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Leah Messer

Leah Messer (born April 24th, 1992) had only been dating Corey Simms for 1 month when she finds out she’s pregnant with twins.  When Leah is 6 months pregnant, she goes into pre-term labor and had to spend the remainder of her pregnancy on bed rest.  Leah moves in with Corey just before the babies are born.  After Aliannah (Ali) Hope Simms and Aleeah Grace Simms are born on December 16th, 2009, things become strained between Leah and Corey.  She starts partying and going out with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie, a lot, which upsets Corey.  They end up breaking up.  Several months later, Leah decides she wants Corey back and has a talk with him.  They get back together and were married on the season 2 finale of Teen Mom 2.  In the meantime, Ali is having health issues.  Her legs don’t appear to be developing properly, but after MRI’s and physical examinations, the doctors don’t seem overly concerned and say she will walk.

As for Leah and Corey, the honeymoon didn’t last long and they were divorced on June 21, 2011 after 6 months of marriage.

Update – December 8, 2011 – Leah is currently in school for nursing and is dating Jeremy Calvert.

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  1. leah is great mother to the twins girls…

  2. Leah ur a great mother to ur children dont let anyone tell u other wise!
    we love u

  3. Does anyone know why Leah and Corey got a divorce? They seemed so determined on this marriage and Leah said from the beginning that she didn’t wanted to get married so they could get a divorce!

  4. Leah and Corey had a perfect family, but I don’t think the time was right for them. I remember Corey bringing up the idea of marriage once in Teem Mom 2, then a few days later he proposes. Then you get married 2 months later? Just because you have twins doesn’t mean you have to speed up your relationship. I think if they gave it more time, it would’ve worked out. I love Leah and Corey individually, and they’re both great parents.

  5. u r a really good mom an corey is a really good dad to the twin girls i dont no how u did it i hope things will work out for u i was a teen mom to an it was hard with one baby an u had two it would of be hard but u r a really strong girl u have been though so much just keep ur chin up

  6. Leah is my second favorite, Maci being the first. 🙂

  7. Both Leah and Corey have a lot to offer their girls and the stress of have a special needs child can break you. They both have supportive family members and I believe they will work their way through everything and end up together when all is said and done.

  8. I think Corey is a great husband and dad, he’s just a great guy all around. I just think he and Leah rushed things a bit. I hope they both have happy lives, as far as the children are concerned I am certain they will do what is in the best interest of the children.

  9. Sadly enough, I knew Alli lead Corey to believe she was over the partying, friends,&her ex boyfriend. I heard her say on many occasions how Corey made a good living, had good Health Insurance. I think she talked herself into believing she loved Corey. This girl is only 19yrs.old!! with a divorce!! How can someone process all that at 19? Although, I’m approx.30yrs. her senior. I was divorced some time ago& the pain I felt was horrible!! &now she has to go on &live life as a Single Mom of 2. It’s hard, very hard.

  10. Oops, sorry it’s Leah not Alli!!! Who z hell was i thinking about??????

  11. I think it is funny how Leah managed to never acknowledge that she and Corey were divorcing!

  12. leah i love you and you are a great mom 🙂 i think that the girls will be GORGEOUS when they grow up they are already the prettiest babies ever… whatever it is you and corey are doing keep doing it bcuz it seems too beee working just fine… Leah you are my one of my many favorites:) i am goin to name all the teen moms in the order of my favorites
    #1 of course is maci and bentley 🙂
    #2 of course is chealsea and aubrey
    #2 of course is LEAH 🙂 and the twins im sorry you are 3rd i love maci bcuz i strted watchin teen mom bcuz of her and ive meet her to. and chealses bcuz she is why i watched teen mom 2 in the first place but i still think you are abosuletly amazing
    #4 of course is jennelle and jace 🙂
    #5 of course is Farrah and sophie 🙂
    #6 of course is amber and leah 🙂
    #7 of course is kaitlyn and isaic
    #8 is catelyynn and tyler

  13. I so admire Leah for caring for her twins as well as she does, especially with one facing an obstacle.. I’m a young mother of twins as well, and it is such a rewarding challenge. I am very proud of Leah!

