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Ever since Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert was seen on season 5 having a serious reaction to her prescribed anti-anxiety pills, rumors have been swirling that she’s got some pretty serious addiction problems.  While Leah has never mentioned the addiction, sources that claim to know her have posted online saying that pictures of her doing meth have been shopped around, and that her dealer illegally sells Leah nearly 40 prescription pain pills a week.  Really though…who could forget about the dye for the baby’s head incident?


leah4 leah3 leah2

Back in December, Corey and Leah had a custody hearing regarding their 5 year old twin girls, Ali and Aleeah.  Corey was fighting for full custody, and Leah was simply trying to maintain custody of her children.  Around that time, Leah reportedly took a drug test and used the findings from the test as evidence of her sobriety in court.

The test, which was a hair follicle assessment, showed that Leah was not abusing any form of drug.  Some readers are skeptical as to whether or not the results were required for court, or if Leah simply used the test as a way to weight her side of the custody battle.

Leah and Corey are reportedly filming for a 6th season of Teen Mom 2, which should air sometime this spring.  While we can’t guarantee that the custody battle will be featured, we can assume that MTV will focus on the new arrangements that are made for the girls.  Leah currently has the girls for 4 nights each week, while Corey has them for 3 nights a week.  This is just about as even of a custody split that they could have, and both parents are reportedly fine with the way that things worked out.


The stars of Teen Mom 2 are currently being filmed for a 6th season of their hit reality show, but this season we’re going to be able to meet someone new.

Chelsea Houska’s boyfriend of nearly 6 months, Cole DeBoer, will be caught on camera this season.  Chelsea hasn’t brought many guys around her daughter, Aubree, but has been strung up on Adam since the two became parents for the first time back in 2009 on their episode of 16 & Pregnant.  Chelsea’s story line for the last couple of seasons of Teen Mom has focused on her schooling and issues with Adam’s bad boy reputation.  Now that Cole is in the picture, it seems like we’ll be hearing less about Adam.  Honestly, I’m happy about this.

Radar Online reports that a source close to Chelsea came to them to share information about Chelsea’s new storyline for season 6.  The source claims that Cole is a very private guy, and that the two of them have very little drama in their lives.

Radar’s article says that most of the segments featuring Chelsea and Cole will simply show them spending time together with Aubree or going on dates.  Chelsea has shared that Aubree really likes Cole, and the three of them seem to be doing well at the moment.

Chelsea reportedly doesn’t talk to Cole about issues regarding Adam, and it seems like Chelsea might be taking more steps to encourage Adam to get out of the picture all together.  Adam is currently awaiting trial regarding stalking charges on ex-girlfriend Brooke Beaton, and due to these charges, Chelsea is allegedly planning on taking him back to court to limit his visitation rights even more.

As of now, Chelsea is the only mother from Teen Mom 2 who has not gotten married or had a second pregnancy.  She is also the only girl from Teen Mom 2 that has completed any form of technical training or schooling past a high school diploma or GED.

A video posted by @chelseahouska on

I can't smoke pot.  My life is over.

“I’m just so upset right now!”

Well this has been going on for a few days now, and I’ve been trying to piece together the whole story.  In case you forgot or just didn’t know, I teach during the day, so I try to keep up with all things Teen Mom during my 3-minute-long bathroom breaks and while the kids are at recess, but sometimes these things play out over the course of several days and I get a little confused.  Stick with me as we try and decipher this whole debacle together.

Jenelle and Nathan went on a vacation to St. Thomas last week.  The couple got engaged at a fancy dinner with four other friends around to witness it.  MTV’s camera crew was around to capture the whole thing on film, which will undoubtedly be shown on season 6 of Teen Mom 2 (which should be coming to your television screens this spring).  Things seemed to be smooth sailing at this point, but shortly after that, shit kind of hit the fan.  I’m saying this because I can’t think of a better way to phrase it.

Two of the friends that went on this vacation with Jenelle and Nathan decided to out the couple for arguing uncontrollably while on vacation.  The couple – named Pat and Candy Hennessy – took to social media in true Teen Mom crew fashion to share details of the horrific vacation.  A special thanks to Wrapped Up With Reality for snatching the screenshot of Candy and Pat’s comments!

candy1 candy2

Rumors were even swirling from Candy that Jenelle and Nathan had actually broken up during the vacation, just days after getting engaged in front of the cameras. She also claimed that there was an abundance of physical violence happening, including Jenelle hitting Nathan with a camera bag, and Nathan putting his hands around Jenelle’s neck.


