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Well it’s been a crazy couple of days in the Teen Mom universe, so I’m going to be posting several smaller stories on this post in order to allow everyone to be kept up to date on things, but save myself the sanity of evenly spacing posts for several hours throughout the day.

1. Ryan Edwards is in a serious car accident


TMZ reported a couple days ago that Teen Mom star, Ryan Edwards, was involved in a two car accident.  Ryan was photographed bleeding and having his head bandaged, but ended up refusing to go to the hospital and instead called a friend to come pick him up from the accident.  The driver of the other vehicle wasn’t as lucky, and was taken to the hospital.  While the cause of the investigation is still under investigation, witnesses claimed that Ryan was speeding and swerving on the road, and that the accident happened after he crossed the median and hit the other vehicle head-on.

Maci commented on the crash via Twitter by simply stating that the accident had happened, but that people might not have the whole story. She also shared that she was thankful that Ryan wasn’t hurt too badly.

2. Jordan Cashmyer using drugs


Jordan Cashmyer is one of the most talked about 16 & Pregnant girls, because after her debut on MTV, she quickly separated from her baby’s father after an alleged cheating incident, began working at a strip club, had a suicide attempt, lost custody of her daughter, and is now allegedly abusing prescription drugs.  Jordan apparently got into an argument with a friend and former stripper at Chez Joey named Brooke about something while she was intoxicated.  For those of you wondering, Brooke is the one on the right in that picture.  The friend took to Twitter to out Jordan for several things, including her use of pills.  Here are just some of her tweets on the situation:

brooke1 brooke2

For those of you that are having a hard time deciphering this one, it’s basically saying that Jordan got beat up by this Brooke girl while at a party.  Brooke claims that Jordan is abusing prescription pills and can’t handle her alcohol (she isn’t 21 either).  Brooke also claims that customers at the strip club are constantly asking whether or not Jordan is alright because of how out of it she looks on a regular basis.  The last thing that Brooke claimed is that Jordan was trying to make out with her a couple of days ago.  While this is all speculation and simply one person’s Twitter rants on the subject, we will be able to see more of this situation unfold during the 16 & Pregnant “Where Are They Now?” episode, which is supposed to air very soon.

3. Kailyn and Javi get kicked out of a football game


So basically, Kailyn and Javi went to an Eagles football game yesterday, and a woman who was sitting next to Kailyn decided to make a comment to her about having another baby.  This upset Kailyn, so she said something back to the lady, and ended up being put into holding while waiting for her information to be taken.  Eventually, the two of them were ejected from the game and then the uproar on Twitter happened.  There was an employee that posted tweets regarding the situation online while she was on the job, and was claiming that Kailyn was drunk at the game and that’s why she was yelling and causing a scene.  The employee later removed her Twitter account, but we’ve been told that management at Lincoln Financial Field Stadium has been involved in the situation.  Kailyn clarified to fans that she was not drinking, and that she was simply upset by the woman’s comment.

4. Leah talks about marriage to Jeremy


Basically, everyone is calling Leah out for not actually being married to Jeremy any more.  Sources close to the couple have claimed that Jeremy has left the relationship for good and that he’s avoiding MTV’s camera crews during this dramatic time in his life.  Robbie has come forward to say that he actually did hook up with Leah, and Jeremy’s been flirting with girls that he met online.  Leah is still trying to convey the message that they’re together, but it’s just not seeming legitimate to most of her followers.  Leah hasn’t posted a picture of Jeremy in several weeks, and she claimed that he missed Ali and Aleeah’s birthday party because he was working out of town, but there’s just no evidence to back that up and I’m really skeptical about this whole thing.  Leah has begun filming with MTV again for a 6th season of Teen Mom 2, so I guess we’ll see how things work out when that airs sometime next year.

Being Dad was a special that focused on the lives of three of the best dads to hit the Teen Mom franchise: Ryan, Corey, and Jo.  MTV camera crews followed the dads around for a short period of time to catch up fans of the show on what it’s like to be a dad, since most of the Teen Mom episodes feature the mothers a significant amount more than the dads.

ryan and shelby


Ryan gives his back story to catch up people on what’s happened in his life for the last 5 years.  He says that he found out his ex-girlfriend Maci was pregnant when he was 19, and when things didn’t work out between them, he started dating a lot.  He’s been dating a girl named Shelby for almost a year, and things are pretty serious between the two of them.  Since Shelby’s lease for her apartment is up in a few months, Ryan thinks that it would be a good idea to move in with her in order to get out of his parents’ house.

Ryan decides to ask Shelby about how she feels about moving in together.  It turns out that Shelby is perfectly fine with it, but Bentley heard the conversation from the hallway, and doesn’t seem too thrilled about moving in with the two of them.  Bentley is crying and freaking out to Ryan’s parents in the basement, and so Ryan has to have a talk with him about how he’s feeling.  Ryan assures Bentley that he’s still going to be able to see everyone in his family no matter where he’s living.

