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Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska (born August 29th, 1991) from Vermillion, South Dakota, first appeared on season 2 of 16 and Pregnant.  Chelsea had just started her senior year in High School when her daughter, Aubree Skye Houska, was born 5 weeks early on September 7th, 2009.  Aubree’s father, Adam Lind, is completely uninterested in Aubree and would rather spend time with his cars and sends nasty text messages to Chelsea calling Aubree “a mistake.”  Chelsea then makes the decision to change Aubree’s last name to her own.  Chelsea and Aubree move out of Chelsea’s father’s house and move in with her friend, Megan Nelson.  Out of nowhere, Adam starts texting Chelsea saying he wants to see her and Aubree.  Chelsea finally agrees to it, which causes a rift between her and Megan, since Megan can’t stand him.  It’s not long before Adam is moving in.  Adam and Megan aren’t getting along, which makes Megan move out.  After Megan is gone, Adam is still his old self.  He spends most of his time sleeping or complaining until Chelsea gets fed up and makes him move out.

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  1. Chelsea actually changed Aburee’s last name from Lind To Houska

  2. Chelsea was absoloutly right to change Aubree’s last name. As Chelsea’s dad said on her 16 & pregnant, Adam didn’t do nothing to deserve Aubree to have his last name. Chelsea was also right in saying that Adam shouldn’t see Aubree until he pays some child support. Adam seems to think he can come & go in Aubree’s life but i think we can all see that Chelsea wont let that happen

    • Are You kidding me?! She keeps taking him back, fighting with him, let him treat her like garbage and dump her!! She is sooooooo stupid when it comes to that butt head!!

    • And here we are, months later and she’s letting him back. Chelsea is selfish. Making up reasons like “Aubree is happier when he’s around”.. it’s because Chelsea’s attitude changes trying to be a leech onto Adam to keep him so she acts all sweet and light, and he keeps bashing her. In this respect, she’s a horrible mom, letting him talk the way he does to her around Aubree. Maybe she’s fine with Aubree growing up to think it’s normal for men to call kids mistakes, the mothers bitches (among other things).

  3. No, Chelsea did not go thru with it in the end, so it’s still Aubree Lind

  4. I sorta have mixed feelings for Chelsea. She’s a good mom, but expects daddy to pay everything for her, and to get whatever her heart desires. She needs to learn to get a job, finish school, and actually live life without getting that financial support all of the time. She also needs to stay away from Adam because all he is is trouble. He’s only going back to Chelsea for attention.

    • daddy’s are suppose to be there like chelsea’s dad

      • Not for the rest of her life, supporting her on every move, paying for all the housing and bills while she has an open credit card to buy whatever she wants. Especially when they become parents themselves. He supports her fully, she has no work ethic at all. He needs to step up and say “If you take Adam back, he can pay for everything and I’ll cut you off!” and see where her loyalties lie. See if she believes Adam can provide for her or not.

      • I TOTALLY AGREE w/ this statement. I have never met my Biological Father (although, I have lived 10 miles away from him my whole life) & I didn’t know until I ewas 14 that the Man I called Daddy was NOT really my Father & he Adpoted me & gave me his last name when I was (3). Thenhim & my Mother got Divorced when I was (7) & I never saw him again & then (1) year later she married my Step-Father who is the worst person I know. Anyway, I have had MANY,MANY Years to DREAM of a REAL FATHER & Randy Houska is THAT Father! Chelsea is one of my Favorite of the TEEN MOMS & I hope that she appreciates her Daddy b/c he is a BLESSING!

      • actually chelsea has started helping out with her bills that randy pays for her. that is why she got the job at tanning salon to help pay her way and she was the one who decided to help with her bills….it was part of last season

  5. i agree Chelsea was absoloutly right to change Aubree’s last name adam is so not there 4 u ar aubree i would not let him see her untill he pays up ur a great mom dont let any one tell u any diffrent

