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Teen Mom 2 – Season 4, Episode 10:



I’m going to rip through this recap like the Teen Mom girls rip through relationships.  It’s late and I know you guys use this mostly to chat with each other about the show, so I want to get something up for you to do that.

On that note, wtf is up with these moms and marriage?  Melinda and I have been together like 7 years now, and sure that’s longer than normal, but when I watch episodes of Teen Mom, I feel we should have been married 6 1/2 years ago and had 5 kids by now.  Are we moving slow, or is this normal and the stuff we see on TV is just crazy fast because the moms are …well, crazy.

Jenelle – Starting with our favorite train wreck, it’s time for Jace’s 3rd birthday party and Jenelle is tired of all the kid crap.  I mean seriously, he’s had his fun the first 2 birthdays with things like family, now it’s time to bust out the kegs and have a REAL party!  Ok, maybe exaggerating a bit, but the way Jenelle made it sound was that Jace had all these boring parties before and he needed to invite other people, like Kieffer!  It was basically a scummy way to get her junky boyfriend invited to her kids party, that’s all.

We did get to find out that Jenelle is flat broke, and despite all the other mothers pretending they have money problems, I actually believe Jenelle on this.  She claims it was on weed, but I’m sure she also shot up quite a bit of those huge paychecks MTV was giving her. Remember boys and girls, Kieffer was in the picture at the time, so we all know the money didn’t just go to weed.

Chelsea – It was her 21st birthday and she had to pretend this was her first time drinking.  Her mother said Chelsea has been acting so mature and responsible and that’s promptly when I stopped listening to her segments because I was too busy laughing.   Another week of nothing exciting happening in her life, but that’s been the last few seasons.

Kailyn – It’s been a few months in the relationship between Javi and Kailyn, so naturally it’s time to get married.  I mean that’s the thing to do, right?  Anyway, he takes her down to some place she grew up, proposed to her and then they talked about all the great benefits they’ll get because she’s married to someone in the military.  Ahh, must be nice to be able to get married to someone you barely know so you can enjoy those type of benefits.  I’m not going to go off on a rant on gay marriage again, so let me turn to Kailyn’s suddenly super bitchy second reason for marrying…. so she’ll hold more weight when the military up and moves them across the country and she can just take Jo’s son away.

Unless MTV has a crush on Jo and have edited out some incredibly awful things, I have to say Kailyn is quickly becoming the worst person on the show… even passing the girl who is a serial cheater, and one who does heroin.  From everything we’ve seen and heard, Jo has been nothing but a solid father, and very patient when dealing with Kailyn, yet she’s constantly trying to screw him over every way she can.  Here is an idea, you’re the one who is choosing to get married to someone in the military, let Jo have custody of Isaac while you travel the country.

Leah – Leah got married, again. Fun times. I’m pretty sure if she gets married one more time within 2 years, her 4th is free!  Keep that child support train chugging along, in a few husbands and kids you may never have to work again!

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  1. avatar Kailyns anger says:

    These girls are pathetic, that’s all.

    • avatar Anne-Marie says:

      In other news, water is wet.

      • avatar Kat says:

        Stevebeans, I was thinking of you last night while I was watching Teen Mom. I hope you, Melinda, and your family and friends are ok after yesterday’s bombing in Boston.

        • avatar Breezy says:

          Just wondering why anyone would give this a thumbs down!!! People may not like this blog or the ones who write it but why would you not want them to be ok???

        • avatar Chelsea's Daddy's Money says:

          I think sometimes people accidentally leave a thumbs down, like on a touchscreen phone. I’ve seen people comment apologizing for it before.

  2. avatar Jen says:

    I hardly think that cheating one time makes her a “serial cheater”. And I recall seeing jo verbally abusing Kailyn in front of Isaac, a whole lot in her ep of 16 and pregnant as well as seasons 1 and 2 of teen mom 2, so while it is kind of messed up of her to decide to move purely to spite Jo, mothers and fathers everywhere live far apart and make it work and it rarely kills anyone so I think it will be ok. Besides, Jo could always move wherever Kailyn does if being close to Isaac is THAT important to him (I doubt he will truly care that much since the only reason he wants Isaac so much now is so his parents can watch him while he goes out and parties).

    • avatar Salome says:

      I agree and I wouldn’t put it past MTV to have a “crush” on Jo. Greater misogynies are perpetrated by them daily. Who knows? It is possibly Jo grew a brain cell and decided to berate, deride, denigrate and cuss out Kailyn *while the cameras aren’t there* for a change.

      • avatar Chelsea's Daddy's Money says:

        I don’t agree with MTV having a secret crush on Jo (though I do know they edit stuff to make it different than it was) but honestly, I think if Jo does fucked up stuff to Kail, the reason we don’t see it on the show is because he’s not an idiot… he knows when he’s being filmed and unlike the rest of the cast, he’s smart enough to make sure he doesn’t look like an asshole and a dumbass on TV every week.

    • avatar Conspiracy Man says:

      Since Leah is so untrustworthy that they can’t even keep it in her pants the night before her wedding, she is not entitled to complain about the fact that most viewers will equate her with being completely unfathful and assume that she will cheat at any opportunity, even if she does not (Leah always says she cheated the “week before” her wedding, but it was actually the NIGHT BEFORE. She might was well describe her infidelity as happening the “year before” her wedding, since it is also true, but not very descriptive – she is a horrible person). Leah was obviously not raised in an environment where ethical behavior (or even manners and common courtesy) were given any thought. Only someone who was raised in the equivalent of a barn would cheat on their spouse so close to the wedding, and she is completely disgusting for that simple fact alone. This type of activity is the act of someone who is absolutely devoid of class and human dignity. She can try to mince words about whether she is a serial cheater or not, but the fact remains that she is the worst kind of cheater and she deserves any negative characterization that people place on her. In all honesty, she probably cannot help her piggish behavior, since she was raised in such a poor environment, but the blame has to be placed somewhere and there is plenty of it to go around.

      • avatar Stefani says:

        I completely agree! You can even tell she is too dumb to realize what she is doing is wrong. She is probably completely oblivious to how much of a trashy whore she truly is! This might have possibly happened because of her doormat of a mother who would NEVER said no to leah. They both suck at life.

    • avatar Corey's Dip says:

      Oh stfu. Yes Jo might have ‘verbally abused’ Kail on 16 & Pregnant. But that was about 4-5 years ago when they were 16. Come on now. They were living TOGETHER AT 16 for crying out loud… And sometimes she deserved it. She bitches about EVERYTHING. That would drive anybody nuts! She need to stop bitching and be grateful that Jo’s family took her in and allowed her to live with them. Not many parents are willing to do that. Since then, I think Jo has matured ALOT! But we dont get to see much of him.

    • avatar Brandi says:

      He wasn’t calling kailyn a serial cheater he was comparing them to Leah and jenelle.

    • avatar George says:

      I disagree with most of what Jen says…but 82 dislikes? That’s a lot of dislikes. How can I get 83?

      • avatar Candace says:

        No shit! I think the most I’ve ever got was 20 angry thumbs. Be proud Jen, be proud.

    • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

      I haven’t read the comments so please don’t crucify me if I’m repeating something but serial cheater he was referring to Leah who can’t keep any penis out of her vagina to save her life

  3. avatar Emily says:

    I shouldn’t be surprised, but god damn, how high was Jenelle during her first scene? Obviously this is the start of the heroin addiction because she looked like she hadn’t slept in a week. You can’t believe Jace is 3? Yeah time flies when you’re off with your boooyyyfrieends getting high, beating people up, lying about being abused etc. Which boyfriend/husband will be at Jace’s birthday party this year?

    Leah, typical wedding superstitions need not apply when you’re on your second marriage (third wedding ceremony) and you’re barely 20. Not to mention her and Jeremy were already legally married at this point.
    I liked her first wedding dress way better. I wonder what she ended up doing with that one after the divorce.

    • avatar CJ says:

      I thought the same exact thing when I saw Jenelle’s first scene. All I could think was, “Ok this must be when her and Kieffer were doing heroin all the time”. She looked like death! And she goes on to say that she spent all her money on marijuana – but they don’t smoke it anymore. But she left out the part about how they replaced the marijuana with heroin!

  4. avatar Corey's Dip says:

    Psh only watched Jace’s birthday segment and turned it off. It’s the same bullsh** over and over xD

  5. avatar Hayzii says:

    Hi five Jace! Wipe that bitch’s kiss off! LOL!

    • avatar Hayzii says:

      High* high ya all high!!!

  6. avatar jeannie says:

    I cannot believe the extreme patience Jenelles Mother is showing this season, maybe too much. she should be off the show as I’m sure she just uses the money for drugs. the way she yells at her Mother, she’s just a pig. It couldn’t be any more obvious that Kailyns marriage is only for BENEFITS, that guy must be stupid. she even said well wait to see if you pass the test before we see if we will get married.Leah I can see this skinny whore being on her 6th marriage by the time she’s 30.

    • avatar Gracia says:

      When Leah said that she hadn’t seen her dad since she was 13, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. I don’t blame her for having daddy issues, my parents separated when I was six and I’ve had terrible anxiety ever since. Obviously not excusing her behavior, but now I understand why she can do such horrendous things and not see anything wrong with it- she literally never learnt how to form normal relationships with anyone male.

      • avatar Stefani says:

        Not downplaying anything you just said, because I have a friend with the same ‘daddy issues’, but Leah has had her step dad in her life since she was 5 years old. So she has had some sort of a male person that she said was basically like her dad. In my mind though, that excuse will only work for her jumping from relationship to relationship. Her lack of morals is all on her, and her stupid selfish decisions. I had a slightly rough upbringing, a rough split/divorce with my parents and I’ve NEVER cheated on someone or acted like she does.

    • avatar williambo says:

      I think Barbara is kind of like, “Ok, what BS is going on now,” and it’s the same old crap over and over, so I think she’s not surprised or shocked by anything anymore, which is why she’s just like kinda smirking (probably somewhat amused at the ridiculousness of her daughter) and staying pretty calm. I’m willing to bet that the conversation at the table with Jenelle was staged and that it wasn’t the first time she decided or mentioned to have a party for Jace the next day.

