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Poll: Do You Trust Matt Baier? ‘Being Matt’ Tries To Turn Around His Image

This evening, after a mostly uneventful recap episode, Matt Baier premiered his Being Matt special on MTV.  In Matt’s own words, this special is intended to turn around perceptions — and probably also reduce the hate-mail.

But is it working?

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In Being Matt, Baier doesn’t really look that much better than he looks the rest of the time.  He’s still got his sketchy Boston attitude, and he doesn’t help himself by talking about how he owns the car he supposedly bought Amber.

Being Matt seems to be a crudely cobbled-together montage of their relationship spats, as the couple jumps from one spending-related fight to another.  Amber and Matt argue over every dollar, from giving money to Matt’s son to who drives the car.

But things get really crazy when Matt buys his daughter Brooklyn a car — we’ll find out at some point how well that goes down with the rest of the crew.

Separately, the show appears to be an attempt to make Baier look more like a normal father — but that doesn’t go too well either.

Baier’s son Chris doesn’t want to be involved with the family get-together, while his other kids seem to be trying to avoid conflict, even though it’s clear that there’s something going on below the surface.  His son Andrew tries to avoid answering a question about how good of a father Matt was, but he still admits that Matt wasn’t there for him.

Given the timing, with Baier’s tell-all lawsuit leaking, he could use all of the good publicity he can get… but it looks like MTV wasn’t ready to comply.

What do you think? Do you trust Matt any more now that you’ve seen the special?

Do you think he’s in this relationship for the right reasons?  Or do you think he’s looking for money — or fame?  Take our poll below, and check back for results.

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    Matt turned banging a MTV jailbird into a full time job. What a champion. Well played bro, well played.

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