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So there’s been a lot of things going on and I’m just going to post smaller updates on this in a numbered list to try and avoid confusion and typing lots of back-story.

1. Leah’s mom and Jeremy’s mom get into a Facebook feud.

Dawn (Leah’s mother) took to Facebook shortly after the alleged cheating happened to post something about the situation.  She said that Leah had gotten into an argument with Jeremy’s dad, who then claimed that he saw Robbie sneaking in/out of the house on a deer camera.  Jeremy’s mother commented on the status saying, “That’s right, she knows she’s caught and it’s over. Her own mother knows what she was doing and covered for her. What’s that say about there people. When your in a custody battle the last thing you need is this. But she made her choice. NOW LIVE WITH IT!”  Jeremy’s mother also added that she was interested in talking to CPS in Charleston about the situation.

2. Jeremy has removed all traces of Leah from his Twitter account.

Before the cheating came to light, Jeremy professed his love for Leah in his Twitter bio, but since the break-up, he’s removed any mention of her from his Twitter bio.  He is still currently listed as divorced on Facebook, and has changed his profile pictures on both Facebook and Twitter in order to remove Leah and the twins from his pages.

3. Jeremy “taunts” Leah via Twitter.

Some people call this a “subtweet” I guess, but I call it passive-aggressive Tweeting.  Jeremy posted a picture of a dirt bike earlier today with a caption that sparked interest and didn’t seem to indicate that he and Leah were planning on working things out any time soon.  Here’s the picture and caption directly from his Twitter account.

jeremy14. The Ashley reports that Robbie was arrested for drug charges in September


This might be the most unattractive Teen Mom related mug shot to grace this website.  Anyway, on September 18, 2014, Robbie was arrested for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, trespassing, and resisting arrest.  This sparked some issues since Leah has also been ousted for having a prescription pill problem of her own, and many are claiming that Robbie was a dealer that she had used for quite some time.


It’s been an extremely hectic few days for me, so stick with me while I get back into the swing of things.

Last night, MTV aired the Teen Mom 2 “Unseen Moments” special, which featured all four of the girls from the show and Dr. Drew.  It focused primarily on certain segments from the footage that didn’t quite make the cut and shared lots of drama that the cameras didn’t see.  Dr. Drew was able to have some candid conversations with the girls during this hour, and several things were revealed.


– We saw Jenelle get pulled over on her way to a Miley Cyrus concert.  She was allegedly speeding 85 mph in a 55 mph zone and received a ticket.  She was so upset that she knocked the cameras out of the car and was mad that the whole situation was captured on film.

– Jenelle, Barbara, and Nathan spoke about how the situation with Kaiser’s birth was going to go since she was still legally married to Courtland.  Jenelle said that they were going to initially name the baby Kaiser Evans, but change his name to Kaiser Griffith after the paternity test to prove that the child was indeed Nathan’s.  Nathan had an issue with it and claimed that the baby was Jenelle’s so she could give it whatever last name she wanted. He even suggested naming him “Kaiser Butt-licker” for starters.


– Leah had an argument with Jeremy because he thought that Corey had taken his shorts and was wearing them at a drop off of the twins.  Leah said that she ended up calling Corey and clarifying the issue and that the shorts were not Jeremy’s to begin with.

– Leah also had to deal with telling her daughters that one of their kittens had died.  Leah was really upset about it and was crying.  Ali claimed that the black kitten was her favorite and she even named it after her favorite teacher at preschool.


– Sometimes she texts Adam asking to hook up even though she claims that she’s over him.

– Chelsea struggled to get some work done with Aubree in the house because she felt like she had constant distractions.  In her defense, that squeaking balloon sound would have driven me up a wall.


– Kailyn gets mad at Javi for pointing out some laundry sitting in Lincoln’s baby swing while the film crew is there.  She says that they always get a lot of hate for silly things around their houses when that’s not the point of the show or not.

– Isaac struggles to adjust to potty training in public, and has a couple accidents.  Kailyn was visibly upset when Dr. Drew talked to her about the situation because she claimed that Isaac knew better than to be having accidents like that.

Overall, the Unseen Moments special was pretty low key, but it was interesting to see the things that didn’t quite make the cut for the season.  I can only imagine all of the other things that the crew captures when they’re being filmed for such extended periods of time.

