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Teen Mom 2 – Season 4, Episode 4: The Custody Wars



I can’t believe it’s been a week already.  I can tell it’s getting warm out because time starts flying by and before I know it, we’re back in October settling in for another miserable winter.  I sound like Chelsea, complaining about silly issues.  I mentioned it because I have made one post since my last recap, and I promised more.  I apologize, and if you guys don’t yell at me for ‘old news’, I’ll try and sum up a few stories soon to catch up.

Tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 was more of the same, but an interesting theme is happening this season… even the editing can’t mask how awful some of the moms have been acting (like they do with a certain blonde from Teen Mom 1).


Blah blah more of the same.  The biggest thing that apparently happened in her life last year was her birth control “falling out” right before she did the horizontal shuffle with her dream boy Adam (coincidence, I think not).   Yes, I am starting to believe she removed it with or without Adam knowing in order to try and get knocked up with Aubree #2.  Would she do something like that?  Well, based on her obsessive behavior of the guy, it wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

The other MAJOR thing that happened in her life was that Chelsea was evicted from her house due to the owner wanting to move back in.  She does what any spoiled girl would do, get on the phone with daddy to make things better and then drive away in her new car complaining how hard her life is. According to Chelsea, “nothing goes right for her”, which further proves my original theory that she was trying to get pregnant because last I checked, not getting pregnant from a douche bag is something going right… unless you wanted it to happen.


I just want to get her segment over with. This was more of the same from last week… back and forth between doormat and Corey trying to decide who will have the honor of taking care of her as she sits on twitter all day bashing people on welfare.

What was up with doormat heading straight to Corey’s house though?  Talk about awkward. Dude, you can do better than Leah, don’t make yourself look desperate and pathetic on TV.. at least act like you’re not going to be walked all over (call her back at 3am when you’re drunk off your ass, like most guys do).


It’s been a few weeks since Jenelle has seen Jace because she’s been too busy doing nothing with Kieffer. No big deal though, he’s only her son.  There are more pressing issues, like the size of her boobs and how to waste a few thousand bucks.  Jenelle wants her boob job! In about 98% of implant procedures, they’ve generally detracted from a woman’s appearance, but I understand how marketing makes girls feel like they need them.

I was going to go off on a long rant about how she’s wasting the money when she could be saving it to try and regain custody of Jace, but if she doesn’t care, than I don’t care.  Jace is in a better place staying with his grandmother and looking at Jenelle as a big sister than he is with her raising him.  I’m pretty sure even Jenelle is aware of that, which is why she doesn’t really make any effort to straighten herself out.


“The useless custody battle that is not benefiting anyone” continues this week as Kailyn heads to court with Jo for some type of decision on custody.  The judge basically keeps throwing them out because he probably doesn’t even know what they really want either.  Maybe I fell asleep during her parts recently, but why does she keep going to court?  I thought they agreed on a custody schedule last season?  Then they agreed to not involve the big bad Vee in transfers.  What am I missing?  Is the judge telling her to stop wasting the courts time because he’s not going to prevent Vee from seeing Isaac over jealousy?

Yea yea, according to Kailyn, it’s because Vee smokes weed and drinks.  Well, according to Jo, so does Kailyn…  To be fair, Kailyn’s is just word of mouth, while Vee has been very open about her drinking and smoking (not very smart, btw).  I think the big issue is, does Vee do it around Isaac?  The answer is almost definitely a no, otherwise Kailyn wouldn’t have trouble in court.  (note: If Vee does do it around Isaac, than I take back everything I’ve said about Kailyn, but I still doubt it)


Also, MTV you’re killing me with the staged conversations.  This season is awful with them.  The people talking to the moms don’t even look interested half the time and sound like they’re reading from a script.  Please find a new way to share updates on their life without those incredibly awkward conversations!

PS – I’m sure there are grammatical and spelling errors.  I am going to be brave and not proof read the entire post because I’m tired.  I’ll look at it tomorrow when I get up.  If this post is rough to read, blame the time change.. or blame Leah, I’m sure it’s her fault somehow.

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  1. avatar Monica says:

    This episode just proved these girls are a mess. I think every label they have been given has been proven in this one hour. Chelsea is spoiled (daddy!), Kail is bitter and a hypocrit, Leah is dumb and cant make decisions, and Jenelle well it doesn’t need to be said. Time to pull the plug

    • avatar Kaylie says:

      If there was every a episode that best summed up the character flaws of every single one of these girls, it was this episode. It described them to a T.

      • avatar Sarah says says:

        The thing that frustrates me the most is how MTV is still pushing this show as a “groundbreaking reality series about the pitfalls of teen pregnancy”. Whatever. Having watched these girls for 4 seasons now I can confidently say that 99% of the problems they have now they would have with or without a kid.

        Jenelle would still be an emotional mess with severe childhood issues. Her problems did not come about because of Jace. He is infact a complete non factor in her life at this point it would seem.

        Leah would still be searching for a man to complete her.

        Chelsea would still be lazy and spoiled. She may have graduated high school on time but that’s it. She would still be dependant on dad and obsessed with a guy, maybe Adam or maybe another dude who treats her poorly.

        Kailyn started out depicting the teen whose life changed the most because of pregnancy but now it’s all about her jealousy over Jo’s new girlfriend and which guy she is currently dating.

        None of these girls have situational problems brought on by their kids. Leah’s marriage did not end because of the stress of teen parenting- she cheated. Chelsea didn’t take 3 years to get her GED because she couldn’t afford day care or find someone to watch Aubree- she would rather tan and get her nails done. Jenelle did not turn to drugs to cope with the stress of being in charge of another life at such a young age- her sleazy boyfriend got her hooked. Kailyn does not dislike Vee because she parties and she is concerned for Isaac’s safety- she is just hurt because she wanted Jo and he wanted someone else. At least MTV has coached Kailyn into saying her jealousy stems from her mommy tendencies and such. I guess it would be hard to even tie the other kids into their mom’s problems (Aleeah made me sleep with Robbie, Jace handed me the bong etc.)

        I’m just so sick of this show. All this crap would still be going on in these girls lives even if they hadn’t had kids- the only difference is that because of MTV they all now have fat bank accounts and 500k followers on twitter telling them how awesome they are.

        • avatar redbird says:

          Kieffer didn’t get Jenelle hooked on drugs That was a choice she made. Also. Jenelle was doing drugs before she met Kieffer. Even if she saw Kieffer using heroin…she didn’t have to partake. I don’t believe in the blame game. Jenelle is an adult and she’s responsible for her own actions. From the very beginning. Jenelle had a history of being defiant. No person could make her do anything that she didn’t want to do.

        • avatar Sarah says says:

          I completely agree with you. I guess my point was that Jenelle’s issues are in no way related to being a former teen mother (these girls are 21 now afterall). Her segments might as well be aired as True Life: I am a Fuck Up.

  2. avatar haha says:


  3. avatar Nik says:

    I find it so funny how Chelsea flipped the f out when her landlord decided to take the home back. . . complaining and complaining that she was “about to start crying- like for real!” and “all Adam does is go to work, doesn’t have to worry about things like this!”.
    Chelsea, you are a spoiled, manipulative, neurotic drama queen. Her dramatic outburst made me sick, can you imagine being evicted from your home and literally having NO where to go but a homeless shelter with your three year old child? how about not having enough food for the rest of the month and only being able to access a food bank the one time you’ve already used it? how about taking a city bus at midnight? how about waiting in line for an overnight shelter in the freezing cold?

    • avatar A says:

      I can understand her being ANNOYED that it was happening. It’d be a pain in the butt to move to a new place then find out you’re forced to leave shortly after. But that did NOT call for the level of screaming and crying she was putting out. That was insane. You’re daddy is gonna go on craigslist and find you another pretty house to rent, don’t you worry.

    • avatar Beth A. says:

      Chelsea is still very young and spoiled. It’s really her parent’s fault that she is like that. I know if I had gotten pregnant as a teen my father wouldn’t be so accommodating. I would have had to live at home and forced to go back to school. He’s too easy on her.

      • avatar Loveme says:

        Or at least support yourself since you think you’re so grown but no Chels dad pays all her bills and still treats her like she’s 4 years old. Why not have a kid or two with your dirtbag boyfriend?!

      • avatar Manuela says:

        Both of her parents are. Mommy is sitting there with her and kinda laughing it off that she hooked up with Adam again and again. I know they can’t control what Chelsea does – if she wants to hook up with her douchebag ex then that’s what she’s gonna do, she’s the textbook abused woman, he treats her like dirt and she keeps going back because every other month he promises her the world, but that’s a whole ‘nother story – but her parents needs to be stirner and stricter. Cut her off for Pete’s sake. Stop enabling her dumb behavior. Don’t pay her rent so she can have her private home and hook up with Mr.Douchebag. Make her move back home until she’s a responsible adult, has some good education and a job to support herself and her daughter. If she can’t afford to pay for her place with her own money, she doesn’t need to have her own place.
        And MY GOD Chelsea, you’re in Beauty School, shouldn’t you learn how to apply make-up properly? What kind of impression is that supposed to make on your customers? I surely would not want to get make-up done by someone who’s bright orange!!!
        Anyway, I’m rambling… She just drives me crazy cuz she’s such a moron. She seems to be a sweet girl, but she needs to get some common sense.

  4. avatar Mypaperheart511 says:

    Anyone else notice how Jenelles ice cream went from the first part of the cone being bitten off all the way around then magically the cone hasn’t been bitten at all during her boob talk with keiffer. It bothered me, it just did. Damn you editors.

    • avatar Amy says:

      I did. I also noticed how they only showed her from the neck up during that entire conversation. I’m fairly certain she had her boobs then. Wasn’t Keiffer the one that sold the before and after pics of her?

      • avatar IsThatMyHoodie says:

        He is such a tool.

      • avatar jazzy says:

        She had her boobs done way before all the staged conversations. Check the episode again and you can see she has dark hair. When Kiefer sold the naked before/after implant pictures, she was still a blonde. Even when she talked to her mom about it, she was trying to hide her dark brown hair (which came after the implants.)

