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Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has remained fairly drama free since the birth of her second son, Kaiser, this summer.  It’s been unusual for me to not comment on her shenanigans, and nobody’s been arrested recently, which has to be some kind of record for Jenelle and boyfriend, Nathan Griffith.  Actually, it seems like this mixed family of 5 has their crap together for once.  Anyway, since we haven’t talked about her lately, we decided to share some pictures of her family preparing for Christmas.

Jenelle took to Twitter to share pictures of her decorated home with her one million followers.  The pictures are cute, and it looks like both Kaiser and Jace were around to help decorate.

Jenelle started by taking her boys to a tree farm where they cut down a Christmas tree of their own.


After the tree was cut down, it was time to get it home and start decorating.  Jenelle’s tree is complete with a burlap bow as a tree topper.


The day was finished by hanging stockings on the fireplace mantle.  I’m not sure who the stocking are for, because the one on the right is for the dogs, and the two in the middle are for Kaiser and Jace.  The one on the left might be a stocking for Nathan’s daughter, Emery.


It looks like MTV was around to capture all of these holiday moments, so we can look forward to seeing this all play out on our television screens in 2015 when the 6th season of Teen Mom 2 comes out.

farrah-abraham adam james deen

In Touch revealed yesterday that Adam Lind, the serial baby daddy of Teen Mom 2, has expressed interest in creating an adult film of his own.  The girls from the franchise that have had pornographic scandals have received quite a bit of publicity from it.  We’ll never forget Farrah’s “leaked sex tapes” or Jenelle spread eagle on the bed with her goodies completely out there. Surprisingly enough, we’ve never had any men from the series branch off into the porn industry.

A source told In Touch that Adam has been working out so much in an effort to be so attractive that he would be able to get former Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham’s attention.  Adam was allegedly hoping that Farrah would also agree to be in another pornographic film.  The two of them together is a thought that makes me queasy to say the least.

Farrah was told about the incident, and simply commented that a million boys want to have sex with her and that Adam simply falls into that category.  While I’m sure a porno between the two of them would rake in a lot of money and gain publicity for both of them, Adam should probably focus on getting his life situated and staying out of jail, while Farrah is trying to maintain a clean record for her possible return to MTV for Teen Mom if the upcoming season does well.

What are your thoughts on this duo?


The Ashley broke the news this morning that Leah will be returning to Teen Mom 2 for a 6th season.  Leah, who formerly chose not to have her second marriage fall apart on national television, has decided to sign a contract with MTV which will get her involved in the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.  Leah has had quite the drama in her life lately, and she’s been dealing with custody hearings, doctors appointments, public flirting scandals, and a failing marriage to Jeremy Calvert.

Since Leah has signed on with MTV again, Corey and his family will be allowed to continue filming as well.  There’s no word on whether or not Jeremy will return for this season, although some of our sources claim that he’s trying to get as far away from MTV and their crews as possible.

The Ashley reported that Leah signed on primarily for the money, because with all of the above mentioned things happening, her bills are piling up.  If the prescription pill rumors are true, she would definitely need money for that too, but for now there’s no real proof that Leah’s hooked on anything.

We’ve seen Leah attempt a lot of things during her time on Teen Mom 2.  She’s been in college for nursing, started a foundation to help children with Muscular Dystrophy, and she tried selling Mary Kay for a while too.  Her latest business venture involves styling hair and doing makeup for photo shoots.  The new business, which is called Gloss, is run by Leah, and she has two people working under her who are her friends.  They offer services for pageant contestants, wedding parties, and boudoir sessions as well.  While Leah did briefly go to beauty school, as far as we know, she never completed a program to get any form of certification for hair styling or makeup application.


Well, it was only a matter of time before things that Jeremy did in private ended up coming to the surface.  The latest issue in his relationship (maybe ex-relationship) with Leah is that Jeremy has been flirting via Twitter and text messaging with a girl named Brittany Musick.


Brittany is a single mom from West Virginia.  Jeremy must have a thing for those.  She reached out to Jeremy on Twitter at the end of November while he was on his return to social media.  She simply asked for a follow back, and Jeremy did just that.  He took it a step farther and decided to start messaging her on Twitter.  The two exchanged private messages and phone numbers.  The two have allegedly been talking for the last few weeks.


Apparently Brittany decided to send screenshots of the conversations to her friend in order to prove that she was actually talking to Jeremy.  The friend decided to take the pictures and run all the way to Radar Online.  Radar posted all of the information on their website today and included the steamy stuff.  The two constantly call each other sexy, and make plans to meet up around Thanksgiving.  We confirmed that Jeremy did not spend Thanksgiving with Leah, but from the looks of it, he might have spent it with Brittany.

Brittany is registered on Match.com, and has a profile with a decent amount of information.  Her profile reads:

My name is Brittany, I’am 27 In October. I have a 9 month old son who is the light of my life. I enjoy spending time with friends, going shopping, 4-wheeling, fishing, shoot guns, bowling. I love the out doors and being outside unless its cold outside. lol I HATE being cold. Im def. a country kinda girl. Im looking for a guy that is fun, romantic, sweet, charming, cute, honest, loyal and can’t forget funny. I love a guy who can make me laugh, and is just as silly as I am. I love staying home and just relaxing, I’d rather stay in than go out most the time.