Before everyone starts asking about it, YES I have seen the newest information about Leah’s pending divorce.  I will be posting about it in the next day or so, and I will also share some other information that’s been given to us.  Stay tuned, and feel free to discuss it in the comment section or on Twitter with me.


Well unless you live under a rock (or haven’t read our site for a couple days) you’ll know that Leah allegedly cheated on Jeremy with none other than Robbie Kidd.  Robbie is the boyfriend that Leah was trying to get over when she got pregnant with the twins, and the same person that Leah cheated on Corey with on the night before their wedding.

Things seemed to be rocky in Leah and Jeremy’s relationship, but she had told Dr. Drew on the reunion special that they were going to counselling.  A source close to Leah’s family shares that at this time, Jeremy was suspicious of Leah’s behaviors and decided to take a job out of town to ensure that nothing came up on the show that didn’t need to be dealt with on national television.  While that’s an honorable move, I can imagine that it raised suspicion of impending doom.

To get a few things out in the open that might not have been addressed in the last post, Victoria, who is Leah’s sister, posted on her personal Facebook account that Jeremy has wanted to get out of their marriage for quite a while.  While Victoria commented that Leah did not cheat on Jeremy, our sources are claiming that Jeremy was concerned with Leah’s drug intake (prescription Xanax at first, and later turning to harder drugs), he was sick of her excessive spending, and he had caught wind that Leah might be sleeping around while he was out of town.

In case you didn’t have a chance to read all of Victoria’s rant, here’s the full post.


We’ve also been able to dig up a little dirt on Robbie, which was far more interesting to me than any of the stuff about Leah.  Apparently Robbie has a daughter named Averie (together with Aleeah, Aliannah, and Adalynn they could try and get #quadrupleAsisters trending on Twitter) with a girl named Monica that he had been dating for a few years.  The two were not married when the baby was born, and the relationship headed south less than 6 months after the birth of their daughter.  Our source said that “Robbie tried desperately to salvage his relationship with Monica but she finally left when she discovered his illegal use of prescription pills.”   Our source also claimed that Monica may have cheated on Robbie shortly before the split.  While Robbie tried to fix things, Monica moved on and recently started dating someone else this month.  During the middle of Robbie’s heartbreak, he turned to Leah, an easy target since Jeremy is frequently out of town, and began sneaking around.  Our source claimed that Robbie would frequently make visits to Leah and Jeremy’s home when Jeremy was out of town and the twins were with Corey.  Jeremy reportedly caught wind of that and turned the tables on things.  “He [Jeremy] had people watching Robbie’s home and caught Leah sneaking in late at night.”

Our source claims that Jeremy has not filed divorce paperwork and regrets posting the couple’s dirty laundry on Twitter, but has moved his things out of their home.

It’s also been reported that there are pictures of Robbie and Leah together from September that are being shopped around, as well as photos of Leah doing meth.  While these aren’t confirmed, we can only assume that if the claims are legitimate, the pictures will be making an appearance shortly.

Dr. Drew sits down with Kailyn and Jenelle tonight.  I’ll recap their segments here.



Dr. Drew sits down with Kailyn first and talks about how she felt while watching her brief recap of the season.  Kailyn comments that the hardest part of her season was leaving Isaac for 6 weeks, and admits that he’s pretty sensitive on things.  Kailyn is juggling lots of things, like breastfeeding, raising two children, and going back to school.  Kailyn talks briefly about breastfeeding and Lincoln’s inability to latch on for a while, but says that he’s now breastfeeding again.  Kailyn discusses leaving Lincoln with her mother and claims that when she dropped Lincoln off she was sober, but two hours later when Kailyn picked up Lincoln, Suzi was drunk and had given Lincoln formula, whole milk, yogurt, and a banana.  Kailyn hadn’t told Javi about the incident at all, and apparently he would be pretty mad.

Javi comes out on stage and talks about the whole situation that he just found about.  Javi is rightfully pissed that Suzi had taken care of Lincoln while she was drunk.  Kailyn went into the situation thinking that Suzi would be sober, but when she got drunk Kailyn didn’t know how to handle it.  Javi wonders if he would have ever found out about this if Dr. Drew hadn’t asked about it in the first place.  Kailyn comments that it’s difficult for her to handle things because it’s her mom and because no matter how many times Suzi does things to ruin her, she’ll always go back because that’s her mom.  Dr. Drew says that the important thing is to figure things out for the kids because it’s not good to argue about it in front of them.  Javi talks about how two weeks ago he was crying and struggling with the relationship and Kailyn basically told him to deal with it.  Javi feels like he doesn’t have love reciprocated back to him.  They don’t go out together, but spend time apart from each other.  They still feel like they love each other, but Javi now refuses to leave Lincoln with anyone so I’m pretty sure they’re not going to go out together any time soon.

