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Are Jenelle And Gary Donesies For Real This Time?

jenelle and gary teen mom 2 splitThere are two things in life I hate.  Bees, and looking like a fool.  Bees are just pure evil with their little stingers, and always flying around me trying to instigate some fight.  Then when they get trapped in my car, I have to slam on the brakes in the middle of the road, get out and start screaming.  It’s quite embarrassing, which leads me to my second issue, looking like a fool.

Last week, Jenelle posted some status how she and Gary broke up. It seemed legit, but luckily I was not home so I couldn’t race to my computer and share the story with the world.  However, just a few hours later, she posted it was a fake story to see how many people would write about it.  Whew, bullet dodged.

Well, yesterday, she posted it again, this time it was on the most annoying day of the year – April 1st.  What does a blogger do?  Run to write a story, knowing full well there is a huge chance it could be a fake?  Or sit on your hands, play some Star Wars: The Old Republic, and pretend the day never happened?  I chose the latter.

However…. apparently the story is still alive and kicking, and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s real.  Here are some tweets made by Jenelle over the past 24 hours, including some early this morning (on April 2nd)

THANKS @gary_head FOR *(bleep)*ING MY EX BEST FRIEND @vkillemm AND CHEATING ON ME.

Then, she wrote on facebook:

yes its true what i posted on twitter. its not an april fool’s joke. me and gary literally just brokeup an hour ago. i dumped him becuz he got mad and said he is going to try anything possible to make sure i dont get custody of jace back. so everything he posts on fb and twitter is just all bulls*(bleep)*t becuz he is mad im leaving him. :/ marines are TOO STRICT. i found out the hard way. :[

So there you have it. Is it true?  Is it another plan to make us look dumb?  I’m thinking it’s real this time.  Gary seems really hurt on his twitter account, and Jenelle is still not backing down from the story.  If true, this is terrible for all parties involved.  Jenelle was getting her life together, and seemed very happy with Gary.  To find out he was with her best friend?  Ouch.

So what are your thoughts?

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  1. avatar Jen says:

    NO jenelle and gary are so cute they make the cutest babyies

    • avatar KaiKai says:

      ew no they wouldn’t gary isn’t even good looking….

      • avatar Shanna says:

        He’s better looking than her, that’s for sure.

  2. avatar Rosa says:

    Smh! I actually liked them! and from what I see on her twitter she’s talking to keiffer again -_______- !!!! I really really hope she’s not again because I will officially have lost the LITTLE respect I had for her.

    • avatar alyssa says:

      That “Kieffer” she was talking to actually ended up being a fake account… it was someone posing as Kieffer….and apparently Kieffer is pissed and is trying to sue. At least thats what I heard anyway.

      • avatar alyssa says:

        oh wait actually I meant to say “Kiefffaaaa” lol

      • avatar tiera says:

        I saw that on Teen Mom Talk…. Not sure if I believe it or not since half of the stuff on that site is made up and Heather Clouse is a stupid bitch.

        • avatar alyssa says:

          True true…

  3. avatar Mandy says:

    I actually really did want Jenelle to succeed, i’ve supported her up until recently. I don’t think she wants to change. The way she puts everything on blast over twitter is so dumb. Like when she fell out with Tori, she posted all her business, then continued sending tweets the next day. Tori at least stopped responding, but i think Jenelle loves getting a response. You’d think the girl would’ve learnt from the cyberstalking charges, but i swear she doesn’t learn a thing.

    Both Gary and Tori are saying this happened before Jenelle was with him, i think Jenelle is someone who pushes at your buttons until you snap, and Gary probably gave her some home truths. I was hoping he would straighten her out, but she thought he was too strict! She needs to get her life together for Jace, i feel for that little boy.

  4. avatar white lamp says:

    oh, everything is about Jenelle. Jenelle did this or Jenelley did that. But who cares?
    His son, Jace should be the most important person of her world.

    Poor Jace, no dad, no mom. It’s terrible.

