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Teen Mom 2 – Season 4, Episode 4: The Custody Wars



I can’t believe it’s been a week already.  I can tell it’s getting warm out because time starts flying by and before I know it, we’re back in October settling in for another miserable winter.  I sound like Chelsea, complaining about silly issues.  I mentioned it because I have made one post since my last recap, and I promised more.  I apologize, and if you guys don’t yell at me for ‘old news’, I’ll try and sum up a few stories soon to catch up.

Tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 was more of the same, but an interesting theme is happening this season… even the editing can’t mask how awful some of the moms have been acting (like they do with a certain blonde from Teen Mom 1).


Blah blah more of the same.  The biggest thing that apparently happened in her life last year was her birth control “falling out” right before she did the horizontal shuffle with her dream boy Adam (coincidence, I think not).   Yes, I am starting to believe she removed it with or without Adam knowing in order to try and get knocked up with Aubree #2.  Would she do something like that?  Well, based on her obsessive behavior of the guy, it wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

The other MAJOR thing that happened in her life was that Chelsea was evicted from her house due to the owner wanting to move back in.  She does what any spoiled girl would do, get on the phone with daddy to make things better and then drive away in her new car complaining how hard her life is. According to Chelsea, “nothing goes right for her”, which further proves my original theory that she was trying to get pregnant because last I checked, not getting pregnant from a douche bag is something going right… unless you wanted it to happen.


I just want to get her segment over with. This was more of the same from last week… back and forth between doormat and Corey trying to decide who will have the honor of taking care of her as she sits on twitter all day bashing people on welfare.

What was up with doormat heading straight to Corey’s house though?  Talk about awkward. Dude, you can do better than Leah, don’t make yourself look desperate and pathetic on TV.. at least act like you’re not going to be walked all over (call her back at 3am when you’re drunk off your ass, like most guys do).


It’s been a few weeks since Jenelle has seen Jace because she’s been too busy doing nothing with Kieffer. No big deal though, he’s only her son.  There are more pressing issues, like the size of her boobs and how to waste a few thousand bucks.  Jenelle wants her boob job! In about 98% of implant procedures, they’ve generally detracted from a woman’s appearance, but I understand how marketing makes girls feel like they need them.

I was going to go off on a long rant about how she’s wasting the money when she could be saving it to try and regain custody of Jace, but if she doesn’t care, than I don’t care.  Jace is in a better place staying with his grandmother and looking at Jenelle as a big sister than he is with her raising him.  I’m pretty sure even Jenelle is aware of that, which is why she doesn’t really make any effort to straighten herself out.


“The useless custody battle that is not benefiting anyone” continues this week as Kailyn heads to court with Jo for some type of decision on custody.  The judge basically keeps throwing them out because he probably doesn’t even know what they really want either.  Maybe I fell asleep during her parts recently, but why does she keep going to court?  I thought they agreed on a custody schedule last season?  Then they agreed to not involve the big bad Vee in transfers.  What am I missing?  Is the judge telling her to stop wasting the courts time because he’s not going to prevent Vee from seeing Isaac over jealousy?

Yea yea, according to Kailyn, it’s because Vee smokes weed and drinks.  Well, according to Jo, so does Kailyn…  To be fair, Kailyn’s is just word of mouth, while Vee has been very open about her drinking and smoking (not very smart, btw).  I think the big issue is, does Vee do it around Isaac?  The answer is almost definitely a no, otherwise Kailyn wouldn’t have trouble in court.  (note: If Vee does do it around Isaac, than I take back everything I’ve said about Kailyn, but I still doubt it)


Also, MTV you’re killing me with the staged conversations.  This season is awful with them.  The people talking to the moms don’t even look interested half the time and sound like they’re reading from a script.  Please find a new way to share updates on their life without those incredibly awkward conversations!

PS – I’m sure there are grammatical and spelling errors.  I am going to be brave and not proof read the entire post because I’m tired.  I’ll look at it tomorrow when I get up.  If this post is rough to read, blame the time change.. or blame Leah, I’m sure it’s her fault somehow.

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