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jo and vee

Holy moly, these guys and gals are good at the baby dance.  It seems like every time we turn around another second or third pregnancy is being revealed and sold to tabloids – which is exactly the case with this one.

Teen Mom 2 couple, Jo Rivera and Vee Torres, are expecting their first child together in October.  Jo, father to 5-year-old son, Isaac, has been pretty hesitant about any serious commitment with Vee in the past, but it looks like these kids will be linked together for the next 18+ years since they’re having a kid now.

One thing that I’ll say is that it doesn’t seem like this baby was rushed.  Although The Ashley reports that the couple planned this pregnancy, it doesn’t seem like they jumped in to things like so many of their Teen Mom 2 counterparts.  Jenelle, Kailyn, and Leah all chose to reproduce with people after knowing them for less than a year.  We won’t even talk about Adam Lind’s possible baby making record in this post.

Vee was upset, however, that she didn’t have the chance to share the news on her own time.  Since Jo and Vee are only 2 months into this pregnancy, she hadn’t announced things online.  MTV’s crews knew about the pregnancy, but they didn’t encourage the couple to post about it.  Radar Online actually picked up the story from a friend of Vee’s, which Vee was not thrilled about.  Radar has a way of getting all of the serious stories without double checking facts with people.  I guess they did post that load of BS about Nikkole having a stillbirth, so I can’t say that I’m honestly surprised that they would announce someone’s pregnancy before it’s even been confirmed.

Vee took to Twitter earlier today to confirm the pregnancy and share her excitement for the new baby with this post:

But on another note BLESSED for this journey in my life! This feeling is so indescribable. It outweighs any negativity anyone tries to throw at me… I am truly humbled and blessed! I am going to be a momma!

Jo and Vee currently live together in New Jersey and share custody of Isaac with Kailyn and Javi.  No word yet on any future plans for these two, but it does seem like they’re doing alright for now, and that’s a relief.  Maybe Vee will get that ring she wanted after all.

As of right now, Chelsea and Corey are the only two original parents from Teen Mom 2 that haven’t had second pregnancies.

leah and jeremy

Well friends, it looks like Teen Mom 2 couple, Jeremy and Leah Calvert, aren’t headed for divorce – yet!  Jeremy took a hiatus from social media after rumors about his wife sleeping with ex-boyfriend and former marriage-ruiner, Robbie Kidd popped up.  Jeremy took to Twitter to share his frustration in a heated subtweet session, but later deleted the messages.  In case you needed a refresher on what happened, here is the screenshot of Jeremy’s tweets.


Jeremy was then busted a few weeks later for flirting with a single mother named Brittany Musick (who we MIGHT be seeing on Teen Mom 2 if we’re lucky) after she ended up selling copies of their private Twitter message and text exchanges to Radar.  Brittany claimed that the couple was headed for divorce, and that Jeremy said he already filed, but things kept getting weirder with the story.

Robbie Kidd got married to his baby momma, which some people thought took him off the market for Leah, but in reality we all know that rings don’t plug holes.  Leah is a prime example of this.

On New Year’s, Leah shared some pictures of herself with Jeremy in order to prove to the social media universe that the two were still together.  Leah changed her relationship status back to married, but Jeremy wasn’t budging and remained listed as in a complicated relationship until recently.

Jeremy re-joined Twitter a few weeks ago, and it looked like he was back to his old ways after favoriting a tweet from Brittany that was months old.  Followers were concerned that he was headed straight back to Brittany, but he ended up sticking with Leah through all of this.  Jeremy has recently posted photos of himself with Leah’s twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, while they were at a cheer competition.  As far as we can tell, the pictures are recent, which means he’s at least around the kids.  It’s the first mention of Leah’s daughters with ex-husband Corey Simms since the Robbie incident, so that’s a step in the right direction.

Jeremy also changed his Facebook status back to being married to Leah, which is a pretty big move given the way that the last few months have looked for these two.

You can bet you’ll be seeing a hefty dose of marriage issues on the upcoming 6th season of Teen Mom 2, and if things go like they have in the past, it’ll probably come to you in the form of recreated scenes with forced conversations about tough things.


Jenelle Evans’ on-again-off-again fiancé is under investigation for allegedly stealing a military medal and proudly wearing it as if it were his own.

