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Teen Mom 2 – Jenelle Had Surgery



2 days ago Jenelle was absent from twitter for about 24 hours, and of course that raised some questions for a lot of people because we all know Jenelle can’t stay off Twitter voluntarily. A little later her boyfriend Nathan let her followers know that she ‘had her appendix taken out’.


A lot of people don’t believe that she had her appendix taken out, but that she was in the hospital for something drug-related. Jenelle went into defense mode soon and posted ‘proof” that she was speaking the truth.



Personally I doubt everything that comes out of Jenelle, especially with her courtdate for two charges on Thursday coming up. Besides that, Isn’t her name Rogers now? What’s up with that?!

What do you think?

Steve’s Note:  Seeing as I am checking it out before I post it, I want to comment on this situation…  Jenelle has to be kidding me with the anger about faking it, right? Give me a break with that.  When you’re caught lying on about 75% of the stuff you post (rough estimate), don’t go crying when people don’t believe you were in surgery for an appendectomy. 

Note: Before people wonder (and I had to look it up myself), when you get scoped for this surgery, the incision is on the left side for room or whatever.  Most people are used to seeing appendix scars on right side, but that’s during a traditional surgery.  I’m sure a lot of you knew that already, but I didn’t, so there!

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