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Jenelle Evans goes to court, again … This time for child support payments

Teen Mom 2′s bad girl, Jenelle Evans was back in court Monday in NC to settle issues surrounding her court-ordered child support payments.

Jenelle was paying a measly $130 a month to her mother Barbara Evans for nearly two years before yesterday’s surprise change of heart from Babs!

Jenelle’s mom graciously dropped the court ordered child support payments on Monday, but for what purpose or motive is unknown at this time.

A source who claimed to be a close friend, (likely Jenelle herself) told Radar,

“Mrs. Barbara Evans was in court with her daughter Jenelle, and she agreed to stop having Jenelle pay the child support.” 

Jenelle was first ordered by a judge to pay child support to her mom after a voluntary support agreement was filed in July 2010 by Barbara, herself! However, Jenelle’s hefty income from MTV was in short supply as she missed the very first payment and was required to appear in court on Jan, 24, 2011.

To make matters worse, at the time of her heroin arrest earlier this year, Jenelle was also served with a warrant after failing to pay child support, again! She eventually paid the $360, which is nearly 3 months of child support she owed to her mother.

Jenelle has recently been caring for Jace on a regular basis, two weekends a month and some weekdays, and it appears from the outside that things are getting somewhat better for the financially strapped star and her new live-in boyfriend.

However, Jenelle reportedly had a mere $1500 in the bank in May, despite making over $190,000 in 2012. Jenelle admitted that she spent over $2800 a week on drugs while living with estranged husband, Courtland Rogers. Sadly, this is likely the main reason she couldn’t afford the mere $130 a month child support payments for her son.

As the future of Teen Mom 2 has still not been made clear by MTV, it does appear that Jenelle may truly be too poor to pay the child support any longer.

Jenelle did fail to pay child support several times over the past two years due to financial difficulty. Could this be the reason Barbara temporarily suspended the required payments?

Jenelle is still living in Myrtle Beach with her boyfriend Nathan, but has admitted that she is still smoking marijuana and using alcohol. If you recall, Jenelle failed an in-court drug test in August, despite her continuing claims of sobriety. It appears the future of the reality star is as cloudy as the rooms she is toking up in.

Do you think Barbara put a temporary hold on the child support because of Jenelle’s likely financial ruin? Or do you think Barbara is up to something else?

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  1. avatar ;) says:

    I think Babs just wanted her to pay to keep her accountable and remind her that she needs to take more responsibility.

    Now that Jenelle is clean and taking care of Jace more often, it makes sense that Babs dropped it. I think it was more the principle of the matter and not about the money.

    I’m actually pretty impressed with the lack of drama in Jenelle’s lately. The fact that she can have Jace overnight now is good too. Barbara was always super reluctant about that so Jenelle must be making big strides for Barbara to change her mind.

    • avatar Kieffers Xanax says:

      Jenelle isnt clean though … Weed is still a drug, and its a drug that takes up money she could be spending on jace. She spends all day playing video games in bed and neither her or her boyfriend work, yet somehow they always have money to go out to eat, buy 200 dollar bed sheets, video games, weed, etc.
      Im sorry but there is no excuse for Jenelle to not pay for her OWN CHILD.

      • avatar A says:

        Lol weed doesn’t count come on.

        • avatar Kieffers Xanax says:

          It does count in the eyes of the law. Not my opinion, it is just the truth. It is something that has landed her in jail in the past.
          Wish it was legalied, but hey its not.

        • avatar A says:

          Yeah I get that unfortunately the law looks at it that way. I don’t think the state she lives in has even legalized medicinal marijuana yet.

          But on a human level there’s a huuuuge diff between heroin and weed!

        • avatar Kailyn Logic says:

          Honestly, it’s not because it isn’t that bad that you need to start taking it every other day. Marijuana is as bad as cigaretts for your lungs, even worst. It’s not that bad, but it is still a drug and it does have repercussions on your health and mental state. It’s like alchool, once in a time won’t kill you but it’s still habit forming and dangerous for your health.

