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I had a surprising amount of e-mails come in asking whether or not Adam was able to convince another girl to allow his seed to penetrate her, and the best I can come up with is… I don’t know.  Taylor Halbur, seen above with the one and only ADAM, may have allowed him to bring another baby into the world.  To be fair, Aubree is adorable, so he has one thing going for him.  If the report is true, Taylor and Adam will probably make another cute baby.

Anyway, Taylor has been pretty coy about the rumors on her twitter account, but she does like to drop the occasional hint to keep people guessing.  The hints are wet dreams for some other Teen Mom bloggers who try to decipher just about any tweet she makes out into a pregnancy confirmation.  From relating to a Dr. Phil episode (the one bigger fraud than Dr.Drew), to cravings about food.

What they don’t know is, I can play too!  Just recently, Taylor tweeted a fortune that read “Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest” which clearly means that she’s pregnant and dealing with the beginning of Adam’s douchebaggery. Little does Taylor realize is that when it comes to Adam and being a douchebag, the beginning is probably the easiest.

I know, the fortune cookie meant nothing, and I’m basically rambling at this point to fill a word count similar to the other bloggers trying to make a story out of this.  I could have ended this post after my first sentence and it would clear up all people really know about the subject.  Some girl who hooked up with Adam may or may not be pregnant, but considering I had so much interest in the topic, I didn’t want to simply ignore it.

Once Taylor goes through the tabloid circuit and realizes the magazines won’t even offer a Big Mac value meal for the story because nobody knows who she is, I’m sure she’ll announce it at some point via twitter and then I will probably be the 6th to tell you (at least I’m being honest).