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Is There Anything Farrah Wouldn’t Do For Money?



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The title is a serious question. Is there anything Farrah wouldn’t do for a little money? Farrah has out-Farrah’d herself by posing for the magazine Girls and Corpses.  A fetish site that prides itself on combining Maxim and Dawn of the Dead. This is a real magazine that has featured such celebrities as Courtney Stodden, and… well.. that’s about it.

I need to see this magazine. Where can I pick up a copy? Do I have to go to the back room of some shady liquor store behind a curtain to find this?

Anyway, I wonder if Farrah would take $100 to stand there for 15 minutes in a bikini while I threw slices of bologna on her butt.  She definitely would, right?  I mean that has to be a step up from this, although $100 may be a little too low.  If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d seriously consider putting together a gofundme to pay for a plane ticket out to LA and allow me to throw bologna on her.. maybe with some mustard.  I have to figure out how to make money on this site because stuff like this needs to happen.

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  1. avatar Emily. says:

    All while her daughter’s doing her own thing..

  2. avatar Amber's Pill Bottles says:

    …and I thought her all-time low point was when she was photographed being “molded” for her “Farrah Abraham” line of adult toys. I bet My-kuhl is proud as always of his little girl!

  3. avatar The short side of Catelyn's hair says:

    Farrah will do anything for money as long as people are willing to pay her. She capitalizes on the fact that people are still reporting on her due to her “shock value”

    Stop posting about her, stop supplying her demand. I know we love to hate her, but this is sickening. This horrific and vile magazine (which is likely only sold in underground 24/7 adult movies stores) will now have buyers scouting it out because now it’s cover is circulating all over mass popular media outlets because SHE’S attached to it.

  4. avatar Agnes says:

    Did you guys know that this is actually the real corpse?

    • avatar Jenn says:

      Really? Gross….

      • avatar Agnes says:

        Yup, you can read about it here:

        Ugh. :/

        • avatar Megan G says:

          Disgusting!!!! Poor Sophia! She’s going to be torchered in high school. Is there even a come back to “you’re mom poses in bikinis with dead dudes!”

    • avatar Anne says:

      I read an article that stated the magazine claims the corpses are real for attention. For many reasons, including legal, this is completely false. The bodies are not real, thank God. A real coroner was interviewed and he readily gave a long list of facts that disprove that the bodies are real. I found it hilarious that she was caught by a camera crew off-guard and was asked about the pictures. She stated the ‘corpuses were real’. I guess she thought they were from Corpus Christi, TX!

    • avatar Anne says:

      Btw there is actually something that Farrah will not do for money. She will not tell the truth.

  5. avatar Casey says:

    She seemed so normal on the segment with Derek’s father…. What happened to her?

    • avatar Lynn says:

      This could be a lie but it’s just what I heard. Someone on reddit posted her website “recipes” on /r/shittyfoodporn. http://www.reddit.com/r/shittyfoodporn/comments/1mubkj/mtvs_teen_mom_farrah_abrahams_shitty_recipes/

      Someone in the comment section claimed he was a friend of one of Derek’s best friends and had some interesting stories about her ACTUAL relationship with Derek’s dad. Apparently, after Derick was killed in the car accident, Farrah came to his dad’s house in an almighty rage screaming about how it was his responsibility to help her take care of the child and if he didn’t help out financially, she made it clear that Derek’s dad would never see his grandchild.

      Derek is also buried in a private cemetery and his dad invited Farrah every time they would visit the gravesite for Derek’s birthday or anything like that. She never showed until MTV thought it would make good TV and Derek’s friends tried to get her escorted out of the cemetery so she couldn’t use Derek’s death for some stupid TV show. Apparently there was almost a fistfight between some of Derek’s friends and one of the MTB cameramen all the while, Farrah’s crying and screaming about how she had a right to be there. She sounds like a grade A nut job.

  6. avatar Ry says:

    I cannot wait until she learns how to read one day, looks up “entrepreneur,” “culinary school,” and “mother” and realizes she’s very wrong on what she thinks these words mean. She’ll have to eat her words but that’s okay because the ranch workers can just add them to her daily oat bag.

  7. avatar Anne says:

    I am not sure if she would accept money for you throwing bologna at her butt. You would be more successful if you offered to throw a sausage or two.