        • avatar I hate this show says:

          Anything which is a “feel good” can be addictive to a person with an addictive type personality! So i think that for Jenelle who was whining about not being able to “smoke about this time of the day“ and had to go to freaking REHAB for POT, has no buisiness blazing on a regular basis.

          In my opinion it’s all about WHY you smoke pot.
          I know I’ll get downvoted to hell by people that think weed is a magical herbs that allows the american joe to walk on water, but i’ve lived with stoners parents and I can tell you it sucks balls. I still remember my peanut butter sandwich wanna be cake for my 10th birthday because my folks were to busy getting high to bother doing a party, or everytime time I was ditched over a bong.

          Weed shouldn’t be used on a regular basis, and if you think that regular smoker (let’s say 5-6 joints a day) have zero side effect from their smoking you are seriously delusionals. Come on now, weed is habit forming and people who are recovering from a serious addiction shouldn’t be using it on a regular basis.

          If you are not able to use it with responsability, you just shouldn’t be using it at all.
          Plus there is multiple study that stated that weed do have long term effects on people.

          P.S. I do think it should be legalized BUT regulated.

    • avatar Anon says:

      You’re impressed by the lack of drama in her life? You have got to be trolling. She’s potentially pregnant and shacked up with her gay boyfriend, who’s facing his what 5th? DUI charge, still smoking pot, just dropped her own heroin charges by the skin of her teeth, not paying child support and neither is he, and just celebrated her one year anniversary of marriage to Courtland. That’s not drama? Right. God this generation is so desensitized.

  2. avatar Mypaperheart511 says:

    Smoking pot means you’re not “clean”. She’s managed to not get arrested for a whooping 3 months. She’s got a long long way to go and a lot to even get started before she has any chance of getting Jace back. She’s had 4 years to stop smoking and get her act together, stop breaking the law, finish school and get a job and start the process with CPS to get him back and she’s done nothing but talk and give excuses. I’ll give her credit when she actually does something towards getting him back. And don’t try the “you only see what’s on tv” crap, this chick posts everything on twitter. If she was working with CPS to get him back now then she would be posting all about it.

    • avatar A says:

      Would you not count quitting destructive drugs (weed doesn’t count), taking care of her child in her home on a regular basis, and drastically changing her behaviour (no more airing drama and dirty laundry) as steps towards regaining custody?

      I don’t think you can disagree that those aren’t steps in the right direction. They definitely are. But when commenting on a public figure, that’s not good enough. There’s no inbetween. There’s no allowance for progress. To the public you either are a shitty parent, or a great one. Progressing from one to the other isn’t acceptable either. IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

      Look at her in a normal light, as a human. She’s doing well. ESPECIALLY considering how shitty she’s been before. Changing your entire life does not happen over night. It’s a PROCESS. It takes work. She’s doing it. Give the girl some credit.

      • avatar Mypaperheart511 says:

        As stated above, weed counts in the eyes of the law. Regardless of opinion it is still illegal meaning it will count as far as her attempting to regain custody. Obviously you don’t read her twitter if you think she’s no longer airing out her dirty laundry online. What steps has she really taken? She hasn’t completed a degree, has no job, continues to do illegal substances,and was arrested as recently as 3 months ago. I see zero progress and no attempts to even initiate the process of getting custody.

      • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

        Jenelle has no consistency tho. She is a habitual offender, addict, and probable sociopath. While it APPEARS she’s making strides in the right direction (and I truly hope she is) her behavior patterns predict a lather rinse repeat cycle of drugs, jail, and straightening up short term.

      • avatar MPL says:

        Nah, she’s not “doing well,” she’s just doing better than she used to. Which, for most people is not good enough. For Jenelle, it’s amazing because the bar was set so low.

  3. avatar Corey's Dip says:

    I’m still stuck on the $190,000. Really?! MTV is throwing that much cash at these idiots!?? smh

    • avatar DM says:

      Amber reported making more than that.

    • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

      Ridiculous. I hold 2 degrees and barely pull in $35,000 a year. I shoulda just gotten knocked up and called MTV.