I was able to find Brittany on Facebook but nothing seemed too suspicious there.  She’s not friends with Jeremy or any other family members.  Her profile picture from Twitter only matches on a reverse image search with her dating site profile.

As far as we know, Leah is still claiming that she and Jeremy are married.  Jeremy has pulled himself from social media again, and continues to work out of town and live in an RV.  On Sundays, the Charleston newspaper posts public records for marriages and divorces.  Allegedly, Jeremy filed for divorce last week, and conveniently enough, the newspaper just left out marriages and divorces.  Only time will tell what’s really going on here, but so far things just aren’t adding up.


I normally try to stick to writing about the moms, dads, and current significant others in the 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom franchise, but sometimes people slip through the cracks a little and they also deserve things to be written about them.  Seriously, if I wasn’t allowed to ever write about Barbara, my life would be a lot more boring.  Even MTV has made their share of money off of her by featuring whole promo commercials with just Barbara.

Jeff Simms is possibly one of the most laid back people that we’ve seen on Teen Mom 2, and his personality carries into his social media usage.  Jeff normally avoids online drama, and tends to post several adorable pictures of the twins each month.  He shares updates on Corey and Miranda, and frequently responds to fans on Twitter to share news about the twins.

Last week, Jeff took to Twitter to share a picture of the twins, and received a lot of backlash from some Twitter users.  While the picture was nothing upsetting, the followers were complaining that Leah had ended her time on MTV and so the girls deserved to have privacy now that the show was over for them.  Jeff explained that he would have shared pictures of the girls even if Teen Mom 2 hadn’t ever happened, and that he simply shares pictures to show them off to family and friends that might not see them as much.

The comment that seemed to cause the most controversy was a simple response to a question from one Twitter user in specific.  The follower stated, “But haven’t they had enough exposure? You know I’m right. Leah’s drug prob. Losing custody.”  Jeff’s response was short and simple: “Thanks for explaining our lives to me, I wasn’t really sure what happened.”


Some people took this as total sarcasm.  It’s been known that most of the Teen Mom families have rumors started about them, and this could be a completely sarcastic response to the situation.  On the other hand, it could be Jeff’s honest opinion about things.  Since he didn’t address the comment any more, it’s hard for us to gather whether or not he’s messing around or if he’s serious.

For starters, I hope you all had a glorious Thanksgiving and that you were able to spend time with the people you’re thankful for.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to blog for all of you, and I’m also thankful for the amazing comments that you share each day which keep me going when school gets overwhelming.  I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to spend the last year blogging for you guys.  You rock.

1. Jenelle and Nathan have all three kids at once


Seriously, it’s strange to think that a year ago, every other post was about Jenelle and her poor life choices, but lately we’ve been focusing so much on Leah’s failing marriage that Jenelle has taken the back burner for about 2 months.  Anyway, Jenelle gave birth to Kaiser this summer, and as far as we know, she still has custody of him and is working to regain custody of Jace as well.  Jenelle and Nathan are currently together, and they had the opportunity to have all three of their kids under the same roof for the weekend at least.  Nathan’s daughter, Emery, joined Jace and Kaiser, for a trip to see Santa, and get some family time in.  It seems like things are going well for her, which is surprising, and I’m still not quite used to it.  There’s definitely no denying that Kaiser is Nathan’s son.

2. Kailyn pairs up with Cate and Ty again


Kailyn Lowry is one of the Teen Moms that seems to put her fame to good use at times.  Kailyn’s most recent publicity event paired her up with Catelynn and Tyler in Michigan where the three of them helped to host a toy and book drive.  There were also vendors at the drive, and proceeds helped families in need.  Kailyn has paired up with Catelynn and Tyler in the past to raise money for a family with a child that had a life-threatening illness, and it seems like their events really get a lot of people involved.  Several fans shared pictures of the event, and many people drove for hours just to meet the Teen Mom stars.

3. Chelsea spends Thanksgiving with Aubree and Cole


We’ve talked about Chelsea’s boyfriend a couple times, but it’s nice to see her out of a relationship with Adam.  The only other person we’ve really seen her talking with was that guy from the cage fighting show, and we all remember how that turned out.  Anyway, Cole and Chelsea have been together for several months, and it appears that he’s getting pretty close to Aubree these days.  Chelsea shared the picture above along with the caption, “These two goofballs. My favorites.”  It seems like things are going well for these three, and I think we all agree that Cole is a big upgrade from Adam.

4. Leah Subtweets and Shops


Leah shared some vague Tweets over Thanksgiving this year.  The message above was posted on November 28th, and although we can all understand that it’s a quote, there wasn’t much of an explanation.  Was she talking about Jeremy? Corey? MTV?  The world may never know.  Leah also took to the local mall to do some Black Friday shopping.  Fans tweeted that they saw Leah at the mall, but Jeremy was nowhere to be found.  In another turn of events, the Charleston newspaper that always posts marriages and divorces, chose to leave those out this week.  This is allegedly the week that Jeremy’s file for a divorce was supposed to run, which makes us wonder if MTV had anything to do with this.  Jeremy has once again removed himself from Twitter, but we’re sure he’ll be back.  Just give him some time.