According to a report by Mstarz, Nathan stole the ribbon in question and has been wearing it around as if it was something he had earned on his own. On Twitter, an account titled “Stolen Valor DC” responded to the claim, which was made by the couple’s former friends, Candace and Patrick, who were also the ones to post the videos of Jenelle wishing death upon Nathan’s brother while on their engagement trip. (Try to keep all of this straight, because it’s hard.)
The Twitter account that’s reportedly looking into the situation is supposed to be determined to protect the stolen valor medals and combat awards and make sure that they’re with the right people at the right times.
Jenelle caught wind that Candace and Patrick were stirring up drama again, and took to her Twitter account to try and set the record straight on this whole investigation.  She shared:
Nathan has not commented on the subject directly, but honestly he’s been pretty quiet on social media accounts with all of this breaking up nonsense going on.
While Jenelle claims that everything Nathan has worn is his own, we’ve been unable to find much information on his actual military background.  In a simple search we found that he was in the Marines at one point, and Jenelle has mentioned Nathan’s PTSD due to experiences over seas, but we’re unsure of what those experiences actually consisted of.
We are looking into this whole situation, and will update this post when more information is available.
Here’s a reminder that the “Getting To Know” specials for the Teen Mom OG crew will be on today.  I won’t be watching them until the later times, and I should be able to get recaps (probably one big recap) posted by tomorrow afternoon.  I’m in the process of moving, so I do appreciate how patient you’re all being with this.  Here’s the evening show times in case anyone needs them:
8/7c Getting To Know Catelynn
9/8c Getting To Know Amber
10/9c Getting To Know Maci
11/10c Getting To Know Farrah
Well, Jenelle, at least someone sticks up for me.  You don't even like ya own motha!

Well, Jenelle…I’ll see yah in court.

Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, signed away custody of her son Jace during one of the earlier seasons of the show, and since then it’s been a back and fourth lifestyle for everyone involved.  Initially, Barbara let Jenelle babysit her son, but recently it seems like Jenelle has been attempting to spend more time with Jace and she even reportedly gets him on weekends.

Radar Online exclusively reported today that Jenelle is pushing for more custody and that she’s served her mother, Barbara, with papers regarding Jace’s custody situation.  It’s looking like Jenelle wants custody of her son back, and for the first time we’ve seen her actually attempt it.

Apparently the whole thing started when Jenelle found out that Barbara had allowed Jace to call her mom.  Jenelle confronted Barbara about it, but Barb simply said that Jace could call her whatever he wanted.  This made Jenelle pretty mad, so she decided to tell her mom that she was filing for custody.

Barbara doesn’t think that Jenelle and Nathan should have custody of Jace due to their excessive drinking and party habits.  Radar’s source claims that Jenelle and Nathan have not been partying since they became engaged, and that they’ve only casually drank once since coming back.  The source claimed that Barbara’s only real point against Jenelle is the drinking.

Barbara allegedly didn’t take Jenelle’s threats for custody seriously until she was actually served the papers last week.  Since then, the source says that Barbara has been keeping Jace away from Jenelle.  Jenelle has allegedly tried to contact her mother about Jace, but Barbara keeps pushing her away from the situation.

While I’m always skeptical of things that are posted on Radar, they’ve also been granted access to Jenelle’s petition for custody and it seems pretty legit.  Radar also claims that the duo is set to appear in court next month. With Teen Mom 2 currently filming, you can bet we’ll probably get to see some of this drama play out on our screens.

I’m honestly never sure how these things will go, because I know that custody battles can end with some crazy results.  On one hand, I think it would be foolish for the courts to give a recovering heroin addict and a 4-time-DUI offender custody of a 5 year old, but on the other hand, I can see them thinking that the best place for a kid is with his or her biological parent.  We can only hope that Jenelle wears her classy court heels for this event. I guess time will tell.


Leah and Jeremy are not quite to the level of Jenelle and Nathan yet, but with the amount of drama that’s gone on in their marriage in the last several months, some people have been questioning whether or not things are actually going to last.

Several months ago, Jeremy started an internet shit-storm when he posted some obvious Tweets about Leah.  In his Tweets, he shared that Leah had cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend and previous marriage-ruiner, Robbie Kidd.  Leah denied all of the claims, and Robbie did too…at first anyway.  Later he came around and admitted that the two hooked up, but that he was now happily back together with his baby’s mother and was not looking at getting with our favorite Teen Mom 2 star any more.

