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I would say that a majority of the time when someone is in a car accident, we assume that it’s Adam Lind.  This time around, Adam wasn’t the one crashing a vehicle, but don’t worry – we’ll talk about him in a different post tonight.

This car crash comes from Teen Mom 3 star, Mackenzie McKee.  Mackenzie and husband, Josh, traded in their high school vehicle over the weekend for a shiny new mom car.  The car, a 2013 Kia Sorento, reportedly cost the couple about $26,000 and it took Mackenzie less than one weekend to crash the vehicle.

The best part of this story is that Mackenzie was out looking for Josh.  Normally bad things happen when she’s running around looking for him.  Remember that one time she was pregnant and got dragged by her hair across some lady’s porch while looking for Josh?  I do.

Josh was apparently out hog hunting and didn’t come home.  Mackenzie couldn’t find him, so she drove around looking for him and ended up landing herself and her new car in the ditch.  She was not insured, which she claimed to be because she bought the car on Friday and nobody was open to help insure the vehicle.  She planned to insure it on Monday morning, but on Saturday she ended up in the ditch.

Shortly after the crash, Josh and his friend drove past in a truck and picked her up.  Mackenzie is bound to owe lots of money on this car, and in order to help balance the expenses, it looks like she decided to sell the story to TMZ.  She was Skyped in to TMZ’s show and shared her story with fans, which would be a paid interview.  TMZ even had exclusive pictures of the vehicle after the crash, and we can assume that it won’t be drivable any time soon.

Hey friends. It’s been a few days since I posted.  I’m adjusting to this new job and trying to manage time, so I really do appreciate you all sticking with me throughout these last couple of weeks.

1. Teen Mom’s air date is pushed back.

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Earlier we had exclusively revealed information about the Teen Mom season 5 premiere date, but we are sad to inform you that the premiere date has been pushed back at least 2 weeks.  Up until this last week, MTV was still filming for the season in order to ensure that information on Catelynn and Tyler’s first few weeks with Novalee and Maci’s second pregnancy were featured on the season.  The trailer for the new season should be out by February 2nd, which is only a week away.  The actual episodes should start happening one week after the trailer comes out.  Rumor has it that pictures of Novalee will surface around the time that the trailer comes out, and that she has a striking resemblance to Carly but with dark hair.

2. Jenelle gets lip injections


Jenelle isn’t exactly a newbie when it comes to body modifications.  She has tattoos, piercings, and has had breast enhancement in the past, so when the rumor mill started turning about her potential lip injections, I wasn’t exactly surprised.  Jenelle frequently gets made fun of during Teen Mom 2 episodes for her thin lips.  If you follow any of the Teen Mom 2 threads online during the episodes, people mention it during every one of her segments.  Anyway, Jenelle decided to do something about it and had some lip injections.  She might have also landed herself a new job in the process because the plastic surgeon’s office apparently told her that she could work there after she graduates as an externship.  She would also be guaranteed one free surgery each year that she works there.  The picture up above shows Jenelle’s lips after the injections.

3. Gannon has the flu


Mackenzie McKee posted on her Facebook page today that her family has had a rough week.  Her brother had his tonsils out, and both Josh and her father have been sick.  Sadly, this isn’t all the sickness that happened at the McKee household because Gannon tested positive for the flu.  The flu going around in the Midwest this year is no joke, and there have been several reported cases where children who were vaccinated have actually died after coming down with influenza in the last couple of months.  Here’s to hoping that everyone in their family makes a speedy recovery and is able to be back to normal as quickly as possible.  (P.s. if you remember Mackenzie’s friend Cayla, she is currently pregnant with a baby boy that she’s naming Rowdy…yes…you read that correctly)

4. Autumn asks for help


So GoFundMe has been pretty popular lately for a crowd funding website and it actually works really well.  (I mean, I got a Keurig and I really wasn’t expecting it.  Seriously the best present ever and I wouldn’t make it through teaching without my daily dose of coffee before I walk out the door.)  Several of the 16 & Pregnant ladies have taken to the website in order to get out stories and attempt to receive financial help in order to better address the needs of their families.  Taylor Lumas asked for help regarding money after a surgery.  Allie Mendoza asked for help buying a home.  Cleondra Carter raised thousands in an attempt to gain back custody of her daughter.  Now, season 5’s Autumn Crittendon is using GoFundMe to help raise money for heating and cooling for her family.  Autumn’s post reads:

Hello my name is Autumn. You may have noticed me and my son on the Mtv show 16 andpregnant . I’m trying to raise money to help my family and I afford a heating/Cooling unit. The cost for a brand new unit is approximenatly $2000.00 and around $1000.00 to put it in. We are having a hard time paying bills and making ends meet and now we found out that the unit is broken. We cannot afford to have a new one put in. We are currently running a space heater and the heater every once in awhile. We have already tried to seal the windows to keep the cold out. Any donates would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone.

If you feel compelled to donate to help Autumn’s family, the link to her GoFundMe page is right HERE.  She’s currently raised a little over $100, so she has a long ways to go in order to reach her goal of $3500.


Not much has changed in Katie’s life since our last update.  She’s still dating the same guy, and even though she recently was awarded full custody of Molli so that she could move closer to her guy, it appears that she’s still in Utah for the time being.  Katie hasn’t made any mention of Joey in a while, and it appears that she’s keeping busy with work, while also being a mom and a girlfriend.  As far as we know, Katie is not currently enrolled in school, although she had previously expressed that she made the move to Utah so that she could continue her education and obtain a Bachelor’s degree.  Katie also has some baby fever going on lately, and has shared several Tweets stating that it’s a good thing her boyfriend is 600 miles away.



Briana has a new boyfriend, and has been pretty open about her relationship with him online, although she hasn’t mentioned a name for this guy anywhere.  She’s posted pictures of him hanging out with Nova, and her Twitter picture is one of those awkward kissing pictures that get put online by 13 year old girls.  It appears that Briana has toned down her language on social media slightly, although she’s still extremely open about sexual things.  She’s recently accepted a new job, and seems to be working a lot.  Nova turned three on September 15th, and Briana says that she has an impressive vocabulary and her pronunciation of words is well above average.


Mackenzie and Josh are still raising their two children, Gannon and Jaxie.  Gannon turns 3 soon, and Jaxie will be on in February.  Josh and Mackenzie spend nearly every weekend at a rodeo where Josh competes.  It seems like they take their kids with them most of the time, which is a positive, although that’s a lot of travel for some little kids.  Their latest rodeo took place in Amarillo, Texas.  Mackenzie continues to sell handmade items in her Etsy shop, and it seems to still be picking up popularity even though Teen Mom 3 was cancelled after one season.  Mackenzie also shared that her daughter, Jaxie, is now able to pull herself up on things.



Alex and Matt continue to argue about custody and visitation for their daughter, Arabella.  Matt has been posting on social media that he’s trying to get more visitation, while Alex always chimes in claiming that he’s not doing anything to help their kid.  Alex has shared some messages on Twitter lately about the situation, including this one:

Alex has also started making leotards for Arabella, since she’s now enrolled in dance as a 3 year old.  Alex has shown off two of the leotards, and they still have a lot of room for improvement, but she’s saving money by making things herself, which is probably a plus.  Alex continues to work two jobs to support her daughter, and has plans to attend community college sometime soon.

Alright, so it hasn’t been a week since I posted one of these, but there’s been a few smaller things that happened, and I’m putting them into one post.

1. Leah cuts her hair


Leah enrolled in cosmetology school, and sometimes when people join, they go all crazy with their hair.  I’m not one to judge, and it’s hair so whatever works for them.  Leah seems to have fallen into this category, as she just chopped a ton of her hair off.  We’ve always seen her on Teen Mom 2 with longer blonde hair, so this short hair style seems a little out of the ordinary.  I personally like it (well what I can see of it) and I think it makes her look more mature.

2. Jenelle is finally divorced


Jenelle filed for divorce from Courtland Rogers last month, and now she’s finally divorced.  She posted an article to her website, Teen Mom Truth, and shared some pictures of some legal documents.  The article stated that Courtland currently has a warrant out for his arrest, so he didn’t show up for court.  He apparently also didn’t get any of Jenelle’s assets during the divorce.  Now that things are final, Jenelle can proceed to pop out a baby sometime in the next couple of weeks, and be on her merry way with Nathan.