        • avatar mdz says:

          I wonder if thats why she was wearing a hat

        • avatar williambo says:

          hahahaa nice try mtv, nice try

        • avatar Kasey says:

          Usually reality shows film the initial doctor consultation prior to getting plastic surgery. I guess MTV couldn’t do that because they missed it. You can see the time frames are all messed up and recreated surrounding her implant surgery. I seriously doubt MTV CHOSE to NOT film that initial consultation. It doesn’t seem likely.

      • avatar akire says:

        yeah i’m almost positive she already had her boobs done in all those scenes. they showed just a few glimpses of her entire body, and her boobs looked way bigger. and the fact they barely showed her body said it all anyways lol

        • avatar Nicole says:

          Oh yeah, she def had
          Them done prior to filming. Totally right on w the hat thing and the not showing full body shots, just “arty” camera
          Angles She is also carrying coffee, purses, sweatshirts, every trick in the book. When they show her walking in to the icecream place w Kiefer, you can totally see she has big boobs and cleavage. No bra was
          Doing that before w how little she was

        • avatar Kasey says:

          Agreed. When she first picked up Keiffer at the bus stop and he was telling her to kiss his newly made prison “guns,” her boobs were way bigger. You could totally tell in that neon green t-shirt.

  5. avatar iDontUnderstand says:

    Ok let me get this straight… Leah cheats on Corey before the wedding, then when Corey finds out she RUNS to file for divorce (Corey hadn’t done anything)..k… but in this episode COREY has to fight for the family!? WHAT? Corey is super unattractive to me but he behaves like a gentleman. The second Jeremy steps into corey’s house all we hear is beep beep beeeep cursing. Trashy. Desperate. Why does he care about a girl that steps all over him so much?

    • avatar Megs says:

      Thank you for pointing this out. It pissed me off, too. Especially when she told him Jeremy was fighting for Corey’s family but Corey wasn’t. To Leah, a guy fighting for her family means he was just the quickest to put an engagement ring on her finger. Also, I love how she said, “What do I have to do to prove to you that I won’t do with Jeremy what I did with Robbie?” then runs back to Jeremy in the next episode. *facepalm*

      Whatever, at least her segments might get more interesting. Wedding planning? Lots more interesting than what we’ve been subjected to recently!

      • avatar A says:

        I don’t blame Corey for not trusting her. She cheated on him TWICE with the same guy. They broke up the first time, stayed apart for months. She fought to win him over and convince him she was devoted and faithful… then cheats AGAIN…. ONE WEEK BEFORE THEIR WEDDING.

        What would you have to do to prove to him you aren’t gonna cheat on him again? Put on a chastity belt that only Corey has the key to. That’s about the only option left at this point.

        I’m glad Corey was always honest and said “we’ll see how things go” and not making a promise about them being together. I think a lot of people can relate to their heart overpowering their mind and logic reasoning (an extreme example being Chelsea), but Corey never lets that take over. You can tell his heart is interfering with his logic about the situation, but it never takes over. He still stays logical the whole time.

        • avatar Adams Cellmate says:

          Leah would go to a locksmith and get that chasity belt off lmao

        • avatar Amber's Pill Bottles says:

          …and then probably play “hide the coal miner in the coal mine” with the locksmith.

        • avatar Megs says:

          Honestly, it almost made me cry because it reminded me of my parents. My mom (and please don’t get me wrong because I love her to pieces) cheated on my dad. When he found out, he told her that if she didn’t cut off the relationship, he would divorce her. My mom asked him what he would do if she did stop seeing the other guy, and my dad said he didn’t know. He would need a lot of time to trust her again. So my mom chose the easy way out and continued her relationship with the other guy (who is now my step-father).
          I think that’s why I can legitimately say that I hate Leah. If anyone isn’t fighting to keep her family together, it’s her.

  6. avatar CryMeABabyMomma says:

    What pisses me off about these girls is that they get paid to be stupid. I made stupid decision growing up…sigh, but all I got was discipline. Oh Chelsea, if only I had your problems. Your brain cells must have absorbed all that bleach.
    Your dad bought that bleach for you too huh.
    Kay you should save all that poorly spent court money for when you try to move to Javi’s duty station. You’re an idiot if you think Jo is going to let you slip away with Isaac that easily.

    P.S….why do girls always have to hate on each other (Kay & Vee) can’t we all get along like the boys, you know…like Corey and Jeremy.

    • avatar GetReal says:

      I love the irony of this post. “Why do girls always have to hate each other” at the end of a post dedicated to bashing other women. That makes perfect sense……

      I always think it’s so funny when people are like “oh Chelsea I wish I had your problems.” Um. You want to get pregnant at 16 and have a child with a dead beat who basically has nothing to do with the child and is fairly worthless? Cool.

      Oh that’s right..it’s a jealousy thing because Chelsea’s dad supports her and buys her stuff. Her life is perfect in your eyes right? Yeah I know some people have a really hard life and that sucks, but joking about wanting to have a life where your kid has a dead beat as a father is ridiculous. I mean, maybe you really DO think Chelsea has no problems because her dad has money…I guess ignorance is bliss.

      • avatar CryMeABabyMomma says:

        The internet is free. Those girls signed there lives away to be aired on television free for all to judge. Just so happens they are trashy girls.
        I love how all their fans call the ones that call these girls out on all their crap haters or jealous.
        If being lazy, trashy, a whore, manipulative, vindictive, and a jealous cow is something you think people want to immulate then you are incredibly IGNORANT. Continue to live in bliss :)

        • avatar GetReal says:

          I’m not a fan of any of the girls. I don’t even watch the show anymore. I come here to read recaps occasionally. I get that you think because they’re on TV, you have free reign to say whatever the hell you want about them. But really…saying you don’t understand why girls hate each other at the end of a post dedicated to bashing women? You must be a little slow if you don’t understand.

          I assume that last part is about Chelsea, but I have no idea. You’re the one that said you wish you had her problems, so I assume you DO want to emulate that. All I was saying is that it’s pathetic you want to emulate someone with a dead beat baby daddy just because her dad has money and buys her things. I think it’s ridiculous how people act like she couldn’t possibly have a real problem because she’s not poor. Last I checked, I want my child to have a father that is ACTUALLY a father, and not a dead beat like Adam. Maybe you have other standards.

        • avatar CryMeABabyMomma says:

          What problems does Chelsea have? Trying to get pregnant by a douchbag lol!! I live in the real world. Have a degree pay my own rent yada yada… Chelsea complains about silly things, she has know idea what real life problems are. I don’t want to be like that ungrateful brat, she has a great support system (who doesn’t appreciate that), but again SHE is an ungrateful twit who shuns responsibility.

          As for bashing women, why are YOU trolling on sites looking for confrontation. Get a clue hypocrite. You’re not a fan, but trolling on Teen Mom forums defending them lol. You’re so right ignorance is bliss bye Randy (opps)….GetReal :)

        • avatar GetReal says:

          @CryMeABabyMama You’ve got to be F****ing kidding me. You’re going to call me a hypocrite for pointing out that you are a moron for saying you don’t understand why girls hate each other meanwhile bashing every girl on this show? You’re not bright. Truly. I never acted like I have no idea why girls don’t like each other. You’re a prime example of why they don’t. You think you can talk crap about everyone, but Kailyn having a problem with Vee who makes her pot smoking and drinking public while having a somewhat close relationship with her 2 year old is too hard for you to fathom. You don’t know any of them, yet you think you have enough information to talk crap about them and then pretend like you can’t understand why girls hate each other. Perhaps you can’t see how illogical and irrational it is for you to bash other women then pretend you can’t understand why women hate each other, but it’s actually pretty simple.

          Don’t start listing off all your accomplishments because I don’t care what you’ve done or how you live. The fact of the matter is that you’re ignorant about people with money. What problems does Chelsea have? SHE HAD A KID AT 16 WITH A DEADBEAT THAT IS MOSTLY ABSENT FROM HER DAUGHTER’S LIFE. Perhaps you think that’s an easy thing to deal with, but for anyone, that would be touch. Not to mention how hard that is on Aubree. Get a clue. Seriously. Your ignorance is painful to read. People that have a good support system still have problems, self-inflected or not. Is she spoiled? Yeah, and who cares. There’s a lot of much worse things she could be than spoiled, so just get over it.

        • avatar GetReal says:

          And it’s not just you @CryMeABabyMama…there are a lot of people that say the exact same thing as you. You just set me off because you said something about bleaching her brain cells and how her daddy must have paid for it, then 5 seconds later are like “I don’t understand why girls hate each other.” It just gets old listening to everyone bash all these girls. They all have issues, and they all need help. I’m sure most people their age with kids need it. This is why I stopped watching the show…too much negativity. It makes me pissed off just to read the recaps now so I’m sure I’ll stop doing that too soon.

  7. avatar Megan G says:

    “Stop crying..stop crying..stop crying..stop crying!” Haha aubree is awesome

    • avatar amyfarrahflower says:

      I wondered if MTV just repeated that scene a few times…

  8. avatar Megs says:

    No mention of Keiffer’s creepy third-person tirade? Because I was thoroughly creeped out by the incessant “Did you miss the Keiffer?” questions. VOM.

    Also, the only reason Leah went back to Jeremy was because he was moving faster than Corey. Think about it. She wants the family, the ring, and the doting husband. Corey wanted “time and trust”. Leah ain’t got no time for that.

    • avatar williambo says:

      you’re so right – moving fast being bold and impulsive is what leah sees as serious and fighting. A fantasy knight in shining armor. Not aware of the reality of the practicality and serious building blocks it takes to build a relationship that are not just elements to create a pretty picture.

  9. avatar sierran1993 says:

    You know what I really could NOT stand this episode? Kail saying “WELL so and so put this on Twitter” oh my God, NOBODY cares. Twitter is like ALL she talked about it seems like.

  10. avatar Sarah :) says:

    Is nobody gonna mention the whole “Robbie couldn’t keep his dick out of her” thing? Or Kieffer’s talking about loving Jenelle’s small boobies. I was lmao at all that. Just saying.