Later on, Ryan and Shelby take Bentley to look at some apartments.  Bentley seems much better, and Ryan picks up an application for the place.  Ryan’s dad doesn’t seem too thrilled about Ryan and Shelby living together because there isn’t a significant commitment, and there’s not a plan for what will happen when the relationship turns sour.  Ryan doesn’t really budge on his opinion, but it’s nice to see that someone is being the voice of reason in this situation.

At the end of the episode, Maci comes to pick up Bentley and asks Ryan how things are with Shelby.  Ryan says things are going well, and that they looked at places to rent.  Maci seems to be fine with his decision, and the meeting ends with Ryan going inside and Maci taking Bentley back to her house.  Bentley tells his mom that he doesn’t want to live with Ryan and Shelby, but that he’s going to.

jo and vee


Jo gives us his back story about how he and Kailyn didn’t work out, and then he met his girlfriend Vee.  He struggles with dealing with custody issues because his son lives 3 hours away now, but that since he became a dad, his son, Isaac, has been his main priority.

The episode starts with Jo going to pick up Isaac from Kailyn at their meeting spot.  Things seem to go well, and Kailyn makes a joke about all of the MTV cameras, since at this time, Kailyn was being filmed for Teen Mom 2 as well.  After Isaac says goodbye to everyone, he’s on his way back to Jo and Vee’s apartment.  Vee is there waiting for them to get home, and Isaac gives her the left over part of his ring pop and says that they’re married.  Vee makes a comment about how Isaac will propose before Jo will, and Jo just kind of lets it slide.

Later, Vee and Jo are talking about their goals for the future.  It’s pretty clear that Vee wants to get married and have another kid.  Jo says that his goal for a while was to have a food truck, and own his own business that way.  Vee says that she would like to open a daycare in Florida, but Jo says that he can’t do that because it’s too far away from his son.  Vee understands, but it still upset and feels like Jo’s giving up on his dreams completely.

Later, Jo takes Isaac to visit his grandma.  It turns out that Jo’s parents got a divorce, and Isaac doesn’t really know how to handle his feelings about that.  For his whole life, he’s seen his grandparents together, but now he’s just seeing his grandma, so he starts saying how he misses his grandpa.  Jo’s mother is quick to say that it doesn’t matter that they don’t live together because they both still love Isaac very much.

At the end of the episode, Jo and Vee go out to eat with Isaac at a diner, and Vee leaves the table because she’s upset about things that have happened.  When she comes back, she starts crying about how she wants a marriage and how even though Jo already has a son, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want a child of her own some day.  Jo says that he doesn’t want to be pressured into anything, and that he’s still only 22 years old and isn’t 100% sure of what he wants in his future.

corey and miranda


Corey’s back story involves the fact that his ex-wife, Leah, found out she was pregnant with twins after the two had only been together for a month.  Corey’s relationship with Leah was a rollercoaster, and after 6 months of marriage, they got a divorce.  Leah moved on quickly and now has another child, while Corey moved on slower, but eventually found Miranda, and the two have been married for 9 months at this time.

Miranda is adjusting to life with two kids, and she seems so genuine about it.  She says from the start that the cameras being around make her anxious, and that she doesn’t like attention.  Corey understands, and does all of the disciplining when he has the kids, because Miranda doesn’t want to step over her boundaries as a stepmother.  While these two talk about how hard it is with Corey’s former marriage, they always talk about how it’s important that they put the past behind them and always put the girls first.

Corey talks with his dad about how things have changed.  His dad says he’s happy that Corey is happy, but that Corey’s been through more stuff than he had been through when he was 22 years old.  Corey agrees, but says that he’s taking it day by day and putting the kids first.  Miranda goes out for lunch with a friend and they talk about the relationship that Miranda and Leah have.  Miranda says that she wants things to be civil and doesn’t want things to ever be awkward.  Miranda reveals that her parents were divorced also, and she doesn’t want the girls to have to go through the same things she did.  When Miranda states that there are always boundaries between Leah and Corey, the producer speaks up and asks what she means by that.  Miranda puts her in her place by saying that she’s just stirring the pot and looking for drama.  When Miranda answers the question, it’s nothing special or dramatic like they were expecting.

Corey drops the girls off with Leah, and they’re friendly for the most part, but nothing seems out of line.  Corey and Leah agree on a time to meet up for their next kid exchange, and they’re on their way.

