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Guess This Blind Item



Blind Item - This Teen Mom woke up from a drunken stupor to find her boyfriend having Skype sex with another guy.

Hmmm, this blind item is a tricky one. The drunken stupor part could easily mean Maci considering that’s how I imagine her waking up nearly every morning. There were also once rumors about Catelynn just being a beard for Tyler. Leah and Kailyn have husbands, not boyfriends and Chelsea sleeps securely in her Adam shrine every night.

Which Teen Mom could wake from a drunken stupor and have a gay boyfriend?  This one will have me guessing for a long time, I just know it

/end sarcasm

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  1. avatar Joan Holloway says:

    For those interested, the Twitter account Nathan submitted his own photos to is https://twitter.com/GayBathHouseLV. It is a gay nudity Twitter, so you are warned now. It is not work safe, unless you work in this particular bathhouse!

  2. avatar Chelsea's whine says:

    Ok call me stupid if you have too… Is this based on something that actually happened or is this a what if?

  3. avatar Costanza says:

    I don’t get this article… What does this mean? What’s going on?

    • avatar Emily says:

      The “blind item” is from a website called Crazy Days and Nights. The guy posts stories (usually not favorable, as seen here) about celebrities that he learns and people guess who it is in the comments. Sometimes he eventually reveals who it is.

  4. avatar Bethy says:

    I wonder if Farrah is going to take the blame for this for proof she can have a boyfriend?

    • avatar EJ says:

      The blind item would have to say “This teen mom woke up from a drunken stupor to see her boyfriend having Skype sex with an anamatronic sex doll.”
      Or a balloon-breasted horse.

      Because that’s what Farrah looks like these days. Poor Sophia :(