Did Adam Lind Kill Two Dogs?

The amount of insane reports that have been release this week is beyond us. Adam Lind is alleged accused of killing two of Tayloy Halbur's dogs. This story is not only strange but follows a pretty intense pattern from Lind.

Lind previously tested positive for meth-amphetamines as we reported a little while back. However, these chilling new accusations have surfaced, adding to what looks to be a nightmare for Lind.

"His life has spun out of control ever since he found fame, or infamy for that matter, on a television series run on MTV called Teen Mom 2," according to the papers which have been dated back to December 2014, according to Radar.

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"He has come to view himself as a person above the law, above social norms and above all rules. Upon information and belief, when we were dating and lived together, he killed two of my puppies. There was also another relationship that he was in, where he may have killed that person's dog. If you hurt a dog, you will hurt a child!"

Those are pretty huge accusations and can make for a tumultuous period for Lind. There has been no response from the Teen Mom star, however, we hope that clarification will be made soon.


this is crazy