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Teen Mom 2 toddler Jace Evans has surgery and Jenelle has no idea, for a second time!

A story this sad and pathetic could only come from Jenelle Evans. Jenelle Evans skipped out on being there when her child needed her the most, again. Jenelle was unaware her son had surgery for the SECOND time!

Last August, Jace had surgery and Jenelle claimed Barbara never told her about it, as reported by Starcasm. However, Jenelle had already signed away custody at that point, making Barbara the decision maker in any and all medical procedures Jace may have. Not only is Jenelle not legally able to make medical decisions for her son, but Barbara is not legally obligated to tell Jenelle anything about them.

A revealing part of the year old article was the revelation that Jenelle was getting help for her mental illness. She wrote in her blog about it, saying,

“Also I’ve been seeing my psychiatrist regularly and taking my medication for my bi-polar disorder as prescribed.”

Sadly, Jenelle recently admitted over Ustream that she is no longer bi polar and just has anxiety problems. And says she is no longer taking medication or seeing a shrink.

It is certainly a scary thing to know that she is self medicating with illegal drugs and not afraid to post about it. Here she proudly shows off a grinder and rolling papers for weed.

As far as the recent situation goes, yesterday’s surgery drama appears to be happening for very, very different reasons.

It all started with this innocent Facebook post from another family who happened to share the same hospital floor as Jace. They were in the room next to him!

Jenelle immediately took to Twitter and claimed,

“yes she must of mistaken someone for my mom becuz Jace was at daycare today and my mom was at work.”

Where was Jenelle while this was going on, you may ask? Having dinner with her boyfriend Nathan at her favorite Italian restaurant.

Soon after, Jenelle defended her absence from Jace’s surgery, saying,

“My son wasn’t ever in the hospital today and I’ll even go on UStream and call my mom to prove it.”

Jenelle never went on to Ustream to prove her side of the story, which has only fueled the claims that Jace did have the surgery.

Yesterday, rumors began popping up around the web that Barbara may have filed for a restraining order against Jenelle and her boyfriend Nathan after Jenelle failed her drug test last week! As the restraining order involves a minor (Jace) there is no way to confirm if this is true or not.

Even more fuel for this fire? Witnesses says Nathan and Barbara had a very uncomfortable and angry exchange outside the courtroom last Monday after Jenelle failed her drug test!

reported, Jenelle failed a surprise drug test at her court hearing last week. This could explain why Barbara may have kept this from Jenelle!

You may be thinking that these claims are really verging on crazy, but keep in mind that Jenelle is not known as a very honest and truthful person. And she is still denying her use of illegal drugs, despite failing a drug test! Even more sad, Jenelle has not mentioned her son once since getting out of jail!

The final nail in the coffin? A wetpaint article published this morning claims that Jenelle’s story is true, yet the same mother who shared neighboring hospital rooms once again defended her story in the comments section!

When informed that Jenelle said she had lied and made up the entire story, she elaborated:

As most of you know, her TM2 costar, Leah Messer-Calvert has been in and out of hospitals with her daughter Ali for years and has never missed as much as a teeth cleaning with Ali! This comparison really shows how little Jenelle is involved in her son’s life. And worse, how little she cares.

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  1. Jenelle loves the stupid drama says:

    I don’t think Jenelle will ever be a good mother to Jace. I had hope she would turn her life around but clearly she hasn’t & I don’t she ever will. I feel sooo bad for Jace, it’s a good thing Barbra is around!!

  2. Costanza says:

    Look on her Instagram and girls are still defending her. “She’s getting her life together, I’m proud of her!” I don’t understand how anyone can still defend that waste of space piece of trash!

  3. Hayzii says:

    Does anyone know what Jace had surgery for? I hope he’s ok. Poor little guy has been through enough. :(

    • Kay says:

      Tubes in his ears from what Jenelle and the mom from the hospital said. Nothing serious.

    • Sammy says:

      I’m sure the fact Jenelle smoked heavily while pregnant, and Lord knows what else, may play a factor in his current health. In her 16&pregnant episode, his arm was bandaged right after he was born, so he might not have been in the best of health from the beginning.

      • Everyone is bipolar says:

        A lot of babies have their arms popped out of the socket or shoulder blade broken or something when they’re born, has to do with how the dr pulls them out. Happened to my niece.

        • Sammy says:

          His forearm was bandaged though. If his arm popped out of his socket, I’m not sure how a bandage there would help.

        • J says:

          I haven’t watched Jenelle’s episode in a really long time so I’m not sure what it looked like, but maybe it had to do with an IV. My daughter didn’t pink up as fast as the doctors wanted so she had an IV and they bandaged it so it looked kind of like a splint so she didn’t pull it out or get it caught on anything. She’s perfectly healthy now, by the way, they just thought she needed some fluids.

  4. Cate says:

    I don’t even understand how jenelle gets payed for being a mom meanwhile
    Her son goes to daycare everyday while she does nothing and he doesn’t even live with her. This show should not be called teen mom anymore because that’s not even what it’s about.

  5. emsieee says:

    Jenelle needs to STOP posting on all social media sites. Seriously who posts pictures of drug smoking tools and then expects fans to be all ‘poor Jenelle, she is such a good mom’ I don’t blame Barb for not telling her Jace was in hospital, she probably couldn’t deal with all the drama that dealing with her daughter comes with.

  6. HGirl says:

    You can argue or thumbs down, but I’d just like to point out that cannabis itself is safer than prescription meds. You cannot overdose on cannabis and it actually can help if you’re using a strain with the proper balance of cannabinoids. Its legal status is honestly what makes it dangerous. I don’t smoke it myself (nor do I drink, ever), but I’ve been somewhat involved in pro-cannabis activism in CO and have seen miraculous things done with cannabis. Sorry if a I get a bit defensive.

    That said, Jenelle is a shitty mom and I feel so horrible for Jace. My mom wasn’t quite as bad as Jenelle, but I know how it feels for your mom to put her boyfriends before you. I didn’t live with my mom until I was eight, and even then she put boyfriends before us. Horrible ones with criminal pasts. I hope Jace grows up to be a better person and a better parent because of his own experience.

    • Kay says:

      I definitely believe that there are medical benefits to cannabis but treating bipolar disorder with god knows what strains laced with god knows what bought on the streets of Wilmington and Myrtle Beach are definitely not one of them. Many people with mental health issues, especially bipolar disorder, decide that, once they start doing better on prescription meds, they are cured and no longer need to take their bipolar meds. For those people who then self-medicate with pot, the mental and emotional consequences can be dire. You may not be able to overdose on pot but if you’re already prone to immaturity, shitty decision making and emotional instability, using unregulated street drugs as a crutch is a horrible idea. I say this as someone who has a sister who has self-medicated her BPD with marijuana (in NC oddly enough) for years. Once she stopped doing it, she has completely changed for the better. Not to mention Jenelle has proven herself to be a friggin moron from the beginning.

