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Several other places have written about this, and I figured I would add in my two cents to the topic, so here it goes.

At around 11:00 on Thursday, April 3, Ryan Edwards shared the following tweet with his nearly half a million Twitter followers.


When I was reading it I felt like I was playing a game of Mad Gab with my computer screen.  I also immediately assumed he was probably being an average 20-something and drunkenly celebrating Thirsty Thursday. Anyway, people instantly started saying that the two had announced that they were expecting a baby, which would mean they interpreted that jumbled mess of words as, “Well shit, Shelby just found out she was pregnant.”

Ryan never mentioned anything about the tweet today, but his girlfriend, Shelby Woods, did chime in with a concrete answer to our questions.


For now we’ll assume that Shelby isn’t pregnant, and we’ll still assume Ryan was simply trying to stir up some drama on Twitter.  We could take bets on which Teen Mom girl will be the next to get pregnant though, because the whole idea of the show preventing unplanned pregnancy hasn’t really been shining through lately.

ryan maci

A couple of weeks ago, we heard that MTV would be bringing back the original Teen Mom girls for an entirely new season of the show.  The rumors stated that since the catch up specials received such great ratings, that the network would be able to make money off of reuniting the girls for Teen Mom once again.  There hadn’t been much to back these accusations, but now there’s some evidence that might be pointing to the rumors being true, even though MTV hasn’t released any official statements yet.

Two days ago on Twitter, Ryan Edwards posted the following photo, which shows three camera mounts in his vehicle.  Along with the photo, he decided to mention that the camera mounts were placed there by MTV.  Maci Bookout retweeted it, and it gained even more attention than before, but later removed any mention of the photo from her social media account.  This definitely makes it seem like the Teen Mom kids are filming again, and even though there aren’t cameras in the mounts, these have been identified as GoPro mounts, instead of FlipCam mounts, which would lead us to believe that this is a recent picture.

ryan edwards

Other things, such as subtle hints between cast mates, have also come to the surface.  Tweets between Maci, Amber, and Tyler Baltierra have been thought to reveal information about an upcoming reunion, and Maci and Amber tweeted that they would be seeing each other again.  While it could be a simple reunion between the two of them, it definitely leads people to wonder if there really will be a new installment of Teen Mom.


Farrah has remained quiet about the possibility of meeting up with any of the other Teen Mom girls, but she has been promoting her song and club appearances pretty regularly on her Twitter account.  While there were originally reports that Amber and Maci didn’t want Farrah on a new season of Teen Mom, these rumors haven’t been proven, and it’s still all speculation at the moment.

Speaking of Farrah…her lips look creepier than ever in this recent selfie she posted.




Unless you’ve been  living under a rock the past 2 weeks or so, some guy from a boring reality show made comments about gay people in an interview.  He was then suspended from the show, and likely won’t be back any time soon.

This suspension angered Ryan so much that he decided it was smart to tweet about it to his 400k followers, because I’m sure that won’t be a problem (said Phil Robertson). Apparently offending a group of people is no big thing, and Ryan wanted his followers to know he is gosh darn mad his show is ruined!

I don’t want to call Ryan stupid, but let’s just say that when god was passing out brains, Ryan was busy getting teen girls pregnant and missed  his turn.

Now, before the freedom of speech people come in to try and defend Ryan or the duck guy, nobody had their rights violated. Nobody was arrested for their comments.  Neither Phil nor Ryan will be facing jail time for speaking their mind.  It’s the same freedom that allows douchebags like the WBC to protest funerals. With that said, freedom of speech does not protect a person from any non-political retaliations from whatever was said.

A&E was merely protecting their brand, as they also have the right to do.  Gay people were offended because yet another public person decided to lump homosexuality with bestiality once again. It’s not the same thing. It’s not the same ballpark, league, or even sport. I could give metaphors, but I’m not stupid and don’t want to appear to be comparing two things that have nothing to do with each other.

Anyway, with my rant over, it’s New Years Eve! We made it through another year. I hope everyone has a safe and fun night, and please don’t drink and drive.



Alright, I think I’m not alone here when I say just stop this foreplay and get back together already, your fans want it.  Maci and Ryan were back together to pose with Bentley wearing his Mario outfit and the picture couldn’t be more perfect.  Seriously, I rarely say this, but those two belong together.  I know Ryan is still young and using his fame to hook up with a bunch of different hot girls, but at some point he’s going to end up back with Maci.. it just has to happen.   If she doesn’t, I will have to.  I think Ryan is one of the few people I’d go gay for!  (too much info?)

