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The cast of Teen Mom 2 is pretty fertile, and it comes as no surprise pretty much any time that one of them gets pregnant (or gets someone else pregnant).

This time around, the pregnancy comes from a seemingly stable and married couple – a FIRST for this franchise!  Corey and Miranda Simms are officially expecting their first child together.  Corey is the father to twins, Ali and Aleeah, with ex-wife Leah Messer.  Corey and Miranda began dating around 3 years ago, and they got married shortly afterwards in June of 2013.  Corey and  Miranda have attempted to keep their dirty laundry off of social media, and are hardly posting much of anything.  While there had been pregnancy rumors shortly after their marriage, the couple claimed that they were planning on waiting until the time was right before having a child.  It looks like after nearly 2 years of marriage, the timing was right.

In Touch first revealed the exciting news earlier today.  The report claims that Corey and Miranda have been planning a baby for a while, and are expecting their first child this winter.

Corey is the last original father from Teen Mom 2 to have gotten a second girl pregnant.  Jenelle’s ex, Andrew Lewis, has at least one other child.  Adam Lind welcomed daughter Paislee with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur.  Jo Rivera and Vee Torres are also welcoming a child of their own this fall.  All of the new pregnancies, relationships, and drama are bound to make this season of Teen Mom 2 an exciting one!  As a reminder, Teen Mom 2 will debut on July 9th, so we’re just under 2 months away from the premiere of next season!

Are you excited for Corey and Miranda?  Do you think they’ll make good parents?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Hey all – it’s been a long week, but I’ll post more about that later.

This week, MTV revealed that Teen Mom 2 would be making a return to our television screens in July.  This will be the 6th season for the insanely popular show, and all four ladies have some interesting stories this time around.  Last season seemed like it had the same drama over and over again, but this season has some changes in store.

One thing to remember about this season is that the producers are planning on taking down the 4th wall in a similar fashion to Teen Mom OG.  Although it won’t be quite as open, a MTV source of ours claims that the girls and children will get to acknowledge the camera crew and even show the relationships that are had with the crew.

Chelsea’s story line will feature her dating new boyfriend, Cole DeBoer.  Chelsea and Cole met at a gas station about a year ago, and he’s been a big part of her life ever since.  Cole has been filmed for the season, and he’s frequently around Aubree and Chelsea’s family.  Chelsea’s story will also feature Adam Lind and his arrests, as well as his choice to get a vasectomy.

Kailyn’s story might be the boring one this time around, because all that’s happening in her life is her husband getting tattoos and her kids growing up a little bit.  She seems to be pretty low key – but we will get to see her gear up for that award show.  Kailyn’s story will also feature the fact that Jo and Vee are having their baby.  MTV will be there to capture the moments on film, and we’ll likely see Isaac’s reaction to having another half sibling.

Jenelle’s story will feature lots of ups and downs – but what else would we expect from her?  She’s had camera around to capture her St. Thomas engagement, and potentially the arguments that happened there.  She also had camera crews around to capture the break up between her and Nathan Griffith which resulted in restraining orders and domestic violence charges.  We’re not sure what else will go on with Jenelle, but you’re bound to see arguments, drama, and relationship issues from her.  Maybe Jace will continue to drop the F bomb and sing about rainbows for us as well.

Leah’s story will feature the demise of her relationship with soon-to-be ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.  Leah’s not listed as in a relationship with him anymore on social media, and the teasers from Mama Dawn have made us realize that there’s definitely not going to be a happy ending for those two.  Jeremy’s move from the couple’s home is going to be documented, and Leah’s potential trip to rehab will also be addressed.  We’re unsure if any of the “Gloss” cosmetologist crap will be featured, or if that whole thing will simply be glossed over.  See what I did there?

As always, this season will be full of drama.  I’m simply upset that it’s not on Wednesdays because the “Whoopsie-Doo Wednesday” name really stuck for me.  We’ll just have to think of a new name for the show now that it’s featured on Thursdays.

As for me – life has been hectic and I’m not updating as much as I should.  I’ve had a lot of big changes lately that I’m trying to keep off of the blog, but know that I do care about each and every one of you and I am so thankful to be writing for you.  Try to refrain from arguing when I go more than 2 days without a post.  I know it’s difficult, but we’re all adults here.  :)

Sound off in the comments below if you’re excited for the new season of Teen Mom 2.  Which story line are you the most interested in seeing?


Are Jenelle and Nathan even together any more?  Is the engagement still a thing?  The short answer is that we really have no idea what’s going on with these goonies.  So here’s a post to potentially help confuse you even more about the relationship status of Teen Mom 2 stars, Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans.

A few weeks ago, Nathan was arrested for a domestic violence dispute.  He allegedly caused harm to Jenelle during an altercation.  The two ended their engagement about as quickly as they started it, and things seemed to be settling down for both of them.

Jenelle began sharing pictures of Nathan saying he was her one and only and how they would make it through all of this junk and still get married.  Nathan has had stories sold regarding his feelings towards Jenelle, and it seems like no matter how unhealthy their relationship is, they’re going to try and make things work.

Fast forward and Jenelle announces that she’s going on a vacation to Puerto Rico.  She was pretty quiet about the whole thing, and a lot of fans are wondering what’s going on.  Our friend Grace Peyton on Twitter snagged this picture of Jenelle waiting at the airport.  You can see Kaiser next to her, and we’re told that Nathan’s mom, Doris, also went along for the vacation.


