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Another Day, Another Nude Photo Leaked Of Jenelle


Editor’s take – Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle. Please don’t tell me you’re on sulia while this photo was taken. Also, next time you let someone shoot pics like this, we really don’t need to see what you had for lunch. Clean it up a bit… photos like this make Farrah look good. Anyway, on to Joan’s take…

Just when you thought Jenelle had really “changed” and that her “miracle story” was just beginning, yet another nude photo scandal rocks the Teen Mom world!

Jenelle Evans had another nude photo leaked!

The photo was taken just DAYS before her heroin arrest while Jenelle and Courtland lived with his mom.

It is obviously not safe for work, or well, anything, but you can view it by clicking the link below. TabRag.com was the first to break the story.


They have an uncensored version of the photo on their site, but I warn you, it may cause permanent vision loss and vomiting may occur after exposure, as this is by far the most graphic image ever leaked of this Teen Mom.

They claim the photo was taken “right before the abortion” but Jenelle was not living with Courtland’s mom when she had the abortion. This bed in the nude photo belongs to Courtland’s mom. 

Even more disturbing (as if it could possibly get that way) is that she was PREGNANT at the time!

Whether or not Jenelle knew she was pregnant at the time remains unclear, however this really shows her complete lack of judgement, yet again. We now know from the current season of Teen Mom 2, that she had an abortion in late May from this pregnancy.

For those keeping score, this is the 3rd time nude photos have been leaked of Jenelle. You’d think after the first leak, she would stop letting men take pictures of her naked, but some people just never learn!

It is also unknown at this time who actually leaked the photo. Rumors are swirling on Twitter about who leaked it and both Courtland (Jenelle’s husband) and Nathan (Her boyfriend) are likely suspects! Even Courtland’s family are possibilities, as Jenelle accused Courtland’s mom of stealing her iPad!

We may never know!

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