  14. i think leah is great having to raise twins and all the problem with ali leah is such a beautifull girl and so are ali and aleeah.its a shame her and corey didnt work out tho you could tell corey was a lovely man when he started crying when they were about to get married corey is so caring and sweer and he was the stay at home dad at the beginging when leah was off out.i hope leah and jeremy last and aparently corey has a new girlfriend well best to them all(y)i hope ali is ok with her problems dont quite know what wrong with her..

  15. Leah is a very strong person, I don’t think I could deal with the things that she has had to deal with.

  16. Leah’s a stupid bitch. Corey was such a good father & husband/boyfriend to her, & you choose to just leave that all behind & date some loser who will never last with you, & better yet, get pregnant AGAIN. You’ll realize you made many, many life changing mistakes, and realize you’re the typical 19 year old slew bag.

  17. I cant believe how grown up she now looks she looks after hose babies like shes had kids all her life and i cant believe shes having another one she is such a good mother her and macci are the best teen moms and they are truly insparations to teens who have kidss xxx

  18. Leah is a good mother, but she needs to get her shit straight. Cheating on someone who gave you and your kids everything? Pretty fucked up regardless of why she did it. She should have stopped stringing along corey a long time ago. She seems like shes just looking for someone to do shit her way and take care of her.

    • She’s a good mom yes but you kno what forget about Corey & his feelings cuss she never gave a shit about him. Making him look like a dick all the time cheating on him ugh that’s terrible but what about her daughters did they go through her head when shed cheat? wen you cheat, you cheat on your kids too. She cheated those kids out of a beautiful childhood w mommy & daddy at home. She’s just straight up selfish, Corey has such a big heart & he deserves better than that hoe. My dad cheated on my mom& I grew up thinking all the time why was I never thought of. Corey did everything for her & her excuse was that he wasn’t having sex w her enough or being affectionate. If that’s the case fix the problems& work together, You don’t go fuck someone else you streched out hoe. Pooooor kids that’s who I feel for most is the kids they coulda been set w the perfect life but mommy had to be a skank & fuck it up

  19. Ok to ALL the dumb little girls on here, yeah I am addressing you. Please explain how she is all these names when 1) it was before she got married, 2) when he found out she didn’t try to lie, she was a women and admited to her wrong doing. As for her kids she is an awesome mother, who with all the things she has gone through since they were born, has not just broke down and went crazy. Ya’ll talk about Corey being this great husband but a husband trys to work with thier wife not always against them. Oh and OMG he was supporting the family isn’t that what his adult responiblities are. Oh and before anybody says i have no clue what I am talking about, I have been married twice, the first one is my ex -husband who left me to be faithful to his girlfriend, I am still currently married to my second husband. I am also 34 yrs old with 2 kids. I tip my hats off to her and she needs to keep her head held up high and do as Ellen D said use the haters to be your motivator.

    • I dont agree with the names people call Leah, but it doesnt matter when she cheated, she still cheated & theres no excuse for cheating on your partner, married or not, especially when theres children involved. I have no idea why someone would try to defend someone who cheats. Yes, she was woman enough to admit it, but only after she was caught. If she was a rea woman, she would have put the wedding on hold to try to work through it, not hide it and hope her partner never found out. I agree, she is a good mother, for the most part. But when you put your own desires above the needs of your family, thats not a good partner or mother.

    • are you saying it is ok to cheat on your fiance because you are not married yet? you are still in a serious relationship before marriage. (on an unrelated note, thats why i never understood bachelor/ette parties. not your last night as a free man/woman) and one week prior to your marriage you should NOT be sleeping with anyone other than your soon to be husband. if you have that is a sign that you are NOT ready to get married!! in the second she should have been an adult and told her husband before he found out. and i think he handled himself good for what she had done on multiple occasions. No way am i saying corey is a great person but he doesnt seem to be a bad person either. someone has to pay the bills, leahs one or two days a week at the job her mom got her isnt gonna pay the bills. not living off her mtv money would be smart. put your mtv money away for your girls future. As a woman who has been cheated on you should have more sympathy for corey. and i am an adult married once been together for almost 11 years.

