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Teen Mom 2: Season 5 Episode 20-Something Recap

Teen Mom 2


Kailyn and Javi go out to supper to celebrate his return from his military training. They talk about their custody schedule for the summer and Kailyn says that Isaac will be with Jo for 6 weeks and with them for 6 weeks.

Kailyn meets with Jo to talk about the summer visitation schedule. It’s kind of nice that Jo and Kailyn go to the park with Isaac and Lincoln. Jo even calls Kailyn a super mom because she’s able to get Isaac in bed earlier than he is. Jo even suggests that Kailyn should leave Lincoln with him for a day or so. Kailyn asks Jo about her family vacation and says that the schedule doesn’t really work for him since it falls on Father’s Day. Jo says he was planning on having a cookout with his family over that weekend, and that he doesn’t see any way around it. Even though they didn’t make an agreement that everyone is happy about, they still seemed like they handled it like adults and that’s a huge improvement.

Jo and Vee talk about having Isaac for 6 weeks in the summer, and they’re excited that they’re going to have a little more time with him. Jo mentions that Kailyn had the vacation conflict but says that he told Kailyn that she couldn’t take Isaac for Father’s Day. He says that Kailyn is disappointed but that he wanted to make a point to keep Father’s Day for himself.

Kailyn tells Javi that Jo doesn’t want Isaac to go to the family vacation so now they go on family vacation without Isaac. Javi says that Kailyn doesn’t push for things enough, but Kailyn says that it’s not what’s best for Jo or best for Kailyn, but that it’s what’s best for Isaac. Kailyn says that she’s sick of fighting with everyone about time with Isaac, and that it’s exhausting to always be fighting with Jo about time. Kailyn leaves the room angry…that seems like a theme tonight.


Chelsea gives Aubree a facial at work and Aubree says that she wants to do facials when she’s older too.

Aubree has her first tee-ball game and Chelsea hopes that Adam will show up because Aubree was upset that her dad missed the whole last game. Taylor goes to the salon to get her hair done and talks to the stylist about Adam’s new girlfriend. Taylor says that she understands how Chelsea feels about things now that Adam’s brought another girl around their daughter.

Chelsea takes Aubree to her tee-ball game and lets her know that she thinks Adam is coming to the game. Randy takes lots of pictures and Chelsea thinks she’s going to cry because Aubree looks too cute. Chelsea says she doesn’t know if Adam will show up for the game or not, but eventually he shows up and he brings his new girlfriend too. Chelsea just kind of giggles all the time and it’s strange.

Aubree’s game finishes up and things are just super awkward the whole time. Aubree’s just too cute though, and she even gets on base once during her game. Aubree talks to her dad for a bit, but Jessica isn’t really involved in much of the scene and she doesn’t talk at all. Chelsea and her friend take bets on when Adam’s next girlfriend will be pregnant.


Corey got papers for court stuff, and Leah’s been really stressed so she’s taking some time off. (I’m not sure what she’s taking time off of because I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a job…) Leah gets a haircut and refers to it as “slutty” but Jeremy thinks it’s sexy. Jeremy says that Corey is a piece of shit because of the whole child support and wheelchair situation. Leah says she’s tried to have a friendship with him but that his actions have pushed her away completely. You can tell that Leah is really pissed about this whole situation.

Corey talks to his dad about Leah filing paperwork. His dad explains that Leah wants more money and medical authority. Corey says that he wants more custody and says that the kids would be better off at his house. He says that Ali’s therapy called and said that they hadn’t been taking her to therapy, so if she doesn’t keep going they’re going to stop seeing her and helping her out. Corey is pretty upset and realizes that there isn’t going to be a happy ending to this situation.

Jeremy and Leah meet Corey to pick up the girls and they decide to talk about the legal garb that’s going on. Leah says that the insurance has 30 days to make a decision and says that he’s doing the best that he can at the moment. Leah says he needs to make more of an effort and that he should just keep calling no matter what. Corey brings up the missed therapy appointments and says that Ali would be released from the program since she hadn’t been taking Ali to therapy. Leah says she feels like she’s being accused of things that she didn’t do, and Corey says that the reason co-parenting isn’t working because of Leah and Jeremy. Miranda says that none of them need to be best friends, but that they do need to get along for the girls. The scene ends by them all agreeing that they’ll just deal with it in court.

Leah gets into the car and gets angry about things because she’s the one that’s taken Ali to therapy for her whole life, but Corey hasn’t taken Ali to therapy ever. Leah says that Corey always throws her under the bus. Jeremy says that enough is enough and that Leah needs to be done taking crap from Corey because it’s not worth protecting him anymore.


Jenelle has Jace for the weekend after her argument with her mom. Nathan thinks that Jace is emotionally traumatized by Barbara’s actions and asks Jace if Barbara yells at him a lot. Nathan suggests that Jenelle tries to get custody back and have it so they have Jace during the week and Barbara has Jace on weekends to try and even things out.

Jenelle talks to Nathan about things that happened earlier when Nathan asked Jace where he wanted to live. Nathan says that Jenelle is constantly asking for her mom’s approval, while Jenelle thinks that it’s more important to do things on her own time and figure things out that are more necessary right now. Jenelle says that Nathan should worry about his daughter, and that Jenelle will worry about her son. Jenelle leaves the house angry.

Jenelle takes Jace back to her mom’s house, and she’s mad that Nathan isn’t coming to help her set up for Kaiser’s baby shower. Jace says that he will help Jenelle set up for the baby shower and that if Nathan doesn’t want to go, that they can just go by themselves. It’s honestly really sad to see Jenelle crying in the car about it, but Jace sings a cute little song about how so many people make the world go around, and that kind of made the scene better for me.

Jenelle lets her mom know that Nathan isn’t going to come help set up for the baby shower. Barbara doesn’t even really know what to say, but suggests that Nathan seems like he’s on steroids or something. Barbara starts yelling at Jenelle about something, and Jenelle leave. Jace starts crying which is really sad, and Barbara threatens to cancel the shower if people don’t start figuring things out. Then Barbara is crying, and she’s just pissed off.


Quick summary:

– Everyone is mad or crying at some point in this episode.

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