      I love some of the things Barb says with her accent. She’s so funny.

      And the random kid at Jace’s birthday, I didn’t see the kid’s parents, so that was a little odd, but I don’t think it’s that weird if they offered the little boy some cake and played with him.

  7. avatar Shell says:

    WOW! The website was updated. HALLELUJER. But in all seriousness, I can’t wait for the show to end so these girls can get a reality check. Especially Jenelle. Overdrafting 600$ wtf.

  8. avatar Beth A. says:

    I think the time has come to end this show. It has very little to do with being a teen mom. My interest in it is at an all time low.

    • avatar Stefani says:

      Mine too. I have a hard time getting through an entire episode without pausing it every 15 minutes and doing something else for a while. I missed a few (without caring, it’s the same sh!t) and others I watched half and never finished.

  9. avatar Cheeto Dust says:

    So, they just invited some random kid to join Jace’s birthday party? I know, I know, of all the things to take away from this show….that was just odd, though!

    “Hello, random kid and mom! Would you like to play with my son, come to his birthday party, and let us film you?”

    • avatar Jason Q says:

      Yeah that seemed really ackward and out of no where. Also damn Jenelle can’t you cover yourself up a little bit for your son’s birthday party? She looked like she was gonna turn a few tricks inbetween jumping on the trampoline and opening presents with Jace.

      • avatar Dana says:

        YES!! All I could think about during Jace’s party was “wow jenelle could you dress any more inappropriate for your sons birthday.”

        • avatar Kasey says:

          Doesn’t every “mom” dress is a belly shirt and shorts (so tight and short the pockets show underneath) for their son’s 3rd birthday? I thought this was normal attire for a kid’s birthday. Huh… *cough sarcasm*

      • avatar Anne-Marie says:

        Straight from the horse’s mouth: “I did not wear a belly shirt. I was REALLY hot from playing with Jace so much that I lifted up my shirt to cool down, lol. Chill people…”

        Hahaha so no belly shirt, but posed naked for pictures. Twice. With two different men. Keep it classy, Jenelley!

    • avatar Javi's Shaken Head says:

      I was thinking about that, too! I actually felt a little bad for Jace. I know he goes to daycare- he must have a few little friends! I know they can’t have that many kids there, but they could have invited his little buddies and had a party at Babz’s house instead of inviting a random child over to play!

      • avatar Conspiracy Man says:

        It did not even seem like jace was interacting with the other boy. It seemed like he barely knew him.

      • avatar Todd says:

        I think parents of any friends Jace has at daycare probably didnt want their children at Jace’s party because they knew Jenelle would be there lol.

      • avatar the other emily says:

        Maybe they didn’t want their kids filmed? I don’t think I would if it was my kid.

    • avatar Barb says:

      Them inviting that random kid was so weird! While watching this episode my husband was sitting next to me and he doesn’t really watch the show but he said “why does that kid never have kids or people at his parties?” lol i mean he watches it in parts and even he’s managed to notice that Jace’s parties are always so sad. They go out of their way to rent a place, get him a cake and can’t invite anyone? I think Jace would have a lot more fun and get more presents too! Doesn’t make any sense and to be honest i’ve never seen anyone have a party like that. It’s just plain weird.

      • avatar Babs is cool says:

        maybe they stage the party, doesnt’ look real. Even if it’s real, it’s not Barbara’s fault she wouldn’t know any young moms.

      • avatar Chelsea. says:

        Barb, you took the words right out of my mouth. I feel like Jace looks so sad most of the time, it truly breaks my heart. His birthdays are beyond depressing too. Poor guy. I really wonder what he will be like when he gets older. Hopefully he doesn’t follow suit. He reminds me of my boyfriends friends who’s parents sold drugs his whole life and constantly getting arrested. They still are unemployed today (and on probation). His sisters ended up like them but he is graduating from law school this year and was voted by his law class, “most likely to change the world”. I really hope Jace is successful and happy when he’s grown because his sad faces outweigh his happy faces on the show.

    • avatar Meg says:

      I noticed that! Jenelle just kept calling that little boy “him”. & then Jace and “Him” got to eat cupcakes and “Him” got to watch Jace open presents. “Him” will never forget this very fun birthday party.

  10. avatar jennhatesyou says:

    I’m not a mom but shouldn’t Jace have a few friends his own age at his party besides a random child who happens to be at the same place?

    I’m going to chalk that one up to Jenelle’s lack of parenting once again. Babs is well beyond the age of having a toddler,she works full time and has possibly some semblance of a life, I highly doubt she is going to want to spend time getting to know the other parents at Jace’s daycare. That would be Jenelle’s job, even if she isn’t completely active in Jace’s life, she could be active in his schooling and daycare. Maybe meet some other mom’s who are raising their children and doing well for themselves. Make some stable friends, let Jace make some friends.

    Jenelle fails to realize that if she were to take some proactive steps to co-parent Jace, maybe doing something for him before having to be asked like researching schools or finding an arts and crafts class for the two of them to go to together once a week…ANYTHING ,Babs would probably allow her more freedom with him.

    Then again, She’s a heroin addict, I expect diddly squat from her.

    • avatar DM says:

      Where do you supposed Jenelle would find toddlers? Jenelle doesn’t take him to daycare. She probably doesn’t know where the daycare even is. She said in the episode the only time she watches him is on Saturday at Barb’s house. So if you’re relying on Jenelle to come up with kids to attend Jace’s birthday party they will be the children of whatever meth head friends she has left that don’t hate her yet. Those things you mentioned are all things that normal parents would do, yes, but Jenelle is not a co-parent nor does she claim to be. She just bounces in and out of Jace’s life when it’s convenient for her. Barbara does not allow her to take Jace out of the house, which I think is the best decision for everyone.

    • avatar Farrah'sCar says:

      but then again… we’re talking about jenelle who starts her segment saying “my mom is wtching jace today so I can meet up with my friends.” the girl who doesn’t even have custody of her child, and is constantly hopping from home to home.. from d**k to d*ck.

      • avatar Hayzii says:

        It sounded to me like her argument was that since Babs will only let Jenelle see Jace on Saturday, that she won’t see him at all in protest? Her arguments go in circles.

        • avatar Adams Cellmate says:

          I wonder who’s parents would even want their kids around Jenelle?

    • avatar Beth A. says:

      Barbara has said several times throughout the seasons that Jenelle only sees Jace about once every three weeks so I’m sure she has nothing to do with him making friends.

      • avatar jennhatesyou says:

        I know, I was just pointing out that the stress of having Babs play mother to Jace stunts Jace’s development even further. And that if Jenelle is going to complain about not seeing Jace, taking proactive steps to rectify the situation and not just fighting for the sake of “getting her way” and demanding time with her son, she would have more time with him.

        DO I think babs should be letting Jenelle spend time with Jace? Absolutely not, not with the way Jenelle is. Here’s hoping she gets her life together.

        • avatar Kasey says:

          Agree 100%. A NORMAL young mother would take her son to daycare, make friends with fellow mothers/fathers, have play dates, etc. Babs is in her 50′s and only drops the kid off so she can go to work to support them. She doesn’t have time to chitchat and make play dates. It was sad Jace’s party was just adults and a random kid playing there invited to join in. Just another example of how his life is and will be anything but normal. Jennelle should have been unselfish from the start and put him up for adoption from birth. Babs is old. What if something happens to her down the line? Then Jace will end up in foster care anyway. That poor boy. She has no money for gas to see her son, but has money to support Keiffer and their drug habits. Not to mention she probably gave him the money to start up his pipe business.

  11. avatar Beth says:

    Jenelle was sooooo out of it in the first scene. And her outfit for Jace’s party was as inappropriate as her court outfit last week (very!)
    Nice to see Chelsea having some fun!
    I did think Javi’s proposal was sweet. I’m afraid there are probably many children who move away from one parent due to various reasons, even if that parent is a good one. I’m one of those children. My Mum is still the best Mum though. I don’t like Kailyn’s smugness about it though, that is not on.

    • avatar Anne says:

      How come I think Barb is still in the foam pit at the gym? She is buried way down deep and she is going to stay there because she finally found a soft place to fall. She found peace and quiet, far away from Jenelle’s ungrateful, foul mouth! Stay right where you are Babs and enjoy the serenity of the pit.
      Just like earlier episodes with Leah, Kail also has her wedding band on her ring finger of the opposite hand, during her ‘engagement’. Good work MTV.

  12. avatar livvy says:

    For what it’s worth, I really hope it works out for both Kail and Leah in their respective marriages. They both seem happy and while there is a lot to criticize them for, they are good parents, Chelsea included.

    The kids were adorable and it’s really nice to hear them talk. They seem to have pretty good language skills. Jace, unfortunately seems the most behind. Studies have shown that the more parents talk to their young children, the better their verbal skills are and I don’t think Jace has conversations with anyone. Everyone around him is always talking about him “the baby” instead of talking to him, and it really shows.

    Jennelle is a mess. And didn’t Jennelle hesitate a bit when she was telling Babs that she spent her money on marijuana? Like she wanted to say heroin?
    Jace has no attachment when it comes to Jennelle, it’s not even funny when he wipes his mother’s kiss off, it’s just sad. She is just a terrible human being.

    And I was watching the sneak peek for next week’s episode with Babs, Keiffer and Jennelle. It was horrifying to see how much Keiffer and Jennelle disrespect her, making fun of her because she’s going to spend her whole life working the deli counter at Walmart. While it may not be the most glamorous job with a high salary, it’s a steady, honest job. This job is what supported Jennelle when she was younger and it is what is supporting Jace right now. Keiffer was telling her to get out of the house. It really is sad.

    Jennelle keeps talking about how much she loves her son and wants to spend more time with him but will only see him once every 3 weeks because her mother will only let her see him on saturdays? Than why isn’t she seeing him every week instead of every 3 weeks? Her mother should not even let that drug addict see him, but for some reason she does, so Jennelle should make the effort to clear her “super busy” saturday schedule to spend time with her son.