3. Nikkole Paulun is engaged


Nikkole and boyfriend, Ryan Rice, haven’t even been together for a year yet, but they’re engaged and planning on getting married in some sort of a destination wedding in four months.  Since the former 16 & Pregnant star announced the news, she’s been spamming Sulia and Facebook with pictures of centerpieces for weddings, and other various wedding related things.  Nikkole was previously engaged to Lyle’s father, Josh Drummonds, who is currently incarcerated.

4. Mackenzie doesn’t like 16 & Pregnant


Starcasm has been doing interviews with the girls of Teen Mom 3, and this week they focused in on Mackenzie.  She had some interesting comments during her interview, but the one that struck me was her response to, “What do you think about MTV’s decision to continue with their 16 & Pregnant docuseries?”  Mackenzie’s answer was short, but you can tell it holds a lot of resentment.  She said, “I’d be lying if I said I agree on them continuing to do 16 & Pregnant.”  Mackenzie also said that she does not regret her time with MTV and hopes that in the near future she can make something of herself in the near future.

Mackenzie McKee is probably the most well known girl from her Teen Mom spinoff, so it’s no surprise that she’s using her notoriety to try and gain followers on social media.  Mackenzie has opened an Etsy store, called Mackenzies Makings, where she sells crochet baby items, wooden picture frames, and fabric headbands.  Mackenzie is also attempting to take her fan base from the show and transfer it to a YouTube channel where she’s planning on making workout videos, diabetes awareness videos, and answer fan questions.

Mackenzie posted her first video to the channel last night.  The video, which is up above, answers five questions that Mackenzie picked out of fan submissions that she had asked for on Twitter.  Some of the questions that she answers relate to her children’s names, diabetes, working out, and what she and Josh are doing now that their show is over.

Mackenzie is not the first girl from the Teen Mom franchise to start a YouTube channel.  Jenelle has a channel where she used to post videos quite frequently, and Farrah attempted to start a workout channel at one point.  Mackenzie also had a health and fitness blog where she would post her daily workouts, but she hasn’t kept up with the site, and no longer promotes it.

1. Is Mackenzie McKee pregnant again?


Teen Mom 3 star, Mackenzie McKee caused an uproar on Twitter when she shared the following message with her followers a couple of days ago.


Most people took this as a backwards pregnancy announcement, and started asking Mackenzie when she was due or scolding her for being foolish enough to think that breast feeding made you completely unable to get pregnant.  Mackenzie just gave birth to her daughter, Jaxie Taylor, in February, and has proclaimed that she’s a brittle diabetic.  If Mackenzie is really pregnant again, she’s going to be in for a crazy adventure.  I couldn’t imagine having kids that close together, all the while still being a teenager.

Mackenzie did take to Twitter to respond to a fan saying that she isn’t expecting her third child, but what I’m more concerned about is the fact that this girl obviously still hasn’t figured out methods of birth control.  I wouldn’t put it past her to rely solely on breast feeding, and end up pregnant again within the next year.

2. Kailyn’s book is released


I bought it for my Kindle this morning, and it’s full of information that I really wasn’t expecting.  Between living in a homeless shelter, her relationship with Jo and other previous boyfriends, marriage issues, and the whole rape and abortion scandal that I posted about earlier, it’s really kind of heart breaking to read.  I’m not finished with the book yet, but I’ll be posting a review for everyone within the next few days.  I know there are mixed feelings about the content of the book, so I’ll try to remain as unbiased as I can throughout it.  Are any of you reading it too?  Let me know what you think!

3. Maci’s newest blog post is about labor and delivery


Maci’s been on this kick of writing blog posts about some topics that interest her.  This one focuses around the fact that since she’s getting older, lot of her friends are getting engaged or are pregnant.  Apparently when they end up pregnant, they ask her for advice on what to expect since she already has a kid and has gone through labor and delivery and all that fun stuff once already.  Maci writes about how she was only 16 when she had a kid, so she probably wasn’t the most prepared for any of it.  She also writes about  how the baby isn’t the only one wearing diapers after delivery, and the moment you find out what your boobs are for.  This was probably my least favorite blog post that she’s written, but feel free to check it out here!