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Teen Mom 2 – Jenelle Had Surgery



2 days ago Jenelle was absent from twitter for about 24 hours, and of course that raised some questions for a lot of people because we all know Jenelle can’t stay off Twitter voluntarily. A little later her boyfriend Nathan let her followers know that she ‘had her appendix taken out’.


A lot of people don’t believe that she had her appendix taken out, but that she was in the hospital for something drug-related. Jenelle went into defense mode soon and posted ‘proof” that she was speaking the truth.



Personally I doubt everything that comes out of Jenelle, especially with her courtdate for two charges on Thursday coming up. Besides that, Isn’t her name Rogers now? What’s up with that?!

What do you think?

Steve’s Note:  Seeing as I am checking it out before I post it, I want to comment on this situation…  Jenelle has to be kidding me with the anger about faking it, right? Give me a break with that.  When you’re caught lying on about 75% of the stuff you post (rough estimate), don’t go crying when people don’t believe you were in surgery for an appendectomy. 

Note: Before people wonder (and I had to look it up myself), when you get scoped for this surgery, the incision is on the left side for room or whatever.  Most people are used to seeing appendix scars on right side, but that’s during a traditional surgery.  I’m sure a lot of you knew that already, but I didn’t, so there!

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  1. avatar Sammy says:

    By the looks of her twitter, she didn’t get in any sort of trouble at court today. Ugh, for once I wish this twat would get what’s coming to her.

    As for the surgery, I believe she had it, but I don’t blame the skeptics.

    • avatar Melissa says:

      The problem is that she “had her appendix taken out” during one of her other drug seeking hospital visits. She just said on twitter she forgot how many times she’s had appendix surgery. WTF?? Maybe this time was real but she’s still so full of shit about everything I wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow convinced them to remove it to get a prescription.

  2. avatar Joan Holloway says:

    I no longer believe she had an appendectomy. I think she had something else done. Her boyfriend let it slip and said she had surgery on her stomach about an hour ago via Twitter! I think her ‘roid enhanced BF tried to shoot her up with a local shot of anabolic steroids and fucked it up, bad.

    Her instantaneous muscle growth is odd. She only been going to the gym for 3 weeks. Her abs and arms would suggest several months of working out, not several weeks. I’ll bet she’s now on steroids, on top of the pills she’s now back on since her surgery.

    She had court today and the case was once again continued until August 12. She will have to face the heroin charges, as this was the last time she could have the case continued.

    There are several rumors saying that she took a plea bargain to have all charges dropped.

    One thing we did learn today… The charges against Courtland for harming an unborn child were dropped. Jenelle tweeted it herself! pic.twitter.com/LamUlwigFM

    It proves that Jenelle was NEVER pregnant and faked it for money from Radar Online. And worse, that she really did fake having a miscarriage.

    This girl needs some serious help. Perhaps, she can join Amanda Bynes in the looney bin.

    • avatar Joan Holloway says:

      Here’s the screenshot of where Nathan said she had surgery on her stomach: pic.twitter.com/H7iQwu1Q4P

      • avatar Sammy says:

        You can’t exclude the possibility he’s just stupid and considers any area the arms/legs are attached to is the stomach.

    • avatar Tamara says:

      That would totally fit the picture…
      How many times is she gonna get her cases continued?! I really don’t understand how she is getting out of aaaall the things she did up until now..

      • avatar Melissa says:

        Because MTV pays the city to film there.

    • avatar Anon says:

      I hate to disagree with you Joan (love most everything you post!) but I have to take issue with the “instantaneous muscle growth” comment. Jenelle’s muscles really aren’t that impressive at all considering she’s been working out nearly every day for three weeks (if her tweets can be believed). If you do any decent interval training program (any you’re heroin skinny like Jenelle) you’re going to see muscles really quickly. I did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred last month and my muscles made an appearance by the end of week one.
      If she’s on steroids- they’re some lousy ones.

      • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

        Three weeks is too short to see any sort of muscle growth really.

    • avatar Melissa says:

      Let’s not forget that one of the hospital workers said her doctor’s visit for the cystcarriage was a scheduled appointment.

    • avatar High, high, ya all high says:

      The thing is though Amanda has a legit mental illness. She’s showing signs of schizophrenia. Jenelle is just a dumbass and the drugs are messing with her ability to make good decisions. Two different things there.

  3. avatar KB says:

    Anyone else notice the “Smoking cessation is strongly advised”? I’m thinking the odds of that are relatively slim.

  4. avatar Costanza says:

    I’m not sure I believe her. That paper work has her maiden name on it, and no date is shown. When people on twitter pointed that out she posted a pic of her bracelet showing only the date, but not her name. I’m guessing the bracelet had her legal name on it.