    • avatar Farrah'sCar says:

      You couldn’t have said it better. It’s true chelsea is a good mom despite her annoying spoiled personality. It amazes me how good Aubree speaks, she is a wonderful little girl. Isaac seems a bit shy, but Jace is just the baby and I can’t help but feeling sorry because those neglected kids commonly end up really bad (unlike the ones who can overcome the strggles) Jenelle is just stupid and I feel horrible for Barbs for having to struggle with such an annoying girl. Jenelle has more siblings who are not trouble so we cant blame barbs on the way she raised her.

      • avatar Anne says:

        I have read that Jenelle’s sibling have all been in trouble with the police. Her sister and brother have both been arrested in the past. Her sister was pregnant with triplets and moved in with Barb, after her marriage fell apart. This is info I have read on-line and cannot verify if it is true. While Barb has really been there for Jace, the constant screaming, swearing and heartbreak in front of this wee boy makes me want to hug him. Perhaps he would have been happier, healthier and more secure if he had been adopted from birth.
        Barb is obviously very overwhelmed, his mom is an unfit mom and his dad chooses every day to not be in Jace’s life. I see the wonderful life Carly has with her loving, stable adoptive parents. I want that smile on his little face and a twinkle in his eyes too. He makes me sad. Being rejected is devastating for the child. It is pure and utter selfishness to NOT want your child. But to NOT want anyone else to have him when you neglect him every damn day is horrific.

        • avatar Farrah'sCar says:

          I actually had no idea about the other sibling I’m glad you pointed that out. I feel sorry for Jace if I could adopt him i probably would

    • avatar Cheeto Dust says:

      IMO, Leah and Kailyn are not good moms. Sure, they are providing the basics — food, clothing, shelter, toys — but at what cost? Showing their children that Mommy can’t make it without a man providing for them? Leah is using Jeremy for money and benefits and Kail is doing the same thing. She couldn’t even kiss Javi on the lips when he proposed to her. She gave him a hug like he was her brother and she couldn’t even use the word “husband” without it being awkward. It is completely transparent that she wants the medical insurance. In the last three episodes, she’s said, “If we get married, we get medical right away.” At least the medical is good because the pay is not, especially when you are junior enlisted. My husband a senior/staff NCO and retiring at the end of the year and the money didn’t get good until he was about 12 years in. Of course, even ‘good’ is subjective when you have to factor in 7-month combat tours.

      • avatar Corey's Dip says:

        Right. I NEVER sense chemistry between Kail and Javi. Their whole relationship is just so awkward… O_o js

        • avatar Todd says:

          I have never sensed any chemistry either. Maybe they are both just setteling.

        • avatar Noelle1991 says:

          Oops sorry I meant to hit thumbs up

  13. avatar Conspiracy Man says:

    Great recap and great comments.

    I was amazed when Jenelle started freaking out at Barb about how little notice Barb gave everyone before Jace’s birthday party. It begged the question “what birthday plans did you make for him, Jenelle?”

    • avatar Cheeto Dust says:

      She is so self-involved that she is oblivious to the fact that her mother might not have given much notice for the party because she 1) works and 2) is completely raising Jenelle’s child.

      I felt so bad for Barbara when she mentioned that she would like Jenelle to watch Jace on Sundays so she could have a break. Gawd! As a mother of two, I can’t even imagine being Bab’s age and hitting the reset button in terms of child-rearing. Hitting it at 31 with my second was scary enough, let alone being in my late fifties! This is her time to rest and travel and she is still planning toddler birthday parties! Poor Babs and Jace. Jenelle is a piece of shit.

      • avatar SteveH9801 says:

        I am in Babs shoes, a little younger,in my mid 40′s and raising my Grandson because my daughter and her ex-husband both thought that when you get a divorce you shouldn’t be bothered with having to raise your son. I just started watching this show to get a little perspective from today’s youth when I was awarded custody of my Grandson. I can only hope that these girls and my daughter aren’t the norm. I really feel bad for the lady. I am retired Air Force and have my finances in pretty good shape so I don’t have the struggle that she may in that department but on the physical side it is tough to raise a child by yourself when you are 46yrs old. I don’t understand why MTV would not be paying the money to Barb instead of Jenelle. On the reason that he didn’t have many friends at his party, most of the time when kids are that age they become friends with Mom or Dad’s friends children. When you are raising your Grandchild you usually don’t hang around with people that have young children. My grandson is really lucky that I have a big family and he gets to play with kids. I don’t want to get blasted on my first post for making this about me. Just thought that I could add a little something to the Jace party with no friend conversation. I do have a son that is doing great in life and making really good decisions so please don’t say that if I would have raised my daughter better things wouldn’t be the way they are because I saw this coming when she was younger and did everything in my power to help her. When you are faced with your grandchild getting put in foster care or become a father again, most people would make the choice I did. One thing that I can tell you and I know that this makes me sound like a terrible father is that if my daughter gets pregnant again,it doesn’t matter how much she turns her life around I will not be able to be involved in the pregnancy or really have a relationship with any other children she has because I don’t have it in my to raise two kids at my age. Sorry about the rant,props to Barb and the guys that are dating Leah and Kail..what are you guys thinking? I went into this show open-minded and just a few times watcing it you can bet that if these guys stay with these two girls,they will both be paying child support and Kail will be dragging babydaddy back to court every chance she gets. Again, sorry for the long post

        • avatar Candace says:

          Welcome to the snake pit SteveH9801 – I hope the locals are nice to you.

          My husband is your age and we are raising our 18 month old son together – I’m sorry you are raising a young one by yourself, and especially that your daughter has put you in such a position. That’s very tough and what you are doing is a wonderful thing. Best of luck!

        • avatar SteveH9801 says:

          Thanks for your kind words. That was my first post and I was worried that I would regret it. Your comments and the others helped a lot. Thanks

        • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

          I am sorry that you’re having to deal with this I wish you the best of luck in taking care of your grandson it takes a special person to take on a child that isn’t theirs. You rock

        • avatar SteveH9801 says:

          Thanks for the response. Most of the time I deal with it all pretty well but I do have my days. I think it was the comment from Barb about wanting Jennele to get her son on Sundays so she could have one day a week to relax that I can relate to. Thank you for your kind words

        • avatar Anne says:

          Wow you sound like an awesome grandpa. I am sorry that you find yourself in this position. You have my complete respect. I cannot imagine how hard this must be for you. I would never say you did not raise your daughter right. As parents we can instill every value in our kids and yet they still can choose to create chaos everywhere they go.
          Your grandson is so blessed to have you in his life. I know you say you cannot raise another grandchild, but I am sure you would still have a bond with them. I wish you all the best and God bless you for being so dedicated and loving. :)

        • avatar SteveH9801 says:

          Hello and thanks for your support. The subject about my daughter and being afraid to get close to another grandchild if she ever gets pregnant again is really tough. She was a really good Mom the first year of my Grandson’s life and we were all close. It was after she seperated from her husband and moved in with me that she decided she wanted her freedom. That is something that I will always worry about happening again if she becomes pregnant. That is why it will be really tough to have the same bond, as crappy as I feel just saying it, with any other children she might have, that I do with the one that I am raising. I am afraid I will always fear what might happen if things don’t work out with whoever she is with at the time and I just know that I can’t raise another baby by myself. Again thanks for the kind words.

        • avatar Loveme says:

          Great post Steve, thanks for sharing! Grandchildren are very lucky to have grandparents like you who did all they could to raise their children right only to have to step in and raise them. I know it’s hard but your grandson is very lucky to have such a great grandfather. Every time I see Janelle in her latest danger of the week I can only feel sorry for Barb. The lifetime of hell she must of gone through raising such a desrespectful lunatic! It scares me knowing one day Janelle is going to get pregnant and I’m sure Barb won’t be able to take in another grandchild. God bless her & you! And I agree Barb should be getting MTV money not Janelle!

        • avatar SteveH9801 says:

          Thanks for your response and support. I also feel so bad for Barb and Jace. My daughter did the yelling and screaming thing for a period of time as her form of communication and it was a tough time. It took be a while to understand that although I will always love my daughter, I need to put my grandson first and that is when I made the changes that I had to make. Barb needs to put Jenelle on notice and let her know that Jace comes first and she is not welcome in her house as long as she is acting the way she does. I think that she is still hoping that Jenelle will find a good man and will settle down and raise Jace. I really wish the best for them, its going to be a tough road if nothing changes. I am also glad you agree with me about who should be getting the MTV money. It is a joke that they are paying the girl money to lay around and get high. Thanks again for your kind words.

    • avatar Candace says:

      The short notice is probably why Jace didn’t have any of his own friends at his birthday party. I can’t speak for anyone but myself here but when someone gives me a day’s notice for a birthday party I get a little miffed, and usually have plans already. Birthdays happen at the same time every year and a parent should plan ahead. Jenelle sucks.

  14. avatar leah's claptrap says:

    Chelsea boring as usual time for a nap.

    Jenelle just pathetic. The only interesting parts in her segment were Jace wiping off her kiss and Babs jumping on the trampoline and getting stuck in the foam pit.

    Leah you’re about to get married AGAIN and what do you talk about with your soon to be husband but your ex-husband and how that wedding didn’t mean anything to you. If I was Jeremy alarms would have been going off but then again he ignored all the other warning signs while she lead him around like a little puppy for months. Just hearing her talk about the upcoming ceremony had me believing that she was trying to convince herself that she really wanted to go through with it.

    Kail the acting in her scenes when Javi proposed was so bad that it seemed like they were only doing it for MTV. In fact the only time she’s convincing is when she’s being a mega bitch to Jo.

    • avatar Farrah's Crying Llama Face says:

      Yeah, it seemed to me, as well, that Leah was more trying to talk herself into marrying Doormat than anything. That girl has some screwed up priorities (in fact, most the teen moms do).

      Keeping with the same topic, I wonder if Leah will someday look back at teen mom and think to herself, “Wow, I look like a strung out crackwhore with that ridiculous makeup/hair extensions/nails/etc.”

      • avatar Cheeto Dust says:

        No, because that would require her being exposed to an environment different than the one she is in that drives that kind of look/style and I don’t see that happening.

      • avatar sara says:

        I’m sorry but you cant base your judgment of teen moms on these girls. I know a ton, considering I had my son at 18 and I went to a school for pregnant and parenting teens for a year. NONE of them act like that. We all work hard for our children and spend every moment caring for and loving on her kids. I’m now 21 in college, married to the father who is 24 and a college graduate and we’re expecting baby number 2 in august.