    • avatar CryMeABabyMomma says:

      What about the burp heard around the world.
      Corey knows how to wow them ladies lol!!!!!

      • avatar IsThatMyHoodie says:


      • avatar CJ says:

        LOL found this hilarious as well. Had to rewind my PVR like 10 times and re watch this scene. At first I could not figure out what it was…almost sounded like a wild animal growling?? LOL

      • avatar Jenelle's Pretend Fetus says:

        I was frickin’ PROUD of Corey for letting out that belch! It is the only proper response to Leah’s constant case of mouth diarrhea.

    • avatar CryMeABabyMomma says:

      I think Corey was trying to clean that up for Jeremy’s sake.
      Although I have this thought that both of them were sitting there gossiping like two idiots, sharing wonderful stories of their thrills with the famous Leah, and MTV couldn’t translate their gibberish fast enough.
      What Corey probably really said was “Leah couldn’t keep of off Robbie’s dick”
      But editing…you just can’t win with it.
      And Kieffer…Omg, I didn’t hear a word he said. The look on his face said it all.
      Keiffers brain<<<< Tits, tits, crack, crack, crack.
      Stay focused Kieffer.

      • avatar IsThatMyHoodie says:

        Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

        • avatar bjng says:

          Drug of choice is heroin for kieffer and jenelle….

        • avatar KB says:

          I think you missed the joke. Youtube: Rick James “cocaine is a hell of a drug”.

        • avatar bjng says:

          I’m not going to torture my ears by youtubing Rick James. Hearing super freak growing up was enough ;)

    • avatar Megs says:

      Ugh…typing from my phone. Tried to hit reply but it thumbed down :( sorry!

      But Keiffer…why so creepy? I want sure what to do first: stab myself in the eye, or take a shower to wash off the cooties he was giving me through the TV.

      • avatar A says:

        fyi if you accidentally “thumbs down”, you can just click the “thumbs up” right after and it’ll move your vote over to that side

        • avatar A says:

          nevermind, I was wrong about that. oops

        • avatar Hayzii says:

          You can hit the blue circle with an “i” then hit thumbs up and it will change. :) I just figured that out the other day.

    • avatar mdz says:

      More like she couldnt keep HER legs closed! How do they all seem to forget Leah cheated TWICE…and yet theyre chasing after her.

      • avatar Sarah :) says:

        She must have a pretty magical vajayjay or something! That’s the only reason I can think of that a man would put up with cheating!

  11. avatar KAITEY says:


    I wonder if Kailyn has spent more money on awful tattoos or embarassing trips to court. Either way she looks a fool. Chelsea, I have no sympathy for things not going her way when she doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot to make them go her way. One call to Papa is all she’s ever needed to do. Jenelle should just ask for a transfer to Buckwild because throwing Jace’s name into conversation once in a while should not earn her a spot on a show that is supposed to be about mothers. And Leah…she reminds me of someone you see on the street who is ridiculously dressed, everyone is looking and laughing, but they are so oblivious they don’t see anything out of the ordinary.

  12. avatar IsThatMyHoodie says:

    Hey Kailyn, I hope you took Isaac to the doctor. There are things more important than Twitter you stupid twat.

    Leah- Oh how I would love to knock those fucking braces down your cum guzzling throat. You stand there, smacking your gum like a fucking 10 year old, and have the nerve to emasculate the father of your children? He is FIFTY times the parent you are. It’s too fucking bad that he can’t trust you. Who in there right mind would? I mean, besides the stupid ass doormat that your currently with. You act like you are fucking entitled to everything and it’s sickening. Way to go Corey for dodging that bullet.

    • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

      YES! over 102 is ER/doc worthly!!! and all she says is “i gave him tylenol 30min ago… i guess hes ok” plus he was sick last week!

      • avatar A says:

        Um wasn’t his temperature “100.4″? is that bad? Forgive my Canadian-ness, fahrenheit hurts my head.

        brb, kraft dinner

        • avatar Candace says:

          100.4 is considered a fever but not a real bad one. It warrants ‘watchful waiting’ which is pretty much the definition of ‘parent’.

        • avatar IsThatMyHoodie says:

          I’m well aware what “watchful waiting” is. I have two children of my own, thanks. Considering he’s been coughing for a week, he was laying on the couch looking miserable, and his fever was 100.4 AFTER tylenol…he needed to be seen. Who knows how high his fever was BEFORE the tylenol. Hmmmm wonder why they left that out or didn’t mention it?

        • avatar Candace says:

          Don’t be an ass, my response was to someone else, not to you.

        • avatar IsThatMyHoodie says:

          Name calling? Really? I explained why she needed to take him to the doctor after you posted what clearly looked like a bullshit response defending her. If your response was to someone else, than it was misinterpreted.

        • avatar Hayzii says:

          Kids get sick. Rushing them to the hospital ER or doctors office to be surrounded by sick people isn’t ideal. Up to a certain point, a fever is actually a good thing. Your body is heating up to kill whatever is attacking it. All that the doctor will do is tell you to give them tylenol and possibly prescribe antibiotics. Antibiotics in my opinion make you weaker and more susceptible to getting sick in the future, instead of letting your body fight off whatever it is and become stronger.

        • avatar ABear says:

          @Hayzii… please come tell people in Japan that fact. Fevers are not illnesses. It is your body’s response to virus/bacteria. It heats up to burn them up and also start your immune system. Fevers are best not treated unless causing discomfort for that reason. It is best to rest if you have a fever even with no symptoms so your body can focus on healing. I try to tell my supervisor that. I say fever, Japanese people say influenza, go to the doctor. No thank you.

        • avatar Jane says:

          I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure if you do a temp under the arm you are supposed to add 1 degree. Which would have made his temp 101.4.

        • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

          oh i heard 104

        • avatar Meg says:

          I heard 104 as well!

        • avatar Khloe says:

          i’m canadian too and 37 celsius is considered normal. and they say call a doctor if it goes to 39 or higher. every child is different though. some kids respond to tylenol and others don’t. and i agree about rushing kids to the er. it’s a long wait sometimes and emergency rooms are not often kid friendly. i try tylenol, undressing the child, electrolytes to stay hydrated.

  13. avatar Gracia says:

    I now disregard Leah to the point where I only think about her to come up with new conspiracy theories as to why she won’t release anything about the new baby.

    • avatar A says:

      new theory: waiting to get results of the baby’s paternity

      • avatar Candace says:

        I hope it is Robbie’s! Then we might get to see him on a future episode.

  14. avatar Beth says:

    Jeremy is a good guy.
    Okay, controversial maybe but I find Kieffer really funny… and Jenelle complaining about looking like a 12 year old whilst wearing that awful teen angsty cap! TAKE IT OFF.
    Vee tweeting that after the court hearing was so stupid, what an absolute idiot, not that I agree with Kailyn’s whinging most of the time.
    I can’t believe she left Isaac alone with the dog? I wouldn’t leave a child alone with ANY dog but it’s a huge rottweiler… Very dangerous. He had a pan in his hand too and could have easily given the dog a bash with it.

    • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

      rottweilers are not dangrous dogs! Pit Bulls are not dangerous dogs! my Min Pin and my 2 year old are best friends!


      educate yourself and dont spew breed hate!

      • avatar Sarah says says:

        So tempting to make a bread pun… Going to resist however, because you, Leah’s Vag (or pussy if it’s Mama Dawn speaking), always make me laugh on these comment strings.

        Also, no doubt you are twice as smart, three times as large and used four times as often as Leah’s brain.

        • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

          yea i reeaallly need to spell check. lol I did no even see that!

        • avatar Jenelle's Pretend Fetus says:

          It’s not about the breed really, it’s the size of the dog. A nasty chihuahua will do waaaaaay less damage to a toddler than an angry rottie or any dog over 50 lbs. it’s a valid concern.

      • avatar Beth says:

        I don’t hate them! I said ANY DOG!! I knew someone would say that. You are really stupid if you leave a child with a dog. However lovely your dog and child are, your child could easily step on its tail or poke it too hard and prompt it to respond. I just think the risk of serious injury is more likely with any big dog because if it reacts more damage will be done. Dogs come from wolves and they will ways have that instinct, I actually love dogs but you have to be sensible.

      • avatar williambo says:

        Fine, maybe the breed isn’t an issue. But the fact that it’s “huge” could be. A dog any size plays around like it’s a puppy. that could possibly be dangerous.

      • avatar williambo says:

        spoke to a friend who knows about dogs, wanted to throw his two cents in – he says little dogs tend to have more of a temper or be more aggressive than big dogs – but ultimately he thinks their traits or danger are more influenced by how they are raised and who has raised or trained them, and their history with people and children (abuse, etc.)

    • avatar Candace says:

      Isaac DID give the dog a bash!

      My dog is half Rott and half something big and black, and probably twice the size of Kail’s pup. I never leave the dog and my son alone together but if you train your dog size shouldn’t matter. That dog looked like it was pretty well behaved.

      • avatar Beth says:

        But you must see where I’m coming from… Would you rather a Rottweiler gave your kid a bite, or a Yorkshire terrier? Either could but one would result in worse injury. I am not hating on any particular breed for gods sake but children don’t have logical minds at that age they’re very egocrentric, you can’t trust them alone with an animal.

        • avatar Candace says:

          I wouldn’t leave my son alone with a small dog because of the potential danger to the dog. I wouldn’t leave my son alone with a big dog because of the potential danger to my son. So yeah, I get you.

        • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

          a rott is no diffrent than a lab.. they just get more media (same as pits) then “family friendly” dogs and that yorkshire could tare your face off if it wanted to, they have a temper.

        • avatar Beth says:

          Do you actually read my comments properly? I would not leave a child with any dog. That includes a Labrador.
          Okay so you reckon a Rottweiler biting a child would be no worse than a Yorkshire terrier biting a child? Please your argument is pathetic. I said they could both bite you but that the consequences would be worse from a Rottweiler, you can’t honestly argue with that? And I thought you didn’t want to spread the ‘bread’ hate? Why are you hating on Yorkshire terriers now…

        • avatar Candace says:

          I’ll ‘bite’ on the Yorkshire terriers bait. I hate them because they are yappy little things that make my foot think they are a ball that needs punting. I think you are maybe a little grumpy today? Quit poking Leah’s Vag, you might catch something.