Jenelle is not supposed to have contact with Nathan due to the domestic violence charges, but the rumor mill has been stirring and some people are thinking that the couple is headed to Puerto Rico for a destination wedding.  Nathan’s friend, Josh, shared some tweets about going to “PR” and even replied to comments regarding selling pictures and videos.  When asked if he was in the wedding party, he simply said that all he could say was that we would be in for a big surprise.  His tweets were later deleted, but lucky for you, we found them on Twitter.


Sadly, judging from Jenelle’s social media presence, things might not have gone the way that she had planned them.  Jenelle has tweeted that she’s alone in paradise wearing a new bikini, and has shared several photos and videos of Kaiser without Nathan around.


Maybe the surprise that Josh was talking about was the surprise Jenelle would have when Nathan didn’t show up for their destination wedding?  Maybe not?

Either way, we’re unsure of whether or not this is a publicity stunt, or if Jenelle is just getting good at hiding things.  She initially hid her marriage to Courtland, and it wouldn’t be out of character for her to run off and get married.  We’re also confused as to why Nathan’s mother went along for the trip if Nathan wasn’t going to be there at all.

Do you think this is the end of Jenelle and Nathan?  Do you think they’ll be able to work things out and get married?  What’s really going on in Puerto Rico?  The world may never know – but we sure as hell like to speculate.

adam lind

Seriously – never thought I would write that title.

Adam Lind, the father to Aubree and Paislee, has decided that two kids is enough for him and has decided to get a vasectomy.  Radar Online exclusively revealed that the Teen Mom 2 star had the outpatient procedure done last week, and that he’s simply avoiding any possible future drama.

Adam is only 23 years old, and has proven to struggle with making responsible choices.  He’s been arrested countless times for things pertaining to reckless driving, and has had numerous court appearances over the past few years.  Adam has also had rumors thrown around about steroid usage and domestic violence.  As far as we know, he doesn’t have custody of either of his daughters, but does have supervised visitations with them as long as his parents are around.  One stipulation with the visitation is that he is not allowed to operate a motorized vehicle with his children.

I can’t say that Adam’s choice is a bad one, but I do hope that he thought through the decision before just jumping in line to get a vasectomy.  He’s still pretty young, and if he ever settles down with someone that he intends to marry, the decision might come back to bite him in the butt.

Adam was rumored to have impregnated a third girl in September, but those claims haven’t resulted in any more allegations.  As far as we know, that Wendy girl hasn’t birthed Adam’s third child, but I guess time might prove us wrong.

What are your thoughts on Adam’s potential vasectomy?  Is it a good idea, or a bad idea?  Sound off in the comments below!


“I can’t wait to get my $20k bonus for this pregnancy!”

It’s been long debated as to whether or not the Teen Mom ladies receive funding for their second and third children as a bonus through MTV.  We’ve been able to see so many of these ladies have second pregnancies while filming that it’s been a pretty interesting topic for people to speculate about.  Of the 4 original Teen Mom ladies, 2 of them have conceived second children, and of the 4 Teen Mom 2 ladies, 3 have had second children.

A new report from All About the Tea has sparked more comments regarding the possible baby bonus for these shows that are supposed to help eliminate unplanned pregnancies.  The report states that MTV pays each girl around $20,000 for a little pink plus sign on a pregnancy test.  The girls contact MTV for their bonus and are awarded in exchange for exclusive stories on the pregnancy.  MTV has filmed each pregnancy that has happened since the franchise started, and they’ve even filmed a couple of abortions along the way as well.

There’s a lot of speculation as to whether or not the buyout is legitimate.  Some believe that MTV pays the girls in gift cards or goods as opposed to cash, since any extra money wouldn’t be a part of their negotiated MTV contract as a free agent.  Sadly, there is always the chance that these girls are handed cash under the table to cover the cost of the baby bonus.

Reports state that Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Jenelle Evans have cashed in on the baby bonus for allowing MTV to film and publicize their second/third pregnancies.  There’s no word on whether or not the bonuses continue after this amount.  One thing’s for sure – the pregnancies make for good television and add in a lot of drama that would otherwise not be in the storylines of each girl.

The girls from 16 & Pregnant do not receive any compensation for multiple pregnancies, and often times these pregnancies are frowned upon.  Multiple pregnancies before reunion shows are filmed can get you kicked out of the potential Teen Mom pool, or your episode might not be aired at all if your actions after filming show that you aren’t considered a good candidate for the teen pregnancy prevention motto that MTV tries to portray.

adam mugshot

Teen Mom 2 star, Adam Lind, has been arrested countless times.  The fact that he gets arrested doesn’t even shock anyone any more, but we still post about it simply so we can smack talk him.  Honestly, everyone needs a bit of comic relief, and Adam’s criminal record is definitely something that could induce laughter.

Adam’s been jail free for a little over 3 months now, but it turns out that he couldn’t handle life without an arrest, and was booked into jail yesterday due to an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court.  He was conveniently arrested after actually attending a court date with Chelsea Houska regarding custody of their daughter, Aubree, according to Starcasm.

Adam paid his way out with around $850 cash, and was on his merry way later that day.

We can all agree that Adam is definitely not father of the year material, and the worst part of this whole thing is that he has chosen to reproduce at least twice (maybe three times).  His children are ultimately the ones that pay the price for his decisions, and that’s just sad.

There’s no real word yet on whether or not MTV’s camera crews were there to capture any of this, but we know that the Teen Mom 2 cast is currently filming for a 6th season.  MTV doesn’t pass up opportunities to focus in on Chelsea’s legal drama with Adam, so it seems unlikely that they would miss this court date.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by Adam’s latest arrest, but I keep finding myself wondering what it’s going to take for this idiot to get his crap together and stop putting himself in these ridiculous situations.