    • . . He left you to be faithful to his girlfriend?! Wow ok so its ok that he was cheating anyway cos he was A. Married to you B. Had a girlfriend C. Seeing you both cos cmon he would of met her whilst he was with you duh! Or else how would he know she was willing to date him. Sorry but your weird :/

  20. Leah, I love you. I think your an amazing mother I would really like some advise but this is about you right now not me. Your my favorite on Teen Mom 2 I like the other girls to but your my favorite. You really are a strong and amazing mother and that’s where ali and aleeah get it from. I know people run their mouths like always I guess the real world is kinda like high school in a way. I know how it is to have people run their mouths I had it happen to me at the beginning of this year my sophomore year in high school and I look up to you I know people are running their mouths but don’t worry about that just look at all of the people who are looking up to you and standing up for you (I’m one of them) just look at the positive and don’t worry about the shit people say I love you leah stay strong and keep your head held high

  21. i think leah is a really good mom. but a gross person. married and divorced and re-engaged all by 19. you think she would have learned from her first pregnancy how to prevent a second. where is she from?? oh thats right west virginia sure she fits right in. she would probably fit right in on jerry springer too!! get your “ish” together oh and stop spray tanning cuz you are orange.

  22. Leah you dumb ass slut. Why did you cheat on Corey he is a gentleman , for marrying you. Your hair looks terriabe , get some low lights.

  23. Leah is verry beautiful and an AMAZING mother to Ali and Aleeah! i cryed when Leah filed for divorce with corey they are teally cute together. I have never missed an Episode of Teen Mom 2 mostly because of Leah, She is my FAVORITE! I wish i could meet her in person!

  24. Leah-

    do not get married again, your way to immature. stop looking for a man to slove your problems. focus on your daughters and for god saks find a new hair stylist.

  25. cheat cheat cheat i bet have the ppl that say its wrong do it they selves.. leah was young this all hit her at once she made her choice may not been good one but she did its in past let it go leah girl i believe in you your a great mother you have always made it bout your girls no matter i raised my lil girl on my own and i know you can to your parents are great also they support you no matter i know your truly sorry for all that has went on between you n corry if its meant to be god will see to it that it is done just believe and keep keepin up with all the great things that you are doing god bless you and your family…..

  26. girlnextstore you are soo right.
    Leah is a cheating hillybilly whore

    • Leah has been through enough internet harrasment. I think she is a wonderful mother. So why dont you shut the FUCK up. She is NOT a hillbilly whore. Just keep your mouth shut if you dont like Leah you shouldnt be commenting, comment on someone you like. So back off. Leah dosnt need drama in her life. She is a beautiful young woman and a great mother. She needs to focus on the twins. Leah is my favorite.

  27. leah dropped out of nursing school. she said she it wasnt for her and she was going to look into something else perhaps health-care related. a fan asked her and that what she said a while ago. she doesnt seem smart enough anyway, she cant even speak english

  28. Leah your awesome your daughters are cute .
    you rock

  29. So dissapointed in Leah, she was doing so good, forgave her the first time but then she cheated on Corey again!!! My husband and I are not perfect, no one is, but cheating is the lowest you can go, far as I see corey is awesome, little lazy but men are!

  30. You know dont let any one tell you that you are a bad mom, thats crap. My husband and I are going through the same thing we have 2 little ones and they are my world. He cheated on me with his X when i was 6mo. pregnant and i didnt talk to him untell i went into labor. So i gusee what im trying to say is just let him go and maybe after you both realize that something like that will never really brake you it will make you both stronger for your girls… they are so adorable.