        • avatar Avah says:

          I don’t think they were implying that. I took it as them saying most of the teen moms (on the show) not in general, have twisted priorities.

        • avatar Farrah's Crying Llama Face says:

          Yes. That’s what I meant. ^ :)

        • avatar Farrah's Crying Llama Face says:

          Congrats! That’s so exiting. But like Avah stated, I meant the teen moms from the show “Teen Mom 2″. Not generalizing all teen moms as a whole. Sorry for the confusion!

      • avatar Go Goya says:

        To get an adjective as a nickname, you must exemplify that trait; Jeremy simply does not embody “doormat”. So, while I get where you guys are coming from, he does not exemplify “doormat”.

        Granted, he stood by while Leah dumped him for Corey and was still around for her to get back together with him.

        The dude has a certain confidence about him and he’s obviously into Leah, however objectionable she may be. HE MARRIED HER. and THAT takes confidence and courage!

        And I know I’ll probably be voted down because everyone refers to him in this way. But before you thumbs down this, give me a cogent argument about how he deserves this name.

        I give it a 6/10 on the creativity scale.

        • avatar ListenToWhatYouAreSaying says:

          2nd Choice (from IBBB)

        • avatar Phoebe says:

          *3rd choice…. 1st was Robbie ;)

  15. avatar Marriage is just an 8 letter word (BENEFITS) says:

    No one ever watches Chelsea’s segments. She pretty much has everything going for her despite her crazy obsession and problems with Adam, and still behaving like a child to some respects, due to her spoiling daddy. Seems all she needs is some independence and lots of therapy.
    Which makes me consider…Mtv would never cast the reality of teen moms or respectable ones at that, because they know there would be no ratings. Mtv is money hungry though, so they keep this train wreck running. They found moms who they knew would create drama(kail,Jenelle), had problems(Chelsea,Jenelle), or were willing to sell out for money(Leah) thinking it would scare others from following in the teen moms footsteps, but ultimately it was just for ratings.
    They really should cancel this show. After TM2 i’m done. I just want to find out what happens with Isaac’s custody agreement.
    On a side not…I did want to hold out hope for Jace, but I can’t stand reading about his parts. I think CPS should have taken him away a long time ago. I know it’s difficult adoption and floating around in the system, but it breaks my heart to see what that boy has to go through in that home. Bab’s may be an ok parent, but she’s not all together either. In the custody agreement they should add that Jenelle can’t be around Jace until she has been clean for a year, followed by a full year of supervised visits (with a professional). In order to take Jace out she has to be holding a steady job with a home, and is not allowed to bring anyone else around Jace for 2 years.
    How some of these camera guys can stand back while all that is going on..just wow, people will do anything for a paycheck.

    • avatar DM says:

      I would rather watch a full hour of just Chelsea’s segments than one of Kailyn’s.

      What do you supposed CPS is going to do with Jace? They hate taking kids away from their nuclear families and the children don’t like it either. Jace is fed, bathed, clothed, and has a roof over his head at all times. His primary caregiver, Barbara is not an immediate threat to his safety. If he was still in Jenelle’s custody then, yes, they would step in, but the first thing they would do is take him from Jenelle and give custody to Barbara anyway. Barbara already took it upon herself to do that. She may not be mother of the year but she is the most responsible adult in Jace’s life. And the once every 3 weeks Jenelle babysits Jace but isn’t allowed to take him out of the house isn’t exactly an immediate threat to Jace’s safety either. There are millions of children out there is MUCH worse situations than Jace.

      MTV is a business. A for-profit organization. Of course they are only in it for the money. I don’t understand why people think that it’s MTV’s job to educate the youth of America about safe sex. Obviously they are going to make claims that that’s their goal in their official statements, but that’s because they can’t say, ‘yes we’ve created this show specifically to exploit young mothers and children all so we can earn millions’.

      At first I thought this actually would be the last season of Teen Mom 2, but now I’m not so sure. From the business end of things that’s a bad idea. The network is going to take a HUGE financial hit canceling 3 of their ratings frontrunners in the same year (Jersey Shore, Buckwild, and Teen Mom). Catfish can’t hold the network down on it’s own and I don’t see anyone watching Teen Mom 3.

      • avatar Marriage is just an 8 letter word (BENEFITS) says:

        Face it good people don’t get ratings Sex, drugs,and violence sells. I know its not the job for Mtv to be mother superior. I did enjoy the comments for awhile even saying crap myself, but honestly its not funny anymore.
        Not knocking anyone else, but for me i’m not giving this or any other crap like this anymore of my attention. Sorry I just can’t sit around and watch people struggle and make stupid decisions. If this is what people consider entertainment today I don’t want any part of it. Heck even Stevebeans seems like he can’t tolerate anymore of this crap.
        It’s been real guys….a little too real. Bye.

        • avatar Joan Holloway says:

          I’m glad I didn’t do the recap this week. I couldn’t actually watch after Jenelle’s first scene… She was clearly on heroin… I never finished the episode. And from reading comments, I missed NOTHING!

        • avatar Go Goya says:

          I’m keeping track of everyone who posts crap on here about how pathetic it is to watch and how you are done with the show and the blog-


        • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

          Ruuuude. I get saying that for the people that want to whine about what is written but I think were all tired of these stupid whores that have nothing more then boy trouble going on in their lives

      • avatar Todd says:

        I will be watching teen mom 3 :)

  16. avatar Misch says:

    I don’t know why Y’all are hating on Leah and her marraige. I mean… Garsh. She’s got TWINS y’all. She NEEDS two weddin’ dresses. One for each girl. One more for Addalyn, and she should be good to go.

    • avatar Cheeto Dust says:

      Whoever thumbed this down obviously didn’t get the joke of Leah needing three wedding dresses to pass on to her daughters! Love it! She’s only 20 and on #2, so I bet she gets there eventually — she’s just gotta stop breeding!

    • avatar Kat says:

      Several things about Leah’s wedding:
      1. I couldn’t stop staring at the bubble gum pink lips and matching nails.
      2. I loved how she mentioned her jewelry a couple of times and when we finally saw it, it was plastic (or at least looked like plastic) Barbie doll type earrings and a bracelet.
      3. I know Leah wanted a beach wedding, but ever hear the term “back up plan?” I hope Aleeah and Ali didn’t get sick since they were dripping wet. I would normally add and why would she want to spend so much money getting her hair and makeup done to have it ruined, but we know Leah didn’t spend a lot on it.
      4. Now, maybe it’s just me, but I was not all that impressed with the ceremony set up or the reception hall. My friend is a wedding planner and she would have sh*t a brick if she saw this and knew that people paid good money to have a planner do all this. It just looked cheaply done.

      On another note, please tell me the guy driving to the restaurant for Chelsea’s birthday was sober because I saw all those kids doing nothing but drinking as they were getting ready!

      • avatar Aubree says "stop crying" says:

        I was thinking the same thing about Chelsea and her friends. Who was the DD? That would have been and excellent place to put a PSA about not drinking and driving.

      • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

        Leah is so tacky in every way It almost amazes me but I can’t be surprised in reality. Her nails and hair are always awful she looks like a transvestite that should be in some sort of a Vegas show. I feel bad for that poor girl she has no class.

        • avatar Dev says:

          I couldn’t believe it when I looked at a pic of Leah from the 16&P reunion. She was actually really cute in her pre-MTV plaid button ups and light brown (!) hair – crunchy curls aside! She used to look naturally pretty but her tanning and trashy purchased look do nothing but make her look creepy. Same with Maci, for the most part. Maybe the smoking has something to do with it (and I’m a goddamn smoker, reality check!).

    • avatar williambo says:

      Great joke, not trying to rain on it, but am curious. Tried to figure it out once. Did Leah wear her same dress that she wed Corey in for the wedding to Jeremy? It looks like she did… (haven’t watched the episode yet in case it answers me question.)

      • avatar Amber's Pill Bottles says:

        No, Leah did not wear the same dress for the “weddin’” to Jurrmy as she did for the nuptials with Corey.

    • avatar ListenToWhatYouAreSaying says:

      Watch this video on YouTube. Reminds me of Leah and her mentality with marriage


  17. avatar Let Me Adopt Jace says:

    First of all, glad to see a stevebeans recap (: these girls bore me and I can’t stand them anymore so your articles with snarky hate are right up my alley.

    Honestly, I know everyone wants to judge Babs parenting skills but I cut her a lot of slack. She didn’t ask to become a parent again at this age. I know she isn’t perfect, but I don’t think his mental development is a lot of her fault. Most of Jenelle’s scenes revolve around Jenelle and Babs, not Jace. Every scene that I’ve seen with just Bab and Jace portrays a loving relationship that I wish I saw with Jenelle and Jace. She plays with him at the beach, they bake together, etc. We all know Jenelle was on drugs throughout her entire pregnancy, and I think that has a lot to do with his development. I don’t think at the age of three he should be taken from Babs. I think that Babs should cut Jenelle out of their lives until she has her life together.

    Regarding the other three girls, it was nice to see Chelsea enjoy herself. She’s a lazy brat, no doubt, but she is a great mother to Aubree. The best, in my opinion, of all the girls in TM1 and 2.

    I still can’t with Kail. Asking Isaac if he wants mommy and daddy#2 to get married is so immature. Leave your 2 year old out of your dumb decisions. I hope Jo fights her and wins.

    Leahs wedding was a joke. She looked like a 13 year old stripper.

  18. avatar melanie says:

    Jenelle was very obviously high in the first segment. Dropping out of school came as no shock at all. She will honestly never have her life together. Her and her husbands can claim they are clean and sober but no one is falling for that. As soon as the MTV cash train does a 360, she will attempt to find a way to stay relevant, and dear baby jesus i hope no TV network goes near her with a 10 foot pole. Jenelle in 5 years is on welfare, living in section 8 housing with a needle in her arm. The biggest loser in all this is Jace. My heart honestly aches for that little boy, he is going to end up just like his mom, I really hope when he gets older he gets the hell out of dodge…and yes, Jenelle, Jace is 3, time flys by when you arent around, and as far as Andrew not being involved…pot meet kettle.

