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catelynn lowell pregnant

In Touch – “She said, ‘You’re never going to believe it: I’m pregnant,’” Catelynn’s longtime friend, Jamie Pyrzewski, 26, confirms to In Touch. Jamie — one of the first people Catelynn, 20, called last month after sharing the news with Tyler and a small circle of family members — adds, “We were both quiet. I asked how she felt about it. She said she was nervous and scared.”

I know people are going to debate whether Catelynn Lowell is actually pregnant, or this is just another tabloid rumor. Neither has yet to confirm it publicly, so right now we can either believe it or chalk it up to tabloids doing their thing.

What strikes me about this article is that if I ever become famous, I’m just not telling people a damn thing.  It’s incredible how fast the friends of the Teen Mom cast run to Reality Weekly or In Touch to sell a story they heard.  While I suspect some of them do it purposely and get a little cut (not naming names), it just has to blow some of these moms away when it happens.   According to the story, Catelynn told her friend Jamie and a small circle of family members, so at what point did Jamie decide “Hmm, I think I should call a magazine and tell them.  I mean her fans are family too, right?”

It’s entirely possible Catelynn gave Jamie the thumbs up to sell the story, but I still wouldn’t do it.  On another note, from my experience, when sources are willing to give their real names, it does put a lot of weight to the story.   I believe it’s probably true, and good for them.   I’ve seen some act shocked by this announcement, but they’ve been together forever, are financially stable, have their own house, etc.   This shocking part to me is how long it took for Catelynn to become pregnant again.


US Magazine – “Don’t believe everything you read, I’m definitely not pregnant!” she tells Usin a statement. “I’m on the pill. And, I’m only 20–I don’t want to have kids until I’m out of school and we’re married.”

So Catelynn went to US Magazine to deny the rumor that her longtime friend told a different magazine.   Either Catelynn is lying or has a pretty bad friend.  What do you think?

This poster is kind of weak because my last one was apparently full of Teen Mom 2 people.  This one features Gary, who – as of 2 hours ago – watching the movie “Gone” which makes me think he’s not even in NYC this weekend.

Nonetheless, just a day after Melinda returned home from her weekend in the Big Apple, Maci, Farrah, Catelynn and Tyler all made their way into the city to film the reunion show with Dr.Fraud.  Had we known they where going to be there a day later, maybe she would have stuck around for a bit to try and meet them, do a photo op or what not.  I mean if I’m not going to win the date with Farrah, the least we can do is stalk them when they’re close, right?

They’re ready to take on the final set of questions from Dr.Fraud in the awkward post-season interviews that I have trouble watching for some reason.  Maybe it’s the fake questions, the fake answers, or how Drew pretends to give a crap while doing anything he can to increase the awkwardness while they’re on stage.

I stole a few images from Starcasm, even though they’re all over FB and twitter, I figured I’d give him credit for these…

Let’s see how they’re looking….

maci bookout, farrah abraham and catelynn lowell in NYCFarrah has to nearly get on her knees so she’s at the same level as the other girls.  Cute picture though!

maci bookoout's hotel roomMaci Bookout’s hotel room for the week. Life is tough for the bookster

catelynn lowell Catelynn Lowell looking very happy to be posing next to a parking garage.
Just kidding, she is looking great!

maci, farrah and catelynn poseI don’t think cameras are allowed in prison to be able to show all 4 teen moms
Too soon?

The last comment is clearly a joke but it does suck that Amber isn’t there – again.  She missed the last reunion, missed this one, and is missing out on a lot.  I am so frustrated for her to see such a fantastic opportunity squandered.  I know she has her issues and I’m not getting into that, it’s just sad.  The original 4 is down to 3, and we’ll be lucky to see Amber on TV ever again once the season ends in a few months.


I’m told this wasn’t a reunion but an after show.  The reunion already happened… oops

catelynn and tyler in front of their new houseWhenever I hear stories about Catelynn and Tyler, I wonder if MTV messed up with their casting.  I mean take a look at Amber, Snookie, “The Situation”, Jenelle, even Maci, Leah, etc can bring the drama on occasion.  Then you have Catelynn and Tyler, the most mature and responsible teens I’ve probably ever seen, let alone on TV with 6 figure checks thrown at them.

This isn’t a knock on them at all, they’re far and away the best role models for young teens, but they don’t seem to fit on MTV’s drama-first programming.  I’m going to guess they felt as we all did that the adoption and early young personalities would have resulted in plenty of drama and a breakup, but it never did.  The young couple remained as close as ever, and any long-time Teen Mom viewer you talk to couldn’t be happier for them.

Enough gushing, the story here is that the pair spent some of their money on five cars, a bunch of shoes, exotic vacations, tattoos, plastic surgery and other stuff they’ll be bored of in 5 years.  Just kidding, this is Cate and Tyler we’re talking about.  They went out and bought a house, and didn’t even need 3 roommates.  I guess you can do stuff like that when you don’t fly down to Vegas every other weekend.