        • avatar Beth says:

          Lol they’re just an example, I don’t love them either.
          I’m grumpy? No I just commented on the post and someone jumped down my throat about me apparently hating on breeds, when actually I wasn’t if my comments were read properly. I’m going to defend myself and make my point if someone else starts it…

        • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

          look, I just get kinda angry when people “attack” (see the quotes Im backing off) breeds i have a miniature pinscher and a 2 year old, long story short I sometimes want to punch people when they tell me im a “bad mom” for letting a “dangerous” dog around my child.

        • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

          but at the same time i would NEVER let her swing a PAN at him!

        • avatar Beth says:

          I don’t think you’re a bad mother for that at all. Loads of people have various dogs and children, and I love Mini pins! But I do think it’s highly irresponsible to leave a child unsupervised with a dog, you don’t know what will happen, and I was quite shocked that Kailyn would do that. That was what I was saying, and with it being a huge dog, with one of the strongest bites of any dog, that Isaac was raising a pan at… That dog could rip his head of when defending itself. A lab could also rip his head off, I know

        • avatar Megan G says:

          I have a half yorkie half shih tzu and a maltipoo and they are both super quiet! People who come to the door are shocked they don’t bark..and my shorkie, shih tzu yorkie, is probably the sweetest dog ever! We can him mr.romance..not all little dog breeds are yappy ankle biters it depends on the dogs personality

        • avatar Kat says:

          Just outta curiousity because I really don’t know, but why would one bite be different from another?

        • avatar Beth says:

          Rottweilers have one of the strongest bite forces of all dogs so their bites will be more damaging, their jaws are strong I think that’s why. If you think of size, they will have bigger teeth too, smaller dogs tend to be weaker although some have strong jaws. Also it’s easier to defend yourself against a small dog, impossible to defend yourself against a big one (especially for a child)

        • avatar Candace says:

          Yeah, what Beth said. Also, my dog, who I described above, can open his mouth wide enough to bite my entire face. A small or toy breed dog can only open it’s mouth a few inches so there would be a huge difference in the size of the wound and damage done.

    • avatar williambo says:

      i have similar conntroversial fellings about keefah

      • avatar Beth says:

        He is hilarious, not that he means to be. The stuff he was saying about boobs hahaha.

        • avatar williambo says:

          I’m sure he was probably high in the episode for a lot of it if jenelle was

    • avatar KieffahandJuhnail4eva says:

      I’d leave my child alone with a Rottweiler before I’d leave him alone with jenelle.

    • avatar J says:

      I was thinking the same thing about the dog. During that segment, I kind of had my eyes covered because I just kept thinking to myself “this is not going to end well!”

  15. avatar Leena says:

    If you are going to write a blog concerning other people, make sure its correct…Chelsea was not evicted! I don’t think you would like it if someone said that you were evicted from your house. Also, not sure what your deal is with Maci. We have one Teen Mom who is currently in prison, another who is in and out of rehab and your constantly picking on Maci. I see nothing wrong with Maci drinking and partying. She and Ryan have a custody agreement (which is a lot more than some other the other moms can do for their child), and she goes out when she doesn’t have Bentley. Whats the problem?!

    • avatar A says:




      yes. she was evicted.

      and Maci goes out all the time when she has Bentley. she even gets drunk when she is at home with him.

      If you’re going to write a comment concerning the correctness of someones blog, make sure YOU have the right facts too.

    • avatar stevebeans says:

      Evicted is being kicked out of your apartment by your landlord. I don’t know how else to word it.

      Perhaps you think eviction solely means not paying rent or trashing the place, but that’s why I posted “due to the home owner wanting to move back in” so people didn’t think she did anything wrong.

      As far as Maci, I mentioned her because the editing always makes her look like mother of the year. Why would I bring up Jenelle or Amber when editing doesn’t do the same for them? If MTV edited the show to make Jenelle look like her life is on track and things are going well, I would have mentioned Jenelle as well.

      • avatar Candace says:

        She should have been evicted for having that crazy hair, just saying. That would be enough for me! ;)

      • avatar Leena says:

        Nope, thats not what it means.
        e·vict (-vkt)
        tr.v. e·vict·ed, e·vict·ing, e·victs
        1. To put out (a tenant, for example) by legal process; expel.
        2. To force out; eject. See Synonyms at eject.
        3. Law To recover (property, for example) by a superior claim or legal process.

        In this case, as far as the episode shows…the Landlord was simply following the terms of the lease agreement…so he voluntarily ended the agreement without legal process or force. I went to law school so yes, I am a bit picky about this. I don’t think you meant this maliciously, however, she was not evicted and I do not think it is okay to say that someone was evicted when they were not.

        As far as Maci is concerned, I don’t understand how people can say that she gets drunk at home with Bentley or even complain about editing. Do the people commenting actually know her personally? All we can see is what MTV shows us or was it on twitter or instagram. Again, Maci is by far one of the most responsible MTV Teen Mom’s out there, but for some reason she gets all the hate. Thanks for allowing me to clarify.

        • avatar Nikki226 says:

          Read that first definition again “1. To put out (a tenant, for example) by legal process; expel.”

          Chelsea was told she had to leave the house (put out) and that it was in the terms of the lease, which would be a legal binding contract, so it was done by a legal process. So yes, she was evicted.

        • avatar Sarah says says:


          If you are really looking to prosecute a writer (see what I did there) for their various crimes against spelling, grammar and the written word, might I point you elsewhere…


          A conviction over there will be a sure thing. The only thing we, the jury, find Stevebeans guilty of is being awesome.

          Case dismissed.

        • avatar CryMeABabyMomma says:

          I concur…lol

        • avatar Leena says:

          @Sarah- I too think that your comment is funny! I do not follow the other blog…but from what I gleam she doesn’t post enough words to actually have a discussion. I generally enjoy this blog as much as the next girl however, I do take up issue with saying that Chelsea was evicted and with the constant criticism of Maci.

          @ Nikki- what you described is not legal process. Legal process actually requires a suit or a judicial proceeding. She also wasn’t even ‘put out,’ which would require that she was literally stopped from being able to live there. In this episode, all we saw is the LL giving her notice that he was exercising his rights under the lease.

          @ A- I never said there was a problem with her drinking at home with Bentley. I can’t imagine that anyone here has a problem with that? A mother drinking in her house while her child is asleep? If there is something wrong with that than 95% of mothers are in deep shit. Regardless, I don’t agree with everything Maci does, but to vilify her and put her anywhere close to the likes of the majority of the other MTV Teen Mom’s is in my opinion, ridiculous.

        • avatar Kat says:

          Leena, there is a problem with Maci drinking at home while she has Bentley. She has made it known on her twitter that when she drinks she doesn’t have just one and that’s it, she has multiple drinks to the point where she is drunk.

          I have twins and yes, I will have a glass of wine sometimes after they go to bed, but I only have the one because I need to make sure I’m coherent in case something happens, whether it’s they just wake up and I have to pick them up, or there is an emergency and I have to take them to the hospital. Maci drinks to the point that if there is an emergency and she gets behind the wheel she is not only putting herself in danger, but Bentley and other drivers as well.

        • avatar A says:

          you “don’t understand how people can say that she gets drunk at home with Bentley”?

          Just go look at her twitter. I’m guessing you’ve never done that. That’s how we all know she is a party animal that DOES go out on her nights with Bentley, and DOES drink at home with him. One night she posted a picture of Bentley sleeping and then 5 mins later posted a picture of her taking shots in the kitchen, with a comment along the lines of “woohoo Bentely is asleep let’s party”. She doesn’t even have the decency to wait for him to go to bed anymore either. She often takes him to parties with her too where she drinks… and she posts photos of that too. THAT’S how we can say those things.

        • avatar Adams Cellmate says:

          That law degree didn’t help you to much with the common sense or intelligence sweetie…I would sue and get my money back if you are that delusional.
          I guess this Leena bitch doesn’t have a twitter. This bitch is drunk all the time. If it looks like a dog and barks like a dog…it’s a dog stupid.
          Gah seriously stevebeans I wouldn’t have wasted an ounce of energy responding back to that crackheaded twat waffle.

        • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

          I can see why they call you Adams cellmate… very nicelanguage. Also I dont check twetter or teilter or or whatever its called so i did not that stuff about Maci Drinking

        • avatar Nikki226 says:

          @ Leena

          Actually she was put out because she wasn’t given a choice, she was told she HAD to leave. Im assuming since Randy told her that he was the one given the notice. In an eviction, the landlord will give a written notice (notice to vacate) stating the tenant has so many days to leave the property. If the tenant has not left by that point, then a lawsuit is filed. That’s the basic legal process for eviction. Like previously stated, no one said Chelsea was to blame at all. Stuff happens.

        • avatar Khloe says:

          you care way too much. chelsea can’t live in her home anymore. end of story. done. finished. do we really care for all the minor details why? i definitely didn’t need a dictionary definition of the world evict. in big brother people get evicted by way of a vote. stupid example but it gets my point across.

          p.s. used that example for you stevebeans.
          also just wondering if you have been able to see any of big brother canada. it is actually quite good!

  16. avatar Sir Nibs says:

    My recap:
    Kieffer, he likes boobies. The Kieffer likes boobies. Kailyn, scorned, angry, unhappy, heavy, B. See what happens when your ex starts dating hotter looking chicks, write this down. Chelsea, the baby talk makes me cringe, but I bang her. Without protection of course and I pretty sure I would need to play the back nine if you know what I mean. Leah, can’t go two minutes with a dude. Burp was highlight of this season. Jenelle, she gets a thought in that head and it bangs around like a BB in an empty tuna can. That’s all she can think of. Wow.