      Society is so freaking backwards I swear to God. We reward the morons and hope the non idiots can survive on their own. Darwin is probably spinning in his grave seeing all these fucktards procreating.

    • avatar Joan Holloway says:

      As reported by Hollywood life: http://hollywoodlife.com/2010/12/29/amber-portwood-teen-mom-salary-gary-shirley-jail/

      Amber made $280,000 a year.


  4. avatar Court says:

    The fact that she has no real way to support herself and Jace in the future is terrifying…..and i really dislike the idea of any parent smoking weed on a regular basis.

    • avatar Ry says:

      If I recall correctly, she didn’t even stop smoking pot while she was pregnant with Jace. She mentioned her doctor had told her to because of morning sickness or some bullshit reason she pulled out of her ass. I don’t care what stance anyone may have on marijuana but if you inhale any type of smoke into your lungs while you’re pregnant, it cuts off the baby’s oxygen supply because YOU as the mom are the baby’s oxygen supply. It’s idiotic and selfish. And for those who like to argue that weed isn’t harmful or “doesn’t count” as a drug, I beg to differ. In moderation it’s not all that bad but for someone like Jenelle who has smoked as much and as consistently as she has, there are consequences. My sister started smoking pot when she was like 13 and screwing around heavily with any drug while your brain is still rapidly changing and developing is a horrible decision to make. Especially if you then turn to other drugs like many people I know and like Jenelle obviously has. She’ll never get that kid back unless she grows the hell up and stops being so selfish. Babs probably stopped the child support payments because $130 a month hardly pays for anything and she was probably fed up with having to keep going back to court for her deadbeat daughter.

      • avatar Joan Holloway says:

        This is completely true. Jenelle admitted to smoking pot while pregnant with Jace because she said her “doctor recommended it to me” to curb nausea and vomiting.

        She’s been a liar from the moment MTV gave her the first contract.

  5. not every parent who smokes marijuana is irresponsible.there are the few who smoke it after the kids go to bed so that they can relax & sleep.i wish it was legal in my state.it beats taking pills to help with sleep & nerves.

    • avatar Court says:

      True but there are other ways to get you to sleep and calm your nerves that don’t require you to use a drug.

    • avatar Brittany says:

      If you’re using a substance to go to sleep every night and calm your nerves, you have a bigger issue that you are not dealing with. My sister has this problem and it’s to the point where she NEEDS it whenever she gets anxious or stressed or whenever she wants to sleep. It should not be used as a crutch. When it turns into an addiction, it’s a problem.

  6. avatar LSP says:

    Ugh, really? Why would you make her have even less responsibility than she already does? She should be paying all his costs, well at least 50% if the father pays too. I can’t believe she still only has him 2 weekends a month, that is so pathetic. Especially for someone who isn’t going to school, or has a proper job or anything. She’s had years now to sort herself out, sorry but nothing about her impresses me still.

  7. i think jenelle should be held TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for jace.barbara is NOT his mother,jenelle is.well she’s his birth mother anyhow.barbara shouldnt have to shoulder any costs unless she wants too.yes children are expensive but i made the choice to be a single parent & so did she.i would say its because shes only 22 but my cousin is 22,married & has 3 kids.shes been with the same guy for 6 years.jenelle needs a wake up call!!

  8. avatar rocky says:

    Jenelle could quit all drugs, get a job, dump Mongo and she will still be a selfish bitch for what she has done to Jace’s future. That poor kid will have to live with what she has done for the rest of his life. She sold that child for ratings and drugs.

  9. i would rather smoke pot outside after i put my children to bed than use any legal substance such as xanax or klonopin to put me to sleep.i am a natural insomniac.i cope w/being a mother of 2 young children every day w/o the use of drugs.

  10. avatar rwisegirl says:

    Shame on Jenelle! Made a ton of money (way more than the average person) and still can’t give any to Barb for Jace! What a mother! Barb probably realized it was a losing battle to get anything from Jenelle, so she probably figured it was easier to give up trying. Thank goodness she is still stepping up to the plate and providing stability and security for Jace.