Candy and Pat didn’t stop there though.  As promised, Pat took to YouTube to post a video of one of Jenelle’s outbursts for the world to see.  The video, which he titled “The Real Jenelle Evans” features Jenelle saying that she wishes Nathan’s brother would have died while he was in combat.

Now, we’ve all been mad before, and I can guarantee we’ve probably all said things that we didn’t mean.  I can also guarantee that most of us have NOT wished death upon your future brother-in-law that you liked enough to bring on vacation with you just a couple days before.

Jenelle claims that she’s apologized for her comments to Nathan’s brother, and that the video was cropped to only show her outbursts and extremely inappropriate comments.  There are two sides to every story, and I’m sure that someone said something to her that made her mad, but that’s still not an excuse to wish death on anyone.

Candy claims that Jenelle has not personally apologized at all for the incidents that happened in St. Thomas, and that she will continue to post information until things get handled in a way that she considers to be acceptable.

I know that there are gaps in this story, so if you have other screenshots or information, feel free to post them in the comments so that everyone can see them.

There’s been a whole lot of engagements/pregnancies/marital issues in the Teen Mom world lately, and it’s kind of starting to make my head spin.  That’s probably why this issue of Kailyn and Javi’s marriage being on the rocks slipped through the cracks and didn’t get posted about for like 2 days.  Sorry for that.

A couple of days ago, Kailyn took to Instagram to share a picture of Javi with a rather lengthy caption about the struggles that occur in their marriage.  In order to save myself the struggle of paraphrasing, I’m simply going to share the picture and caption here.  This also lets you read it in it’s original state.


Nobody told me marriage was easy but I never could have imagined the limits it would push me to. We aren’t perfect and we’ve never claimed to be. I’ve fought harder with you and for you than I ever have for anyone. Now, all I can hope is that we can keep pushing forward and learn from what we have gone through and what we are going through. If I posted this saying everything was perfect, I would be lying because it’s not. But, at the end of the day, I want you by my side when we’re 80, still pinching my butt and making me laugh. I love you, Jose.

I really struggle with deciding whether that’s a compliment to Javi, or whether it’s airing the fact that their relationship isn’t all that great.  Sometimes Kailyn is hard to read, and I think that gets shown a lot during her segments on Teen Mom 2.  It’s no surprise to anyone that these two have issues in their marriage.  We’ve seen Kailyn shake Javi’s head and say rude things about Javi’s family.  We’ve also seen Javi try and overstep his boundaries as a step-father and maybe not help with Lincoln as much as Kailyn would like.  Either way, these two have always seemed to figure things out, and until now, there haven’t been any rumors of cheating in their relationship that I can remember.

Following Kailyn’s Instagram post, a source close to the Teen Mom 2 stars went to Radar online and sold an exclusive story about Kailyn texting and meeting up with guy friends behind Javi’s back.  The article states that Kailyn is texting these guys and asking to hang out alone, without Javi.  Another source in the article claims that Kailyn rarely talks about Javi in conversation.

While I’m often times skeptical about Radar Online articles, I can’t say that I feel like this one is too far off.  We’ve seen Kailyn cheat before during her time on Teen Mom 2, and we’ve also heard both of them admit on the show that their marriage has been rocky since Lincoln was born.

Kailyn responded to the article via Twitter claiming that it’s all made up and that she wanted to know the names of the guys that she’s been texting.


Teen Mom 2 has been filming for a 6th season, so you can bet we’ll get to see more of Kailyn’s marriage on our television screens at some point during this year, but until then we’ll just have to wait and see if anything comes from this Radar article or not.

Jenelle and Nathan are currently on a vacation in St. Thomas with a couple of other friends.  Tonight they got all dressed up for a fancy dinner and shared some pictures of the group.  At this point, nobody really suspected anything would come from the night, but a little while later Nathan had proposed. Jenelle took to Instagram to post a picture of her new engagement ring with the caption, “Oh man! Someone’s engaged.”

jenelle2 jenelle1

There’s no doubt that Jenelle’s ring is impressive, and she shared that it is a Tolkowsky diamond ring.  The rings are pretty expensive and known for the clarity of their diamonds.

