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Teen Mom 2 – Leah Has Political Opinions (Updated)

Everyone knows what time it is, you simply can’t avoid it.  You turn on a TV and see political ads, you try and get your Justin Bieber going full blast in your car and more ads come on  (I kid about Bieber, I listen to him in my house, not car…. ).  No matter where you turn, it’s politics, politics, politics, and reality “stars” are not immune to it.

Leah has come out of the closet with her support for Mitt Romney, and when someone pointed out he may cut government assistance, her twitter reply:

twitter – Government assistance?? They should get rid of it.. Then maybe people will WORK for a living! .. Idc

Ok then.  I’m still licking my wounds from the pounding I took for criticizing queen Maci in my last thread, so I’m not going to go too hard on Leah.  While young, she has already had 2 babies and 2 marriages, which is 2 more than I’ve had with each, so who am I to talk?

While someone tweeting “maybe people will WORK for a living” when they got famous for having kids is pretty amusing, it is a bit concerning for someone in her position to say such a thing.  A lot of girls who had to deal with being young moms without the luxury of MTV giving them six figure checks for it look up to these moms.  Many of those girls probably have had to resort to some type of government assistance at one point or another.  It’s hard not to as a young parent.. kids are expensive!  Even her fellow teen moms from the show have had to rely on government assistance at times, just as Kailyn.

I don’t want to start a political debate because I know people feel strongly on both sides of this issue, but reality is for every person who is scamming the system, there are likely many who really do need help.  They simply can’t up and get a job like you see in the movies or tv shows.  Many also don’t find a sugar-daddy who allegedly makes $4k a week at his job.  Just sayin’


After speaking with a few people close to Leah, I wanted to clear up her comments a bit.  When you type in 140 characters on twitter, it’s hard to get points across, especially political issues.  Leah has no problem with government assistance for those who need it, like young moms who are struggling financially, etc.  Her problem is the same shared by many, those who abuse it.

I’m sure Leah wishes she could re-write her tweet, but I do have advice for her.  In the future, avoid political discussions on twitter, it’ll only result in trouble 🙂

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