    • avatar akire says:

      While I do believe that she had surgery (she even posted pics of the stitches), something doesn’t quite add up to me regarding the paperwork and such either. The paperwork is from McLeod-Seacoast, which is in North Myrtle Beach, SC. But whoever (Nathan) leaked her story online said that she was in a hospital in Brunswick, NC.

  5. avatar AKA says:

    Regarding the last name, it might still legally be Evans. If she didn’t submit all the proper paperwork to have it legally changed, it stays.

    • avatar missemily says:

      That’s true, my cousins wife still has her maiden name a year later because she didn’t want to change it. My mom was the same with her first marriage.

  6. avatar ErinK says:

    Seriously…who takes a picture like that??!

    • avatar Megs says:

      Draw me like one of your French girls, Nathan. Wearing my bandages…and only my bandages.

      • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:


  7. avatar sierran1993 says:

    What a lovely, dramatic picture of you, Jenelle! Wow. The last thing I’d want is someone taking pictures of me right after surgery. I HIGHLY doubt that many people care, and if you do, that is really sad.

  8. avatar cant turn a hoe into a housewife says:

    I’m sorry but I have to pull out the BS card on this one.

    First off, if she had a laparoscopic appendectomy surgery her surgery “scars/wounds” would not look like that. I’ve had laparoscopy surgery before & my scars did not resemble hers at all. No stitches buldging out like that at all. I did go home with butterfly stitches underneath my gauze pads & was told not to remove the butterfly stitches, as they would fall out on their own.

    Usually these types of surgeries are also done on the right side, starting from the belly button, 2 underneath your right ribcage area & one one the right side of your ovary(ish) area. A total of 4 insisions total. & if i’m not mistaken the lap surgery is basically 4 long sticks they stick on the insicion to reduce the chances & visibilaty of scarring. I do believe they do stitch very minorly inside as they are done removing the unwanted part with the disolvable stiches but if I’m not mistaken I really don’t remember stitches on the outside. Just some type of adhesive surgery glue with the butterfly stitches. I could be wrong but whatevs.

    Those scars seem to be following her tattoos way to perfectly for it to be that type of surgery. While, I do believe she did have some type of surgery, I don’t think she had a lap-appendectomy. I don’t care what doctor you are or how “famous” you are they don’t care about following the outerline of someones tattoo to reduce the scarring. Their job is to make you feel better & safe before caring about your apperance.

    & lastly, who in their (sane right mind) would want someone to snatch pictures of them “faking asleep” or of a surgery sight?

    Effing Idiot. End of rant!

    • avatar cant turn a hoe into a housewife says:

      & I did forget to add this in. If I’m not mistaken when you go to the hospital don’t they always use your full name? First, Middle & Last on all paperwork? -Including discharge paperwork, etc. Along with your DOB.

      I don’t know how most states work but in my state your full name is always to the right upper corner along with your DOB & current age.

      & discharge papers or papers on how to take care of the surgery site, or about the surgery procedure usually don’t include the patients name because it’s just information. They do put a sticker on the bottom right hand side usually like a copy of your hospital arm band type thing just to verify that you got the copy & have you initial. They typically don’t sit there & make sure they type your name onto the form.

      I’m waiting for someone who is actually a staff in the hospital to come out publicly & call out the BS card.

      • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

        In ca they don’t. They do first last and dob

      • avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

        Maybe Conrad Murray was her surgeon? Lol

  9. avatar Kail's greasy hair says:

    I can’t help but think she looks like those ‘forever alone’ memes where the guy takes a selfie and there’s a mirror in the background showing him taking it, meanwhile he captions the pic ‘aw bae caught me sleeping lulz’ lol.

    • avatar Megs says:

      It’s clear that she’s not sleeping. Her shoulders, arms, and fingers look tensed up. Definitely a “bae caught me sleeping” cousin. Also, she looks a lot like Babs with her fake sleeping face.

      • avatar Jade says:

        Of course not , in the picture her left hand is grabbing the blanchet, obviously not sleeping

        • avatar Jade says:

          Blanket ** Damn auto corrector

  10. avatar Kail's greasy hair says:


    Yeah I’m calling bs. These are not lap app. Incisions. Unless she has that condition where everything is on the opposite side it’s supposed to and her doctor made ridiculously large incisions. I also call bs as she’s walking around like nothing. Even lap surgeries leave you hurting.

    • avatar Star says:

      The photo was taken by Nathan, it could be reverse we all know how when you take a picture its reverses the image. Damn, leave her alone and stop hating. Focus on your own lives!! Or are you all the type that wake up every morning to see what “JENELLE” Is doing. please. leave her be. Every Doctor does surgeries different.

  11. avatar Ms. D says:

    Just would like to know when is someone going to put their foot in her a**! She is still such a disrespectful b****. Who really gives a s*** if she had surgery or not. Unless she has surgery to remove someones foot from her a**, who really cares!

  12. avatar JudgyWudgy says:

    If Jenelle tweets and no one pays attention, does it make a sound?