  6. Chelsea watching teen mom i saw alot of me in you. Hoping Adam would come back into your life and you could be one happy family. Ive waited 38 years for this and in my heart of hearts ive always known this wasnt going to happen. My man came and went so many times its inpossible to count. Dont spend your life waiting and hoping leopards dont change their spots and men do take a long time to mature and grow up.
    Reach for the stars Chelsea and settle for no less. It can be a lonely road but you have Aubrees hand to hold whilst your walking it.
    Be happy Chelsea and dont waste your life as i did.
    I wish you love, respect and happiness,
    be true to yourself.
    Mr right is out there,
    Start looking
    You are a beautiful mother and deserve the best
    KIss Aubree for me
    Rhonda (Australia)

  7. This girl is ridiculous. She’s selfish for wanting Adam around; it’s not like he’s a good father. He’s a terrible person to her, and in turn to Aubree for treating Chelsea the way he does in front of Aubree. Kids aren’t stupid. Chelsea needs to grow up and take responsibility for her and Aubree’s lives…and her dad needs to cut the umbilical cord, already.

  8. Hey I’ve been dating the same guy for almost 2 years and we’ve both cheated and put each other through so much so I really related to Chelseas story the most, she’s my favorite and I’m so proud of her for being so strong!! I make my dad watch teen mom with me and he always tells me that he feels the same way Chelseas dad does.

  9. i love chelsea and aubree and i think shes doing an amazing job! i dont get why she doesnt understand that adam isnt going to change and she deserves alot better because shes a lovely person!iknow that part of it is because she wants aubree to have a proper family unlike her (her perant are devorced)and u have to take it into mind mtv only shows what they want to show,im sure theres good times aswell i hope she soon sees scence but i love chealsea regardless

  10. i think you did a good decision changing her last name ndd u are a good mom

  11. chelsea puts aubree first so that makes her a good mom 🙂

  12. Chelsea is such a great mom!

  13. I honestly love chealsy shes a nice sweet girl, but i cant believe she lets adam walk all over her the only reason he stays with her in my opinion is because hes a free loader he knows her dad pays for everything so he takes advantage he obviously doesnt care about aubree and idk how he can do that shes such an adorable baby.. well if chelsey ever maybe looks at this web site and see these comments this is what i have to tell u girl even though idk u i honestly think you need to realize that you have everything your dad is a wonderful person and helos you with everything and respect his wishes and dump that piece of shit you call boyfriend sometimes cuz he doesnt deserve u i know hes probably your first love maybe even your 1st guy you slept with and thats why its so hard to get over him but your young and beautiful and you definally dont have to worry about finding another guy that will actually love you and treat u right also someone that wouldnt think aubree is a mistake cuz seriously thats the most fucked up thing to say about a child and since shes your daughter idk how in the fuck you didnt drop him from your life after that if anything hes the mistake if he was my kid i would be embarrased of saying he was mine after seening the way he acts on tv and he treats u like garbage but anyways in my opinion thats what i think i would never let a guy treat me or talk to me the way he does specially about my kid.

  14. What MTV doesn’t show is that Chelsea went to Florida to “visit her sister”, actually went to cheat on Adam. But nooooooooo. Chelsea is the good girl and Adam is the tool. A girl in my class is friends w/ Adam

    • Cheat with who???? How would she be cheating on Adam when they aren’t even together anymore? And haven’t been for six months!

    • GOOD! She SHOULD give Him a Dose of His OWN Medicine! No matter what….He said, Let Me Know Where & When & I’ll Sign the Papers to Sign Over THAT MISTAKE!!!! DONT EVER 4get THAT! That Statement Alone makes Adam a MONSTER FOREVER!!!!!

  15. i love love love chelsea! she is my favorite!! i think she is jus stuck “in love” with a douche and eventually will slowly realize it more and more and get out!! she is a fantastic mother and puts up with alot of shit! and adam deserves to be cheated on afer being such a dead beat dad nd boyfriend!! screw him!!

  16. Chelsea, you are by far my favorite. I really like your story and I think you are an excellent mother to Aubree!! Just keep your head up, Adam is a douche bag and needs to grow up and open his eyes and realize what he is missing. It will not make you feel any better if people are telling you to move on, you are only going to move on, on your own. Just keep your head up.