    • It's called a condom says:

      Now that it’s become legal in states, research is finally starting to happen. Cannabis can be laced with anything including toxic chemicals. It’s safer to ingest it than it is to smoke it. It also screws with your brain. Just like any other drug, you start to not get the same satisfaction over time. This is often why it’s considered a gateway drug because you can’t overdose or get a next level of high on it so people turn to harder drugs. We’re talking about Jenelle here. I’m sure she also self medicates with alcohol. Even if pot was legal, I still think she would and should of had Jace taken away. It’s no different than being an alcoholic, it changes/numbs your brain chemistry. With all of her drunk vines, I’m sure she has a problem with both.

      I find it amusing how she all the sudden claims she’s not bi-polar. This is something you live with your whole life. Diagnosed at rehab where they could monitor her 24/7 and all the sudden claims to have been misdiagnosed. Sure. She has problems and needs help. But you can’t help someone who doesn’t want it. Someone who has an addiction to anything can’t be helped if they don’t want to stop using. I’m disgusted any time she posts a picture of her son, just thinking that she was around him. He’s better off without her. I know I damn well would have been better off with out my alcoholic dad ever in my life.

  7. Lala says:

    This is appalling. Why would she not be there for him? Ugh why am I even asking..this is Jenelle we’re talking about — the girl who would rather party, do drugs, get drunk, and dick hop than actually take care of her own sweet son.

    Jace deserves better than this, Jenelle, you low life. I’m glad he has Barbara because he sure as hell doesn’t have a mom or dad.

    That said, can you guys write an article on Nikkole and her “fake” pregnancy? The girl was supposed to have another kid like 2 weeks ago, and the child apparently doesn’t exist and none of the teen mom blogs are even discussing it. What’s up with that?

    • Nic says:

      I’ve been curious about the “fake” pregnancy too.

      • Joan Holloway says:

        I was planning to do an article as well. But the problem is there is not one shred of 100% substantial proof behind it… yet. It’s a lot of ex baby mama drama and he said she said.

        Not to mention, if she really had a still born child and a snarky article was making fun of that, it would look really bad.

        If definitive proof comes out, there will be an article! I promise!

        • Lala says:

          I respect that you want to wait for some facts and new details to emerge…would be nice if Nikkole would stop partying and address what happened to her child. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but she makes the pregnancy public then is seen out in a bikini like 5 days after she was supposed to give birth? Something is fishy about that…what happened to the bleeding? I know people grieve differently too, but I just can’t imagine someone after losing a child in such a horrific way (if she had a stillborn) would be out partying.

          If you wait for facts though, it seems like Nikkole would be the only one that could provide them, and after reading her tweets over the last week or so, she’s lost all credibility with me.

        • J says:

          I’m most interested in hearing what everyone on this site thinks about Nikkole’s pregnancy – whether she faked it or if they think something happened. Some of you are pretty clever when it comes to things!

        • I really don’t think she faked it. I haven’t put an exorbitant amount of thought pr investigation into it, but I just don’t get that vibe from the situation. There are all these theories about fake ultrasounds, early miscarriage, fake belly, etc. Idk, I could be wrong. But my vote is cast for stillborn, which is really unfortunate :/

        • Bear says:

          But when would that have happened? She never took a break from tweeting during the two week or so window between last saying she was pregnant and then going to that music festival all skinny.

          From what I understand, a stillbirth where the baby dies before labor brings with it a physically and emotionally trying delivery that takes time. A commenter from the article above said overnight stays are not uncommon following the process. Plus the baby would have to be buried. She was just talking about the fair and making plans with friends during that period of time. Considering how she gave like play-by-play details of her friend Sam’s early labor, I doubt she wouldn’t have at least made some vaguely emotional tweet about “never being more exhausted and down in my life” or some shit like that to tease her fans into asking what was going on, etc. I know it COULD be that she did not want to advertise going through an experience like that, which would be respectable, but who can really believe she’d be just chit chatting and making puns while grieving the death of her son? It goes so far in the opposite direction that it is questionable.

        • Jenn says:

          I 99.9% think she faked it. For me the smoking gun is the bikini picture. Yes, she’s a thin girl to begin with, but a woman’s uterus takes about 6 weeks to get back to its normal size and in that time the stomach still has a little pooch. Even if she had a still birth, she was still pretty far along in her “pregnancy” and it would still take time for the uterus to shrink down. She would also still be bleeding post delivery and you are not supposed to wear tampons for several weeks after the birth so where was she hiding the maxi pads in that bikini?

          Regardless, the girl needs help. She either just faked a pregnancy for attention or is not properly grieving the loss of her child.

        • Lala says:

          In addition to the fact that it would seem almost impossible for her to bounce back that fast…where is the linea negra and the stretch marks she claimed to have? My linea negra didn’t disappear for almost a full year after my son was born, and I think that’s pretty standard. It doesn’t just *poof* disappear.

        • J says:

          RadarOnline has an article about Nikkole delivering her stillborn baby around 35 weeks. Just putting it out there if anyone is interested in reading it.

  8. Sammy says:

    Ok, normally I would rant about Jenelle until I’m blue in the face, but frankly I have a headache and it’s not even worth getting mad at her anymore, she’s already proven to be a lowly POS who will never change.

    Instead, I will ask if anyone else has been having problems with this site. I’ve been getting quite a few error messages, and when I don’t it’s quite slow. But I also got a new computer, so I’m not sure if it’s just me.

    • Joan Holloway says:

      Now that you mention it, I had trouble adding comments just a few minutes ago… Hmmm… Not sure!

      • Keiffah's Green Hoodie says:

        When I posted a comment, it appeared with an “awaiting moderation” message above it. Have you guys been having a problem with spam or something? It’s not a big deal for me to have to wait for my comment to appear, it was just a little weird because that hasn’t happened before.

  9. Emily says:

    Keeping on topic with this article I hope that the restraining order is true. Jace is 4 years old and it’s getting to the point where her presence will be confusing for him. I know Jace’s birthday was sometime earlier this month, did Jenelle even show up? I guarantee she would have taken pics and post them if she had.

    Off topic, I read on RadarOnline (not always reliable) about Ali’s condition deteriorating to the point that she may need a wheelchair. I hope that it’s not true but based on tweets from Leah and Jeff Simms the story seems to fit. I couldn’t begin to imagine how useless Jenelle would be if she were in Leah’s shoes.

    • Minnie says:

      Yes, Jenelle was at his party. Taylor, Courtland’s baby mama, was there too, for some reason I’ll never understand.
      I sure as hell hope the restraining order is true. There’s rumors CPS is finally getting involved, which would be a godsend for that poor little boy. He needs to be kept as far away from Jenelle as possible. It’s been 4 years, it’s obvious it’s not temporary anymore.

      • Joan Holloway says:

        I JUST heard about Leah’s daughter, Ali. I’ll see if Steve can dig up some dirt on it, too. I don’t really trust RadarOnline that much as they like to embellish their stories with a lot of unneeded emotion.