    Leah-Same future as Jenelle, just with more ex husbands and kids, less drugs, and a few more hair extensions. Oh, and had Corey shown up at the wedding saying “urm, leah, i am confused still and i just dont know…” she would have called off the wedding and skipped off into eternal questionability with him and the girls.

    Chelsea-Either shes reading blogs, or learning in hair school because she seems to have quit teasing the shit out of her hair and dying it 59048504398 colors. Aubrey seems to be the happiest little girl, and like i’ve said before, Chelsea hasnt ran right out and boned a bunch of guys and introduced them all to her daughter, the same cannot be said for the other girls.

    Kail-I dont agree with her plans to join the military and take Issac away from Jo. Here where I live the courts dont allow the mother to run off with her military husband if the biological father is involved. Jo is a nice guy, but given the limited time he does have with his son, he should not party or smoke dope when its his weekend, I really dont think thats a whole hell of a lot to ask. As far as people talking about getting married for benefits, it is so common in the military, so acting like Kail is this special piece of scum is uncalled for. A lot of people in the military marry before they leave for basic, or before an overseas assignment so that they can get paid BAH, which is A LOT of extra money a month, and the health insurance is good too. I have been in the service for 8 years, and have watched friends get married, who are actually dating other people, just so they can collect and divide the money. At least Kail loves Javi, the benefits are just an extra thing that they will get because of it. Saying shes worse than Jenelle or Farrah is so far off it isnt even funny. People love to hate Kail, and I am not sure why. Shes done so questionable things, but her little boy is happy, and she OWNS up to her mistakes. I still like her.

    • avatar Ciara says:

      Kailyn always says she regrets the way things went with Janet and Jo’s family, and how she went about leaving. But she’s doing the same thing again.

      Before, she set up a new relationship to move to/man to help her out before moving out (Jordan). Now, she marries Javi to create an entirely new situation for Isaac without ever thinking about Jo or his family.

      She’s just a bitch for doing that to them. Not thinking about her son either, because its in his best interest to be around his father and extended family who love him. She’s just clearing a path to move away from her ex with her new boyfriend, who she really doesn’t know that well.

    • avatar ListenToWhatYouAreSaying says:

      The problem with marrying for benefits is its taking the tradition out of marriage. Marriage is something that is sacred and should be taken seriously. Its an easy way out of working hard. This goes for leah to

    • avatar Conspiracy Man says:

      As one of the taxpayers who gets to pay for these fraudulently obtained marital benefits, I am concerned about what you are saying. I hope that you have reported these fake marriages when you learned of them.

      • avatar ListenToWhatYouAreSaying says:

        Agree Conspiracy Man…

      • avatar Babs is cool says:

        it’s not really fake marriage, these people married to people in the military do really love their partners, the benefits are just icing on the cake

    • avatar Salome says:

      I’ll give you that Kail owns up to her mistakes… but then she makes the same mistake again in a slightly different way. And the mistake is almost always greed, being a taker or watching out for numero uno.

  19. avatar Dani says:

    I LOVED when barb couldn’t get outta the pit…I seriously Lmao!

    • avatar Candace says:

      Yes! And her ‘boyfriend’ didn’t lift a finger to help her either. What a charmer.

      • avatar Breezy says:

        I may be confused but isn’t that the same boyfriend who cheated on Babs and she put itching powder in his clothes earlier in the season???

        • avatar Todd says:

          Ya it is. I guess they made up lol.

        • avatar Adam's Cellmate says:

          He is also the same man that they admittedly stated in the season 2 Dr. Drew special that ran off with a Hooter’s waitress.

  20. avatar Jenelle's Job Interview and other Fantastical Stories says:

    i just came to say “i love my jace, bling bling bling bling”

  21. avatar Johnny says:


    A) Tone down the XXX vibe around Jace (around everyone) Her outfits are so inappropriate. There is nothing less sexy than Janelle’s attire and behavior. It’s just so reflective of her poor mental health. I don’t remember her being such a sl***y dresser in previous seasons.

    B) Towards the end of the episode, after that blowout between Janelle and Barb, Jace totally scorned Janelle’s advances at affection. I would think a moment like that would be the catalyst to get it together, but as the clairvoyants that we are, we know Janelle dips a bit lower, still.

    C) What’s this “internet job” she’s talking about? She is totally a webcam stripper. (Or a Nigerian business woman)

    D) She seems to feel like a victim in this whole custody thing, but she is never around. Does she know how stupid she sounds when she talks about it? Do something, Janelle. She just sucks. I’m truly afraid of the joy I may actually feel reading future headlines regarding her comeuppance. This is the guilt I think people refer to when they talk about guilt and reality TV.

    Chelsea- I DO think there is some growth happening regarding Adam. Of all the teen moms, I would kick it with Chelsea. She would make me laugh and for the most part she broadcasts positive vibrations. She is spoiled. She also seems to be the happiest person of them all.

    Leah- Her kids were SHIRTLESS AGAIN in multiple scenes. She has the mental capacity of a lovesick 6th grader.

    Kailyn- Gross Doofus. Does not appear to enjoy Javi’s company, let alone love him.

    Javi- “REALLY? YOU ATE HERE with your mom? NO WAY! But this is your hometown! The town in which you grew up. How could it be that you ate at a restaurant in your own home town!?”

    More than Janelle, I cannot wait to read about Kailyn’s comeuppance. I have no sympathy for her bull**** however appealing a military life is for Isaac- it’s not. You can’t communicate with JO about this? Who cares whether you are OBLIGATED to. What a B****. All the stuff him and his family did for you. Javi is a good guy, but there’s no way this lasts- (at least Jeremy has that step father VIBE- I don’t feel it with Javi.)

    And someone had mentioned this last week- Kailyn’s training of Isaac to say, “I want Mommy to marry Javi”…This is exactly what’s happening…Think about it, she KEEPS asking him the same question: DO YOU WANT MOMMY TO MARRY JAVI? You ask this enough times, the kid will say “I want mommy to marry Javi” BUt he doesn’t. He doesn’t know any better.

    Asking your kids questions to which they cannot possibly reply to in good faith is a huge mistake- It stresses them out and exposes the parent as inept…Good parents protect their children from impossible questions and offer them consistency and structure- which leads to confidence and independence in the child. Good parents make lots of decisions for their kids early on…That’s how it works. Isaac is going to end up dropping a deuce in Javi’s sneaker.

    • avatar KB says:

      I think (and I could be wrong) Jenelle’s “internet job” was/is writing Sulia articles.

      I agree with pretty much everything you said….Chelsea does finally seem to be actually moving on from Adam. Leah is a total pathetic idiot. Anyone else notice how giddy she was around her biological father? Pretty effing disgusting. Kailyn seems to be getting more and more immature…not the best time to have another baby, in my opinion.

      • avatar bjng says:

        Jenelle was sellinh scentsy at one time as well….

        • avatar Anne-Marie says:

          also don’t forget this was around the time when she started hustling Kieffah’s “tobacco” pipes

      • avatar Breezy says:

        I don’t like Leah, at all. But to this comment I have to say, of course she was giddy her biological father was there. As someone who’s parents divorced when I was very young, and who’s father was never around and it would be years between seeing or hearing from him, I understand her on that point. He is still your father. No matter how shitty he is or what he does, he is still your father and you still care about him. I do the same thing with my dad, even today at 29. No matter how much he has hurt me in the past, I am always elated to see him and spend time with him. HE’S MY FATHER.

        • avatar KB says:

          The way she behaved around her father was gross to me….I’ve never seen her act that giddy and flirty around any of the men she’s “been in love with”.

          And I know plenty about an absentee father. Mine left when I was 9 months old, and I met him for the first time 2 years ago. I don’t think of that man as my father and I never will — the man who raised me is my father and he is the only one who deserves the right to walk me down the aisle. Good for you for being so willing to accept your father no matter what he’s done to you; I, however, don’t let people treat me like garbage and still receive my love and attention.

        • avatar Breezy says:

          Well I sure hope she doesn’t act the same way with her father as she does her lovers, I mean I know she is redneck as shit buuuuutttt as a KY resident, that shit doesn’t even fly here lol And I’m sorry you had to deal with an absentee father as well. From the hint of anger in your post, I would say it still affects you whether you admit it does or not. I don’t let “people” treat me like garbage, but he is my father. And I agree you shouldn’t let even your parents treat you like shit but for myself I wanted to have a relationship with him, no matter what he did. I didn’t want to one day stand over his gravestone and say, What if I had given him a chance? What if we could have had a relationship? But it’s too late now. I just don’t think you should call Leah disgusting because she wants a relationship with her father….and I’m pretty sure not the kind your hinting at..EWWWWWW!!

        • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

          She is from West Virginia guys. I think we just met her third husband. Yeehaw!

    • avatar Anne says:

      Jace did not want to hug or kiss Jenelle when leaving her house with Barb. Jenelle kissed him anyway and he was annoyed by it. So much so, he rubbed the kiss off, and ran back to Barb. I was upset with this because as he was running away, Jenelle said ‘don’t be mean Jace’. I so wanted Jace to stop, turn around and look at her and say, ‘you are the one who taught me to be mean and you showed me exactly how to reject a person, so how does it feel mom?’

      • avatar Adam's Cellmate says:

        Anne you hit the nail right on the head. Amen :)

  22. avatar Giselle says:

    Javi- “REALLY? YOU ATE HERE with your mom? NO WAY! But this is your hometown! The town in which you grew up. How could it be that you ate at a restaurant in your own home town!?”

    LOL so true!

  23. avatar Jenelle's Prozac says:

    Addalyn = Adderall + Ritalin….just sayin’..

    Did Jenelle name her?

    • avatar Farrah's Crying Llama Face says:

      Bahahaha! This is awesome! You are my hero.

    • avatar Joan Holloway says:

      I said that the DAY I heard that name. Why do idiots name their kids things like that?!

      • avatar bjng says:

        It is actually a pretty popular name now…I think its cute. its better than alleah and aliannah which sound like black names to me.

    • avatar Conspiracy Man says:

      No, Jenelle would have named him
      Penisticle Heroicocajuana.