  17. Chelsea, you are 20 years old, a mother and u behave like a 15 year old. You have an amazing Father but his flaw in parenting u, is he keeps u from growing up! Your a spoiled rotten brat! For two years u have been crying over Adam and making him ur number one priority. Your daughter should be ur priority not Adam. Your embarrassing yourself on national T.V.! First off, grow the fuck up! Its disgusting that ur run to your Daddy for everything! Maybe if u got off ur fat ass, grew the fuck up, learned to take care of yourself, get a real job (ur 21 and work at a tanning salon and daddy pays for everything) its fucking disgusting you can barley manage to take care ur daughter. If your wondering why Adam just stop liking you as you keep crying and saying. Maybe its because ur a spoiled, rotten brat, u don’t take care yourself (ask daddy for a gym membership and loose 30 pounds) ur lazy! Ur house is always messing, all u do is bitch, wine and complain about how u can’t do nothing on ur own. No man wants a child for their girlfriend or wife and wtf?! Why is your hair always a rats nest! Whip the makeup off that looks like it needs to be scraped off with a butter knife, get a real fucking jon (ur 20 years old and a mother) at least go to school.. S.M.H focus on being a mother and not a cry baby, always running to daddy! No man is going to want to be with a over weight, lazy, spoiled, nagging cry baby child! GET OVER YOURSELF! Ur making an ass out of yourself and ur poor dad. The least u can do is handle ur own shit and stop making ur fathers life harder. How embarrassing for ur dad, to have a a spoiled brat who doesn’t appreciate anything her father does. If u did, u would get off ur ass and get ur own life!

    • The reason she is working in a tanning salon is cause she can’t really go to college and get a real job She hasn’t even gotten her GED as of yet. That is really sad and pathetic, I mean how long has she been working on it already, do it for your child think about her future camera’s won’t be there forever!

    • Yeah, I have to agree with pretty much everything you said Andy. As viewers, we only get to see a small portion of the bigger picture, but I’ve go to say, Chelsea appears to spend her days drifting between finding an ear to whine about Adam to,(whoever is the least sick of hearing about it on that particular day) Endless, useless, totally unproductive time spent on weighing the pros and cons of getting her G.E.D., disrespecting good friends who have her and Aubree’s best interests at heart by allowing Adam to enter and then re-enter,
      not just her life at will, but the lives of those she’s closest to, who Adam by the way, treats like crap on a regular basis without ever giving it a second thought… her friend Megan, is
      a prime example. Its pathetic. She takes zero responsibility for her decisions and has no desire to better herself in order to set an independent, strong willed, ambitious example for her daughter. She whines like a 13 year old would when it comes to Adam. I literally have to change the channel when she starts that whiny, immature baby talk thing… makes my skin crawl. She uses her daughter to manipulate whatever her latest status with Adam is, she did it when she had to have knee surgery… “you have to be with me for my surgery Adam and take care of me at home Adam(whine, whine,whine…)” She ends EVERY sentence sounding like a question, that annoying,immature baby talk… its embarassing. Nice dad? Yes. Nice mom? Yes… but they have spoiled her rotten, nevermind the fact that she’s never had to face any consequences for her irresponsible, sloth like behavior… they reward her by handing everything to her on silver platter and encourage her to live her life like the
      14 year old spoiled brat that she is… except she’s 20, not 14.
      Mark my words, Chelsea will be pregnant again before you know it because it frees her up from having to do the “big girl” things that the rest of the world has to do at the age of 21. And she’ll do it because she knows mommy and daddy will take care of everything while she tries to trap Adam with another baby or God forbid, some other poor schmuck she sets her sights on. Again, nice parents? sure, but they aren’t doing her any favors by enabling her seriously juvenile, spoiled behavior.