        I’ll see if there are other, better sources out there and pass to word along to Steve. :D

      • Emily says:

        Taylor?! What in the actual fuck. Did she bring Jaja as well? She is Jace’s step-sister after all!

  10. Kailyns anger says:

    Also, I saw that Farrah is “leaking” another “private tape” sometime next month. One of her friends said that and that James Dean would be in it again. Which is hard to believe, unless they filmed this before she publicly dissed her. Can you write an article on that as well? Thanks.

  11. just sayin' says:

    I hate Jenelle just as much as anyone else and think MTV should be ashamed for keeping her face on TV, but I would like to point something out in her story. Fact is, it’s becoming more and more common to see children being raised by their grandparents and while we all are shocked at her decisions, it’s not that uncommon of a story. I think it would be nice if MTV would focus more on the family dynamics and its impact on Jace, not Jenelle’s crap.

    • Erica says:

      I can see where you’re coming from, I was raised by my grandparents after my mom got addicting to alcohol and cocaine. The problem is that MTV focuses on drama, not th kids. It seems the viewers thrive on that kind of ridiculousness. :/

    • Bear says:

      Why the hell did you get thumbed down for this?! It’s absolutely true that children are being raised by their grandparents to the point that it is not uncommon or unusual.

  12. Emily says:

    Does anyone have the scoop on Tyler and Catelynn taking in a younger teenage sister of Tyler’s? First off, who the hell is the sister? I thought that Amber was his only sibling. Did Butch have a love child with someone else? I’d assume that if this was a child of Kim’s we would have seen this kid in the house while Tyler (and Catelynn for a time) was living there.

    • Kailyns anger says:

      Ya, I knew that Tyler had an older sister. But, I don’t ever remember anything about a younger sister. Also, I know that Catelynn has a little brother that they said they would adopt if her mom started drinking again.

    • Megs says:

      Butch has somehow managed to spread his seed across the great state of Michigan. Some things just cannot be explained.

      • Amber's Pill Bottles says:

        THANK YOU! I can imagine a chick like April going for a guy like Snarlin’ Darlin’ – but Kim? Even with her 80s perm and turtlenecks, she is still WAY classier than Butch could ever hope to be…maybe he’s got some magic in them cutoff jorts that is only appealing to the ladies of the Mitten State.

  13. Kailyns anger says:

    Has anyone heard anything more about Nikkole’s pregnancy?

  14. Keiffah's Green Hoodie says:

    Two comments that I wrote yesterday still say that they are “awaiting moderation”. I’m confused because I’m a long-time commentor and I’ve never had this happen before. I asked about this yesterday but received no response, and I see that quite a few people have posted comments since. I don’t believe I have violated any of the TMJ rules, as I don’t use excessive profanity and have never attacked a TM or the writers (or anyone else for that matter). I did link to a post on another TM blog, but my other unpublished post did not contain a link. I did manage to get one comment through yesterday with no issue, so why did that one show up but not the other two?

    I don’t mean to complain, but one of the reasons that people come to this site is to read through the comments and interact with other users, and if that ability is taken away or is not functioning correctly then it takes away the fun of coming here, particularly since updates are so sparse.

    (I’m not even sure if this comment will go through, I hope it does!)

  15. Megs says:

    At the end of this article Jenelle is compared to one of her co-stars. As much as I dislike Leah, she is far and above the mother Jenelle is. I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two of them. The reason Leah has never missed an appointment with Aliannah is because Leah has always maintained custody of her children. Despite questionable parenting practices, she has always been an advocate for her child, and has shouldered the responsibility time and again, even though she was/is far too young to have to deal with an issue like this.
    The exact opposite is true for Jenelle. There is NO comparison between her and Leah when it comes to parenting.

  16. Kailyns anger says:

    Did y’all see Farrah’s wish list that had gifts on there that “fans” could buy her? Supposedly “fans” aka sugar daddies bought EVERY GIFT from her registry. But, I know that you can just mark something as purchased, so I’m guessing that’s what Farrah did to make it look like people actually bought her something. Here’s the list.


    • Amber's Pill Bottles says:

      Yes, I saw a story about this a few days ago and was hoping Teen Mom Junkies would write about it – the wishlist is hysterical, pathetic and sad all at the same time. Especially the “stuff” she wants for Sophia. If you claim to be a “millionaire”, why are you asking for gifts? Oh wait, we’re talking about Farrah here, who is convinced that all her “fans” are just lining up outside of stores to buy her all sorts of presents and special things, because after all she IS Farrah! And an attention whore!

      • Kailyns anger says:

        I’m really hoping that Farrah just put that someone purchased it (or that someone else clicked they purchased it, even if they didn’t). I just can’t imagine ANYONE buying Farrah anything. Ugh! Especially her $600 chairs and her other crazy items on there.

    • HGirl says:

      I like how she says, “I’m a reader” on one of the items, then further down the list she writes “dinning” instead of “dining” twice and calls herself “super women”. Yeah… A reader. I feel bad for whoever edited her book.

    • J says:

      The only items with more in the has section than in the want section are the dresses for Sophia which makes me think *maybe* someone actually bought those. It’s ridiculous that anyone would buy anything for this crazy, but if they did I’m glad they only got things for Sophia. Farrah needs her ego knocked down quite a bit.

  17. LeahandJuhrme'sIgnorance says:

    I’m dying to know if Nikkole faked her pregnancy or not lol

  18. Moo says:

    Can I take a moment to mention that TM3 Alex Sasquatch’s (can’t remember her actual last name, sorry) baby daddy’s new girlfriend is named LeKota Koch? *facepalm* why? Just…why?

    • Kailyns anger says:

      hmm I’m still not sure what to believe

      • Costanza says:

        I need more proof than a picture of her kissing a teddy bear…

        • Kailyns anger says:

          Ya I looked at her tweets the day she said she gave birth to a stillborn and she was talking about how she’s a bad texter and other random things that NO semi-normal person would be talking about after dealing with that.

      • Kay says:

        I find it sketchy that baby supposedly DIED and she opted not to do an autopsy but made it very, VERY clear that they tested for drugs in the baby’s system. That just seems like a weird tidbit to emphatically insert into an interview about the tragedy of a still born labor nightmare. I just…there’s soooo much bizarre crap surrounding this.

  19. Kailyns anger says:

    Apparently Farrah is coming out with a “romance” novel. hahah ew

  20. Costanza says:

    Therealteenmontalk.com broke the story… Faked it!!!!!!!

  21. Kailyns anger says:

    So….are there going to be any new stories written? TM3 aired its first episode, Nikkole’s friend said she faked her pregnancy, the Being Maci special came out, Farrah supposedly has another porno and erotic novel coming out and there still hasn’t been an update on any of these stories.

  22. Katie says:

    Still no recap of the first episode of a whole new series of the show? You would think that would be the bare minimum on a site dedicated to Teen Mom.

