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More Editing Troubles For Teen Mom Producers

The idea of stirring up drama on television isn’t something new. However, when the cast starts to take notice things get a little troublesome. Both Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry took to defending recent clips that aired on Teen Mom 2, claiming that crucial parts were cut out.

“Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry aren’t letting MTV producers get away with twisting their storylines! During last night’s Teen Mom 2, the show’s stars slammed the series for cutting out scenes to create drama,” according to a recent Radar report.

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Houska revealed that her mother seemed to be pushing the “new daddy” ideas on to her daughter and she felt that Aubrey was becoming uncomfortable, which caused her to react the way she did.

Meanwhile, Lowry revealed that during the moment Lincoln was leaving his half-brother, Isaac, it was failed to be mentioned that Lincoln was going to a foreign country.

These clarifications will likely neutralize any issues and backlash the moms received. It doesn’t seem like enough of a hiccup to stir up any rumors of the cast members leaving the show.

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