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Is Kailyn and Javi’s Marriage Falling Apart?

There’s been a whole lot of engagements/pregnancies/marital issues in the Teen Mom world lately, and it’s kind of starting to make my head spin.  That’s probably why this issue of Kailyn and Javi’s marriage being on the rocks slipped through the cracks and didn’t get posted about for like 2 days.  Sorry for that.

A couple of days ago, Kailyn took to Instagram to share a picture of Javi with a rather lengthy caption about the struggles that occur in their marriage.  In order to save myself the struggle of paraphrasing, I’m simply going to share the picture and caption here.  This also lets you read it in it’s original state.


Nobody told me marriage was easy but I never could have imagined the limits it would push me to. We aren’t perfect and we’ve never claimed to be. I’ve fought harder with you and for you than I ever have for anyone. Now, all I can hope is that we can keep pushing forward and learn from what we have gone through and what we are going through. If I posted this saying everything was perfect, I would be lying because it’s not. But, at the end of the day, I want you by my side when we’re 80, still pinching my butt and making me laugh. I love you, Jose.

I really struggle with deciding whether that’s a compliment to Javi, or whether it’s airing the fact that their relationship isn’t all that great.  Sometimes Kailyn is hard to read, and I think that gets shown a lot during her segments on Teen Mom 2.  It’s no surprise to anyone that these two have issues in their marriage.  We’ve seen Kailyn shake Javi’s head and say rude things about Javi’s family.  We’ve also seen Javi try and overstep his boundaries as a step-father and maybe not help with Lincoln as much as Kailyn would like.  Either way, these two have always seemed to figure things out, and until now, there haven’t been any rumors of cheating in their relationship that I can remember.

Following Kailyn’s Instagram post, a source close to the Teen Mom 2 stars went to Radar online and sold an exclusive story about Kailyn texting and meeting up with guy friends behind Javi’s back.  The article states that Kailyn is texting these guys and asking to hang out alone, without Javi.  Another source in the article claims that Kailyn rarely talks about Javi in conversation.

While I’m often times skeptical about Radar Online articles, I can’t say that I feel like this one is too far off.  We’ve seen Kailyn cheat before during her time on Teen Mom 2, and we’ve also heard both of them admit on the show that their marriage has been rocky since Lincoln was born.

Kailyn responded to the article via Twitter claiming that it’s all made up and that she wanted to know the names of the guys that she’s been texting.


Teen Mom 2 has been filming for a 6th season, so you can bet we’ll get to see more of Kailyn’s marriage on our television screens at some point during this year, but until then we’ll just have to wait and see if anything comes from this Radar article or not.

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