      • First off, I’d like to say that I became pregnant with my first child at a very young age, so I know I have a right to say everything I’m about to say. Michaelscarn, you hit the nail on the head when it comes to her! She is just plain annoying and a disgrace to representing what teen parenting is really like. Glamorizing Chelsea the way you obviously very young children that defend her do, is exactly why there are so many teenage girls that are now wanting to become teen moms after watching this show. Chelsea is a lazy, whiny, and very selfish little girl who needs to grow up! Chelsea’s life is very UNREALISTIC of that of a teenage mother! It’s time for her father to cut her off and teach her RESPONSIBILITY! You children who think you know so much about parenting call her a good mother, but what on earth does she do that makes her a good mother? What does she provide for her daughter HERSELF that her daughter NEEDS? Love doesn’t feed or clothe a child! And no, this is absolutely NOT jealousy because I am 100% proud of the mother and woman I am today! I wouldn’t be here without my parents, whom I love dearly, but my parents are examples of what parents to young mothers should be! Not enablers that keep on encouraging their daughter to make the same mistakes and dumb choices that got her into this position in the first place! Unfortunately, Chelsea will always be this way until her father learns that he isn’t truly helping his daughter in the long run and finally cuts her umbilical cord like he should have a long time ago. If Chelsea can’t afford to live on her own, then maybe she should live with her parents until she learns that life isn’t just a free ride where she can lay around having everything she wants except one loser little boy she can’t have! Living on your own is a privilege, and one that comes with working to pay your own bills and support your own children if you have them, and not depending on your parents to do it for you all your life! If you children think for one second that her child looks like she is well taken care of, that is because of Chelsea’s FATHER, not her! Don’t be stupid! Of course, her father can’t just allow his grandbaby to be homeless, but he also shouldn’t be rewarding his daughter and giving her false perceptions on the reality of life! I’ve been on my own since the middle of my senior year of high school, and never have once had to move back in with my parents! I’ve worked and paid every last one of my bills since then as well! It can be done if it needs to be! Kailyn and especially Maci is a wonderful example of a teen mother, and the only reason this show should still be on the air! Otherwise, these girls are not being the example they claim to be trying to set for our young ladies today! Also, before any of you try to start judging me or go off on me, yes I am married to my children’s father, but not until my oldest was 3 years old. He was a lot like Adam in a way while I was pregnant with our oldest, but you didn’t see me sitting around mooching and crying about it for YEARS and running off every important friend in my life constantly wanting to know why and letting him do it to me over and over and over again, knowing the result would always be the same! No, I still realized I had an innocent life coming into this world that needed to be provided for, so I worked my tale off trying to support my baby without any help and his father realized what he would be missing out on, and then decided to make a change for us. But, unlike Chelsea, he had to prove himself to me before I decided to let him back in and eventually marry him. Now, we have two children and live a normal and happy middle-class type life.

    • wow what harsh words for someone you dont even know. Sounds to me like you just have anger issues! We all need to keep in mind that Chelsea had a baby at a very young age. I think she has done wonderful as a mom. Remember we only see what MTV shows us and that usually the worst drama filled moments and quite frankly I think she handles things well. Her father is a good man and dad to her and I would kill to have that relationship with my own dad. He babys her but atleast she wasnt out sleeping around with tons of guys and doing drugs, partying, etc because her dad wasnt a strong part of her life like so many girls out there today. She is a beautiful girl with or without her makeup and extensions or none! She is studying to be a cosmotoligist so of course shes going to experiment with makeup and hair. She is anything but fat. Damn, shes not even thicke. Get real. She has a perfect toned body and maybe Andy you are just pissed because you couldnt get a girl like that. Sounds like jealousy to me baby!

    • you are a fucking ass!!! really you had nothing better to do then bash this poor girl you went above and beyond what needed to be said why dont you go get a life and shut the fuck up cause im sure no one wants to read your bullshit… chelsea you rock as a mom just stay strong and let none of the bullshit comments get you down… you are beautiful!!!

    • Andy- Your whole “book” you just wrote was a waste of time…you did nothing but repeat yourself…? For someone who “hates” someone so much…a person you don’t even personally know…you sure do write a lot about them…goodness, there were girls I didn’t like on the passed teen mom and I would get up and do something while they were on the tv…it sounds like you sat there and studied Chelsea’s every move…Cool, her dad takes very good care of her…he probably works his ass off so he can do that for his daughter…I don’t know you but I take it you weren’t very spoiled by your dad…so jealous maybe?? Don’t know or care…And pulling the fat card..? Really, is this Junior High?? Get a life 🙂

    • Wow! Way to go and say harsh words on someone yu don’t even know! I’mm sure yurr not little miss perfect either! What’s her weight have to do with anything? She is perfectly fine thee way she is! If yuu were in that kind of position, i’mm sure you’d want your parent/parents help too. Having a job at a tanning salon is better than not having one. Maybe she has other stuff going on that we don’t know about, MTV only shows us a portion of their lives. You act like just because she is on reality television, we know her personally. Aubree seems like a smiling healthy little girl so you have no room too criticize her parenting.