Over all, the Being Dad special was less dramatic than I was expecting it to be.  I’m glad that they used it as a catch up, but I’m also wishing we could have seen a little more into the daily lives of these guys.  After all, the moms all got their own hour-long special, so the guys are getting the short end of the stick again.  If you missed Being Dad this morning, you can watch it tonight on MTV at 8/7 central time.


Several other places have written about this, and I figured I would add in my two cents to the topic, so here it goes.

At around 11:00 on Thursday, April 3, Ryan Edwards shared the following tweet with his nearly half a million Twitter followers.


When I was reading it I felt like I was playing a game of Mad Gab with my computer screen.  I also immediately assumed he was probably being an average 20-something and drunkenly celebrating Thirsty Thursday. Anyway, people instantly started saying that the two had announced that they were expecting a baby, which would mean they interpreted that jumbled mess of words as, “Well shit, Shelby just found out she was pregnant.”

Ryan never mentioned anything about the tweet today, but his girlfriend, Shelby Woods, did chime in with a concrete answer to our questions.


For now we’ll assume that Shelby isn’t pregnant, and we’ll still assume Ryan was simply trying to stir up some drama on Twitter.  We could take bets on which Teen Mom girl will be the next to get pregnant though, because the whole idea of the show preventing unplanned pregnancy hasn’t really been shining through lately.

ryan maci

A couple of weeks ago, we heard that MTV would be bringing back the original Teen Mom girls for an entirely new season of the show.  The rumors stated that since the catch up specials received such great ratings, that the network would be able to make money off of reuniting the girls for Teen Mom once again.  There hadn’t been much to back these accusations, but now there’s some evidence that might be pointing to the rumors being true, even though MTV hasn’t released any official statements yet.

Two days ago on Twitter, Ryan Edwards posted the following photo, which shows three camera mounts in his vehicle.  Along with the photo, he decided to mention that the camera mounts were placed there by MTV.  Maci Bookout retweeted it, and it gained even more attention than before, but later removed any mention of the photo from her social media account.  This definitely makes it seem like the Teen Mom kids are filming again, and even though there aren’t cameras in the mounts, these have been identified as GoPro mounts, instead of FlipCam mounts, which would lead us to believe that this is a recent picture.

ryan edwards

Other things, such as subtle hints between cast mates, have also come to the surface.  Tweets between Maci, Amber, and Tyler Baltierra have been thought to reveal information about an upcoming reunion, and Maci and Amber tweeted that they would be seeing each other again.  While it could be a simple reunion between the two of them, it definitely leads people to wonder if there really will be a new installment of Teen Mom.


Farrah has remained quiet about the possibility of meeting up with any of the other Teen Mom girls, but she has been promoting her song and club appearances pretty regularly on her Twitter account.  While there were originally reports that Amber and Maci didn’t want Farrah on a new season of Teen Mom, these rumors haven’t been proven, and it’s still all speculation at the moment.

Speaking of Farrah…her lips look creepier than ever in this recent selfie she posted.




Unless you’ve been  living under a rock the past 2 weeks or so, some guy from a boring reality show made comments about gay people in an interview.  He was then suspended from the show, and likely won’t be back any time soon.

This suspension angered Ryan so much that he decided it was smart to tweet about it to his 400k followers, because I’m sure that won’t be a problem (said Phil Robertson). Apparently offending a group of people is no big thing, and Ryan wanted his followers to know he is gosh darn mad his show is ruined!

I don’t want to call Ryan stupid, but let’s just say that when god was passing out brains, Ryan was busy getting teen girls pregnant and missed  his turn.

Now, before the freedom of speech people come in to try and defend Ryan or the duck guy, nobody had their rights violated. Nobody was arrested for their comments.  Neither Phil nor Ryan will be facing jail time for speaking their mind.  It’s the same freedom that allows douchebags like the WBC to protest funerals. With that said, freedom of speech does not protect a person from any non-political retaliations from whatever was said.

A&E was merely protecting their brand, as they also have the right to do.  Gay people were offended because yet another public person decided to lump homosexuality with bestiality once again. It’s not the same thing. It’s not the same ballpark, league, or even sport. I could give metaphors, but I’m not stupid and don’t want to appear to be comparing two things that have nothing to do with each other.

Anyway, with my rant over, it’s New Years Eve! We made it through another year. I hope everyone has a safe and fun night, and please don’t drink and drive.



Alright, I think I’m not alone here when I say just stop this foreplay and get back together already, your fans want it.  Maci and Ryan were back together to pose with Bentley wearing his Mario outfit and the picture couldn’t be more perfect.  Seriously, I rarely say this, but those two belong together.  I know Ryan is still young and using his fame to hook up with a bunch of different hot girls, but at some point he’s going to end up back with Maci.. it just has to happen.   If she doesn’t, I will have to.  I think Ryan is one of the few people I’d go gay for!  (too much info?)

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