I can’t say that I didn’t see this engagement coming.  Jenelle and Nathan have been talking about getting married for several months now and they even went ring shopping back in August of 2014.  There were also rumors going around that Jenelle had been visiting jewelry stores in her area in an attempt to get someone to donate a ring for her in exchange for some publicity.  Nobody took her up on this offer, and a simple Google search for “Jenelle Evans” would show any jeweler the kind of publicity that Jenelle actually brings around.

Moving on…

MTV camera crews were there to capture Nathan down on one knee.  This is impressive because we know Nathan doesn’t get on the ground for just anyone – especially police officers with tasers.  MTV has been around to capture all of the other Teen Mom proposals, and there’s no reason why this one would be any different.  Jenelle has denied claims that MTV was around to film the moment, but I found a picture of Josh Tucker who is a sound man for MTV which would lead me to think otherwise.  Josh posted the following picture on his Instagram account with the hashtag #worklife, and you can connect the dots from there.  Josh has worked exclusively with the Teen Mom franchise and has posted videos of filming the other girls on his account from time to time.


All snark aside, I do hope that this works out for Jenelle and Nathan in the long run.  This is the most stable relationship we’ve seen Jenelle in since she debuted on 16 & Pregnant, and it obviously was a lot more thought through than her marriage to Courtland.  Jenelle and Nathan have 3 kids in the middle of this relationship that deserve to see an example of a healthy and happy marriage.  I truly hope that these two can provide that.

For now, there isn’t a wedding date being thrown around, but I’m sure Jenelle will update us all via Twitter when that information is available.


I’ll admit that I don’t follow Jenelle as closely as I used to, simply because sometimes she can be exhausting.  I’ll also admit that since she gave birth to Kaiser, her drama has settled down substantially and nobody has been arrested or signed away rights to their kid (that we know of) yet, so that’s a huge step in the right direction for Jenelle.

Regardless of how much better things have been going for Jenelle, there’s still a huge part of her that loves the attention that comes from stirring up shit.  Jenelle’s most recent drama comes from a family member, which is slightly more unusual than the normal crap which comes from friends or ex-boyfriends.

To make things simplified, Jenelle has a sister named Ashleigh.  Ashleigh and Jenelle haven’t ever been really close, and Ashleigh (as far as I remember) hasn’t ever been around for Teen Mom 2.  Ashleigh’s son, Gabriel, has been featured on the show several times, but Ashleigh has remained out of the spotlight.  Ashleigh recently announced on her personal Facebook page that she is expecting a second child with her fiancé and that she is around 20 weeks along.  She knows the gender, but chose not to post it, and also chose not to disclose the due date.  She posted several pictures of her belly along with the update, but removed her face from them for “privacy reasons.”  Ashleigh also revealed that she was excited to have this baby because doctors had been telling her for quite a while that she would be unable to have another child after the birth of her son.

Jenelle decided to get online and share the news with her fans by posting a screenshot of her sister’s pregnancy announcement along with the caption:

Congrats to my sister she is having a baby girl and happy she got pregnant with all her 101 diseases she made up herself.

People began commenting asking what the deal was, and Jenelle basically said that her sister was a psycho and that all of the problems regarding Ashleigh’s health were completely fabricated and made up in her mind.  Ashleigh retaliated (in true sister fashion) with this:

Btw everyone I’m on vacation.. It’s sad my sister is so jealous of me I posted I was pregnant 2-3 days ago. So how am I ruing her vacation?? Im tired if the twitter shit.y mom said Jennlle has no internet access. Such a liar. I’m going to make another YouTube video when I get back from NJ tomorrow or this week if the bitch won’t stop and leave me alone! It sad she can’t live without drama and jerks won’t stop screen shooting my FB. My mom even said she’s brain washing jace and done with her shit.

She also went as far as to share screen shots of messages between herself and Barbara (their mother) saying that the best thing to do is just ignore Jenelle because it makes her the most upset.


Have I ever mentioned that it makes me sad that we live in an era where any private conversation that you have with someone can be made public in 0.2 seconds by simply taking a screen shot of the conversation and posting it online for the whole wide world to see?

Moving on…Jenelle has also had her social media followers report some of Ashleigh’s pictures on her Facebook page for “nudity” or “inappropriate content” when they don’t seem the slightest bit revealing.

This whole things seems like petty family drama that got blown out of proportion due to Jenelle’s fame from Teen Mom 2.  I can almost guarantee that in 4 or 5 months she’ll be posting a picture with her niece claiming to be the happiest aunt in the world, because that’s just how Jenelle works and we all know it.