    • Who the fuck are you?!? ADAM? Lmfao @ u! What a doushe bag dipshit dickhead u are. U sound just like Adam! Therefore, noone will ever want YOU! Lmfao @ YOU!! & are we watching the same show? Cuz the only thing u said that was true was she worked at a tanning salon & the name of her dad & that prick.

  18. chelsea is a idiot! she makes me sick when she cry’s about Adam.
    she is taking advantage of her father’s good nature. Adam just wants a place to crash rent free. Chelsea’s hair looks really fake! she should stop dying her own hair, because it looks like a home dye job. If she is going to have extension spend the money for real HAIR–It looks like barbie hair. get a nose job lose 40 LBS. and move on from that loser.


    • Miles-
      — all of the things i listed about Chelsea are true. She is a fat lazy slob, who needs to get a life! Everytime I see her daughter she is in the same outfit, but she is going out and getting her extensions. I feel sorry for her father and her daughter. She needs to get some selfesteem and learn to live without a man, if you can call Adam a man,
      I would classifie him as a BUM.

      • Wow, YOU SUCK! And btw did your body go through carrying and giving birth to a baby, if not you have no room to talk. Chelsea is doing a great job, she is a wonderful and loving mother to aubree and I NEVER have seen Aubree not being taken care of or in the same outfit, you obviously aren’t the brightest crayon in the box, are you? Why don’t you shut your immature face. Thanks!

      • your just a ass that obviously has nothing better to do then sit on this website and talk smack about all the teen moms so really fool who needs to get a life…

      • Why are people talking shit about her weight..? Oh my God…you mean to tell me..you don’t have one friend or family member who is over weight!!??? Because you are criticizing them as well! Chelsea is an awesome mom! She works at a tanning salon- it’s still a job- in all i think all the people on here bashing Chelsea, are pathetic people who are jealous of her- because she has a dad who loves and helps her, has a nice home, nice car, job, goes to school and is a badass mom!!

      • Get self esteem huh? With ppl like u calling her fat? Wtf? She’s not even fat for one & even if she was, wtf does that have to do w/ her parenting or anything else? & Lazy? & u base this on what? Watching little segments of her life once a week? U make no sence. & obviously u have no children bcuz if u did, u would realize that parenting is a full time job. Her daughter is happy, healthy, clean, very well attended too,w/ lots of love & affection, her house always looks clean, as well as herself. Never see her just lying around. So….ur statement has no valid basis.

  20. your right about she needs to stop depending on a man. HELL truthffully i WISHED i had the dad she did lol never had that treatment from no man so i had no choice but to do things on my own so i agree with you on that. i dont think she is fat though lol that is just. adam is a bum and i been in her same situation with my baby’s father coming and going but i didnt do what chelsea doing by not standing up for herself. my ex got punched in the face. I DONT PLAY THAT SHIT!!! LOL

  21. Chelsea is sweet. One day she will be done with Adam. (I hope NOT because some other boy comes along with a cute smile and a strong desire to reject her.. but the odds are that’s the way it will go.)

    Eventually, I hope she has a grown up family. But it looks like it may be closer to 10 years away than 10 episodes away.

    I think Aubree will be fine. She is being raised with a lot of constant features; Grandparents, consistent love, shelter and emotionally positive interaction. (Lots more than some of the babies on this show.)

    Although I am no expert, it seems like Chelsea focuses on Adam as a means of distraction. It keeps her from having to face other more frightening/anxiety provoking issues in her life.

    My .02 cents. Hang in there Chelsea!

  22. For Chelsea to help with a children’s charity while she is working and taking care of her child without much support from Adam, it just shows what a very special young lady she is. I think her Mom and Dad are good people too.

  23. Chelsea stop being. Such. s a idiot. I can not even believe that on the season finally she road off with asshole adam on his motorcyle . Have some selfrepect, you dumb ass , what type of role model are you for your daughter.