    Come on! I get you guys are busy but this is getting ridiculous.

    • Adam's Cellmate says:

      Yea this is getting ridiculous. I used to defend this site when people talked shit about the lack of updates, but I’m done with that. All of this news that has been going on and NO UPDATES! I hate to say this but even Heather Clouse writes a couple of articles a week (no matter how wrong they are). This site needs to step it up a notch. I guess those guest writers aren’t so great after all. I know for a fact that a ton of people email steve to ask if the can guest write b/c a new story comes out. Damn is it that hard to update your site? If they dont start updating soon I hope no one comes to this anymore, and it will fade out like Dance Mom Junkies. I know that real life happens, but who cares? You have a bunch of guest writers. A ton of easy stories to write. Write something for God sakes!

  23. Candace says:

    Seriously, this is a dead space. Sad to see because I really liked coming here back when stevebeans actually wrote stories and posted them in a timely manner. What it’s become isn’t even worth visiting again.

    It’s been nice chatting with you all, I’m out for good.

  24. Emily says:

    Since a lot of people (myself included) come to this blog because we enjoy the conversation, what if we started using the forum function of this blog to post stories and discuss them? I would be down for that. I know it didn’t really take off when it was introduced but we had more articles to post comments on then.

  25. Keiffah's Green Hoodie says:

    I’m really disappointed that there haven’t been any updates, as I would have liked to have read this blog’s take on the recent Nikkole drama and Maci’s special. I understand that real life gets in the way of Internet fun, but if no one has the time or desire to update anymore then it’s best to just be straight-forward and say that, rather than apologize constantly for the lack of updates and then promise to write posts that never come to fruition. Which is really a shame, because we’ve had some fun times on this site and I had really hoped that it was going to be resurrected after Joan began posting again. But I guess all good things must come to an end.

  26. LeahandJuhrme'sIgnorance says:

    Can I just say that Heather Clouse is really making me angry? The way she’s attacking Sam is ridiculous and she needs to mind her business!!! Gosh what’s wrong with her?

    • Kailyns anger says:

      Ya, no kidding! All of the evidence points to Nikkole lying. Plus the guy that supposedly got her pregnant got a lawyer b/c he would need to be notified if his baby died & Sam filed a police report b/c faking a death is illegal.

      • LeahandJuhrme'sIgnorance says:

        She knows its all a lie I’m sure Sam wouldn’t make something this serious up. Nikkole is to far in her lies and I still say anyone who still believes she lost her baby is just clueless sorry to sound mean

  27. Amber's Pill Bottles says:

    Moving onto our own conversation about TM3, am I the only one who can’t understand half of what comes out of Briana’s mouth? For the first episode I honestly thought her sister’s name was “Brinie” or something like that short for Sabrina. And as much as Matt would irritate me, Alex’s continuous nagging is getting old already!

    • Kailyns anger says:

      I didn’t watch TM3 lol

    • J says:

      Dude, she flipped the heck out over $10. If she was so worried about him buying drugs why didn’t she go in the store with him? And I think josh has zero personality, no interest in Mackenzie, or just really didn’t want to be on the show. She would have been better off talking to the table. It also seemed like the kids, with the exception of nova, were always in a swing or jumper or high chair.

      • Amber's Pill Bottles says:

        OMGosh, I can’t even begin to describe my annoyance with Alex – even in her 16 & Pregnant episode, I just kept shaking my head. Here you have Matt, clearly higher than a kite, yet he is totally logical when it comes to the big issue – that neither he or Alex are equipped to raise a child. He encouraged adoption and she kept trying to justify them keeping the kid.

        And once “Bellie” (ugh!) was born, Alex just couldn’t understand why Matt wasn’t interested in co-parenting with her or spending time with his kid.
        There are some serious control issues with Alex, and I have a feeling that in keeping the kid she felt she would also be keeping Matt in the picture. I can’t figure out why he’d be worth the trouble, but hey, what do I know? I didn’t get knocked up at 16!

        And Josh has the personality of cardboard…I think those concussions have left their mark on him.

        • Kailyns anger says:

          Alex is extremely annoying and unreasonable. On twitter, Matt has claimed that Alex got pregnant on purpose and that she had told him on several occasions that she was pregnant. Also, right now he is trying to get visitations, but Alex has his number blocked, so he needs to go through the court but it’s going to be hard b/c he isn’t on the baby’s birth certificate

        • J says:

          Haha, I totally agree that “Bellie” is not a nice nickname. Personally, I think Arabella is a gorgeous name so I don’t know why she’s shortening it to something so dumb.
          I have a really hard time that Matt just suddenly got involved in drugs when she was pregnant. I think she just didn’t want to admit that she was sleeping with an addict who had zero motivation. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got pregnant on purpose and picked him because no one else would be interested in her crazy butt.
          I’d be damn embarrassed if a person who is obviously high was more logical than me and it was put out for the world to see. I thought Matt was pretty decent during these episodes and he’s way more bearable when he’s sober. Her crazy, control freak ways are probably what drove him back to drugs.

        • Amber's Pill Bottles says:

          I’m not a HUGE fan of the name Arabella, but compared to many of the names I see people saddling their newborns with these days it’s pretty nice! That said, did Alex think for one second that if she terminates Drop Dead Fred’s parental rights that her daughter’s name will be “Arabella Sekella”? Probably not.

          And yes, I would be pretty embarrassed myself if the poster boy for drugs made me look like an idiot on international television. I remember how he logically explained that neither of them could make enough money at their minimum-wage part time gigs to raise a child and she responded with, “We can if we try hard enough…what if we give 150%?”. And then the whole dance of moving into Brenda’s house of horrors? None of that made any sense whatsoever!

        • J says:

          Oh, arabella sekella is bad, I never thought of that! I hope she thinks of that if she ever decides to change her name.
          I really don’t care for any of these girls and don’t see TM3 going as far as the other two. Mackenzie is already pregnant again and I think they intended for her to be the fan favorite goody two shoes. Briana isn’t horrible, but she’s not that interesting either. Actually, now that I think of it, does e order of protection or whatever she got actually mean her baby daddy can’t talk about her online? I thought it was more like a mild restraining order and would keep hi, from having contact with her. I haven’t done any research and was a little confused by that. Alex is insane and I think Katie is really boring. I mean, she seems mince enough and more put together than other girls, just boring. I don’t think it’s just because of drama (or lack of) just her personality is blah.

  28. Chanel123 says:

    I’m with all the above commenters. I stopped coming for a while and was hoping I would come back to some updates. What a disappointment. I guess I’m out for good.

  29. Corey's Dip says:

    Hmm there haven’t been an update in ages. I love everyone here and would like to see some everyone’s thoughts on this Nikkole situation.

    Looks like I need to roll on over and get free website with web.com (because im broke lol) and you guys come there.

    I take college classes online so im sure I will keep it updated

    But this is ridiculous. I thought they got some amateurs writers to help out?!

