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We’ve all heard the rumors about Leah lately, but this latest one is leaving fans of Teen Mom 2 a little confused.

Leah has confirmed that she will not be signing a contract with MTV for a 6th season of the reality show which has followed her life and supported her family for the last 5 years.  When a fan took to Twitter to ask if Leah would be taking part in a 6th season of the show, Leah simply replied with “no.”


Leah has failed to address any real divorce rumors, but The Ashley has also reported that a source claimed that Jeremy was flirting while out of town on work and said that he was getting a divorce.  This hasn’t been confirmed anywhere, but it could explain Leah’s strange tweets and Jeremy’s social media frustrations lately.

Some questions have arose regarding the future of Teen Mom 2 without Leah and her girls, but our sources have revealed some bits of information about this whole situation.  As far as we know, Teen Mom 2 will continue with Jenelle, Kailyn, and Chelsea.  Leah and her entire family will be left out of any upcoming filming that MTV plans to do.  While a 6th season of the show hasn’t been confirmed by MTV, our sources claim that the camera crews will be back out to film the three remaining girls after the first of the year.

We haven’t had any updates on Leah’s custody situations, but she’s still been posting a lot about Addie and not much of anything about the twins besides mentioning that they were sleeping at one point.  Jeremy has remained quiet online about his pending divorce, and neither he nor Corey have mentioned anything else regarding the end of their time on MTV.

Leah Messer

Leah’s life has been a seemingly ongoing mess for about 6 weeks now, and her cryptic Tweets and subtle messages continue to leave the social media work wondering what’s really going on.

On November 15th, Leah shared a picture of some grass and a caption of “stop watering things that were never meant to grow in your life” and that was the start of a few days of subliminal messages that she’s been sharing.


Leah has shared several messages about her youngest daughter, Addie.  She’s shared messages about going to church with Addie and her mother, as well as spending her nights on the couch with Addie.  Sadly, there’s been no real mention of Ali and Aleeah in a few days, besides Leah saying that she was missing them on Sunday.  When fans asked where they were, Leah failed to reply.

Leah also shared that she was going to lunch with someone very special to her and that we should keep her in our thoughts and prayers.  Leah has been really reiterating the need for prayers lately, but hasn’t shared why she would need them or what is actually going on.

leah2 leah3 leah4

On November 17th, Leah shared a lengthy Tweet about failure which sparked a lot of people’s interests in the situation.  Leah also didn’t address what this one was about, but many people are speculating it has something to do with either her marriage to Jeremy, or custody of Ali and Aleeah.


Since all of this happened, Jeremy has removed himself from social media completely.  While our sources claim that he’s still not trying to repair his damaged marriage, he hasn’t filed for divorce that we know of.  Court records are published each Sunday at midnight, and you can bet we’ve been stalking them religiously.

All of this drama is happening at the same time that MTV is planning a 6th season of Teen Mom 2.  Sources claim that Leah and clan haven’t signed on for the season, but The Ashley shared that MTV is planning on going on with the show with or without Leah’s family as a part of it.  The Ashley also claims that filming for a 6th season is supposed to start pretty soon.

Alright friends, I haven’t been posting as much as I used to.  I am finishing up my student teaching and am going to be a lot more available here shortly.  I appreciate how willing to help all of you are, and it’s been a huge blessing to be able to come to the blog after a long day and laugh hysterically at all of your comments.  Really, thank you, because without the readers like you, the blog would be nothing.  Moving on…


Kailyn and Javi’s son, Lincoln, celebrated his first birthday yesterday, and both parents took to social media to share some messages for their son.  Kailyn shared a short message about the milestone on Instagram, and shared a collage of 3 pictures to go along with it.  The caption read:

My littlest little turns one today! I cannot believe it’s been one whole year! I’ll keep the sappy stuff for his first birthday card! love him too much for words.

Javi also shared a birthday message for his first biological child.  His message read:

A big happy birthday to 1/3 of my world! Don’t need to say much else cause I’ll tell you as we all grow together. I love you Lincoln Marshall.


Lincoln had his birthday celebration on Saturday, and judging by the pictures that were shared, he had a “Barnyard” theme, including cake pops, copies of Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton, pony rides, and farm themed food items.  These two went all out for Lincoln’s first birthday, and it looks like everyone had a great time.

lincoln3 lincoln4

Happy first birthday to Lincoln.

