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Jenelle Evans goes to court, again … This time for child support payments

Teen Mom 2′s bad girl, Jenelle Evans was back in court Monday in NC to settle issues surrounding her court-ordered child support payments.

Jenelle was paying a measly $130 a month to her mother Barbara Evans for nearly two years before yesterday’s surprise change of heart from Babs!

Jenelle’s mom graciously dropped the court ordered child support payments on Monday, but for what purpose or motive is unknown at this time.

A source who claimed to be a close friend, (likely Jenelle herself) told Radar,

“Mrs. Barbara Evans was in court with her daughter Jenelle, and she agreed to stop having Jenelle pay the child support.” 

Jenelle was first ordered by a judge to pay child support to her mom after a voluntary support agreement was filed in July 2010 by Barbara, herself! However, Jenelle’s hefty income from MTV was in short supply as she missed the very first payment and was required to appear in court on Jan, 24, 2011.

To make matters worse, at the time of her heroin arrest earlier this year, Jenelle was also served with a warrant after failing to pay child support, again! She eventually paid the $360, which is nearly 3 months of child support she owed to her mother.

Jenelle has recently been caring for Jace on a regular basis, two weekends a month and some weekdays, and it appears from the outside that things are getting somewhat better for the financially strapped star and her new live-in boyfriend.

However, Jenelle reportedly had a mere $1500 in the bank in May, despite making over $190,000 in 2012. Jenelle admitted that she spent over $2800 a week on drugs while living with estranged husband, Courtland Rogers. Sadly, this is likely the main reason she couldn’t afford the mere $130 a month child support payments for her son.

As the future of Teen Mom 2 has still not been made clear by MTV, it does appear that Jenelle may truly be too poor to pay the child support any longer.

Jenelle did fail to pay child support several times over the past two years due to financial difficulty. Could this be the reason Barbara temporarily suspended the required payments?

Jenelle is still living in Myrtle Beach with her boyfriend Nathan, but has admitted that she is still smoking marijuana and using alcohol. If you recall, Jenelle failed an in-court drug test in August, despite her continuing claims of sobriety. It appears the future of the reality star is as cloudy as the rooms she is toking up in.

Do you think Barbara put a temporary hold on the child support because of Jenelle’s likely financial ruin? Or do you think Barbara is up to something else?

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