  24. avatar Ashley says:

    Kailyn.. what a horrible horrible personality that girl has. What does Javi see in her? I can only think that even though he seems nice he has some twisted mind too.
    I feel so sorry for Jo. :( Unfortunately these things happen so often and it’s just an extra argument to NOT get pregnant in an unstable relationship and without solid custody rules (if thats even possible).
    I did like the engagement, if it had been spontaneous instead of ITS YOUR JOB TO ASK ME WITHIN THIS WEEK.

    Leah.. She really seems like a young teenager. She tries way too hard at being cute and pretty much everything and it just backfires. Go back to school.
    I hate how she still messes with Coreys feelings. He’s obviously lonely and trying to get over their relationship. Which is normal. And she just tries to be really close to him and when Jeremy complains she gives him that look and is like ”well duh hes the dad of my girls”. Just because he’s the father doesn’t mean you have to discuss every little thing with him like he’s your high school bfff. Just talk about the kids till you are both over each other. She’s obviously not over Corey or else she wouldn’t cry and mope over every little thing he says. She gets SO defensive when he doesn’t even say anything bad.

    Chelsea.. I liked her don’t you dare speak about Adam attitude. Yes she’s a spoiled brat but .. yay!

    Jenelle.. She should have planned the party I think. My mouth fell open hearing her complain about not seeing Jace and then hearing that she only sees him once every 3 weeks.
    I was still hoping that no sign of a bond was still a part of editing. She’s more like an non involved aunt than a mom.
    It was weird that they invited that one boy. Especially to be on tv. If it was going to be like that they could have just invited a bunch of kids from that place. Or just send invitations to everyone he’s in daycare with… at least he knows those kids. It all seemed very sad. Jace seems very behind.
    I think Jenelle should definitely see him more. She doesn’t have a job, doesn’t go to school. Barbara has to work all day every day… Light bulb Jenelle?
    Even if Barabara doesn’t want Jenelle to watch him by herself. If it were me I would spend all my free time with him at his daycare.

    The only good part about Jenelles segments is that they exist.. and it’s basically a free pass out of jail for Jace when he’s older and gets in trouble, anyone that sees that footage will understand.

  25. avatar sierran1993 says:

    I’m too tired to read through all the comments, so I don’t know if this has been said. But has anybody else noticed that Kail NEVER kisses Javi on camera? This is the first time I think I’ve seen them kiss on the show and it looked forced. If they have kissed before then I obviously haven’t paid attention. But seriously, why marry someone if you never wanna kiss them?

  26. avatar Sarah says:

    What a bunch of fruit loops.

  27. avatar Amanda says:

    How old is Aubrey? Does anyone else wonder how long until Leah’s dad asks her for money? I smell fame bandwagon with him.

    • avatar SetAGoodExampleforSophiaFarrah! says:

      I think she’ll be 3 or 4 I’m not sure

    • avatar Aubree says "stop crying" says:

      They said in the episode last night her birthday is 9 days after Chelsea’s and she will be turning 3.

    • avatar Conspiracy Man says:

      Great call. You have excellent insight.

  28. avatar ListenToWhatYouAreSaying says:

    Leah- When Leah brought out her wedding dress I started laughing at myself. Yes, myself. This girl is not even 21 yet and she is bringing out her second wedding dress. Im 24 years old and havent even been engaged. It was funny. It was also funny when she just put her dress in the car without any kind of garment bag. When she was telling Jeremy that they dont have to fight to stay together like her and Corey, I just wanted to punch her in the head. If she thinks marriage and relationships are supposed to be easy and not have to work at, were going to be seeing her second divorce sooner than we thought. One of my favorite parts in the episode was in the end when Leah’s bridesmaid almost body slammed the little girls to snatch the bouquet.

    Kailyn- STOP ASKING ISAAC IF HE WANTS YOU TO MARRY JAVI! He doesnt know what getting married is and he probably forgets who Javi is the second he leaves the room.

    • avatar Hayzii says:

      I noticed the lack of garment bag also! Who does that?!?! Mine was only out of it right when I put it on and went right back inside after. But it just shows the lack of it being “special”, and that she probably knows this won’t be the last time. Plus she is just plain dirty.

      • avatar Candace says:

        Maybe it didn’t come with a garment bag? And she doesn’t own one, having never taken something to the cleaners, ever?

        To me the whole weddin’ reeked of being nothing much special, from tossing the unprotected dress into the car, letting the girls play with makeup until they looked like day-after-whores, transporting them naked, sharing a room with Jeremy before the wedding, giggling during the ceremony. Why did she even bother??

        • avatar ListenToWhatYouAreSaying says:

          that damn laughing irritated me. I guess she evens know what a joke her marriage is.

        • avatar Hayzii says:

          If I remember correctly she giggled just like that during her wedding to Corey! Gag. The whole wedding was a hot mess.

    • avatar Jordyann Mackenzie says:

      I think that her sister Victoria was the one the almost knocked down one of the twins

  29. avatar Barb in the Pit says:

    Just wanna check… 2 more episodes and this is the last season right? Then there is a cycle of 16&preggo AND Teen Mom 3???

    • avatar KB says:

      I read that there won’t be another season of 16 & Pregnant, but Teen Mom 3 is scheduled to air as planned. Who knows how accurate that info is though….

      • avatar Todd says:

        No more 16 and pregnant? That sucks. I always felt 16 and pregnant did a better job at showing the struggles of teenage parenthood better than teen mom.

        • avatar Candace says:

          I agree, and I’ve seen every episode of 16 & Pregnant, many more than once. The thing is though, after seeing so many of them you realize that it’s all pretty much the same struggle with a different face. You can only tell the same exact story so many times before it gets OLD.

        • avatar Todd says:

          True, but after season 2 part A it seemed every season the girls got more stupid and the guys were bigger douches so I was hoping to see what could have come after season 4 lol.

    • avatar Anne says:

      Barb in the foam pit, it is the best pit she has ever experienced. It beats the hell out of the pit of her stomach, which drops every time Jenelle is near. It also is a lot more comfortable than the pit of hell her daughter puts her into daily. The foam pit also is an upgrade from ‘the pits’ Barb lives in from stress. It is softer than the strain from hearing the pitter-patter of little feet, that she is responsible for. You have earned the right to be ‘pits-off’. Stay in the foam pit Barbs, you have earned a soft place to fall.

  30. avatar rail says:

    ! have a thought about Kail and Leah obsession with marital benefits, especially health. I DON’T think MTV gives the girls health benefits..It is not liket they are full time employees. You figure Chelsea’s dad has her covered but Leah and Kail would not have parents that could swing that. With the preggers and all, yea, bet they are always thinking of health insurance. And I bet alot of Jenelle’s money has gone to her million hospital visites to scam for prescription drugs. I clearly remember Alison saying on twitter the mtv does not give health insurance and JE was racking up medical bills. Well, they are vile. Chelsea may be dumb as mud but I do think she has a good heart.

    • avatar BB says:

      With the money they make they can afford to buy private health insurance it probably wouldn’t cost them more than 200 to 300 dollars a month. It always annoyed me seeing Kail complain about not having health insurance on twitter when she is wasting money on ugly tattoos and trips to Vegas. How the hell do you waste money on crap like that when you and your child supposedly have no health insurance?

    • avatar Emily says:

      Funny you mention health insurance. I just received my copy of Teen Mom Confidential in the mail today and just started reading it. I read that the girls are not considered employees of MTV and therefore do not any health insurance through the network. Taxes are not taken out of their paycheck so they are responsible come tax time to do it themselves. That’s why Kail was bitching that she couldn’t afford her wedding ceremony this year; she must have forgotten that she has to pay off taxes on the income she received from MTV.

      • avatar Todd says:

        I got all excited when I read that, until I found out you can’t read it on a kindle. The authors are lucky I am not a pirate and returning to the US soon lol.

        • avatar J says:

          The Ashley said it will be available for the kindle soon as well, I asked her about it on her facebook page :)

        • avatar RMcD says:

          Its not even on shelves yet…be patient. Those who do have it pre ordered and got them ahead of the shelf date. It will be available on Monday on Amazon among other places.

        • avatar Todd says:

          Actually Amazon has it available for shipping now lol. I hope it is on Kindle Monday or soon at least. I have a 13 hour flight coming up and a book like that will for sure help lol.

  31. avatar SetAGoodExampleforSophiaFarrah! says:

    Dont watch the show anymore but I love reading the recaps and the comments :) Is it true that this is the last season? I could only hope so

  32. avatar Keiffah's Green Hoodie says:

    I applaud those of you who have been able to sit through this season. Between the rushed marriages and poor parenting and general appalling behavior I haven’t been able to stomach watching. It’s like gazing into the mouth of madness.

    • avatar Hayzii says:

      It’s hard but we take it for the team!

    • avatar These Vapid Lasses says:

      The appalling behavior and poor parenting are what made this season one of the best yet!

      I will miss these vapid lasses. I want to see what happens next!

      • avatar Adam's Cellmate says:

        I agree. I think out of all the seasons, this one has been the best, as far as entertainment and story lines

  33. avatar These Vapid Lasses says:

    One more point for Chelsea in the win column: She spells Adam’s name when bad mouthing him in front of Aubree…


    I read that here and thought it was interesting.

    • avatar Ashley says:

      Yea I liked that too!

      Though I believe that you shouldn’t say anthing negative with the child present, mentioning name or not.

    • avatar Aubree says "stop crying" says:

      I have noticed this as well but when Aubree learns how to spell she will be in trouble.

      • avatar KAITEY says:

        No crap.

    • avatar Anne says:

      When my son was a little guy I tried to never swear in front of him. One day while I was driving, he was in his car seat, in the back seat. Someone cut me off so I wanted to swear but caught myself. Instead I yelled “Why you S.O.B.!!” I thought that was better than saying what I wanted to say.
      Later that night my son was driving with my husband. Out of the blue our son asked him ” Daddy what’s a yu-sob?” His dad told him he did not think that it was a word. My son said “Yes it is, mommy called a car a yu-sob when she was mad” He had heard me say Y U S O B and sounded it out! So good luck with A D A M. In 2 minutes she will know who he is!

