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Teen Mom 2: Season 5 Episode 20 Recap

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Leah is having problems with Ali’s wheelchair, but still sends it to Corey’s house with Ali for the weekend so that he can see her use it.  Jeremy is coming with Leah to the drop off for the kids and is helping Corey get the wheelchair into his vehicle.  This is complete chaos.  It’s finally setting in to Aleeah that she’s different than Ali, and she just keeps saying that she wants her own wheelchair.  Leah tells Aleeah that she has a pink bike because she doesn’t need a wheelchair, but it really doesn’t register with her.

“I bought you a Keurig, can we PLEASE have sex?!” (Note: I would KILL for a Keurig…I put one on my wedding registry. I might die without coffee every morning, and afternoon, and at night while I’m writing up these Teen Mom 2 recaps.)

Corey and Miranda take the girls to the zoo, but since the wheelchair isn’t working, they decide to just take a stroller instead.  Aleeah and Ali get into an argument about not sharing the wheelchair, but since the wheelchair wasn’t there anyway, the argument ended pretty quickly.  It looks like everyone had a great time at the zoo, and I’m glad that Corey took that time to make memories with the girls instead of spending all of his vacation on Ali’s doctor’s appointments.

Corey drops the girls off with Leah again after the weekend at the zoo, and says that the wheelchair didn’t work, but that Ali walked for a while.  Corey and Miranda both agree that the wheelchair would’ve been nice, but that she also did a great job walking.  They talk about Aleeah acting out, but neither of them have a real concrete idea of how to work on those kinds of things, so they just settle for saying that it’s really difficult.

Leah has a tidbit that didn’t make the episode about how if little girls don’t wear their seatbelts properly, they have to go to boot camp, where they don’t get to play and have to eat food that they don’t like, but Addie still isn’t strapped into the car seat nearly tight enough and her chest clip is at her belly button.

Leah sits down with Aleeah and talk to her about her sister’s Muscular Dystrophy.  Leah addresses the wheelchair issue, and it was good to see that Aleeah had a real conversation with her mom instead of simply hearing things second hand while her parents talk around her.  I think Leah did a good job explaining the wheelchair to Aleeah, but it’s still sad that the conversation has to be had in the first place.  I just hate that Ali had Muscular Dystrophy, and you can see the impact that it’s having on everyone in that family.


Kailyn tells her mom a little about the history of things between her and Vee, explaining that when she was first starting to see Jo around Vee, they didn’t know what they wanted, and then once it was official, things started popping up online that made Kailyn nervous to have Vee around her son. Now, things seem to be working better and the co-parenting situation has improved tremendously since we’ve seen all of them on the show.

Kailyn tells her mom that she’s happy that she was able to have her help while Lincoln was having difficulty breastfeeding, and her mom seems pretty sincere when she says “that’s what moms are for.”  I do hope these two can figure things out, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Kailyn has an appointment with a lactation consultant, so her mom watches Isaac for a while.  She’s questioning him about how he likes Lincoln.  Isaac also tells Suzi that Javi doesn’t care about them anymore, but even though Suzi corrects him and tells him that Javi is simply away at work, Isaac seems pretty persistent, which is sad to see.

Kailyn gets back and tells her mom that the lactation consultant just wants her to take a supplement to have her make more milk.  Suzi tells Kailyn about Isaac’s comment about Javi not liking them.  Isaac is still pretty persistent that Javi doesn’t love them anymore.  Later, Isaac has a mustache drawn on his face, and it’s pretty hilarious.  He compares mustaches with Javi.  It’s pretty clear that Isaac is confused about this whole situation, but at least he has people that are reassuring him about how much Javi cares about their family.

Suzi heads back to Pennsylvania, and admits that it was nice to have help with the kids.  Suzi says she doesn’t want any more absences from Kailyn’s life, and that she loves her and the kids.  Kailyn calls Javi and talks about how it was nice to have her mom there, but that she didn’t bring up the past because it wasn’t worth an argument.  Kailyn feels fine with everything, but just hopes that her mom doesn’t go back to drinking.


Jenelle is due in 6 weeks, and she and Nathan have been fighting a lot.  Barbara is worried about Nathan’s drinking.  Jenelle talks with a friend about the divorce from Courtland, and she says that he’s admitted that he was served papers, but that she doesn’t think he’ll really do much about it.

Jenelle talks about an argument between her and Nathan where Jace was sleeping in the next room, and when the argument started Jenelle called her mom to come pick up Jace to try and keep him away from the fighting.  I’m not going to condone screaming matches, but at least Jenelle had the sense to call her mom instead of put her kid in the middle of it.  Eventually things died down, and Barbara didn’t need to come after all, but Jenelle blamed the whole argument on Nathan’s drinking.

Jenelle prepares to register for her baby shower.  Nathan says “electronical” and I laughed a lot.  Barbara and Jenelle prepare the guest list, and Barbara ends up getting pissed that they registered for the really expensive stroller.  Nathan starts flipping shit on Barbara about how he’s an adult and he can handle his own things.  Eventually Barbara says that they’ll never get Jace back if Nathan keeps drinking the way he has been.  Nathan accuses Barbara of being an alcoholic, and she denies it.  Barbara ends it with saying that if he hurts her daughter that she’ll be after him.

Jenelle talks to her mom about how she’s sick of the arguing and that Nathan doesn’t handle criticism well at all.  She says to her mom that she phrases things poorly, and that it comes off as pushy with things instead of concerned or loving at all.  Barbara is simply concerned for Jenelle’s health and safety.  Jace shares a Ring Pop with everyone in the room…yay germs.

Nathan finally comes back and they talk about how Barbara flipped out.  Jenelle thinks that Barbara is jealous that Nathan spends so much time with her.  Nathan and Jenelle agree that they need to stop fighting in order to have a healthy relationship that’s best for Jace as well as their unborn child.


Adam gets arrested for driving with a suspended license, and Chelsea is really mad because it was supposed to be his weekend with Aubree.  Adam’s parents didn’t tell Chelsea about the situation, which is also frustrating to her.  Chelsea talks to her dad about it, and Randy basically says that he wishes Adam was in jail because he’s a danger.

Chelsea attempted to talk to Adam’s mom about things, and apparently his mom freaked out on Chelsea saying that it wasn’t really any of Chelsea’s business about what happens with Adam’s personal life, and that Chelsea should at least be able to trust his parents with Aubree.

Aubree has an attitude when she comes back from Adam’s parents’ house, and she’s throwing a pretty big fit about going to school.  Chelsea still doesn’t know how to handle Aubree’s problems, and Aubree exclaims that she doesn’t like her mom any more, and that she’s not her friend, and that she isn’t acting nice.

Chelsea picks Aubree up from preschool, and it seems like she’s in a better mood.  Chelsea goes out to eat with two friends to get some opinions on what to do about Adam’s latest arrest.  Chelsea also says that she’s going to implement the same behavior chart from preschool at her house, so that she can be consistent, regardless of what happens at Adam’s visitation times.  It’s pretty cute that Chelsea and Aubree are making their behavior chart, and Aubree is excited that the top level is pink!



1. Aleeah acts out because she’s not getting as much attention at Ali.

2. Kailyn attempts to repair her relationship with her mom.

3. Nathan and Barbara argue over who is an alcoholic. Nathan makes up more words: “Electronical”

4. Adadm gets arrested, and Aubree still has some an attitude.

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