(image source)


So let me give you a little refresher if you’ve been too busy the last few days with last minute Christmas shopping (oops, Holiday shopping – don’t want to offend more people than I already do!).  Ryan and Dalis have decided they’re both too pretty for each other, took their respective hair product and went their separate ways.  There were no specific reasons given, only big mysteries based on cryptic messages from Dalis saying people would be SHOCKED to know the truth (doubtful).

Moving on, Dalis and Kyle apparently like the sloppy seconds of both Ryan and Maci, as both ex’s were seen together over the weekend.  If that vision wasn’t weird enough, Dalis posted some photos to her fan page wearing some KoldNature t-shirts that Kyle has been pushing since his days with Maci.  So is that supposed to be a message that Dalis is hooking up with Kyle?  Or is this just some plan to get Maci and/or Ryan jealous?   Do they think it would actually happen that way?

I highly doubt Ryan cares who his ex’s are touching private spots with because he didn’t appear to be the least bit jealous about Kyle when Maci ran to him.  As far as Maci, I can see her getting jealous, but not if she actually lands Ryan in the process.  Anyone who watched Teen Mom knew she isn’t over the guy, and never really was.  Basically inviting yourself on your ex’s family vacation to Florida and then bringing all your friends to intimidate your ex’s new girlfriend screamed ‘not over it‘.  Oh right, she did it for Bentley, sure.  I’d be more quick to believe Ryan’s family invited Maci and all her friends before I believed that story about being sad Bentley was going to be so far (or whatever excuse she gave, don’t remember exactly).

As far as the king and queen getting back together, courtesy of All The Teen Moms, there is a screenshot of someone’s experience running into them in public…

ryan-meanI’d like to call bull on this story, but I simply can’t.  I’ve heard from many, many people who have met them personally that Maci is kind of a tough person to be around, and Ryan doesn’t seem that far off either.   Both come off as very self absorbed, so posts like this are as shocking as hearing Farrah is mean to her mother.

I’m going to guess that Ryan and Maci are ‘official’ no later than Christmas, and Dalis / Kyle have a fling but are done with each other by New Years.


Before I begin writing about anything Teen Mom related, I want to first address the tragedy that happened last Friday.

I’ve tried to accept that the world is a pretty crazy place, and random acts of violence happen everywhere.  It sucks, but it’s the world we live in, and have lived in all our lives.  That said, I was completely unprepared for what happened on Friday morning, and it has since thrown me completely off.  There have been a ton of terrible things that have happened to people in my life on this planet, but never did I expect someone to enter an elementary school and open fire on completely innocent children.

I won’t address him by name, because he doesn’t deserve the attention he likely sought.  It seems people are constantly trying to ‘one-up’ another as they go out in a blaze of gunfire, but if this is the new low they are going to stoop to, I absolutely refuse to mention them by name.  Hopefully others will follow the trend and call him anything BUT his name…

There were a few things that happened in the world of Teen Mom, but it took me a weekend of debating various things like gun laws and mental health for me to rebound and start caring about who is grinding genitals with who this week.  However, like they say, the world continues to move, at least until Friday when it’s supposed to end, but I’m not sure what time so I’ll just keep chugging until then.

So the big story dominating Teen Mom headlines is the breakup of Ryan and Dalis.  This is the moment Maci fans have been waiting a long time for, and now it appears they are foaming at the mouth over a possible re-connection with Ryan.   While many appear to like the idea, what I say about that is – puke city.  The only positive about the two reuniting is that Bentley will have his parents back together and maybe mommy will stop running off to Vegas every other weekend to connect with her motocross fling, Kyle Regal.  Plus Bentley won’t have to get used to a new mother or father figure in his life every few months, which is always a positive for a child.

As for why Ryan and Dalis broke up, that’s going to be a mystery for some time.  I did some searching, and the best I could find with any sort of credibility was a quote that may or may not be true that Dalis couldn’t talk about it but she is happy and relieved now.  I heard rumors of other stuff, but nothing worth repeating unless it was confirmed.

Don’t worry though, Kyle is always ready to clean up after Ryan..


Yes, that’s Dalis hanging out with Kyle King over this past weekend.  I’m sure they were just hanging out as “friends”, but come on Kyle.  Do you really want to be known as the guy who takes Ryan’s leftovers?

Anyway, there is a new Teen Mom 2 tonight.  We will be live tweeting and recapping, so be sure to follow us on twitter!