  17. avatar CryMeABabyMomma says:

    I find it so stupid people complaining how unfair it is that Jo can move, but Kay can’t.
    Have these people taken a geography class. New Jersey is a step across the state line from PA. He moved an hour away dum dums.
    That’s a hour drive compared to moving half way across the country to Texas.
    Do the math morons.
    The only person straining Kay and Jo’s co-parenting is Kay.

  18. avatar Taylor says:

    I’m sooo glad I found this site by accident.

    Kail Kail Kail, I used to love Kail and hated Jo, but now it’s the other way around. No matter what she says, she is sooooo jealous of Vee. And I hate how she tries to bring up the fact that Vee parties, and smokes. Kail was a huge pothead herself and Jo even said she even smoked pot while pregnant smh. So who is she to judge?! She needs to move along . She had Jordan around Isaac now Javi But Jo can’t have Vee around him. Ohhh the double standards! And she must have an obsession with guys who name starts with a J. . . Jo, Jordan, Javi lmao.

    I can’t stand leah and I feel that her ‘hubby’ is just with her for the fame. She did say he kept messaging through facebook trying to get her to add him … Jeremy is an idiot if she cheated on Corey why don’t you think she’s not gonna cheat on you? Especially since you’re always away at work and she’s just a little horny hillbilly whore. Her mom makes me sick allowing to her to live her life like this . Someone needs to talk some sense into her dumb ass.

  19. avatar KB says:

    Anyone else find it ironic/hilarious to see Leah with a broom in hand after last week’s string of comments? :] I almost spat sweet tea all over my living room when I saw that.

  20. avatar haha says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what Kailyn’s nickname is Kail? Her name isn’t Kail- lyn or even Kail- in. KAI LYNN That’s always drove me nuts. That is all.

    • avatar Candace says:

      The obvious answer is obvious.

    • avatar A says:

      not sure what you’re getting at…. “Kail” seems like a decent nickname for “Kailyn”.

      Also the beautiful thing about names and nicknames is they allow room for creativity and don’t need to follow any “rules” you seem to be imagining.

      • avatar haha says:

        Yes and you probably like addalynn

        • avatar A says:

          lol no. poor name choices are different from nicknames that make sense.

  21. avatar The Wicked Witch of West Virginia says:

    Omg I missed this episode! Noooooooo! And I tried to PVR it because this season has been SO GOOD. These girls are so strong. Life keeps throwing them challenges, they never bring anything on themselves with their piss poor decisions and yet they still ALWAYS triumph. I’m so proud of MTV for picking such exemplary role models. These girls totally understand that their children come first. Not drugs, not twitter, not their flame of the week, not their scumbag ex boyfriend, not random penis. Their KIDS. So proud of all of them for how much they’ve grown and changed over the past few years, it’s been inspiring to see them all really blossom into mature young women.

    Said. No. One. Ever.

    • avatar yarr says:

      I think there is still some value in parts of the show. Mostly in Kailyn and Chelsea. Leah and Jenelle are too messed up to have any value to society.

      Kailyn- She is so bitter and jealous and petty that she can’t focus on raising her son, school, or a new relationship. You can look at that and see how well that works as a life strategy.

      Chelsea- Spoiled and pathetically pining over Adam. She’s like 21 and has accomplished absolutely NOTHING on her own. Watching her life makes me want to beat my head into a wall.

      The problem with MTV is that these girls seem to be marketed as role models. They aren’t. They are a cautionary tale at best- and not because they had babies at young ages. The show should be called “Immature and Emotionally Stunted- With Babies” Don’t be like them… at all… Watch and enjoy how much better your life is cause you didn’t make those same choices.

  22. avatar L says:

    I was absolutely horrified watching Issac with that dog. He had a pan and was hitting the dog with it. Why do all these girls feel the need to add multiple pets to their household when they can barley watch their own damn kids.

    • avatar Ciara says:

      I used to love it on TM when they’d show Catelynn and Tyler chillin at home, and a dog would just appear behind them on the couch at their shoulder. Happened ALL the time. Hilarious :)

      • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

        that was how i always knew some bad editing had happened lol

  23. avatar A says:

    Am I going crazy or was Chelsea drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon when sitting on the porch at her moms house? It totally looked like it but it only showed for a second

    • avatar haha says:

      You were probably imagining it.

    • avatar georgia says:

      it was a sunkist drink, i’m pretty sure

      • avatar Meg says:

        Diet Sunkist!

  24. avatar Candace says:

    Just a couple things…

    Chelsea obviously doesn’t know what real problems are. I mean, sure it’s hard to move all the time but grow up! There are much worse things in life than having to move to yet another nice house.

    Kail did not have a court appearance, she had a mediation session so that she and Jo could try to work on their co-parenting skills.

    Leah’s magical vagina made her super powers known in this episode. Why else would a man who she dumped go speak with her ex about how serious he was while he stayed in a motel waiting for her to waive her little hand to come hither?

    I saved Jenelle for last because she made me laugh so hard that I choked while she talked so seriously about small penises. It did seem obvious to me that she had already had the boob job while telling everyone she wanted a boob job. Stupid MTV!

  25. avatar Todd says:

    These girls are living proof of why I am not getting married and adopting on my own. Kail is the living embodiment of why I will never have a child with an American woman. She acts so high and mighty as if she has never done anything wrong. She has had 2 boyfriends and brought them around Issac. I can understand her not wanting Vee smoking pot around Issac but I get the feeling she does not and the smallest thing Joe does wrong she blows out of proportion. He misses a day with Issac or gets tipsy one night and she should get more time and dictate how he sees his son? She went to Texas for like a week but I didn’t hear Joe complaining about that. Also she says Joe needs to move out of his parents house and when he calls her to say he is she gives him a bunch of crap and starts acting like a total bitch because it is further away. We all know she was moving far and Joe refused to make the long drive she would drag him back to court. Also notice how she asked if Vee was moving in with him, but in the preview for next week she says Javi should move in.

    • avatar Kat says:

      Please don’t use ANY of these girls as examples of what American women are like! Trust us, we don’t think they are all that great either!

      • avatar Todd says:

        I don’t know. Both my girlfriends were American and they were crazy, the girls on teen mom are American, I have seen a lot of other crazy American mothers and tv and in person, so with those odds….. lol.

        • avatar ABear says:

          In order to be on a reality TV show in America, you have to be crazy idiot. Most Americans are more intelligent than these people. Please don’t compare us to reality TV stars who are famous for nothing and get a big head from it.

        • avatar Sally says:

          I’m American and have lived here most of my life but I’ve also lived in other countries as an adult…Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia and Singapore and trust me honey there are crazy women all over the globe!!! It’s very different types of crazy but all the same level of bat shit crazy! American girls aren’t any worse then the rest of the world.

        • avatar Todd says:

          I am also American and have been to Japan, Canada, Turkey if you count the airport, and currently live in the Republic of Georgia. While I have seen my fair of crazy women I still believe America has the craziest lol.

        • avatar CryMeABabyMomma says:

          If you are going to say American women are the craziest, then you might as well add that American men are the biggest low-life’s, irresponsible, and deadbeats dad’s of the world. Because besides Corey, Jo, and Ryan, I am not seeing to many upstanding American male examples on this show either, or many anywhere else for that matter.
          P.S..I only stated Corey, Jo, and Ryan because they are actually in their child’s lives, but in no way are they Prince charming.

        • avatar Todd says:


          I won’t disagree with you there. American men are just as bad. All it takes is an episode of Maury or anything on MTV to prove that lol. However I am the exception because when I have my daughter I am doing to be the best dad ever :)

  26. avatar Hilarious! says:

    I am over Teen Mom all together. The second cast sucks. The upcoming third looks equally sucky except for maybe Katie. I won’t be wasting my time with it anymore.

  27. avatar Sophia's eyebrow wax says:

    For my opening statement, I’ll say this: WHAT A CLAN OF FUCK-UPS.
    I want to slap that orange-disaster-excuse-for bronzer clear off of Chelsea’s face. (Did anyone notice her hair at the OBGYN? She looked like an 80′s girl with that nest of messy, fried-from-too-much-bleach hair sticking up everywhere, held back with that unfortunately ugly pink headband)Looks aside, WHAT A SPOILED FUCKING BRAT. She’s setting a great example for Aubree: You don’t have to work for anything, for Papa Randy will provide for you and support you!
    She should win an Oscar, because she is THE BIGGEST FUCKING DRAMA QUEEN (besides Farrah)

    I don’t think the IUD fell out. I think she took it out. I can’t BELIEEEEVE she was stupid enough to tell the world that she was “DISAPPOINTED that there would be no ‘accidental’ pregnancies”.
    [I know that the "message/lesson" that the show was intended to illustrate is LONG GONE, but I still had hope that that chaos on TM2 would show young girls the TRUE consequences of unplanned teen pregnancy, and show the world that having a baby doesn't strengthen a relationship. (In fact, it puts a strain on the relationship)...BUT Chelsea is ruining that shit by holding out hope that ANOTHER baby would make Adam love her. WAY TO GO, Chels. You're a GREAT role model.]
    Anywho, on to West-White-trash-Virginia’s best.
    Leah is the most needy/attention-seeking individual I’ve ever seen yet. As one of you stated earlier, her definition of someone “fighting for the family” is whoever jumps up the quickest to put a ring on it and kiss/stay up her ass.
    Jeremy is just as desperate/needy as Leah and the earrings are just ri-damn-diculous. I am really starting to consider the suggested theory that he is indeed homosexual. Something smells fishy, and although I can’t pinpoint what it is, something just ain’t right about ole homeboy. I mean c’mon; he solicited her on FB for Christ’s sake. Bless their pea-picking hearts. They’re only from the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia..Wtf can we expect?
    On to the infamous Ke$ha-wanna-be.
    Kieffer is SO weird and he went into WAYYYY too much detail about Jennelle’s breasts. And what is up with him referring to himself IN THIRD PERSON? “Did you miss THE Kieffer? Was THE Kieff on your mind?” .. Ok, I know that you are indeed unique, and there is NO ONE like you, but stop referring to yourself as “THE Kieffer”. GET OVER YOURSELF, you hooded hoodlum.
    Oh, and it was great when Jenelle and Babs discussed implants.
    no barbara, they dissolve. They magically disappear after approximately 30 years. REALLY?
    Babs:”What does Kieffah think about it?”
    Jennelle:”He’s against it; he thinks I look fine the way I am”.
    Babs: “Well, that’s the only thing I agree with Kieffah on”…BAHAHHAHAHAAH.