  5. avatar Missy says:

    This girl is just absolutely ridiculous. She does nothing to benefit her and Jace. You’d figure she’d learn from the first time around but apparently not. She’s a broken record when it comes to guys and how desperate she can get. That poor baby of hers is gonna suffer all because of his mother.

    • avatar Katherine says:

      I’m not sure if he’s any better off with Barbara. I mean she did raise Jenelle. And apparently all 3 of Barb’s children have been to jail.

      • avatar KaiKai says:

        Jenelle has siblings??? oh god…..

        • avatar Jessica says:

          I knew that jenelle has a sister but other then that I don’t know about any other siblings. I hope she gets her sh*t together for Jaces sake, I know what’s its like to not have your child in your life and it sucks!!

        • avatar Katherine says:

          Jenelle has an older brother and older sister.

          Ashleigh’s a few years older than Jenelle and is also a jail bird (must be genetic). Ash was arrested on September 6, 2006 for Simply Physical Assault against Barbara and Jenelle, and popped up in the news again when she came to sister’s defense.

          Less is known about Jenelle’s older brother, Colin, other than the fact that he was arrested in March 2007 for Injury to Personal Property and Injury to Real Property. Whose property, you ask? Yup, the one and only Barbara Evans.


  6. avatar JNV says:

    Jenelle is a piece of trash, I feel so badly for her son. I can’t imagine not seeing my son everyday and not doing everything I can for him to have a good life. She’s pathetic, she will never get custody of Jace back hopefully because Barbara is much better at parenting him.

    • avatar Tiera says:

      Like the comment above said, Barbara did raise Jenelle so I’m not about to give her parent of the year award either.

  7. avatar Kally says:

    In the title you should change real to realsies and I would love you forever.

    • avatar Snokel :) says:

      I was thinking that exact sane thing…

  8. avatar Kaylie says:

    Jenelle is so immature. She is so desperate for attention it makes me almost feel bad for her. And it was on full display when her and Gary made up that stupid rumor a couple days ago. She’s like a much trashier, more desperate version of Leah. Except instead of Leah doing the blasting online, her mother and stupid friend Amy do it.

    I wish just ONE of these girls besides Farrah would take a step back and stay single for a year or two. Enjoy your child while their young because with every day that passes they get less cute and more grown up. And the fact that Farrah is the only one that has TRUE full custody of her kid makes it even worse. The other girls are already giving their kids up 2-3 days a week and then they decide that for the little time they have their kids, that they need their boyfriend to meet their kid right away. They’ll regret it in 5 years once their kids get to that annoying “not cute anymore” age.

    • avatar KaiKai says:

      I think Leah are jenelle are equally bad but it could be worse, she could be as boring as kailyn.

  9. avatar Snokel :) says:

    It’s always the ones that seem the nicest ones do the worst things in the end. I kinda feel bad for Jenelle :/

    • avatar KaiKai says:

      soooo true </3

  10. avatar ciara says:

    They got back together like an hour later. Apparently Jenelle would rather make herself look like an idiot and get back with a cheater then be alone OR with her son. All she thinks about is herself.

    • avatar Natalie says:

      Unfortunately that seems like many teen moms(not saying all, because i do know many who think first about their children) :/

  11. avatar Megan says:

    I agree that these girls need to take a step back and maybe put off relationships for a while. They seem to jump from man to man – so NEEDY. (Except Catelynn and Tyler!).

    The message they are sending girls is that it is not okay to be alone. As for Farrah, I am not sure being alone was a choice – she did date, and it was more a case of she could not find anyone who wanted to be/stay with her rather than chooseing to concentrate on herself and her child, and not date until she was sure it was a positive thing to do.

    Being single is not the end of the world. I sure wish some of these girls would realise that and act accordingly.

    • avatar Tiera says:

      What Farrah does is much better than the rest of the girls. Yes she did date but she only really dated casually. It seemed like that was always more for fun than anything else. Sometimes you need another adult to talk to. The rest of them are jumping form one serious relationship to another, moving in with the guys, talking engagement, everything.

      Who would have thought in season 1 that Farrah would be the only one actually making something of herself.