  31. You should really think twice before you hand out personal information on a PUBLIC forum. I’m sure you’re 12 years old considering the posts you are making, your parents really should keep a closer eye on you while you use the internet and I’m pretty sure they’d be unhappy with their address being publicly displayed for all to see. With that being said you should erase that info I seriously doubt Leah will be contacting you, more likely sick freaks or pervs.

    • Profile photo of Melinda

      I deleted the post in question. Thank you for drawing our attention to it. I always delete comments that include phone numbers and addresses, but this one must have slipped through the cracks.

  32. Leah I just want to say that you are a beautiful person, inside and out. I follow all episodes of Teen Mom and Sixteen and Pregnant. I have never missed a show. I give all you teen mothers out there credit. It’s not an easy life to live. I know I was one myself. I understand it all. I have learned to push out the bad and let in the good. People say hurtful things when they don’t understand the situtation at hand. Forgive and forget, you are the only person who can deside whats best for you and your family. Keep going through your life knowing there are good people in the world, and those who choose to be wrongful need better insite in life. Or a hobby!! 🙂 Keep up the great work Leah. Smile and enjoy life. Its only for a little while~

  33. Leah is the bets mom in teen mom, she is great love u Leah

    You are good mom in teen mom!

  34. your an awesome mother to you two baby girls! and they are so friggen adorable!! I loved seeing your girls grow up on the show!! wishing you the best of luck <3

  35. Leah is a good mom and hope her, Jeremy, and the girls the best!

  36. your a great mother.. and a horrible wife. think about that.

  37. No offense and no hate but Leah could do better in her dating life just like Chelsea

  38. Leah, Your my favorite. Your gorgeous and you have two amazing beautiful girls. Also your a wonderful mom! <3

  39. Leah and Corey had a perfect family, but I don’t think the time was right for them. I remember Corey bringing up the idea of marriage once in Teem Mom 2, then a few days later he proposes. Then you get married 2 months later? Just because you have twins doesn’t mean you have to speed up your relationship. I think if they gave it more time, it would’ve worked out. I love Leah and Corey individually, and they’re both great parents.

  40. I think you guys are way too hard on Leah. It’s easy to sit and judge someone when you’ve never walked a day in their shoes. You may say you would never do this or do that, but you never know. Life is never easy and we all just try to do the best we can do. Leah seems to be doing her best as being a wife and mother. It may not be perfect, but she did her best and made some mistakes. Every human does. She hasn’t had it easy and I commend her on doing so well with her girls and her family. Keep your head up Leah and disregard the haters! When you see dumb comments, always consider the source and never think or look twice.

  41. Leah your my favourite one of the teen moms and that I love everything your doing with your girls and Corey he wasn’t for you he rushed everything making you chose over a normal life or a married life I love everything your doing use these haters comment to make you stronger and you and Jeremy are a lovely couple and you look so happy together and the girls love him love you Leah <3

  42. are you freaking serious that you people can sit here and judge Leah…she is a very good mother and being 19 hardly ANYONE these days I know are faithful let alone ready for a baby and marriage!!! Do not be giving her advice until you have walked a day in her shoes!!! I look at it as at least she was honest with him and what is done is done…it is her and Coreys problem now not the whole worlds…I love how quick people are to judge and blame however most people wouldnt be able to handle what they have went through! I think she is a wonderful mom and I sure in the heck am not going to judge her! I am a single mom DUE TO SOMEONE CHEATING and I am not going to judge her…Corey and her get along so why throw a fit in all these comments geesh

  43. All the teen mom girls have made mistakes but my fav has to be Chelsea !!! She’s so sweet

  44. the girls and my daughter are 2 days apart :):)…leah is an awesome mommy!!! love her and chelsea on teen mom 2 and maci and farrah on teen mom 1

  45. My cousin looks like Leah

  46. It really is too bad Leah had to go be a stupid Wh*re. She had a good thing with Corey and she cheated and screwed it all up. Sh may be young but she has no sense of right and wrong. Sad. Very sad.