    Moving on.
    Kail is so stupid. Wanting “more time”….? I know Jo is an idiot (as are you,Kailyn), but Isaac needs to be around his Father…
    And I have heard that Kail “smokes and drinks” as well. I do agree with her position that Vee is a blooming idiot for announcing her drug/drinking habits on twitter, but you’re allowing Isaac around every guy you bring into your life (Jordan, Javi), so enough with the double standards. (Also, may I ask what kind of “work” Jo is doing in Jersey? PLEASE TELL ME IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIP-HOP. JO, I ATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU SWEETIE, BUT YOU ARE NOT THE NEXT PITBULL.)
    WHY not utilize the time that Isaac is with Jo and do homework/school stuff? Oh wait, she’s only taking two classes due to her BUSY social life.

    I’m so glad TM2 is still on air. The severe stupidity of the Moms is very entertaining. My life is glamorous compared to the lives of these idiots.

    • avatar haha says:

      That last line made my day! Lmao

    • avatar Megs says:

      You are my new best friend. Nice to meet you.

  28. avatar williambo says:

    This post was well-written, very well said funny but sad and true things. good job Steve/Melinda, whoever wrote it.

    Kailyn, you’re upset that he’s moving, you didn’t want him to live with his parents though. There’s nothing wrong with Isaac getting to bond with his grandparents too! I think anything Joe ever does or will ever do she will somehow try to interpret it as him being a bad parent and criticize him for it. It’s too bad, I like Joe. Sometimes I can’t take him seriously, but overall he’s such a nice guy, so calm. You’re the one taking him to court Kailyn! Haha don’t complain about it. She wants Joe to be “perfect” like her, and wants to fight for more time with Isaac overtime Joe isn’t a perfect human. You only think it’s important for Isaac to see Joe if Joe is your definition of “perfect?” So glad nothing happened with court, she had no grounds to bring them to court. I thought they were gonna go to co-parenting classes. She talked like they haven’t done that.

    Jeremy calling Corey? So awkward. He knew who was calling him, too. It’s like they’re buddies or something. How weird. I guess they have each other saved in each other’s phones. Those poor guys though. Bonding over being in love with such an unfortunately difficult lady. They were awkwardly smiling during this conversation too. I was about ready for Corey to ask him to crash with him. I love how Corey says “coming” and then we see Jeremy walk in all by himself, while Corey stands in the living room and says “Hello.” He said “comin’” so he could come to the living room and say hello from there. Hehe. Must have been some weird editing with re-enacting some things. Then I love how they blame Robbie for putting his d*** in her as if she had no responsibility for all that. Really though, Leah shouldn’t have got with Jeremy so fast. She could have tried to resolve things with Corey and sort out lingering feelings if she could stand to not have sex for a day and have to find a guy. I heard someone say how Leah is expecting a big huge romantic gesture and profession of love from Corey, when that just isn’t always necessary or natural. Relationships have an element of practicality and seriousness and difficulty, not just romance and sex all of the time. She says “I’m gonna get off here” like my friend from Kansas does when they are on the phone or on Skype.

    I might get a lot of flack for this, and I definitely don’t know the guy or much about his character, but there’s something I like about Keiffer. He’s kinda funny, and at least is good at coming across as nice. I just like watching him is all I guess. Too bad he’s got a lot of problems. I feel like he’s a guy that means well, or could be a really awesome guy if not for the issues with drugs and what ever else he’s got going on. I like his opinion against plastic surgery. Good God, the part about Jenelle “so, my boobs are really small…” as if it’s a serious problem. *eyeroll* If only she REALLY knew what things about her affect her relationship with guys and EVERYBODY. It’s funny how she says “I’m 5 1 so I want bigger boobs so I don’t look like a child,” where I know a girl who’s 5 1 with DD’s and feels like they’re out of proportion to her body, and that it makes her look chubby since she’s so short. Still though, Jenelle’s segments are least interesting to me. It’s all a mess and sad and she’s so mixed up. Her boobs even looked big when she was like “I’m gonna go see a doctor about a boob implant.” Big enough. Such a problem ” I hate having no cleavage.” Of all the problems in the world…and all the problems she has. Loved Jace’s face when she walked in and his face says “Oh God you again, what do you want? Whachya got yous-self into now?” I like to imagine him talking like Barbara. Her statement should have been “Jenelle, people don’t dislike you because of your small boobs, people dislike you for your personality.” Muheh heh heh. Toootally right about Jenelle seeing like a big sister to Jace. She seems like that in every facet.

    The fact that Chelsea was sad that she’s on Mirena, kinda hinted toward the fact that she secretly wishes she got pregnant again deep down hehe. Aubree’s adorable. I see more of Adam in her face though now that she’s getting older and doesn’t have as much baby chub to look ilke her mom and her parents. The look on Chelsea’s and her friend’s faces when they were most likely re-inacting that part about having to move. Chelsea’s voice and her friend’s voices are similar and kinda funny. Aubree’s so cute and so tuned into emotions. Chelsea is such a daddy’s girl, so right. He has to fix it now!

    • avatar Anne-Marie says:

      I’m (barely) 5’1, and used to have 36E breasts. I don’t feel like writing a novel, but essentially it was AWFUL. Fucking absolutely awful. I wouldn’t wish that kind of physical, mental, and emotional pain on my worst enemy.
      December of 2011, right after my 20th birthday, I had a breast reduction that my insurance completely paid for. I’m a 36C now, the same size I was in 5th grade. Hands down, it was the best decision of my life. I’m actually tearing up a little bit writing about it (I’m normally not an emotional person at all haha) because I am so, so happy with my decision and the outcome.
      Anyway, sorry, long story short: being little and having huge boobs seriously blows.

      • avatar williambo says:

        thanks for sharing. wonderful story. my friend wants a reduction.

      • avatar Khloe says:

        i’m going next tuesday to my first consultation.
        i was a dd in high school and during my pregnancy i went to an H!! an H!! unfortunately after i stopped breast feeding they never went back to pre-pregnancy size. i am so excited to get this reduction. and i am not short. i am 5’6 and having big boobs no matter what your size can really suck!

  29. avatar melanie says:

    THE BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT: “people don’t like you because of your boobs, they like you because of your personality.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    Jenelle is a mess. Seriously. I do not want to hear her say one more time that she cant get Jace back because of money. What DOES she have money for? Shes not in school because of money, she cant see jace because of money, yet she CAN party, get high, and put down payments down on 6 different apartments a year. I think the ice cream scene showed that KEEFAH was doing coke/heroin at that point. He has NEVER been that easy to understand with a clear voice and “up” he has always been slow and mopey because he is high. Jenelle is an idiot. point blank. I feel so sorry for Jace, even if BAHBRAH is funny, and is raising him, when he becomes a teenager and has to deal with not having a dad and mommy being a crack whore, BAHBRAH is going to be the last person who needs to be parenting him during a potentially rebellious stage, look at how Jenelle and her siblings turned out.

    Chelsea-I kind of wanted to punch her in the throat. She is so spoiled it isnt even funny. Sure, the landlords move was a dick one, but to cry and be “sooooo frustrated” and rude to your dad on the phone? please. grow up. she can be nice and sweet but as soon as something goes awry ( THATS LIFE ) shes in tears and yelling and being overdramatic when she has a lifeline like her dad to pull her out of everything.

    Leah-Oh Leah, leah leah leah. She annoys me to no end. She wants everything, and she wants it now. Marriage, baby, the whole 9 yards. In 10 years she is going to look back and wonder why she rushed her life so much. She barely pays her kids attention. Last season we saw therapists working with her daughter, now its ALL about her love life. Jeremy and Corey are both unattractive and her constant need for attention is sick. and the preview for last week made me want to VOMIT, Can I HAVE YOU AND THE RING BACK! Jesus Christ woman!

    Kail-I think Kail is 50/50 now. She still has some feelings for Jo that are harbored within her, and she feels insecure as a mother when having another woman around her son. I get it. Jo gets more than the “every other weekend’ stereotype, and I agree he should spend his time with his son. Kail doesnt have family she can drop her kid off with so she can go out, and I think part of her is envious that Jo does. Kail is insecure, but I dont think she is a bad person. I wouldnt want my child upstairs asleep while daddy and stepmommy are getting high downstairs, and I also wouldnt want my son dropped off with his grandparents so that daddy and stepmommy can go out partying. Jo is a good dad and I think both of them should try and look at things from each others point of view. Javi is WAY cuter than Jo and seems to be the only male to come into the show that isnt trying to ride the coat tails of teen mom fame. He joined the air force, which is respectable, and isnt an aspiring rap artist who likes to smoke weed. I know in todays society weed isnt a big deal, but when your kids are small…it can take a back seat. Vee likes to fuel the fire, i dont care what anyone says. She likes the attention, she likes pissing of Kail, and she should just stay out of things completely. I’d respect her more for it.

    • avatar Puhleasee says:

      Kail smokes also. Javi is not cuter than Jo.

      • avatar Hayzii says:

        I don’t think either are cute. Jo looks like a possum to me and Javi seems like a mouth breather.

    • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

      Did you see how BIG leahs eyes got when she demanded that ring back! lol sooo not funny sigh

    • avatar Bricks likes adumbs dick says:

      I agree, Vee def likes the attention. I get that she’s annoyed with Kail and the things she puts Jo through, however there was no reason for her to run to twitter and rub it in Kail’s face that ‘yes she smokes, and yes she drinks…’ Not a good look for Vee.

  30. avatar Sophia's eyebrow wax says:

    Megs, Nice to meet you as well. We shall become BFF, for we are forever united in the holy bonds of COMMON SENSE AND DIGNITY: something that the IGNORANT cast of TM2 is clearly LACKING.