  34. avatar Aubree says "stop crying" says:

    So we got to see Chelsea have her “first beer” anyone actually believe that. I sure as heck didn’t especially the way her friends were laughing. At least they were honest when they said here is your first legal shot.

    • avatar KAITEY says:

      I think it’s pretty obvious Chelsea and her mom were being sarcastic when referencing her “first drinks”.

      • avatar Aubree says "stop crying" says:

        No crap could you not understand the sarcasm?

        • avatar KAITEY says:

          When you ask if anyone actually believed what they were saying, it just sounded like you were an idiot who thought others might actually believe that Chelsea had never drank alcohol before. Don’t be too sensitive. Some people, like yourself, are just not good at being clever. It’s okay, I’m “sure” you have a lot of other things going for you. See my dear, that is sarcasm.

  35. avatar leahs 19th child*another trashy name that begings in A and ends in lynn* says:

    JANNELLY- your so sad its hard to watch cover up!! are you even not high when taping??how do you spend over 600 dollars on weed then say your clean cause you have no money!? WTF
    babs does a great job with jace but shes like 60 how is she suppost to be a mom to a 3 year old.how is jennel still on this show her seqments should be called distant egg donar

    CHELS-aubree is amazing ou can deff tell how smart she is!! and wtf was up with adam texting her when he has a girlfriend?!?!? LOVED how she didnt even care i really belive it this time GO CHELS GO!!

    KAIL- do i even have to tell jo im getting married?? WTF?!?!? its called dignity she used to be my fav cause of how strong willed and how shes a good mom but shes really proved everyone wrong can anyone else see the chemistry between her and jo?? and lack of with javi?? its so awkward they dont even hold hand and the awkward hug after he proposed it was sweet in all but even javi said wow you cant even say husband?? dont be so excited to got to the court house and get married she even said well ya were getting married for benifits.SMDH

    LEAH-white trash basically sums it up. you can tell she doesnt care for her girls!! there always dirty,not dressed roaming around the house amlessly while shes fighting for corys attention.that weeding was a joke she keept mentioning corey on her weeding bay wtf and going out of her way to say she wanted everything diffrent.her dress was UGLY dingey and looked strinky wtf protect that shit!! i dont care if you have no money for a garmint bang get a fucking trash bag SOMTHING.she event kept mentioning corey to jermey you could tell how annoyed he was.oh and how he was like this better be your last marraige nd the look on her face was like….oh yaa well its gunna be…like soooo convincing leah! her wedding with corey you could feel the love and how professional and loving it was even down to the girls dresses and corey crying when he saw her.THAT WAS LOVE!!! not this trailer trash lets get married in the pouring rain after were already married and traishily dance down the sand.Wtf ceramonie was a joke that reception hall was a joke and leah and jermey didnt even look happy! just forced
    bring on marriage number 3

  36. avatar leahs 19th child*another trashy name that begings in A and ends in lynn* says:

    sorry bout spelling mistakes so angrily the rant just rolls sometimes

  37. avatar Brandi says:

    Someone may have already brought this up and I just overlooked it, but did anyone else notice in the episode where Leah and Jeremy were going to the courthouse to get married he was staring at her and said something to the affect of “I’m gonna look like I’m marrying a kid in our wedding photos since you have your braces off” but she had braces on during their beach wedding?

    • avatar Candace says:

      I thought he said something like ‘I’m going to look like I’m marrying a damn teenager with those braces on!’.

      Which I found funny because wasn’t she still a teen then, or just barely 20?

  38. avatar Candace says:

    Kudos to stevebeans by the way. Excellent recap and almost 100 comments on it already, on the first day! Clearly we all love you. :D

  39. avatar Babs is cool says:

    I’s so pathetic that Jenelle has no money since she has a leech boyfriend who doesn’t have a job, car or house and thinks he’s gonna make it big with pipes. She spends money on marijuana and a boob job and doesn’t care about her son. When Barbara complains Jenelle just comes up with excuses like oh I don’t have money…
    Leah is stupid and I wonder how many more weddings she’ll have .
    People give Chelsea a hard time just because her parents pay for all her stuff and she’s stressed easily but at least she’s a great mom, look how great Aub can talk! and at least she isn’t desperate to have a guy, not like the other girls, all the other moms just always need a guy. Chelsea actually does prioritize Aub so that’s great.
    Overall, the other teen moms are saints compared to Jenelle, Jenelle is just a pathetic human being and I feel sorry for Babs and Jace.

  40. avatar ErinK says:

    Loved the bridesmaid during the montage diving for the bouquet and almost crushing the little girls under her. Class acts, that bunch.

    And no one but Leah would match her bridesmaids dresses to her extensions. Oh wait, maybe that was the 1-800 Wedding Planner’s idea. I mean, she was doing it over the phone and all, so she didn’t have a lot to go on.

    • avatar Ashley says:

      It was SO weird she picked the wedding location over the phone. Maybe she visited it before but she said it was a long drive so probably not.

      Who picks such a special place as their wedding location over the phone?

      It looked really trashy and not at all like a beach too

    • avatar williambo says:

      1-800 wedding planner :) love it

  41. avatar IsThatMyHoodie says:

    I love that Javi always has this clueless smile plastered on his stupid mug. Sort of a “what the fuck is going on?” kind of look.

    Poor kid probably doesn’t even know he’s engaged.

  42. avatar KeiffersHomemadePipes says:

    I still get confused when Chelsea says she goes to school full-time. Before she took time off school because, “moving and sitting on my ass curling my hair and wearing too much makeup” was stressful for her, she clearly said she only goes 2 days a week? Am I missing something? Also, what’s up with these girls moving and moving and buying new houses like that’s a normal thing to do. I really wonder if MTV is just ridiculously stupid or thinks the viewers are, because none of these girls work. And when Jenelle said she has money problems, I laughed. Because her “weed” was so expensive. I just can’t even….

    And Kail, every damn episode she keeps bringing up how she’s going to receive these benefits for her and Isaac once Javi is done with basic. To me it doesn’t seem like she sees the bigger picture. I’m pretty sure she’s just lonely and wants to make Jo’s life miserable, because she is a bitch. I neeeed a ring, i neeeed a big wedding. Is this ring a carat? Oh yes, we can totally see you love him! Hey Jo, I think Javi and I are planning on getting married (Episode after they already went to the courthouse and got it over with. LOL)

    And before I forget, who else cracked up when Barbs pulled out Kieffer’s awesome homemade “tobacco” pipe that was shaped like a guitar and started playing it in front of Jace? Really. I’m pretty sure Jenelle and Keif got baked off of that before they taped that part.

  43. avatar IsThatMyHoodie says:

    And that moment Leah’s dad shows her how to cook an egg over easy.

    Meeeeeeemories…….like the corners of my miiiiiind……
    Misty water colored meeeeeeeeemories…..

    • avatar williambo says:

      Her dad is pretty much exactly how I pictured him from his voice on the phone – all willie nelsony, and then him in this gangsta type garb was so … hilarious.

  44. avatar ClaireV says:

    Leah’s wedding was so nasty and white trash! Hot pink nails and skunk hair! And that beach looked nasty!

    • avatar Jordyann Mackenzie says:

      Wasn’t it a fake beach? I thought a few weeks ago the wedding planner said they make a beach. Either way it looked awful. And why wasn’t anyone holding an umbrella over Ali & Gracie?

      • avatar Elin says:

        Did i miss something here? When did she name the kid Gracie?

        • avatar Javi's Shaken Head says:

          Gracie is a nickname, short for Grace- which is Aleeah’s middle name.

  45. avatar Jackie says:

    Jenelle is pure evil. If you watch the sneak peek for next week it’s clear. The way she talks down to Barbara and makes fun of where she works. Sorry Jenelle that Walmart salary is paying for YOUR kid so I’d watch what I say. I know a lot of people argue for drug addicts like “oh they were using they didn’t know what they were doing!!” But with Jenelle drugs or not she is an absolute piece of shit. I love how embarrassed she looks when Jace wants nothing to do with her because she’s totally playing up any affection for him for the camera we all know its fake.

  46. avatar FoReal? says:

    That wedding was only held because she wanted to sell the pictures to US magazine and try to wring a few more bucks out of her fifteen minutes. If MTV ever had a crush on anyone it was Leah… But that crush has dried up and blown away. The footage is raw and exposes her in the worst possible light… For the immature, selfish, dirty, money hungry girl that she is. Do any of the other girls have so much product placement in their segments? I am sure the wedding, rings, and maybe even that hair came at deeeeeeep discounts if not for free.

  47. avatar Barb in the Pit says:

    Did anyone watch the sneak peak for next week? At the end of a fight, Jenelle tells Jace to give her a hug and kiss and he says no. Serves her right. I am not sure how Jenelle can watch this on TV and actually defend herself. If I saw myself on TV acting like her, I would cry.

  48. avatar George says:

    She tried to hug Jace in the last episode and he was like “bugger off”.

    He must see the Janelle and Babs fighting and get protective/defensive over Babs- since she is always around and supports him. He’s probably like, “who is this wench yelling at my protector? No I will not hug you. Your energy is dreadful. Your big ass boobies are making me uncomfortable, mah. cover up your tummy”

    I agree “Barb in the Pit”…Seeing yourself behave despicably on camera can have a powerful effect. My mom filmed a tempter tantrum I threw back in the day and made me watch the video and that was the beginning of my anger management days.

    It’s like the out of control teens on Sally Jesse Raphael and Maury. Whenever they come back for follow-up episodes, half the time, the kids admit to being mortified at their own behavior while watching the episode.

    This would be a good question for Dr. Drew to pose to the teen moms (instead of antagonizing them…as an aside, Dr. Drew is a pathetic joke)

    To what extent has watching the episodes made you re evaluate your behavior?

  49. avatar Todd says:

    Kali- loved how she got all depressed when she said there was going to be a fight with Jo. Maybe if she actually thought things out and maybe told Jo ahead of time she was getting married and wanted to move maybe he would have been willing to work something out or not get so mad. Of coarse considering Kail attacked Jo and than charged him with abuse I don’t expect her to make smart choices lol. Also does anyone else think if Jo did something similar with Ve while proposing Kail would have thrown a huge fit? I can see it now. “omg Jo you shouldn’t have used our son to propose to your girlfriend what is the matter with you. I’m taking you to court so I get more time”

    Leah- you could just tell everything about the wedding was fake and lackluster.