  47. Actually, they did not, in any way, divorce because of leah’s cheating. There were so many other factors that were part of it but didn’t get filmed for the show. MTV felt that the cheating would bring more viewers to watch as opposed to the other things going on. Corey already knew about the cheating way before they filmed it, but MTV wanted it on an episode so they had to reenact everything they had known for months already. MTV films what will sell, not necessarily what’s going on at the time, and in the correct order. I know leah personally and watching the show is filmed incredibly weird


  49. i wish like crazy cory and leah could work this out!!!! thats the only two i really care for and have cried with you!!!! you seem really in love and i hate to see you going though this, wish you the best, kim

  50. leah is a hoe. not only once but twice she cheated on corey. and get preg so quick by another guy. she makes me sick. she was only a pretty face but a mean heart. Ithink she was just using him

  51. I love you Leah you were my favorite on the show you are a very good mother to the girls my heart would break everytime I would see you cry on the show because of your baby’s health issues keep up the good work

  52. Leah is playing stupid when she blames the demise of her marriage on a truck. Corey’s a great guy and she’s a sleazy broad. Corey does not strike me as the kind of man who would put up being married to a woman who crawls into bed with other men. She’s an idiot and she ruined her marriage. All the other stuff could have worked out, but she seems cheap and idiotic.

  53. Leah having another wedding is not cool. She a good mom but rushing in to marriage ..bet she is divorced soon. Not holding they split but I c it as a string possibility.

  54. I think Leah is a good mother but she’s not very good w/ relationships nor how she treats her husband/boyfriend. I know she is young but she is a mother now & besides she shoulda known better anyway. That’s horrible. She has made alot of mistakes & hurt some ppl for her own selfishness or impulsive behavior. I hope she is learning as she’s growing up & learn from these mistakes & not repeat them. With that said, I do think she’s a sweet girl( most of the time) & a very good mother. She’s got that part down. Now she just has to get the wife part down & it doesn’t matter what the other person has done. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I think Jeremy is a great guy. Hang on to him Leah 🙂

  55. Profile photo of Makayla

    I love you. I just like you and you stay strong taking care of them beautiful children I look up to you butt are you really happy with jermey because i dont like him you should be with the father wich is corey so they have their mom and dad together when they need them and yall could be 1 big happy family like you wanted right….

  56. She is a good mom she cares about her kids

  57. Profile photo of Jen

    Leah, My mom was 16 when she had my brother and I (twins @16). These people trying to get in your head and fuck with you are your ENEMIES! YOU are a GREAT mother! LISTEN to your instincts! FUCK everyone else! I am sorry for the profanity, but it needs to be used in this particular instance, for the shock value.. you need SHOCK VALUE! You are awesome! Don’t second guess yourself because of everyone else.. they have NO IDEA what the fuck they are talking about! I, however, have had a young mother… and she did the best she could and she was, and IS, AMAZING… not perfect; but WHO IS? these assholes telling you what to do or how to feel? HA!!!!!
    Stay true to yourself and listen to your mom and Jeremy and you will be just fine!! (even BETTER than just fine!)
    xoxo.. good luck!!!

  58. Profile photo of vickster

    After watching the last episode, it is so obvious that Cory still loves Leah. He works and didn’t have time to go to a lot of appointments before they split and after. He is in denial about the wheelchair and that is sad, because it is a benefit to the child. I hope he can open up his eyes to see that or she is going to be in one permanently before she has too. I think if Leah wanted to take him back he would go in a second. His wife is sweet and all, but she will be the one that does it all if they get 50/50 custody not him. She is just a built in babysitter for him and a support system that makes him feel good. I think he cares for her, but I think he wants to raise his family with their mom. Advice to his wife, get out while you can. This is going to go on for many years to come. If they ever have a child together, then that one will be first in her eyes and she will find herself right where Leah is a little overwhelmed. Good luck.

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