Just like you’d expect, they didn’t get a tiny house, but it also wasn’t some super huge mini-mansion.  It’s a modest sized house that looks absolutely beautiful inside, and the pair look happy as ever to be proud new homeowners. Check out the photos below…

If you weren’t aware by now, this season of Teen Mom starring the original cast of Maci, Catelynn, Amber and Farrah will be their last.  The season begins on June 12th, and looks like it will cover the typical issues facing the moms.

Amber Portwood will be dealing with her legal troubles, and the emotional toll it’s taking on her and her family.  Leah is growing up and is now understanding that mommy is not around as much, and it should be interesting to see how this all plays out.  Thankfully they didn’t show a whole lot of Gary because his head is already big enough where any more airtime, even in a trailer, may send him over the moon.

Maci Bookout will appear to go through her breakup with biker Kyle, and possibly cover her new relation with the second biker Kyle.  I’m not sure she was with the second Kyle at the time of filming, but I’m pretty confident we’ll see her relationship with Kyle 1 erode.  That will be a bit sad to see as he genuinely appears to be a good guy and positive role model for Bentley.. even if he does have the case of the mumbles.

It looks like we’ll see the official move to Florida with Farrah Abraham, and the impact that has on her parents.  In addition, her season arc will probably cover a boyfriend or two.  She’s pretty hidden with her private life, so it’s hard to grasp what we’ll see from that clip.  My best guess is it will cover Farrah trying to prepare herself for life after Teen Mom by securing a feature with books and possibly a spin-off show.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra will be dealing with the difficulty of their family issues, in addition to the feelings they still have about the adoption. What we won’t see is Catelynn and Tyler breaking up like I honestly thought they would in season 1.  I didn’t think their relationship would survive the adoption, but they have proven any doubter wrong and are still going strong today.  While their story may have the least amount of drama, being huge role models for young couples should be enough to carry their story throughout the season and will be great to watch.

Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are continuing their tour by making a stop in the Garden State.  Tylynn will be speaking at the Wayne YMCA Rosen Theater in Wayne, New Jersey, tomorrow, May 10th, at 7:30 p.m.  If I lived anywhere near New Jersey, I would totally be there.  After all, who wouldn’t want to meet the cutest couple on MTV?  (“cutest couple” title dubbed by me).  Their speech will include topics such as “unplanned pregnancy, today’s adoption, and other issues facing young adults and teens,” followed up with a Question and Answer session by the power couple.

After they say hasta la vista to New Jersey, they are heading over to Pennsylvania, so all you Keystone Staters, get ready!

Catelynn and Tyler’s full touring schedule can be found here:  http://www.impregnant.org/tour/

Catelynn and Tyler Teen MomI’ve noticed a trend that lately the “wild” Teen Moms are getting a lot of our attention. Maci inking up her body, Jenelle getting “bigger”, Amber in and out of trouble, and so on. We rarely get to talk about the calmer side of Teen Mom, namely Catelynn and Tyler.  They don’t make headlines, don’t do crazy things, and will probably be out of the public spotlight as soon as Teen Mom ends, yet I don’t think they care.

Catelynn and Tyler have been the model couple, making sound decisions after sound decisions, and constantly supporting one another through whatever issues the other is having. When Catelynn is having insecurity issues, Tyler doesn’t go out and party without her, he does his best to boost her esteem and build her confidence.  When Tyler is having issues with his family, Catelynn is always there to support him whatever way he needs.  They have probably been the “perfect” celebrity couple, yet rarely get any praise or attention for it.

I just wanted to take a moment to promote some real good role models to come out of the show because they’ve certainly earned it.  While others are getting plastic surgery or buying cars that are “guaranteed” to get you pulled over, these two quietly renovated their house and posted some pictures of it on twitter today (photos below).  In addition, Catelynn replies to a lot of tweets and answers questions about her personal life that you rarely see these days.   Here are a few random things Catelynn answered recently…

Q – When was the last time you seen your daughter?
A – a couple Weeks ago :-)

Q – Are you and Tyler still together?
A – Yes

Q – How long have you and Tyler been together?
A – 8 years this July 15th :-)

Q – Did Tyler do that all by himself?? I know he was working on the kitchen before this… (regarding remodeling of their new house)
A – no his ain’t Beth helped him  (I assume she meant aunt)

Q – I was wondering how you lost all your weight you look fantastic and I’m trying to get in shape and not having a lot of luck.
A – weight watchers :-)

Q – Just watching @CatelynnLowell 16 and pregnant episode. What an inspiration you are to young girls. Do you still wear your bracelet from T?
A – yes I do :-)

Q – my friend just found out shes 12 wks preg.but isnt ready &doesnt want it. Ive been trying to help idea with adopt any tips??
A – well i would go online find out facts about abortion, adoption, and parnting. Read all those facts to her and help her find the path for her. then do a pros and cons

Those are just a few of the Q & A that Catelynn does on a near daily basis on twitter.  It’s incredible to see someone with 360k+ followers take the time to answer what she can.   So yea, I know this isn’t a fun, snarky post, but even I need to take a break from the snark and give credit where it’s due. With all these terrible role models out there on TV today (*cough* Jersey Shore *cough*), it’s refreshing to see people like Catelynn and Tyler to balance it all out.