      • avatar MAB says:

        Yeah, Farrah may have made something for herself & she may not have dated like some of the others, but like someone else said she wanted to date and would whine about wanting a boyfriend a lot, she just couldn’t find or keep one. She also left her daughter with her Mother while she moved to another state and went to college! That I would never do. She may have custody of her daughter, but she thought it was best that her daughter stayed living with her mom while she attended college & got on her feet in another state & so she could have her “own” life. That’s a bunch of bullsh*t. I could see her leaving Sophia there for maybe a week so she could get things in order, but she left her for awhile & just brought her up there for visits or went back home & visited her, then left and went back to where she was living in another state! I would never ever leave my child, my child would have moved with me or I wouldn’t have moved! You don’t leave your child behind just so you can have your “own” life, your child is your life & Farrah seemed like she was just way depressed bc she didn’t have a boyfriend. She was always so hateful to Sophia & such a b*tch to her Mom. She always treats her mom and dad like crap. I hope to god she doesn’t get a spin-off show bc I can tell you now it won’t last. No one can stand her & god is she cries everyone in America will turn off their t.v. bc she looks like a rat.. it’s horrible. Anyway I just don’t think anyone should be saying that Farrah is the best one of them all bc she has custody of her kid. Having custody of your kid & having your kid are two very different things. My favorites are definitely Tyler & Catelynn, Maci, & Leah. So what Maci had 1 boyfriend for like 2 years! Only 1! They aren’t together now, but she’s young & that happens. Leah is a great mom, whether or not her & Corey are together. Personally she deserves better than a porn addicted, cheater. My thoughts! If you don’t like it, don’t read it! ;)

        • avatar Snokel :) says:

          Agreed completely. I don’t understand how anyone could do that to their child(Unless you’re joining the military or something.) And she does have the most hideous crying face I’ve ever seen….

        • avatar Tiera says:

          Not sure how the crying face has anything to do with parenting…

        • avatar Chelsea says:

          I don’t even really like Farrah but what you are saying is not accurate. She has said in multiple interviews that she only left Sophia with her mom for about a week or two until she got settled and then brought her down. The show made it look like she was leaving her for a long time but in fact she took her back right away, as soon as she got their house set up and stuff. If you look at Farrah’s twitter or fb it is all pictures of her and Sophia in Florida on a daily basis. She does have Sophia and I think is doing a pretty good job as a mom, living on her own, away from her parents, going to school, and raising her daughter.

        • avatar Megan says:

          I don’t care for Farrah either – but look at where she comes from! Her Mom has issues, and they are being passed down. Farrah did leave the little bean at her parents ALOT when she lived with them, and when she lived in the same town. And Farrah would have dated more, but no one wanted her!

          But Farrah is also trying to go in the right direction -ie she isn’t out getting pissed, or causing fights or….

          She is ignorant by nature, but I think she will eventually be a contributing member of society. I just hope she learns how to have and keep friends. It can’t be all about her.

          The best Mom ever is Cate – so selfless – she knew what was best for her child and even though it hurt, she gave the child up. Now THAT is true love!

  12. avatar alyssa says:

    I have to say I don’t even really like Farrah that much but I can’t really knock her for the decisions shes made. She seems to be a very good mother and always trying to do whats best for Sophia… I respect that.

  13. avatar KaiKai says:

    jenelle does need to focus on jace, all this drama is getting so old….

  14. avatar Natalie says:

    What i don’t understand is, If Gary threatened to make sure that she never got her son Jace back, why on Earth would she even consider getting back with him?

    • avatar Snokel :) says:

      I don’t either….

  15. avatar kristen says:

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  16. avatar Ryanne Langley says:

    So many of you commenting need to STOP and remember just how old these girls really are. There’s people older then them with kids that act even worse and more immature! I think all of the issues these teen moms have encountered are common issues that girls their age have. Except for Amber she’s been messed up from the start, but again she herself is still young. My point was to simply say stop criticizing so damn much they’re young and in a few years could be better off then you are right now while you’re saying such terrible things about them. Stop and think of where you were at when you were 18-19 years old.

  17. avatar Kristiiina says:

    and now she’s engaged to him :/le sigh