  24. Chelsea you are such a dumb fuck. Stop already with Adam.

  25. Chelsea your hair looks really bad

  26. Chealsea is over protective of her daughter Aubree, Aubree is young but she needs some freedom, Chealsea seems to always be holding her, she is very spoled but also very cute. Chalsea is pretty and her sister and her look alot alike!

  27. i org. thought that you were just stupid — no I think your a complete idiot! How could you use your body , to get back at your daughters father…………….GET A LIFE
    your father is well educated DR. you are just embassing him

  28. CHELSEA, you are AWESOME. I love your spunky personality and you are funny! Aubree takes after you in those ways, she is adorable. I don’t think it’s wrong of your Dad to help you and anyone who says so is just jealous. As parents, we do what is in ours MEANs to provide for our children, as long as they are being responsible along the way, because who would want to see their child or even grandchild struggle while they have the means to help out??? Also, I was in a relationship just like yours and Adam’s, with my son’s father and I am telling you now – ditch him, and get over him, and move on. It is so hard for the first month or so, but after some TIME you will feel better. He is a horrible father to Aubree, and you BOTH deserve better, and girl – you are young and pretty, and you have plenty of time to find a real man who will treat you right!


  30. You people are ridiculous. MTV only shows mostly drama for entertainment, and they have to wine about whats going on to keep attention to the show. Who cares if she don’t work and her dad gives her money…hello if my dad gave me money duh i wouldn’t work either. It’s her life who cares if she wants to be with Adam. I would want my family together too. It’s extremely hard to let go of your first love, and the father of your child. I think she’s a great mom. If she was spoiled and didn’t care about her baby she would have stayed at her mom’s or dad’s and had them take care of her baby while she went out all the time. I’ve seen way worse (janelle who don’t even act like she has a kid). She’s very pretty and R0CKS the hair <3


  32. Chelsea your daughter is so adoreable,
    you so pretty .
    you rock


  34. anita bradley uk

    hi chelsea your r doing just fine and doing the best you can,ok so adams brain is the size of a pea fine but only u know when the time is right to move on from him, i was with a guy for 7 years even made me have two abortions, but then one day i woke up and thought i have had enough i dont need pain anymore, i deserve happiness love and laughter, i know hes pretty hot too, but honestly chelsea one you will be strong enough to say enough is enough and i can assure the next guy will be so much better i did and i now have a lovely hubby and children your young healthy pretty just go with the flow ok, oh by the way i soooo love your dad,if i was there i would so want to go out with him, boy he makes me tingle. xxxxbye takecare xxx

  35. Ive gotta add another thing..Unless you have been in her situation yourself then you have no idea. Its unbelievably hard so see your child not have 2 parents. Im sure Aubree does like to be around her dad and what mother wouldnt want the best for her child. I understand that completely but Aubree will be okay coming from seperated parents. Most people do just fine. You deserve Chelsea to be with a man that respects you and your daughter. Aubree can have a stepdad some day that will treat her like his own. As a mom myself as much as it hurts for Adam to make that nasty comment about Aubree being a mistake you need to stand up and defend your lil girl. Dont let her be put down. If that son of abitch can say shes a mistake about his own daughter you cant expect any good from him. Even if he told you he was sorry and he didnt mean it at the time he did and thats fucked up> Get with a hot ass guy who treats you and Aubree like gold honey

  36. I feel for Chelsea! Like her I grew up w/ the most amazing loving father a girl could ever hope for. But the guy I started dating was very much an Adam!! My daughter also has my last name and I’m so glad I made that decision! My father was by my side thru almost 16 hrs of labor/delivery and cut my baby’s umbilical cord, still one of my best memories! Im glad chelsea has such a wonderful father to show her how REAL men are!

  37. She just a spoiled brat i mean ive been through all that i had my son at sixteen my mom paid for everything at least i finished school ive always work since i was a teen

  38. i think shes a good mother she just dumb to keep going back to adam he doesnt treat right. she can find someone better. just because hes the father doesnt mean to put up with his crap, thats not going to be good for the baby if she grows up with watching her parents argue and her dad treating her mother like she aint nothing…she really needs to do for herself and baby shes a good mother and thank god for her father he helps her and is there for her all the time <3 she should be happy her father is there for her alot 🙂

  39. plain and simple chelsea is a idiot…………….her father should take her daughter away . she can not even manage to get her GED.