    • avatar Megs says:

      We should make t-shirts and a secret handshake. I would like to formally invite the rest of you to our club. TM2 Realists ONLY.

  31. avatar Hayzii says:

    Chelsea – The fact that she and Aubree are so close makes it all the more sad how she cries and complains in front of her. When kids see their mom cry like that all of the time they want to make it better, when they can’t they can sometimes feel like something is wrong with them or that they are a bad kid. Telling her that you are happy and then going right back to crying isn’t fooling her. And did anybody else see that she was driving, while crying, with NO HANDS on the wheel?! WTF.

    Jenelle – She obviously already had her implants. Like Jenelle would actually take the time to discuss something and ask for other people’s opinions? LOL! She was probably sitting there one day thinking “I should get new boobs..” and by the afternoon had it done.

    Leah – So gross beyond words. I loved how Cory burped in her ear on the phone. Her face was like “OMG how DARE he burp to a LADY like that?!? I NEVER!” ROFL. As for Jeremy.. seriously WHAT IS IT?!?!? What is wrong with this guy?

    Kail – UUUUGH. How can someone be so blatantly hypocritical?! They have shown liquor bottles in the background of her apartment and Jo said she smoked weed which I believe. Her level of being pathetic is reaching Chelsea levels. Also, she really needs to lay off the khaki colored pants. Is it just me or is she gaining weight?

    • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

      Hazii- I keep trying to tell you.. its my magical unicorn dust that is sprinaled around me ;)
      Its like a f*cking drug to hicks!!!

    • avatar IsThatMyHoodie says:

      It’s not just you. I was thinking she should have been pushing that lawnmower instead of Javi. It probably wouldn’t hurt her to invest in a pair of black pants.

  32. avatar the other emily says:

    Hey Chelsea, my dad’s house got sold by the owner, even though my dad was thinking of buying it. He moved with his mom an hour away from work (because he deployed 6 weeks later). It happens to people twice your age. You’re not that special. Grow up and stand on your feet, not your daddy’s.
    Jenelle, she reminds me so much if my sister so I really just want to have faith she’ll change even though its not likely.
    Kail. It sucks so much to be screwed out of time with a parent and you’re hurting Isaac so much more than you realize. For 3 years I only saw my mom for one week in March and two in July. And that hurt both of us so much. To this day I still resent my mom for not trying to get me more, but also my dad and his ex for not allowing me to see her more.
    Leah…yeah…I’m not touching this one.
    Ps- I know they don’t read these, but I don’t want to do a recap and bash them. Peace out everyone!

    • avatar Sarah says:

      “Leah…yeah…I’m not touching this one” is what any guy with an iota of common sense would say.

      • avatar the other emily says:

        Yes…but most of the guys I know don’t have any common sense, then again I’m 16!!

        • avatar the other emily says:

          Just realized how weirdly worded that last comment was, what I meat was…actually I don’t know what.I meant so I hope you interpret it right!

  33. avatar Tam says:

    Leah will regret rushing into a marriage with doormat. She seriously should have focused on her daughter’s and furthering her education. Doormat is so needy that is painful to watch. Those girls are afraid of being alone and has serious daddy issues. My theory is doormat maybe into guys. Javi and his bromance screams Brokeback Mountain.l

  34. avatar The Djoust says:

    What about that Javi kid. From the last 3 episodes he’s been an enabler. When Kail would seem to go back to her senses taking responsibility for her own actions he would be sitting there telling her how it doesn’t matter that she punched Jo. Or this week telling her that Jo is this and that and that he should have put Vee in check ’cause otherwise it means that Jo don’t care. Like whatttt??? Why is Kail STILL whining about Vee to this day? Isn’t she happily married (yhea right)
    (excuse my English I speak french)

    • avatar Hayzii says:

      Total enabler. That’s why she married him!

  35. avatar BB says:

    Kail is such a hypocrite her friend Kim smokes pot, drinks and posts about it on twitter yet Kail has never had a problem with her being around Isaac or babysitting him. But of course Vee is the devil for doing the same thing. She is so annoying I hope the judge doesn’t allow her to move seeing as she thinks Jo should only get 6 weeks a year.

  36. avatar the other emily says:

    I look forward to Anne’s comments…so where is Anne???

  37. avatar yarr says:

    I find Jeremy kind of creepy. I think he had been watching Leah on TV and had some fantasy life with her all planned out in his mind before they even met. No rational person would move that fast with someone in Leah’s situation.

    • avatar Loveme says:

      I think you nailed it! There’s definitely something weird with him.

  38. avatar Maci's Alcohol says:

    You know, Kailyn used to be my favorite of the teen mom girls but now she seems like a hypocrite and I can’t stand her. How can these girls even have fans? They are so annoying!!

    • avatar CryMeABabyMomma says:

      I am pretty sure most of their fans consist of scorned women, and teens who haven’t experienced the real world, and still believe life is one big fairy-tale.
      I mean have you heard some of these fans comments. Praising them like they are doing some great service.
      It’s like watching them personally lick everyone of the teen moms butt’s with their tongues.

  39. avatar Tasha says:

    Chelsea talks like a three year old on crack. Why is she so effing annoying? And why do he parents not slap her more often?

    Does anyone else notice that Leah has had 2 different cars? First she had the Kia SUV (season 3), then she had the Fusion. Umm MTV, we are not as stupid as the people you employee. The staging is getting old.

    • avatar Bricks likes adumbs dick says:

      I have noticed that as well. In one episode when she met up with Corey, she was driving a suburban or something of that nature. I think that was the one that she got with Jeremy and then wrecked it or something?? Staging is absolutely horrendous this year.

      Can anyone explain why Chelsea was crying?? I mean I REALLY was confused b/c she was only being asked to move. WTF!

  40. avatar nicole says:

    Leah looks insane in this episode, the past few episodes, and the next episode. This is why teenage pregnancy is awful. When I was 16-22, I was free to make whatever damn choice I wanted when it came to boyfriends, and I had the freedom to make mistakes, and learn from them. When babies are involved, there isn’t that freedom to make dumb young adult mistakes about life choices. Poor Leah just looks frantic and it is all her fault.

    • avatar Sarah says:

      You hit the nail right on the head there. The fans of all the moms will defend them by saying that that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s their right to make mistakes. Like you said, that is true when you’re young and you don’t have a child. Once you have a child, though, you do NOT have the right to keep making mistakes because your child WILL be affected, and your child should be the most important thing in your life. If you put your right to making mistakes above your child, then you shouldn’t be having children in the first place.

  41. avatar jsher says:

    I would really like to say that I really enjoyed the conversation between Jeremy and Corey. That shit you just couldn’t make up. Especially when they agreed on the awful dude that couln’t keep his “bleep” outta her. These two are golden.

  42. avatar Ashley says:

    Jenelle: There’s just no hope for you. The only time your life “seemed” on track is when you were on probation. Please stop claiming to get your life on track. The only person your fooling is yourself!

    Leah: For the love of god stop playing with your damn braces and maybe I could pay attention to your segments!!!

    Kailyn: More time?? How much more do you want? Next time just ask Joe to sign over his parental rights since its painfully obvious you do not want him in your sons life

    Chelsea: There’s worse things in life than having to move. Get over it. Your life isn’t that bad when you have daddy to fall on for every single thing you want and desire (except Adummmm that is)

  43. avatar Maci's Alcohol says:

    I agree I see it all the time on their fanpages. I was on Instagram and their was this really young looking girl who said she wanted to be just like Chelsea O.o I swear its like if you say one bad thing about any of the girls, they’ll go off! And have you noticed that the only comeback they have is “you’re a hater” Lol what exactly are we “hating” on?

    • avatar bjng says:

      That’s exactly what jenelles ‘fans’ say. Haters gonna hate!;) and they always throw the you’re just jealous card. Whats there to be jealous of? I grew up in a strict Catholic family and my parents would’ve killed me if I ended up pregnant when I was 16. They sent me to rehab for going to a couple parties in high school lmao. True story. I’m in my late 20s and even now if I would get pregnant out of wedlock I would probably be disowned. Barbara should’ve whooped jenelles butt the first time she acted out when she was younger maybe then jenelle wouldn’t be such a screw up now.

      • avatar Leah’s Magical Vagina says:

        OMG I thought i was the only one! well not the catholic thing but I missed 1! just 1 curfew, and my mom had me commended for 72 hours saying I was suicidal! Never missed my 5:30 curfew again…

        our parents may have gone way over the top. but yea these girls needed some proper parenting growing up.

        • avatar bjng says:

          We had to go to.church every Sunday and we knew right away not to act up cuz if we did, there would be consequences when we got home! We were the most well behaved kids in.church lol. Even now, my sisters are well into their 30s, my dad will still tell us if we are making a stupid decision and will still ‘parent’ us. Parenting.shouldn’t stop when they turn 18. Its just a different kind than when you’re under 18. If that makes sense.

        • avatar Loveme says:

          Seriously, these girls were probably raised to sort out their feelings when they did something bad instead of a old fashioned kick in the butt and or wake up call. I mean look at how they talk to their parents its a disgrace. Janelle literally curses her mom out and screams at her. I would have NO TEETH if I ever even THOUGHT of speaking to my parents like that! Chelsea is not is ashamed of herself she tells her parents she might be pregnant again by her dirtbag ex and her BC fell out, but its all ok because he pulled out. She is not even embarrassed saying this on camera. Leah comes up with her dumb idea of the week to move in a man, she barely knows, into her home with two little girls, and why not have his baby too. Her mom with her wonderful parenting skills barely bats an eye. Kali’s mom doesn’t even speak to her. Look how Kail treated Joe & his family after they took her broke ass in, she wanted to date other men while living under their roof and now wants to make Joe’s life hell and take his son from him for no reason! I need someone to investigate how these idiots were raised so this never happens again.

          Sad to say I’ve been a big fan as most of us here since 16 & pregnant but I’ll be SOOO happy when this gets canceled!