    • starla says:

      If you do, send me the link. I’ve been upset with this website ever since they asked for donations. The web host my husband uses it $10 a month. If you can’t afford that then you must really suck at life.

      • Kailyns anger says:

        Ya, and I’m sure when it is active that there is revenue with ads? I’m not 100% sure, but it seems like a lot of people come here.

        • Adam's Cellmate says:

          Please start a site. It would be nice to see another site kinda like this one that actually gets updated. I’m actually pretty upset that after all the complaints that they still haven’t bothered to update. It’s getting pretty ridiculous. If you need any help with investigation work and stories I would be more than glad to help. I’m not looking for profit or anything but I am also doing my classes online this semester so I have a lot of time on my hands. Something should be done. Please post a link if you decide to start up a site. If your interested in a guest writer let me know and we can exchange emails. I would offer to help write with this site but I think it’s gone pretty downhill.

        • starla says:

          you can get paid by having ads on your page. if someone clicks, you get money. i suck at writing or i would do it.

    • williambo says:

      post the link here if you get one

  30. Lala says:

    I’m really disappointed in this blog. We were promised a story on Nikkole when facts were released, and there have been tons of facts from all sides released and still no story. I know you don’t want to hurt her feelings, but she is seriously sick and twisted and if you didn’t plan to write on it, why did you say you were going to?

    This blog is lucky to get an update every 2 weeks, and that really sucks.

  31. LeahandJuhrme'sIgnorance says:

    Yeah Alex is just ugh! So far I only like Katie. The others not so much

  32. Sara says:

    Wow, what an idiot. You can’t cure bipolar disorder!!!!

  33. Kail's greasy hair says:

    Why have we had three episodes of tm3 and zero new articles? Le sigh

    • Kailyns anger says:

      Eek, I know. One of the TM3 dads just got engaged, one just went to jail and then I think something happened with another one but I don’t remember what & still no articles..

  34. Amber's Pill Bottles says:

    When are we going to get a story about Adum-uh’s latest “little bastard” and “mistake”? His girlfriend Taylor gave birth to daughter Paislee (ugh) two days ago. What’s up with folks in SE South Dakota giving their daughters names ending in “EE”? First you have Chelsea’s older sister who named her oldest daughter “Braylee”, then Chelsea who had “Aubree”, and now “Paislee”? Keeping it classy as always – and I still cannot believe that ANY female on this planet would allow herself to get sperminated by a guy who on worldwide television referred to his daughter’s mother as “fat, stretch-marked bitch” and his daughter as “turd” and “little bastard” (no matter that she is technically just that, thanks to him).

    • J says:

      Part of me wonders if they went with the “ee” spelling so that it could match Aubree and push the sister thing. Remember when Leah said she wanted to name baby 3 an “A” name to match the twins? Then she paired it with one of her virtue middle names and they got Adalynn Faith to go with Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace. Notice the double letters too (nn, nn, and ee)? I don’t know about you, but if I were Jeremy I wouldn’t be super thrilled to carry on a tradition started by my new wife and her ex and if I were Chelsea I wouldn’t be super thrilled for my practically non existent baby daddy to copy the spelling of my daughters name.

      • Amber's Pill Bottles says:

        I highly doubt Adumb-uh or Taylor have the brains to think that deep into giving their daughter an “ee” name to push the sister issue…any woman willing to get knocked up by him can’t be the sharpest knife in the kitchen. I do agree with you about Leah’s “naming traditions” though, and Jurrmy probably wasn’t too thrilled about it – I heard he originally wanted to name her “Madison”. I’m not a huge fan of the name Madison, but to me it is still far superior to Addalyn, especially when there are two older siblings that have been given “A” names! I think a part of him is still with Leah simply for the MTV exposure – and because Leah “trapped” him early on by insisting Ali and Aleeah constantly say “I LOVE YOU” to him at the end of every conversation. That’s my theory on it, anyway.

      • Emily says:

        LOL virtue names. What if she has any more daughters? What’s left, Patience? Chastity? (tee hee) Wouldn’t want to leave anyone out y’all.

        When I first read about Paislee’s name my first thought was they did the -ee to bug Chelsea. Aubree’s middle name is Skye so perhaps they went with Paislee Moon or something.

        • J says:

          Amber’s Pill Bottles – that’s a good point, I probably should not have assumed they were the semi intelligent. I really don’t understand how someone could date Adumb, let alone get pregnant by him, after seeing how he treated Chelsea. Even if you don’t watch the show people talk about it.
          Paislee Moon reminds me of Sailor moon. Love it! hahah. I doubt Leah knows how to pronounce Chastity, let alone spell it!

  35. Kieffers Xanax says:

    Why do I even come here anymore?

    • Adam's Cellmate says:

      Just go look at the Big Brother site. It is updated like 5 times a day. WTF is up with them letting this site go to shit. Hell Joan must not be too interested in this site either anymore. I used to have so much respect for this blog, but it is just a huge disappointment. It’s been a very long time since anything new was posted. It’s a poor reflection on the people the own and write this blog. I figured Joan would be consistent on her writing as she seemed pretty serious about keeping this blog updated but I guess all the past promises have went out the window. We need a new blog that’s actually worth a fuck to read.

    • Kailyns anger says:

      I know. I keep coming back every once in a while & STILL there are no new articles out. There have been at least ten things to write about, probably way more

      1. Nikkoles “pregnancy”
      2. Adumb had another baby
      3. Mackenzie is pregnant again
      4. Matt (Alex’s baby daddy from TM3) stated that Alex has been pregnant before
      5. Farrah is supposedly an escort
      6. Being Maci
      7. Brianna’s baby daddy just went to jail
      8. Matt is engaged now
      9. Farrah is coming out with another porn/erotic novel supposedly
      10. Tyler said that he had been molested at age 8, did drugs at 9 or something

      I came up with this list in about thirty seconds. Honestly, there have been so many guest writers that want to write (heck, I wouldn’t mind writing an article every now and then). So, why are we still not getting anything?

  36. Intelligently Retarded says:

    Obviously Steve doesn’t give a shit about this site any more and is content to let it turn into a fucking wasteland…. Heather is a pathetic idiot and her site is fucking laughable so there’s no help there… and no-one visits the other TM sites that have sprung up recently so I don’t expect them to rise to the occasion… the only decent discussion I can find is the TWOP forums:


  37. Hayzii says:

    I can’t believe the nerve they have to abandon this site so shortly after asking for, and receiving, donations. That’s really sheisty.

  38. Jess21 says:

    This is so fucking annoying!! They can at least let us know they are done with the site instead of just leaving us here to wonder about it. This is crap

  39. Jess21 says:

    Has anyone had contact with Joan through twitter? I just saw she has been on recently so idk if she has said anything about this site.

  40. williambo says:

    I kind of wish there was a site up that just allowed anyone to post articles to comment on at their leisure, anyone they want, that didn’t have to go through administators and submit the articles to them. I don’t know how feasible that really is of course, without it being like a …facebook page or something haha.