Shortly after that, rumors about Leah’s alleged pill addiction started swirling.  People claimed that pictures of her doing drugs were being shopped around, but we didn’t hear anything more about that. Last week, a story on Radar claimed that Leah had passed a hair follicle sample test, which meant that she was not doing drugs.  The test was allegedly used in court in December 2014, but it was voluntary, and there’s no word on how reliable it is.

Now, after things seemed to have calmed down, Leah took to Twitter to showcase her perfect marriage to Jeremy.  On her daughter youngest daughter’s second birthday, Leah shared these Tweets with screenshots of texts from Jeremy.

leah jeremy 1

Leah also shared that she’s normally not the type to post things like this on social media, but that she wanted to share her husband’s soft side to her followers.  While it’s nice to see Jeremy’s alleged profession of love, I’m not sure that these two are out of the blue yet.  Sources close to Jeremy claim that he’s still not emotionally invested in the marriage, and that he and Leah’s relationship still has a long way to go before it’s back to the way it was at the beginning of their time together.

The fact that Addie’s birthday was taking place makes me wonder if MTV camera crews were around to capture a party of some sort.  It’s unlike them to miss parties for any of the kids in the franchise.  If MTV was around, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were altering text messages.  You’ve all seen them do it on shows before even if you were unaware of it happening.  Here are a couple of examples that you might have missed.

These two text messages are from the same scene in Arianna’s episode of 16 & Pregnant.  In the scene, Maurice asks for a paternity test, and Arianna responds that she doesn’t want him to talk to her any more.  Sadly, MTV’s editing crew missed the fact that these are two completely different conversations, and from my experience with MTV, there’s a good chance that neither one of them actually happened.

arianna1 arianna1

During the whole conversation about Isaac being half white on the Teen Mom 2 finale, the text messages were also allegedly fabricated to show the conversation for viewers on screen as opposed to having a phone conversation be redone (which also happens) long after filming the incident is over.

While obviously this is all speculation, we can only assume that the issues in Leah and Jeremy’s marriage will be played out on national television during the 6th season of Teen Mom 2.  I’m also interested in hearing your opinions.  Do you think Leah and Jeremy will make things work, or are these two destined for failure?

My internet was off yesterday due to the fact that we had around a foot of snow fall over night.  Thankfully, my internet is back on, so I can post again today.

1. Maci Shares Bump Picture


Maci announced last month that she and boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, were expecting a little girl together in June.  Maci has been pretty quiet about the pregnancy since the announcement was made, but did take time to share her first picture of her growing belly.  The picture above shows the family’s puppy, Bonnie, on Maci’s lap on the way to a family vacation.  Maci’s belly is visible, but it’s still not taking over the picture by any means.

2. Jenelle and Nathan Reunite


After an epic Twitter bash from Nathan Griffith, fans thought the end was near for the recently engaged Teen Mom 2 couple, but after less than 24 hours, all of the tweets were deleted and things appear to be back to normal.  Sadly, neither of them have addressed the issue publicly since the initial break up.  Honestly, if you’re able to break up less than a month after you get engaged, your relationship probably isn’t that great to start with.  I’m mostly concerned for the kids in the middle of this situation.  The mixed family has 3 kids that need good role models, but with the fighting and arguing, I’m not sure that will ever happen.

3. Catelynn and Tyler Share Pics of Novalee


Well, they KIND OF share pictures of her.  These two have been teasing the public with pictures of their newest child since the day she was born, but due to MTV regulations on when interviews and photographs may be sold, the two have refrained from showing Novalee’s face.  Catelynn and Tyler took their daughter to a local photography studio in order to have newborn pictures taken, and we’re being told that they will release pictures soon.  We do know that she’s supposed to look pretty similar to Carly, only with dark hair.

4. Amber and boyfriend call it quits

amber portwood

Amber Portwood has been dating an older gentleman by the name of Matt Baier for several months now. The couple reportedly has gotten matching tattoos, and things seemed pretty serious.  Just a couple of weeks ago, Amber gushed on Twitter about how she was blessed to have him by her side.  Sadly, things may have taken a turn for the worst, because Radar Online reported that the couple broke up last week.  While Amber stays pretty quiet online, Matt did respond to a tweet by simply saying “none of that ever happened we could not be happier or closer.”  No word on whether or not we’ll be seeing Matt on Teen Mom, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!