        • avatar the other emily says:

          Same here! I’m in the “spanking your child is child abuse” generation, but my dad an stepmom had no problem backhanding me if I mouthed off to them. Or I got spoonfuls of hot sauce…or Irish Spring soap for 5-10 min. If I was Jenelle, I’d probably be in a bad situation now!

        • avatar bjng says:

          My sister always got soap in her mouth and we always got spanked. There’s nothing wrong with spanking. I personally wouldn’t be able to spank my future kids but they’re definitely going to be disciplined and know how to respect their elders. The way jenelle treats her mom disgusts me. She doesn’t even appreciate the fact that barabra is raising her son when Barbara should be enjoying this time being a grandparent, not raising a toddler. If Barbara didn’t step in Jace would be somewhere else where jenelle wouldn’t even be able to see him once a month when she needs to post pics on facebook and twitter for show.

    • avatar Todd says:

      Haha that reminds of of Jessica Nigri fans. They will go off on the smallest thing you say about her. One time I mentioned that her Assassin’s Creed 3 cosplay didn’t need to show off her stomach and I got people telling me I was jealous of her because her Assassin’s Creed cosplay is better than mine or I am jealous because she she is pretty and popular. It happens to everyone who says anything negative about her. Guys will defend her because they actually cling to the idea of the hot blond girl who is a nerd might be with them some day but they fail to realize that she would probably rather spend a Saturday night at the VIP section of a club instead of playing Dungeons and Dragons all night eating pizza lol.

      So let those girls go on feeling these teen moms are so superior and can do no wrong. Anyone who will rush to the defence of someone like that so quickly probably does not understand just how bad those girls actually are. Those fans of the girls probably made the same mistakes so they feel the need to defend them out of a common similarity. As for the argument of we are not going through that she we don’t understand, you don’t have to be going through what these girls are going through to know that Jeanelle is never going to change and is an awful mother, Kail has no reason for being a bitch and needs to accept Jo is moving on and has family around while she doesn’t, Leah is an emotional horror who thinks she needs a man and a baby wit him to feel important, and Chelsea clings to that notion of needing to be in a relationship to be of any importance and calls her dad for help too much. I like Chelsea but she needs to realize that being single is not a bad thing and not to call her dad over the smallest problem.

  44. avatar MTV Needs to pull the plug pronto! says:

    I used to love this show now im soo over it! i litteraly have stopped watching it..same thing different week-
    Leah& her magical vagina soap trailer trash drama blah blah
    Kail and her jealous bitterself who is still clearly in love with joe& hates on vee
    Janelle putting drugs and her bfs before Jace
    & Chelsea a spoiled brat who day dreams about Adummm.
    its soo pathetic..im 24 years old and im like seriously??!!?
    these girls dont teach anything for young naive girls but to get knocked up and live a “glamourous life” havin no worries takin 2 classes a sememster but yet wearing Michael kors, Pink, having a brand new car.. the reality is a real teen mom isnt out buying new cars there out worrying about how there gonna buy diapers for their kid,having 2 jobs, cant even afford to go out for diner every night like these girls on the show.&it seems like leah just lays around all day not even putting proper clothes on her kids..kail sayin on twitter/IG how its soo hard for her husband to be at boot camp like really? how bout those other milatary mothers and children who have their husbands/fathers deployed in afganistan & havnt seen them in months even a yr this biatch aint nobody! get over yourself! she is pathetic. im just lost for words of how frustrating this show has really become.these girls think they are superstars or something. i really hope for the sake of young teenage girls out there this show gets cancelled immdiately.

    • avatar Megs says:

      I’m glad someone brought up Kail’s newfound love of the #milso lifestyle. Now, I’m not saying that it isn’t difficult, because I would HATE to be in the position of a military wife/fiance/girlfriend…but to a certain degree, I think some women use it to get sympathy and attention. Not all of them, but there are definitely women like that out there. I even know some girls that strictly date military men and I think it is because they secretly hope he’ll be deployed or sent off to training so they can bitch and moan about it on social media and get attention.
      I also hate that they define their entire lives by what their husband/fiance/boyfriend does for a living (and that also applies to women who are involved with athletes and musicians). It makes my skin crawl.
      Again, I’m not saying all women who are in relationships with military men are like this, and I fully understand how difficult those relationships can be when you factor in deployment and all of the other responsibilities service men have. I’m not trying to lump them together with the three or four girls I know who act this way…I just think that Kail is one of them. She uses the “title” to get more attention and sympathy from her fans.
      Sorry…long and boring rant.

  45. avatar HB says:

    serious question. is Leah a sex addict?

    • avatar Todd says:

      No she is a relationship junkie, she feels that if she isn’t in a relationship then she is worthless.

  46. avatar CryMeABabyMomma says:

    It’s useless to say anything to these girls, their fans, or their parents, because they are all enablers in one way or the other. Society sucks. Instead of teaching and correcting we have become a society of where we all say is…”they will grow out of it” or “their still young”. I actually miss the days when there was no Reality Television.
    Everyone is doing reality tv right now, but what’s so terrible about Teen Mom is you are actually watching teens with babies of their own, growing into adults, and NO ONE is correcting them or trying to guide them, and those that do try are immediately attacked by these girls fans, and friends, and some of their parents (Papa Randy & Dawn I’m talking about you assholes). Just because you are able to do something for your kid doesn’t mean you should. My mother had to learn that the hard way with my brother now her credit is so screwed up she is still fixing it. My brother has 5 kids now and has a long road ahead of him cause whenever he quit his job after his one check mom was always their. You’re not helping these Teen PARENTS by coddling them or showering them with praise your stunting their maturity and questioning their moral decision making. Their kids are going to see that and then the cycle will repeat. Then when these grandparents and Mothers(cause they are not teens anymore) are older and see that their kids have gone down the same paths as them, self absorbed, lazy, mean, doing drugs, bipolar(lol), unable to have healthy relationships…They are going to have a hard time swallowing that it is their fault.
    If you look at all the Teen Moms they all share similar personalities as their parents.
    Chelsea will spoil Aubree same as Randy spoiled her. And she will never have a serious conversation with her daughter just like her and her mother. They’ll probably giggle all the way through it.
    Janelle ignores Jace while Babs (even though I am happy she took over custody) Bab’s has her issues. In-fact sometimes when I look at Barb i am almost positive she did drugs at one point, or perhaps it’s just the bipolar.
    Kay already puts having men ahead of Isaac’s happiness shown by her active effort to separate Isaac from Jo. Momma has to be happy first isn’t that what her mother told her. Taking Isaac away from people who truly love him because she wants her way. She is just as shady as her mother with these court visits as her mother is showing up at Jo’s door to avoid Kay.
    Leah I honestly think is confused, she doesn’t know what love is, or a real relationship is or requires, and I believe it is because her mom did not teach her because her mom was busy dealing with her own poor relationships. She needs confidence in herself and self-worth if she doesn’t develop it her daughter’s may not either, and grow up making her same stupid choices.
    The cycle continues and I feel bad for the now toddlers. They didn’t ask to be on t.v from birth, but because of their grandparents and mothers decisions their lives will probably be followed by every tabloid magazine noting all the good and BAD they do.

    • avatar CryMeABabyMomma says:

      Sorry for the long rant and any errors I made writing :)

    • avatar melanie says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT BABS! Especially after this weeks episode. If you watch her listening to Jenelle her head is shaking like she has a tick or is on something. I bet she plays reaaaaaal nice for the cameras. I do think shes funny, but like I’ve said, look at Jenelle and her siblings. Bahbrah is not fit to raise a child through those teen years from age 12 and older, Jace is doomed and it sucks

  47. avatar Lys says:

    It really bothered me that Kailyn recently was complaining about how Jo needs to move out of his parent’s house and get his own place so he can “think for himself” but then we he calls to tell her he’s moving out (and seemed excited) she totally shot him down. IMO it’s best to stay close to your parents if you are a teen parent yourself. It will help you save up, you get free child care, and your child gets to be surrounded by a loving extended family. Too bad Kailyn is SOOOO jealous of Jo that she can’t see that. Yeah Kailyn, I get that it sucks that you don’t have family, but why would you deprive your son of one?

    Chelsea’s segment was disgusting. Yeah, her life really sucks :-P “Oh I have to move out of this nice house that I don’t have to pay for and move into another free house.” “(tears), Adam doesn’t have to worry about anything”…Chelsea: Neither DO YOU!!! I don’t understand why her dad let her move out in the first place. Her decisions got way worse. If I were Randy I would just make her move back home. It made me think about a few weeks ago when she first moved into the house and she says, “Dad, I’m 20 years old, I don’t need you to make rules!” HAAHAHA, he’s paying for the house Chelsea…he can make all the GD rules he wants, cuz clearly you NEED them!

    The other two are so bad it’s not even worth commenting.

    • avatar Todd says:

      Jo could be rich, single, and live in the same town in Texas as Kails family and she would still find something to bitch about lol.

  48. avatar jace needs adopted says:

    this made my day right here
    “because robbie couldnt keep his penis outta her”
    leah reminds me of that case muscray song that sez
    “if you dont have 3 kids by 21 you might as well gunna die alone”
    leah hunny that doesnt mean litterally!!

    • avatar the other emily says:

      Merry go round by Kacey Musgraves?? I heard that this morning and thought the same thing. “If you ain’t got two kids by 21 you’re probably gonna dies alone”

  49. avatar allie says:

    cause robbie couldnt keep his dick outta her
    best thing corey EVER said!!

  50. avatar Maci's Alcohol says:

    Lol I love how on the first season of TM2 Leah was everyone’s favorite but now its like nobody can stand her: D

    • avatar Todd says:

      Like Maci with Teen Mom 1 lol

  51. avatar Jenelles Smashed Iphone says:

    They’re all stupid && spoiled if you ask me

  52. avatar Kasey says:

    Loved Aubree telling Chelsea to stop crying. Chelsea cries 99% way more than her child. It’s sickening. Glad Aubree hasn’t picked up her mother’s dramatic attitude :) Go Aubree!!!

  53. avatar kristen says:

    she get full condony with isaac