    • HGirl says:

      A forum. Or maybe a WordPress blog? They allow contributors, but I think you have to invite them. Not 100% sure how it works.

    • Sammy says:

      While that sounds good in theory, I have a feeling that would just turn into awful comments about poor baby Ali :( Leah really needs to file a police report on whomever is trolling articles about her. It seems to be the same person that just spends all day long giving death threats to a toddler.

      • williambo says:

        well, ok , maybe a moderator to just make sure that the articles or posts submitted aren’t malicious. That wouldn’t be a lot of work, I wouldn’t think. *shrug*

  41. Sammy says:

    Since everyone is looking for an update – here’s one – I just got into med school!!!! Wheeeeee!!!!! (please pretend to care) :D

  42. Katie says:

    And to think not that long ago they were asking us for donations….

    • Kailyns anger says:

      uh no kidding. do you know if anyone donated?

      • Hayzii says:

        I know of a few people who were all for donating and said that they were happy to do it. I wonder how they feel now? A little scammed? I hate to say I told you so but… I felt it was bullshit all along. =\

        • Keiffah's Green Hoodie says:

          That’s definitely uncool if they accepted donations, considering that there hasn’t been an update in weeks. Plus, there’s ads all over this site, if they didn’t get enough revenue to cover the cost at least half of their fees I would be very surprised.

          This is a thought I’ve kept to myself for a while, but since I doubt this site will be updated again I might as well say it: I think it’s bullshit that Joan is the one who was posting lately. Not because I don’t like her posts–I actually enjoyed them–but because as far as I’m aware she was just a guest blogger and not paid for her contributions. If she’s comfortable with that and blogged purely out of entertainment, then I guess that’s all that matters, but I myself find it very, very unfair that she’s the only one updating and doing all the work while the site owners sit back and collect profit from donations and ad revenue.

  43. Kailyns anger says:

    Jenelle’s boyfriend was arrested for DUI today!


  44. It's called a condom says:

    So I just wanted to mention that I finally saw the being Maci special….. I was really disgusted! Is all her and her friends talked about was how she was a Teen Mom star and had over 1 million Twitter followers. Also, partying and drinking that much isn’t “what everyone does”. If you wanna do that stuff, fine. But it’s not what everyone her age does. MTV is setting a horrible example for teens. They don’t see this and see how hard being a Teen Mom is, they see what the show gives them.

    What did you guys think of it who saw it?

  45. JNV says:

    I miss this site :( where is everyone going now a days?

    • MPL says:

      I miss it too, I still come every few days, hoping against hope that there will be an update!
      I go to these sites on Tumblr:
      Teen Mom Heaven
      Teen Mom Booger
      Teen Mom Central
      They all have daily updates (sometimes multiple updates a day, depending on how much news there is.

    • MPL says:

      I miss it too, I still come every few days, hoping against hope that there will be an update!
      I go to these sites on Tumblr:
      Teen Mom Heaven
      Teen Mom Booger
      Teen Mom Central
      They all have daily updates (sometimes multiple updates a day, depending on how much news there is).

  46. Marie Elisse says:

    Since the writers of this page suck (sad but true) I’m gonna go ahead and write about last night’s episode of TM3:

    - Mackenzie: Her plot is just dumb to me. You have a child with your boyfriend (she even lost one before Gannon) but your mom is praying for you to not have sex until you’re married? What? And Mac says they’re not gonna have sex anymore but goes on birthcontrol, again what? Of course it is smart to go on birthcontrol but at least admit you’re having sex for God’s sake. They are waiting for baby # 2 now sooo, I don’t really know what happened with her IUD.

    -Alex: This girl has MAJOR anger issues. I’ve been cheated on just like her, but damn girl, the drama you bring in is just insane. I’m not defending whatever name is her baby daddy, he does drugs all the time, he’s a bum and the way he talked to Alex’s mom is incredibly disrespectful, speaking of which, don’t you guys think the moms are the stars in this season? I LOVE Brianna and Alex’s moms, they are extremely patient and down to earth.
    Alex calls him “sperm donor” on her twitter all the time so obviously they are not on good terms.

    -Brianna: I have a problem with her and is the way she talks, I’m not american and english is not my first language (excuse if I make any mistakes writing this) so maybe that’s the reason I can’t understand most of what she says. Anyway, I think her mom steals her segments, she seems like such an amazing person always supporting her daughters and looking for what is best for Nova.

    -Katie: I actually like this girl, she’s like the “Chelsea” of the group. I believe she later found her boyfriend cheating on her with someone she knew? so idk what’s up with that.

    • Kieffahh Got Edumacated says:

      Thanks for investing more time in this blog than the actual writers!

      I completely agree with you about Mackenzie; it seems like it is going to be a reenactment of Maci and Ryan… both Maci and Mackenzie are sweet and are incredibly invested in raising their sons (the part where Mackenzie gets ready for prom… in a borrowed dress, doing her own hair AND makeup… it’s great to see that her money goes towards her son and she doesn’t spend frivolously). However, Maci wanted things to work with Ryan so badly that she put on blinders and ignored the inevitable until it blew up in her face: HE DOESN’T WANT THIS. I think the same thing will eventually happen with Josh. I hope it doesn’t, as they are now married and expecting baby #2, but it seems like he’s just going with whatever she wants to keep the peace and to avoid a blowup. And yeah, “I wish you’d wait til marriage”… NEWSFLASH, MOM! Hahahaha, people like that are the reason we have teen pregnancies and I’m glad they show Mackenzie and her fear of talking to her mother. Maybe some parents of teens were tuned in and realize that making sex an extremely uncomfortable topic doesn’t really work.

      Alex definitely has anger issues, and it’s easy to hate on her because her constant yelling and whining is beyond annoying. However, I feel bad for the girl because it’s obvious she was conditioned to be this way. Her dad is non-existent (as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong), and she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her daughter. Her mother is a terrible role model. She allows Alex’s druggie boyfriend to move in and live for free without stepping up to the plate as a father and without getting a job to contribute financially. And many times in the three episodes that have aired I’ve seen her put blame on Alex where it isn’t necessarily warranted. Should she calm down? Yes. Could she stop screaming and communicate more effectively? Absolutely. But what the mother should really be saying to her daughter is: LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE. LOOK AT THIS SITUATION. YOU DESERVE BETTER. I think Alex needs a real self-esteem boost.

      Brianna’s segments kind of remind me of those anti-weed commercials where you see the same kid on the same couch over the span of 10 years, not moving. I feel bad for her Devon situation, but the girl needs to get a grip and move on. Enroll in school. Get a job, at least a part-time job. Yes, it sucks that your teenage baby daddy sucks… but guess what? A lot of teen mothers are in the same exact situation. And a lot of them don’t have an amazing, supportive, loving mother and sister.

