuff.  They got everything, including all of the new baby’s clothes, and a swing and high chair.  They took Christmas presents that they’d received and even some of Josh’s hunting gear.  Everyone is worried that it is someone that knew Mackenzie or knew they were moving and so they watched the house to see when they left.  Josh was working at the rodeo in Kellyville, Oklahoma, which is two hours away, so they were gone for at least six hours.  No one was hurt so that’s the most important thing, but they literally took everything they needed.  It’s a horrible violation.

The article also said that since Josh and Mackenzie are moving, all of their things were packed and put in boxes, which would have made it much easier to pick up so much stuff in such a short amount of time.  Mackenzie and her family have remained relatively quiet about the situation, but Angie, Mackenzie’s mother, did mention on Twitter that they are going to be moving the remainder of the things into a storage unit and that they’ve filed a police report.  Angie also shared the following message on her Facebook page, which gives a better insight into exactly what was stolen from the home.

mckee breakin 1

Last night, Mackenzie was admitted to the hospital, and today she and Josh have welcomed their first daughter into the world.  Angie Douthit, Mackenzie’s mother, kept people updated on the day’s events via Twitter and Instagram, which gave us a little bit of a timeline on how things went down.

Last night, Angie shared the following picture around 7:00, which is the last belly picture we’ll see of Mackenzie’s pregnancy.


This morning, Angie shared some pictures of Josh, Mackenzie, and Gannon, who were all preparing for the arrival of baby McKee.


Mackenzie and her mom take a picture together before Mackenzie heads back for her C-section.


Josh holds Gannon before heading into the operating room to be with Mackenzie


Gannon is ready for the arrival of his baby sister!

A couple hours after Angie stated that Mackenzie was going back for her C-section, In Touch released a story giving a few details of the baby’s arrival, including the name of the couple’s daughter.  Mackenzie and Josh decided to name her Jaxie Taylor McKee.  Jaxie is in honor of Mackenzie’s grandfather, Jack, who passed away shortly after Gannon was born, and Taylor happens to be Mackenzie’s middle name.  There are currently no pictures of the baby, but all seems to be going well for both Jaxie and Mackenzie.


Here’s a picture of Josh and Mackenzie with baby Jaxie, which Angie Douthit shared on Twitter.


Update #2:

Here’s a better picture of Jaxie.  Mackenzie’s friend, Jordan, posted this one to Instagram today.


Jaxie was born at 12:43 pm on February 7, 2014.  She weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz. and was 19 inches long.


As we all know, Josh and Mackenzie McKee, from Teen Mom 3, are currently expecting a baby girl.  The baby isn’t due until February 27th, but due to Mackenzie’s type 1 diabetes, it’s very possible that she won’t be able to carry the baby to her due date.  Currently, she is around 36 weeks pregnant, and she’s been encountering some extreme problems with her pregnancy throughout the last few days.

For starters, Mackenzie hasn’t been able to manage her blood sugars for basically her entire pregnancy.  She’s been in and out of the hospital for the whole 36 weeks, and recently her problem is that her blood sugars are dangerously low.  When her blood sugars are low, she’s basically suffocating the baby that she’s carrying.  When her blood sugars are high, the baby gains a bunch of weight (this is why babies of diabetic mothers are generally larger than babies of non-diabetic mothers, and why Gannon was 4 weeks early and almost 10 pounds).  It’s important for Mackenzie to be able to manage her blood sugars, because without proper care, she’s putting her unborn child in some serious danger.

Since her blood sugars have been low, she spent a few nights in the hospital, which we heard about via twitter from Mackenzie and her mother.  Mackenzie shared the following tweets with us on January 30th, which is the first day that she was admitted to the hospital so the staff could monitor her blood sugars a little more closely.

kenzie1 kenzie2

Mackenzie’s mother kept us more updated on the actual condition of her daughter.  Angie Douthit shared the following tweets which give us way more insight to the condition of Mackenzie and her baby than anything that Mackenzie posted herself.

angie1 angie2 angie3

It’s a good thing that Mackenzie is home, and even better that the baby is doing well, but I’m definitely hoping Mackenzie can keep it together for another week to ensure that the baby will be healthy enough for delivery.  Although Gannon was fine being born at 36 weeks, there are many complications that can occur from a baby being born one month early, and I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone.

Also going along with Mackenzie’s tumultuous pregnancy, is the fact that she was unexpectedly dropped by her diabetic specialist while she’s only weeks away from delivering a baby.  Radar Online shared the following statement from Mackenzie concerning her diabetic care:

To go on a little rant as everyone knows im about to have a baby girl and as everyone also knows im a brittle type1 diabetic and very high risk pregnancy. that being said I have to see a diabetic specialists along with a regular baby doctor. The nearest one was a guy named doctor Thomson in joplin. My first visit I was sick and running a little late and told them I wasnt feeling good and the lady said “well your Twitter says your going to the fair tonight so your lying” so I ignore it and go on to tell her I have a lot of trouble with my disease and I eat VERY healthy and still have to take a lot of insulin and her reply was “I don’t believe that”. So I go one and continue to see him and her and multiple times I’d tell them my sugar dropped even when I ate and what they could do to help and they told me and my mom both “that’s a lie, she didn’t eat” so about two months ago the lady calls me and says I need to take more insulin and I kindly said “I can’t take more my sugar is dropping and im eating a lot” her reply “your a liar cause two weeks ago your facebook status said you didn’t have a appetite”…. I asked her to please just help me out with my disease like a doctor should and please stop stalking my fb and twitter. She than starts yelling at me along with three others in the background saying they can look at my social media if they want. And then put doctor thomson on the phone to tell me they are dropping me and won’t see me anymore. I rushed to my moms work crying and she called and they hung up on her and sent us a letter saying they dropped me. Ok is it me or is that very unprofessional? ?? Here I am about to pop and having the worst blood sugars not knowing if my daughter is gonna be ok because they did this and I have no diabetic care. Anyways please pray for me and baby girl.