    • Actually she did because she attended my hair school.

    • Wow someone should get thier child taken away for not getting a GED? Really? U must b VERY ignorant of all the ugliness out there n the world & some of the horrible things parents do to their children. There are kids out there that don’t get fed or bathed, abused-sexually,physically, getting burned!! U must b very young& naive to say such an ignorant thing. Or maybe YOU are aN idiot. Yes it’s an idiot not a idiot. Lmfao.

  40. i think chelsea is a very good mom, yea she may act like she’s 15 but she takes care of aubree with the help of her father…….just because she takes adam back like she does does’nt mean she’s a bad mom she just needs to think about aubree instead of thinking about herself and what makes her happy…..i honeslty think her father should take temporary custody of aubree until she gets herself on track….hopefully one day she realizes that adams just a piece of shit and she can do WAY better without him.

  41. I love Chelsea! I think she is hilarious and sweet. She reminds me of my friends. I pray that she find strengths and wisdom to leave Adam.

  42. I enjoy watching Chelsea, as well as her daughter and her Dad AND Chelsea’s mother. They all seem like pretty darn “normal” people with a lot of love, humor and typical problems in their lives. I even enjoy watching Adam, when he’s nice! Come on Adam, you can do it! Grow up and stay a good hubby and great Dad for that DARLING child of yours and Chelsea. LOve all of you!

  43. I think that Chelsea is right to change Aubree’s last name because no child deserves a dead beat dad!

  44. She should leave him alone and think about her daughter,shes a better mom and more on track when Adam isnt around. Hes a loser and will never change!!!

  45. she should leave that dead beat and think about her daughter is right….and pointer wear less make up you are pretty without it!

  46. I am really not seeing her ever be a good mother. She is there with her…yes. She buys her stuff…yes. I never see her reading her a book, doing colors or letters. Everytime you see her interact with her child, she is talking in her awful fake baby talk voice and saying something stupid like “cray cray”, or whining about Adam. All she does is make her child say whatever she is saying. That is NOT a good mom, that is a dumb teenage babysitter!

    She is always laying on the couch or around the house. I think if she ever showed up for work at a salon looking like she has not brushed her hair or bathed in a week, people would laugh at her. She always looks dirty!

  47. Chelsea, I think u are a wonderful mother & a great friend. Yeah ur dad helps u out some. So what? I’ve never seen u take advantage of it. I’m so happy for u that u have finally rid urself of A-D-A-M. Lol. U deserve better & I hope u now realize that. U are a beautiful young woman. Inside & out. & u r NOT fat. Dont let any haters tell u otherwise. U have a great personality & great sense of style. U r a fun person & a fun mom. Aubree is lucky to have u! U r doing great! Keep it up! 🙂

  48. Oh & don’t take the “fat” remarks to heart. That’s just what ppl say to females to upset them just cuz they’re haters. I’ve seen very, very “skinny” ppl called fat out of anger. So… Don’t think twice about that.

  49. she needs to stop using a baby voice, talking bad about Adam in front of her kid and stop relying on daddy for everything, Randy is as much to blame, he bales her out of everything, wth is her obsession with Adam anyway, he already planted his seed in yet another teen, had the kid, of course they aren’t married, they are just playing house…Smdh…A least she is smart enough not to lay down again but, I am seriously getting tired of her saying she has no life and all she does is take care of the kid, uh news flash, you laid down, let yourself have a seed,you knew what you were doing…Is she and Catlyn and Tyler the only remaining real teen mom’s who didn’t lay down and have more kids? I don’t could Farah,she is a nothing, then of course Amber was smart enough not to have another either, she really turned her life around

  50. Profile photo of misskate2014

    Adam has been dumped by Taylor Halbur for immaturity…i’m not surprised…Adam was always a lame ass loser……

  51. Profile photo of caro2011

    omg i love aburee so much and she is such a good girl and i wish i could meet you guys in person.. im such a big fan of teen mom 2.

  52. Profile photo of Tiffanu

    Chelsea is an idiot still to this day. Her voice is super annoying! She cannot control her daughter and that’s why Adam left. Every time he would get Aubree, she would whine,no wonder he doesn’t stay. Chelsea always keeps a dirty house.

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