Jo and Vee come on stage and talk about things.  Dr. Drew asks for help from the other side, and Jo agrees that the kids shouldn’t be unsupervised with Suzi at any time. He does, however, think that the kids should be able to get to know Suzi over time, even if it’s at a distance.  Jo talks about the haircut episode and thinks that his biggest issue was that he knows Kailyn isn’t a racist and wanted to clarify that she isn’t a racist when he tried to communicate about the issue.  Vee says that things are better between her and Kailyn and that it was a big step for all of them when they decided to put things aside.  Jo and Vee admit that they were broken up for about a month, and that they haven’t been living together.  Vee was upset that Jo wanted space so she moved out.  Vee is obviously upset, but admits that even though things are ok now, she’s still upset.  Basically Drew ends things by saying that Kailyn has a complicated life.



Dr. Drew reviews Jenelle’s season of Teen Mom 2.  Dr. Drew talks about the fact that Barbara wants to do what’s best for Jace and Jenelle admits that it’s probably best.  Jenelle says that she’s sober, happy, healthy, and going to school.  She is going to school to get a career so that she can be stable for her children.  At this time, Kaiser is almost 2 months old, and Jenelle admits that it’s easier to handle things as a mom at 22 than it was to handle it at 16.  Jenelle is planning on getting the Implanon in order to be sure she doesn’t have any more children any time soon.

Jenelle admits that she talked to Kieffer when Nathan was in jail, and claims that she was simply looking for a friend to talk to at the time.  Jenelle said she was open about everything and that Nathan has even seen the messages since it wasn’t anything that he should have been concerned about.

Nathan comes out on stage and Dr. Drew mentions that he has been a huge support system for Jenelle and that it appears he has helped Jenelle out of whatever situation she was in.  Dr. Drew talks about Nathan’s alcohol consumption and Nathan thinks that it is a misunderstanding.  Nathan says that his 3rd DUI was a huge mistake and that he had only had 2 drinks that whole night.  Nathan did finally admit that he was an asshole to the cops on the night of his arrest, but says that he still thinks he wasn’t guilty.  Nathan also talks about his push for regaining custody of Jace.  Nathan thinks Jace needs a strong fatherly figure and that when Jace is with them, he’s got some great behavior.  Nathan says that his relationship with Barbara is still rocky, but that he often times lets things get to him and then he becomes aggressive.  Jenelle says she’s talked to Jace about moving in with them and thinks that Jace simply doesn’t want to hurt other people’s feelings so he agrees with what anyone says.  Jenelle admits that Jace loves his school that he’s in now, and that she wouldn’t want to take him out of that school, but it’s too far away for them to figure it out.

Barbara joins Nathan and Jenelle on the stage to discuss the season.  She’s wearing quite the necklace while sitting on that lovely couch.  Barbara talks about returning custody to Jenelle.  Barbara says that she thinks Nathan is the one pushing for custody more than Jenelle.  Barbara admits that Jace is the only caregiver that she’s ever really known.  Barbara is concerned about Jace feeling alone once he’s back in Jenelle’s custody.  Barbara admits that Jace sees Jenelle every weekend and that she has concerns for the fact that Jenelle constantly takes Jace places and treats it like a vacation.  Barbara doesn’t want Jenelle and Nathan to fight in front of the kids, and admits concern for the fact that it might still be happening.  Barbara says that it will be a slow process when she returns custody of Jace because it’s going to be painful for both her and Jace.  Barbara cries about how Jace is her little buddy and that she’s simply concerned for him and she doesn’t want him to feel like she’s giving him away.  There’s some issues about Jace calling Barbara his mom, but Jenelle admits that she thinks he realizes that Jenelle is his mother and Barbara is his grandma.  Barbara cries thinking about how she’s had Jace since he was 6 weeks old and that even though he’s not her child, it’ll be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do to give him back to his mother.

The kids come on next, and they’re so adorable.  I wish they would just show the kids for an hour straight sometime.

– Jenelle says she ignores the negative feedback about her past.

– Leah tries to give one-on-one attention to all the kids since Ali gets so much attention due to her medical issues.