      Katie- I’m rooting for her and her boyfriend. I feel for them, as they both seem like genuinely nice people who are trying desperately to make it work. Both seem like caring and devoted parents.

      • Marie elisse says:

        I don’t think alex’s mom didn’t tell her she deserved better, they were just giving that guy a chance to prove them wrong because he had just gotten out of rehab. She kicked himself out of the house when she found out what happened and when he talked to her that way. In the last few episodes she has tried to tell alex to calm down before she talks to him and tried to make her understand his point of view in order to conversate. I don’t think she’s been THAT bad, i agree though alex needs to learn how to love herself first.
        AND i forgot to talk about josh, damnn what’s going on with that guy??? Doesn’t he have a pair of balls? He doesn’t decide anything by himself and is like “whatever” to all the questions mackenzie asks him.

    • Renee says:

      Agree with ya on Briana. It sounds like she’s talking with a mouthful of rocks.

    • williambo says:

      I’ll chime in with my thoughts on Teen Mom 3 so far. As I often do on these shows, I cringe at how horrible everyone is at communicating. I feel like I can understand where most of them are coming from and I think “So-and-so, all you have to say this to them” and then a bunch of things that make no sense come out (editing?) and then yelling and screaming ensues next. I hope everyone who ever goes on Teen Mom shows has the intelligence to use their paychecks to get counseling and therapy, because they can all use it. Heck, your average person can always benefit from some therapy, I think…

      Mckenzie and Josh. Josh really does bewilder me with his lack of vitality. He seems like a nice guy, but the way he just has no energy makes it seem like he doesn’t give a crap about absolutely anything, especially his son or Mckenzie. It seems odd that she would want to be with him when he seems to take so little interest in….anything. Why do so many girls think that guys like this are the only kinds out there? Maybe he’s just awkward in front of the cameras. As far as the sex and the expectation of her mother, I know it’s not considered progressive and acceptable anymore, but I think society is giving up and giving in by not trying to have expectations for sex to remain within marriage. You save yourself drama, by saving sex, and I don’t think many would deny that. End soapbox there.

      Alex, ay ay. What a mess. They all have that familiar East Coast US accent that I have heard in my family, and the east coast is always known for their loud, mean, attitudes in my house. Some of these comments have noted that it seems Alex really roped Matt into something he didn’t want, and most likely made the choice to get with a drug-addict, so a lot of this is a result of things she put into place, and now she is upset that they aren’t turning out how she wanted. If all that is true, it really does make me not like the way she is trying to make Matt care about a baby that he didn’t want in the first place. I agree with her mom that she needs to let him go, and was almost surprised when she said she couldn’t let him go. “I can’t deal with a little girl asking where daddy is!” Alex, you can’t control him. A baby doesn’t automatically make a guy mature. You had sex with a guy you weren’t married to and didn’t exchange vows to promise to stay with each other forever, after some years of making sure that’s what you wanted to do! If you can’t deal with a kid wondering where their parents are, then don’t have a kid in highschool. She definitely needs to STOP SCREAMING. I can relate to a lot of guys that really do tune out and stop listening just because the SCREAMING is so grating and obnoxious, that of course no one will want to engage that person! He gets that way too, and shouldn’t have. It does bother me, though, when I see something like that with them, where it almost got physical, because it reminds me of other cases I’ve seen where females go absolutely nuts, verbally and even physically, provoking men, because they know that if he retaliates against her, he is at a big disadvantage because of that moral about not hitting girls, and the law being biased toward the girls in violence situations. Women sometimes take advantage of that safety net, push their buttons and get them angry, just so they can point at them and say that they’re out of control. It’s hypocritical, and they need to realize that they are not helping the situation by being a thorn in their side. Alex and Matt need to learn self-control. They get too wrapped up in how angry they feel, to even care about the fact that they’re yelling on front of their daughter. They need to stop pointing the finger at each other, and take responsibility themselves, to be more mature.

      Katie also seems to be one that is provoking Joey, and then blaming him for lashing out. At least she seems to be admitting that she does this, and they are going to counseling. I can understand where Joey is coming from, as I don’t like seeing males, boys, men, who have a job and are working to provide, and get disrespected in return, and simply told how many things they are doing wrong. That can really tear someone down. Katie doesn’t have to be yelling at him to really hurt him. I don’t like that he lashes out, esp. when she stays calm, but I hope that her passive aggressiveness stops, and they work something out. It’s rough that he works through the night, because that’s not healthy for a person, and leaves very little time for him to be able to spend time with Katie.

      Brianna. You’ll probably notice a pattern in this comment about how I am getting a vibe here of man-bashing women-power in these episodes. Let’s talk bad about our baby-daddies and blame our problems on them, because it’s cool. I hope that’s not what is going to be the reality. These aren’t top notch guys, of course not, they’re young. I wish that these girls would stop pointing out all of the faults in the guys, and remember that they’re young too, not perfect, and could definitely use some self-improvement in some areas! I think it is a little tiny bit unreasonable for Brianna to not be able to trust Devon with Nova alone, but I mostly understand, because babies need transition. I think that she needs to be a little more willing to give him soem chances. I really hope they do give him more chances. He made a comment about how those three girls act like they don’t need any men in their life, and I can get that feeling too. I hope that they don’t gang up on him too much, and are willing to stop yelling at him for a minute, and give him a chance to be a good dad. He seems like he wants to try, but who knows. He could definitely stand to try a little harder and not make promises he can’t keep, of course.

  47. Kieffahh Got Edumacated says:

    3 weeks into the TM3 season and still no new updates? I get that you guys (the writers of this blog) have lives and responsibilities, but come on… if you’re not interested in keeping the blog let us know so we can stop checking for new posts!

  48. Everyone is bipolar says:

    lol we’re all going to feel like dicks if we find out something seriously bad happened.

  49. ListenToWhatYouAreSaying says:

    I woud love to come back to the site…now where do I go?

  50. Kieffers Xanax says:

    If it wasnt for Joan this site wouldnt have been updated in almost two months. The last time Steve actually updated it was July 25!! And wasnt his excuse everytime that he was ‘busy’ or he ‘had a life outside of teen mom’. Well sure seems like he has a lot of time to update the big bother website which is updated practically everyday! And remember the donations things, on the BB site he mentions this

    “Here is where I beg you for donations. This helps me pay for my coffee runs throughout the summer! If you like this blog, feel free to contribute, or don’t, I don’t mind either way…”

    He is basically admitting he just wants extra money for himself, not even to help pay for the site. I used to have my own website and it only cost me 30 dollars a year for the domain name, and 7 dollars a month for the space! So its actually quite inexpensive. Anyway, I just give up all hope for this to ever be updated.

  51. Leah's Terrible Accent says:

    I’m not one to complain but this is getting ridiculous. I used to love this site and I keep checking here daily because I hope that there would be something, anything really! And to think that this site asked for donations a few months back?! Why would we as readers do that, when this site is NEVER updated?! Whatever happened to the guest writers? The commenters in this section did a better job at recapping the episodes. I loved coming to this site after work or before work to get a good laugh but I think those days are long over.