    Chelsea- glad she had fun and doesn’t care about Adam anymore. Gotta love Adams logic too. Chelsea going out drinking and to bars on her 21st birthday is a bad thing but Adam getting drunk all the time and being a douche is fine lol.

    Jenelle- that girl seriously has some issues. She gets mad at every little thing.

  50. avatar ErinK says:

    When Leah gushes about her great love for Jeremy, has she ever referenced anything beyond his skills as a provider? Kind, smart, funny, dances like he used to be in a boy band…anything that doesn’t have to do with money? She clearly has been raised to find a man to take care of her rather than, you know, take care of herself, but still. There’s just no love there. And Kailyn and Javi? Flat out uncomfortable to watch. She doesn’t even seem like she likes him, much less love him.

    • avatar Anon says:

      I don’t think there’s much love there either- they certainly have a strange relationship. I think it was shortly after Leah asked for the ring back, Jeremy’s first comment was about how it was rough being away from the girls while they were separated. He said next to nothing about Leah- stuck me as odd, it was like and how did you feel being away from this girl you’re set on marrying?

  51. avatar alleykay says:

    Well I think this is the episode where you tell that Jenelle started doing heroin or pain pills, when she was sitting at the table talking to her Mom she could barely keep her eyes open, that was not just a weed high you can tell.

  52. avatar annie says:

    Has Leah always called one of the twins gracie? I’ve never noticed then this episode she called her gracie like five times. I know their middle names are Hope, Grace, Faith… whatever. I just found it odd that out of nowhere she has a nickname.

    • avatar Sam says:

      She has for a while. Why she didn’t just name her that to begin with is beyond me.

  53. avatar Mouserat says:

    Gotta say, Isaac really took it like a champ when that Hibachi Chef blew a fireball in his face. I imagine that might have been frightening to some 3 year olds.

    The pride in Jenelle’s voice when she announced that “Kiefer is selling pipes on the internet” was gross. Since when is that something to brag to Mom about? What a disgusting trash-heap of a person.

    • avatar Conspiracy Man says:

      The person who would be impressed by selling pipes on the internet is the same type of person who would hold an “internet job”. At least Kieffer is an entrepreneur and works for himself. Jenelle is just slaving away in the digital salt mines for The Man.

      • avatar Babs is cool says:

        Kieffer is an entrepreneur …lol so funny!

  54. avatar Conspiracy Man says:


    I have been thinking about how Farrah’s life is going to play out in the next 10 years, and I can’t foresee any way that it will end up good. If you haven’t been paying attention to Farrah like you were SUPPOSED to be doing. You would have seen that Debra just kicked her out of the house. Farrah said that Debra was a horrible mother and they would not be speaking to each other in the future.

    Debra did not dig the porn tape, and is apparently freaking out on her. In Farrah’s mind, telling her not to do porn equates to being a poor mother to her. I don’t know what Debra was thinking by telling her that porn was a bad idea.

    Farrah also released a video where she was making fun of her newly installed car ignition breathalyzer. She maed a big joke out of it by simulating fellatio on the device and talking about blowing things while going down teh road. I hope the cops see it and are totally embarassed by her burning them like that on the video, since they are total asswholes.

  55. avatar Conspiracy Man says:

    But back to Farrah’s future . . .

    She probably has some money left over from Teen Mom, and has stacked some cake from her book. She will probably make a few more hundred thousand on the porn video, but she will spend her way through that in about 4 or 5 years.

    One day Farrah will wake up and find herself broke and in debt. Debra will probably bail her out to an extent, but she will expect some things in return. Farrah will ultimately reject these demands (after taking the money), and this situation will erupt into a big deal.

    After about 10 years, Farrah and Debra will no longer be able to be in the same state with each other. Farrah will be broke, and she will once again turn to the sex industry for employment, since she will not have gotten any further education. Farrah’s earning power as an older woman/ex-child star will be much diminished (e.g., Dana Plato, who made some good money posing for Playboy in her twenties, but was living in a camper without electricity or water in her thirties). Sophia will finally flee back to Debra, and Farrah will be alone.

    Farrah will spiral downward and she won’t even be good for Celebrity Rehab or Behind the Music types of shows. I predict that she will then meet a tragic demise of some kind, either by her own hand or as an OD type of thing. I can’t see how her life will ever play out to be any different. I can’t see her making it through early middle age.

    Does anyone else see things differntly? I am interested in hearing what others think of her future prospects.

  56. avatar Sam says:

    You’re hard on Chelsea but she is way more responsible than Jenelle. At least she’s in school now (and almost done?) and has custody of her child.

    • avatar Salome says:

      Being more responsible than Jenelle is not good enough.

  57. avatar Monica says:

    I completely agree that Kail is quickly become the nastiest out of all of the moms. Amber Portwood is quickly becoming the greatest mother out of all of the Teen Moms. Kail is a mean, nasty, and vindictive person. I feel terrible for Jo and his family for having to deal with her. If I was a judge and saw the facts on paper I think Jo is the shining parent. He provides stability to Isaac in a stable home, great family support system, and he seems emotionally stable. Kail on the other hand keeps bringing different men into his life, moves him around every couple of months, and can’t seem to keep people by her side. I really don’t see any love between her and Javi, just the chance to rip Isaac away from Jo and his family.

    • avatar Babs is cool says:

      hey I didn’t really watch teen mom 1, how is Amber becoming the best parent? thanks

      • avatar Conspiracy Man says:

        I don’t want to speak for Monica (she can do that just fine), but I think she was getting at the fact that Amber has gotten clean in prison and has admitted that she had some problems that needed to be addressed. This is funny, since Amber has not seen her child in about a year, so saying she is the best mom on the show is pretty sad.

  58. avatar Babs is cool says:

    and next week we’ll see Kieffah and Junelle makin fun of Barbara for working at Walmart. I wonder why Kieffah feels superior since he doesn’t have a job, house and car. I feel so embarrassed for Junelle as a human being. Now I think I finally know why Junelle dresses inappropriately. Ever since that boob job that made her bank account negative, she has looked like a ho no matter what she wears.

  59. avatar Gracia says:

    GUYS, Farrah is going to be on Dr. Phil tomorrow. The previews look amazing. COULD NOT BE MORE KEEN.

  60. avatar Katie says:

    Farrah is going to be on Dr. Phil guys. Oh fuck yes.


  61. avatar Amy says:

    Just a general fyi…..Farrah is going to be on the full hour of Dr. Phil today. I am dvr-ing that stuff for sure

  62. avatar A Thought of One's Own says:

    These young women act like mere children about 99% of the time, rushing into relationships and motherhood, constantly wanting to appear capable but for some, can’t finish school, hold a job or even dress their children regularly. Babies having babies. Another common theme with the women on this show (I’d refer to them as girls but with all their husbands and babies involved, it just sounds weird) is that they aren’t able to accept any type of criticism or feedback. Isn’t that a pretty large part of being an adult, being able to self reflect and accept that not every decision you make is going to be flawless? They are constantly rationalizing every move they make, which is just a sign of uncertainty in itself. Adults should have the tools they need to make adult decisions yet here are four women who base most of their decisions on emotional spontaneity.

  63. avatar Alyssa says:

    Jenelle – Too bad her mom’s bf Mike turned out to be a cheating scumbag cuz he seems so good w/Jace and so patient with Jenelle. Her excuses for not being a good mom and generally sucking at life are just ridiculous. She’s completely oblivious to the fact that she is not trustworthy.

    Kailyn – I agree w/everyone else who believe that her marriage is a sham. The awkwardness b/w her and Javi is evident. She clearly married him for benefits only and I don’t sense any true love there. He’s very sweet and clueless, but still deserves WAY better. Kail’s a cold hearted biatch.

    Chelsea – She’s clearly good at parenting and showing her daughter true love. There’s a great close relationship there, but there’s WAY more to parenting than being able to create a close bond w/your child. You have to be a good role model and she’s just not. She’s lazy, entitled, and incapable of achieving a good work ethic. Instilling work ethic in your child is essential to helping them thrive through school and later be an independent successful adult. I hope the light bulb switches on soon, cuz bright little Aubree will catch on to her mother’s behavior quick and could potentially follow right in her mother’s footsteps.

    Leah – holy crap. I think she looks WAY more strung out than Jenelle. At only 20 she already has the sunken in smoker’s face and is probably gonna age terribly. Her wedding was just a white trash fiasco. She wasn’t even paying attention. I thought it was funny that she kept telling “Germy” that she loved him much more than Corey and really cared about this wedding. Like that’s really reassuring. Just like Kail, a marriage built on benefits.

    • avatar Stacey says:

      Right?! Who brings up their last wedding right before the new wedding? Who are you trying to convince Leah? Jeremy or yourself? Jeremy seems like a normal nice dude, what the hell he sees in Leah especially after all the shit she pulled with him with the whole Corey business is beyond me. He can’t be that stupid, he should have run and run fast!

  64. avatar sara says:

    are you going to write a post about Farrah’s Dr.Phil appearance??

  65. avatar Debra'sFurCoat says:

    Did anyone see the video of Jenelle bashing Farrah?s

  66. avatar leahs 19th child *another white trashy names beginning with A and ending in lynn says:

    Leah’s wedding was so nice, well done, put together and you could deff tell that they are in love and she looked so beautiful her hair, those hot pink nails with the jewlry and her beautifull dressed made me wanna cry….ya said NO ONE EVER..EVER!

  67. avatar Sascha says:

    Kind of off topic and not sure if it has been addressed anywhere before but just watching some earlier episodes from this season – who the hell is that older man that always appears in Adam’s segments to give him worldly advice about baby daddy drama?

  68. avatar Cortney says:

    Is anyone else as annoyed as I am that kailyn keeps asking her two year old if he wants her to marry Javi? She does it like 5 times in every episode lately. It’s so gross. And you are right, she is becoming my least favorite too. So selfish. She’s almost as bad as Adam…