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1. Taylor Lumas Goes to College


Taylor, from season 3, was the youngest girl to be featured on 16 & Pregnant.  She was just 14 years old when camera started filming her pregnancy with daughter Aubri, and now that she’s 18 and has graduated high school on time with her class, she’s excited to announce that she’s been accepted to nursing school at Christ College in Ohio.  Christ College has around 550 students and is considered the best nursing school in Cincinnati.  Congrats to Taylor for doing what she can to achieve her dream job of being a pediatric nurse.

2. Briana Tweets about Cravings


While I’m still not 100% sure as to whether she’s pregnant or not, she’s been posting about things that make you really wonder what’s going on there.  Briana has shared comments about craving certain foods, and has also mentioned that she wants to fake being sick so that she can go home from work.  Her boyfriend, Shoc, even brought cheesecake to her work to satisfy a craving that Briana had a few days ago.  There’s no real answer as to whether she’s expecting a second child, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if she was.

3. Jordan Ward Plans to Move Back Home


Jordan, the girl with the identical twin sister, moved to Texas after her husband Brian joined the air force.  Sadly, it doesn’t appear that their marriage is working out the way they intended it to, and she’s shared that she is moving back to Missouri to be closer to family.  This is a pretty big move with two small children, but Jordan has a support system back home that she doesn’t have in Texas.


Season 3’s Taylor Lumas was the youngest girl to ever be featured on 16 & Pregnant.  MTV’s cameras began rolling during the summer of Taylor’s freshman year when she was only 14 years old.  Taylor, who was barely 15 when she gave birth to daughter Aubri, enrolled in online high school while Aubri was a newborn, but ended up going back to regular high school around her daughter’s first birthday.  Taylor continued attending public high school without falling behind, and this May she graduated on time with the rest of her class.

Taylor took to her Instagram account to share her accomplishments with friends and family by posting a picture of her and Aubri, and the following caption:

We did it kiddo! Pregnant my freshman year to my awesome 3 year old shouting “Go mommy!” As I walked across the stage made this crazy time all worth it. Less than 1/3 of teen moms graduate high school and even less than that go to college but I beat all the statistics!! All of my success is because of Aubri and my friends and familys support. Aubri has pushed me to do great things in life and be a better person and know that my dreams can be reached even with some setbacks. They said we wouldn’t amount to anything but look at us now boo! We did it and there’s many more great things to come! :)

Taylor was able to celebrate all of the fun senior events that she had been looking forward to, including going to her senior prom.  She had hip surgery a month ago, and is recovering quickly with plans to return to work soon and attend college in the fall.

taylor lumas

Taylor Lumas, who appeared on the 3rd season of 16 & Pregnant, is best known for being the youngest girl to ever appear on the show.  She began filming when she was 14 years old, and delivered her daughter, Aubri, when she was barely 15 years old.  She’s stayed very quiet since filming ended, and has seemed to raise her daughter the best that she can.  Taylor is currently in her senior year of high school, and it appears that she’s finally hit a breaking point that is requiring her to reach out to her fans from the show and ask for help.

Taylor posted a link to a website where she was asking fans to donate money to help her provide for her daughter while she is recovering from a surgery.  Taylor writes:

Hi Everyone!

As most of my close friends and family members know, I have a mass on my hip bone that is ready to shatter my pelvic bone. I am due for surgery Monday to correct this problem. Since I found out about this mass I havent been able to work and will not be able to work, most likely, until the end of June. As single mother with bills to pay this has been a HUGE problem. My daughters father pays very little child support but every little bit helps. I am really stuggling. Physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s my senior so I am planning to attend college and attempt to move out so Aubri and I can have our own space but this health problem has been a major problem. I can not recieve any help from the State and as most know kids arent cheap and neither is medical cost or everyday life. So, today I am letting my pride take the back seat and finally saying I NEED help. I hope that all that donate to Aubri and I realize how grateful we are for it and that you are helping us tremendously! Every little bit WILL help us and we can not say thank you enough!

Taylor is requesting $3000 to help provide for her daughter, and although she hasn’t received very many donations yet, it does seem like every little bit will help with this situation.

If you want to donate to help Taylor out, you can follow this link to the gofundme website that she’s set up.

Best of luck to Taylor and Aubri as they try to sort through things.  I’ll be sure to post about how Taylor’s surgery goes once details are available.

Taylor Lumas is from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Taylor is 15 and her boyfriend, Nathan, is a year older.  They only live a few blocks away from each other, which is good since neither one is old enough to drive.  I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around that.  She’s pregnant, but they’re both too young to drive.  Serious brain cramps here.

My thoughts!

  • Taylor mentioned she wanted to put food coloring on tampons as a way of lying to her mom about getting her period.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t remember ever showing my mother my used tampons.
  • As in almost every other episode, both Taylor and Nathan live with their mothers and Taylor’s mother, Debi, got pregnant as a teenager.  The only difference is that Debi put that baby up for adoption.  Debi suggests adoption to Taylor, which does not make Taylor very happy.
  • Nathan doesn’t believe in adoption or abortion.  He believes children should always be with their birth parents.  I was going to mention how Nathan looks like a doofus, but decided to hold my tongue.  However, now he’s talking like a doofus.  I can understand not believing in abortion.  That subject is very controversial.  But he doesn’t believe in adoption?  What?  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that before.

  • Taylor’s sister, Jeana, comes over and starts giving Taylor and Nathan all these horror stories about how difficult parenting is, while Debi looks on from the sidelines.  I think this was an inside job.  Well played, Debi, well played…although it didn’t work.
  • Nathan is slacking on getting a job, which makes Taylor really annoyed with him.  She’s baby-sitting to make extra money while he’s just sitting on his ass.
  • Since both of their mothers work, either Taylor or Nathan needs to go to virtual school after Aubri, the baby, is born.  They both want the other to do it.  Taylor reluctantly ends up agreeing to it.
  • While Taylor is in labor, she starts crying which is understandable, but she cries like a really little girl, which reminds me again how young she is.  It made me kind of sad.
  • After Aubri was born, Nathan was great with her at first, but then he becomes a whiny little baby and refuses to help.  Taylor ends up taking care of Aubri by herself.  Then Nathan has the gall to call her lazy.  I don’t condone violence, but I kind of want to punch him in the face at this point.

Pull your pants up!

  • Jeana comes out with the best quote of the episode.  “Ya’ll are being very childish.”  She reminds me of me and my sisters…not one to mince words.
  • The next day, Taylor confronts Nathan where he asks her if she’s stupid, then she hits him with a pillow and he calls her an idiot.  Seriously?  After this, Debi gets all up in their business and scolds Nathan for being a lazy bum.
  • Taylor decides to talk to Nathan one-on-one again and he’s being all “whoa is me, I have to find a job, why does everyone hate me?”  Gah!