– Chelsea admits that it’s weird to not be with her kid’s dad but that it simply takes time to move on.

– Kailyn admits that her main fear is Isaac of Lincoln seeing her acting out due to bipolar disorder, but doesn’t fear passing on the genetics of the disorder.

– Aubree’s favorite thing about softball is hitting the ball and running the bases.

– Jace thinks Kaiser is doing well.  Jade says he teaches him how to play basketball.

– Ali acts really shy and doesn’t want to talk.

– Aleeah pretends to sleep and doesn’t answer Dr. Drew’s question, but she does do a cheer and toe touch.

– Isaac shows off his karate poses.  His red pants are pretty sweet.

MTV shows a little segment of the babies growing up and I probably got a little emotional.  They’re all so sweet.  The innocence of a child is something that is truly amazing.  That’s probably why I’m a teacher.

Lincoln, Addie, and Kaiser join everyone on stage and now the stage is super crowded.  Kaiser sleeps, Addie walks, and Lincoln sleeps too.


Well, I was going to put off writing this one because I don’t like writing about the same person two times in a row, but I feel like it’s been a super uneventful Teen Mom week, which means I’ll be writing about this.

For starters, we all remember Adam’s ex-girlfriend Jessica, correct?  The one that showed up to Aubree’s ball game and posted selfies with the kid when she had only been dating Adam for like a week.  Anyway, since she and Adam called it quits, there’s been a decent amount of drama revolving around her situation.  On October 13th, Jessica posted a screenshot of some text messages alluding to Adam using steroids and being abusive.  Then, later that day, she posted the following collage of pictures:


The pictures, which are a bit blurry and don’t really tell us a whole lot, would lead someone to believe that Adam is abusing steroids.  The top right picture shows two bottles of steroids.  Sustanon 250, the bottle on the right, is illegal in the United States without a prescription, and the bottle on the left, Tren Ace 100, hasn’t ever been approved for human use because it was made for veterinatians.  Although you can purchase it in the UK, it’s still not available in the US and is considered a Scheduled III Controlled Substance.

Apparently this all started because Adam took some of Jessica’s things when they broke up.  Jessica claims that she asked Adam for her things back, and he refused to give them to her, so she blackmailed him all over the internet.  Jessica is also claiming that there might have been some abuse in the relationship.  One of her claims was that Adam paralyzed her dog and the dog later had to be put down because it was suffering so much.

Adam has moved on to a new relationship with a girl named Brooke, and it appears that Jessica is in a relationship as well.  While there’s no real motive for this, it just seems really inconvenient.  Around the same time Adam is in a relationship, his ex-girlfriend begins posting this kind of stuff online.  That makes her seem jealous in my book, but maybe I’m way off the mark.

Tonight is the final portion of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, and I’ll be sure to get an article posted covering all of that information shortly after it concludes.  Follow us on Twitter to share your thoughts during the episode!

brooke beaton TMJ2

Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind is notorious for dating random people and living with them shortly after they meet.  His newest relationship is no different.  Adam and current girlfriend Brooke Beaton began dating about a month ago, and a source close to the couple claims that they’ve been living together for a few weeks at least.

As with most of Adam’s girlfriends, there are some things about Brooke that raise concern.  For starters, she’s NOT the girl that is allegedly pregnant with Adam’s 3rd child.  Next, she has a criminal record of her own, and her laundry list of arrests have now been made public since she’s dating an MTV star.

A source from the Sioux Falls Police Department says Brooke was charged in 2008 for stealing $637 from her employer at the time. In 2009, she was arrested for cashing checks that she had forged from an employer for nearly $3,800. The report states she was arrested a second time for embezzlement in late 2009.

Most recently, she was arrested in 2010 after she was a passenger in a car that was pulled over. She was allegedly charged with giving the officers a false name, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Brooke was also arrested in 2010 for driving with a suspended license, but failed to show up for her January 2011 court date.  She then had a warrant out for her arrest, and served some time for that incident.

In her spare time, Brooke does some modeling and has her profile on several talent websites.  The picture above and the picture below were part of her modeling profile that we stumbled across.  Brooke claims to model out of Minneapolis, Minnesota but we can’t seem to find any real links to why she would be listed from there.

A source of ours tells us that Brooke has two children of her own, but doesn’t have custody of either of them.  While we don’t officially know if there’s any truth to this rumor, it would definitely be something that she and Adam could bond over.

brooke beaton TMJ