After a quick Google search for this Dr. Thomson that Mackenzie was seeing, I did find a Dr. Howard Thompson from Joplin, Missouri.  Dr. Thompson specializes in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and he had some pretty poor looking ratings on Health Grades, which is a website where you can go to review your experience with your doctor or physician.  While there are only 13 reviews, all of the assessed categories ranked below national average.


I’ll be the first to say that there are three sides to every story.  This just happens to be Mackenzie’s side of the story, which explains that she’s very upset about the care that she’s received, and that she doesn’t feel like she’s being treated fairly.  I would agree that if all of this were true, and it were happening to me, I’d be pretty angry as well.  Personally, I feel like there has to be WAY more to the issue than just Mackenzie posting on social media about her eating habits, but I don’t work at a hospital, so I’m not entirely sure how all of that works.  One thing that I am sure of is that I’m hoping for the safe arrival of Mackenzie’s baby.

There are a lot of girls who were featured on 16 & Pregnant who are currently expecting another child.  For the sake of time, I won’t write an entire article about each of them, but I’ll share updates about them on this post so that they’re all in one place for those people who are curious.

Felicia Cooke


Felicia had her daughter, Genesis, when we watched her on season 2 of 16 & Pregnant.  Now, a few years later, she’s pregnant again.  Her children will both have the same father, a guy named Alex.  Felicia is currently 22 weeks pregnant, which makes her due sometime in May.  I haven’t seen anywhere that she’s posted whether she’s having a boy or a girl, so maybe she’s keeping it a surprise for now.

Jennifer Del Rio


Jennifer gave birth to twin boys, Joshua and Noah, on season 3 of 16 & Pregnant.  Since then, she became married to a guy named Luis Guiterrez, and they are currently expecting their first child together.  The baby is a boy, and the couple plans to name him Sebastian.  Jennifer is around 7 months pregnant, making her due sometime around late April.

Jordan Howard


Jordan, from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant, had baby Chase when we first met her.  Now, two years later, she’s pregnant again with a baby that she and fiancé Tyler Zepplin planned.  Jordan is 36 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.  Initially she was planning on naming the child Taylor, but she has since posted that they were thinking about a name change.  Jordan plans on having a natural labor without the use of pain medication.

Aubrey Wolters

We met Aubrey on 16 & Pregnant season 2, where she delivered baby Austin.  Now, she’s pregnant again with another baby boy.  She’s reportedly due on February 14th, and she hasn’t confirmed or denied who the baby’s father is, although sources state that she’s been dating the same guy for a while.  There aren’t any current belly pictures for Aubrey, but we can expect to meet her little guy sometime soon.

Jenelle Evans


Teen Mom 2′s infamous bad girl is currently pregnant with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith’s, child.  We don’t know whether she’s having a boy or a girl, but we do know that she’s supposed to find out in less than two weeks.  Jenelle is reportedly due on June 29th, and we will see bits and pieces of her pregnancy on this season of Teen Mom 2.  She’s not very big yet, but we can assume she’ll begin to grow a little more in the next few weeks.

Mackenzie McKee


Mackenzie, from Teen Mom 3, is currently pregnant with her second child.  The baby is a girl, and she is due to arrive sometime in February.  Mackenzie and Josh have kept quiet about what they’re planning on naming their daughter, but if it’s anything like Gannon, we wouldn’t be able to guess anyway.  Since Mackenzie is diabetic, it’s highly unlikely that she will make it to her due date, but doctors are hoping she can hold out to make it to 37 weeks.

Christinna Robinson

Christinna gave birth to daughter Destiny on season 2 of 16 & Pregnant.  She broke the news that she was pregnant again in November of this year, but as far as I can tell, there’s no confirmed due date for her second child.  Her ex-husband, Isaiah, has a second child also, so little Destiny will have two half-siblings.  Christinna is dating a guy named Dalonte, who is the father of her second child.

Kristina Head


We recently posted about Kristina Head (formerly Robinson) who is from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant.  She’s due to deliver a baby boy, Layten, sometime in February, although she’s kept all of her social media accounts really quiet about the matter.  This will be Kristina’s third child.  She has one son, Lukas, who was born on her 16 & Pregnant episode, and a second son, Tommie Joseph, who was born a little over a year ago.

Myranda Trevino

Myranda, from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant, delivered daughter Kaylee back in 2011.  Since then, she’s married her long time boyfriend, Eric, and they are allegedly expecting a second child together.  After Myranda’s wedding became Facebook official, people began seeing comments that made them think that Myranda might be expecting another child.  Although there isn’t any official announcement from the couple, you can make your own assumptions based on the following conversation.


As always, I might have missed some girls, so if you notice anyone that I skipped over, please let me know in the comment section, so that I can add them to this post.