  52. Kail's greasy hair says:

    STILL no new article? Lame.

  53. Costanza says:

    I posted on his big brother page and asked if there will be new articles. He didn’t respond….

    • Emily says:

      “I’d like to get another update or two in before the finale, but school has also started and I also need to start re-focusing on my other blog Teen Mom Junkies (there is a lot of train wreck to catch up on there).”

      From the article posted this morning over at the BBJ site. Would have been to nice have let us know.

      • Chanel123 says:

        I think he’s a day late and a dollar short. I haven’t even been coming here to look for updates anymore, just to read the comments. I doubt many will stick around long enough to even read his updates. What a shame this site used to be the best site with the best comments.

  54. Kailyns anger says:

    Soo..does anyone know if this site is just completely done now?

  55. Kailyns anger says:

    So, I’m guessing this blog is just totally done now?

  56. Sarah says:

    So it’s now been officially a month without a single update. Just want to say you lost many followers today. Just wish you could’ve given all of us a heads up on dropping the blog. I wish you both the best. I also would like to thank all of the amazing commenters who have shared my frustration with these girls. I hope you all do amazing things with your lives!!

  57. Kail's greasy hair says:

    So it’s been one month no update. Can we say fail?!

  58. Intelligently Retarded says:

    There is no real chance of this blog ever getting any credibility back.

    Steve has obviously given up on TM and probably won’t post again since he has run out of excuses – he can’t use the typical ‘I’ve been really busy etc” bullshit since his other blogs get updated multiple times each day, and he knows that his “I need donations to keep this blog alive” posts were always a fucking joke… so there are no other options for him except a) sell the teenmomjunkies.com domain to someone who actually knows how to keep a site running, or b) give posting rights to others and let them write all the articles while he goes back to doing nothing (but does anyone actually want to write for this blog anymore? who wants to work for a douche that doesn’t even care about his own site… and Joan has apparently come to the same conclusion)

    So, yeah… in the words of that other idiot Heather Clouse – this blog is dunzo.

  59. Elizabeth says:

    Really? It’s been a month and a day since a new teen mom post. I think it’s probably a good time to tell your writers you’re not going to be posting anymore and quit checking for new stuff when we’re all too busy with other things. I mean I’m not trying to be rude but as a fellow follower of this site I don’t see why I feel the need to check again if there’s not ever gonna be another post??

  60. J says:

    If the news of Farrah’s new sex toy line made from molds of her… areas (ew, ew, ew!) doesn’t bring them back to this blog I don’t think anything will.

    • Amber's Pill Bottles says:

      I saw that – unfortunately what has been seen cannot be unseen. Just when you think she can’t go any lower she does.

      • J says:

        I kind of hate myself for watching the video and subjecting myself to that sight… Why did she keep bringing up the fact that she was a mom as she was getting her vajayjay molded?! Someone should have told her that being a mom should be enough reason to NOT do those things!

  61. Costanza says:

    I saw someone say on another blog that Chelsea’s website is gone, and people who ordered things from her have been waiting weeks, like 8 or 9, and still haven’t received anything. Now they don’t have the website to contact and Chelsea and her crew won’t respond to these people on twitter. So shady!

  62. ListenToWhatYouAreSaying says:

    Its beyond me why I even check this site anymore

  63. Kail's greasy hair says:

    This site officially stinks. The writers seriously don’t care. I think it is safe to say that a single fuck has not been given in over a month now. Shame.

  64. Hayzii says:

    I just saw this on their facebook page –

    JoAnna Baanana
    Great job updating the FB page and blog. You should delete it if you don’t plan on writing instead of just apologizing, promising to write more often, and never doing so.
    Like · · September 11 at 8:40am
    Stephanie Hagin likes this.

    Teen Mom Junkies I will be updating soon, but apologize for what? This is a hobby, not a job
    Like · Reply · 1 · October 3 at 9:32am

    …and then a few comments down he apologized for something. lol. Yeah Steve you definitely don’t have to apologize to your loyal readers, but you SHOULD. Not only did you make money off the adverts on here, but many people actually donated from their own pockets! What a gross entitled attitude you have. SMH

  65. Emilee says:


  66. Kail's greasy hair says:

    I even emailed Steve to ask wtf was up and no response. I wonder if he knows how much he stinks and his website stinks. Fraudulent jerk he is….

    • Intelligently Retarded says:

      Steve doesn’t have the balls to post again. Saying on facebook that he will update ‘soon’ is total bullshit and we all know it. Joan is no better – she said the same thing weeks ago and has now set her twitter to private because people were calling her out for being full of shit.

      Like the rest of Steve’s blogs (SurvivorJunkies, HollywoodJunkies, etc) there will be no announcement or apology, he will just stop updating. I’m betting that this will be the last article ever and Steve and Joan will ignore any emails/etc about TM.

      We should just let this site die – it’s obviously what Steve/Joan wants.

  67. Keiffah's Green Hoodie says:

    I don’t think he necessarily owes us an apology, but at the same time he has to realize why people are annoyed. He should have been honest and admitted that he doesn’t care to update anymore rather than claiming he will update “soon” when we all know that will likely not happen. A post saying “there will be no more new posts, don’t bother coming back, peace out” wouldn’t have been a great inconvenience, especially if he’s already online updating his other sites. I can understand if the hostility of the comments may have put him off from posting, but he brought it all on himself; I don’t think that people would have been so upset if he hadn’t been delivering excuse after excuse for literally months, and making snarky comments when people called him out on it. People don’t like being misled or talked down to, it’s as simple as that.

    That said, he SHOULD apologize to anyone who donated money, especially considering that he claimed on TMJ that donations would be used for maintaining the site and on his Big Brother site said that any donations went to his coffee fund. That’s all sorts of shady. Once he started accepting money he should have realized that people would expect updates, regardless of what the money actually went to.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this blog and the commentors, and it had a good run. But it is unfortunate that it went out on such a low note, and that the people who made the site what it is (or rather, what it WAS) were treated as disposable.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree with everything you said, but I’ll take it one step further… He needs to return the money to the people that donated. Keeping it is akin to fraud, in my opinion.

  68. It's called a condom says:

    I miss everyone’s comments :(

  69. Elizabeth says:

    WOW! 2 months and NOTHING!! *Cricket-Cricket* So much for donations. What a bunch of crap!!!

  70. Elizabeth says:

    2 months go by (Cricket—Cricket) Well so much for the donations!! What a bunch of crap!

  71. Elizabeth says:

    Uhh? I thought the first one didn’t post so I commented again! Weird!

  72. Aubree says "stop crying" says:

    Don’t know why I keep coming and checking this site.

  73. Chelsea. says:

    Are you the writers here still among the living?

    What in the world is going on. At least out of courtesy inform us that they will no longer be posting so I can waste my data plan on a website that actually updates.