Since Halloween was a couple of days ago, I figured I would make a post to showcase some of the costumes that were worn.


Maci Bookout’s son, Bentley, dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle this year.  MTV was there to capture his Halloween festivities for the return of Teen Mom in early 2015.


Amber Portwood, along with her boyfriend and daughter Leah, spent some time carving pumpkins as a family.  Amber’s festivities were also documented.


Kailyn and Javi’s son, Lincoln, dressed up for his first Halloween as Waldo.  This might be my favorite costume from the Teen Mom crop.


Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree, dressed up as a cowgirl, complete with a stick horse.


Jenelle dressed up with Jace for trick or treating.  Jace was a “zombie SWAT team member” and Jenelle didn’t quite know what she wanted to be, so she told followers not to even ask.


Farrah Abraham dressed up as Elsa from Frozen for Halloween this year.  Sadly, she didn’t spend time on Halloween with her daughter, but instead spent time promoting her line of sex toys.  To view Farrah’s promotions, check out THIS PICTURE which shows her in full costume holding a silicone mold of her ass.

jeremy leah

Previously on “Days of Leah’s Life” we discussed some new information in Leah and Jeremy’s potential divorce, the cheating rumors, and filled you in on Robbie Kidd’s background.

Since then, things seem to have taken a turn that I wasn’t expecting.  Initially I thought that this cheating scandal would be the end of Leah and Jeremy, but a couple of days ago, Leah took to Twitter to share a lovey-dovey message about spending time with her husband, Jeremy.


It seems like Leah was trying to send a pretty clear message to her followers.  Judging simply by her Tweet, you would assume that there’s no longer trouble in Teen Mom 2 paradise, but I’m not sure that it’s that simple.

Jeremy is still listed as “divorced” on Facebook, and he has changed all of his social media profile information in order to remove Leah’s presence from any of them.  His Twitter bio used to flaunt his marriage with Leah, but since these allegations surfaced, he’s removed all of it.  He’s also left his former Tweets regarding the cheating on his profile, which seems like something he would erase if he had a change of heart.  He has also unfollowed Leah on her social media accounts.

The Charleston newspaper updates marriage and divorce filings every Sunday at midnight, and although Jeremy has claimed that he was going to file, nothing has shown up on their website for now.

1. Jenelle gears up for Halloween


Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has been a variety of things for Halloween throughout the years, and this time around things aren’t looking any different.  Jenelle shared several photos of her costume for this year, which is supposed to make her a “naughty school girl” of sorts.  The costume includes a white corset top, super short plaid skirt and tie, as well as thigh-high white tights.  Halloween is my least favorite holiday due to the scantily clad girls.  Putting that aside, I have to give credit where it’s due.  Jenelle’s body looks pretty good considering she just gave birth to her second child a few months ago.

2.  Amber’s getting serious


Amber and her boyfriend went to the tattoo parlor and got matching tattoos.  Amber has been relatively quiet about the new man in her life, but has posted that he’s the opposite of people she’s dated previously and that he treats her and Leah fabulously.  The tattoos, which reportedly say “True Love” in Italian, are located on the couple’s left wrists.  Since this is Amber’s left arm pictured, would any of you like to speculate about that ring on her hand?  Amber hasn’t commented on whether or not it’s an engagement ring, but fans have been asking.  Maybe we’ll get to see a proposal on the upcoming season of Teen Mom.

3. Farrah’s “stroker” video is disgusting


Alright, I was debating on whether or not to even post about this one because I feel traumatized after watching it.  I decided to post about it, but I’ll give you lots of warning before I even post the link and all that junk

Farrah makes sex toys, right?  Well apparently she’s on some tour around the country right now promoting them and people are actually buying them and sharing videos of themselves “testing” them out.  One guy bought this thing called a grip-on stroker, which is ultimately a tool to give yourself a glorified hand-job.  It’s molded like Farrah’s lady parts and it’s awkward all around.  Anyway, he tested it out and video taped it for 13 seconds.  He shared the link with Farrah on Twitter and she re-tweeted it to all of her followers.  If you would like to be mortified by the video about this guy’s experience with Farrah’s sex toy, THIS IS THE LINK, but I am warning you…you will see a penis, and you will wish you hadn’t seen it.  You probably shouldn’t open the link at work because if your boss passes your cubicle and sees some guy jerking off, you might get fired.